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Submitted by: Mylen Mahinay

Submitted to: Glydiza Gochoco

Course: BSIT

Subject: Society & Culture

Date: August 27, 2014

Sched: TTH / 12:00 1:30
Table of Contents


Statement of the Problem



Review of the Related





III. Planning the Research Design
IV. Analysis


Statement of the Problem

Page 1

Children having Children

Teenage pregnancy is defined as pregnancy that occurs in women below the age of 20. It is
common that at this age the girl has not completed her education and is completely dependent upon her
parents, thus unable to provide full support for the unborn child.
Teenage pregnancy is on the rise and is becoming a societal problem for many countries. It is
thought that teenage girls aged 13 to 19 are increasingly becoming pregnant due to unprotected sex and
a lack of understanding regarding contraception. Many teenage pregnancies are unwanted and girls do
not know what to do or who to turn to. Some teenagers who wish to finish their education may need to
consider the option of abortion, but this is a decision that is difficult to make regardless of age. Some
teenage girls are as young as 13 when they fall pregnant and are not mature enough to look after another
life. However, many teenagers do decide to keep their baby, even though it can cost them their education
and teenage years. It is therefore important to look at all the options available, such as childcare which
some teenage mothers choose to make use of while they get an education or go to work.

Review of the Related Literature

Common Reasons behind Teenage Pregnancy

Lack of quality educative programs

One of several generally cited causes of teen pregnancy would be the lack of decent informative
programs. The sex education courses instructed in public schools just refer to abstinence as the effective
solution to prevent conception. Such classes are certainly minimal, since they dont really educate teens
about risk-free sex actions as well as the usage of birth control methods. Consequently, teenagers
become sexually active without as much know-how about how they can keep themselves from becoming
pregnant. Many states have recognized the ineffectiveness of these classes and have scrapped them
from their educative system.

Restrictions from being allowed to actually buy birth control methods

A number of nations restrict teenagers from acquiring birth control methods without the permission
of their own parents or guardians. However, there are a lot of community medical clinics that offer
contraceptives at a cheaper cost or even for free. However, many young adults are usually reluctant to get
them for the fear of exposure. Additionally, there are some subjects in educational facilities that offer
totally free condoms, however, this matter has become the topic of much argument and has caused longrunning lawsuits.
Sexual harm or rape
Many youths become pregnant due to sexual assault or rape. Unfortunately, in many instances,
these victims opt to stay silent because of fear which keeps the adolescent from receiving appropriate
assistance or use of rape kits. There are also certain cases in which teenage girls are involved in an

intimate relationship with a more mature guy who actually may pressure them to have intercourse even
when they are not ready or perhaps not comfortable.
Monetary issues
Research has shown that teen pregnancy likely happens in indigent metropolitan areas or towns.
In the USA, nearly all of teenage mothers are found in non-urban locations or inner state districts. Most
teenage births are also concentrated throughout Western as well as Southern states. This could be
attributed partly to less fortunate families with significantly less access to healthcare help or education
needed to avoid teen pregnancy.
Cultural Practices
In many different substandard countries, girls may enter into matrimony even at a very early age.
These girls frequently end up having offspring quickly. They likewise have reasonably limited access to
medical care and also the needed education that might have kept them from conceiving a child. Even so,
these cultures usually dont put so much social preconception or discrimination on young ladies who get
pregnant at an early age.
A projected 80% of teenage pregnancy is unanticipated. This only further proves that many young people
are entering into situations that they are not prepared for.
Peer Pressure
During adolescence, teenagers often feel pressure to make friends and fit in with their peers. Many
times these teens let their friends influence their decision to have sex even when they do not fully
understand the consequences associated with the act. Teenagers have sex as a way to appear cool and
sophisticated, but in some cases the end result is an unplanned teen pregnancy. The Kaiser Family
Foundation states that more than 29 percent of pregnant teens reported that they felt pressured to have
sex, and 33 percent of pregnant teens stated that they felt that they were not ready for a sexual
relationship, but proceeded anyway because they feared ridicule or rejection.

Absent Parents
Teen girls are more likely to get pregnant if they have limited or no guidance from their parents.
Many parents have busy lives that prevent them from providing the guidance and support that their young
teenagers need to make good decisions on issues such as sex, according to the website Parent Dish.
When a teen does not feel that she can talk to her parents about sex either because they forbid sex talk or
because they are not around, she will more than likely turn to friends for direction on whether or not to
have sex, resulting in misinformation and possible teen pregnancy.
Glamorization of Pregnancy
The movie industry and the media contribute to teenage pregnancy by glamorizing teen pregnancy
in news stories and movies. Movies that depict teen pregnancy as something to be desired encourage
teens to engage in reckless sexual activity, according to ABC's "Good Morning America." During
adolescence, teens become more focused on their appearance and how their peers perceive them. They
want to be seen as part of the group, so if teen pregnancy is viewed as acceptable in their school or
amongst their friends, they may seek to become pregnant as a way to gain social acceptance.
Teenage Drinking
Teen drinking can cause an unexpected pregnancy, according to the website Love to Know. Many
teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. Drinking lowers a teen's ability to control her impulses,
contributing to 75 percent of pregnancies that occur between the ages 14 and 21. Approximately 91
percent of pregnant teens reported that although they were drinking at the time, they did not originally plan
to have sex when they conceived.

Effects to the Teenage Mother

A. Emotional Effect
There are various emotional effects of early pregnancy to teenagers.

1. Initial excitement
Some teenagers are excited to bear a child, especially when it is their first pregnancy. They are
excited to see their baby. Others are excited to buy clothes and other things for the baby. They
think of names for the baby.
2. Confusion
Some are confused and at loss on what to do. They are too young and many have no idea about
bearing a child.
3. Afraid
Some are scared. They think of questions like, How should I tell my parents? How will I face my
classmates? or What is the best thing to do to solve this problem? They are afraid to answer
these questions. They feel scared on what will be the reactions of their parents.
4. Frustrated
Frustration comes later. Pregnant teenagers will realize that they are not yet ready to bear a child
when its already late.
B. Emotional Effect to Love Ones
Being pregnant makes ones life complicated. It can affect you and your love ones.
1. Family
Parents expect their children to be good. They expect that all the good things from their children.
Some emotional effects to family are:
a. Frustration or Disappointment
Many parents are not happy about the early pregnancy of children. They expect help in their old
age, but their pregnant child might have some other plans.

b. Excitement
Others are excited about a new family member.

2. Friends
Friends might be disappointed if they know that you are pregnant. They might be shocked because
at your young age you will be a mother.
Physical Effect of Teenage Pregnancy

Changes can be observed in a pregnant woman. Diet and exercise are necessary.
Changes in a pregnant teenagers body
1. Increase in Body Weight
2. Increase of Foot Size
3. Increase of Breast Size
4. The darkening of Cheeks and Forehead

Mental Effect of Early Pregnancy

Among the issues encountered by a pregnant teenager are:
A. Depression
It is common among pregnant teenagers who are desperate to solve their problems.
Some teenagers try to solve their problem by:
1. Abortion

It is the removal of a fetus from the mothers womb. Abortion is illegal. About 300,000 to 500,000
women undergo abortion every year.
Article 256, 258 and 259 in the Revised Penal Code of the Philippine penalize women who
undergo abortion and others who help her with imprisonment. Some teenager, however, think that
abortion is a way to solve their problem.
2. Suicide
Some teenagers resort to suicide.
Worries about Future
Uncertainty about the future may arise when a teen is pregnant. A teen may feel she does not have
enough knowledge to be a mother. She may also have fears about how having a baby will impact her own
life and dreams for the future.
Neglect of Baby
Once their baby is born, teenagers may not be willing or able to give it the undivided attention it needs. A
teen may not be an adequate mother because she is overwhelmed by the constant needs of the baby.
She may grow annoyed at the lack of freedom to interact with her peer group due to the baby.
Delayed Education
Education may be put on hold when a teen becomes pregnant. Some pregnant teens may decide to leave
high school. Others who were planning to attend college in the future may put off that experience after
becoming pregnant. They may decide to focus on the baby or getting married rather than pursuing further
Smoking & Drugs
Smoking and drug use may be problematic during a teen pregnancy. A teen may not have the willpower to
stop using substances that can harm the developing baby.

Exhaustion may arise during a pregnancy. A pregnant teen should try to exercise during the pregnancy;
however, if exhaustion arises it is important to know that this is often a normal part of pregnancy. Getting
the standard 8 hours of sleep every night (or more) is important.

Trouble with Finances

Financial difficulty may arise during a teen pregnancy or after the baby is born. It is expensive to raise a
baby. Teens who do not have full-time employment may struggle to cover the basic expenses of life upon
having a baby.

The growing rate of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines.

A study in the Philippines has found the number of teenage girls who have become pregnant
across the nation has more than doubled in ten years.
According to the latest Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality (YAFS) study, around 14 per cent of girls
aged 15 to 19 are either pregnant for the first time or are already mothers.
That is up from about six per cent recorded by an earlier YAFS study in 2002. YAFS study
coordinator and director of the University of the Philippines Population Institute, Josefina Natividad, has
told Radio Australia's Asia Pacific Program a lack of awareness of the consequences of risky sexual
behavior is contributing to the rising rates of teenage pregnancies.

Planning the Research Design

The method to be used is an interview-based study.
I will interview one pregnant teen. I will conduct a semi-structured style of interview and write down the
important notes.
The interview would last approximately an hour and it will cover everything related to her pregnancy.

Here are the summary/highlights of the interview
1. Parents
She said her parents were not strict enough and she was tolerated to continue in such relationship. When
her virginity was lost, she let her mother knew. Her mother became angry at her and told her that they
should keep this as a secret from their father as she might be beaten up if he would know.
2. Siblings
She has two brothers and she is the youngest. Her oldest brother who is unmarried has two kids with his
live-in partner.

3. Peers
Having to know other friend teens or neighbor teens who become pregnant as well, the first time she knew
she was pregnant did not come quite a shock to her. She said this is quite common among her peers from
the community she comes from.
4. Religion
Her family has no fixed religion and they dont regularly go to church and dont participate much of the
churchs religious activities.
5. Parents of the boyfriend
Like her parents, the parents of her boyfriend are not that strict either.
6. Regrets
She had wished she was not pregnant but she did not regret having a baby. She said eventually she will
have one. Although the timing was not right, there was nothing that they can do about it since it was
already there.
7. Worries
She is a bit worried about everything. There are a lot of what ifs and hows but she firmly believe
everything will be all right.
8. Finances
This is one of her biggest problems. She is unemployed unemployed and her boyfriend has no stable job.
Both of them are still dependent from their parents. Literally, they cant make a living out of their own yet.
9. Future
This is something she is not sure about but she is more concerned about the babys future. When asked
about her daughter becoming a teenage mother in future, she said that it would be one of her greatest
10. Employment
She is unemployed unemployed. If given a chance when her daughter would have already grown up, she
would definitely try to find a job.
11. Education

She is not a college graduate. She is currently a first year college student and is planning to quit
schooling. She is not sure if she can finish her studies anytime in the future. Her boyfriend is a high school
graduate and is working on a contractual basis.
In my analysis, the parents are the greatest factor of teen pregnancy. They are the one who can cause a
cascade of other factors. As the saying goes, we are nothing without them. We can also rephrase that as
we become as we are because of them.

If we are to curb teen pregnancy, we have to primarily educate the parents through seminars, campaigns,
LGU-backed programs and activities. It is also equally important to increase access and education to
contraceptive and other reproductive health care services.
My recommendations are the following:
Sponsor a teen pregnancy prevention forum at the school
Provide parents and members of the community with resources such as pamphlets, brochures and
articles, etc.
Encourage the school board members, administrators, teachers, nurses and counselors to attend
training programs in child/adolescent health and sexuality
Sponsor a contest (poster, essay, etc.) for students that encourages community awareness about
teen pregnancy prevention
Ask local civic organizations to sponsor an event that will promote community commitment and
awareness regarding Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month
Encourage local churches and other faith organizations to participate in promoting Teen Pregnancy
Prevention Month activities in our area