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2011 n 2 DETAIl

Residential Complex in Munich

meek architekten, Munich
Andreas Meek
Bernd Bayer, Peter Fretschner,
Johannes Drle, Moritz Alken
Structural engineers:
Haushofer Ingenieure, Markt Schwaben
Others involved in the project: see page 224

In a neighbourhood which is the focus of an

urban renewal project, a narrow site extends
the entire width of a city block dating to the
Grnderzeit period, thereby connecting two
parallel streets. The perimeter block development previously had gaps at this spot,
and garages obstructed what had once
been a path between Rosenheimer Strasse
and Lothringer Strasse. The architect's
concept involved restructuring the site and
increasing its density; this allowed him to fill
in the gaps and create a semi-public pedestrian passage. The new complex consists
of three separate, five-storey structures that
are strung along the passage and, in combination with the buildings flanking the site,
form two courtyards. While the building on
the southwest part of the site, on Rosenheimer Strasse, is an addition to the adjacent
hotel, the two other buildings contain a total
of 16 condominiums. Their purchasers were
to a great extent already residents of this
neighbourhood. The concept takes into account that different tenants have different
needs and provides flexible floor plans for
the residential units: with the exception of a
services core in the middle of the space, the
arrangement of the interior walls is completely free. An open floor plan would be possible, as would a series of discrete rooms.
The uniform design of the facade, employing
floor-to-ceiling ribbons of glazing and grey
stucco, ties the three new buildings together,
allowing them to be perceived as one ensemble. Thanks to the alternating windows
and solid panels on the northeast facade,
partition walls may be introduced at different
positions. In each unit, the entire length of
the living area facing the courtyard to the
south is fronted with a loggia enclosed by
glazed sliding panels. This extra facade with individually operable glazed units and
sun-protection elements - provides noise
abatement and serves as a climate control
skin. Thus, the protected outdoor spaces
can also be used during the cooler months.
The arrangement of the transparent and solid elements, coupled with the colourful solar
blinds and different types of reflected light,
animates the clearly structured facade.

Fourth floor

5 1

'IE F'
I 'Ml
L 1 ^^Mli|nij_


11 ir,F

First fioor

Ground floor

Site plan
scale 1:3000
Section Floor plans
scale 1:750

(addition to hotel)
Ramp down to

parking garage
(addition to hotel)
Residential unit


(addition to hotei)
Roof terrace
Maisonette unit

DETAIl 2011 G 2




Residential Complex in Munich

2011 D 2


Section of ioggia
scaie 1:10



J V \/ V
kt. .
/ \ / \ /\ / \

1 50 mm cast stone tiie to fails

30-70 mm grit
rubber drainage mat; impact-sound insulation
moisture-diffusing separating layer
50 mm XPS rigid foam thermai insuiation
poiymer-modified bituminous membrane
120 mm foam-giass insulation with
hot bitumen grouting
10 mm bituminous primer
220 mm reinforced concrete deck
2 2 mm aluminium cover profiie
3 soiar blind, textile
4 10 mm giazed siiding panel, toughened glass
5 steei fin: 50/8 mm RHS, hot-dip gaivanized, coated
6 50/8 mm steel fiat, hot-dip galvanized, coated
7 5 mm steei flat, hot-dip galvanized and coated
8 baicony siab: precast concrete unit
9 wood window, coated dark-grey, with insulating
glazing, U = 1,25 W/m^K,
6 mm float + 16 mm cavity + 6 mm fioat
10 aiuminium cover strip, coated dark-grey

\/ \/


2011 0 2




2011 D 2 DETAIl

Residential Complex in Munich

scaie 1:20

wood window, coated dark-grey,

with insulating giazing,
U = 1.25 W/m^K,
6 mm fioat + 16 mm cavity + 6 mm fioat
2 thermai insuiation composite system:
5 mm mineral render
reinforcement mesh
100 mm polystyrene rigid-foam board
3 facade panei:
3 mm aiuminium sheet cladding,
coated dark-grey
85 mm minerai-fibre thermal insulation

vapour barrier
150 mm reinforced concrete waii, troweiied
8/50 mm steei flat.
hot-dip galvanized and coated
floor construction:
flooring material, e.g. 10 mm parquet
80 mm cement screed for underfioor heating
poiythene sheeting separating iayer
30 mm thermai insuiation
220 mm reinforced concrete deck

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