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Ithaca Commons Repair & Upgrade Project


10:00 AM

11:00 AM

2014 Construction Meeting #14
City of Ithaca
Downtown Ithaca Alliance
Sasaki Associates
Labella Associates
Vacri Construction / ACP
Power & Construction Group
NYSEG Electric

C#3A Surface, C#3B Electric

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Next Time
10:00 AM

Prepared By
Jessica Buckley

Commons Project Office 215 East State St Ithaca, NY
(Present at meeting unless noted: A absent)
Michael Kuo, Jessica Buckley, Nicole Mason, Michael Thorne
Tammy Baker
Susannah Ross, Eamonn Hutton(A), Kimberly Michaels TWM
Dan Walker(A), James Matzat(A)
Ralph Avery, Andy Breznay, Matt Thomas(A), Roberto DeVincentis(A),
Bob Bellavigna ACP, Ken Hight
Lou Zupan, Bill Planert, Brian Planert(A)
James Edwards(A), Dave Comer(A)
Doug Stafford(A), Jack Barker, Dawn Stillwell, John Mattiace
Jeff Bubb(A), Flint Brann(A), Andy GanA(A)
Jack Czapranski, Dennis Kuhn(A)

Item / Description
1.1. Vacri (Contract #3A):
1.1.1.Gateway Structure Shops #TBD
1.1.2.Granite Shop #87
1.1.3.WF Vault #73R2

1.2. P&CG (Contract #3B):

1.2.1.Lighting Submittal #13R2?
1.2.2.RFI#16 EX6 Roughing

Vacri waiting on shops from sub; Granite
by (07/3), Granite blocks lead time 8 wks
(09/01); Lift is needed to bring granite in;
City request no equipment tracking on
new pavers; WFV in production, Sasaki &
sub to review coring submittal; Granite
curb sample sent to Sasaki for review;
Sequence is: curbing footers, curbing,
slab, handrails and granite; Roadside curb
stock item
Selux to have submittal for review
tomorrow; Light pole color chip sent to
Sasaki; PCG and ACP need to work closely
for EX6 lights-what size slot and cores in
granite; City electrician approved sheath
cable rated for the outdoors, one
continuous cable from HH to fixture,
which would coil in granite; Stage floor
box submittal 12 needed for concrete
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2.1. TTC Alley & Home Dairy Alley: Survey
MK asked Sasaki to follow up with Labella
issued 6/26
2.2. Electric Panel & Kiosk Housekeeping Pads: Sketch to be issued for kiosk; Printer,
Sketch issued for panels; kiosk?
credit card swipe and security cabinet;
telecom & (2) electric conduits are to be
fed into base
2.3. 158 E State Vault: Any changes made to
MK to review with client committee this
detail? City to review cost and issue
direction 7/2/14
2.4. 224 E State Vault: Vault in close
MK met with Dave Elwyn to discuss
proximity to pier; add helical if
vault/footer conflict; May need to add a
helical pile but need to investigate
further; Vacri to check scheduling of pile
3.1. P&CG: Target date for completion of Bank Concrete HH delivered on 07/08, quazite
on 07/11; Rebar cages ready to be picked
up on 07/02, to be installed 07/03; HH;
PCG to complete installation of light pole
foundations and bollards on Bank Alley by
3.2. AC+P & P&CG: Coordination of electrical
PCG to mark up structural dwgs with HHs
feeds to EX3 and EX4 stage lights;
to submit to Project Team
grounding of steel structure
3.3. NYSEG Electric: NYSEG to adjust casting
JC to schedule wire pull for Aurora St; MT
for finish grade on 7/8; Scheduled for
reported lights are out at the intersection
pulling wire to Aurora St; Re-route street of Aurora St & State St; JC & MK to review
lighting feed at Aurora
temp street lighting connection at Aurora
3.4. NYSEG Gas: Cut and cap south main at
MK requested schedule from NYSEG Gas,
Cayuga by 7/15; Install gateway footers
DS unable to provide schedule due to site
adjacent to live main; Compaction
changes; Demo on Simeons building
inadequate; Trench safety; Target date
estimated to be completed 07/11; Aurora
for gassing up main
St stubs need 3 ft to squeeze pipe; Large
service tees (7) to be installed by NYSEG
Gas crew; MK noted compaction is
inadequate in DDS trench, which will cost
Vacri extra work; MK noted unprotected
trench on Cayuga St and removal of thrust
block against hydrant branch; DS to talk to
DDS. City to notify Flint - DDS Safety
3.5. Gateway Footings: @Cayuga St Helical
NYSEG Gas to schedule cutting and
pile install 7/15; no Verizon conflict
capping main
3.6. 202 E State Waterproofing: Notify
property owner of schedule for demo
paving above vault

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4.1. Vacri to submit work sequence to City for
review of pedestrian access, etc. prior to
start of Bank Alley work (sidewalk demo,
grading/compaction testing, set valve
boxes, MH covers, slab pour, pavers, etc.)
4.2. Site Maintenance: Vacri to mark out
boxes; DDS & P&CG to locate and dig out
valve boxes and remove excess material;
All trash and debris must be removed on
a weekly basis
5. New Business: Open RFIs, submittals,
concerns, etc.
5.1. NYSEG Gas Aurora St Crossing
5.2. Paving

JB requested information on utilities on

the east side of Aurora St to connect loop;
MK to gather info from DPW
BB & SR discussed detail on weeps hole
into subbase vs drain; BB suggested using
the Harringbone pattern for pavers, SR
will check with team; SR reminded
contractors not to use TIN file for grading


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