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Question 1
Open skills used in sports such as football, hockey, netball and so on. The skills used
are specific techniques and need to be mastered by the players. Sometimes, the game
situation and the environment also encourage players to use their skills extensively and
optimal. For example, a football player should know how to pass the ball to his
teammates to score the goals.

Closed skills are more focused on individual skills in sports activities. They are more
aware of what to do in the situation. For example, a badminton player will know how
high he should jump to smash the shuttlecock. These skills are also not affected by the


There are several factors that cause an athlete failed to perform in the particular
skills but they have excel in training. Firstly, they are easily being tired because of the
time table of the competition. For example, they are asked to play 3 games per day and
it will be affected to their performance due to the compact games schedule. Secondly,
some of the players are influenced by the supporters around the event venue. For
examples, Malaysia football team is easily get in trouble if their own supporters boo at
them in the stadium. Thirdly, some athletes will fail to perform if they do not co-operate
among the athletes, coaches and officers. For example, the athlete will fail to perform if
the coaches ask him or her to do something beyond his or her ability. Fourthly, the
foods taking in the competition also will influence the athlete performance if they do not
pay extra attention on that. For example, eating too much rice will caused the athlete
become a bit slower in their performance.


As a Physical Education teacher, there are some factors to bear in mind in

choosing the students as athletes. Firstly, I will choose the students who interested and
have a good body physical in any kind of sports. They must show their interested in
sports by being active in sports during the co-curricular activities. Secondly, the athlete
chosen should have a cardiovascular endurance in doing sports activities. They should
be able to finish or complete the training according to the time given. Thirdly, the
athletes should have good body flexibility in doing sports activities. It is easy to them to
do some movements that need high flexibility such as gymnastic, track and field events
and so on. Fourthly, the athlete should have a balance body mass index (BMI) in order
to keep them fit and healthy. For those who are imbalance in the BMI should be work
hard to have the balanced BMI.