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NetAct Plan Editor Tutorial

Posted by Admin on 2012-03-31 19:00:00

Even i know how to create XML for creating plan in NetAct environment using XLS2XML
Macro, there are still so many engineers using NetAct Plan Editor to create XML Plan in proper
ways,that why i try to create this "How to Create XML Using Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct
Plan Editor" with "Step by Step Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Plan Editor Tutorial".
This tutorial is based on my experienced with the easiest step by step explanation to make you
understand quickly. I know its very difficult for everyone to learn and understand NetAct Plan
Editor from official documentation. So i hope this tutorial can give you better understanding.
Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Plan Editor is a planning tools which cover functionality:
Edit radio network plans offline
Modify all network parameters on a PC
Single parameter changes or mass operations on large groups of parameters
Displays managed objects in a hierarchical
Parameter Dictionary
Reference and help on parameter value ranges
Parameter Implementation Process
Parameters implementation process is following this step within overall phase:

NetAct Plan Editor Rule

Parameters name are Case Sensitive
Parameter value should be in Database Value
Value should be in the Validation Range
PtxPrimaryCPICH => Default 330 (Database Value)
Value Mapping >> Database Value = UI Value/0.1
Validation between -100 & 500 Database value or equal to -10 & 50 dBm in the UI Value
NetAct Plan Editor Operation
3 Operations in NetAct Plan Editor:
CREATE : This is for Manage Object creation
UPDATE : This is for parameters modification
DELETE : This is for Manage Object deletion
Not all parameters can be modified,examples:
Mandatory Parameters
Mandatory parameters are needed depend on Managed Object (MO) type and operation type.
BTS modification : bscId , bcfId , btsId
TRX modification : bscId , bcfId , btsId , trxId
WBTS modification : RncId , WBTSId
WCEL modification : RncId , WBTSId , LcrId
2G Manage Object

3G Manage Object

XML Plan Creation Process

Preparing The Input Plan

Starting Plan Edit

-Click Database

-Select Latest OMCPAR Dump (MDB File), click Open

Activating Plan

Create New Plan

-Click "New Plan.."

New Plan Parameters

-Fill the new plan name

-Select Export Profile : based on NetAct OSS Version in your place. Example OSS 5.X CD X

Import Plan

Select Profile

(1) Profile = Default CSV Profile

(2) Input File = C:\PLAN_MODIFY_A_BTS.csv
(3) Click Button (3)

Import Profiles

Profiles Properties:
3A = Default CSV Profile
3B = Input File = C:\PLAN_MODIFY_A_BTS.csv
3C = Default CSV Filter
3D = Default CSV Filter
3E = Default CSV Mapping
3F = CSV

Click 3C

Choose plan operation type : Modify, Create or Delete, on this example is Modify
Choose Object Class : BTS, BCF, TRX, RNC, WBTS, WCEL, WCEL_AC,etc... On this example
is BTS
Click Apply Filter

Click 3D

Show "BTS"
Click "Apply" and "Apply Filter" Button

Click 3E

Click "New"

Click 4A

Fill the 'Name' with any name.

Select radio button 'Read parameter names from the CSV file'
Select 'File Name' -> Your CSV plan.
Choose Object Class.
Click 'OK'.

Click 4B

Click 'Apply Mapping'

Click 3G

Click 'Import...'

Next (5A..5B)

Click 'Import...'
Click 'View Buffer'

Import Preview (6A..6B)

Click 'Accept Import'

Click 'Close'

Export Buffer(7A..7B)

Click '7A'
Click '7B'

Export Preview

Choose profile selection for plan export.

Set Output XML name.
Click 'Export'


Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Plan Editor Tutorial
Copyright 2012 By Rio Mulyono All rights reserved