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Taylor M. Kremer
Marisa Cronk
English 12, 2nd Hour
2 November 2014
Rape by Extortion to Have Control of Her
...Incest is rape by extortion. Thus the child's very childhood becomes a weapon used to
control her(Blume). Incest and child abuse happen to many children some in which we dont
find out about until they are well into their teen years. 44% of incest and child rape victims are
under 18("Who Are the Victims?). Even in books you read about Child abuse and Incest, like
Deerskin by Robin Mckinley.
In Deerskin there is the scene where Lissla Lissar is raped by her father and
impregnated. For awhile she cannot love and does not wish to marry the prince Ossin. Yet once
she has magical abilities from the Moon Goddess and sees her father the king marrying Ossins
little sister she has the courage to come out and tell everyone who she is and what her father did
to her. By doing this she then punishes her father for what he did and marries Prince Ossin!
Lissla was raped by her father which is incest. Incest happens to more people than we
want to think; 44% of rape victims are under age of 18. 34.2% of rape victims are family
members, 58.7% are friends, and 7% are strangers. For Lissla she was 17 years old and falls into
the 34.2% of rape victims raped by family member(Who are the Victims). Rape can happen to
anyone even royalty like princess Lissla Lissar.
Rape can happen to anyone even boys. Billy was eleven years old. A seven-year old boy
named Sam lived next door. Sam had a rabbit named Black Jack. Sam loved Black Jack very
much. One day the boys were alone in Billys yard. Billy told Sam to follow him into the garage.
I have something special for you, Billy said. Billy closed the door. He unzipped his pants. He
grabbed Sam by the neck and pushed him down. Put it in your mouth, he told Sam. If you
dont Ill kill Black Jack. Sam did what Billy said( Stark 39). Billy falls into the category
where 58.7% of rape victims were raped by their friends. Billy was raped by his friend Sam who
was raped by another boy. This shows that boys get raped too. Just as it happened to Billy and
Sam, Leota and Selina were raped by family members. Selina is 11 years old and lives with her
parents. Selinas mother works late sometimes, so she is alone with her father a lot. Lately, he
has been getting into her bed at night. He takes off her underpants and touches her and

sometimes he forces Selina to touch him too. Selina doesnt like what her father is doing, but
shes afraid to tell her mother.(Stark 43)
Leota is almost nine. She lives with her mother and her seventeen-year-old brother, Alonzo.
They live in a two-room apartment. She and Alonzo share a room. Sometimes her mother works
at night...The first time Alonzo bothered Leota in bed, she was almost asleep. She felt hands on
her bottom...The next night.. He sat on the edge of her bed. He put his hand in her pajamas. He
felt around below her tummy...A week later her brother touched her again..He put his hand in her
pajamas and started rubbing her genitals...Alonzo continued to sexually abuse Leota..Several
times he even got under the covers with Leota. Then he rubbed his penis against her(Stark 3334). Selina and Leota were raped by their family members and were scarred for life.
Rape also happens to gays and it takes time for them to heal and some of them can not
gain the courage to speak out about what happened to them. Yet for this one man who was in
college and got raped by a man who he once knew and had feelings for.
My name is John Kelly, and Im a survivor of rape and intimate partner violence. I was
raped twice while in college, but one of my experiences doesnt fit into traditional definitions of
rape. While incapacitated, a male former intimate partner performed oral sex on me. The amount
of pain and anguish that rape caused me was no different than that of my other rape, a more
widely accepted iteration in which I was forcibly penetrated.
It took me a long time to come to terms with my experiences, in large part because I didnt have
the language to articulate them. The confusion, fear and shame I felt, coupled with my schools
inability to respond, contributed to an attempted suicide and subsequent hospitalization only
weeks after my second attack. Rape and intimate partner violence are rarely spoken of within the

queer community, or with male survivors(Kelly). He then was able to be the first to come out
about same-sex abuse and speak in front of the supreme court.
Last week I became the first person ever to testify before Congress on same-sex dating
violence. My hope is that as coverage of this topic increases and begins featuring a greater
diversity of voices, the stigma surrounding same-sex sexual violence will dissipate. I hope that as
this becomes something we feel more comfortable talking about, survivors will easily be able to
receive the help needed, regardless of sex, sexuality or gender identity(Kelly). Kelly coming out
about this will help other rape victims to recover like he did after time.
In Deerskin by Robin McKinley Lissla Lissar was raped like Leota, Selina, Billy, Sam,
and John. All of them needed time to recover and were raped in different ways. Rape can
happen to anyone, and is painful to all. Rape is touchy subject yes but needs to be dealt with and
heard about by everyone.


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