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Cosmic SOS: Call in a Miracle:

Meditation to Bring a Miraculous Solution

When Nothing Works
The Divine Brings the Help You Need

May 14, 1989 Hamburg, Germany #MO41-3

Mudra: Clasp hands, extend index fingers, thumbs cross left under, right over.
is placed in front of the chin, about 6 inches away, so the index fingers point up, and the index
fingertips are about 6 inches in front of the tip of the nose. Now, keep the mudra steady, but
lower it just slightly downward so that if you look down past the tip of the nose, you see these
finger tips.
Eyes: Keeping the neck tall, chin slightly in (Julundar bandh), have the eyes slightly open
and look down at the tip of the nose. Just past the tip of the nose you should see the
Mantra: Chant with the lips in a monotone, the following: Waa-Hey Guru, like this:
Waa- extend the lips in a circle.
Hey- Mouth slightly smiles.
Guru- lips are puckered and rounded in somewhat of a circle again.
Chant in separate, distinct syllables in a monotone. Almost spoken. Little quiet syllables,
with a distinct pause between each.
Focus: Concentrate on tip of nose & 2 fingertips. Time: Done for only 35 seconds. People
were getting too high.
Comments: If nothing works and you have nothing, and you want to get out of the problems
of your mental psyche, do this. When nothing works and you are in a most desperate state,
you do not know what to do and if you start doing this, it wont take long. Something will
happen, something will come up and the sign is, Whosoever will come shall know the
problem. You dont have to ask. It may seem coincidental, accidental or as if a miracle, but
you have called on the Divine Force, whether it is real or not, but in that desperate SOS which
you sent out, whatever the response shall be, shall know your need. Then you can trust.
These are the helpful tools. Without tools, human is a fool.

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