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Keyboarding Final Exam Study Guide

The Keyboarding Final Exam will consist of 5 parts. Each part is worth 20 points for a total of 100
Part I: Matching keys used and correct fingers
Prepare by knowing what finger is used for all keys, including the numbers and symbols, but
only 20 keys will be chosen for you to matchup. This section will be completed on a
scantron sheet.
Part II: Multiple choice Shortcuts and formatting
Know all shortcuts and terminology used in class. Know how to open, close, edit and format
Microsoft Word documents. In addition to shortcuts you will need to know how to change
margins, change page orientation, insert a header/footer, page numbers & know the default
Part III: 3 minute timed writing & technique
1/2 point for every word typed per minute (i.e. 40 gwam = 20/20, 30 gwam = 15/20). 1 point
will be deducted for every error or sign of improper technique: using incorrect fingers, eyes
on keyboard, feet not flat on the floor and not sitting up straight. You will be assigned a
timing to complete in class, print and turn in. Within the time limits of the class, you can
complete the timing as many times as you like until you get your best score.
Part IV: Table assignment
Insert and create a table based on given directions.
Part V: Memo & Letter assignment
Type a memo and letter using the correct business format.
You will be given the entire exam period, 1 hour 30 minutes, to complete all 5 sections.
**As a review, on the back side of the paper list all 26 keys, 10 number keys, comma, period,
question mark and semi colon (total of 40), and the correct finger for each key. Additionally list the
command used for all 26 letters, the 3 line spacing commands and F7. Type the following
documents: Globalization Report (p. 159-162, 168), Memo 45B (p. 146), Personal Business Letter 1
(p. 180) & Table 1 (p. 198). Accurate completion of all sections of this assignment will be recorded
as a grade for a total of 50 points.
_____ / 50


910 Longbrook Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06497-2325
May 17, 2002
Mr. Yorick Kelsey
First National Bank
2995 Mt. Pleasant Dr.
Bridgeport, CT 06611-2301
Dear Mr. Kelsey
Thank you for taking time to speak to our FBLA chapter. Your comments were
most appropriate forour members.
During your presentation you referred to articles appearing in The Wall Street
Journal and Business Week. Do you remember in which issues those articles
appeared? Im preparing a report for my social studies class on trade barriers; I
believe the articles you referred to would be excellent sourcesof information for
the report. Are you aware of other sources that would be appropriate for the
Thank you again for sharing your expertise. Your talk on International
Partnerships made us realizethe importance of American business abroad.
Miss Jessica A. Kelley
FBLA Member
February 2, 2002
Word Processing Department
As you may have heard by now, Diane Chi announced her plans to retire at the
end of March. The
position will be advertised both internally and externally.
For those interested in applying for the position, a resume and letter of
application should be sent to
Director Rhett Canton, Human Resources Department, by February 16.
Interviews will be conducted
the following week so that the new manager can be hired by March 1. This
schedule will allow the
new manager to work with Ms. Chi for a month prior to her retirement.
Ms. Kathy Lind
Human Resources

FINAL TABLE: key a table on the top 10 most populated cities in the world. 4
columns (rank, city, country, population) & 11 rows (title row and 1 for each
cities information).
FINAL TIMING: MicroType Skill Analysis. Go to edit then skill analysis.
* print all documents, with your name in the header, staple together and turn in.
Answer the following questions on your scantron answer sheet.
1. Ctrl + A
2. Ctrl + C
3. Ctrl + E
4. Ctrl + F
5. Ctrl + J
6. Ctrl + K
7. Ctrl + L
8. Ctrl + M
9. Ctrl + N
10. Ctrl + O
11. Ctrl + R
12. Ctrl + T
13. Ctrl +V
14. Ctrl + X
15. Ctrl + Y
16. Ctrl + Z
17. Ctrl + 1
18. Ctrl + 5
19. Windows + D
20. Alt + Shift + D
A. Bold
B. Center Align
C. Right Align
D. Italicize
E. Undo
AB. New Window
CD. Insert Date
DE. Clear Formatting

AC. Redo
AD. Left Align
AE. Insert Hyperlink
BC. Hanging Indent
BD. Tab
BE. Justify text
CE. Minimize windows

A. Find & replace

B. Close window
C. Select all
D. Find
E. Double-spacing
AB. Save
CD. Change Font
DE. Print

Keyboard-correct fingers (list 2 fingers if necessary)

21. A
32. X
22. b
33. z
23. c
34. 1
Answer key:

AC. Paste
AD. Cut
AE. 1.5 line spacing
BC. Underline
BD. Copy
BE. Single Spacing
CE. Open

24. D
25. E
26. f
27. g
28. J
29. q
30. r
31. S

35 6
36. 7
37. 0
38. ?
39. &
40. $

A. left little B. left ring

D. left index E. right index
AC. right ring AD. right little

C. left middle
AB. right middle