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Explore what it means to

“Be a Hero” for God. Whether
you’re a child, teen, family or adult,
you’ll be a hero this summer!*
Through fun, engaging experiences and
exciting stories about both biblical and
contemporary heroes, you’ll discover
what it means to be a hero. And, you too
can be a hero when you live like Jesus.
Your activities and experiences
each day focus on “Being a
Hero” as found in these themes:
Be a Hero: Welcome Others ~ John 6: 1-15
Be a Hero: Be a Friend ~ I Samuel 20: 1-42
Be a Hero: Accept Others ~ Acts 10: 24-48
Be a Hero: Give ~ Luke 21: 1-4
Be a Hero: Rejoice ~ Exodus 15: 19-21
Share the Good News ~ 2 Timothy 1: 3-7

What A Deal!
You get so much at CAPNWP Youth
Camps and Family/Adult Events, all for
less than $3 an hour! Although each
program is unique, all have these common
benefits especially geared for the program
participants’ age level and interests.
Wholesome Fun
Christian Friends
Motivating Devotions & Worship
Fun Recreation
Refreshing Swimming
Faith Discoveries & Bible Studies
Engaging Christian Experiences
Caring, Trained and Qualified Leaders
Christian Community
Three Good Meals a Day
Clean Accommodations

Find the program and activities that fit you to a “T” in this brochure.
*All CAPNWP summer programs employ the Be a Hero curriculum, with the exception
of Music Camp which writes its own to coincide with the Christian musical performed.
Have the time of your life at Camp
Lambec or Westminster Highlands!
Whether you’re entering Grade 1 or
college, there’s something for you.

You & Me Entering Gr. 1-4 & Parent/Guardian

June 27-29 Highlands $330./pair
Now you can try camp for three days and bring your mom,
dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle along. Enjoy fun bugs, a cook-
out, water slide, crafts, games, forest hikes, campfires and all the
other activities that make for a true camper! You’ll have great fun
with the other campers and will be with your parent/guardian
for meals and many activities. This camp ends at 7:00pm on
Tuesday with its own Festival. NOTE: Both the deposit and the
fee are for the child and parent/guardian pair.

Highlands Experience I Entering Gr. 3-5

July 4-9, 11-16, 18-23 & 25-30 Highlands $340.
You’ll shout “Hurray!” at these camps because you’ll have a
whole week to take advantage of an array of great things. You’ll
have awesome experiences and successes making friends, play-
ing games, creek walking, funbugging, doing crafts, learning
archery, sleeping-out one night and exploring nature - just to
mention a few. And, with the help of your counselors, you’ll get
Test Your Wings Mini-Camp Entering Gr. 2-4 confidence on the low ropes course and learn to canoe on the
July 7-9 Highlands $205. pond. Of course, you’ll be together with kids your age all week
Are you eager to try camp without your parent? Do you want as you find out how you can be a hero like Jesus.
to swim, make crafts, play games, make friends, discover nature
on a hike, zip on our waterslide and play on a funbug in the Highlands Experience II Entering Gr. 6-8
pond? If you do, this camp is for you! You’ll also get closer to
God, have a cookout and maybe try your hand at archery. This July 4-9, 18-23 & 25-30 Highlands $340.
Just like Experience I campers, you gain new confidence and
three-day adventure is for younger campers like you to explore
have a great time with Highlands opportunities, but now re-
the many things that Highlands offers with the caring support of
fitted for your age. And, it doesn’t stop there! As a “II” camper,
your very own counselor. Come - see how God is with you - and
you also venture on to the high ropes course, minister to others
have a blast!
through a service project and choose - with your small group - a
river canoe trip, archery, an overnight campout, orienteering
and/or waterslide. NOTE: See the Experience I description, too.

Highlands Experience III Entering Gr. 9-12

~with Horse Ride! July 11-16 Highlands $365.
Horseback riding one day is sure to top off your exciting week.
Geared for your age, you do everything described in the Exper-
ience I and II camps, plus discover the “hero for Christ” you’re
becoming. Your group grows close, too, through an overnight
river canoe trip, more adventures and choosing other activity
options. NOTE: Please see the Experience II description, too.
Wet ‘N Wild Entering Gr. 3-6
Wetter ‘N Wilder Entering Gr. 7-10
June 27-July 2 Lambec $360.
Program Coordinator/Chaplain: Rev. Randall Clow
If water is your thing, then these camps are for you. Through
a variety of wet activities, including a day trip to Waldameer
Water World in Erie, you will be drenched in a new understand-
ing of God’s “living water.” Water slides, water games, swim-
ming and contemporary music are your springboards to wildly
get into God’s love. Be sure to bring a couple of your bathing
suits since you’ll spend a lot of time in them.
Have you been to Wet ‘N Wild before, you’re older and are
ready for more? Then come to Wetter ‘N Wilder for the added
bonuses of more challenging activities for those your age.
Six O’Clock News Entering Gr. 4-7
July 4-9 Lambec $330.
Program Coor.: Youth Ministry Staff, Bethany Church, Mercer
Welcome to your most exciting, high-energy week of the
summer. You’ll have the best that Lambec offers like playing
Capture the Flag in the Vale, zipping on a giant slip-n-slide, fish-
ing in the pond, competing in team games, hanging out with
your friends, worshipping at the chapels, learning about Christ
in your small group and, of course, being featured in the daily
Six O’Clock News Report, a video program made of the day’s
activities. This week has it all!

Double Exposure Entering Gr. 4-7

July 4-9 Highlands & Lambec $350. Music Camp Entering Gr. 4-College Freshman
Get the best of both camps all in one week. Starting at High- July 11-16 Lambec $345.
lands, you explore trails and accomplish the low ropes course. Program Coordinator: Pete Kennaday
Then you travel to Lambec for 2-1/2 days to soak up the sun on Sing and celebrate the most popular contemporary praise and
its lake beach and join the fun with Six O’Clock News campers. worship songs with more than 100 other campers! Play your
Making crafts, playing games and delving into your faith are fea- instrument in the Band/Orchestra! Round out each day with cele-
tured. Other options include archery, canoeing and waterslide. bration worship, small group Bible study, crafts and a wide vari-
You return to Highlands to tell your stories at the Friday Night ety of outdoor sports and fun activities. You won’t want to miss
Festival. Don’t miss this great week! CAPNWP’s highest-attended youth camp. Your week concludes
with toe-tapping Band selections and inspiring Choir perform-
ances at the Friday Night Festival Concert for parents, families
and friends. Register early to ensure your spot! NOTE: Campers
who want to play in the Band/Orchestra should bring their own
musical instrument and a music stand.

Saddle-Up Entering Gr. 4-7

June 27-July 2 Highlands $460.
Strap on your boots and get ready for a riding adventure.
Walk, trot and gallop through a week of learning to ride and care
for a horse. Every day for four hours, you’ll go to Rising Ranch
near Slippery Rock to work with and on your horse. Of course,
you’ll also have fun at camp as you make crafts, play games, be
awed by nature, experience the low ropes course and realize
how to be God’s hero. This camp is going to be awesome … of

Highlands Extreme I Entering Gr. 4-6

July 18-23 Highlands $330.
Here’s an amazing week of basic outdoor adventure and ex-
ploring the out-of-the-way areas of God’s creation. You bike,
Sports Extravaganza I Entering Gr. 5-8 camp out, hike, canoe, use a map & compass, experience the low
Sports Extravaganza II Entering Gr. 9-12 ropes course, create nature crafts, swim in the creek and be
June 27 - July 2 Lambec $360. God’s Earth steward. Even if you haven’t done these things be-
fore, don’t worry - your skilled counselors carefully guide you in
Program Coordinator: Andy Barlow
Imagine being with friends, new and old, playing a variety of the camping and outdoor skills you need. Your group also
sports, achieving new sports skills and growing as a Christian makes choices about archery, doing our waterslide and another
sports person. And then, add to that a day at Waldameer Park/ overnight camp out. For half the week or so you sleep under the
Water World in Erie. Well, imagine no more, because all of this stars and prepare many of your meals over an open fire. Come
is waiting for you in Sports Extravaganza! No matter your abilities, and get deep into the Highlands’ beautiful woods and your faith.
you get clear instruction in sports such as soccer, basketball, vol-
leyball, touch football, softball and track & field - to name a few - Highlands Extreme II Entering Gr. 7-10
and enjoy daily team competitions. Sports I focuses on learning July 18-23 Highlands $350.
and practicing basic skills and Sports II develops teamwork, This is your chance to step out, up and into the outdoor ad-
leadership ability and sportsmanship. ventures you’ve been longing for. Are you looking for an intense,
excitement-driven, Christ-centered outdoor experience with
friends? Then come to Extreme II for rock climbing, mountain
biking, overnight canoeing on the Allegheny River and Zip Line
thrills. Your week also highlights camping out and cooking your
meals outdoors most of the time. You also have options for arch-
ery, waterside and maybe even an off-site bike trip.
Artrageous Entering Gr. 5-8
July 11-16 Highlands $340.
Get your creative juices flowing at this “artrageous” camp of
drawing, painting, sculpting, photography and crafts. An art
instructor helps you hone your artistic skills and see the beauty
of Creation with new eyes. You also interact in games, accom-
plish the low ropes course, prepare a cookout and show your art
at the Festival Art Show. Your group may choose other camp
fun like a canoe trip, overnight campout and waterslide, but
with the creative flair that only Artrageous brings!

Highlands & Beyond Entering Gr. 8-11

August 1-6 Highlands $350.
Yes indeed - this unique experience is more than a mission trip!
You start by building group spirit through cooperative games, ropes
course, crafts, enjoying the Highlands’ pool and faith discoveries.
Then, it’s on to Sugar Valley Lodge, Franklin, a home for special
population adults. There your group helps spruce up the Lodge,
grow in faith through Christian service and interact with the resi-
dents. And, you’ll take a recreational trip too! When you return,
you can share your new insights at the Friday Night Festival.
The Elements Entering Gr. 8-12
July 25-30 Highlands $465.
Get ready for success, fun and “The Elements”! Experience
the elements of nature and yourself at this intense, action-
packed camp & trip. You go to southwestern PA for whitewater
rafting on the Youghiogheny River, rock climbing and caving
(spelunking) for two-three days. At the Highlands, you prepare
yourself, your group, your gear and your spirit for the adventures
ahead through the high/low ropes course, Bible study and group-
building. Your group camps- and cooks- out much of the week
and has options for mountain biking and a canoe trip. Skilled
counselors help you get “it” (The Elements) together. NOTE:
You should be a good swimmer and ready to camp out.

Teen Splash Entering Gr. 10-College Freshman Staff-In-Training (S.I.T.) Entering Gr. 11-12
July 4-9 Lambec $360. June 27-July 2 Highlands $330.
Program Coor.: Youth Ministry Staff, Bethany Church, Mercer Are you ready to: …take it to a new level? …get out of your x-
This week you’ll learn to serve as Christian role models and box mentality? …abandon the ordinary and the same old routine?
share your faith with the younger campers in Six O’Clock News. …be a leader? Then come step into your role as the next incredible
You’ll take on daily responsibilities of leading team games, sup- CAPNWP staffer. Your week is packed-
porting various activities and creating a daily humorous video for to-the-max with learning how to lead
the Six O’Clock News Report. You’ll also be able to fellowship camp activities and outdoor adventure.
with other Teen Splashers during Bible study, nightly campfire Add to that group building, discussion,
and a special day trip to Splash Lagoon in Erie. high energy craziness, the ropes course,
ventures into God’s Word and applying
it to daily life - then you’ll be an S.I.T
who’s prepared to be a staff member in
the future. Following this week you may
be able to serve at a CAPNWP camp.
NOTE: Teens who wish to volunteer at
any CAPNWP camp this summer must
first successfully complete this week.
An inexpensive and memorable vacation or weekend is
only as far away as Westminster Highlands and Camp
Lambec. Seniors and single adults are welcome, too!

Memorial Day & Labor Day May 28-31

Holiday Weekends September 3-6
Hosts & Activity Leaders: CAPNWP Staff Highlands Family / Adult Camps
In these value-priced, popular three-day events, families en- Lambec
joy the beauty of the Highlands at their own pace with activities Located on the shores of Lake Erie, you’ll enjoy the beach,
like campfire worship, an all-camp potluck dessert and other awesome sunsets, balmy breezes and Christian fellowship. You
options, including river canoe trip1, low ropes course1, guided and yours are free to choose from daily options like faith
hike and intergenerational Bible studies. On Labor Day Week- discoveries, lake swimming, pond boating & fishing, crafts,
end, the pool is also open. tennis, volleyball, field sports, intergenerational games, sight-
Since there’s a limited number of RV sites (with electric & seeing, local golf courses and soaking up the quiet. Of course,
water hook-ups) and tent sites (no hookups), register soon. you can also bike (bring your own) to Peggy Gray’s Candy Store,
However, spur of the moment registrations are accepted on a play ever-popular board games, read and join in spontaneous fun.
space-available basis until two days beforehand. Families must Your days can begin with devotions and end with a campfire or
bring their own food (no food service offered). You can cook on vespers. Our Bible Study Counselor is available to lead your
charcoal grills and small open fires at designated fire rings. The children for a couple hours each day. Please arrive Sunday
bathhouses are open and there is an RV dump. afternoon and depart by 9:30am Saturday.
You may stay one or more nights and extended stays for a day Lodging: Improved & Basic Cabins. Since families typically
before and after the event may be possible. Otherwise, please share a cabin, please request your cabinmates.
arrive Friday afternoon and depart Monday morning. Fees: Ages 3 and under: No Charge
Fees: Your Tent (no hookup)2 Calvin Cabin3 Ages 4-8: $155. Ages 9-12: $210.
$5.25/person/night $8.50/person/night Student Ages 13–211: $265. Adults: $295.
Your RV (with hookup)2 Geneva Lodge3 Maximum Family Rate2: $1,120.
$9.50/person/night $14.25/person/night
Adirondack Cabin: Children 5 and under: Family / Adult Camp A July 18-24
$8.00/person/night no charge4 Program Coordinator/Chaplain: Rev. David Caves, Jr.
Your RV (no hookup) 2
Children 6-12: At “A” you’re gently challenged to Be a Hero and to find ways
$8.00/person/night $3.00/child/night4 to live like Jesus both at camp and back at
1 Pets5: $2.00/pet/night home. Special activities for all ages include
Additional fees apply. Reser-
the bike parade and camper carnival. There
vation not needed until arrival. excluding children age 0-5.
2 4 are campers of all ages who’ve been coming
Maximum six people/site. Applies to any facility listed.
3 5 for years as well as newcomers. Join the fun,
For groups of 10 or more, Pets must remain leashed. quiet and Christian community this week.
Family / Adult Camp B July 25-31
Chaplain: Rev. Chris Weichman
Program Coordinator: Cheri Empfield
Camp is not just for kids! Adults and kids
of all ages love the unique surroundings and activities. Morning
Bible study and evening worship are offered daily. In addition to
planned activities, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the camp and
good Christian fun with fellow campers. Since the leaders are
4th of July Spectacular July 2-4 very excited, you can expect some fantastic experiences this week.
Program Leaders: CAPNWP Staff Highlands
Grow together as a Christian family, couple or single parent. Family / Adult Camp C August 1-7
At this inexpensive, great weekend, you can choose to attend Chaplain/Program Coordinator: Rev. Dennis Molnar
local fireworks, swim in the pool, take guided hikes, make crafts, Enjoy the hospitality of this Front Porch Ministry with an
go on a river canoe cruise, enjoy tasty meals prepared for you or emphasis on Faith, Family and Fun! There is plenty of family
just relax. Your eyes are opened in the engaging, active Bible focused adventure including a Carnival Night, Beach and
studies and morning/evening devotions. Camp counselors are Waterslide time, children’s Olympics and a bounty of athletic
available for child care and activities during the day. options. Daily Faith Exploration involves all ages, coordinated
Your weekend begins Friday evening with dinner and con- with crafts focusing on scripture application to real life.
cludes after Sunday lunch so you can depart by 1:00 pm. You stay 1
The Student Rate only applies to students ages 13-21 attending with
in either a small Knox Adirondack Cabin or a larger Calvin Cabin1. at least one adult nuclear family member. Non-students and those
Fees: The same rate applies to both Knox and Calvin Cabins. attending without their parent/grandparent pay the adult fee.
$58./person No charge for ages 5 and under The Maximum Family Rate applies to a nuclear family that includes
1 one or two parents/grandparents, their children/grandchildren age 21
Knox Cabins each sleep up to eight people. Calvin Cabins are bet- and under and consists of a maximum of two generations (parent/
ter for groups of friends since they have two sleeping rooms which child or grandparent/grandchild). Unrelated family friends are
accommodate 12 in each room, plus a common room. welcome to attend, but are charged the individual fees.
Friday Night Festival is for Parents & Campers The Sites & Their Program Styles
Parents and families of youth campers can now come for the Although all CAPNWP programs have many common fea-
Friday Night Festival that ends the Youth Camps. The 30- tures, Lambec and Highlands differ in their physical characteris-
minute Festival program/vespers includes parents and begins at tics and program/activity styles. Both have value, so your choice
7:00pm. Campers and their parents may go home after vespers. depends on what you are looking for.
Parents and families have the option to reserve their spot at the Westminster Highlands
6:00pm Festival dinner with payment at Sunday check-in. Highlands’ programs focus on small “family” groups who do
PLEASE NOTE: most everything together. They employ relational ministry and
• Music Camp has no Festival Dinner. The 2–1/2 hour concert experiential learning methods (learn by doing) to achieve faith
starts at about 7:00 p.m. encounters, Biblical knowledge and activity skill development.
• You & Me campers have a closing festival on Tues. evening. Activities include age-appropriate outdoor living/adventure exp-
• Festival Dinners can only be reserved at Sunday Check-In. eriences. All programs are directly led by paid staff. Program
Coordinators support one or more Counselors with the help of a
volunteer Chaplain. In Youth Camps, this program model serves
small group problem-solving and, in Adult/Family Events, cus-
tomized activities to meet the needs of the participants. Each
Highlands program typically has 8-24 participants, plus staff.
Highlands’ 640 forested acres straddle a pristine hemlock
ravine near Emlenton, PA and I-80. There are miles of hiking
trails, waterfalls, cascades and ledges. Features include a
high/low ropes course, dining hall, pavilions, outdoor chapels,
first aid station, swimming pool, common bathhouses with
showers, two cabin “villages” and five lodges. The rustic Knox
Adirondack Cabins sleep 6-8 each while Calvin Cabins 1, 2 & 3
sleep 24 each with two sleeping rooms and a common room. The
winterized Geneva 1, 3 & 4 Lodges are used by the summer staff
and the nurse. Geneva 2 is also our Dining Hall. Each Geneva
sleeps 12-30 and has electricity, sleeping rooms, bathrooms and
kitchens. Luther Lodge is an ideal, creekside family vacation
spot hidden in the hemlock ravine.
Youth Grouped by Age
Youth campers are placed in cabin/counselor groups with Camp Lambec
their own age even when the program is open to multiple grade Lambec’s programs employ a large-group or conference
levels. Whenever possible, campers are placed in a group where style where the participants can individually choose groups or
there is a friend or at least one other camper from his/her church. activities in which to be involved during the course of a day, i.e.,
Bible study, games, sports, crafts and, in the case of Family/Adult
Staff & Volunteers Events, relaxation. Bible study and worship experiences tend to
Our paid staff are screened, subject to criminal background be more “classroom-like” and/or directed by a leader. Programs
checks and thoroughly trained for 1.5 or more weeks. All are are directly led by a volunteer Program Coordinator and/or Chap-
trained in their specific responsibilities, expectations and safety. lain. Youth Camps also engage volunteer Counselors and Activ-
They reside in camp during the summer. Program staff are also ity Specialists. Youth Camp schedules are prescriptive while at
intentionally coached in Presbyterian theology, the Be a Hero: Family/Adult Events families and adults have free-time and vari-
Living Like Jesus curriculum, group dynamics, behavior modifi- ous options. Programs typically have 40-130 participants.
cation and the specialized skills needed to lead activities. Lambec’s 90 acres are situated on the Lake Erie shoreline and
PA Registered Nurses provide fantastic sunsets. There is a beach, two easy hiking
are at both sites for Youth trails and a pond. Guests enjoy a dining hall, chapels (indoor &
Camps. Support staff out), recreation hall, first aid station, basketball & volleyball
(administration, mainten- courts, playground, common bathhouses with showers, outdoor
ance and food service) also pavilions, and improved & basic cabins. Each improved cabin
receive specific training in has finished interiors with a half-bath. The basic cabins are un-
their respective respon- finished inside, dating back more than 50 years. All cabins have
sibilities. Program and electric and sleep 12-24 guests. Several of the improved cabins
support staff serve at have wall heaters. Cliff Haven Cottage is a fantastic family vaca-
Highlands and support tion location next to the lakeshore, yet away from the
staff only serve at Lambec. center of the camp.
Our volunteers are also screened and given orienta-
tion for their service. All become familiar with their respective
responsibilities, expectations and safety protocols. Some have
served for more than 20 years. Lambec’s Program Coordinators
lead Counselors and Activity Specialists. At both sites, the
Chaplains who serve Youth Camps and Family/Adult Events are
PC(USA) pastors and lay leaders.
Before registering, please note the dates, location and age/ Deposits are non-refundable after April 30, 2010, and ap-
grade level of the Youth Camp or Family/Adult Event. Please ply to the total fee. Fee balances are due three weeks prior to
register at least three weeks before your program starts in one of the first day of the camp or event.
two ways: Youth Roommates & Family/Adult Cabinmates. Each
1} By Mail. Complete the Youth or Family & Adult Registra- youth camper may request one roommate. Roommates will be
tion form and mail with your deposit check to: CAPNWP, assigned accordingly provided that both campers have mutually
221 Center Street, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. Only checks requested each other and they are both in the same program and
can be accepted for mail-in registrations. grade level. Families and adults may request other persons and
2} On Line. After Feb. 1, 2010, you can also register on-line families to share a cabin with them.
through the CAPNWP website, Click on
Confirmation of Your Registration. Registrations will be
“On-Line Registration,” complete the “Youth” or “Family & confirmed beginning April 1, 2010. All registrations will be con-
Adult” Registration Form and the “Credit Card Payment”
firmed by mail this year. The confirmation of your registration
information, then click “Submit Registration”. Please note contains important information, some requiring your return:
that your original signature will be required when you arrive
at a CAPNWP site … sorry, on-line signatures are not legally • Your Balance Due Invoice
acceptable. • Information for Your Specific Program
Deposits. Registrations cannot be accepted without the • Directions to Lambec or Highlands
minimum deposit. The required deposits are: • Arrival and Check-In Information
You & Me Camp: $80.00 for child and parent/guardian Youth Camps Only :
Youth Camps: $80.00 per person per session • Friday Night Festival Information
4th of July Spectacular: $15.00 per person • Health Forms and Activity & Travel Permission Slips
Holiday Weekends: $10.00 per person Health Forms and Permission Slips need to be completed,
Family/Adult Camps: $80.00 per person per session signed and mailed back to CAPNWP at least two weeks prior
to the first day of the camp program.

Check-Out Our New Website

CAPNWWP Take at look at, our new
website! You’ll find links to camp registration,
current photos, updated information and more.

Many churches provide financial help to those from their congregation. If you need financial
aid, please first contact your home church. If your church is unable to adequately respond,
the church’s pastor or camp coordinator should contact CAPNWP on your behalf.
CAPNWP has limited camperships (“camp scholarships”) to assist churches unable to
provide financial aid. The family is usually expected to pay the required deposit.


Early Registration Discount Free Hat When You Bring A New Youth Camper
You may deduct $10.00 per person from If you’re under age 19, you can get a special
your “Balance Due Enclosed” on your Reg- “Come With Us” hat for every new 2010 sum-
istration form provided that it and your mer youth camper you recruit for any session
payment-in-full have been postmarked by at either CAPNWP site. Be sure that the
April 30, 2010. This discount applies to friend(s) you recruit writes your name on his/
both Youth Camps and the week-long her registration in the “First-Time Campers
Family/Adult Events. Only” section. You’ll earn a new hat for each of
the first four new campers you recruit.
5% Discount When You Recruit A New Family
Your family can get a 5% discount for each of the first two new families you recruit to attend a
2010 Family/Adult Event at either CAPNWP site. Make sure your newly-recruited family writes
your name on their registrations in the “First-Time Campers Only” section The 5% discount is
applied to your total fee on the date of your registration. In the event the new families you recruit
register after you’ve registered, you will be reimbursed after your Family/Adult Event.
Please first read How To Register, use one form for each camp program session and return it with the $80 deposit
at least three weeks before the program begins to: CAPNWP, 221 Center Street, Slippery Rock, PA
16057. Thank you!
Name first last

Address Apt. Gender †Female †Male

City/Town State Zip Grade Entering This Fall
Phone ( ) Email Birthdate / /
I request to bunk with (please name only one friend): Age During Camp
First-Time Campers Only: Please write the name of the one
person who recruited you to come to a CAPNWP camp this summer.
Please Register My Child/Teen In:
Camp Program Name At: check one †Camp Lambec
On the dates of month date to month date †Westminster Highlands

Fee and Deposit: CAPNWP Office

Regular Fee $ † Rec’d † Enter’d
† Conf
Deposit Enclosed $
† Rmm
Fee Balance Enclosed $ (For Early Registration Discount) † Health Form † Special Act. Perm. #1
Total Enclosed $ Check # † Other † Special Act. Perm. #2

Camper’s Home Church † Denomination:

City/Town † PC(USA) Presbytery of:
 †Beaver-Butler †Kiskiminetas
State Clergy Title & Name  †Lake Erie †Shenango
†Camper does not regularly attend a church or religious community.  †Other:

Guardian Name title first last Relationship to Camper:
check one
Address Apt.
City/Town State Zip
Day Phone ( ) Eve. Phone ( )
Mobile Phone ( ) Email

Parent/Guardian’s Permission. By my signature below, I, the parent or legal guardian of the above-named child:
• Grant permission for my child to attend and participate in the activities of the CAPNWP program in which s/he is
registered as described in this brochure, including transportation to off-site activities.
• Grant permission to CAPNWP to take visual and audio images (photographs, videos, etc.) of my child for use in CAPNWP
• Agree to provide an accurate, complete and signed Health Form (health information and history) for my child at least two
weeks prior to his/her arrival for the camp program in which s/he is registered.
• Hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by CAPNWP to order x-rays, routine tests, treatment; to release
any records necessary for insurance purposes; and to provide or arrange necessary related transportation for the participant.
In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the CAPNWP to
secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization, for the participant named above.
• Please check one: †Grant †Do not grant permission for CAPNWP to print my child’s name, address, phone number
and email address for distribution to other campers in his/her camp program.

Signature Date / /
Parent/Guardian Named Above

Please first read How To Register, use one form for each camp program session, family or single adult and
return your Registration with the required deposit at least three weeks before the program begins to:
CAPNWP, 221 Center Street, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. Thank you!
Adult Head of Household:
title first last

Address Apt. Day Phone ( )

City/Town State Zip Eve. Phone ( )
Email Mobile Phone ( )
I/we request this person(s)/family as my/our cabinmate(s):
First-Time Campers Only: Please write the name of the one person or family
who recruited you to come to a CAPNWP Family/Adult camp this summer.
Family Participants: Please include the Adult Head of Household named above and attach another paper to list more people.
Name Age Name Age
Name Age Name Age
Name Age Name Age
My/Our Home Church † Denomination:
City/Town † PC(USA) Presbytery of:
 †Beaver-Butler †Kiskiminetas
State Clergy Title & Name  †Lake Erie †Shenango
† I/we do not regularly attend a church or religious community.  †Other:

Please Register Me/Us In: CAPNWP Office

Camp Program Name † Rec’d † Enter’d

On dates of month date to month date † Conf

† Rmm
Fee and Deposit:
† Lodging
Regular Fee $
Age 3 & under Student 13-21
Deposit Enclosed $ Age 4-8 Adult
Fee Balance Enclosed $ (For Early Registration Discount) Age 9-12

Total Enclosed $ Check # † Other

Lodging Requested:
† Lambec Improved Cabin # † Lambec Unimproved Cabin #
† Highlands Calvin Cabin name † Highlands Knox Adirondack name * Available only Memorial Day and
 † Highlands Geneva Lodge # * † Highlands Tent/Trailer Site # * Labor Day Holiday Weekends.

Adult Head of Household Authorization. By my signature below, I, the adult head of household named above:
• Grant permission for myself/my family (including children) to attend and participate in the activities of the CAPNWP program
in which I/we registered as described in this brochure, including transportation to off-site activities.
• Grant permission to CAPNWP to take visual and audio images (photographs, videos, etc.) of me/my family for use in CAPNWP promotions.
• Understand I/we are responsible to provide my/our own first aid and personal health emergency services. (Although CAPNWP staff
will assist as they are able, CAPNWP does not provide first aide and health emergency services for Family/Adult summer programs.)
• Please check one: †Grant †Do not grant permission for CAPNWP to print my/my family’s name, address, phone number and
email address for distribution to other campers in my/our program.
• Agree to hold harmless and indemnify CAPNWP, Camp Lambec, Westminster Highlands and their officers, directors and staff
from any personal injury and illness to me/my family and from any loss or damage to my/our personal property.

Signature Date / /
Adult Head of Household Named Above

Got Questions?
We’ve Got Answers!
Feel free to email, write or phone the
CAPNWP Main Office with any
questions and concerns.
Mon., Wed. & Fri. through April 16
9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Mon. - Fri. after April 16
9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
221 Center Street
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
724-738-0058 >
Lisa Miller, Registrar

Come See Your Camps

Take a day trip this spring to visit your
CAPNWP sites, see the facilities and
meet a few of the staff … you could even
make a picnic of it. Contact the
CAPNWP Main Office for details.
Reservations are unnecessary.
Westminster Highlands Celebration!
Emlenton, PA > Sat., May 15
The Highlands’ Celebration includes
activities for all ages and displays
by area conservation groups.
Camp Lambec Open House
North Springfield, PA > Sat., May 22

>Is the camp, retreat and outdoor ministry of the Presbyteries of Beaver-
Butler, Kiskiminetas, Lake Erie and Shenango, PC(USA).
Is a member of the Presbyterian Church Camp & Conference Association.
> Was accredited by the American Camp Association (2008; triennial).
> Complies with state and local health regulations.
Rev. Jay Montgomery, President Donald Scott, Vice President

CAPNWP Mission Statement

CAPNWP provides Christ-centered community
living experiences intended to nurture faith,
enrich character and renew body and spirit.
Photos contributed by Eric Berdis and Peter Kennaday. Thank you!
Sharon, PA
Camping Association of the Presbyteries
of Northwestern Pennsylvania
221 Center Street
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

This Summer for

Children > Teens > Families > Adult s

May 28 - 31 Memorial Day Holiday Weekend (Family/Adult)

June 27 - 29 You & Me (Gr. 1-4)
June 27 - July 2 Wet ‘N Wild (Gr. 3-6)
Wetter ‘N Wilder (Gr. 7-10) Saddle-Up (Gr. 4-7)
Sports Extravaganza I (Gr. 5-8) Staff-In-Training (Gr. 11-12)
Sports Extravaganza II (Gr. 9-12)
July 2 - 4 4th of July Spectacular (Family/Adult)
July 4 - 9 Six O’Clock News (Gr. 4-7) Highlands Experience I (Gr. 3-5)
Teen Splash (Gr. 10 - College Freshman) Highlands Experience II (Gr. 6-8)
Double Exposure visits Lambec for 3 days Double Exposure (Gr. 4-7)
July 7 - 9 Test Your Wings (Gr. 2-4)
July 11 - 16 Highlands Experience I (Gr. 3-5)
Music Camp (Gr. 4 - College Freshman) Artrageous (Gr. 5-8)
Highlands Experience III w/Horses (Gr. 9-12)
July 18 - 23 Highlands Experience I (Gr. 3-5)
Highlands Extreme I (Gr. 4-6)
Family / Adult Camp A (ends July 24)
Highlands Experience II (Gr. 6-8)
Highlands Extreme II (Gr. 7-10)
July 25 - 30 Highlands Experience I (Gr. 3-5)
Family / Adult Camp B (ends July 31) Highlands Experience II (Gr. 6-8)
The Elements (Gr. 8-12)
August 1 - 6 Family / Adult Camp C (ends August 7) Highlands & Beyond (Gr. 8-11)
September 3 - 6 Labor Day Holiday Weekend (Family/Adult)