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Personality sketches_applied Lachesis.

There is a progression from Emotion-centered to Intellect-centered types:

Sulphur/ Pulsatilla/ Phosphorus/ Calcarea/ Lycopodium/ Silica.
These have been grouped into two "families" (called "Genotypes"
1. The Sulphur Family (Sulphur/ Lycopodium / Calcarea carbonica) -- which I
understand to be moreearthy/emotional, and,
2.The Silica Family (Silicea/ Pulsatilla/ Phosphorus) -- which I understand to be
more mental/intellectual.
Under stress these decompensate into the following 6 (called "Phenotypes"):
"Stasis Neurosis" (Sepia/ Staphysagria/ Lachesis) -- "blockage of energy from the
suppressive impingement of the environment", censure from others, etc., and,
"Psycho-Neurosis" (Arsenicum/ Natrum muriaticum/ Nux vomica) -- Reich's
psychoneurosis: "blockage of energy stemming from internal prohibitions, termed
Sulphur Family:
Sulphur: (From the element Sulphur) Strong, hot, fiery personality, generous in
giving out energies and money. When stressed or ill may show selfaggrandizement, over-taxing his/her ability to give, become dirty, smelly,
disorganized. Would rather rip off a button than deal with a challenging buttonhole.
Lycopodium: (From Club Moss: protective cover for the earth; dried, burned in
science class to make a volcano.) High self-esteem, resilient, adaptable, can burn
brightly. When stressed or ill may become detached, distrustful of extremes
(intellectual or emotional), avoids confronting problems on deeper levels of
Calcarea carbonica: (From Oyster shell) A pearl, lustrous personality (Mozart,
Helen Keller), can be a very hard worker. Understands others, by nature a nurturer.
When stressed or ill may become isolated, defensive, obstinate, insecure, lethargic,
and inactive.
Silica Family:
Silica: (From Sand, quartz) Many facets, durable, holds to principles,
conscientious. When stressed or ill may lack animal warmth, cold hands and feet,
lasting exhaustion from mental exertion, hard, inflexible, critical of others and self.
Pulsatilla: (From the Wind Flower). Delightful personality, radiant, lovely in
moving with the winds of events. When stressed or ill may feel blown about,
changing mind, dependent on others for support. [May 2008: Has innate sense of
the value of human relationships and God's plan for human society. Fairness and
support are expectations, and lack of receiving these from society can be extremely
Phosphorus: (From metallic Phosphorus, which burns brightly) Radiates a
captivating energy, spontaneous and calls upon her/his strong psychic sensitivity
and extrasensory perception. When stressed or ill, they may lack sustained energy
to carry out their plans, and their many imagined goals may dissipate and be
Phenotypes: Sketches of the homeopathic personality under stress
Phenotypes: Following are negative aspects of personality presentations evident
under stress. These can be changed with treatment and brought back to their more
balanced Genotype that is one of the above basic six:
"Stasis Neurosis"
"Stasis Neurosis" -- "blockage of energy from the suppressive impingement of
the environment", censure from others., etc.

Sepia : (From the black ink of cuttlefish.) Overworked, exhausted, tolerates

dysfunctional family ("I've got to do well"). Hides emotions. Weepy.
Staphysagria: (From Stavesacre, a green plant.) Mental depression, hysteria,
hypochondriasis, sexual excess or prior sexual abuse.
[NOTE formerly they theoretically classed these symptoms as
being Graphites : (From graphite or black lead.) Depressed; anxious; sluggish
thinking; tearful, weeping; thoughts of death. However, this has clinicaly
shown to be Staphysagria]
Lachesis: (From venom of Bushmaster snake) Strong sex drive out of control if not
in committed relationship. Possessive. Addictive behavior.
"Psycho-Neurosis" -- Reich's psychoneurosis: "blockage of energy stemming
from internal prohibitions, termed repression".
Arsenicum : (From Arsenic oxide) Perfectionist. Overdoing things. A controlling
personality. Competitive. Pride. Strict regimentation (as in healthcare program,
athletics). Fears for safety, of family and self. Fatigue.
Natrum muriaticum; (From Table Salt) Sensitive, impressionable, sadness, weary
from life, resentful, bears grudges, difficulty expressing emotions, fears closed
spaces, does good works but fears is a failure; intense hopes and dreams.
Nux vomica : (From the "Poison Nut") "Type A" personality; driven; sensitive;
feels everything strongly; capable of hard work and diligence; receptive and
-------------Treating Rape, Abuse, Violation
Note on treating some emotional states that may be encountered when working
with people in a sexual healing context: These are major assaults on a person's
Being, often moving deep into subconscious areas, tissue memories are involved.
These can be called Disease and can be treated. Multiple approaches have been
pointed to as helping, and I would list Pelvic-Heart Integration, EMDR (Eye
Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),
Homeopathy and others that I would add to the list if contacted by practitioners.
There is hope. There is power available to cast out the unwanted violating energies,
and I am convinced one can consider the process as one of scientific administration
of energy principles, or consider it a kind of spiritual warfare if they view things in
those terms.
Some key disturbances/Diseases that can result from these assaults are
the Chronic Diseases. These can create devastating mental and emotional
situations that can be treated effectively with homeopathy.
Treatment needs to be done in the sequence determined by the principles of the
Complete Medical System described on the websites:,
and [See also this site's Homeopathy main page]
Emotional shock--loss: Natrum muriaticum. (However, if the emotion is still very
much in the present, Ignatia is more appropriate.)
Emotional shock--suppressed anger, guilt, humiliation, indignation:
Emotional shock--fear: Poppy.
Emotional Trauma Remedy: is simply NSOL plus Nux vomica [a combination
used by the Heilkunst practitioners].
Jealousy: Lachesis (or other indicated remedy)
Violation, Rape--Staphysagria

As an answer to the question "What is enlightenment?" Kant reasoned: Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity.
Immaturity is the inability to use one's understanding without guidance from another. This immaturity is self-imposed when its cause lies not in
lack of understanding, but in lack of resolve and courage to use it without guidance from another. Sapere Aude! "Have courage to use your own
understanding!" - that is the motto of enlightenment.

Lachesis_ Prominent antisycotic.

Energy especially the sexual energy is the essence of Lachesis.
Lachesis is the spirit of snake, so features of snakes are characteristics of Lachesis. As we know snake has its unique position in
religious literature, so obviously we find Lachesis as a first grade medicine in religiousness, we also heard that snake used to take
revenge; no doubt Lachesis is a most revengeful. Snake poison has marked action on heart and circulation; exactly similarly Lachesis
has affection about heart and circulation. There are too many things where we can compare properties of snakes with Lachesis. There
are other snakes medicines with their individuality but Lachesis is typical one which represents the snakes.
I saw many Lachesis women who look younger than her age. A typical charm and brightness is there in the eyes of Lachesis which
appeal sexually; look of eyes of the famous Indian actress Bipasa Basu is one of examples. BLOCKED ENERGY like suppression of
sexual desire or suppression of menses is the problematic for Lachesis. Lachesis feel relax when this blocked energy get outlet;
following rubrics represent the same thing:
General-sexual desire-suppression of sexual desire-agg...
Lachesis is the remedy of widows, divorced women, or unmarried women; I remember here well known Indian women politician
Mayawati who is unmarried but having high potential of performance in politics.
We never forget Lachesis as a one of leaders in treatment of complaints of menopause.
Complaints after contraceptive pills or complaints after analgesics are one more clues of Lachesis.
Lachesis cannot be completed without bleeding tendency (hemorrhagic diathesis) through epistaxis, bleeding piles, purpura etc. You
should have a doubt of Lachesis prescription if patient had never history of bleeding.
Patient is hot, desire fanning.
Lachesis is moderate thirsty, thirst of Lachesis is specified by following rubric:
Stomach-thirst-small quantities, for-often;and
Desire for meat, milk.
Sleep position on either side or on abdomen.
Dreams of snakes, temples, death, etc.
Menses are late or early, scanty or copious; usually dark or blackish.
Hemorrhoids where patient has amelioration of pains after bleeding from piles.
Lachesis Cure prolapsed intervertebral disc if indicated. [Homeopathic Clinical Literature-Case Record, face book]
Indicated in idiopathic thrombocytopenia.[Homeopathic Clinical Literature-Case Record, face book]
Some of characteristic symptoms of Lachesis:
Jealousy, Suspicious, Aggression, Malicious, Loquacious, Excitement.
Religious, Lascivious, Violent [Can be compared with Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, and Stramonium.
Fear of snake[Sulphur,Pulsatilla]
Left sided complaints or complaints from left to right side [opposite to Lycopodium] but exceptionally indicated in right sided sciatica.
Intolerance to tight clothing[Lycopodium, Sulphur]
Before, during or after sleep aggravation.
Morning, on waking amelioration.
Lachesis and Lycopodium are complementary to each other.