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JULY 10, 2014

The class conducted their first meeting for the seminar at 4th floor after their exams. It
was preside by class president Mr. Rodner Matienzo. He delegates few of his
classmates to lead every committee. And start to encourage every student to propose
different topics for the seminar.
Meeting outcome:

Disaster preparedness
HIV awareness
Nursing laws

Target audience: 3rd and 4th year High school from Canossa College and other schools
Tentative date of seminar: August 23, 2014 or August 30, 2014 (9:00am 12:00 nn)
Location: Auditorium
Leaders of Committees and their duties and responsibilities:

Overall in charge: Rodner Matienzo

Physical arrangement committee: Danica Diana
Floor plan
Stage design
Tarpaulin layout
Program Committee: John Amiel Briones
Program flow
Care of speaker and tokens: Sr. Elizabeth Asuncion
Needs of the speaker upon arrival and after
Finance Committee: Luzelle Lanorio
Class budget
all financial transaction
Promotion Committee: Ryan Jay Alcantra
Letter of invitation
Confirmation of the participants
Certificates of the participant and speaker: Cara Dale Alcantara
Layout and printing of the certificates

Food Committee: Gladys Maghirang

Snack plan
Food of the speaker and participants
Usher and usherettes Committee: Ralph Medina
Assisting the speaker and participants
General Directions
Technical Committee: Kerby Sazon
Multimedia Projector
Sounds system
Registration Committee: Rachel Emralino
Registration of the participants and facilitator
Documentation Committee: Romeo Jay Awayan
Photo coverage of the preparation and post
Written documentation

After 30mins, leaders of each committee had given a chance to choose who will be their
members. After that they assign the task for the member. Students shared the outcome
of their discussion to the whole class. They proposed the Canossa main auditorium for
the venue, Komidor for food services, asked 1 week for the certificate and tokens and
draft of the letter of invitation must be settled, and who will have an intermission
number. It was decided in the meeting that the contribution is P300.00 each. And every
week the leaders should have meetings for progress of the plans
JULY 16, 2014
Sr. Ma. Milagros T. Reyes, Fdcc the Dean, College of Nursing suggested to change the
topic because the training regarding Disaster preparedness will have a conflict in time
frame with regards to activities. And also High school student have an activity in
September 5, 2014
JULY 18, 2014
The Class president Mr. Rodner Matienzo informed the whole class regarding the
changes. Instead of Disaster preparedness the whole class chose awareness and
prevention of HIV/AIDS as a theme for seminar. And decide that rather than 3rd and 4th
year High school from Canossa College, the 3rd and 4th year College students from
Canossa College and different schools would be the participants.

JULY 23, 2014

The Class president informed Sr. Ma. Milagros T. Reyes, Fdcc the Dean, College of
Nursing and Ms. Kathleen Corcolon, RN, MAN the Clinical Coordinator about the
outcome of the meeting for the seminar. And Sr. Mila proposed that there should have 2
sessions in seminar.
JULY 24, 2014 - AUGUST 5, 2014
The whole class was determined doing their designated task for the seminar.
AUGUST 6, 2014
Physical arrangement, programme, promotion committee gave their proposal for
AUGUST 7, 2014
Leaders proposed that the contributions from P300.00 each become P 600.00 each due
to expenses in stage design, budget for food and budget for dissemination of
AUGUST 8, 2014
Sr. Elizabeth Asuncion was assigned to send email for invitation of speaker.


Canossa College
College of Nursing
San Pablo City

August 8, 2014

Dearest Ms. Ivy,

Greetings of Peace!
The Fourth Year Nursing students of Canossa College are organizing a seminar as part of their
requirement in the LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT. We have chosen to conduct a HIV
awareness seminar to young people on September 5, 2014 (Friday) in Canossa College
Auditorium, San Pablo City. Our target participants are 3rd year and 4th year College students
from public and private schools. We are estimating our participants into 100 participants. We
would like to invite a distinguished speaker from your group talk and activity. (maximum of 3
hours) about this topic. We are also open for the possibility that you may have already a
program in line with this topic: HIV AWARENESS SEMINAR.
We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much and thank you for your zeal and
generosity in assisting the public in increasing our awareness about this problem of HIV and
AIDS. May God bless you and your team abundantly.

Respectfully yours,

Sr. Elizabeth C. Asuncion, FdCC

Canossian Sister
Invitation Committee

AUGUST 12, 2014

Love yourself confirms for HIV awareness talk

AUGUST 13, 2014

Ms Ivy replies to sr. Elizabeth Asuncion regarding confirmation for the speakers and
volunteers who can help the activity and asked some details for the seminar.

Cara Dale Alcantara passed copies of the Certificates for participant and speaker
and John Amiel Briones gave final flow of programme

AUGUST 14, 2014

Sr. Elizabeth Asuncion Replied regarding the flow of the seminar.

The Audio Visual Room was reserved for the event.

AUGUST 15 20, 2014

Mr.Ryan Jay Alcantra, Mr. Mark Christian Alimon and Ms. Junnell Rizalyn Nadurata were
giving invitation for the seminar in different schools, faculty member, Canossian sister and
disseminate information in school premises.

SEPTEMBER 1 & 2, 2014

Ms. Gladyz Maghirang asked the permission to reserve the upper canteen for lunch
break of guest speaker. Mr.Kerby Sazon coordinates Mr.Aquino regarding to LCD
projector, tables and microphone that will be going to use for the seminar
Whole class had collaborated with each other to have a gorgeous and ingenious stage.
They had rehearsal as preparation for the performance to ensure that all details of the
subsequent parts were adequately prepared and coordinated.
The whole class attended on time 8:00 am at the Audio Visual Room wearing their
formal attires with their smiles. Registration was hastily set-up and the participants
gradually arrived. Mr. Rodenier Olete and Mrs. Liza Guevarra arrived around 8:30 and
were escorted by Sr. Elizabeth Asuncion. These are the following task of the students in
Overall in charge:
Rodner Matienzo
Promotion Committee:
Ryan Jay Alcantra
Junnell Rizalyn Nadurata
Mark Christian Alimon
Rachel Emralino
Sharmine Dalwampu

Care of speaker and token:

Sr Elizabeth Asuncion,Fdcc
Rose Anne Magaling
Karen Cariaga

Usher and usherettes:

Ralph Arvin Medina
Jenelle Tanio
Marra Jane Reyes
Karen Condino

Masters of the ceremonies:

John Amiel Briones
Rosali Manalili
Angeline Bacsa

Kerby Sazon
Randell Dennis Esler

Food Committee:
Gladys Maghirang
Carmelli Tarala
Iana Shaira Sumiran

Mary Ann Manese

Physical Arrangements:
Danica Diana
Cara Dale Alcantra
Jamaica Llagas
Geomel Casingal

Finance committee:
Luzelle Lanorio

Romeo Jay Awayan
Kathleen Ann Rubio

As expected, Ms Liza Guevarra,RN and Mr.Rodeneir Olete,RN delivered a very

informative and interactive message which the audiences inspired and more
knowledgeable about the significant of awareness, the occurrence and prevention of

During the planning of the seminar, the class encountered cumbersome and hassles
that usually deferred the seminar like logistical problem, financial problem,
misunderstandings, and some obstinate members, etc. But then, the class shown its
cohesiveness, accommodation and coordination, not only because it is requirement and
wanted a favourable grades but it is everyone desire to share their knowledge not only
on preventing HIV/AIDS but also to motivate and inspire other people to be health
promoter even though they are not in the medical field. Being future nurses, we should
engage ourselves in promoting health, awareness and prevention regarding to such
disease not only for ourselves but to the community that we have.
Hindsight through all of this, the class realized that being a leader is a big responsible,
but then if you aim what is right and what is good it is possible that the situation will be
smooth according to what you want. According to Wikipedia, Leadership has been
described as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid
and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. Without this we cannot
come up of having seminar at all.
In the long run, the class believes that the whole seminar was indeed success, and we
couldnt do this without the help of Sr. Ma. Milagros T. Reyes, Fdcc the Dean, College
of Nursing and Ms. Kathleen Corcolon, RN, MAN our leadership and management
professor,to Mr. Rodeneir Olete,RNand Ms.Liza Guevarra,Rn our guest speaker, and in
partnership to love yourself, to those people who help us coordinating other people and
most of all to our God who gave the ideas, decision, gift of creativeness, guide and help
us all through the event.
The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the
determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves
to the task at hand.
-Vince Lombardi
Action is the foundational key to all success.
-Pablo Picasso

The Preparation


Closing Remarks
Ms. Rachel Emralino had a brief
speech regarding lesson of what
weve learned about HIV/AIDS
prevention and acknowledging the
person who participate and support
the seminar.

Closing Prayer
Ms. Angeline Bacsa was thankful
and giving all the glory and honour
to God for having a successful event

Canossa Hymn
Ms.Gladys Maghirang sang Canossa
Hymn after closing prayer

This activity identifies the
participants knowledge about
identifying risk assessment of the
no risk, low risk and high risk
activity of people with possible of
having HIV.

Giving of Certificate of Appreciation

Mr Rodenie Olete,RN and Ms. Liza Guevarra,RN received Certificate of
Appreciation for imparting their valuable insight and inspiration to all
participants during the seminar.

Ms. Liza Guevarra, RN

She was born on February 11, 1972. She is
founding member of love yourself in 2011.
She is heading as nurse practitioner. She is
certified DOH HIV Peer educator,
counsellor of voluntary HIV counselling
and testing and train or for HIV counselling
and testing

Mr. Rodenie Olete, RN

Born on February 15, from Iloilo City,
Philippines, Studied nursing at Iloilo Doctors
College Graduated in 2007 and became
registered nurse and love yourself advocate .
He is currently residing in Manila and also a
freelance lecturer.

Question and Answer

Our guest speaker had a Q&A in the participants to measure the knowledge,
perception and understanding about HIV.

BSN IV Intermission
number during break
BSN-IV dancers and Mr Denise Esler and his
band had graceful, energetic and amusing
performance which the participant enjoyed.

Introduction of the
Ms Danica Diana was grateful and
enthusiastically introduces the beloved guest

The speakers
They are registered nurses
who are dedicated in helping
the community in enhancing
the awareness and
participation in prevention of

Love Your Self

Love yourself is a community of volunteers that aims to reach out
others to propagate ideas, attitude, and practices that encourage loving
oneselfto DARE to be oneself, to CARE for oneself and to SHARE
oneself as a way to multiplying joy.

15 minute-Break
It was an informative and intelligent
message from our speaker about how
does HIV occur and transmit, what are
does activity that people may be at risk
on HIV, what was the difference between
sex, gender and sexuality. And more
preventive measure to avoid having HIV.

The president of BSN- V Mr.Rodner
Matienzo had a pleasant greeting and
informative speech for those who
participates in the seminar

This game determines the
perception of the
participants regarding
HIV/AIDS. And they were
actively participates in

Master of Ceremony
Ms Rosali Manalili and Mr John Amiel
Briones were vivacious and diligent in
the whole flow of the seminar.

Sr Elizabeth Asuncion asked the guidance
of our Lord for the flow of the program
and asked for wisdom and knowledge
about the significant of awareness and
prevention of HIV/AIDS

National Anthem

During Seminar

A total of 73 guests from faculty, Canossian sisters,
students from different departments, and Registered
Nurses attended the seminar

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