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Marian College Kuttikkanam

CBCSS First Semester Model Examinations Nov 2014

Part I English: Communication Skills in English
(for BCom, BBA, BCA, BSW and BA Economics)
Time: Three Hours

Marks: 80
Part A

Answer all the questions from this part in a word, phrase or sentence. Each question
carries one mark.
1. Is English a phonetic language?
2. Which sound is common to the words given below?
satin, flat, rapid, apple
3. Which letter is silent in the word comb?
4. Which syllable is stressed in the word engineer?
5. How many syllables are stressed in the word examination?
6. Mark the tone in the following sentence:
The train left the station late.
7. One of the best strategies that can be used to start a conversation with known or
unknown individuals is IRSF. Expand IRSF.
8. Which among the following is the most polite request?
a) Would you mind closing the window? b) Close the window.
c) Close the window; will you?

d) Cant you close the window?

9. Group discussions may be of two types. What are they?

10. Choose the phrase that expresses strong disagreement:
a) I will not allow this. b) Im not sure.
c) I dont think I can.

d) I dont know.


Part B
Answer any eight questions from this part in a sentence or two. Each question carries two

11. What is meant by telephone etiquette?

12. What do you mean by factual description?
13. What details does your description of a place usually include?
14. Give, at least, four expressions that you can use while interrupting a conversation.
15. What are the stages involved in making a short formal speech?
16. What is meant by word stress?
17. What are the three typical functions of the falling tone?
18. What are the major differences between British and American varieties of
19. Indicate the stressed syllable in the following words by placing the stress mark.
elec tri ci ty

ac tive

Oc to ber

to mor row

20. Transcribe the following words using phonemic symbols.



21. What is meant by contracted forms? Give two examples.

22. What is scanning?

Part C

Answer any six questions from this part in about 100 words. Each question carries four

23. What is sentence stress? Explain with examples.

24. How does ones mother tongue influence the way s/he speaks English? Suggest some
remedies to rectify speech defects due to the influence of the mother tongue.
25. Differentiate between listening and hearing? What are the qualities of an active

26 You are the Secretary of the College Union. Prepare a welcome speech for the College
Day celebrations.
27. Describe to your friend the qualities of any one of your teachers.
28. Write a note on the sign post devices used by writers.
29. What are the features of formal speech?
30. Write a note on the dos and donts in a group discussion.
31. You are arranging a birthday party. Prepare a telephone conversation with a friend
whom you want to invite to the same.

Part D
Answer any two questions from this part in about 250 words. Each question carries 15

32. Write an essay on the roles and functions of the participants in a group discussion.
33. What is reading? What are the different strategies adopted by readers? Explain each.
34. Describe a local festival in your home town.
35. You have scheduled a business trip to Delhi next week. You want to book a room in a
hotel there, for a week. Your official work will be over in five days. After that, you want to
visit the tourist destinations in Delhi and around. You want to know whether the hotel,
where you are booking accommodation, is offering any sight-seeing package, and, if yes, its
details. Write the telephone conversation between you and the hotel receptionist.