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Female audition monologue for Orpheus

Could she live in a marriage twenty years with that man if she knew hed burned her father
up in his wine garden?
She could she could live with him in hate. People can live together in hate for a long time.
Notice their passion for money. Ive always noticed when couples dont love each other they
develop a passion for money. Havent you seen that happen? Of course you have. Now
theres not many couples that stay devoted for ever. Why, some git so they barely tolerate
each others existence. Isnt that true?
But they hang on together. Year after year accumulating property and money, building up
wealth and respect and position in the towns they live in and the counties and cities and
churches they go to, belonging to the clubs and so on and so forth and not a soul knowin
they have to wash their hands after touching something the other one just put down! Haha.
Then one of them gits cancer or has a stroke or something The other one hauls in the