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Cheaper and quicker to recruit

Limits the number of potential


People already familiar with the

business and how it operates

No new ideas can be introduced from

outside the business

Provides opportunities for promotion

with in the business can be motivating

May cause resentment amongst

candidates not appointed

Business already knows the strengths

and weaknesses of candidates

Creates another vacancy which needs

to be filled

Outside people bring in new ideas

Longer process

Larger pool of workers from which to

find the best candidate

More expensive process due to

advertisements and interviews

People have a wider range of


Selection process may not be

effective enough to reveal the best

Methods of recruitment
2.2 Sources of recruitment
Recruitment, assessment and selection are the three key steps for hiring employees. Of these,
recruitment and selection are typically the most challenging for employers. The keys to finding
the right candidates at the right time and hiring them are being strategic and thinking about the
organization's future.( Williams, 2012)
Recruitment followed by selection are vital stages in the formation of the expectations that
form the psychological contract between employer and employees. (J. Bratton, J. Gold, 2007)
The main purpose of the recruitment methods is attracting the applicants

In human resources' jargon, recruiting or advertising for new employees is sometimes referred to
as "sourcing," meaning using different sources to find said employee candidates. Once a number
of candidates are found, you must qualify each and determine if they are a good fit. (O.
Richason IV, 2012)

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2.2.1 Internal sources of recruitment

Internal sources of recruitment refer to obtaining people for job from inside the company. There
are different methods of internal recruitment:
1. Promotion
Companies can give promotion to existing employees. This method of recruitment saves a lot of
time, money and efforts because the company does not have to train the existing employee. Since
the employee has already worked with the company. He is familiar with the working culture and
working style. It is a method of encouraging efficient workers.

Departmental examination
This method is used for selecting employees and promoting them to a higher position.
Usually and advertisment is put up on the news board of the company. Employees who
are interested and have the necessary requirements must send their applications to the
human resources department and then they must take an exam or a test according to the
position they are applying for. Candidates which pass the tests are then given the job.
This method ensurs impartiality.

The idea of this method is to select talented personnel from other branches of the company
and transfer them in the branches where there is a shortage of employees.

Some companies may call back personnel who already retired from the organization. This is
a temporary method and it reduces recruitment and selection costs.

Employee recommendation
Employees are asked to recommend people for jobs. Because the current employee knows
the working conditions as well as the requirements needed for the job he can recommend the
most suitable person for the job.

2.2.2 External sources of recruitment

1. Employment agencies
Companies can make a contract with an employment agency that searches, interviews and
obtains the required number of people requested by the company.

2. Campus recruitment
This method is used when companies want fresh and talented people that can come up with new
ideas and that are eager to work. Companies visit colleges, universities, technical institutions,
make a presentation about the company and the vacant positions and then they invite people to
apply. The candidates are then called and have to participate and pass a series of tests selection
and interviews before getting the job.
3. News paper advertisement
This is one of the oldest and most known method of recruitment. Job advertisements are
published in well known news papers. The details of the job are mentioned, as well as the salary
in some cases. Possible candidates are given a contact address, e-mail or telephone number in
order to get more information, to send applications and to schedule an interview. This is one of
the most popular methods of recruitment because it reaches many people and it doesnt require
too much money.
4. Internet advertisement
The rising popularity of the internet (social media, online news papers, forums, etc.) among
people as well as companies has lead to a new trend in recruitment: internet advertisements.
Companies can post on specialized web sites, (,, etc.) on social media sites
(, or on online news paper editions. Applicants can send their C.Vs
with just one click and if they meet the requirements companies call them and schedule an
interview. This method is rising in popularity because more and more people prefer to use the