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Reading is the greatest challenge of todays generation.

A lot of pupils fail to learn how to learn

amidst the current developments in technology that we are having. These technologies murder
the art of literature and reading. Words, poetry and the art of communicating are now being
abused. Pupils forget correct spelling, syntax, and grammar because of texting, chatting, and
using other short messaging systems.
Modern technology should be used as an aid in learning how to read, but the contrary is
happening. Modern technology murders the art of reading. Instead of learning the correct use of
language and communication, a lot of us learn how to miscommunicate. People now forget how
to write the simplest forms and types of letters because of chatting. Formal language now is
nothing but a myth, a challenge, and a burden.
Teachers are facing the greatest challenge of the century the challenge of saving the art of
literacy and communication. We, the teachers of modern day pupils, shall endeavor to face the
crisis of literacy and learning. We shall rekindle the love and art for reading that is now being
forgotten because of mass media. I am not telling that mass media is bad. Mass media per se is
no at all bad. However, we shall learn how to use it properly and to our advantage.
Our society and our world shall be in great doom if we fail to win this challenge. Reading and
literacy should not be an insurmountable challenge to our pupils. We are duty and oath bound to
help them surmount and do a great leap to defeat the challenge of illiteracy.
Our world shall return to the basics. Why not encourage pupils to learn writing friendly letters
instead of learning to text; learning how to read novels rather than learning how to watch on
youtube channels. It is only in appreciating the classic art of reading that we can face the modern
challenge of progression.
In sum, teachers shall instill the love to texts; by that I mean not text messages but texts as
written scholarly materials as aid in the intellectual and moral growth of not just our own pupils
but of the entire society as well.
Reading is fun. It shall never become a burden, boring, and frightening experience.
The Santiago Elementary School conducted the Monthly Reading Activities last November 17,

2014 National Reading Month Celebration




Reading Activities

Elementary I caught you reading

No. of School
Children and
Names/Position of
Title of Reading
People Involved
Grave VI
The Little Mermaid

Snow White and the

Seven Dwarfs
Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty
101 Dalmatians

Three Little Pigs




Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region III Central Luzon
Schools Division of Tarlac Province
Gerona West District
Santiago, Gerona, Tarlac

2014 National Reading Month

Accomplishment Report

Prepared by:

Mary R. Sumibcay
Teacher I

Eduardo A. Aquino
Principal I

Kindergartens enjoy reading storybooks

Grade Six pupils read story books together