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Law no.

The law on the protection of intellectual property rights no. 82/2002, was
published in the Egyptian Gazette no. 22 bis in June 2, 2002. The executive
regulation no. 1366/2003 was published in August 2003.
A patent shall be granted to any industrially applicable invention, which is new,
involves an inventive step, whether connected with new industrial products,
new industrial processes, or a new application of known industrial processes.
The patent is also granted, independently, for any modification, improvement
or addition to a previously patented invention, which meets the criteria of
being new, inventive and industrially applicable.
Scope of protection
The protection period is 20 years as of the date of filing the application in
Layout Designs of Integrated circuits
The "Integrated Circuit" means a product, in its final form or an intermediate
form, in which the elements, at least one of which is an active element, and
some or all of the interconnections are integrally formed on a piece of isolating
material and which is intended to perform a specific electronic function.
Scope of protection
The protection period is ten years from the date when the application
Undisclosed information
Undisclosed information shall be protected when they meet the following
1. Information which is confidential.

2. Information that has commercial value because it is confidential.

3. Information that depends on the effective measures taken by the
person lawfully in control of it, to keep it confidential.
Scope of protection
The competent authorities who receive such information shall protect it until it
is no longer confidential, or for a period not exceeding five years, whichever
comes first.
Marks Trade names and Geographical Indications
A trademark is any design distinguishing goods, whether products or services,
and include in particular names represented in a distinctive manner,
signatures, words, letters, numerals, designs, symbols
Geographical indications:
geographical indications shall be used to indicate the place of origin of such
goods in a district or part in a country member in the World Trade
Organization or a country according Egypt reciprocity.
Scope of protection
The period of protection conferred by the registration of the mark is ten years
renewable for an identical period or periods upon request of its owner.
Industrial Designs
An industrial design is any composition of lines or any three-dimensional form
whether or not associated with colors provided such composition or forms
gives a special appearance of novelty and is industrially applicable.
Scope of protection
The protection conferred by the registration of an industrial design shall be for
a period of ten years as from the date of filing the registration application in
Egypt. The protection shall be extended for a further period of five years, when

the owner of the industrial design applies for renewal within the last year of
the protection period.
Copyright and related rights
1. Protection is conferred to authors of literary and artistic works,
and particularly:
2. Books, articles, bulletins and any other written works
3. Computer programs
4. Lectures, speeches and any other oral works when recorded
5. Musical works with or without words
6. Audiovisual works
7. Photographic and similar works
8. Illustrations, maps, sketches and three-dimensional works relating
to geography, topography or architectural designs
Protection shall not cover mere ideas, procedures, systems, operational
methods, concepts, principals, discoveries and data even when expressed,
described, illustrated or included in a work.
Scope of protection
The author, and his universal successor, shall have the exclusive right to
authorize or to prevent any form of exploitation for his work, particularly
through reproduction, broadcasting, re-broadcasting, public performance,
public communication, translation, adaptation, rental, lending or making the
work available to the public in any manner, including through computers,
internet, information networks, communication networks and other mean.
The author and his successor shall also have the right to control any disposal of
the original copy of the work, and shall consequently be entitled to a certain
percentage of not more than 10% from the proceedings resulting from every
disposal of that copy.
Plant Varieties
Law 82/2002 grants protection to plant varieties, derived inside or outside
Egypt, whether developed through biological or non-biological means, when
registered in the special register of protected plant varieties.

Scope of protection
The period of protection is 25 years for trees and vines and 20 years for other
crops. The term of protection shall run from the date of the grant.