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Organizing the food service establishment is arranging its human and material resources in such a manner as to accomplish the work
to be done and realize the objectives of the establishment .
I.Background Information
A.Basic Requirements of a Good Organization
1. There must be a division of labor to avoid duplication of work.
2. There should be a coordinating authority plan, coordinate, and control the functions and activities of the establishment.
3. Relationship among members of the organization must be established.

B.Principles of Good Organization

1.Principle of departmentation or division of labor
-This refers to the particular grouping of functions or activities.
2.Principle of unity of command
- This principle establishes a definite line of authority to avoid conflicts. Every worker has only one direct boss.
3. Principle of delegation of authority and responsibility
- No man possess all the knowledge, skills,time, and effort to do all the work
4.Principle of span of control
- This refers to the number of subordinates under the supervision of a head or supervisor.
5.Principle og homogenous assignment
- This means that workers performing similar or related functions should be grouped together

C. Organization chart
- Is a diagram illustrating the important part of the organization structure. It shows the relationship of different positions in the


Line type
-This is characterized by the superior-subordinates relationship. The supervisor has direct command over the subordinates.
Line and staff
-This is an organization consisting of two major divisions.
Functional organization
-This organization emphasizes the functions or activities in each unit. In this set-up the workers report to several supervisors,the
members depending on the nature of his work.

II. Organizing the Food Service Establishment

A.Factors to consider in organizing a food service establishment
1.The objectives of the establishment- Any organization must have a purpose for which it exists.The objectives provides the
direction,where it is going,how it will go there, and what would be needed to go there.
2.Functions of the establishment- From the objective will evolve the specific functions of the establishment. This functions must
be well coordinated and unified as to allowed the smooth operations of the establishment.
3.Setting of the establishment- Accesibility is a primary concern of all types of business.This means that the establishment can be
reached by the patrons or customers.

4.Size of the establishment- How big should the establishment be means how much space is available.
5.Menu offered by the establishment- Different positions in the organization are created to perform the functions of the
6.Type of patrons- Organizations of food service establishment is also affected by the type of customers to whom the
establishment is offering its service.
B.Organizational structure of the food service establishment.
-The organizational structure refers to the arrangement of the different parts or units which becomes the framework by which
the activities of the food service establishment are performed.
C. Guidelines in Organizing Food Service establishment.
1. Organize around the main function of the establishment- Functions such as purchasing, menu planning, preparing, cooking,
serving, and the like should have a respective place in the organizational structure.
2. Keep the organization as simple as possible Do not create unnecessary positions which may complicate operation.
3. Every person holding a position should know his or her responsibility, authority and accountability very clearly.- Studies on job
analysis reveal that most often employees do not clearly understand the nature and scope of there responsibility and duties.
4.Delegate some responsibilities with corresponding authority to the lowest level possible- Remember that if one has a
responsibility for a given job he must also have the corresponding authority to carry it out.
5. Follow the organizational pattern as strictly as possible- the organizational pattern should be maintained at all times.

6. Standardize the management procedure-In performing all the functions of the establishment it is good for a smooth and unified,
balanced operations to established procedures to be followed by every one concern.
D. Personnel Management Is an area of management concerned with human realtions.



Filling out of the application form- The form includes such as name, address, educational qualification, work experiences, health
status etc.


Interviewing- This person-to-person communication allows the entrepreneur to get an insight on the applicants personality.


Follow up references- references are important sources in knowing more about the applicant


Administering psychological tests- These are pencil & paper tests aimed at measuring the traits of the applicants.


Orientation of new employee- Once the applicant is hired based on the results of the interview & tests.


On the job training of the new employees- As they say it costs money to train but it costs more not to train


Food service manager- the manager is over all in charge.


The assistant manager- helps the manager in directing, controlling, and supervising personnel


Chief cook- must possess competence, skill, and adequate experiencing.


Assistant cook- the assistant cook helps the chief cook in prepairing & cooking.


Nutritionist/ dietician- the nutritionist plans the menu.


Counter girls or waitresses- take charge of receiving orders, delivery of the food on the table of the customers


Accountant- preparing the financial report of the establishment.


Cashier- sensitive position of handling the cash collected daily.


Other employees- the Dishwasher and the sanitations personned need not have high educational qualifications.

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