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:: Triangulations  
by Kathie Khaladkar

| F e b r ua ry / M a rc h 2 010
V o l u m e 13 Number 2

4 Passing Through new! Welcome our
2010 Designers
6 Bead Buzz featured projects of the Year
8 Contributors 30 Rivoli Renaissance Laura McCabe
12 The Challenge Aqua, bronze, and dark purple take center stage in  
this necklace’s highly patterned peyote-stitched rings,
new! 16 Stitch Pro Jean Campbell bezeled rivolis, and netted straps

20 Cool Stuff 34 Kaleidoscope Quilt Cuff Carole Ohl

Swirls of blues, purples, and rose blend harmoniously
21 Katie’s Finds Katie Hacker into geometric forms made with herringbone and  
peyote stitches
24 Custom Cool
38 Jeweled Links Nancy Cain
26 Simply Seeds This bracelet is geometry in motion—use tubular and  
Rachel Nelson-Smith flat peyote stitches and picots to stitch beaded rings,  
Stitch Index 92 Bead Biz Nanette Jordan
moving bugle-bead sliders, and a graceful toggle clasp
Brick stitch 26, 76 44 String Quartet Melanie Potter
Daisy chain 72 94 Techniques
A concerto of crystals—right-angle weave and netting  
Fringe 34, 52, 74 96 Bead Artist lend an elegant drape to this delicate amethyst and  
Herringbone stitch 34, 52, 74 smoky topaz necklace
Candice Wakumoto
Ladder stitch 16, 26, 74, 76
Netting 30, 44, 56, 72
Peyote stitch 16, 24, 30, 34, 38,

Project rating
52, 56, 64 Projects suited to those new to seed beading or to
Picot 38, 64 experienced beaders looking for a quick project
Right-angle weave 44, 48, Let our new three-level project
56, 64 rating system, found on the Designs for an intermediate beader, a beginner ready
new! opening page of each project, to expand his/her skills, or an advanced beader looking
Square stitch 64 for a project that won’t take weeks to complete
be your guide to deciding which
Stringing 52
projects to make first: Start here if you are up for a challenge or looking for a
Wireworking 60
detailed project that requires a larger time commitment

38 48 74 76

68 “I Like to Laugh” Jan Huling Expresses

Humor with Beads Tina Koyama
Playfulness and a sense of discovery are paramount in the work of bead
artist Jan Huling, who is known for her inventive bead-covered sculptures

projects :: Endless Circles Necklace 

by Arlene Baker

48 Medici Gate Hannah Benninger

Ingenious hinges between each panel allow for flexibility  
in this cubic- and flat-right-angle-weave bracelet with
Renaissance flair

52 Triangulations Kathie Khaladkar

This necklace is a study in geometry, with subtly  
metallic peyote-stitch beaded triangles and tubes as 
well as round bezeled rivolis

56 Lavender Lattice Hortense E. Thompson

Amethyst pressed-glass beads and violet crystals blossom   on the cover

on this bracelet, worked with right-angle weave, netting,
and peyote stitch

60 Endless Circles Necklace Arlene Baker

Wireworked circles of rose-colored fire-polished glass
:: Retro Ruffles Cuff by Rachel Nelson-Smith
rounds blend seamlessly to create an infinitely interesting

64 Metallic Ribbon Bracelet Venetia Perry

Wrap your wrist in a ribbon of right-angle weave, peyote, and
square stitches—cornerless brass cubes add texture and interest

72 XOXO Bracelet Callie Mitchell

You’ll fall in love with the daisy-chain variation in this double-
strand bracelet made of crystal pearl rounds and magatama drops

74 Ode on a Grecian Urn Jennifer VanBenschoten

Achieve timeless beauty with linked semicircles of herringbone and
ladder stitches in a soft color palette, embellished with fringe and
golden coins

76 Pendragon Cuff Lynn Davy

Use ladder and brick stitches with a mix of matte and metallic beads
to create ornamental edging reminiscent of a medieval castle

totally triangular
44 56

:: by Melinda Barta

web bonus!
Watch Katie
Hacker’s beading tips
on the Web at 30 72 64

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