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Belvan is owned by Bless group of companies, one of the most advanced and professional
engineering groups. Since its inception in 1989, the group evolved to encompass a diverse
spectrum of production capabilities. The groups production capability is divided into two core
divisions. Bless electronics (pvt) LMT and Bless engineering (pvt) Lmt.Bless electronics
provides the electronics appliances which include color televisions and DVD players. Bless
Engineering group manufactures the electric fans. Belvan has only one production head which
situated in Gujranwala. The company has 327 employees. Belvan has dealers and distributers
almost in all big cites in Pakistan.

Value chain
Value chain model provides by Michael porter. Value chain activities add the some values in the
product for the organization though which organization can increase their economical advantage.
Value chain model consist of two activities primary activities and support activities. Primary
activities consist of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, after
sales services. Primary activities directly relate to the actual creation, manufacturer, distribution,
sale of a product to the firms customer. Support activities consist of firm infrastructure
activities, procurement activities, human recourse activities, technology department and service
activities. The support activities which assist the primary activities.

Primary activities
Inbound logistics:

Inbounds logistics basically related with the process with receiving the raw material from the
supplier which handle the process and also maintain the inventory control. The Belvan import the
raw material from different countries for manufacturing e.g. from china, Korea, and European
countries. They have warehouse near Rahwali on g-t road for inventory. Mostly they keep the 3
month stock of raw material in inventory. Basically they keep this inventory for saving the time
and cost. Due to this inventory their production is running in smooth way.

The operation process is connecting with the production process. In operation process we use the
raw material and gave the shape to goods into final goods. In this process they are doing
production, assembling, and packaging of products. in operations they installed a assembly line
through which try assigned the jobs to their workers. They assigned the specific work to the
specific employees. Due to the assignment of work employee learning increases in their work

task and then they expert in their in task so their working efficiency also enhance and they done
their work with more effectively.
Outbound logistics
Thus activity includes the collection of orders from distributer, whole sellers and dealers. After
operations product has been manufactured and product is ready to distribute to wholesalers,
distributers and dealers. In this activity company order receive then transport and deliver those
products to their customers. Belvan head office takes the orders from their distributers and
dealers. Belvan has their own transport for the distribution of products. They have 3 to 5
distributers in every big city and they have dealers almost in every big city within country. As
they receive the order they load the products then transport that product and then deliver those
products to their distributers.
Marketing and sales
In this activity we advertise our product to inform the buyer and for the awareness about our
product. This activity tells the needs and requirement of customer. This activity identifies the
customer need and demand according to that we generate revenue or sales. We did advertising
and sales promotions for this activity for crating the awareness about our product. In this activity
marketing personal came after 6 month from different cities which manage the zone and in one
zone they cover the 3 to 5 cities. These marketing personal discuss the marketing activities in
their zone and the tell the position of their product in market and gave the new ideas about the
customer needs. Due to the electricity fall they identify the customer needs of charging fans. First
they made the only televisions but in this year they notify that customer now more demand LCD
rather than television so now they also produced the lcds due to the more demand of customer
After purchasing the product is delivering to the customer. Then after purchase of product if
they feel the any type of problem in product the company gave the service to their customer so
that customer should be loyal with company and did not feel bad about the product. Without the
service of product selling is incomplete. Belvan company also gave the after sell services to
their customer. E.g. in television and lcds picture tube they gave the warrantee of 1 year. In fans
they gave 1 year warranty of winding of fans after purchasing if their product working off.
Support activities

This activity consists of the various department and function of belvan like accounting,
financing, genral management. Belvan is Partnership Company. It has two CEOs Mr. Azhar is
CEO of Belvan electronics LMT and Mr. Amir ceo of Belvan engineering LMT. In Belvan both
departments have separate finance managers and accountants. These CEOs are the owner of the
company. Both CEO check the daily basis work of finance managers, sales manager, operation
manger and supervisor work. All the departments show their work to the Ceo before leave the
company. In their working if managers face any problem they discuss that problem with their
CEO. They have good culture with employees because they discuss their problems with their
CEO.CEOs control the culture system and structure of company. During the working hours CEO
also round in working place
Human recourse management
In this activity Belvan has not proper HR department. Finance manager recruit the employees.
They have good trained and experience staff. Both managers work in this company from various
years because they are satisfied with their job. They also appoint some senior for the training of
new employees so that due to training of new employees their turnover rate not increases. For the
employees motivation they also gave the bonuses, extra pay and incentives as per their
The raw materials which purchase by Belvan is picture tube, kit, sound system, cable and
antenna, remote control receiver electric steel sheets, alumanium, enamelled copper wire, ball
bearing, steel rod that are recourses for company.
The knowledge of new technology, the advancement of technological innovation and latest
machine also create value and support in achieving the organization goals and profits. Belvan has
latest molding machine for the fans. They also install their own server and they develop their
own accounting software.