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Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 4

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A Complete the sentences with the words and phrases from the box. Each word or phrase
can only be used once. There are four extra words and phrases.
close to tears
cry your eyes out
laugh out loud




a) I fell in love with him the first time I heard him speak. He had such a (1) _______ voice. It wasnt (2)
_______, just strong and powerful.
b) Her name is on everyones (3) _______ at the moment, but by next year theyll have forgotten her.
c) When she won the award she was so emotional that her voice was really (4) _______ and she was (5)
d) It wasnt that funny. You really didnt need to (6) _______.
e) Just (7) _______ his name to me. I promise I wont tell anyone.
f) I wouldnt believe a word hes saying. Hes lying through his (8) _______.
g) Shes got such a young sounding, (9) _______ voice and when she laughs its more like a (10)_______.
B Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.
(11) You really should be careful not to strain your mouth / voice / words.
(12) I roared / snapped / whined with laughter at his jokes.
(13) Your voice is really flat / gentle / hoarse. Have you been shouting?
(14) Try to keep your lips / mouth / teeth shut! I know he annoys you, but theres no point arguing.
(15) I wish youd stop booming / grunting / moaning about it. You cant change anything now, so you may
as well keep quiet.
(16) Im sorry I muttered / snapped / stuttered at you. I was just very tired.
(17) He was trembling / scaring / frightening with anger at what had happened.
C Complete the text with the words from the box. Each word can only be used once. There are three
extra words











As a singer my (18) _______ is really important to me and I have to take good care of it. Sometimes people
are taken by surprise at how (19) _______ my voice is when I speak. I guess its because I have such a
strong voice when I sing. I dont like to (20) _______ my voice for obvious reasons, but if I need to (21)
_______ I will. When I won my first singing contract I (22) _______ with joy, I was so happy. One reason
for this was that as a child I (23) _______ a lot. My mother was really worried so she took me to a (24)
_______ therapist and he helped me work on my voice. My mother also wanted me to be a singer. I didnt

Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 4 p1

think Id ever be any good, but I decided to give it my best (25) _______. Now of course my voice is what
has made me famous amazing really when you think of it.

D Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.
(26) He claimed _______ the answer.
a) he know

b) to know

c) knowing

(27) She accused _______ him cry.

a) me of making

b) me making

c) to make

(28) He apologized _______ what he had.

a) to say

b) for say

c) for saying

(29) John regretted _______ his mothers advice.

a) ignoring

b) ignore

c) to ignore

(30) Andy invited Lucy _______ to the concert with him.

a) going

b) to go

c) go

(31) She warned _______ my voice.

a) to rest

b) me resting

c) me to rest

(32) I stressed _______ his time.

a) that he should take

b) that he should to take

c) that he should taking

(33) He denied _______ at the children.

a) to shout

b) that he shout

c) shouting

E Complete the conversation with the modal verbs from the box. Each word can only be
used once.







Linda: Hi Joanne. Have you heard the news?

Joanne: No. What news is that?
Linda: Oh come on! You (34) _______ have heard. Its been in all the newspapers.
Joanne: Well, Ive been on holiday, so I (35) _______ get the newspapers.
Linda: Wow! Well you (36) _______ believe it when I tell you.
Joanne: So, dont keep me waiting. Tell me.
Linda Well, do you remember Maria from school?
Joanne: Yes, I think so. Was she Andys girlfriend?
Linda I dont know. She (37) _______ have been. Well, anyway, shes just released a record.
Joanne: You mean, as in singing?
Linda Yes.
Joanne: I (38) _______ believe it!
Linda Why not? When she was young she (39) _______ sing really well.

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Joanne: You (40) _______ well be right, but I still find it difficult to believe.
F Report the direct speech using the verb at the end of each line.
(41) You didnt tell me, he said.


(42) OK. Ill phone you tonight, she said.


(43) No, I wont help you, she said.


(44) You really mustnt shout so much, he said.


(45) It wasnt my fault, he said.


(2 points for each sentence)

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