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Key words- a visit or visitor, a car, transport, news received in person

The Rider is one of the cards that indicate something is happening or going to happen. Its movement is fast but not unexpectedly
sudden. Its about visitors, either expected or unexpected or short trips. You can expect news when you see the Rider. It may not be
life changing news but it news that will have a bearing on your current situation.
In combination
Rider/ Clover- a lucky visit
Rider/ Ship- a long visit or visit to somewhere outside your normal area
Rider/ House- someone coming to visit you
Rider/ Tree- someone coming to stay for a while
Rider/ Clouds- thinking about a visit
Rider/ Snake- an unexpected visit
Rider/ Coffin- an expected visit delayed
Rider/ Flowers- a very happy visit, someone you really want to see
Rider/ Scythe- a sudden visit, needing to leave immediately or someone showing up with no notice
Rider/ Whip- an unwelcome visit, visit that causes dramas
Rider/ Bird- someone bringing unwelcome news
Rider/ Child- a visit from or to a child, a very short visit
Rider/ Fox- a visit from or to someone untrustworthy
Rider/ Bear- an important visit
Rider/ Star- a hoped for visit
Rider/ Stork- an unusual visit, the sort of visit youll remember and talk about for a while
Rider/ Dog- a visit from or to a good friend
Rider/ Tower- a long planned visit
Rider/ Garden- a meeting in a public place, catching up with friends over coffee
Rider/ Mountain- a visit that has been or will be troublesome- a visit that takes a lot of effort
Rider/ Road- travel, a trip either for work or holiday- you can expected to be away for some time with this combo
Rider/ Mouse- a visit that costs you something- either actual money or pride (like a critical mother in law or someone who criticises)
Rider/ Heart- a visit from or to a lover, or an offer of love
Rider/ Ring- a regular visit, something that happens often, or a visit to or from a family member
Rider/ Book- a visitor youve never met (like a meter reader or something) or a visit to a place youve never been
Rider/ Letter- definitely news, important news, you are about to find out something you really need to know
Rider/ Man- a visit from a man
Rider/ Woman- a visit from a woman
Rider/ Lily- a visit to someone unwell, or to the doctor
Rider/ Sun- a very enjoyable visit
Rider/ Moon- a visit at night or overnight
Rider/ Key- a visit that provides the solution to something, or a visit youve been trying to get or do for ages
Rider/ Fish- when the Fish and the Rider face each other money is coming in, when they face apart its going out
Rider/ Anchor- someone coming to stay or going to stay with someone else
Rider/ Cross- a visit to more then one place or multiple visits
Rider + clover (2): good news, a lucky young man
Rider + ship (3): news about travel, a message from far away
Rider + house (4): a visitor to the home, news about a house
Rider + tree (5): health-related news
Rider + clouds (6): a confusing message
Rider + snake (7): news from a woman, difficult news
Rider + coffin (8): negative news, news about an ending, slow down
Rider + bouquet (9): an invitation is received, happy news
Rider + scythe (10): sudden news, news of an accident, news of a surgery
Rider + whip (11): mediation, news will bring quarrels
Rider + birds (12): gossip, news over the phone, many messages
Rider + child (13): birth announcement, message about a new start, a young boy
Rider + fox (14): false message, job news
Rider + bear (15): news from an official, financial news
Rider + stars (16): hope, inspiring message, a famous man
Rider + stork (17): news of change, news about moving
Rider + dog (18): news from a friend
Rider + tower (19): news from authorities, a lonely young man
Rider + garden (20): news about an event, guests, meeting new people
Rider + mountain (21): a delayed message, news about obstacles
Rider + crossroad (22): news about a decision, multiple offers
Rider + mice (23): a worrying message, a lost message
Rider + heart (24): love message, flirtation, a new love
Rider + ring (25): marriage proposal, new contract
Rider + book (26): secret news, news about studies, discovery
Rider + letter (27): documents, mail, packages

Rider + man (28): a new man, news from a man, an athletic man
Rider + woman (29): a new woman, news from a woman, an active woman
Rider + lily (30): news of rest, news from an older man
Rider + sun (31): news of success, news of achievement
Rider + moon (32): news about creativity, emotional news, a romantic young man
Rider + key (33): important news, news will surely come, news of success
Rider + fish (34): financial news, business news, a businessman
Rider + anchor (35): work-related news, reassuring news
Rider + cross (36): fateful news, worrying news
Keywords- luck
The Clover is a lovely card. It softens the negativity of other cards. Sometimes its about turning bad luck into something good. Its
influence is short but sweet, often indicating that its companion cards influence is fleeting.
In combination
Clover/ Ship- your ship has come in, things are about to improve
Clover/ House- luck at home
Clover/ Tree- long lasting luck, a lucky streak
Clover/ Clouds- negative thinking, seeing the worst in everything, can be depression
Clover/ Snake- keeping something lucky to yourself, luck because you kept something to yourself
Clover/ Coffin- delayed luck, or a delay for a very good reason
Clover/ Flowers- a win, luck that makes you happy
Clover/ Scythe- a lucky break
Clover/ Whip- an argument that clears the air, or an argument with no residual bad feelings, a heated discussion
Clover/ Bird- nervous excitement, something both hoped for and worried about
Clover/ Child- a little luck, luck for a child
Clover/ Fox- a lucky escape
Clover/ Bear- important luck, luck in an important matter
Clover/ Star- very good luck, luck that answers a wish
Clover/ Stork- a lucky event
Clover/ Dog- a lucky friend, or luck at finding a new friend
Clover/ Tower- luck from the past, past actions working out well in the present (ie; it was a good thing you )
Clover/ Garden- luck while out and about (like finding a parking spot somewhere crowded)
Clover/ Mountain- a challenge you can easily overcome, mixed luck- you win some you lose some
Clover/ Road- a lucky trip, a stroke of luck that changes things for you
Clover/ Mouse- small bills, finding a problem before it becomes too big
Clover/ Heart- lucky in love
Clover/ Ring- continuous good luck, luck of birth
Clover/ Book- luck you dont know about, something good happening that you are unaware of
Clover/ Letter- good news, news of a win or gain, news youve been hoping for
Clover/ Man- a lucky man
Clover/ Woman- a lucky woman
Clover/ Lily- good fortune at identifying a health issue, good health, if ill, it will only be for a short time
Clover/ Sun- happiness and optimism, great good fortune, good times
Clover/ Moon- a proposition that makes you happy, something you may not have expected, an invitation, having a really good night
Clover/ Key- success due to good luck, being in the right place at the right time
Clover/ Fish- being lucky with money, money arriving very soon
Clover/ Anchor- solid luck, the effects of the luck staying with you for a long time
Clover/ Cross- someone doing something nice for you without being asked, benevolent intervention, someone standing up for you
Clover + rider (1): good news, lucky athlete
Clover + ship (3): lucky trip
Clover + house (4): lucky family, prosperous home
Clover + tree (5): recovering from illness
Clover + clouds (6): luck is uncertain, procrastination, laziness
Clover + snake (7): opportunist, gambling woman, lucky woman
Clover + coffin (8): luck ends, risky situation
Clover + bouquet (9): positive outcome, happiness
Clover + scythe (10): sudden luck, lucky decision, taking a chance, calculated risk
Clover + whip (11): lucky action, athletic success, winner
Clover + birds (12): good discussions, happy phone call
Clover + child (13): happy child, happy new start
Clover + fox (14): professional gambler, job opportunity, luck is fleeting
Clover + bear (15): financial success, luck gambling
Clover + stars (16): good luck, positive synchronicity, success
Clover + stork (17): positive change, improvements, successful change
Clover + dog (18): positive friendship, help from a friend

Clover + tower (19): casino, luck with public authorities

Clover + garden (20): games, winnings, having fun at a social event
Clover + mountain (21): luck is blocked
Clover + crossroad (22): multiple offers, breakthrough, lucky decision
Clover + mice (23): luck is lost, gambling loss
Clover + heart (24): luck in love
Clover + ring (25): lucky contract, lucky relationship
Clover + book (26): studies go well, discovery
Clover + letter (27): positive news, lottery ticket
Clover + man (28): lucky man, optimistic
Clover + woman (29): lucky woman, optimistic
Clover + lily (30): business success, lucky retirement
Clover + sun (31): overnight success, a lot of luck
Clover + moon (32): romance, appreciation
Clover + key (33): success, a lot of luck
Clover + fish (34): business growth, financial increase, luck with money
Clover + anchor (35): luck at work, long-term prosperity
Clover + cross (36): positive ending, blessings
Keywords- business, financial affairs, travel, movement
The Ship has always been about business for me, be it your job or whatever it is you spend most of your time doing, whatever you
consider yourself to be. Its movement and travel with the right combination. Its a positive card that suggests things are happening
slowly but surely.
In combination
Ship/ House- moving house, moving on in general, can be working from home
Ship/ Tree- growth in your business, moving up the ladder
Ship/ Clouds- thinking about your business, instability or uncertainty about your business
Ship/ Snake- something isnt what it seems in business, double check your facts and figures, a hidden mistake, sometimes outright
Ship/ Coffin- nothing much is happening in business, a necessary lull
Ship/ Flowers- enjoying your job or business
Ship/ Scythe- a sudden turn in business, an unexpected development in your working life
Ship/ Whip- a period of difficultly at work, tension and wariness about business
Ship/ Bird- work gossip, word getting around rather fast, worry about work
Ship/ Child- a new job or promotion or role at work, a small change at work
Ship/ Fox- keeping to yourself at work, keeping your own counsel, not sharing an idea
Ship/ Bear- important work, a position of leadership, a boss or other person who has influence or control over your business
Ship/ Star- good work, a business wish granted, a job you like
Ship/ Stork- a trip you may choose not to return from, moving on altogether, leaving the past behind
Ship/ Dog- a workmate or colleague
Ship/ Tower- a job or business you have had for a long time, or returning to an old job or position, past work influencing you now
Ship/ Garden- a pleasure trip, can be combining business and pleasure
Ship/ Mountain- someone from overseas or very far away, communication with overseas/ far away, can be a trip to the mountains
Ship/ Road- travel, a holiday, taking time off
Ship/ Mouse- small annoying tasks that must be performed, can be someone undermining you at work
Ship/ Heart- a job or business you love, working for the love of it rather then the money, sometimes a love affair at work or working
with your lover
Ship/ Ring- a repetitive job or task, a task that you have to start again as soon as youve finished
Ship/ Book- a new job or business, a task youve never done before
Ship/ Letter- a work contract, the fine print, discussions regarding your business or work conditions
Ship/ Man/ Woman- a male or female boss
Ship/ Lily- a professional position or person like lawyer, doctor etc,
Ship/ Sun- good times at work, easy work, working during the day
Ship/ Moon- enjoying your job, working at night
Ship/ Key- work or business success, your greatest happiness coming from work at this time, achieving a long held goal
Ship/ Fish- financial gains, a well paying job, money earned
Ship/ Anchor- staying in the same place at work, lack of desire to move on or up, being content with what you have
Ship/ Cross- a job or business you were destined for, being noticed by others or higher up, other people having an influence on your
Ship + rider (1): message from far away, news about a trip
Ship + clover (2): lucky trip, gambling trip
Ship + house (4): trip back home, boat house, emigration/immigration
Ship + tree (5): long journey, sea sickness
Ship + clouds (6): uncertain journey

Ship + snake (7): trip with a woman, problems with a trip

Ship + coffin (8): trip is canceled
Ship + bouquet (9): happy journey
Ship + scythe (10): sudden journey, accident
Ship + whip (11): troubled journey, a very active journey (e.g., off-road biking)
Ship + birds (12): discussions about a journey
Ship + child (13): new start on a journey, new start in business, foreign born child
Ship + fox (14): business trip, someone who works in the travel industry, deceitfulness in a trip
Ship + bear (15): foreign investment, money transfer, financial success in business
Ship + stars (16): dream vacation, promising journey
Ship + stork (17): change of residence, a trip brings change
Ship + dog (18): traveling with a friend, friend from another country
Ship + tower (19): traveling alone, government related travel, foreign government
Ship + garden (20): traveling to an event, foreign country, international trip
Ship + mountain (21): travel is delayed or postponed, a trip to the mountains
Ship + crossroad (22): two journeys, decision about a trip, changing planes/ships/trains
Ship + mice (23): stressful journey, mechanical problems, trip is canceled
Ship + heart (24): honeymoon, traveling with a love, romantic getaway
Ship + ring (25): honeymoon, overseas wedding, foreign business contract
Ship + book (26): educational journey, secret trip, passport
Ship + letter (27): news from far away, plane/train/ship ticket, information about a trip
Ship + man (28): foreigner, traveler, someone who works on a boat or in the travel industry
Ship + woman (29): foreigner, traveler, someone who works on a boat or in the travel industry
Ship + lily (30): older foreign man, senior cruise, a relaxing vacation, winter journey, sexual adventure
Ship + sun (31): summer vacation, desert or tropical location, successful trip, successful business deal
Ship + moon (32): travel at night, romantic trip
Ship + key (33): important trip, trip will definitely happen, business success
Ship + fish (34): fishing trip, money arriving, business partner
Ship + anchor (35): long travel, reaching your destination, cruise, work that involves boats or travel
Ship + cross (36): destined trip, pilgrimage
Keywords- the home, something stable, immediate family
Not surprisingly, the House is just that- your home, things that are close to you and your immediate family, those you share your
home with.
In combination
House/ Tree- a home you will be staying at for a long time, slow but steady improvement at home
House/ Clouds- wishing you were home, home sickness, can indicate agoraphobia at its most extreme though this is very rare
House/ Snake- something going on at home that you are unaware of, peace and quiet, sanctuary
House/ Coffin- boredom, stagnation in general, impatience
House/ Flowers- happiness at home, a home that gives you joy
House/ Scythe- something breaking at home, repairs needed, cutting your ties with family
House/ Whip- arguments with family, distress, power struggles at home
House/ Bird- unhappy at home, feeling miserable and sorry for yourself or someone at home affecting everyone else with their
House/ Child- a new home, your childhood home or town, your childhood in general, a house full of children
House/ Fox- a very private home, a bolt hole, hiding from others, staying at home because you want to
House/ Bear- an important or stately home, an official building of some sort
House/ Star- a lovely and welcoming home, your dream house
House/ Stork- your home is blessed, good luck and protection from the world at large
House/ Dog- a friends house
House/ Tower- an old house
House/ Garden- a public house, a party at home, a beautiful home with a lovely garden
House/ Mountain- a house or home far away or literally in the mountains, difficulty in securing a home, obstacles to overcome at
House/ Road- a caravan, hotel, motel, resort, a home away from home, home is where you lay your hat
House/ Mouse- something is wrong, a hidden problem, constant small problems, no sooner have you fixed one thing then something
else goes wrong, a mortgage
House/ Heart- a home you love,
House/ Ring- a family members home
House/ Book- a house you havent been to yet
House/ Letter- title deeds, rules, communication among your immediate family, discussions
House/ Man/ Woman- a landlord or home owner
House/ Lily- a hospital or illness at home, convalescing at home
House/ Sun- a bright and beautiful home, full of joy and laughter, the sort of home with an open door policy
House/ Moon- a comfortable and romantic home, a refuge from the world, the sort of home you can pretend the rest of the world
doesnt exist
House/ Key- buying a home, buying and selling real estate, real estate as an investment

House/ Fish- money spent on the home, or money put away for a rainy day
House/ Anchor- staying where you are, a stable home, your home as a base of operations
House/ Cross- outside influences on your home like neighbours, council, etc, very rarely it can be jail
House + rider (1): news about a house, a message comes to the house, a visitor
House + clover (2): luck at home, positive house
House + ship (3): changing residence, a journey home
House + tree (5): house near trees, a tree house, house needs repairs
House + clouds (6): uncertainty about a house, problems at home
House + snake (7): house needs repairs, getting a house unconventionally, problems at home
House + coffin (8): an empty house, sale of a house, moving, family death
House + bouquet (9): happy house, party at a house
House + scythe (10): sale of a house, separation, house needs a lot of repair (surgery)
House + whip (11): domestic violence, arguments at home
House + birds (12): problems at home, multiple people in a house (roommates, 2 guests)
House + child (13): new house, family with children
House + fox (14): home robbery, domestic employee, be careful buying a house
House + bear (15): real estate investment, buying a house, expanding a house
House + stars (16): dream home, lucky house
House + stork (17): change of residence, remodeling
House + dog (18): roommate, pet, neighbors, tenants
House + tower (19): apartment building, big house, a large company
House + garden (20): house with a garden, large family, hotel, public house
House + mountain (21): house in the mountains, problems purchasing a house
House + crossroad (22): decision about a house, two houses
House + mice (23): loss of a house, damages to a house, stressful home life
House + heart (24): loving family, lovely house
House + ring (25): real estate contract, lease/sale of a house
House + book (26): house you dont know yet, secret about a house or family, library
House + letter (27): property title, real estate contract, documents to sign involve a house/real estate, message received at/about a
House + man (28): home owner, landlord, realtor, homebody, stable man
House + woman (29): home owner, landlord, realtor, homebody, housewife, stable woman
House + lily (30): old house
House + sun (31): success at home
House + moon (32): dream house, popular house
House + key (33): important house, new house, success at home
House + fish (34): real estate agency, home based business, financial success at home, house near the water
House + anchor (35): long-term security, commitment to family
House + cross (36): church, distressed property
Keywords- Growth, something continuous
This is a very positive card suggesting that the matter at hand is growing well. It signifies recovery from illness and slow and steady
improvement. Whatever it touches it suggests that the issue will be around for a while or will have a long lasting effect.
In combination
Tree/ Clouds- a long held plan, something youll think about or have thought about for a long time, overcoming negative thinking
Tree/ Snake- something that has been hidden for a long time
Tree/ Coffin- a very long delay, no news is good news
Tree/ Flowers- long lasting happiness, happily ever after
Tree/ Scythe- the end or change to something that has been long running
Tree/ Whip- a long but productive argument/ heated discussion, overcoming long held tensions or disagreements
Tree/ Bird- stories that grow in the telling, chinese whispers
Tree/ Child- the beginning of something that will be around for a long time, realising just how much your children have grown
Tree/ Fox- escaping consequences, getting away with something you probably shouldnt be doing
Tree/ Bear- something of overarching or societal importance, matters that are bigger then just your life
Tree/ Star- a dream slowly coming true, a long held dream
Tree/ Stork- an event of long duration, for example, week long celebrations, or a royal show, something that takes time
Tree/ Dog- your oldest friend, a friend you have had or will have for a long time
Tree/ Tower- something from the past that isnt about to change anytime soon, something long running, a certainty in your life
Tree/ Garden- a farm, park, national park, wild forest, nature in general
Tree/ Mountain- an insurmountable obstacle, something that cannot be changed or ignored because it is fundamental to the issue
Tree/ Road- a long planned trip or change
Tree/ Mouse- an ongoing bill or debt that is still growing or only being paid back very slowly, like a mortgage
Tree/ Heart- a long lasting love affair, or the love of your life
Tree/ Ring- something cyclical, an anniversary or event that repeats
Tree/ Book- learning, improving your knowledge, school and study
Tree/ Letter- an ongoing correspondence, a pen pal, the internet

Tree/ Man/ Woman- someone youve known or will know for a long time
Tree/ Lily- a long illness, slow and steady recovery
Tree/ Sun- a fundamentally cheerful nature, able to see the bright side in any circumstance, quickening the pace of growth
Tree/ Moon- relaxation, a sense of contentment, not needing anything more, happy with things as they are
Tree/ Key- the achievement of a long held goal
Tree/ Fish- steady income, good investments, sound finances
Tree/ Anchor- security in all its forms, emotional, financial etc, complacence
Tree/ Cross- being looked after either by people in the flesh or spirit, being protected, someone is watching out for you
Tree + rider (1): health related news, an ill young man
Tree + clover (2): recovery from illness
Tree + ship (3): car repair, ambulance, spiritual journey
Tree + house (4): tree house, house needing repairs, stable health
Tree + clouds (6): uncertainty about an illness, mental confusion
Tree + snake (7): female doctor, nurse, ill woman, physical problems, yoga master
Tree + coffin (8): depression, major illness
Tree + bouquet (9): nature, good health
Tree + scythe (10): surgery
Tree + whip (11): pain, exercise, long-term illness
Tree + birds (12): forest, health or spiritual conversations
Tree + child (13): ill child, new start in health, New Years Resolutions
Tree + fox (14): health care worker, misdiagnosis
Tree + bear (15): diet, obesity, eating disorder, expensive illness
Tree + stars (16): being in nature at night, medical treatment
Tree + stork (17): recovery
Tree + dog (18): doctor, soul mate, sick dog
Tree + tower (19): hospital, doctors office
Tree + garden (20): garden, hospital, spa
Tree + mountain (21): fatigue, illness connected to blockages, delays in recovery
Tree + crossroad (22): life changing decision
Tree + mice (23): stress, illness, health deterioration
Tree + heart (24): heart problems
Tree + ring (25): spiritual connection, life long partnership, going around in circles about your health
Tree + book (26): health exam, unknown health problem
Tree + letter (27): prescription, lab results
Tree + man (28): ill man, healer
Tree + woman (29): ill woman, healer
Tree + lily (30): sexual disease, age related health problems
Tree + sun (31): great health, energetic
Tree + moon (32): depression, mental/emotional health
Tree + key (33): recovery, destiny
Tree + fish (34): an increase in money
Tree + anchor (35): stable health
Tree + cross (36): suffering, depression
Keywords- thoughts, something uncertain or changeable, can be difficult times approaching or leaving depending on where the
card falls
The Clouds are a bit tricky because their appearance can suggest that the reading is about what the querent is thinking rather then
what is actually happening. Having said that though, we often make our thoughts become real by just thinking them often enough.
The appearance of the clouds also suggests that things are settled yet. Other peoples actions or inactions may change things yet. Just
take it as granted that when the clouds appear things are still up in the air.
In combination
Clouds/ Snake- thinking nasty thoughts, second guessing yourself
Clouds/ Coffin- refusing to deal with matters at hand, ignoring the obvious
Clouds/ Flowers- magical thinking eg, if the next car that drives past is red then he really loves me, pretending everything is ok no
matter what the actual circumstance, fluffy thinking
Clouds/ Scythe- cutting off negative thinking, learning to or controlling negative tendencies
Clouds/ Whip- working yourself up to fever pitch with stressing, imagining conversations or arguments before they have happened
Clouds/ Bird- thinking too much about gossip or unverified information
Clouds/ Child- childish thinking, not thinking enough about the matters at hand
Clouds/ Fox- planning, thinking ahead, contingency plans
Clouds/ Bear- important matters are unsettled, there is still something to be dealt with
Clouds/ Star- day dreaming, wishful thinking, someone who is going to do something but never does
Clouds/ Stork- a bumpy event, obsessing about an upcoming event, over thinking something simple
Clouds/ Dog- thinking about a friend or some bumps in the friendship
Clouds/ Tower- thinking about the past

Clouds/ Garden- superficial thinking, refusing to deal with important issues

Clouds/ Mountain- mental issues, wrong thinking or thinking about something in the wrong way, seeing only problems instead of
possible solutions
Clouds/ Road- a proposed change wont go smoothly, bumps in the road, over thinking a change
Clouds/ Mouse- negative self talk, talking yourself down or allowing other peoples repetitive negativity to bring you down
Clouds/ Heart- thinking about love, self analysis
Clouds/ Ring- repetitive thoughts, thoughts going round in circles, circular logic
Clouds/ Book- thinking about what you dont know, focusing on the unknown
Clouds/ Letters- thinking about news- whether to deliver it or what it means after you receive it, telepathy, guessing that something
is wrong with someone before they tell you, picking up news from unusual sources
Clouds/ Man/ Woman- thinking about a man or woman
Clouds/ Lily- mental illness, illness that originated in your mind/ psyche, physical manifestation of stuff going on in your head
Clouds/ Sun- negativity at an end, the Sun clears the way, bumpy times will soon be over,
Clouds/ Moon- knowing that youll get past where you are at in your head, an end in sight to your issues, or finally being able to see
the way through
Clouds/ Key- finding an answer to your problems/ issues,
Clouds/ Fish- financial drama, the rainy day youve hopefully saved for
Clouds/ Anchor- holding on to one thought no matter what, refusing to see any other point of view
Clouds/ Cross- spiritual help, communication with your guides, allowing yourself to be guided
Clouds + rider (1): confusing message, mischief
Clouds + clover (2): uncertain luck, disappointment
Clouds + ship (3): uncertain travels
Clouds + house (4): confusion about a house, uncomfortable house
Clouds + tree (5): health problems are hard to pinpoint, mental illness
Clouds + snake (7): serious problems, complications for a woman
Clouds + coffin (8): clarity, something is up
Clouds + bouquet (9): uncertain happiness
Clouds + scythe (10): confusion, irrational decision, problems with surgery
Clouds + whip (11): abuse, annoyance, arguments
Clouds + birds (12): annoying phone call, lies
Clouds + child (13): problems with a new start, problems with a child
Clouds + fox (14): scheming, misrepresentation, lies, corruption
Clouds + bear (15): problems with a boss, official, or mother figure
Clouds + stars (16): procrastinating, drug/alcohol abuse
Clouds + stork (17): risky move, a man is changing
Clouds + dog (18): uncertain friendship, clouded judgement
Clouds + tower (19): problems with authorities, confusion at a hospital
Clouds + garden (20): drunk, uncertain company, uncomfortable in public
Clouds + mountain (21): obstacles, failure
Clouds + crossroad (22): indecision, tread carefully
Clouds + mice (23): doubts, things will improve soon
Clouds + heart (24): lovesick/pining over someone
Clouds + ring (25): problems with a contract or relationship
Clouds + book (26): secrets, hiding
Clouds + letter (27): problems with a message, confusing news, deception
Clouds + man (28): con man, unstable man, 2 men
Clouds + woman (29): deceptive woman, unstable woman, woman with a headache
Clouds + lily (30): unsatisfactory sex life, an affair
Clouds + sun (31): things will improve
Clouds + moon (32): mood swings, depression
Clouds + key (33): delayed success
Clouds + fish (34): debt, uncertainty about finances
Clouds + anchor (35): uncertain goals
Clouds + cross (36): anxiety, despair, stress
Keywords- deception, something is not what it seems, silence
The Snake is all about hidden things, which can sometimes be good, sometimes bad. Its about keeping things to yourself or things
that other people are keeping from you.
In combination
Snake/ Coffin- a hidden holdup, not knowing why about a delay
Snake/ Flowers- secret joy
Snake/ Scythe- a hidden break eg a couple who has broken up but not told friends and family
Snake/ Whip- the silent treatment or cold shoulder, being ostracised or shamed
Snake/ Bird- making up stories when the real truth is unknown, particularly nasty gossip, or malicious gossip
Snake/ Child- your child is keeping something from you, a new secret

Snake/ Fox- watch out! Someone is deceiving you, you are either playing someone for a fool or being played yourself, lies
Snake/ Bear- a gag order or being unable to speak up for fear of repercussions
Snake/ Star- secret dreams, your most personal hopes, your secret self
Snake/ Stork- something has happened or will happen that you wont find out about till after the fact, can be something like a
surprise party or being cheated on
Snake/ Dog- an untrustworthy or unreliable friend
Snake/ Tower- secrets from the past, a purely sexual relationship
Snake/ Garden- not as advertised, something isnt what you thought it would be
Snake/ Mountain- overcoming obstacles alone, not asking for help even when you need it
Snake/ Road- a hidden change, something changing in your life without you being immediately aware of it
Snake/ Mouse- hidden bills/ fees, being stung by unexpected problems
Snake/ Heart- your lover isnt what he/ she says they are, your lover is keeping something from you
Snake/ Ring- family secrets, what goes around comes around, karma
Snake/ Book- secrets, you are unlikely to ever really get to the bottom of this issue, sometimes this is about things you really dont
need to know, something that isnt really your business
Snake/ Letters- secrets revealed, a big revelation is coming
Snake/ Man/ Woman- a deceptive person, sometimes a person with glasses (I have no idea why but I have found from experience
that it is true)
Snake/ Lily- a hidden illness, when you get this combo its time for a check up, make sure you go to the doctor with any worries
Snake/ Sun- good secrets, keeping things hidden for a good reason, or things being kept from you for a good reason
Snake/ Moon- wilful deception, believing something just because you want to and not because you have good reason to, allowing
yourself to be swept up in a fantasy
Snake/ Key- the answer is there you just have to find it, hiding in plain sight, lying by omission
Snake/ Fish- hidden cash like finding $20 in a book on your bookshelf or money that isnt yours like getting too much change in a
transaction or finding someone wallet
Snake/ Anchor- an entrenched lie, something that has been going on for so long now it is unlikely to change
Snake/ Cross- hidden destiny, not knowing where to next, the bend in the road and being unable to see very far into your own future
Snake + rider (1): help, news from a woman
Snake + clover (2): lucky woman, repair, good opportunity
Snake + ship (3): problems with a trip, journey by/with a woman,
Snake + house (4): problems at home, plumbing issues
Snake + tree (5): ill woman, female doctor
Snake + clouds (6): confusion, no solution
Snake + coffin (8): end of problems, ending for a woman
Snake + bouquet (9): two women, happy woman, positive resolution
Snake + scythe (10): surgery, recovery, attack by a woman
Snake + whip (11): fights, abuse, injury, trouble for a woman, promiscuity
Snake + birds (12): call from a woman, negotiations, slander
Snake + child (13): troublesome child, woman with a child, new start for a woman
Snake + fox (14): lies, female rival, bad employee, trouble at work
Snake + bear (15): business woman, a man and a woman, a woman and her mother, financial problems, mother-in-law
Snake + stars (16): psychic woman, challenging project
Snake + stork (17): difficult change, change for a woman, detour, changing skin
Snake + dog (18): friendly woman, woman with a dog, help
Snake + tower (19): lawsuit, female executive, independent woman
Snake + garden (20): woman in the public eye, bad social connection, news anchor woman, woman in PR
Snake + mountain (21): problems will last for a while, blocks
Snake + crossroad (22): uncertainty, running away, hiding
Snake + mice (23): things get worse, woman loses something, mental anxiety
Snake + heart (24): female rival, ex-girlfriend, cheating, seduction
Snake + ring (25): committed woman, compromise
Snake + book (26): unpleasant secret, secret mistress, woman hiding something
Snake + letter (27): message from a woman, bad news
Snake + man (28): cheater, trouble maker, man with a mistress
Snake + woman (29): woman with a girlfriend; woman with short, dark hair; cheater, liar
Snake + lily (30): sexual relationship, affair
Snake + sun (31): successful woman, problems resolve but may be costly
Snake + moon (32): illusion, deception, popular woman
Snake + key (33): luck, success for a woman, solution
Snake + fish (34): business or financial trouble, woman receives money
Snake + anchor (35): insecurity, woman settles
Snake + cross (36): burdened woman, abuse
Keywords- waiting, stagnation, death

This is probably the card that freaks out most people when it comes up, understandably. It can on occasion mean an actual death, but
in the 15 plus years Ive been reading with this deck it has never predicted a close death. It most often means a long wait, or that the
situation is stagnant, nothing happening. I tend to get very frustrated when it appears because its almost always more of a wait then
you can bear, at least while you are going through it. I just try to remind myself that this to shall pass. Eventually.
In combination
Coffin/ Flowers- a pleasant wait, something you dont mind waiting for
Coffin/ Scythe- this is the only combination that means an actual death, most likely it wont be an unexpected death, though it is
always sad
Coffin/ Whip- a difficult wait, lots of stress and tension while being uncertain about the eventual outcome
Coffin/ Bird- talking a subject to death, flogging a dead horse, if you get this combo you probably have people close to you who
are ready to hit you if you bring up a certain subject one more time or you feel that way about someone close to you
Coffin/ Child- waiting for something to grow or mature, you simply cant make whatever this one is happen any faster, it takes as
long as it takes and thats all there is to it
Coffin/ Fox- trying to find your way out of an impossible situation, feeling or being trapped
Coffin/ Bear- legal or official procedures are dead in the water, nothing may come of whatever official action you have taken or it
takes so long it loses its meaning or effectiveness
Coffin/ Star- laying hopes to rest, giving up on a dream or realising a dream is impossible
Coffin/ Stork- if you have been waiting a long time this is the combo you want to see- something you have been waiting for will
finally happen, movement with a stagnant situation
Coffin/ Dog- a lost friendship, a friendship is at an end
Coffin/ Tower- dragging up past you thought was dead and buried, rehashing long over issues
Coffin/ Garden- a quiet or empty public place, being disappointed with an event not being as fun as youd hoped.
Coffin/ Mountain- a dead end, a path you cannot take due to blockages left right and centre
Coffin/ Road- a delayed change, plans on hold
Coffin/ Mouse- lots of small and incredibly annoying delays, youd often get this combo if you were renovating
Coffin/ Heart- a relationship on hold or stagnant, going nowhere fast
Coffin/ Ring- a repetitive delay, something that keeps on happening, someone who keeps promising to do something they never get
around to doing
Coffin/ Book- studies put on hold, or qualifications that are no longer valid
Coffin/ Letter- news about the delay- the delay will probably still be there but at least youll know what the hold up is
Coffin/ Man/ Woman- a man or woman who is away or emotionally unavailable
Coffin/ Lily- a serious illness or an untreatable illness like the flu or a cold
Coffin/ Sun- a beneficial delay, there is a good reason for the wait
Coffin/ Moon- being unconcerned with the delay
Coffin/ Key- success is at hand, an achievement you have had to wait a long time for
Coffin/ Fish- untouchable money like superannuation or a term deposit
Coffin/ Anchor- an entrenched delay, a situation that is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon
Coffin/ Cross- a connection with or protection offered by a loved one who has passed on
Coffin + rider (1): new beginnings, rebirth
Coffin + clover (2): something good comes out of an ending, second chance
Coffin + ship (3): moving, emigration
Coffin + house (4): remodeling, change of residence
Coffin + tree (5): illness, frailty
Coffin + clouds (6): mental illness, depression
Coffin + snake (7): big problems, physician
Coffin + bouquet (9): recovery, funeral
Coffin + scythe (10): accident, sacrifice
Coffin + whip (11): violence, destruction, physical attack
Coffin + birds (12): sad conversation, moving forward
Coffin + child (13): destructive child, sick child
Coffin + fox (14): job loss, end of lies
Coffin + bear (15): inheritance, financial turnaround, ill mother figure
Coffin + stars (16): positive transformation, reason to hope
Coffin + stork (17): letting go, change of residence, negative change, no change
Coffin + dog (18): friendship evolves, friend needs help, sick friend, unreliable friend
Coffin + tower (19): failure with authorities, imprisonment
Coffin + garden (20): event is canceled, cemetery
Coffin + mountain (21): nothings happening, isolation, stuck
Coffin + crossroad (22): going in a new direction
Coffin + mice (23): end of worry, depression
Coffin + heart (24): heartache, grief
Coffin + ring (25): end of a relationship/contract, starting over, completion
Coffin + book (26): secret is revealed
Coffin + letter (27): negative message, cancellation
Coffin + man (28): ill man, depressed man
Coffin + woman (29): negative woman, ill woman
Coffin + lily (30): no sex life, old age

Coffin + sun (31): in the end, there will be success

Coffin + moon (32): negative emotions, grief
Coffin + key (33): things will improve, necessary ending
Coffin + fish (34): loss of money, funeral business
Coffin + anchor (35): end of security, longing
Coffin + cross (36): pain, sadness, grief
Keywords- happiness, joy, positivity, a gesture
One of my favourite cards because it simply offers such a lovely vibe. It softens most bad cards and even at its worst it still
suggests that a positive and happy attitude will see you through. It can sometimes refer to a young woman but most often its simply
In combination
Flowers/ Scythe- a happy conclusion, something reaches culmination
Flowers/ Whip- discussions and problem solving, youll be happy with the outcome of a discussion
Flowers/ Bird- something nice being said either about you or to you
Flowers/ Child- a young lady, or a lady who is young at heart
Flowers/ Fox- a happy surprise
Flowers/ Bear- being very happy with the outcome or progress of some matter important to you
Flowers/ Star- a lovely person who wishes the best on everyone, being happy with who you are and where you are at
Flowers/ Stork- a happy event
Flowers/ Dog- a happy go lucky friend, or a female friend you can rely on
Flowers/ Tower- pleasant memories, a trip down memory lane, sometimes actual photos or visits to places from your past
Flowers/ Garden- friends and get togethers, pleasant social gatherings
Flowers/ Mountain- a positive attitude to challenges, rising to the occasion, finding the good in all situations
Flowers/ Road- a change for the better
Flowers/ Mouse- a bill you are happy to pay, like paying off a ring you really want
Flowers/ Heart- happy in love, this often comes up in the falling in love stage but can be about any renewal of feeling, its about
feeling giddy and giggly in love
Flowers/ Ring- happy and supportive family life, being supported and feeling included
Flowers/ Book- reading or writing for enjoyment, sometimes its simply the feeling of being happy for no particular reason
Flowers/ Letters- news that makes you happy, good news
Flowers/ Man/ Woman- a person that makes you happy or a happy person
Flowers/ Lily- recovery, alleviating symptoms, a cure or end of pain
Flowers/ Sun- happiness, joy, all things bright and beautiful, this is a combo that screams yes go this way!
Flowers/ Moon- dreaminess and good times, a suggestion or invitation that makes you happy
Flowers/ Key- a happy success, you may have a lot riding on this success and it will all turn out well
Flowers/ Fish- well managed money, money making you happy or money allowing you to buy something that makes you happy
Flowers/ Anchor- deep down happiness no matter what the outer circumstances, its about being happy within yourself
Flowers/ Cross- beneficial aid, happiness with your life choices, content with life in general
Bouquet + rider (1): happy news, new person coming into your life
Bouquet + clover (2): joyful invitation, good luck
Bouquet + ship (3): lovely vacation, cruise
Bouquet + house (4): party, celebration, lovely house
Bouquet + tree (5): good health, nature
Bouquet + clouds (6): unclear invitation, daydreaming, laziness
Bouquet + snake (7): two women, jealousy
Bouquet + coffin (8): disappointment, unpleasant gathering
Bouquet + scythe (10): good decision, positive surgery
Bouquet + whip (11): fun night out, happy conversations
Bouquet + birds (12): two invitations, fun conversation
Bouquet + child (13): charming child, childrens party, small party
Bouquet + fox (14): job related to fashion or beauty, happiness at work
Bouquet + bear (15): positive finances
Bouquet + stars (16): achievements, hopes and dreams
Bouquet + stork (17): positive change, redecorating
Bouquet + dog (18): good friend, nice company
Bouquet + tower (19): memorial, high society
Bouquet + garden (20): park, nature, flower show
Bouquet + mountain (21): outdoors, hiking, happiness comes slowly
Bouquet + crossroad (22): walk in nature, opportunities
Bouquet + mice (23): happiness is short, anticipation
Bouquet + heart (24): love, engagement
Bouquet + ring (25): happy marriage, good contract, proposal
Bouquet + book (26): good studies, learning something pleasant, blind date
Bouquet + letter (27): invitation, happy news

Bouquet + man (28): charming man

Bouquet + woman (29): lovely lady
Bouquet + lily (30): peace, harmony, contentment
Bouquet + sun (31): great success, celebration
Bouquet + moon (32): art show, pleasant date, satisfaction
Bouquet + key (33): great success, very attractive
Bouquet + fish (34): gift of money, expensive invitation, beauty industry
Bouquet + anchor (35): long-term happiness, achieving goals
Bouquet + cross (36): happiness is destined, charity, happiness has a price
Keywords- a sharp break, sudden change, unexpected turns
The Scythe is only scary when in combination with the Coffin. On its own it is simply about something sudden and sharp or
unexpected. Its often the line in the sand, so to speak.
In combination
Scythe/ Whip- a sudden argument, an argument you didnt see coming
Scythe/ Bird- cutting yourself off from gossip, on the plus side you dont know what any else is saying about you, on the down side
you dont know what anyone is saying about you, chances are if you get this combo you wont care what they are saying
Scythe/ Child- something brand new shows up suddenly, a new idea, person, possible path
Scythe/ Fox- leaving a situation suddenly, walking away without regard for consequences, the straw that broke the camels back
Scythe/ Bear- a sudden official action, eg a fine or speeding ticket
Scythe/ Star- a sudden change of hope or dream, changing your mind about what you want
Scythe/ Stork- a surprise
Scythe/ Dog- cutting a friend off or being cut off from a friend, a sudden change in the nature of the friendship
Scythe/ Tower- a change that has been a long time coming, leaving the past behind, cutting your ties to the past
Scythe/ Garden- an impromptu social gathering or last minute decision to go out
Scythe/ Mountain- cutting through obstacles, attacking challenges one small piece at a time, being cut down to size
Scythe/ Road- sudden and total change, where you think you are going theres a bend in the road coming that you simply cant see
around, whatever you think is coming it wont be that
Scythe/ Mouse- an end to a bill or repayment or end to small and annoying problem
Scythe/ Heart- a broken heart, the end of a relationship
Scythe/ Ring- cutting ties with family, breaking a cycle
Scythe/ Book- a change in study plans, an accidental discovery, learning something unexpected
Scythe/ Letters- unexpected news,
Scythe/ Man/ Woman- either the sudden appearance or disappearance of this person from your life, or a major change in their role in
your life
Scythe/ Lily- a sudden and unexpected illness, cuts, breaks, generally hurting yourself- take extra care!
Scythe/ Sun- a change for the better, unexpected good fortune
Scythe/ Moon- an unexpected invitation or proposition
Scythe/ Key- a breakthrough, sudden success
Scythe/ Fish- a cut in income, unexpected changes in your income
Scythe/ Anchor- a change that had to happen, breaking free of something that had tied you down
Scythe/ Cross- a whole change of life path, a major change in either belief or world view
Scythe + rider (1): a cut to allow new things to come in, sudden message
Scythe + clover (2): lucky decision, sudden luck
Scythe + ship (3): trip is cancelled, emigration
Scythe + house (4): sale of a house, difficulties with the house or in the family
Scythe + tree (5): surgery, extraction
Scythe + clouds (6): uncertainty, indecision
Scythe + snake (7): attack, female surgeon
Scythe + coffin (8): termination, final ending
Scythe + bouquet (9): positive outcome
Scythe + whip (11): violence, attack, weapon, martial arts
Scythe + birds (12): argument, yelling
Scythe + child (13): abortion, C-section, child has a toothache
Scythe + fox (14): job loss
Scythe + bear (15): financial decision, surgery for weight loss
Scythe + stars (16): change of fate, taking action on your dreams
Scythe + stork (17): initiating change, change of residence, fast change
Scythe + dog (18): end of friendship, pet has surgery
Scythe + tower (19): trial, courtroom
Scythe + garden (20): gardening, bad company
Scythe + mountain (21): slow operation, blocks end
Scythe + crossroad (22): fast decision, separation
Scythe + mice (23): emotional/physical breakdown, end of worry
Scythe + heart (24): heartbreak, heart surgery

Scythe + ring (25): contract ends, relationship break up

Scythe + book (26): secret is revealed
Scythe + letter (27): cancellation, notice
Scythe + man (28): decisive man, leader
Scythe + woman (29): decisive woman, surgeon
Scythe + lily (30): sexual aggression, healing
Scythe + sun (31): success, electricity
Scythe + moon (32): emotional instability, release of emotions, emotional decision
Scythe + key (33): important decision, necessary decision, fate
Scythe + fish (34): business decision, decision impacts finances
Scythe + anchor (35): permanent decision, decision brings safety
Scythe + cross (36): injury, sacrifice, sudden pain
Keywords- stress, tension, arguments
The Whip can be a bit nasty, but not particularly strong. Most its about arguments, debate and discussion. Its also about stress and
tension. Generally the Whip is something that needs to be overcome, but isnt too much of a problem depending on how you go
about it.
In combination
Whip/ Bird- straight out gossip, people talking behind your back, being the subject of argument
Whip/ Child- either an argument with your child or a new argument
Whip/ Fox- someone is using sneaky and underhanded tactics to try to win an argument
Whip/ Bear- an official argument like a court case or debate, too much stress, stressing about a major development in your life
Whip/ Star- a discussion you had hoped to have, worry about putting your thoughts and ideas up for discussion
Whip/ Stork- a discussion (possibly very heated) that moves things on, resolving an old argument
Whip/ Dog- a falling out with a friend or disagreement
Whip/ Tower- an argument about the past, different views of past events
Whip/ Garden- a bad night out or social function, too much drama or being around people who dont like each other
Whip/ Mountain- difficult obstacles to overcome, stressing out about the problems you face
Whip/ Road- youve taken a wrong or difficult turn, problems arise you werent expecting to face
Whip/ Mouse- little arguments, snippiness and hurtful comments
Whip/ Heart- going against your instincts, a difficult love affair, going through a rough patch
Whip/ Ring- family troubles, arguments about family
Whip/ Book- hidden trouble, trouble you dont know about yet
Whip/ Letters- bad news, news which causes you problems
Whip/ Man/ Woman- the source of the drama or trouble because of this person
Whip/ Lily- illness, ill health
Whip/ Sun- an argument with a good outcome, sorting out problems
Whip/ Moon- a proposal that causes drama, a troublesome invitation
Whip/ Key- overcoming drama, success after struggle
Whip/ Fish- financial difficulty, needing to borrow from Peter to pay Paul
Whip/ Anchor- an unsolvable argument or disagreement, agreeing to agree to disagree
Whip/ Cross- feeling off track with your life, dissatisfaction with your lot in life
Whip + rider (1): troubling news, feedback
Whip + clover (2): gambling on a sporting event
Whip + ship (3): troubled journey, exploration
Whip + house (4): home gym, domestic abuse, family arguments
Whip + tree (5): difficult health problems
Whip + clouds (6): not sure where to go, confusing arguments
Whip + snake (7): troublemaker, break-up for a woman, danger
Whip + coffin (8): destruction, fight leads to break-up
Whip + bouquet (9): enjoyable physical activity, dancing
Whip + scythe (10): accident, troubles, cancellation
Whip + birds (12): arguments, debate, many conversations, hectic
Whip + child (13): athletic child, troublesome new start
Whip + fox (14): military, athlete, trouble on the job
Whip + bear (15): athlete, body builder, personal trainer
Whip + stars (16): coaching, successful competition
Whip + stork (17): fast change, troublesome change
Whip + dog (18): personal trainer, coach, trouble with a friend
Whip + tower (19): trouble with authorities, fortress, military base
Whip + garden (20): public sporting event, stadium, public debates
Whip + mountain (21): limitations, butting of heads/wills, conversations that dont lead anywhere
Whip + crossroad (22): not sure which way to go, unsettled, multiple decisions
Whip + mice (23): stressful physical activity, exhaustion
Whip + heart (24): passionate relationship, conflict in love

Whip + ring (25): relationship trouble, abuse

Whip + book (26): academic competition
Whip + letter (27): threat, signed contract
Whip + man (28): physically fit man
Whip + woman (29): intense, sexy woman
Whip + lily (30): physical activity slows down, arthritis, exhaustion
Whip + sun (31): charisma, winning
Whip + moon (32): obsession, sexual seduction
Whip + key (33): necessary action, important discussions
Whip + fish (34): arguments about money
Whip + anchor (35): consistent, steady
Whip + cross (36): hard lessons, challenges
Keywords- nervousness, negative talk, gossip, a truth thats told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent
When the Bird appears things are uncertain. There is a lot of talk but not much action. More often then not the talk is negative or
In combination
Bird/ Child- a new rumour or a child is nervous
Bird/ Fox- an untrue rumour or gossip
Bird/ Bear- gossip and chat about something important, contentiousness over an important matter
Bird/ Star- excitement, being afraid of something you are hoping for
Bird/ Stork- talking or gossip about an event
Bird/ Dog- a conversation with a friend
Bird/ Tower- talking about something from the past, rehashing old hurts or issues
Bird/ Garden- gossip in your social circle or gossip doing the rounds
Bird/ Mountain- discussions about an obstacle or challenge, having a whinge about all the problems you face
Bird/ Road- talking about what to do next in your life, worrying about the future
Bird/ Mouse- arranging payments, worry about bills
Bird/ Heart- worrying about your relationship, nervousness in love, being uncertain of your partner
Bird/ Ring- gossip among your family, family being opinionated about your life
Bird/ Book- gossip you dont know about, stuff being said behind your back
Bird/ Letter- hearing gossip- most likely about yourself or someone you are close to, being worried about news you receive
Bird/ Man/ Woman- the person who is the source of the gossip or worry
Bird/ Lily- health concerns or worries
Bird/ Sun- a conversation that clears the air, bounciness and optimism that you spread around or get from someone else
Bird/ Moon- intimate conversations, sharing something personal
Bird/ Key- finding out something that answers a question or provides a solution
Bird/ Fish- financial worries, unexpected expenses
Bird/ Anchor- gossip that has been going around for ages, a persistent rumour
Bird/ Cross- existential angst, what am I doing with my life?
Birds + rider (1): many messages, response, discussions, 2 boys
Birds + clover (2): productive conversations, lucky phone call
Birds + ship (3): two travelers, conversations/phone call about a trip
Birds + house (4): conversations about a house, roommates, real estate sales and marketing
Birds + tree (5): important conversations, nurses, spiritual discussions, bird watching
Birds + clouds (6): misunderstanding, confusing conversation
Birds + snake (7): gossip, difficult discussions, phone call from a woman
Birds + coffin (8): silence, break up
Birds + bouquet (9): happy conversation, fun date
Birds + scythe (10): split, difficult negotiations
Birds + whip (11): arguments, disagreements
Birds + child (13): two children, twins, siblings
Birds + fox (14): dishonest message, job related conversations/phone call
Birds + bear (15): conversations with a boss or mother figure
Birds + stars (16): promising phone call
Birds + stork (17): conversations bring change
Birds + dog (18): talking with friends or relatives
Birds + tower (19): legal discussions
Birds + garden (20): conventions, seminars, speeches
Birds + mountain (21): no response
Birds + crossroad (22): phone call about a decision, separation
Birds + mice (23): stress and anxiety, no discussions
Birds + heart (24): lovers, talks about love
Birds + ring (25): agreement, multiple contracts
Birds + book (26): students, teachers, secrets

Birds + letter (27): media, many messages

Birds + man (28): salesman, talkative man
Birds + woman (29): mediator, good speaker
Birds + lily (30): elderly couple, lengthy discussions
Birds + sun (31): successful interview, great phone call
Birds + moon (32): creative speaker, performer
Birds + key (33): good communication, promising connection
Birds + fish (34): sales industry, fleeting money
Birds + anchor (35): stable relationship, meeting
Birds + cross (36): hard conversation
Keywords- a child or children, something new or small
The Child does of course represent actual children in your life- either your own child or one that is important to you, but it can also
just be something small or new.
In combination
Child/ Fox- your child is keeping something from you or a small (unimportant) secret
Child/ Bear- a new legal or official action, or new phase of an existing action, an important child
Child/ Star- a nice child, happy go lucky, a small wish granted
Child/ Stork- a pregnancy
Child/ Dog- a new friendship, a friends child
Child/ Tower- childhood in general
Child/ Garden- a school or playground
Child/ Mountain- a small obstacle or challenge
Child/ Road- a small change in life or a new direction
Child/ Mouse- small annoyances, little hurdles to overcome
Child/ Heart- a new love or renewal in an existing love
Child/ Ring- a child in your family, nieces, nephews, cousins etc
Child/ Book- something new you dont know about, a child you havent met yet
Child/ Letter- happy news, something small but pleasing
Child/ Man/ Woman- either a man or woman with children or a man or woman who is very childlike or young
Child/ Lily- a small health issue, something easily solvable
Child/ Sun- happiness and fun times, being silly and exuberant
Child/ Moon- an invitation to something fun or a proposition to do something silly
Child/ Key- a child has the answer or your success lies in something youve never tried before
Child/ Fish- a small amount of money coming in, or money for a child
Child/ Anchor- the settling of a situation into a new normal, things settling down after a period of instability
Child/ Cross- a new life stage, passing a milestone of some description or a child is destined to come into your life
Child + rider (1): message about a child, a male child, message about a new start
Child + clover (2): positive new start, lucky child
Child + ship (3): short trip, new trip, new business
Child + house (4): daycare, babysitting, new house, small house
Child + tree (5): sick child, fertility
Child + clouds (6): confused child, problems with a child, a new start is uncertain
Child + snake (7): child causes problems, woman with a child, new start for a woman
Child + coffin (8): miscarriage, abortion, sick child
Child + bouquet (9): happy child, attractive child, childrens party, gift for a child
Child + scythe (10): abortion, surgery, ill child
Child + whip (11): bully, troublesome new start
Child + birds (12): new talks, twins, siblings, a group of young children
Child + fox (14): working with children, new job, cunning child
Child + bear (15): overweight child, strong child (physically), mother and child
Child + stars (16): talented child, child star, new start goes well
Child + stork (17): pregnancy, new changes
Child + dog (18): young friend, friend from childhood, child with a dog
Child + tower (19): school, child welfare, education office
Child + garden (20): day care, playground, event for children
Child + mountain (21): lonely child, new delays, blocks for a child
Child + crossroad (22): twins, short trips, siblings, new decision, new path
Child + mice (23): small losses, sick child
Child + heart (24): loving child, new love, new start in love, a younger rival
Child + ring (25): new contract, adoption
Child + book (26): school, homework, a child has a secret
Child + letter (27): birth announcement, positive message, minor news
Child + man (28): young man, immature man, new start for a man
Child + woman (29): woman who looks younger than she is, immature woman, petite woman

Child + lily (30): oldest child, older than one looks

Child + sun (31): successful child, happy child
Child + moon (32): creative child, new start is emotional, New Moon
Child + key (33): important new start, successful child
Child + fish (34): child-related business, new business, small amount of money
Child + anchor (35): responsible child, work with children, new start is certain
Child + cross (36): depressed child, difficult childhood
Keywords- sneakiness, underhandedness, cleverness, escaping consequences
The Fox can be tricky because hes both good and bad depending on your point of view. Things are not what they seem when he
appears. Its about tackling problems cleverly rather then head on. On his own the Fox is about going around a problem rather then
straight at it.
In combination
Fox/ Bear- selective truth telling, lying by omission- usually its a big omission
Fox/ Star- finding a loophole or way out of a situation you didnt want to be in
Fox/ Stork- lying about an event, misrepresenting something that has happened
Fox/ Dog- a false friend
Fox/ Tower- lying about the past, hiding your past
Fox/ Garden- leaving a social situation, escaping your responsibilities
Fox/ Mountain- problems piling up on all sides, feeling trapped, unable to see a way through
Fox/ Road- a change is not what you thought it would be, hidden problems coming to light, being sold a lemon
Fox/ Mouse- little lies, white lies, read the fine print!, misunderstandings
Fox/ Heart- an untrustworthy love, your love is keeping something from you, sneakiness
Fox/ Ring- family secrets, family rituals that are kept private
Fox/ Book- a big secret, something major being kept from you or that you are keeping from others
Fox/ Letter- untrustworthy news, news which is not what it seems, read between the lines of anything you are being told
Fox/ Man/ Woman- an untrustworthy person, someone who does not have your best interests at heart
Fox/ Lily- an underlying health issue- get anything you arent sure of checked out, avoiding taking action on a health issue in the
hopes it will just go away
Fox/ Sun- getting away with something, winning by sneaky means
Fox/ Moon- looking for a way out of doing something you dont want to do, finding a loophole
Fox/ Key- keeping a solution to yourself, being the only one who knows something
Fox/ Fish- secret money, either a personal stash or an escape account
Fox/ Anchor- a bolt hole, a hidden way out that you keep or that someone else keeps
Fox/ Cross- a hidden destiny, ending up somewhere you never thought you would
Fox + rider (1): message about a job, new employee
Fox + clover (2): luck at work, promotion
Fox + ship (3): job-related travel, problems with a trip
Fox + house (4): problems with a house, deceitful family member, working from home
Fox + tree (5): healthcare worker, possible misdiagnosis
Fox + clouds (6): dishonest employee, job uncertainty
Fox + snake (7): liar, deception, danger
Fox + coffin (8): lay off, resignation, termination
Fox + bouquet (9): enjoyable job, work in the beauty industry
Fox + scythe (10): resignation, termination, work-related accident
Fox + whip (11): problems caused by dishonesty, personal trainer, violent employee
Fox + birds (12): dishonest conversation, work-related meeting
Fox + child (13): new job, cunning child, working with children
Fox + bear (15): financial industry employee, boss, financial problems, shrewd with money
Fox + stars (16): promotion, job in aerospace industry
Fox + stork (17): job change, change due to intrigue
Fox + dog (18): dishonest friend
Fox + tower (19): government employee, old secrets
Fox + garden (20): working with the public, job meeting, public fraud
Fox + mountain (21): unemployment, problems on the job, lies cause problems
Fox + crossroad (22): smart decision, shrewd decision, decision about a job
Fox + mice (23): job loss, job stress
Fox + heart (24): well-loved job, dishonesty in affairs of the heart
Fox + ring (25): lies in business/relationship, job contract
Fox + book (26): librarian, accountant, conspiracy
Fox + letter (27): false message, job news
Fox + man (28): workaholic, red-haired man, deceptive man
Fox + woman (29): smart woman, short woman, cheater
Fox + lily (30): established career, older employee, sexual problems
Fox + sun (31): job success, success isnt everything it appears to be

Fox + moon (32): psychic, emotional dishonesty

Fox + key (33): intrigue, important job, important employee
Fox + fish (34): working in fishing industry, financial fraud
Fox + anchor (35): job security, long-term dishonesty
Fox + cross (36): lies are a burden, long-term lies, work related to religion or charity
Keywords- importance, law, something official, a professional person
The Bear is always something big, important and somewhat official. There Bear will appear for anything connected with the law,
councils, authority, bosses etc. It is generally positive but can be trying on the patience.
In combination
Bear/ Star- official matters proceeding smoothly, getting the official approval youve been hoping for
Bear/ Stork- an official event, something important has happened
Bear/ Dog- a friend in authority, friends in high places, a friend with the power to help your situation
Bear/ Tower- current events stemming from something important in the past, consequences from the past, paying your dues
Bear/ Garden- an important party, mixing with important people socially, social climbing
Bear/ Mountain- someone foreign or from very far away, connections with overseas, matters of paramount importance
Bear/ Road- an important change, an official change
Bear/ Mouse- fines, rates, fees
Bear/ Heart- an important love, making it official
Bear/ Ring- family trusts, wills, insurances
Bear/ Book- something legal or official you dont yet know about, being in the dark about the current state of your legal/ official
matter, not knowing where you stand legally
Bear/ Letter- contracts, signing paperwork, forms, needing to have something in writing
Bear/ Man/ Woman- a boss or other person with authority over you
Bear/ Lily- hospital, doctors surgeries, a doctor or medical expert
Bear/ Sun- something in your favour legally/ officially
Bear/ Moon, an offer of settlement, compromise
Bear/ Key- a legal or official win, success in your endeavour
Bear/ Fish- receiving money owed to you or legal/ official fees going out depending on if the fish is swimming towards (coming in)
or away from (going out) the Bear
Bear/ Anchor- an ongoing legal or official dispute, no resolution in sight yet
Bear/ Cross- karma, events of an important spiritual nature
Bear + rider (1): message about money, money is coming
Bear + clover (2): prosperity, good luck gambling
Bear + ship (3): expensive trip, international investment
Bear + house (4): real estate agent, house expansion
Bear + tree (5): healthy diet, nutrition
Bear + clouds (6): financial uncertainty
Bear + snake (7): financial problems, financial deceit, boss and a woman, mother and a woman
Bear + coffin (8): ill mother/grandmother, financial loss
Bear + bouquet (9): prosperity, great boss
Bear + scythe (10): financial decision, money coming to an end, closing an account
Bear + whip (11): financial problems, arguments about money
Bear + birds (12): conversations about money, conversations with a boss or mother, financial negotiations
Bear + child (13): overweight child, strong child, grandmother and granddaughter, new start financially
Bear + fox (14): job in the finance or health industry, financial lies, dishonest boss
Bear + stars (16): financial improvement
Bear + stork (17): change in finances, diet changes, new boss
Bear + dog (18): friendly boss, personal trainer, nutritionist
Bear + tower (19): courthouse, bank
Bear + garden (20): working out or dieting with a group of people, CEO
Bear + mountain (21): financial blocks, income is delayed
Bear + crossroad (22): financial decision, multiple sources of income, boss/mother figure makes a decision
Bear + mice (23): financial loss, financial worry
Bear + heart (24): generous with money, love of power, love of food, in love with ones boss
Bear + ring (25): financial agreement, relationship with a powerful person
Bear + book (26): financial secret, unknown man, audit
Bear + letter (27): invoice, financial news, check in the mail
Bear + man (28): powerful man, overweight man, bodybuilder
Bear + woman (29): mother, woman and her boss, overweight woman, powerful woman
Bear + lily (30): 2 men, older person with money, business partner, financial advisor
Bear + sun (31): financial success, prosperity
Bear + moon (32): money from creative endeavors
Bear + key (33): financial success
Bear + fish (34): financial business, a lot of money, diet industry

Bear + anchor (35): financial stability, long-term boss

Bear + cross (36): financial burden, donations

Keywords- wishes, hopes, dreams or a dreamer, inherently positive
This is a lovely card suggesting wishes granted and things panning out the way you would like. It represents an inner self confidence
that no matter what happens youll work it out and get through it.
In combination
Star/ Stork- something long desired finally happening
Star/ Dog- a lovely friend or friendship, someone you can count on no matter how long its been since youve seen them
Star/ Tower- romanticizing your past, remembering things the way you want to, seeing the best in what happened
Star/ Garden- a lovely night out or social group, friends who make you happy, social support
Star/ Mountain- making the most of an enforced wait, trusting that challenges and obstacles will be overcome, not letting troubles
get you down
Star/ Road- a wish come true, the granting of a wish which changes things
Star/ Mouse- a small wish granted, taking small steps to achieve a wish
Star/ Heart- love as you imagined it would be, creating a beautiful relationship
Star/ Ring- a lovely family life, being supported by those around you
Star/ Book- a secret wish
Star/ Letter- good news which answers a wish, or news you were hoping for
Star/ Man/ Woman- someone youve been hoping for, someone who supports you and your endeavours
Star/ Lily- good health, healing and wellness
Star/ Sun- wishes granted, happiness, good times
Star/ Moon- something hoped for will happen soon, contentment
Star/ Key- success, everything will work out in your favour
Star/ Money- good fortune, improvement in finances, a windfall
Star/ Anchor- someone good natured, permanent optimism, a glass half full attitude
Star/ Cross- following your life path, being on track with your ultimate goals, spiritual truth
Star + rider (1): great news, inspiration, dreams come true
Star + clover (2): success, good luck, happiness
Star + ship (3): dream vacation, something promising will happen during a trip, international reputation
Star + house (4): dream house, famous house
Star + tree (5): spiritual healing, destiny
Star + clouds (6): uncertainty, confusion
Star + snake (7): famous woman, problems reaching goals
Star + coffin (8): giving up, coming to an end
Star + bouquet (9): celebrity, good reputation, great happiness
Star + scythe (10): fast action, implementation
Star + whip (11): success, athlete
Star + birds (12): public speaker, conference, networking, famous couple
Star + child (13): famous child, successful new start
Star + fox (14): cunning idea, promotion
Star + bear (15): financial goals, investment ideas
Star + stork (17): positive change, change of mind
Star + dog (18): famous friend, lucky friend
Star + tower (19): success with officials, lofty goals
Star + garden (20): public event, party, well-received by the public
Star + mountain (21): slow progress, dreams are blocked
Star + crossroad (22): important decision, successful decision
Star + mice (23): fear of fame, loss of respect
Star + heart (24): crush, lucky love
Star + ring (25): contract is signed, good relationship
Star + book (26): bestseller, fortune teller, secret invention
Star + letter (27): recommendation, great news
Star + man (28): successful man, famous man
Star + woman (29): popular woman, psychic woman
Star + lily (30): older celebrity, success with/for an older man
Star + sun (31): big win, honor
Star + moon (32): honor, success, fame, creative ideas
Star + key (33): winner, awards, success
Star + fish (34): financial success, new ideas are financially rewarding
Star + anchor (35): long-term fame, hall of fame, legend
Star + cross (36): spiritual ideas, fate

Keywords- an event, also movement and change but connected with something in particular happening
The Stork can be movement and travel but for me its nearly always been a specific event. As a marker it has always come up when
I could say oh thats when such and such happened.
In combination
Stork/ Dog- doing something with a friend, an event or outing
Stork/ Tower- a past event, your current situation stemming from a past turning point
Stork/ Garden- a party or social event
Stork/ Mountain- an event you need to get past, an event you arent looking forward
Stork/ Road- travelling to an event, movement, events happening faster then you expected
Stork/ Mouse- a loan, setting up something that needs to be paid back or something that happens in small stages
Stork/ Heart- something happening that you are very happy with or love
Stork/ Ring- a family event
Stork/ Book- a surprise event, something happening out of the blue or that you didnt know about
Stork/ Letter- news that sets the time and date for something to happen
Stork/ Man/ Woman- the arrival of someone important in your life
Stork/ Lily- an operation or event concerning your health
Stork/ Sun- a happy event, if youve been waiting for something this is it
Stork/ Moon- an invitation to an event
Stork/ Key- success, completion of a project, culmination
Stork/ Fish- a lump sum of money, a sum that is outside your normal income
Stork/ Anchor- an event that was always going to happen, something certain finally occurring
Stork/ Cross- a destined event, a spiritual event
Stork + rider (1): Change brings a new person into your life, news of change
Stork + clover (2): lucky changes, good move
Stork + ship (3): change of residence, travel plans change
Stork + house (4): moving, renovation
Stork + tree (5): health improvements, long lasting changes
Stork + clouds (6): uncertain change, lack of focus
Stork + snake (7): changes for a woman, change brings trouble
Stork + coffin (8): cancelled, no change
Stork + bouquet (9): redecorating, positive change, improvements
Stork + scythe (10): sudden change, permanent change
Stork + whip (11): uneasy change, conversations bring transformation
Stork + birds (12): relationship evolves, uneasy change
Stork + child (13): pregnancy, birth, changes for a child
Stork + fox (14): job change, promotion, positive change (related to cunning/intrigue)
Stork + bear (15): financial increase, new boss
Stork + star (16): making progress, positive change
Stork + dog (18): new friend(s)
Stork + tower (19): end of loneliness, government change
Stork + garden (20): positive change, change becomes public
Stork + mountain (21): slow progress, changes are stalled
Stork + crossroad (22): change brings a decision, going separate paths
Stork + mice (23): stressful change, discouragement, negative change
Stork + heart (24): positive relationship changes, changes youve hoped for
Stork + ring (25): engagement, promise, contract changes
Stork + book (26): secret is revealed, research
Stork + letter (27): news of change
Stork + man (28): flexible man, man who wants change
Stork + woman (29): change for a woman, independent woman
Stork + lily (30): older man causes change, personal growth, maturity
Stork + sun (31): positive change, success, high energy
Stork + moon (32): successful change, emotional contentment
Stork + key (33): significant change, change will definitely happen, life-changing event
Stork + fish (34): financial change, profitable change
Stork + anchor (35): long-term results, good progress
Stork + cross (36): difficult changes, unwanted change
Keywords- a friend or friendship, a pet or animal
While it can mean a pet or animal, it most often refers to a friend. This is nearly always a special or very good friend as opposed to
acquaintances. Someone important.
In combination

Dog/ Tower- an old friend or friend from the past

Dog/ Garden- good friends, your peer group
Dog/ Mountain- a difficult friendship, or friendship going through a difficult patch
Dog/ Road- a change in the nature of your friendship, or change in best friends
Dog/ Mouse- a friendship that costs you something, a friend who undermines your self confidence
Dog/ Heart- your partner as your best friend, a love relationship that is more like friendship, your closest companion
Dog/ Ring- a good friendship with a relative, a friend so close you consider them family
Dog/ Book- a friend you havent met yet, can be a friend youve only spoken with online
Dog/ Letter- news from or about a friend
Dog/ Man/ Woman- a male or female friend
Dog/ Lily- a friend met through work, a colleague or work mate
Dog/ Sun- a good friendship, a happy friend
Dog/ Moon- a building friendship, a friendship steadily getting deeper
Dog/ Key- a friend has the answer you seek, a successful friendship, going into business with a friend
Dog/ Fish- money lent between friends- fish swimming towards the dog is lending to them, fish swimming away is them lending to
Dog/ Anchor- a solid friendship, a certain friendship that will survive whatever is thrown at it
Dog/ Cross- a soul mate, someone from your soul tribe, karmic connections
Dog + rider (1): new friendship, someone you know is coming to see you
Dog + clover (2): lucky friend, helpful friend
Dog + ship (3): travel companion, friend visits
Dog + house (4): pet, doghouse, family friend, neighbor
Dog + tree (5): doctor, nurse, ill friend
Dog + clouds (6): uncertain friendship, indecisive friend
Dog + snake (7): dishonest friend, friendly woman, woman and a dog, dog caught a snake
Dog + coffin (8): end of friendship
Dog + bouquet (9): good friendship, friendly people
Dog + scythe (10): someone you know has an accident, friendship ends, friend makes a fast decision
Dog + whip (11): dog trainer, arguments with a friend
Dog + birds (12): conversations, meetings, socializing, talkative friend
Dog + child (13): child with a dog, new dog, young dog, small dog, school friends
Dog + fox (14): false friend, hunter
Dog + bear (15): financial advisor, powerful friend
Dog + star (16): famous friend, lucky friend
Dog + stork (17): friendship changes
Dog + tower (19): friend in the government, private friend, lonely friend
Dog + garden (20): social acquaintance, networking, popular friend, meeting a friend at an event
Dog + mountain (21): problems in a friendship, distance between friends
Dog + crossroad (22): someone you know faces a decision
Dog + mice (23): stressful friendship, loss of a friend
Dog + heart (24): friendship becomes love, loving friend
Dog + ring (25): devotion, commitment, loyalty
Dog + book (26): friend with a secret, someone you know is studying, introvert
Dog + letter (27): message from a friend
Dog + man (28): friendly man, companion
Dog + woman (29): loyal woman, trustworthy woman
Dog + lily (30): old friends, friends with benefits
Dog + sun (31): good friendship, strong friends
Dog + moon (32): creative friend
Dog + key (33): important friend, good friend
Dog + fish (34): business partner, financially sucessful friend
Dog + anchor (35): stable friendship, long-term friendship
Dog + cross (36): difficult friendship, friend provides support in tough times
Keywords- the past, something that began a long time ago, something continuous
The Tower is generally the past or something that has been around for a long time.
In combination
Tower/ Garden- a social group or setting that has been around a long time, something social youve been doing for a long time
Tower/ Mountain- the deep past, sometimes even past life, something from your past you have never gotten over
Tower/ Road- leaving your past behind, a change in the way you see something from the past
Tower/ Mouse- paying for something from the past, past events eating away at you, guilt
Tower/ Heart- a past love or lover
Tower/ Ring- a family member you havent seen in a long time, something that happened before happening again
Tower/ Book- something hidden in the past, exploring your memories, finding old photos/ letters/ etc, a trip down memory lane
Tower/ Letter- news of the past, discovering the truth of past events, old news

Tower/ Man/ Woman- someone from your past

Tower/ Lily- an old illness or injury, something ongoing, or old hurts returned
Tower/ Sun- happy memories, reminiscing, a good childhood
Tower/ Moon- a reunion, meeting up with someone or something from the past
Tower/ Key- success lies with something or someone from the past, past successes
Tower/ Fish- old money, inheritance, receiving something valuable from the past, matured investments
Tower/ Anchor- content to leave the past in the past, feeling secure in your current situation because of solid foundations, building
solid foundations
Tower/ Cross- current events being bigger then this life, spiritual evolution, being protected by someone/ something outside
yourself, guidance from your Higher Self
Tower + rider (1): government messages, post office
Tower + clover (2): opportunity with authorities, lucky school
Tower + ship (3): airport, business trip
Tower + house (4): big house, apartment building
Tower + tree (5): hospital, meditation center
Tower + clouds (6): troubled government, uncertainty with authorities
Tower + snake (7): independent woman, problems with government, legal problems
Tower + coffin (8): cemetary, loneliness ends
Tower + bouquet (9): university party, positive legal outcome
Tower + scythe (10): legal decision, destruction
Tower + whip (11): gym, fitness center
Tower + birds (12): Congress, Parliament, legal worries
Tower + child (13): college, university, adoption agency
Tower + fox (14): civil service employee, corporate employee, government deception
Tower + bear (15): financial company, bank, protecting finances
Tower + star (16): loneliness while pursuing dreams, guarded dreams
Tower + stork (17): government change, safe change
Tower + dog (18): protecting a friend
Tower + garden (20): hospital, public building
Tower + mountain (21): government roadblocks, loneliness
Tower + crossroad (22): lonely decision, lonely path, government options
Tower + mice (23): corporate loss, university loss
Tower + heart (24): lonely relationship, separation
Tower + ring (25): government contract
Tower + book (26): teacher, professor
Tower + letter (27): notice from authorities
Tower + man (28): tall man, government employee, executive
Tower + woman (29): arrogant woman, lonely woman, corporate executive
Tower + lily (30): seniors center, senator
Tower + sun (31): government leader, success with public authorities
Tower + moon (32): creative enterprise, emotional protection
Tower + key (33): success with legal authorities, independence, strong protection
Tower + fish (34): bank, trade center
Tower + anchor (35): port, long-term protection
Tower + cross (36): problems with authorities, church, temple

Keywords- something public, workplaces, nightclubs, nature, out there
The Garden is social, busy, often fun. Its about your social group and place in society. It can be work related or fun related
depending on what else it is with.
In combination
Garden/ Mountain- a difficult social setting or work place, obstacles to overcome socially
Garden/ Road- a change of job or social group
Garden/ Mouse- your social group costing you, keeping up with the Joneses, work wearing you down
Garden/ Heart- loving your social life, a social butterfly, someone popular but superficial
Garden/ Ring- a family party or working for family, a work place so close it feels like family
Garden/ Book- secret social life, who you are at work or out and about being different to who you are at home or by yourself
Garden/ Letter- work news, working where there are lots of papers
Garden/ Man/ Woman- an acquaintance
Garden/ Lily- working in the health industry, healing, looking after others, volunteering
Garden/ Sun- a job you love, a happy social life
Garden/ Moon- a job offer, a promotion, hobnobbing with those above you
Garden/ Key- success at work, a job that has many good prospects
Garden/ Fish- your income, your daily job
Garden/ Anchor- staying put, being passed over or rejecting a promotion, a reliable group of friends

Garden/ Cross- you are where you are meant to be, something important coming to you
Garden + rider (1): meeting someone new
Garden + clover (2): fun party, successful networking
Garden + ship (3): cruise ship, party on a ship, tour group
Garden + house (4): party at home, house with a garden, visitors to a house
Garden + tree (5): health-focused activities, hospital, spa
Garden + clouds (6): public disruption, problems with an event, troubles with guests
Garden + snake (7): meeting a woman, disturbance
Garden + coffin (8): public ending, destruction, canceled event
Garden + bouquet (9): happy event, good meeting, popular
Garden + scythe (10): group decision
Garden + whip (11): public argument, debate
Garden + birds (12): speech, concert, public gathering
Garden + child (13): event with children, playground
Garden + fox (14): co-workers, problems with a meeting
Garden + bear (15): caterer, lottery
Garden + star (16): support group, motivational seminar, public success
Garden + stork (17): public changes, growth
Garden + dog (18): popular friend, meeting a friend, reunion
Garden + tower (19): society, public building
Garden + mountain (21): boring event, canceled meeting, problems with the public
Garden + crossroad (22): public decision, hiking, walking though a garden
Garden + mice (23): worrisome event, event is canceled, public stress
Garden + heart (24): meeting a lover, engagement party
Garden + ring (25): engagement, public agreement, wedding
Garden + book (26): school, library, students
Garden + letter (27): invitation to an event
Garden + man (28): popular man, man in the public eye, player
Garden + woman (29): woman in public, sociable woman, philanthropist
Garden + lily (30): strip bar, meditation center, meeting an older man
Garden + sun (31): success, fame
Garden + moon (32): art show, celebrity
Garden + key (33): success with the public, important meeting
Garden + fish (34): bank, union
Garden + anchor (35): stability
Garden + cross (36): prayer, burial, therapy
Keywords- obstacles, something definite, unavoidable challenges
The Mountain usually refers to something big and important. It is about challenges and overcoming difficulties. The cards it comes
with will tell you how to overcome those challenges and something about the nature of them.
In combination
Mountain/ Road- a difficult change, obstacles to overcome before you can change your life
Mountain/ Mouse- attacking your challenges by nibbling away at them, coming at your challenges from lots of different angles
Mountain/ Heart- relationship difficulties, an obstacle to overcome before your happy ever after
Mountain/ Ring- family difficulties, family placing obstacles in your path, family objecting to something you are doing or want to
Mountain/ Book- unknown difficulties, going into something not knowing everything about it, being under prepared
Mountain/ Letter- difficult news, news that stops you in your tracks, news about something youll need to overcome
Mountain/ Man/ Woman- someone who is blocking your progress
Mountain/ Lily- permanent health issues that need to be worked around or with, disability or a major setback with your health
Mountain/ Sun- overcoming obstacles, something that was blocking you fading away like morning mist
Mountain/ Moon- a difficult proposition, an invitation that causes problems
Mountain/ Key- success over difficultly, finding the solution, negotiating a success resolution
Mountain/ Fish- money is the obstacle, not having the funds you need for something, sometimes a large sum of money
Mountain/ Anchor- a problem that wont go away, learning to work around something, putting up with a difficult situation
Mountain/ Cross- a soul lesson to learn, the sort of soul lesson that will just keep coming back in one form or another until you
finally get it
Mountain + rider (1): news arriving after delays, someone finally arrives
Mountain + clover (2): things are looking up, problems end well
Mountain + ship (3): travel occurs after delays, plane is late
Mountain + house (4): loneliness, cabin
Mountain + tree (5): health problems, lingering illness
Mountain + clouds (6): lost, procrastination, confusion
Mountain + snake (7): major problems, woman is late

Mountain + coffin (8): obstacles end

Mountain + bouquet (9): mountains, relief
Mountain + scythe (10): delayed action
Mountain + whip (11): impatience, long-term arguments
Mountain + birds (12): reconnecting, long-awaited phone call
Mountain + child (13): lonely child, problems with a new start
Mountain + fox (14): lack of career growth, leave of absence, unemployment
Mountain + bear (15): literally a bear in the mountains, financial restrictions, diet
Mountain + star (16): lack of motivation, dreams are blocked
Mountain + stork (17): things are moving forward again, restarting
Mountain + dog (18): single friend, loneliness, abandoned dog
Mountain + tower (19): imprisonment, government/legal restrictions, isolation
Mountain + garden (20): vacation, delayed meeting
Mountain + crossroad (22): delayed decision, hiking, walks
Mountain + mice (23): problems end
Mountain + heart (24): lonely, cold heart
Mountain + ring (25): lonely relationship, duty
Mountain + book (26): slow studies
Mountain + letter (27): delayed news, no response
Mountain + man (28): indifferent man, man has blocks
Mountain + woman (29): cold woman, stressed woman
Mountain + lily (30): no sex life, isolation, winter
Mountain + sun (31): success finally occurs
Mountain + moon (32): depression, insensitive
Mountain + key (33): obstacles are overcome
Mountain + fish (34): financial problems, money is late, fishing
Mountain + anchor (35): long-term blocks
Mountain + cross (36): burdens, at the end of your rope, depression
Keywords- life path, a new direction, progress
The Road is mostly about change, getting on with your life and stuff happening. Its movement is more figurative then literal but can
mean actual travel as well.
In combination
Road/ Mouse- an expensive turn, youll have to pay out more money then you budgeted for or expected, sometimes lots of small
Road/ Heart- a new love, a change of heart
Road/ Ring- going around in circles, dj vu, trying something you tried once before
Road/ Book- trying something youve never tried before, jumping in blindly, trusting fate
Road/ Letter- news that changes things, discovering something that changes your life
Road/ Man/ Woman- someone who changes things for you, the source of the change
Road/ Lily- travelling for treatment or health, a change in health
Road/ Sun- a change for the better, a fun trip
Road/ Moon- a invitation to change, a suggestion about how things can be improved
Road/ Key- a successful change, something going according to plan
Road/ Fish- a change in income, swimming towards the road money is increasing, swimming away money is decreasing or no
longer going as far
Road/ Anchor- being unsure if you should stay or go, being indecisive, the world changing around you and you resisting
Road/ Cross- being at a crossroads in life, an important turning point in your life that will change everything
Crossroad + rider (1): a message that affects a decision, multiple messages
Crossroad + clover (2): lucky decision, fortunate path
Crossroad + ship (3): multiple travel options, car trip
Crossroad + house (4): two houses, decision affects a family
Crossroad + tree (5): decision about ones health, karmic journey
Crossroad + clouds (6): uncertain decision, no clear option
Crossroad + snake (7): difficult choices, problems with a decision
Crossroad + coffin (8): no options, negative outcome, end of the road
Crossroad + bouquet (9): walk in nature, positive outcome
Crossroad + scythe (10): final decision, problematic decision, accident
Crossroad + whip (11): difficult decision, decision wrought with arguments
Crossroad + birds (12): multiple decisions, a lot of discussions
Crossroad + child (13): twins, siblings, decision brings a new beginning
Crossroad + fox (14): job-related decision, 2 jobs, part-time work
Crossroad + bear (15): multiple sources of income, decision affects finances
Crossroad + star (16): positive outcome, leader
Crossroad + stork (17): decision brings change, progress, movement

Crossroad + dog (18): two friends, decision about a friend

Crossroad + tower (19): legal decision, decision to go alone
Crossroad + garden (20): walk in a garden, multiple parties
Crossroad + mountain (21): delayed decision, no results
Crossroad + mice (23): stressful choices, exhaustion, strain
Crossroad + heart (24): not committed, two partners
Crossroad + ring (25): multiple offers, agreement
Crossroad + book (26): discovery, two books
Crossroad + letter (27): multiple letters, news is on its way, decision brings awaited news
Crossroad + man (28): hesitant man, uncommitted man
Crossroad + woman (29): uncertain woman, unsettled woman
Crossroad + lily (30): decision brings peace
Crossroad + sun (31): successful outcome, making the right choice
Crossroad + moon (32): emotional decision, successful decision
Crossroad + key (33): important decision, destiny
Crossroad + fish (34): multiple businesses, multiple incomes, trade
Crossroad + anchor (35): decision brings stability, work-related decision, confidence
Crossroad + cross (36): difficult choice, destiny
Keywords- nibbling, small frustrations, bills, long running but often unnoticed problems
The little mousey is SO annoying. He nibbles away at things, hes bills, and repetition. The sort of things that you dont often notice
until to late. On the plus side, hes not the end of the world.
In combination
Mouse/ Heart- the relationship is costing you something either literally with bills and money or emotionally with your self esteem
being eaten away
Mouse/ Ring- a payment or bill or expense with no end in sight, or family who costs you something
Mouse/ Book- a hidden cost, or something is going wrong somewhere that you dont yet know about
Mouse/ Letter- bills
Mouse/ Man/ Woman- someone annoying, someone who nibbles away at you or your self esteem
Mouse/ Lily- a small annoying health issue, head lice (!)
Mouse/ Sun- something you are saving for or paying off that makes you happy, a debt you are happy to pay
Mouse/ Moon- an invitation or idea that ends up cost you something
Mouse/ Key- a solution of many small parts
Mouse/ Fish- small amounts, fishing heading towards the mouse small amounts coming in, fish heading away small amounts going
Mouse/ Anchor- a constant expense,
Mouse/ Cross- paying back something spiritually, an emotional debt
Mice + rider (1): apprehensive about someone coming, troubling news
Mice + clover (2): nervous excitement, butterflies in the stomach
Mice + ship (3): transportation problems, car theft, mechanical issues
Mice + house (4): repairs needed at home (e.g., plumbing, roof), pest problem
Mice + tree (5): depression, stressful illness
Mice + clouds (6): suicidal, depression, lost
Mice + snake (7): theft involving a woman, major problems, difficulty coping
Mice + coffin (8): worries end, relief, exhaustion
Mice + bouquet (9): anticipation, excitement
Mice + scythe (10): separation, stressful decision
Mice + whip (11): stressful arguments, challenging loss, stress has physical side effects
Mice + birds (12): stressful conversations, nervous energy, difficulty staying in one place, fright
Mice + child (13): hyper child, improvements
Mice + fox (14): stressful job, job loss
Mice + bear (15): financial loss, dieting
Mice + star (16): pressure to achieve goals
Mice + stork (17): difficult changes, unwanted change
Mice + dog (18): exhausting friendship, worried friend, sick dog
Mice + tower (19): problems with the government or law
Mice + garden (20): stressful event, beware of pick pockets
Mice + mountain (21): giving up, long-term worry, stressful obstacles, frustration
Mice + crossroad (22): uncertain choices, worrisome decision
Mice + heart (24): heartache, emotional stress
Mice + ring (25): break-up of a relationship, stressful relationship, undependable agreement
Mice + book (26): secret is revealed, stressful studies, final exams, worried about the unknown
Mice + letter (27): stressful news, lost message
Mice + man (28): ill man, worried man, depressed man
Mice + woman (29): exhausted woman, overworked woman

Mice + lily (30): end of an affair, sexual dysfunction, age-related health problems
Mice + sun (31): victory comes after hard work, lack of energy
Mice + moon (32): emotional stress, moody, depression
Mice + key (33): improvements, things arent as good as they appear
Mice + fish (34): financial loss, business problems
Mice + anchor (35): unemployment, difficult situation, long-term stress
Mice + cross (36): grief, loss, anxiety
Keywords- love, matters of the heart
Not surprisingly, the Heart is all about matters of the heart, love and relationships. On its own its generally good. Especially so with
a few notable cards. There are a few exceptions though.
In combination
Heart/ Ring- marriage or a married couple
Heart/ Book- a love you have not yet met, a love you dont know very well
Heart/ Letter- love news, hearing from a loved one, news youll love
Heart/ Man/ Woman- your love
Heart/ Lily- healing hurts in a relationship, forgiveness
Heart/ Sun- happiness in love, everything is going well
Heart/ Moon- a proposition, an offer of love, someone loves you
Heart/ Key- success in love, achieving a romantic goal
Heart/ Fish- a wealthy relationship, partners who work well together
Heart/ Anchor- you can be sure of your love, your love is solid
Heart/ Cross- a destined love, a soul mate relationship that may not be without its drama but is very deep and meaningful
Heart + rider (1): new love, passionate message
Heart + clover (2): lucky in love
Heart + ship (3): long-distance relationship, romantic trip, honeymoon
Heart + house (4): loving family
Heart + tree (5): karmic connection, heart problems
Heart + clouds (6): uncertain love, dishonest relationship
Heart + snake (7): affair, cheating, lies, jealousy
Heart + coffin (8): heartache, end of a relationship
Heart + bouquet (9): happy relationship, great love
Heart + scythe (10): heartache, break-up, decision about love life
Heart + whip (11): passion, sex
Heart + birds (12): couple, romantic conversations
Heart + child (13): young love, high school sweetheart
Heart + fox (14): passionate job, dishonest relationship, emotional dishonesty
Heart + bear (15): protective lover, wealthy partner, jealousy, overbearing partner
Heart + star (16): positive love, man/woman of your dreams
Heart + stork (17): change of heart, evolving relationship
Heart + dog (18): best friend, soulmate, friends and lovers
Heart + tower (19): big love, loneliness in love life
Heart + garden (20): uncommitted, player, multiple partners, public displays of affection
Heart + mountain (21): cold heart, lack of effort in love
Heart + crossroad (22): multiple partners, separation, passionate decision
Heart + mice (23): heartache, worrisome love, loss of love
Heart + ring (25): marriage, partnership
Heart + book (26): secret love, hidden affair, crush
Heart + letter (27): love letter, message connected to love
Heart + man (28): loving man, generous, passionate
Heart + woman (29): loving woman, kind, gentle
Heart + lily (30): older love, passionate sex life
Heart + sun (31): successful relationship, passionate love
Heart + moon (32): romance, deep love
Heart + key (33): significant love, certain love
Heart + fish (34): love of money, matchmaker, deep love, spiritual love
Heart + anchor (35): commitment, long-term relationship
Heart + cross (36): fated love, painful love, heartache, insecurity
Keywords- relationships, often family obligations, unbreakable bonds, sometimes going round in circles
The card of family and bonds. This is a good card as well, on the whole, but like families in general it is not without its challenges.
In combination
Ring/ Book- family secrets, can be a wedding ceremony especially with the garden as well

Ring/ Letter- family news

Ring/ Man/ Woman- a family member
Ring/ Lily- a hereditary health issue
Ring/ Sun- happy family life
Ring/ Moon- a proposition you cant avoid, an invitation or proposition concerning family
Ring/ Key- successful family life, success thanks to family or family connections
Ring/ Fish- family money, money given or lend among family members, using only interest amounts and not the principal
Ring/ Anchor- family you can count on, strong support and strength, you can be sure that those who love you have got your back
with this combo
Ring/ Cross- what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, someone getting their just desserts
Ring + rider (1): new partner (business or romantic)
Ring + clover (2): beneficial agreement, lucky cycle
Ring + ship (3): international business agreement, contract to buy a ship
Ring + house (4): house purchase/sale/rental
Ring + tree (5): relationship improves, long-term agreement
Ring + clouds (6): uncertain arrangement, suspicious contract
Ring + snake (7): agreement with a woman, relationship with another woman, difficult contract
Ring + coffin (8): end of a relationship, contract is terminated
Ring + bouquet (9): engagement, proposal, happy agreement
Ring + scythe (10): divorce, contract ends abruptly
Ring + whip (11): troubled relationship, difficult contract negotiations
Ring + birds (12): multiple partners, negotiations
Ring + child (13): adoption agreement, agreement with a child, custody agreement
Ring + fox (14): job offer, employment contract, dishonest agreement
Ring + bear (15): financial agreement, business partner
Ring + star (16): positive contract, relationship goals, famous connection
Ring + stork (17): contract changes/renegotiation, changes in a relationship
Ring + dog (18): partner, business associate
Ring + tower (19): lonely relationship, legal agreement
Ring + garden (20): public agreement, marriage, public couple (e.g., high society, famous)
Ring + mountain (21): problems with a contract, distance in a relationship
Ring + crossroad (22): multiple partners, multiple contracts, separation
Ring + mice (23): contract falling apart, end of a relationship
Ring + heart (24): marriage, partnership, civil union
Ring + book (26): due diligence investigation, contracts, secret relationship
Ring + letter (27): news about a contract, written agreement
Ring + man (28): married man, husband, fiance, partner
Ring + woman (29): married woman, wife, fiancee, partner
Ring + lily (30): affair with another man, old relationship
Ring + sun (31): successful agreement, good partnership
Ring + moon (32): emotional connection, strong attraction, successful agreement
Ring + key (33): successful relationship, contract will be signed
Ring + fish (34): business agreement, solid relationship
Ring + anchor (35): long-term arrangement, stable relationship
Ring + cross (36): difficult relationship, painful relationship
Keywords- something unknown, secrets, learning, reading, hiding
The Book is unopened so it represents things you are still yet to find out. In this day and age though I have noticed it stands for
technology itself, computers, online, etc as well as reading and writing. Its a rather busy card that needs a companion card for it to
make much sense.
In combination
Book/ Letter- discovering something, the net, online, research, writing, sharing knowledge
Book/ Man/ Woman- someone you havent met yet
Book/ Lily- researching health issues, an unknown health issue
Book/ Sun- discovering something awesome, learning
Book/ Moon- a surprise proposition or invitation, the internets
Book/ Key- written success, success in the written world, success you dont know about yet
Book/ Fish- a sum of money you dont know about yet, money earned through writing
Book/ Anchor- a published book or work, knowledge from definite sources (like an encyclopaedia or something official), secret
confidence, knowing something but not knowing how you know it
Book/ Cross- spiritually learning and study, researching something deeper
Book + rider (1): message reveals a secret, unexpected visitor
Book + clover (2): lucky discovery, unexpected breakthrough
Book + ship (3): international studies, secret trip

Book + house (4): home inspection, unknown house, documents for a house
Book + tree (5): medical studies, arborist
Book + clouds (6): confusing information, unhelpful information
Book + snake (7): wisdom, lies, misinformed
Book + coffin (8): end of studies, secret is revealed
Book + bouquet (9): happy discovery, successful studies
Book + scythe (10): studying to be a surgeon, secret is revealed, unexpected ending or decision
Book + whip (11): secret is hard to keep, exams, challenging studies
Book + birds (12): public speaking classes, PR expert, discussions about something learned
Book + child (13): student, secret child
Book + fox (14): teacher, useful information
Book + bear (15): accounting books, financial studies
Book + star (16): esoteric studies, good information
Book + stork (17): changes happen in secret, studies change
Book + dog (18): intelligent friend, friend with a secret, shy friend, dog training
Book + tower (19): college/university, legal studies, political science major, professor
Book + garden (20): published book, workshop, meet the author events, seminar
Book + mountain (21): geological studies, information is hard to gather, studies are delayed
Book + crossroad (22): two books, decision about ones studies, dual major
Book + mice (23): stressful studies, final exams, failed exams, expensive education
Book + heart (24): secret admirer, secret crush, cardiologist
Book + ring (25): diploma, secret relationship
Book + letter (27): secret message, documents
Book + man (28): shy man, intelligent man
Book + woman (29): woman with a secret, educated woman
Book + lily (30): affair, unknown man, expert
Book + sun (31): successful studies, successful exams, highly intelligent, positive discovery
Book + moon (32): psychologist, psychiatrist, creative writer, successful book
Book + key (33): important discovery, secret is revealed, very successful book
Book + fish (34): business major, MBA, marine biologist, unexpected money
Book + anchor (35): long-term studies
Book + cross (36): secret is a burden, religious studies, fated knowledge
Keywords- news by phone/ email/ text, communication, secrets revealed
The letter is the most important news. Its nearly always in writing and its always reliable, unlike the Bird who could just be gossip.
Trust any news you receive when the letter appears.
In combination
Letter/ Man/ Woman- the bearer of news or news about
Letter/ Lily- a diagnosis, health news
Letter/ Sun- really good news
Letter/ Moon- an invitation, news you will like
Letter/ Key- news about a success, hearing back in regards to something, passing a test
Letter/ Fish- news about money, money on its way if the fish is swimming towards the letters, paying for something if the fish is
swimming away from the letters though it is implied that its something you are happy to pay for and have the funds for
Letter/ Anchor- news you can be sure of, news you may already know that is finally being made public
Letter/ Cross- messages from the other side, messages from your guides or Higher Self, significant dreams
Letter + rider (1): messages, information
Letter + clover (2): good news, lotto ticket, raffle ticket
Letter + ship (3): information from abroad, international documents, business communication
Letter + house (4): news about a house, documents related to a property sale (e.g., title, contracts)
Letter + tree (5): prescription, health insurance, medical degree
Letter + clouds (6): confusing information, uncertain outcome, cancellation
Letter + snake (7): bad news, message about a woman, false message
Letter + coffin (8): getting rid of documents (e.g., shredding, throwing away), bad news
Letter + bouquet (9): invitation, good news, helpful information
Letter + scythe (10): no message, message brings a fast decision
Letter + whip (11): angry letter, sexual message, signature
Letter + birds (12): group of writers, multiple messages, much talked about information
Letter + child (13): message about a child, birth announcement, short letter
Letter + fox (14): job offer, letter at work, untrustworthy message
Letter + bear (15): financial news, invoice, check, message about a mother or grandmother
Letter + star (16): email, positive message
Letter + stork (17): message brings change, update
Letter + dog (18): pen pal, news about a friend
Letter + tower (19): legal document, letter from the government

Letter + garden (20): invitation, direct mail marketing, email marketing, newsletter
Letter + mountain (21): delayed information, no message
Letter + crossroad (22): multiple messages, message about a decision
Letter + mice (23): lost message, stressful information
Letter + heart (24): love letter, internet dating
Letter + ring (25): contract, written agreement, prenuptial agreement
Letter + book (26): documents, contracts, binders, folders, notebooks
Letter + man (28): writer, communicative man, message about a man
Letter + woman (29): message about a woman, graduate
Letter + lily (30): old news, message from an older man
Letter + sun (31): great news
Letter + moon (32): creative writing, positive news, love letter
Letter + key (33): important message, letter arrives
Letter + fish (34): business documents, financial documents, fish wrapped in newspaper
Letter + anchor (35): letter takes a while to arrive, positive news, work-related message
Letter + cross (36): painful information, fated message
Man/ Woman
Keywords- a man or woman important to the querent or the querent himself or herself
In traditional decks and spreads the Man and Woman are the cards that the whole reading centres around. I have found them to be
slightly less important the way I read them. They will however pretty much always mean you or your querent. Occasionally they
will be about someone else. Most often people will identify them as someone else when they are paired with not so nice cards
because most people dont like to see themselves as not so nice. Bear that in mind when you are reading for yourself and others.
Sometimes you really are the person being not so nice, ok.
In combination
Man/ Woman/ Lily- someone unwell or a doctor or healer
Man/ Woman/ Sun- someone happy and optimistic
Man/ Woman/ Moon- someone about to be or who has recently been honoured in some way
Man/ Woman/ Key- someone successful or who holds the key to your success
Man/ Woman/ Fish- someone wealthy
Man/ Woman/ Anchor- someone who is a permanent fixture in your life, someone reliable
Man/ Woman/ Cross- someone very spiritual
Man + rider (1): active man, man coming into your life, man bringing you a message
Man + clover (2): man taking advantage of an opportunity, gambler, lucky man
Man + ship (3): foreigner, man going on a trip
Man + house (4): family man, realtor, landlord
Man + tree (5): ill man, religious man, man who works in medicine
Man + clouds (6): confused, unstable, troubled
Man + snake (7): man and a woman, dishonest man, man will cause problems, seductive man
Man + coffin (8): ill man, depressed man
Man + bouquet (9): happy, charming, attractive
Man + scythe (10): surgeon, aggressive man, fast acting man, decisive
Man + whip (11): physically abusive, sexual, argumentative
Man + birds (12): two men, communicative man, outgoing
Man + child (13): man with a child, young-looking, immature
Man + fox (14): workaholic, dishonest, crafty, cunning
Man + bear (15): two men, man and his mother/grandmother, man with a temper, protective, controlling, strong
Man + star (16): successful man, psychic, dreamer
Man + stork (17): flexible man, man brings change
Man + dog (18): two men, a man you know, loyal man
Man + tower (19): private man, lonely man, public official, tall, proud
Man + garden (20): player, man in the public eye, sociable
Man + mountain (21): loner, man has blocks, single man
Man + crossroad (22): man facing a decision, unstable
Man + mice (23): stressed man, nervous, broke
Man + heart (24): man in love, affectionate, romantic
Man + ring (25): married, engaged, committed
Man + book (26): educated, secretive, intelligent, man whom the querent doesnt know, introverted
Man + letter (27): message from a man, postal worker, journalist
Man + woman (29): a couple, connection
Man + lily (30): older man, patient, established, retired
Man + sun (31): successful, optimistic
Man + moon (32): creative, artistic, emotional
Man + key (33): successful, dependable, important man
Man + fish (34): businessman, wealthy
Man + anchor (35): stable, dependable, slow to act

Man + cross (36): religious, burdened

Keywords- health, hospitals, looking after oneself
This card has been predominately about health for me though quite a few people find it is actually work. Try both meanings and go
with the one that works for you.
In combination
Lily/ Sun- good health
Lily/ Moon- improving health
Lily/ Key-successful treatment, finding out what actually wrong so it can be fixed properly
Lily/ Fish- health expenses, elective surgery, cosmetic surgery
Lily/ Anchor- as good as its going to get, very slow and steady improvement, learning to live with your limitations
Lily/ Cross- the sort of illness you have created yourself, complications from your lifestyle
Lily + rider (1): old news, message from a lover, peace comes from some news
Lily + clover (2): good times, good sex, an older man is lucky
Lily + ship (3): restful trip, winter trip
Lily + house (4): old house, mans family
Lily + tree (5): age-related health issues, sexual health problems
Lily + clouds (6): discontent, uncertainty, sexual problems, problems with family, senile
Lily + snake (7): man and a woman, sexual partners, troublesome older man, meanness
Lily + coffin (8): no sex life, forgetful, peace ends, divorced man
Lily + bouquet (9): joyful retirement, happy man, bouquet of lilies
Lily + scythe (10): accident, older surgeon, harmony ends, lack of passion
Lily + whip (11): stubborn arguments, old conflicts, slow to act
Lily + birds (12): older couple, counseling, long conversations
Lily + child (13): oldest child, grandfather and grandchild
Lily + fox (14): long-term job, affair, sneaking around, sexual problems
Lily + bear (15): pension, money for retirement, 401(k), aggressive businessman
Lily + star (16): lifetime achievement reward, famous man, good sex
Lily + stork (17): changes finally happen, man makes change, pregnancy
Lily + dog (18): old dog, lifelong friend
Lily + tower (19): assisted living center, government official, CEO
Lily + garden (20): senior center, sex in public
Lily + mountain (21): no movement, progress is blocked, no sex life
Lily + crossroad (22): man makes a decision, man has choices
Lily + mice (23): Alzheimers, sexually transmitted disease
Lily + heart (24): older love, passionate love
Lily + ring (25): married later in life, man makes an agreement
Lily + book (26): old books, expertise, secret affair, unknown man
Lily + letter (27): old letters, man receives a message, provocative letter
Lily + man (28): older man, mentor, grandfather, two men
Lily + woman (29): older woman, man and a woman, grandmother, mother
Lily + sun (31): successful man, success comes late in life, positive sexual experience
Lily + moon (32): sexual encounter, creative man
Lily + key (33): important man, mentor, certainty
Lily + fish (34): family business, old money
Lily + anchor (35): things wont change for a while, inheritance, long-term peace and calm
Lily + cross (36): depression, bad sex
Keywords- optimism, all good, can be success or that you are on the right path, something soon
Easily one of the best cards. If this comes up trust that its all good. Even the worst of cards is softened by the Sun. Generally it
means what ever you are asking about will either happen soon, within the next few days.
In combination
Sun/ Moon- an invitation to love, everything going smoothly for a while
Sun/ Key- ultimate success, this is a woo hoo! combination, everything falling into place as if by magic
Sun/ Fish- great good fortune, finances are under control and growing well
Sun/ Anchor- you can be sure that things will work out very well, everything is going in your favour no matter the appearances are
Sun/ Cross- rewards, spiritual progress, being in harmony with yourself
Sun + rider (1): great visit is about to happen, good news, successful encounter
Sun + clover (2): great luck, gambling success, good timing
Sun + ship (3): summer trip, success overseas
Sun + house (4): success at home, perfect house, hot house (e.g., air conditioning not working)
Sun + tree (5): good health, full of energy

Sun + clouds (6): success is fleeting, things arent what they appear
Sun + snake (7): successful women, success brings problems
Sun + coffin (8): successful ending, troubles could occur
Sun + bouquet (9): success and happiness
Sun + scythe (10): positive decision, fast ending, good results
Sun + whip (11): competition, sex, debate
Sun + birds (12): good conversations, great speech
Sun + child (13): promising start, energetic child
Sun + fox (14): success based on something unconventional, success based on deception, job success
Sun + bear (15): money is on its way, fortunate man
Sun + star (16): someone famous, honor, achievement, award
Sun + stork (17): positive change, desired outcome
Sun + dog (18): successful friend, good friend
Sun + tower (19): electric company, increased power, increased protection
Sun + garden (20): successful event, good party
Sun + mountain (21): delayed success, volcano
Sun + crossroad (22): branching out, expanding, pleasant walk
Sun + mice (23): loss of energy, fatigue, power outage
Sun + heart (24): passion, significant love
Sun + ring (25): great relationship, signed contract is successful
Sun + book (26): success at school, important information
Sun + letter (27): good news, award
Sun + man (28): charismatic, successful
Sun + woman (29): high energy, outgoing, optimistic
Sun + lily (30): success comes slowly, success later in life
Sun + moon (32): creative success, great romance
Sun + key (33): certain success, yes
Sun + fish (34): successful business, financial increase
Sun + anchor (35): goal is reached, success leads to staying put
Sun + cross (36): success is a burden, success is destined
Keywords- brightness, propositions, applying ideas, something that takes about a month
The Moon can sometimes be a little tricky. Generally its a sweet and positive card. Its about suggestions and propositions, ideas
and maybes.
In combination
Moon/ Key- someone will or has suggested the solution to your problem, an invitation or proposition that provides the solution
Moon/ Fish- a business idea, a suggestion to invest money, a financial proposition
Moon/ Anchor- a really good idea, an idea you can be sure of
Moon/ Cross- someone too wrapped up in spiritual pursuits to the detriment of their practical life, taking a leave of absence from
your practical life, a spiritual retreat
Moon + rider (1): romance with a new love interest, emotional visitor
Moon + clover (2): unexpected fame, good fortune
Moon + ship (3): honeymoon, night cruise
Moon + house (4): successful family, custom-built house
Moon + tree (5): emotional health, depression
Moon + clouds (6): depression, romantic uncertainty, uncertain fame
Moon + snake (7): emotional woman, emotional dishonesty, creative woman, disappointment
Moon + coffin (8): sadness, mental health, lack of creativity
Moon + bouquet (9): happiness, art work
Moon + scythe (10): emotional decision, separation, instability
Moon + whip (11): touchy subject, arguments related to creativity (ex: temperamental artist), conflicted about success, foreplay
Moon + birds (12): lovers, promising discussion
Moon + child (13): fertility, creative child
Moon + fox (14): creative job, successful job
Moon + bear (15): famous boss, financially rewarding project, recognition by management
Moon + star (16): psychic, honor, the night sky
Moon + stork (17): success brings change, creativity
Moon + dog (18): emotional support, affections for a friend, successful friend
Moon + tower (19): emotional protection, big fame, honored by the government
Moon + garden (20): meeting at night, night life, popular
Moon + mountain (21): lack of creativity, loneliness, no romance
Moon + crossroad (22): emotional decision, lack of commitment, 2 paths of success
Moon + mice (23): insecure, depression, insomnia
Moon + heart (24): romance, deep love/passion
Moon + ring (25): marriage, creative contract

Moon + book (26): successful book, night class, fiction book

Moon + letter (27): love letter, award, acceptance
Moon + man (28): charming man, emotional man
Moon + woman (29): sensitive woman, intuitive woman
Moon + lily (30): romance with a mature man, emotional security
Moon + sun (31): chemistry, big success
Moon + key (33): success is certain, important project
Moon + fish (34): successful business, creative business, deep emotional connection
Moon + anchor (35): long-term success, emotional stability
Moon + cross (36): emotional burden, challenging creative project
Keywords- success, solutions, problems solved, answers
No two ways about this one. Its success and problems solved through and through. The Key always moves things on. It resolves
situations and helps you just get on with things.
In combination
Key/ Fish/ financial success
Key/ Anchor- success you can be sure of, a long lasting success
Key/ Cross- there is a spiritual solution to your problem, solving a spiritual problem
Key + rider (1): important message, significant information, important visitor
Key + clover (2): luck, positive times, synchronicity
Key + ship (3): successful travels, important business
Key + house (4): important family, literally key to a house
Key + tree (5): needed health improvements, spiritual matters
Key + clouds (6): needed clarity, interference
Key + snake (7): important woman, danger, act wisely
Key + coffin (8): illness, important transformation
Key + bouquet (9): be happy, good times
Key + scythe (10): important decision, be careful
Key + whip (11): significant conversations, important actions, important competition
Key + birds (12): power couple, important phone call
Key + child (13): spiritual child, necessary new beginning
Key + fox (14): important job, need to be crafty
Key + bear (15): financial gain, take charge
Key + star (16): success and respect, important recognition
Key + stork (17): necessary change, significant change
Key + dog (18): necessary assistance, important friend
Key + tower (19): success with authorities, important company
Key + garden (20): significant network, something becomes public
Key + mountain (21): necessary delays, spiritual retreat
Key + crossroad (22): decision needs to be made
Key + mice (23): beware of loss or damage, be vigilant
Key + heart (24): significant love interest, express your affection
Key + ring (25): necessary commitment, stay on your path, keep your word
Key + book (26): secret is revealed, spiritual studies
Key + letter (27): required news, important message
Key + man (28): significant man, dependable man
Key + woman (29): safe woman, important woman
Key + lily (30): remain calm, significant older man
Key + sun (31): success, you have what it takes to reach your goals
Key + moon (32): psychic dreams, success
Key + fish (34): needed money, be alert
Key + anchor (35): important haven, reaching goals
Key + cross (36): destiny, sacrifice
Keywords- money, finances
This one is easy, money, money, money. The direction of the fish is pretty important. Its either coming in towards you or
swimming away. If its coming in, so is your money. If its swimming away so are your hard earned dollars.
In combination
Fish/ Anchor- money is secure, a nest egg or rainy day money
Fish/ Cross- maturity of an investment, superannuation, sometimes its about your spiritual attitude to money and abundance
Fish + rider (1): financial opportunity, business news, new employee
Fish + clover (2): financial luck, good business partner

Fish + ship (3): international business, money from afar, fishing trip
Fish + house (4): home business, wealthy family
Fish + tree (5): strong business, old money, alcoholism
Fish + clouds (6): financial uncertainty
Fish + snake (7): wealthy woman, business problems, financial concerns
Fish + coffin (8): hangover, financial loss, bankruptcy
Fish + bouquet (9): inheritance, gift of money
Fish + scythe (10): business decision, layoff
Fish + whip (11): financial arguments, business conflict
Fish + birds (12): business partners, financial discussions, two sources of income
Fish + child (13): new employee, subsidiary
Fish + fox (14): cooking the books, business fraud, employees
Fish + bear (15): seafood restaurant, stable finances, a lot of money
Fish + star (16): well-known business, innovative business, financial success
Fish + stork (17): business growth, business expansion, acquisition
Fish + dog (18): business partner, wealthy friend
Fish + tower (19): bank, a safe, financial reserves, savings
Fish + garden (20): customers, fundraising
Fish + mountain (21): delayed money, stagnant business
Fish + crossroad (22): financial decision, business decision
Fish + mice (23): business loss, financial problems, reductions
Fish + heart (24): love of money/work, soulmate connection, great love
Fish + ring (25): marriage of convenience, business contract, spiritual connection
Fish + book (26): accounting books, unknown source of income, unknown business
Fish + letter (27): fishing permit, financial news, business license
Fish + man (28): Wealthy, businessman, independent
Fish + woman (29): Materialistic, business woman, wealthy woman
Fish + lily (30): established business
Fish + sun (31): financial success, business success
Fish + moon (32): financial creativity, business dream comes true
Fish + key (33): financial success, important business
Fish + anchor (35): established business, long-term income
Fish + cross (36): financial burden, difficult business, religious organization
Keywords- lack of movement, things staying as they are, something you are sure of
The Anchor is the opposite of the Road. It keeps things stable, in place, certain.
In combination
Anchor/ Cross- your destiny, something meant to be
Anchor + rider (1): someone new is coming, work-related news
Anchor + clover (2): good luck, enjoyable destination
Anchor + ship (3): movement, long voyage
Anchor + house (4): place youll be living for a while, renovations are completed
Anchor + tree (5): long and healthy life, health-related work
Anchor + clouds (6): uncertainty, instability
Anchor + snake (7): beware, problems, female co-worker
Anchor + coffin (8): things are going to change, instability
Anchor + bouquet (9): celebration, job well done
Anchor + scythe (10): sudden change, discontent
Anchor + whip (11): long-term conflict, physical abuse
Anchor + birds (12): life-long partners, laborious discussions
Anchor + child (13): new start in life, childhood
Anchor + fox (14): problems at work, long-term job, achieving goals through cunning methods
Anchor + bear (15): long-term income, trust fund, living trust
Anchor + star (16): success in reaching goals, great achievement
Anchor + stork (17): career change, life changes
Anchor + dog (18): long-term friend, stable friendship, common goals
Anchor + tower (19): old company, federal government
Anchor + garden (20): enjoying life, rest and relaxation, retirement, working with public
Anchor + mountain (21): no movement, big obstacles
Anchor + crossroad (22): work-related decision, deciding what to do after reaching ones goals
Anchor + mice (23): stuck, stressful life, lack of work, reducing excesses (ex: overspending, drinking too much, etc)
Anchor + heart (24): long-term love, faithful, loyal, certain love
Anchor + ring (25): commitment, long-term relationship
Anchor + book (26): work-related studies, research
Anchor + letter (27): work-related documents, will

Anchor + man (28): faithful, stable, hard-working

Anchor + woman (29): determined, reliable, mentor
Anchor + lily (30): boss, contentment
Anchor + sun (31): success at work, reaching ones goals, island vacation
Anchor + moon (32): popular work, staying put for a month, working at night
Anchor + key (33): success at work, certainly reach ones goals
Anchor + fish (34): wealthy, fishing business, stable investments
Anchor + cross (36): destined, long-term burden
Keywords- a crossroads, destiny, something out of your hands, outside forces
Lastly the Cross. Weve covered all of its combinations above and on its own its simply destiny. Something outside of your
control. It is about spirituality as well, the deeper side of life. Its appearance in a reading suggests thats your situation is deeper
then it seems.
Some of the combinations are very similar to each other but vary a little in the context. Also these are only combinations for pairs.
They vary again when read in threes or more, but whats here should give you an idea of how to put together meaning sentences.
Like all readings, practice, practice, practice.

Cross + rider (1): help is on its way, destined visitor

Cross + clover (2): improvements, hope
Cross + ship (3): difficult journey, fated trip
Cross + house (4): church, mosque, temple, synagogue, destined house
Cross + tree (5): backache, health concerns
Cross + clouds (6): guilt, depression
Cross + snake (7): lack of control, burdened woman
Cross + coffin (8): grief, depression, spiritual transformation
Cross + bouquet (9): improvement, relief, desired/happy destiny
Cross + scythe (10): accident, sudden pain
Cross + whip (11): physical abuse, unavoidable conflict
Cross + birds (12): hard conversations, counseling
Cross + child (13): spiritual child, painful child birth, baptism
Cross + fox (14): difficult job, addiction
Cross + bear (15): powerful ally, financial burden, financial donation
Cross + star (16): prayer, fate
Cross + stork (17): improvement, destined change
Cross + dog (18): counselor, help from a friend
Cross + tower (19): religious/spiritual center, legal burdens, problems with the government
Cross + garden (20): support network, cemetery, fated meeting
Cross + mountain (21): loneliness, suicidal thoughts
Cross + crossroad (22): difficult decision, painful parting
Cross + mice (23): depression, emotional breakdown, suicidal thoughts
Cross + heart (24): heartache, destined love
Cross + ring (25): difficult commitment, painful relationship, remorse
Cross + book (26): religious documents, Bible, Koran, trouble keeping a secret
Cross + letter (27): difficult news, bad news, destined message
Cross + man (28): religious man, guilty, depressed
Cross + woman (29): spiritual woman, in pain, tired
Cross + lily (30): sexual dysfunction, pains associated with old age
Cross + sun (31): destined success, relief
Cross + moon (32): self-sacrifice, fated recognition
Cross + key (33): destiny
Cross + fish (34): charity, non-profit organization, spiritual/religious business, financial burdens
Cross + anchor (35): challenging work, regret, destined work