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What are the factors to prove that there was the con

cept of coming Buddha

in the pre-Buddhist society?
The concept of the coming Buddha had been prevailed in Indian society during the pre-Buddhism.
So the people of this time were expecting to see their coming Buddha. There has been philosophical
matter with regard to this issue during the pre-Buddhism. With regard to this matter the term Kolahala
has been found in Atthakatha, Theravadas commentaries. In atthakata there are 3 kolahala mentioned:
1. Buddha-kolahala: - The announcement about coming of the Buddha
2. Mangala- Kolahala: - Dispute about auspicious things or acts, mangala means blessings, so one
of the devatas came to the Buddha to enquire what is mangala? That is why Buddha uttered the
mangala sutta.
Cakkavati- kolahala: - the conception of king Cakkavati
After the Buddha had fulfilled of all these Parami conducive to the attainment of buddhahood, in
the Ratanankama, Buddhavamsa Pali, the future was reborn as a Deva by the name of Setaketu in the
abode of Tusita. And in the buddhavamsa one deity, namely Sudddhavasa proclaimed that; Friends, in a
thousand years from today, there will appear in the human adobe on Omniscient Buddha.
On the day, Prince Siddhart was bron, King also invited many prominent Brahmins to predict the
future of his son, there are four among the five prominent Brahmins predicted that the child will be a
Universal Mornarch (Cakkavati) or a Buddha. But the youngest of all, Kodanna, said quite definitely,
the child will become a Buddha. This is one of the concept with regard to the coming Buddha.
In Babbajja Sutta- King Bimbisara once used to make a conversation with Bodhisatta concern
with the future Buddha. The Bodhisatta told the king that if he gained the enlightenment he would come
to his kingdom first.
In Ambatta Sutta- a young Ambatta, sent by his master to check whether the Gotama had 32
marks or not, and then he found the 32 marks on the body of Gotama. It is said that the person who has
32 marks of the body would be the Buddha. And in Daharaya Sutta- King Pasenadi of Kosala once
came to knew that the Gotama is the Enlightenment One after the Buddha answered his question.
Meanwhile, In Daharaya Sutta- King Pasenadi of Kosala came to knew that the Gotama is the
Enlightenment One after the Buddha answered his question Does Master Gotama too claim, I have
awakened to the Unsurpassed perfect enlightenment?. Moreover, in Mahaparinibbana Sutta of D.N
the wonderer ascetic Subbhdda has doubt and went to many other religious leaders whom he believed
that the Enlightenment one but could not. Finally, he went to the Buddha to solve his doubt.
According to certain archeological inscriptions inscribed by great King Asoka, there has been
found concepts concerning the coming Buddha. Here archeology is one of the additional knowledge
which supporting historical evidences on this matter.
In conclusion, all these factors can be proved that the concept of the coming Buddha in India at
that time because we can see many people already declared themselves as the Enlightened One, some
other people left theirs home to practiced ascetic method in order to announced themselves as the Buddha
and some people are waiting to see the emergence of the real Buddha.