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University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering

Chemical Engineering Department

A.Y. 2014 2015
Candidato Ivan Joshua S.
I. Date: September 21, 2014
Theme: Everyone deserved to have

another chance.
In our everyday life we faced many
problems and challenges sometimes we
failed to conquer it. When I was a high
school students there is a time that my
parents get angry to me they dont want to
send me in college because every day after
our class I always kept playing computer
and I always went home late in the evening
but because they loved me they gave me a
chanced to change my bad habit. In this
gospel I found that Jesus gave chanced to
his people not only for those people who
have strong faith in him but to all of us.

II. Date: September 28, 2014

Theme: We Must Turn our Faith in Action
In this gospel, it shows that even
prostitutes and tax collector could enter
into the kingdom of God. We as a follower
and believer of Jesus Christ, we must turn
into action the word of god. Faith in God
will help us to achieve our dream in our life,
through my experience when the
preliminary exam is coming I prayed to god
to pass in the exam and I passed it, I found
that in God mercy and through your
sacrifice it will help us to fulfill our dream.
III. Date: October 5, 2014
Theme: Love

Religion: Roman Catholic

Mr. Gino S. Maneja
Love is the one reason why we are
happy now. When you love there is nothing
wrong, like the love of Jesus to save us from
sin he sacrifice himself. The reason why I
am not giving up on my dream because I
love my parents and they also loved me.
They are always there to help me and
correct my right doings.
IV. DATE: October 12, 2014
Theme: Always Be prepared for the
invitation of the Lord.
In this gospel it reminds us that we
should focus on our priorities because many
are invited but few are chosen. As a human
we are not perfect we can commit sin. In
my experience as I prayed to god and
attend mass sometimes I can easily distract
by cute girls passing on my side. As I heard
this gospel, we should focus and redirect
my thought to my prayer on the mass.
V. Date: October 19, 2014
Theme: Our responsibilities
As we live in a democratic country
we have freedom to speak, vote and do
want we want. But this freedom should not
be abused because the through meaning of
freedom is to know what is right and wrong.
VI. Date: October 26, 2014
Theme: To love God and to love your
He gave all he got we say that at
the end of a match of a good player. May

we give all we have in our lives, giving in

love, knowing that all we give it itself a gift
from God, the giver of all good gifts.
Loving our neighbor is the start of our
happy journey to god.

VII. Date: November 2, 2014

Theme: Memories Lasts Forever
Today we celebrate the day of our
love ones that passed away. We have happy
memories that we cannot forget with them.
Even they are now in the kingdom of I am
thankful that they became part of my life,
the love they shared with me and the
comfort that they gave me. Because of
them, I think that I am a little closer to god.
Our thanks and memories can teach us
much about life, for every one we know has
been and is a gift of God to us.
VII. Date: November 9, 2014