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"Language" "English"



"Attack Move / Force Attack"

"Query an object/unit"
"Ability 1"
"Ability 2"
"Ability 3"
"Ability 4"
"Ability 5"
"Ability Ultimate"
"Autocast Ability 1"
"Autocast Ability 2"
"Autocast Ability 3"
"Autocast Ability 4"
"Autocast Ability 5"
"Autocast Ability Ultimate"
"Quick Cast Ability 1"
"Quick Cast Ability 2"
"Quick Cast Ability 3"
"Quick Cast Ability 4"
"Quick Cast Ability 5"
"Quick Cast Ability Ultimate"
"Return To Base"
"Go To Secret Shop"
"Put Items In Stash"
"Retrieve Items from Stash"
"Deliver Items"
"Speed Burst"
"Neutral Ability 1"
"Neutral Ability 2"
"Neutral Ability 3"
"Neutral Ability 4"
"Respawning in %s1 secon


"Cannot respawn, team is out of


"Respawn in %s1 secs"

"Level %s1"
"%s1 STR"
"%s1 AGI"
"%s1 INT"
"%s1 Damage"
"%s1 Armor"
"Hold Position"
"Requires Hero Level %s1"
"LEVEL %s1"



"Open Shop"
"%s1 sec"
"Level: %s1"
"Stack Count: %s1"
"Charges: %s1"
"Aura: Active"
"DAMAGE: %s1 ARMOR: %s2"
"Select Hero and Center

"Cycle Through Selected Units"
"Activate Glyph"
"Select Courier"
"DOTA_CourierDeliver" "Courier Deliver Items"
"Courier Speed Burst"
"Show Recent Event"
"DOTA_SelectAllOthers" "Select All Other Units"
"Select All Units"
"DOTA_PurchaseQuickbuy" "Purchase Quickbuy"
"DOTA_PurchaseSticky" "Purchase Sticky"
"DOTA_GrabStashItems" "Take Stash Items"
"View Hero Lore"
"Use Legacy Keys"
"DOTA_CopyHeroBindsForCourier" "Mirror Hotkeys from Hero Panel"
"DOTA_CopyHeroBindsForNeutrals" "Mirror Hotkeys from Hero Panel"
"Mirror Hotkeys from Pla
yer Panel"


// A courier doe


"Local Player"


"Copy to Clipboard"
"Taking Over MatchID %s1 at time

//top bar


s not exist


"Spectator Chat"

"ang cu mng


"Rt m n mng


"Kim mng i


"Li rt m n mn


"ang cu dy


"Cu xong

, ch !"
g ri."
dy mng."
"Hng c mng."
network currently full."
osition: %s1"
ed wait time: %s1"
out of date"
ssing or out of date"
om game"

"Dota 2
"Queue p
"Dota 2 Launcher
"Steam client mi
"Failed to launch a cust

// Stat Tooltip
"Hero Attributes:\n\n"
"DOTA_StatTooltip_Intelligence" "Intelligence:"
" Primary Attribute\n"
"- Each point increases
hit points by 19\n- Each point increases hit point regen by 0.03\n"
"- Every 7 points increa
se armor by 1\n- Each point increases attack speed by 1\n"
"- Each point increases
mana by 13\n- Each point increases mana regen by 0.04\n"
"Attributes Leve
l: "
"- Points gained per Her
o level: %s1\n"

"DOTA_StatTooltip_PrimaryBonus" "- Each point increases damage b

y 1\n"
"DOTA_StatTooltip_Buyback" "Current Buyback Cost: %s1\n"
"Buyback Ready"
"Buyback in %s1"
"No Unreliable Gold for
"DOTA_Buyback" "BUYBACK"


// Damage/Armor Tooltip
"Attack Speed: "
"s per attack"
"Movement Speed: "

"Attack Damage: "

"Attack Range: "


"Physical Armor: "

"Physical Damage Resista


"Magical Armor: "

"Magical Damage Resistan

nce: "

ce: "
//Ultimate Scepter Upgrade
// Frostivus

"The Vassals"

// Nian
"The Defenders"
"dota_watch_recentgame_status" "BATTLED THE YEAR BEAST"
// Spectating/Replays

"The Radiant"
"The Dire"
"Remaining Towers: %s1"
"Barracks: %s1"

// Captains Mode
"Captains Mode"


// Keybindings

"Not Available"
"Camera Forward"
"Camera Back"
"Camera Left"
"Camera Right"
"Camera Grip"
"Select Hero"

"Center Hero"
"Hero Move Home"
"Control Group Tab"
"Group 1"
"Group 2"
"Group 3"
"Group 4"
"Group 5"
"Group 6"
"Group 7"
"Group 8"
"Group 9"
"Group 10"
"Voice Lane"
"Chat Wheel"
"Chat All"
"Chat Team"
"DOTA_Learn_Abilities" "Ability Learn"
"Upgrade Stats"
"Action Item"
"Taunt Item"
"Select a Phrase"
"Customize which phrases appear
on the Chat Wheel"
"(All) %s1"
"Showcase View"
"DOTA_InspectHeroInWorld_Error_EnemySelected" "Showcase View a
vailable for friendly units only"
e View available in Free Camera only"

"Get Back"
"Need Wards"
"Well played"
"Missing top"
"Missing mid"
"Missing bottom"






"Group u





"Split f



"Be right back"
"On my way"

"Get rea

"Out of mana"

"Ulti re


"All mis


"Invis e


"Enemy has rune"

"Split p


"Coming to gank"


"Under tower"
"Deny to


"Buy cou


"Upgrade courier


"We need detecti


"They have detec


"Buy TP"
"Re-use courier"


"Building Pipe"
"Stack and pull"


g Mek"

"Pull creeps"



"Stack n









"Check r


"Smoke g

"Good luck"

"Don't g

ive up"

"That just happe


"Game is


"New met


"My bad"



"(All) G


"(All) G


"What to


"I'm retreating"
"Space created"
"Tower then back


"Rax then back"

"Ward bot rune"
"Ward top rune"
"Zeus Ul













"Get Bac


"We need


"Stun no


"Push no


"Well pl




"Missing top!"
"Missing mid!"
"Missing bottom!






"Group u




"Split u




"Be righ


"On my w


"Get rea


"Out of

p and farm"
t back"


"Skills on coold



e ready"

"Enemy returned"
"All enemy heroe


"Enemy incoming!


"Invisible enemy

s missing!"


"Enemy has rune"

"Split p


"Coming to gank"
"Requesting a ga


"Fight under the


"Deny th

e tower!"

"Buy a courier p

"Can anyone upgr
ade the courier?"
"We need detecti
"dota_chatwheel_message_They_Have_Detection" "They have detectio
"Buy a T
eleport Scroll"
"Re-use courier"
"Building Mekans
"Building Pipe"
"Stack and pull
"Pull cr
eeps please"
"Stack n
"Pause p
"Current Game Ti
"Check runes ple
"Let's s
moke gank!"
"Good lu
ck, have fun"
"Don't g
ive up!"
"That just happe
"Game is hard"
"New met

iately regret my decision"
you're doing fine"
"Good game"
me, well played"
me, well played"
er, then get back"
racks, then get back"
t Now!"

"My bad"
"I immed
"%s1 is missing!
"%s1 has returne

"Good ga
"Good ga
"Good ga
"What should I b
"I'm retreating"
"Space created"
"Destroy the tow
"Destroy the bar
"Ward the bottom
"Ward the top ru
"Zeus Ul

"[ALLIES] %s1: I will pu
rchase %s2 <font color='%s3'>%s4</font>"
] %s1: I will purchase %s2 <font color='%s3'>%s4</font> ( %s5 gold away )"
] %s1: I will purchase %s2 <font color='%s3'>%s4</font> ( out of stock %s5 )"

"[ALLIES] %s1: Buyback %

"[ALLIES] %s1: Buyback %
s2Not Enough Gold ( Need %s3 )"
"[ALLIES] %s1: B
uyback %s2On Cooldown ( %s3 Remaining )"
"[ALLIES] %s1: B
uyback %s2Disabled by Reaper's Scythe"

"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2 %s3Re


"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2 %s3No

t Enough Mana"
"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2 %s3On Cooldow
n ( %s4 seconds remain )"
"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2 %s3On

"[ALLIES] %s1: Beware <f

ont color='%s2'>%s3</font> %s4%s5"

>%s3</font> %s4Ready"
>%s3</font> %s4Not Enough Mana"
>%s3</font> %s4On Cooldown ( %s5 seconds remain

"[ALLIES] %s1: <font color='%s2'

"[ALLIES] %s1: <font color='%s2'
"[ALLIES] %s1: <font color='%s2'

"DOTA_Item_Ping_NameExtended" "%s1 ( <font color='%s2'>%s3</font

> )"
"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2Need %s3 gold
for <font color='%s4'>%s5</font>"
"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2I have
enough gold for <font color='%s3'>%s4</font>"
"DOTA_EnemyItem_Alert" "[ALLIES] %s1: Enemy <font color='%s2'>%
s3</font> has %s4<font color='%s5'>%s6</font>"
// HotKey Tooltips
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_LearnAbility" "Enter Learn Ability mode w
hen you have skillpoints to spend."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_LearnStats" "Add two points to each of yo
ur stats when you have skillpoints to spend."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_HeroAttack" "Move to a location but attac
k any enemy unit you see on the way / Attack a friendly unit if it's deniable."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_HeroMove" "Move to a location, or follow
a unit without attacking it."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_HeroStop" "Interrupt your current action.
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_HeroHold" "Interrupt your current action
and hold your position."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_HeroSelect" "Select your Hero."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_SelectAll" "Select all units under your c
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_SelectAllOthers" "Select all other units
you control. (Your Hero will not be selected.)"
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_CourierSelect" "Select the Courier."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_CourierDeliver" "Have the Courier deliver
the items from your stash to you."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_CourierHaste" "Activate a speed boost on
your courier when available."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_UseActionItem" "Use Action Item."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_HeroTaunt" "Use your Hero Taunt. Availab
le as an equippable item."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ShopToggle" "Open the Shop Panel."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_PurchaseQuickbuy" "Purchase the next item
in your Quickbuy area if you can afford it."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_PurchaseSticky" "Purchase the item that i
s in the Sticky area if you can afford it."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_GrabStashItems" "Transfer all items from
your Stash to your Hero."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_RecentEvent" "Move the camera to the most
recent event in the world."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_InspectHeroInWorld" "View a unit from an
up-close perspective."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ChatTeam" "Send a message to everyone on
your team."

"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ChatGlobal" "Send a message to everyone i

n your current game. (Will add a SHIFT modifier to the Chat Team hotkey)"
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ChatVoice" "Use your microphone to commun
icate with voice chat."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ChatWheel" "Opens Chat Wheel for easy com
munication of commonly used phrases."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_CameraGrip" "Hold down and drag on the wo
rld to move the camera. Also bound to the middle mouse button."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ActivateGlyph" "Activates the Glyph of Fo
rtification to make your team's structures invulnerable for 5 seconds."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ScoreboardToggle" "Open the in-game score
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Pause" "Pause and Unpause a game in progr
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ScreenshotSettings" "Take a screenshot of
the current game view."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Console" "Open the console. (For advanced
users only)"
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ControlGroupCycle" "Cycle through each un
it of a selected group."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Group" "Select a preset control group of
units. To define a control group, select the desired units and holding CTRL + on
e of these group hotkeys."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Legacy" "Use all hotkeys associated with
the Dota 1. Ability hotkeys will vary per Hero."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Quickcast" "A Quickcast ability will trig
ger as soon as the hotkey is pressed at the current location of the mouse cursor
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Autocast" "Toggle to automatically cast a
n ability when it is ready. Applies to a limited number of abilities."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_Cast" "Hotkeys to cast a Hero ability."
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ItemCast" "Hotkeys to use an item in your
"DOTA_Hotkeys_Tooltip_ItemQuickcast" "A Quickcast item will tri
gger as soon as the hotkey is pressed at the current location of the mouse curso
// Video

"Borderless Window"
"Upcoming Server


"Click for Details"


"Welcome to DotA


"[ALLIES] %s1: %


"[ALLIES] %s1: %s2%s3"

"%s1: %s2%s3"
"*DEAD*[ALLIES] %s1: %s2


"[Spectator] %s1


"[Coach] %s1: %s

: %s2"


"[Student] %s1:


"%s1: %s2"
"%s1 va m pht cht lun %s2 mc


"%s1 va hi sinh %s2!"

"%s1 va ut c thn chng!"
"%s1 b Dire hip!"
"%s1 b Radiant hip!"
"%s1 b Creep hip!"
"%s1 b Roshan hip!"
"%s1 b hip tp th! %s2 gold c chia cho:
"%s1 p tr thnh cng!"
"Tr va b Dire hip!"
"Tr va b Radiant hip!"
"Nh %s1 %s2 %s3 va b hip!"
"%s1 t p nh!"
"%s1 va ph trinh ca %s2"
"%s1 hip c 2 THNG!"
"%s1 hip c 3 THNG!"
"%s1 hip c 4 THNG!"
"%s1 HIP TT!!"

"DOTA_Chat_DoubleKill_noname" "2 em!"

"DOTA_Chat_TripleKill_noname" "3 em lun!"
"4 em b cmmr!"
"DOTA_Chat_QuintupleKill_noname" "HIP HT 5 EM!!!"
"DOTA_Chat_QuintupleKill_10streak" "THEY ARE ON A RAMPAGE!!!"
tnh v p trai</b></font>"
giang h</b></font>"
>ngo </b></font> streak"
><b>i ca x ta</b></font>"
n ri</b></font>"
ngi nh thnh</b></font>"
QU HAY</b></font>, m thng no git n i!!"
b>tnh v p trai</b></font> ca %s2 mc c
giang h</b></font> %s2 mc c %s3 gold!"
><b>ngo </b></font> %s2 mc c %s3 gold!"
ca</b></font> %s2 mc c %s3 gold!"
08000'><b>b m n ri</b></font> %s2 mc c

"HIP TT!!!"
"%s1 rt <font color='#00FF40'><b>
"%s1 rt <font color='#5E00BD'><b>
"%s1 ang <font color='#FF0080'><b
"%s1 tr thnh <font color='#FF8000'
"%s1 <font color='#808000'><b>b m
"%s1 <font color='#FF80FF'><b>hip
"%s1 <font color='#FF0000'><b>CN
"%s1 <font color='#FF8000'><b>CN
"%s1 tt cn <font color='#00FF40'><
%s3 gold!"
"%s1 hip c <font color='#400080'><b>
"%s1 hip c thng <font color='#FF0080'
"%s1 hip c <font color='#FF8000'><b>i
"%s1 hip xong thng <font color='#8
%s3 gold!"
"%s1 hip cht thng <font color='#FF8

0FF'><b><b>hip ngi nh thnh</b></font> %s2 mc c %s3 gold!"

"DOTA_Chat_KillStreak_9_Ended" "%s1 ph nt con tr*m ca thng <font co
lor='#FF0000'><b>CN HT</b></font> %s2 mc c %s3 gold!"
"DOTA_Chat_KillStreak_10_Ended" "%s1 ph nt con tr*m ca thng <font co
lor='#FF8000'><b>CN TT</b></font> mc c %s3 gold! , anh git n ri !"

"%s1 hi l chi tip!"
"%s1 lm cc Aegis!"
"%s1 p cc Aegis!!"
"%s1 chm cc Aegis!"
"Roshan va b Radiant hip cht! Mi thng
hia u %s1 gold!"
"Roshan va b Dire hip cht! Mi
thng c chia u %s1 gold!"
"Roshan wants candy from
"Nh lnh Dire b ph nt. Radiant
Creep gi c c bp thn chng!"
"Nh lnh Radiant b ph nt. Radi
ant Creep gi c c bp thn chng!"
"%s1 va tu %s2!"
"%s1 vo game."
"%s1 t m n mng."
"%s1 has disconnected fr
om the game. Their hero will be replaced by a bot."
"DOTA_Chat_DisconnectWaitForReconnect" "%s1 b t m n mng. Ch n cu m
chi tip."
"<font color='#FF0000'><
b>%s1 cn %s2 pht cu dy mng.</b></font>"
"<font color='#F
F0000'><b>%s1 cn %s2 pht cu dy mng.</b></font>"
"<font c
olor='#FF0000'><b>This game will not count as completed unless you stay until th
e end of the match (and there are players on both teams present).</b></font>"
"<font color='#0
0FF00'><b>Gi mun thot game lc no th thot.</b></font>"
"%s1 cu dy mng thnh cng."
"%s1 t khi game."
"%s1 AFK lu qu b ri."
"%s1 o cu c dy mng."
"%s1 t khi
game lun."
"%s1 AFK lu qu o ch
o chi na."
"DOTA_Chat_PlayerAbandonedDisconnectedTooLong" "%s1 o cu mng c nn o
chi na."
"%s1 left the game. The
ir hero will be replaced by a bot."
"Mt thng t
game c team chu ti."
"There are no pu
nishments for leaving Limited Heroes mode games, but abandoning games in all oth
er game modes may lead to punishment by placement in the low-priority queue."
"Game khng tnh, gii tn."
"DOTA_Chat_MatchWillNotBeScoredRanked" "Game khng tnh, gii tn. Rank
vn gi nguyn."
"DOTA_Chat_MatchWillNotBeScoredNetwork" "Mng ci, game khng tnh. Rank
vn gi nguyn."
"DOTA_Chat_MatchWillNotBeScoredRankedNetwork" "Mng ci, game khng
tnh. Rank vn gi nguyn."

"Gi mun ra th ra lun i."
"DOTA_Chat_RankedGameStillScoredleaversGetLoss" "Game vn tnh, v l dnh
"%s1 increases the <font
color='#FFD700'>Battle Points</font> earned by all players in this match by <b>
<font color='#FFD700'>%s2%</font></b>!"
"%s1 is carrying a <b><font color='#9e5fab'>Level %s2 Compendium!</font></b>"
"%s1 is earning Battle P
oints at a 50% increased rate due to playing with recruits or their recruiter."
"%s1 inc
reases the <font color='#12E4FF'>Shining Fragments</font> earned by all players
in this game by <font color='#12E4FF'>10%</font>!"
"DOTA_Chat_NoBattlePoints_WrongLobby" "Battle Points will not
be awarded for this match because it is a practice lobby."
"DOTA_Chat_NoBattlePoints_Bots" "Battle Points will not be award
ed for this match because it is against bots."
"DOTA_Chat_NoBattlePoints_CheatsEnabled" "Battle Points will not
be awarded for this match because cheats are enabled."
"DOTA_Chat_NoBattlePoints_LowPriority" "You will not receive Bat
tle Points because you are in the Low Priority Punishment Pool."
"The standard abandonmen
t and AFK rules apply to Co-op Bot games! Battle points and end-of-game drops h
ave also been re-enabled."
"DOTA_Chat_CoopLowPriorityNoPassiveReminder" "You will not recei
ve credit for playing through a low-priority match in Coop-Bot mode if you are p
laying on passive difficulty. To receive credit, please play on easy difficulty
or greater."
"DOTA_Chat_Frostivus_Abandon_Reminder" "The standard abandonmen
t and AFK rules apply to Wraith-Night matches! Abandoning Wraith-Night games ma
y lead to punishment by placement in the low-priority queue."
"Abandonment is treated
more severely in ranked matches. Matchmaking rating (MMR) will be updated for a
ny match that progresses past first blood."
"%s1 received the gift %
s2 from %s3!"
l: $%s1 (Contributed: $%s3)"
le Damage</font>"

"Total Prize Poo

"%s1 va p <font color='#82CAFF'>Doub
"%s1 va p <font color='#F628
"%s1 va p <font color='#FFD7
"%s1 va p <font color='#8B008B'>Invi
"%s1 va p <font color='#7FFF00'>Rege

CAFF'>Double Damage</font> em b bnh."
lor='#F62817'>Haste</font> em b bnh."
lor='#FFD700'>Illusion</font> em b bnh."

"%s1 va p <font color='#FF78

"%s1 va lm <font color='#82
"%s1 va lm <font co
"%s1 va lm <font co
"%s1 va lm <font color='#8B

008B'>Invisibility</font> em b bnh."
FF00'>Regeneration</font> em b bnh."
lor='#FF7800'>Bounty</font> em b bnh."
82CAFF'>Double Damage</font> rune here."
color='#F62817'>Haste</font> rune here."
color='#FFD700'>Illusion</font> rune here."
8B008B'>Invisibility</font> rune here."
7FFF00'>Regeneration</font> rune here."
color='#FF7800'>Bounty</font> rune here."
color='#FF7D40'>Pumpkin</font> rune here!"

"%s1 va lm <font color='#7F

"%s1 va lm <font co
"[ALLIES] <font color='#
"[ALLIES] <font
"[ALLIES] <font
"[ALLIES] <font color='#
"[ALLIES] <font color='#
"[ALLIES] <font
"[ALLIES] <font

"DOTA_Chat_Item_Spotted" "[ALLIES] <font color='%s1'>%s2</font>

dropped here."
"DOTA_Chat_Item_Alert" "[ALLIES] Gather for <font color='%s1'>%s
2</font> here."

"No Hero"
"%s1 t tin mnh s gnh ht!"
"%s1 gnh c %s2 trn."
"%s1 taunts you!


"Go to the secret shop t

o get a %s1"

"The item %s1 has been purchased

for you!"
"Your items have combine
d to form a %s1!"
"G Radiant va b lm lu."
"G Dire va b lm lu."
"G Radiant c th v vn."
"G Dire c th v vn."
"Nh Radiant c p gch."
"Nh Dire c p gch."
"You can't use '%s1' rig
ht now - %s2."
"You have used the last
charge on your item '%s1'."
"Attacking %s1!"
"Pushing %s1"
"Defending %s1"
"Roaming to %s1 to gank"
"Go on %s1!"
"I'm out"
"Checking top rune"
"Checking bottom rune"
"Doing Roshan!"
"Leaving Roshan"
"Going back to %s1"
"Roaming to gank %s1"
"I think we should use Glyph"


"%s1 has randome

d %s2"
00'>CANDY</font> from %s1!"

"%s1's turn to pick"

"Roshan wants <font color='#7FFF



// Can't use item reasons.


"now isn't a good time"

"you are dead"
"the item was used recen

"DOTA_Chat_ActionItemReason_GamemodeRestricted" "the item is not
usable in this game mode"
"DOTA_Chat_ActionItemReason_HornBlown" "the item must be used b
efore the game start horn has sounded"
"DOTA_MiniKillCam_KillerInfo" "KILLED BY\n%s1"
"DOTA_MiniKillCam_ReadytoRespawn" "Get ready to respawn!"
"DOTA_MiniKillcam_TotalDamage" "%s1 DMG"
"DOTA_MiniKillcam_OtherDamage" "Creep Damage"
"DOTA_MiniKillcam_KilledByGood" "KILLED BY\nThe Radiant!"
"DOTA_MiniKillcam_KilledByBad" "KILLED BY\nThe Dire!"
"KILLED BY\nNeutrals"
"KILLED BY\nRoshan"
"Tell Me More"
"%s1 is wielding:"
"DOTA_MiniKillcam_Recent_Title" "Recent Damage Taken"
"DOTA_MiniKillcam_DMG" "%s1 Dmg"
"dota_killcam_generic_damage" "Damage"
"dota_killcam_generic_damage_subtitle" "Melee or ranged attacks

"The Radiant"
"The Dire"

// Pause

"You cannot pause."

"You have no remaining pauses le


"You cannot pause for %s1 second


"%s1 paused the game."

"Unpausing in s%..."
"%s1 resumed the game."
"Game was automatically resumed.


s1 pauses remaining."

"You paused the game, you have %


"You can not resume the game on

this team yet."


"Radiant Quy Ht!"

"Dire Quy Ht!"
"%s1 Quy Ht!"
"Roshan va b hip"
"Roshan Is Victorious"
"Finish Game"

"DOTA_Halloween_EndGame_Title" "Roshan has been killed"

"Match Details"
ted the most candy"
the most candy"

"The Radiant have collec

"The Dire have collected
"Learn Abilities"

"Damage from Towers"
"Towers do A LOT
of damage - if you take even a few hits from them you might need to return to t
he fountain and heal. It's better to fight near the tower only when your creeps
are already attacking it."
"When you die you will r
espawn at your fountain. The time to respawn gets higher as you level so it's im
perative that you try to NEVER DIE. If you are low on health then return to the
fountain to heal."


ation (You can modify settings at any time)"

"Select Initial Configur


"Would you like to conti



nue watching?"

th Real-Time Strategy games?"

"One Quick Question"

"How familiar are you wi

D would you expect to see the minimap?"
any time in the Settings menu"

"On which side of the HU

"Played them a lot"

"Haven't played many"

"You can change this at




"I bring the spark of de

"Hey, you! Drago
n Knight, over here!"
"<font color='#0
06697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Right Click</b></font> to move where you want
to go. Move to the highlighted location."
"We need your he
lp! Across the bridge! Head north, and follow the path."
"You can move the camera
in several ways:\n- <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Move your
mouse</b></font> to the edge of the screen.\n- By holding down your <font color
='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Middle Mouse button</b></font> and draggi
"You can move the camera
in several ways:\n- With the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>
%+forward% %+moveleft% %back% %+moveright%</b></font> keys.\n- By holding down y
our <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Middle Mouse button</b></f
ont> and dragging."
"Dragon Knight!
Our old enemy <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Razor</b></font>
is attacking our outposts. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Ke
eper of the Light</b></font> already went after him. He said to send you along w
hen you showed up."
"Attack this Dir
e creep by <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold' face='Dota Hypatia Bol
d'><b>right clicking</b></font> on him. Kill him! Kill him!"
"More creeps! Lend your
sword, Dragon Knight!"
"Dragon Knight,
follow us to the watchtower. Protect us! There may be more enemy creeps on the w
"Hey, you gained a level
! You're getting even stronger."
"Click the <font color='
#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>LEVEL UP</b></font> button above your portr
ait and select your first ability, <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold
'><b>Breathe Fire</b></font>."
"More creeps! Quick, ca
st Breathe Fire on them! Burn them! Burn them!"
"Hit your <font color='#
006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_ability_execute 0%</b></font> key to s
tarting casting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Breathe Fire</
b></font>, and then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Left Click
</b></font> on an enemy to target it!"
"You saved us! That's wh
y you're a hero and we're just creeps. We'll hold this watchtower. Press on and
find Keeper of the Light, so you can team up to fight Razor."
"Ah, Dragon Knight! A tr
ue hero!"
"Greetings, my f
riend, and welcome to my shop. Hit <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold
'><b>%toggleshoppanel%</b></font> to open and close the shop menu.\n\nAllow me t
o make a few recommendations. For you, I suggest a Healing Salve and perhaps, hm
m, yes...a Stout Shield. I believe you have just enough gold."
"<font color='#006697' f
ace='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Right click</b></font> on the <font color='#006697' f
ace='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Stout Shield</b></font> to purchase it. The <font co
lor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Stout Shield</b></font> can be found u
nder the Armaments tab."

"The <font color='#00669
7' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Stout Shield</b></font> is a passive item, so you
need not activate it to gain its benefit. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hyp
atia Bold'><b>Mouse over</b></font> the shield in your inventory to view its bon
uses.\n\nPurchase the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Healing
Salve</b></font> when you're ready to proceed. It can be found under the <font
color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Consumables tab</b></font>."
"Healing Salves are <fon
t color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Active Items</b></font>, meaning t
hey must be activated in order to use them. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hy
patia Bold'><b>Left-click</b></font> on the Salve in your inventory to get a tar
geting cursor, then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left-click
</b></font> on yourself to apply it.\n\nTry it now to see how it works."
"Be careful. If you take
damage while that salve works its magic, the healing will come to an end."
"Buy a <font color='#006
697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Clarity</b></font> potion too which will allow
you to regenerate mana quickly for a period of time.\n\nLike with the Healing Sa
lve, the regeneration will stop if you take damage before its work is done."
"Now use the <font color
='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Clarity</b></font> and regain your mana.
Instead of clicking on it, try hitting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia
Bold'><b>%!item_clarity%</b></font> to use it - each inventory slot has a key as
signed to it. Hitting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_c
larity%</b></font> twice will immediately use it on yourself.\n\nAfter using it,
you'll see the regeneration buff icon above your healthbar. You can mouse over
a buff icon to see a description of the effects."
"Since you ask, I spotte
d several neutral creep camps in the woods to the south. There's a fair bounty o
n their heads. I'll show you where to start looking."
"Well done, Sir Knight.
Now I have another item in mind for the battle ahead, but you'll need to earn a
bit more gold first. Roquelaire, where might our knightly friend find some lucra
tive work for his sword?"
"You've earned another l
evel! Click the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>LEVEL UP</b><
/font> button and select <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Drago
n Blood</b></font>. This ability increases your armor, which reduces damage don
e by enemy attacks, and improves your health regeneration."
"Don't forget to level u
p!\n\nClick the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>LEVEL UP</b></
font> button and select <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Dragon
Blood</b></font>. This skill improves health regeneration and armor reducing d
amage done by the enemy."
"That's gold aplenty, Dr
agon Knight! Return to the merchant and let's put it to good use."
"Well done! You've earn
ed gold aplenty and destroyed the threat. Let's return to the merchant and see
about that new item."
"You're back! And with f
resh coin from clearing those dens. It is my pleasure to offer you the repeat-cu
stomer price on these <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Gauntlet
s of Strength</b></font>.\n\nRemember you can open the store by pressing <font c
olor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%toggleshoppanel%</b></font>."
"I have more fine items
for you, Sir knight. But as before, you will need more gold."
"Ah, now if it isn't my
old friend Dragon Knight! We've had ourselves a bit of a dust-up with invading c
reeps, so if you'll lend us your sword arm, I'll keep you supplied in <font colo
r='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>mana</b></font>."

"There's a <font color='
#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet</b></font> in the shop to further b
oost your attributes. I spotted a battle to the west where we can earn enough g
old to purchase that <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet</
"In battle, you need to
strike the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Last Hit</b></font>
on a creep to earn gold. Too early or too late, and you get nothing!"
"Remember it's the killi
ng blow that matters. You only earn gold by striking the <font color='#006697' f
ace='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Last Hit</b></font> on a creep."
"This way!"
"Well done, you've earne
d enough gold for the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet<
/b></font>. Let's return to the merchant, shall we?"
"Welcome back! Buy the
<font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet</b></font> to further
boost your attributes. Why don't you slip into it? Move your mouse over the att
ributes next to your portrait to see the benefits of your purchase."
"Surely you'll need more
before you face Razor though. I'd recommend some <font color='#006697' face='D
ota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracers</b></font>.\n\nBracers are an <font color='#006697'
face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Upgraded Item</b></font>, which requires one or mor
e items and a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Recipe</b></font
>. Return when you've earned 190 gold and I'll show you what you need to do."
"Once more to battle, Dr
agon Knight!"
"Last hit! Remember to
time your swings! Moving in midswing to cancel an attack is a good way of timing
a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Last Hit</b></font>."
"You've earned enough go
ld to buy the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracers</b></fon
t>! Let us seek out the merchant and make use of your coin."
"Ah, the knight returns!
Keep in mind that some items are crafted in combination. In this case, you own
the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet</b></font> and <f
ont color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Gauntlets</b></font> which can b
e crafted into <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracers</b></fo
nt>.\n\nOpen the shop and click <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><
b>Upgrades</b></font>. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Left-c
lick</b></font> on the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracers
</b></font> to display all the required items to craft the bracer."
"The items required for
the Bracers show up near the bottom of the shop window. You already have two of
them so all you need is the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>R
ecipe</b></font> which can be purchased automatically by <font color='#006697' f
ace='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>right-clicking</b></font> the <font color='#006697' f
ace='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracer</b></font>. You can also buy the recipe direc
"Beautiful! Your <font
color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet</b></font> and <font color='
#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Gauntlets</b></font> have been combined to
create the upgraded <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracer</b>
</font>, which will provide greater attributes, and free up space in your invent
"One more thing,
you should reach <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>level six</b
></font> to access your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Ultima
te</b></font> ability, <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Elder D
ragon Form</b></font> to take on Razor. Let's find some creeps and level up!"

"Ah, you're level five!
Choose your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Dragon Tail</b></f
ont> skill, and try it out on some creeps. It's a short ranged <font color='#006
697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Stun</b></font> that'll make it easy for you to
smite enemy Heroes."
"Hit your <font color='#
006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_ability_execute 1%</b></font> key to s
tart casting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Dragon Tail</b></
font>, and then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Left Click</b>
</font> on an enemy to stun them!"
"That'll do it!
Level up and choose your Ultimate ability, <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hyp
atia Bold'><b>Elder Dragon Form</b></font>."
"I smell a spark in the
air...Razor is coming! Use your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'>
<b>Elder Dragon Form</b></font> to prepare for the fight!"
"Razor comes!"
"I will raze my enemies.
"Well, done, noble Knigh
t. You've defeated Razor!"
"You earn <font color='#
006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>experience</b></font> by being <font color='
#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>near</b></font> an enemy that falls in batt
le. Only the last hit is required to earn gold."
"Stay behind your creeps
and let them engage the enemy first. This is a good way to avoid damage."
"Let your creeps lower t
he enemy creep's health and then move in to strike the <font color='#006697' fac
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>last hit</b></font>."
"Sniper! I foun
d you! The base is in danger, and we need your help. <font color='#006697' fac
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tidehunter</b></font> was spotted with some creeps tryi
ng to wear down our defenses."
"Over here, Snip
"Oh, you're a bit low on
health. Here, take these <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tan
goes</b></font>. I've got extras."
"You can use tan
goes to heal. Hit <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_tang
o%</b></font> and then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left cl
ick</b></font> on a tree."
"Using a tango will incr
ease the rate at which your health is restored for a short period.\n\nLet's go!"
"Remember, your <font co
lor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>ranged weapon</b></font> allows you to
take cover behind your creeps and do damage from a safe distance."
"There's probably more w
here he came from. Explore a bit and see what turns up. The more you fight, th
e more experience you'll earn to reach <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia
Bold'><b>level two</b></font>."
"You showed them! Go ah
ead and level up <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Shrapnel</b><
/font> when you have a chance."
"<font color='#006697' f
ace='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Shrapnel</b></font> is an <font color='#006697' face=
'Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Area of Effect</b></font> ability. It will do damage to
enemies caught within its radius."
"Look out!"

"Sniper! Use <f
ont color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Shrapnel</b></font> by hitting <
font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_ability_execute 0%</b></f
ont> and left-click to cast it on these guys!"
"Don't worry, <font colo
r='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Shrapnel</b></font> won't hurt allies."
"Over here! Our tower i
s in danger! <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tidehunter</b></
font> is coming and we can't hold him off. Help us! Help us!"
"Here's a map wi
th the tower location!"
"The <font color='#00669
7' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>mini map</b></font> contains a lot of useful info
rmation. You'll be able to see your position, as well as the location of towers
and creeps. It'll even show where your enemies are, provided allied forces hav
e vision of them."
"The tower is near!"
"Defend the tower!"
"During the fray you ear
ned another level. Level up your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'
><b>Headshot</b></font> to give yourself a chance to stop your enemy in their tr
"If you find yourself un
der attack, try moving behind your creeps, and let them protect you."
"Wow, that was close. T
hanks, Sniper. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tidehunter</b>
</font> was giving us a tough time, but it looks like he was low on health, and
you scared him off."
"You've gained another l
evel. Go ahead and level up and choose a skill. Read the tool tips to learn wh
at each one does and pick one."
"Good thing we had this
<font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>tower</b></font> helping to de
fend against the enemy. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tower
s</b></font> are important to defense.\n\nIf today's been any indication, there'
s likely more creeps sneaking around."
"We earned a bit of gold
off of those creeps. Did you know you can buy items when not at a shop? When
purchased, they'll be held for you in your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypa
tia Bold'><b>stash</b></font> so you can pick them up later.\n\nOpen the shop wi
th <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%toggleshoppanel%</b></font
> and buy the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Boots of Speed</
"Notice that the <font c
olor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Boots of Speed</b></font> have been p
laced in your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>stash</b></font>
. The stash shows you items you have stored back at the base.\n\n<font color='#0
06697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Mouse over</b></font> the Boots of Speed in y
our Stash to see what they'll do once you retrieve them."
"While we're at it, a li
ttle armor would be nice, so why not buy a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypa
tia Bold'><b>Ring of Protection</b></font>. Armor reduces damage from attacks."
"The base isn't
far from here, let's retrieve your items!"
"Ahh, welcome back Snipe
r. I've a couple items set aside for you here in your <font color='#006697' fac
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>stash</b></font>. Whenever you're inside the base you
can pick up your items.\n\nHit the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold
'><b>Grab All</b></font> button on the stash to transfer any items in your stash
to your inventory."

"While you're here, pick
up a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Courier</b></font> as we
ll. <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Couriers</b></font> are g
reat for bringing items to you while in the field, but more on that later.\n\nPu
rchase a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Courier</b></font> to
"The <font color='#00669
7' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Courier</b></font>, like a Salve, is an active it
em and must be deployed before you can use it.\n\nDeploy the <font color='#00669
7' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Courier</b></font> by hitting <font color='#00669
7' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_courier%</b></font>."
"It looked like Tidehunt
er was low on health. Perhaps there's a way you can fend him off once and for a
"Low health? Yo
ur ultimate ability, <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Assassina
te</b></font>, is perfect as it does a lot of damage!\n\nHeroes learn their <fon
t color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>ultimate</b></font> ability at lev
el six. We'll need more experience though.\n\nLead the way northeast. Better l
eave the courier here, we don't need the little guy just yet."
"Hey Sniper, I spotted s
omething at the bridge nearby. Let's check it out."
"Tidehunter got away. H
e was out of range of your normal attacks but your <font color='#006697' face='D
ota Hypatia Bold'><b>ultimate ability</b></font> has much longer range. We'll n
eed more experience...\n\nOh! This way!"
"Over here!"
"There's a <font
color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Secret Shop</b></font> over there!
Let's check it out."
"Oh! A customer! The <
font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Secret Shop</b></font> stocks i
tems you can't buy at the base.\n\nWhy not try upgrading your <font color='#0066
97' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Boots of Speed</b></font> to <font color='#00669
7' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Arcane Boots</b></font>?\n\nTo do so you'll need
an <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Energy Booster</b></font>."
"Just like that, you've
crafted yourself <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Arcane Boots<
/b></font> by combining two items! While not the perfect item for every hero, r
ight now, these look good on you.\n\nArcane Boots are an active item, try it out
now by pressing <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_arcane
"We should press on and
find more places to earn experience."
"Looks creepy in there."
"Spotted more here!\n\nT
ry shooting them <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>once</b></fon
t> to get their attention and <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>
pull</b></font> them towards your creeps by running back here. Allow your creep
s to help take them out!"
"All that gold. Time fo
r upgrades! Let's upgrade your ring to a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypat
ia Bold'><b>Ring of Basilius!</b></font>\n\nOpen the shop with <font color='#006
697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%toggleshoppanel%</b></font> and purchase the <
font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Sage's Mask</b></font>."
"Remember our <font colo
r='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>courier</b></font>? We can use him to r
etrieve items from the stash and bring them to us here. That way we don't need
to return to base every time we buy something!\n\nClick the <font color='#006697

' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Deliver Items</b></font> button in the bottom righ

t to continue."
"The courier is off! Th
e mask was automatically transferred from your stash onto the courier and is on
its way. You can check on the status of the courier by looking at the mini map.
"Nice! The Sage's Mask
combined with your Ring of Protection to create <font color='#006697' face='Dota
Hypatia Bold'><b>Ring of Basilius</b></font>.\n\nThis item can boost the armor
of allied creeps. For now, let's turn it off.\n\nHit <font color='#006697' face
='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_ring_of_basilius%</b></font> to toggle the aura o
"The ring's aura no long
er affects friendly creeps but it still provides a bonus to you.\n\nTime to find
a few more creeps and earn that experience to reach <font color='#006697' face=
'Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>level six</b></font>."
"Well done! Lev
el up and learn <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Assassinate</b
></font> when you have a chance."
"A rock slide blocked ou
r way back. Suspicious. We're not completely stranded though. We can <font co
lor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>teleport</b></font> our way out of her
e!\n\nTo do that we'll need to upgrade the courier to a <font color='#006697' fa
ce='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Flying Courier</b></font>.\n\nUpgrade the courier thro
ugh the shop."
"Now you need a <font co
lor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Town Portal Scroll</b></font> from the
"Now have the courier br
ing it to you using the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Delive
r Items</b></font> button."
"With the courier on its
way, there's something you need to know about teleporting. Town Portal Scroll
is a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>channeled</b></font> spel
l so you need to stand still while using it. If you move, it will cancel the ca
"You can <font color='#0
06697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>teleport</b></font> to any building, but we s
hould head to the tower outside the base where we last saw Tidehunter.\n\nUse th
e Town Portal Scroll by hitting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><
b>%!item_tpscroll%</b></font> and then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia
Bold'><b>left-click</b></font> the tower on the <font color='#006697' face='Dota
Hypatia Bold'><b>minimap</b></font>."
"Center the view on your
self by double tapping <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%+dota_
camera_follow%</b></font> or use the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bo
ld'><b>minimap</b></font>.\n\nI better get a move on!"
"Woops! Moving cancelle
d the channeled teleport. This also consumes the Town Portal Scroll, so we'll n
eed a new one. Buy a new Town Portal Scroll from the shop and have the courier
bring it to you."
"The tower is represente
d by a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>green square</b></font>
. Try using the Town Portal Scroll again and left-click near the green square.\
n\nYou can usually teleport to any building but right now we should get close to
where we last saw Tidehunter."
"Over here!"
"Hopefully, Tide
hunter is still lurking. Follow me to where we last spotted him, and maybe we c
an get the jump on him!"

"Time to get to work. U
se <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Assassinate</b></font> by p
ressing <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_ability_execute
5%</b></font> and then clicking on <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold
"Pow! You did it! He wo
n't be bothering us anymore. Our base is now safe!"

"Head Fo

r the Gate"
"Find <font face
='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Keeper of the Light</b></font>"
"Defeat <font fa
ce='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Razor<b></font>"
"Defend the Watc
htower Using <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Breathe Fire</b></font>"
"Clear <font fac
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>three</b></font> Neutral Creep Camps"
"Return to the S
"Earn 185 Gold a
nd Buy a <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Circlet</b></font>"
"Earn 190 Gold a
nd Buy <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Bracers</b></font>"
"Reach <font fac
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Level Six</b></font>"
"Buy All
Your <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Suggested Starting Items</b></font> From
the Shop"
"Select an Initi
al <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Ability</b></font>"
"Destroy the Enemy <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Mid-Lane Tower</b></font>"
"Defend Your <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Mid-Lane Tower</b></font>"
"Destroy Both En
emy Mid-Lane Towers"
"Buy a <
font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Courier</b></font>"

"Your Mi


"Enemy M

d-Lane Tower"
id-Lane Tower"
ce='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tidehunter</b></font>"
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Level Two</b></font>"
t face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tower</b></font>"
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Level Six</b></font>"
e='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Ultimate Ability</b></font>"

"Defeat <font fa
"Reach <font fac
"Defend the <fon
"Move to the Base"
"Reach <font fac
"Learn <font fac
"Teleport to Tow

"Get <font face=
'Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Last Hits:</b></font> %quest_current_value% / %quest_targ
"Get <fo
nt face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Denies:</b></font> %quest_current_value% / %quest
"Time to focus o
n earning gold! One way to do that is by striking the killing blow on the enemy
. If you're the one to <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>last h
it</b></font> them, you'll earn the bounty."
"While last hitt
ing, it is important to stay safe behind your friendly creep line.\n\nYou'll wan
t to avoid taking damage if you don't need to."
"Watch the healt
h of the enemy creeps, and only hit them when their health is low.\n\nTry to get
15 last hits in the middle lane.\n\nDon't forget to buy some items!"
"Deal the killing blow t
o the enemy.\nStay safe behind your creeps, then strike at the right moment."
"Don't constantly attack
.\n\nCancel your attacks by moving, and then strike when the creep's health is l
"You can also use <font
color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_stop%</b></font> to halt your
"Over here!"
"<font color='#0
06697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Denying</b></font> your friendly creeps is a
way to keep your opponents from earning gold.\n\nTo <font color='#006697' face='
Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>deny</b></font> a creep, you need to deal the killing blow
to a friendly creep."
"You can <font c
olor='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>force attack</b></font> friendly cree
ps whose health is below half.\n\nTo do so, press <font color='#006697' face='Do
ta Hypatia Bold'><b>%mc_attack%</b></font> to force attack, then <font color='#0
06697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left-click</b></font> on the creep."
"Just like befor
e, focus on staying safe and hitting at the right moment.\n\nTry to deny 3 frien
dly creeps."
"Keep your opponent from
getting gold and experience by killing friendly creeps.\n\nPress <font color='#
006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%mc_attack%</b></font> then <font color='#00
6697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left-click</b></font> on a friendly creep with
low health."
! You've learned about <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>last hi
ts</b></font> and <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>denies</b></
font>. Keep practicing, and victory will surely follow."
"Basic Game Concepts and
Controls Tutorial"
"This tutorial will intr
oduce you to the world of Dota and show you how to control your hero."
"Your Hero"
"You will be playing thi
s match as Shadow Shaman, a master of voodoo magic. You are on The Radiant team,
the enemy team is called The Dire."

"DOTA_TutorialTitle_MovingYourCharacter" "Moving your Character"

"DOTA_TutorialBody_MovingYourCharacter" "You can move your chara
cter by right-clicking where you want to go. Your team fountain is directly belo
w you."

"Move to your fountain (

"The Fountain"
"The fountain can quickl
y replenish your health and mana. It also revives you if you die in combat. Let'
s look at some other important buildings around."
"Your view"
"You can scroll your vie
w by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. Let's look to the northeast at
your team's Ancient."
ouse the screen edge)"

"Move VIEW to ancient (m

"The Ancient"
"The Ancient is your tea
m's most important building - if it's destroyed then your team loses. You must d
estroy The Dire team's Ancient to win the game."
"Return to your Hero"
"You can snap your view
back to your hero by clicking your portrait or double tapping F1. Do that now to
return your view to your hero."
ick your portrait)"

"Move your view back (cl

"The Mini-map"
"There is a mini-map on
the lower left corner of your screen. Your base (in green) is in the bottom left
corner and the enemy base (in red) is in the top right."
"Lanes of Attack"
"There are three main la
nes towards the enemy base. Let's move to the top one."

"Move your hero to the t

op lane."
"Each lane has two barra
cks where your team's foot soldiers, known as creeps, spawn at regular intervals
. Creeps move to the enemy base and attack enemy units and buildings in their pa
th -- you cannot control them!"
"The battle begins!"
"A wave of Radiant creep
s is about to spawn. Follow them into combat to provide ranged support. Try not
to get hit - you are too important to take damage! When a wave of creeps dies, i
t's wise to back off to regroup with the next creep wave."

"Finding Your Hero"

"If you lose track of yo
ur hero, you can double-tap F1 or click on your hero's portrait to center the ca
mera on it."

"Follow your creeps to t

he front line."
d. Remember to be careful and avoid taking damage."

"There is combat up ahea

"You can attack enemy un
its by right-clicking them (you only need to right-click them once)."
"When you get the killin
g blow on a unit or structure you get a bounty. Attack enemy units that are low
on health and try to get the bounty."
ing blows %s1/%s2"

"Earn bounties from kill

"Spending Gold"
"Let's return to the bas
e to spend your hard-earned gold. Right-click on your team's base in the bottom
left of the mini-map to move there."

"Return to the base to s


"Spending Gold: the Shop

u earn to buy items from the shop."

"You can use the gold yo

"Buying From the Shop"
"Left-click on the shop
to view the items for sale. Double-click on the Town Portal Scroll and the Blade
s of Attack to buy them."
"Closing the Shop"
"To close the shop, you
can left-click the X at the top left, left-click anywhere outside the shop menu,
or press the button near your inventory. The shop also automatically closes whe
n you walk out of its purchase area."

"Buy two items from the

"Items Types"
"Your Blades of Attack p
rovide a passive damage bonus, whereas the Town Portal Scroll must be activated.
Using a Town Portal Scroll allows you to teleport to any of your team's buildin
gs. This is critical to save precious time."
"Using the Town Portal S
croll to Teleport"
"To use the Town Portal
Scroll, left-click it then left-click your desired destination in the mini-map.

Teleport is a channeling spell, so be careful not to interrupt it by giving your

hero another command while you cast it."
roll to teleport."

"Use your Town Portal Sc

"Staying in Lane"
"Since you earn experien
ce and gold from defeating enemy units it's important to spend time in the lane
at the beginning of the game. Return to your lane to get back into combat."

"Return to your lane."

"Gaining Experience"
"When an enemy unit dies
all nearby heroes on your team share the experience. Try to get enough experien
ce to gain a level."
to kill enemy units."

"Gain a level by helping

ou earn a point to spend on an ability."

"Gaining Levels"
"When you gain a level y


"Spending Ability Points

"You can see what each a
bility does by hovering the mouse over its icon. Spend points to earn levels in
abilities by clicking on the yellow bar beneath their icon. Level up your Ether
Shock ability."
to learn Ether Shock."

"Spend an ability point

"Using Abilities"
"The Ether Shock ability
deals magical damage. It costs you mana every time you use it. Click the abilit
y icon then left-click where you'd like to cast it."

"Cast your Ether Shock a

"The enemy hero Razor ha
s joined the battle for the Dire team. He is a master of lightning magic and has
the powerful Plasma Field ability. He is going to attack along the top lane."
"New Items"
"You have been given a f
ew items to help you in battle. You have tangos with an ABILITY to eat a tree to
gain health. You also have a perseverance that PASSIVELY increases your regener
"Attacking Towers"
"Towers have powerful at
tacks and a lot of hitpoints. Attack with your creeps and try to destroy the tow
er to complete this tutorial! Retreat if your creeps die and try to keep your he
alth up!"


"Destroy the enemy tower

"You Win!"
"Congratulations on comp
leting the Basic Game Concepts and Controls tutorial! The next tutorial will run
you through a full game - you even get to pick your hero!"

"You Win!"
"You successfully comple


"You Lose!"
"You failed to completed

ted the quest."

the quest."
// MidLane1v1_Tier1_Tutorial
"Mid-lane 1v1 Ti
er1 Tower Fight"
"You will play S
niper versus a Dragon Knight enemy bot. Defend your mid-tier1 tower while destro
ying the enemy's mid-tier1 tower."
t hero to learn with. He has a ranged attack so you can
ack ranks. His Serpent Wards ability is especially good
ou can complete this tutorial with any hero, though."

"Choosing your hero"

"Shadow Shaman is a grea
attack safely from the b
for destroying towers. Y

"DOTA_TutorialTitle_PrepareForBattle" "Preparing for Battle"

"When you spawn into a g
ame you have one ability point and 603 gold to buy items. Spend the point to lea
rn an ability. For this lesson we have enabled auto-buy so you don't need to wor
ry about the store."
"Auto-buy will purchase
items appropriate for your character. You will auto pick up your items when you
return to the fountain. If you get a message to go to the secret shop check the
minimap for the location. Head out when ready."

"Move out when you're re

"Allies and Enemies"
"For this lesson you wil
l be playing against two computer-controlled enemies and you will have one compu
ter player on your team. Try to push in the middle lane to the Dire base and kil
l their Ancient."

"Defeat the Dire team's

"DOTA_TutorialTitle_DefeatEnemyAncient" "Attacking the Enemy"

"DOTA_TutorialBody_DefeatEnemyAncient" "The enemy defenses are
strong and you will need to attack with multiple waves of creeps to bring down e
ach tower. Return to your base when your health is low or when you wish to buy n
ew items."
// hook training
wg. Kill some bots in the bottom lane."

"Pudge Training"
"Learn to play Pudge, da

"Kill some heroes!"
"Gank the two enemy hero
es in the bottom lane. Try to get 5 hero kills without dying more than 3 times.
// Last Hit / Deny Training

"Last Hit / Deny Practic

"Try to get as m
any last hits and denies as possible in the time limit. Your score is a combina
tion of last hits, denies, and how much damage you take."
"Round One - Sniper"
"Sniper has a ranged att
ack with no projectile, so the hit occurs very quickly. However, he has low bas
e damage, so timing is important."
"Last hit as Sni
"Round Two - Anti-Mage"
"Anti-Mage has a very qu
ick attack animation and fast attack rate - melee heroes are generally easier to
last hit with."
"Last hit as Anti-Mage."
"Round Three - Mirana"
"Mirana has a good attac
k animation and projectile speed but lower damage, making her of moderate diffic
"Last hit as Mir

"Round Four - Crystal Ma

"Crystal Maiden's attack
animation has a wind-up time and a slow moving projectile, making it difficult
to predict when the hit will occur, making her difficult to last hit with."
"Last hit as Crystal Mai

"Round Five - Shadow Fie

"Shadow Fiend is great a
t farming creeps rapidly with his good attack animation, high damage, and abilit
y Shadowraze - see how quickly you can farm this lane."
"Farm as fast as you can

"Game Over"
"Your score: "

// Item Training - Support
"Support Item Training"
"Learn in-depth mechanics of Support items!"

"Ring of

"Ring of
Basilius is a powerful early game item for junglers and support heroes. It giv
es a flat 0.6 mana regeneration, as well as 2 armor to all heroes and creeps in
the radius, as well as providing the carrier with extra armor and damage."

"Ring of

"The ite
m can be toggled. When turned off, the aura won't give your friendly creeps the
bonus armor. Turn it on when you want to make summoned units more powerful or p
ush a lane. The ring's aura will still affect allied heroes."
Ring of Basilius!"
"Headdress is useful early on to help you, your creeps and your lane mates to re
generate health. The aura radius is only 500, so stay near an ally if they need
some health."
"Buckler is a useful defensive item. It passively grants some armor and stats,
while it's active ability will give friendly units around you +2 bonus armor. Th
is can be helpful when attacking or defending towers, or in teamfights."
"Give your friendly heroes the armor bonus!"
"Urn of Shadows"
"Urn of Shadows is a dynamic item that can be used in many ways. Passively, it
grants some strength and mana regeneration, but the Soul Release ability is more
important. Whenever an enemy hero dies around an Urn carrier, that Urn will ga
in 2 Soul Release charges."
"Soul Release - Heal"

"When Soul Release is used, it drains a charge from Urn of Shadows. If it is us

ed on an ally, it will heal them for 400 HP over the course of 8 seconds. If th
e unit takes tower damage or damage from a player-controlled unit, the heal is l
ost, so be careful to use the heal only in situations when this won't happen."
"Heal your injured ally!"
"Soul Release - Damage Over Time"
"If Soul Release is used on an enemy hero, it will deal 150 damage over the cour
se of 8 seconds. Unlike the heal, this effect can't be removed except by purge
effects. The low amount of damage is useful to finish off running enemies that
have low health, due to the long range of Soul Release."
"Finish off the enemy hero!"


l Boots"
l Boots are the most defensive type of boots. The Heal ability will restore 170
HP over 10 seconds, as long as you don't take tower or player-controlled damage
. Tranquil Boots also add a bit of passive regeneration and armor, as well as h
aving higher than average movement speed for boots."
l Boots - Break"
l Boots do have a downside - their Break ability. If a player takes 4 instances
of player-controlled damage in the course of 10 seconds, the Tranquil Boots wil
l temporarily become Boots of Speed, meaning that they lose all their passive st
ats and the Heal ability. Once the player hasn't taken 4 instances of damage in
the last 10 seconds, the Tranquil Boots will reform."
"Use the
Heal ability!"
"Medallion of Courage"
"Medallion of Courage is a double-edged sword of an item. Passively, it gives y
ou some armor and mana regeneration. However, the Valor ability makes this item
what it is. When used on an enemy, both the item holder and the target enemy l
ose 6 armor (which is the same amount gained passively). Medallion of Courage g
ives you an armor advantage over your enemies, but it's up to you how to use it!
"Use Valor on Roshan!"
"Drum of Endurance"
"Drum of Endurance is an item that provides a lot of different benefits. Passiv
ely, it gives nice stats, and Swiftness Aura, which grants a small movement and
attack speed bonus to surrounding units."
"Drum of Endurance"
"The active ability Endurance adds another small movement and attack speed bonus
to surrounding units, effectively doubling the speed from Swiftness Aura. This
is very helpful for moments when you need just a bit more speed to catch or run
. It only has 4 charges, so use wisely."

"Catch the flying courier!"

"Vladmir's Offering"
"Vladmir's Offering provides a wide number of bonuses to surrounding teammates,
such as armor, regeneration, and bonus damage. It also gives friendly melee uni
ts lifesteal on their attacks."
"Vladmir's Offering"
"The lifesteal aura is useful for melee carries that have other Unique Attack Ef
fects, as other Lifesteal items won't work for them. A support with Vladmir's c
an provide this benefit to his melee carry."
"Mekansm is a powerful midgame item. Passively, it gives some nice armor and st
ats, as well as giving passive regneration to yourself and surrounding friendly
units. The most powerful part of the item is the active Restore, which heals 25
0 HP and grants bonus armor for a limited time."
"Heal your allies!"
"Pipe of Insight"
"Pipe of Insight is the go-to item when it comes to preventing magical damage.
Building from a Hood of Defiance, it passively increases spell resistance as wel
l as providing a lot of HP regeneration. The Barrier active ability gives a pro
tective field on all nearby units, preventing 400 magic damage from being dealt
to them."
"Prevent the magic damage!"



"Davion, the Dragon Knig

"Tutorial: Mechanics 1"
"<i>In a lonely wood lie
s the camp of Dragon Knight, slayer of the great winged Slyrak, and possessor of
skills beyond mortal knowledge. Yet his true potential still lies before him. T
he time has come for him to take up arms and train for the final battle.</i>"
"This starting tutorial will int
roduce you to: <ul><li>Hero Movement</li><li>Hero Leveling</li><li>Ability Usage
</li><li>Items</li><li>Basic Combat</li><li>Combat: Last Hits</li></ul>"
// Tutorials


"Finish mechanics and unlock the
world of Dota 2; prepare for the coming battles through continued training."
"The Geography For Train
"The quest for proficien
cy continues. Hone your skills by visiting other lands of contention!"


"Mission Progres


"Mechanics 1"

// Tutorial Location 2

"Sharpeye, The S


"Tutorial: Mecha

nics 2"
"<i>A small form
moves quietly along the trail, weapon in hand. Among the Keen Folk, he is a le
gend, the greatest shootist there's ever been. But it will take more than a sha
rp eye to survive the coming battle, and this Sniper from the highlands has much
to learn if hes to fulfill his destiny.</i>"
"This tutorial will intr
oduce you to: <ul><li>Combat: Ranged</li><li>Abilities: Area of Effect</li><li>T
he Minimap</li><li>Towers</li><li>Couriers and the Stash</li><li>Items: Teleport
ation Scroll</li></ul>"
"Mechanics 2"
// Tutorial Location 3

"Sniper Vs Axe"
"Tutorial: Lane

"<i>Long is the
road to victory, and harsh its travels. Sniper will need to develop a keen unde
rstanding of the towers, and those who defend them, if he is to survive the grea
t battle that is to come.</i>"
"This tutorial will intr
oduce you to: <ul><li>Combat: Fighting in a Lane</li><li>Towers: Defend and Atta
ck</li><li>Items: Starting Items</li></ul>"
"Middle Lane Int
// Tutorial Location 4

"Know Thine Enem


"Middle Lane Pra

"<i>Once per gen
eration, the great forged wheel-books turn slowly in the wind and moan out tales
of an age long forgotten. But now a strange wind blows, and the forged books si
ng like nothing heard beforea song of conflict and a looming conflagration, the p
rophesy of a war that will sweep down from hidden planes and engulf the world in
its fire.</i>\n\nNote: Mission progress based on completion with different hero
"This will introduce you
to: <ul><li>Limited Hero Pool: Restricts hero selection to 20 heroes</li><li>To
wers: Defend and attack all mid-lane towers</li><li>Items: All items unlocked</l
"Middle Lane Pra
ctice Using 10 Different Heroes"
// Tutorial Location 5

"Training Skirmi


"Play vs. Bots"

"<i>As the moon


stones glow and wheel-books wail, the barrier between the planes wears thin. Ou
t of this tattered fabric of reality, strange forces are revealed. Myths and leg
ends, flesh and blood; all yearn for the chance to train for the coming battle.<
"This will introduce you
to: <ul><li>Playing a full match of Dota 2 versus bots</li><li>Limited Hero Poo
l: Restricts hero selection to 20 heroes</li></ul>"
"5 Practice Matc
hes Versus Bots"
// Tutorial Location 6

"The War Begins"

"Play vs. Humans

"<i>It is a cont
est of wills and wits, strength and courage, reflexes and strategy. Shards of t
he Mad Moon glow bright in a shattered sky, while below battle lines are drawn.
Somewhere in the distance, the great horn sounds. The steel clangs. And so it
"This will introduce you
to: <ul><li>A full match of Dota 2 with other players</li><li>Limited Hero Pool
: Restricts hero selection to 20 heroes</li></ul>"
"10 Limited Hero
Pool Matches"
// Tutorial Location 7
"Dota Overview"
"A quick study o
f the game in action."
"You ll also be
exposed to key goals of the game, and get an idea of what battle will look like.
"This Introduction to Do
ta 2 will familiarize you with the location of map landmarks such as: <ul><li>Ba
ses</li><li>Towers</li><li>Barracks</li><li>Lanes</li><li>Roshan and the Aegis</
li><li>The Shopkeepers</li><li>Runes</li></ul>"
// Tutorial Location 8

"Last Hit Traini

"Learn more abou
t how to last hit reliably."
"<i>The Hero who
can acquire the most gold will almost certainly triumph. It is important to un
derstand how to acquire gold, and how to keep it from the pockets of your oppone
"This tutorial will intr
oduce you to: <ul><li>Combat: Last Hit Techniques</li><li>Combat: Denying Creeps
// Tutorial Location 9

"Last Hit Practi

"Practice last h
itting against a bot."
"<i>The Hero who
can acquire the most gold will almost certainly triumph. Only through extensiv
e practice can a Hero master the art of last hitting.</i>"

"This mode will help you
practice: <ul><li>Combat: Fighting in a Lane</li><li>Combat: Last Hits</li><li>
Combat: Denying Creeps</li></ul>"
// The Archronicus - Table of Contents

"Table o

f Contents"
Moon and The Ancients"

"The Mad
"Chronicle of Thesos"
"The Summoning S
"The Death Bount
"Cycle of Solsti
"The Wraith-Nigh

// The Archronicus - Title Page

es are writ the last remnants of a once-great body of knowledge. Copied and rec
opied by generations of scribes, translated by scholars and encrypted by mages,
the chronicles found herein compile the lost histories of the contested lands, i
ts rulers and guardians, higher-learning and ancient magics. The texts draw from
many cultures across many ages, enshrining for all time those fragmented recoun
ts of scholars long dead, and hidden truths more powerful than any sword or spel
l. Sealed now with an encryption spell, only worthy eyes may read the book, and
by deed alone reveal the truth. And only with the blood of heroes shall new pag
es be written."
// The Archronicus - Mad Moon

"The Mad Moon"

"the Ancients"
"- The Mad Moon and the

Ancients -"
"WHEN A WORLD was still
a cooling blob, it captured an eerie companiona glowing crystalline sphere that c
ame to be known in lore as the Mad Moon. This small orb was full of violent radi
ancea visual reminder of conflict in the heavens, bright enough to compete with t
he sun in daylight."
"But the Mad Moon was no
inert rock. It was more truly a prison, in which two warring ancient intelligen
ces had been captured and flung into exile aeons before, once the vast Primordia
ls that underlay creation had tired of their endless strife. The punishment for
these Ancients was to be locked together in one form, forever falling through in
finity...and thus it went until our unfortunate world captured that wanderer. \n
\nFor ages, primitive societies rose and fell beneath its weird glare; creature
s of varying intelligence and sophistication gazed up in wonder and curiosity, t
o whatever extent their sentience allowed. Meanwhile, orbital stress and tidal f
orces allowed the Mad Moon s inhabitants to begin exploit what were at first the

slightest of weaknesses, as they set to work prying open their prison. The crac
ks spread slowly, from the tiniest fractures, until at last there were millions
of fissures, vast and aglow with weird energies."
"DOTA_Archronicus_MadMoon_Page3" "On one apocalyptic night, the
moon finally shattered, torn apart from within. Most of the moonstuff was flung
into space or consumed as it hit the atmosphere. A few rare fragments fell to ea
rth, either as fused molten lumps or as jagged crystals. The shards lay where th
ey had fallen, and gradually the land around them recovered. As the survivors of
the prehistoric cataclysm recuperated, flourished and developed civilizations,
the Mad Moon became less a memory than a dream, with the night of its destructio
n woven into their myths."
"DOTA_Archronicus_MadMoon_Page4" "The fallen shards of primal ma
tter had fractured into their original composites: Radiant and Dire. In its pure
form, each type of stone gave off a peculiar energy. For those who settled arou
nd the sites, they found themselves feeding on this unearthly power until they h
ad not only harnessed the energy but made themselves dependent on it. They built
shrines around the Ancients and revered them, ironically, as godlike entities t
hat had fallen to earth.
The Ancients, both Radiant and Dire, provided many benefits: kinetic energy, man
a, protection, even resurrection. But the emanations changed everything in their
influence. Around the Radiant, the effects were bright and colorful, evoking li
ghtness and charm. Around the Dire, a sinister radioactive glow, a visual seepag
e indicative of poison and decay. Neither force was neutral; they were both perf
ect complements and total contradictions that could never be at peace.
As each stone s cultural influence spread, it eventually came in conflict with t
he societies of its rival. Interference between the Ancients was cause for war,
as the presence of one caused a corresponding fall-off in the energy of the othe
r. Each stone could only be restored to full power with the destruction of its F
oe-stone. And so the enthralled creatures rallied to protect their land by destr
oying the neighboring Ancient, and from far and wide the Heroes heard the call t
o battle and came to join, hardly realizing that in some sense both sides were t
he same."
// The Archronicus - Chronicle of Thesos




"A rumor some da
ys ago reached the High Bell of two strange beasts felled at the edge of the gra
instock lands. Either by disease, or sword, the stories varied, but always it w
as spoken of two dragons dark blue in color and very much dead. \n \nI set out
immediately from my fathers hold and found their scaly bodies charred on the prop
erty of a grain farmer three days travel along the ridge road. One great, one sm
all, the dragons lay where they died, surrounded by the footprints of a much lar
ger beast whose marks on the soil were large enough for a full grown keen to lie
down in; and so I did, imagining the impossible scale of the animal in whose tr
ack I lay. A grand dragon true, like the stories of old, and like some say stil
l live in the southerly wastes. \n \nThe tracks crossed the land for some distan
ce and ended where the beast took flight at the edge of the field. So not by bl
ade or pathosis had these young dragons met their end, but from an attack by one
of their own kind. \n \nWith the good faith of my fathers name, and a promise of
immediate removal, I was able to purchase the rotting corpse of the lesser of t

he two dead dragons. The specimen being nowhere near to full grown, I was able
to drag it behind my trusty zonkey for several hours to my fathers lands. Severa
l days of disarticulation and boiling commenced, followed by a full nights inurem
ent in wax, until, at last, the entire skeleton was laid out before me in the gr
eat hall, available for study."
"Here I draw my
observations with careful ink, noting the shape and size of every bone. \n \nTh
e structure of the wing surprised me. As did the curious architecture of the sh
oulder. The bones themselves, though very strong, were much lighter than I had
expected. More like the bones of a bird than a creature of scales and teeth. \n
\nMost unexpected of all was the remnants of an old shield found in the beasts
insides. But this one carried a most unusual form of gullet iron, and on it the
mark of an ancient order seen only rarely in these parts today, a dragon crest,
and the seal of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian. Woe to the knight who carried i
// The Archronicus - The Summoning Sea




SEA -"
" Beyond the rea
ch of Southwards End, \n Where summers warmth dares not to roam, \n Songs tell of
ancient treasure lost, \n Worth more than titles, lands, and home. \n \n At nigh
t skies streak in ribbon s glow, \n Chill oceans maze of jagged frost, \n Wild wi
nds betray the best of men, \n Where boldest captains fear to cross. \n \n Withi
n tis saids a hidden coast, \n Unknown to either map or man, \n Where once there
died a seaborn fiend, \n Washed up along its sandy span. \n \n Inside this corps
e, the legends claim, \n A gem lay hid away from sight, \n And who dares hold th
is stone unique, \n Shall see all hidden forms of fright."
" From whence th
e single frigate sailed, \n No soul still lives to dare recall, \n Brave voyage
launched into the cold, \n Afraid of neither gale nor squall. \n \n To southern
ice and wind they forged, \n The dauntless crew did plot their trek, \n In time
the fields of floe and berg, \n Gave glimpse of land to all on deck. \n \n Upon
an arctic shore they spied, \n Frost touched remains of monster vast, \n Old mar
ks from briny wars they saw, \n And ice-locked teeth to dwarf their mast. \n \n
On darkened beach was set a host, \n To excavate this mortal coil, \n Their pick
s and tools they lifted high, \n Then dug into their grisly toil."
" For days on da
ys they hacked and crawled, \n As stained was beach in ancient gore, \n Through
rib and tissue, deep they delved, \n And wrought their path toward monsters core.
\n \n From humid depths came glowing dim, \n Strange spectral light of emerald
hue, \n Great gem matched size with finders fist, \n Worn crew rejoiced; old song
s proved true. \n \n Returned to deck with treasure held, \n As one all crew did
choke their breath, \n For ringed they were by wraiths of yore, \n Ghost ships
long sunk, and those past death. \n \n For hidden from the common eye, \n Are on
es who drift when lifeblood fails, \n Bright gem grants truth to sight, they lea
rned, \n Then set with fright to raising sails."
" Yet ghastly sh
ades no harm intend, \n But warning men whose airs still drawn: \n To bring sights
stone on waters wide, \n Would raise the wrath of deep Maelrawn."

" A day and twel
ve on ocean waves, \n Passed laden, anxious crews retreat, \n When came long shad
ows to their wake, \n Lord Maelrawns servant come to eat. \n \n By haste and luck
y breeze they sped, \n Four dawns the scourge kept far at bay, \n Until a wisp o
f earth drew far, \n hen fickle fortunes winds betrayed. \n \n As beast drew unde
r ship to strike, \n Rowboats were filled with man and loot, \n Then loosed were
heavy chain and weight, \n To crashed ships anchor on seas brute. \n \n Then deck
leaned port as seabeast scaled, \n Wild tendril fury came aboard, \n In frenzie
d panic three boats fled, \n With ship entangled, kraken roared."
" Through tree t
hick feelers twist and squeeze, \n Wood hull made vent to frozen surge, \n As hal
f-ship sank, depths master called: \n The gem still moved, and neared shores verge
. \n \n In rushed pursuit the kraken swam, \n To overtake first boat of three,
\n When drowned men froze and wreckage sank, \n Did hunter learn its charge sta
yed free. \n As second crew in horror rowed, \n Slick grasping fingers closed ar
ound,Yet once again gem was not there, \n And third boats band set foot aground.
\n \n So terrified of Maelrawns rage, \n Did thrashing scourge set out anew, \n T
hen beached itself upon the surf. \n As kraken flailed, its foe withdrew."
" Of fated crews
last port and call, \n No grey account still deigns to say, \n Some firm believe
they made toward home, \n Though others tell of hangmans sway. \n \n Of gem and
tidal deepgods hunt, \n Vain quest goes on without reward, \n Its servants blindl
y come to shore, \n To kill and raze, be put to sword. \n \n For no thrall creat
ure of the depths, \n Nor spirit bound in drownings keep, \n Nor Maelrawn the Ten
tacular, \n Shall rest till seas, gem comes to sleep."
// The Archronicus - The Death Bounty
"The Death Bounty"
"- The Death Bounty -"
"The ancient Death Bounty Text, as it has since come to be known, was first disc
overed among the ruins of the great Stonehall Cartularium. The documents signific
ance went unrecognized for years as it lay untranslated and forgotten, sealed aw
ay behind the locked doors of the Historic Archive of Sennos. It was not until s
cholars studied the document in detail that they came to understand what it repr
esented. This decaying bit of parchment was nothing less than a possible source
of the martial tradition of Last Strike, now common among all the kingdoms of th
e contested lands."
"Translated from Page:"
"By order of Lord Regent Urthic Laste of Stonehall.\n\nHenceforth shall all fell
ows of the Armies of Stonehall adhere to the statements below:\n\n1. Fellows of
the Stonehall military shall now be paid for each killing blow struck against a
foe in battle. This reward shall only be granted to the fellow who strikes the k
illing blow.\n\n2. Following the course of battle, each coterie shall be respons
ible for the tallying and dividing of payment amongst themselves to cover expens
es, including equipment purchase and upkeep.\n\n3. In the event of a dispute, fe
llows may challenge one another to duel. The victor shall be awarded the total s
hare held by the vanquished.\n\n4. Should a duel conclude by the death of a fell
ow, recompense shall be made to..."

// The Archronicus - Cycle of Solstices

"On the longest night of the year, the dead do not always sleep. For centuries,
the learned aesthetes of Keyturn studied the skies from their mountain keep, wh
ere generation after generation, they tracked the movement of celestial bodies,
copying down their arrangements in the great Book of Heavens. It was they who fo
und the wheel of the world was a thing of many moving partsa clock of strange rhy
thms and irregular meter. It was they who counted the number of dawns in each s
eason. It was they who calculated the day of longest night."
"And it was they who first discovered the great cycle within the cyclea periodic
shift whereby in one solstice among many, the barrier between the planes wears t
hin, the aurora blazes green in the sky, and the undead rise from their graves.
And it was they who were destroyed."
"Now we have only fragments of their long studies. The great Book of Heavens is
lost to history, though copied remnants of certain passages are sometimes found
in the ruins of ancient temples, or in the scholarly works of moldering librari
es. These fragments are the last view into a lost civilization."
// The Archronicus - Wraith-Night
"Young prince Ostarion was thrust upon the throne by the death of his royal fami
ly. The swift, rotting disease that took their lives nearly claimed the prince a
s well, but the courts mage took desperate measuressubmitting the youth to a ritua
l that pared away all the vulnerable flesh, transforming him into a being of ani
mated bone. The young king emerged from the scouring, convinced that having defi
ed death once, he would never submit to it."
"With a deep mistrust of all things fleshy, Ostarion began to recast his parents
legacy in forms imperishable. Every stone of his kingdom was replaced with its e
quivalent in bone. Skeleton Kings armies took dominion over neighboring lands, an
d as he extended his reach, he extracted the bones of his enemies. Eventually he
came to rule over a land cold, white and brittleand to yearn for something more.
"Never having trusted flesh, nor wishing to clothe his bones in it, he finally s
ettled on pursuit of wraith energy, a form of pure spirit given off by certain d
ark souls at death, and taken up by ghosts and other revenants when they need a

form with which to walk the earth. Should he shape himself from the wraith essen
ce, he thought he might create a body as luminous and eternal as his ego."
"Consulting the ancient mage who had saved the young princes life, Skeleton King
learned of a rare opportunitya night foretold by certain olden sages who had grap
pled with the unruly and in most ways unpredictable cycles of naturethe solstice
known as Wraith-Night, when the dead would rise in such great number that their
souls could be harvested and captured in sufficient quantity to complete another
ritual. Should he manage to harvest the wraith energy of the undead horde, he c
ould rise once more transfiguredKing forever, but this time of the Wraiths."
"From the Journals of Azorszos the Bony, Mage-Physik to Ostarion, eldest subject
of that ungrateful wretch whom I must hail as king, and who will gladly lead th
e throng in cursing himself for the role he played in placing our so-called Skel
eton King on the Throne of Bones."




"Dragon Knight, youve pro
ved yourself worthy of your knighthood. Long will your name be remembered!"
"Sniper, you are a true
marksman. Long will your name be remembered!"
"DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_ScriptedDemo" "You are a true spectato
r. Long will you be remembered!"
"You have successfully completed 5 bot matches!"
"DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_LimitedHeroPoolGames" "You have succes
sfully completed 10 Limited Hero games!"
"You have destro
yed your enemy s middle lane tower!"
"DOTA_Quest_Laning_Attack_Mid_Success" "You have destroyed both
of your enemy s middle lane towers!"
"Your middle lan
e tower was destroyed by the enemy!"
"DOTA_Quest_Laning_Defend_Mid_Failure" "Both your middle lane t
owers were destroyed by the enemy!"
"You have finished last
hit training and are a now a thing of legend!"
"You are a true
last hitter for participating in the Last Hit Challenge! Keep at it, and your la
st hits will long reverberate in the bones of your enemies."
"Within the Archronicus are gathered the ancient texts of many cultures, drawn f
rom across the ages, and from across the whole wide range of the contested lands
. The chronicles found herein may provide a deeper understanding of the universe
, its history and cosmology, but the mysteries revealed will not impact gameplay

"Archronicus Page"
"For those who hold the Archronicus, knowledge is earned by sword and deed; neve
r is it gifted. Your skill has earned you the right to read further pages."
"Archronicus Page"
"By ink is it written, but by blood is it read. In these chronicles, ancient tr
uths have been gathered, copied and recopied by generations of scribes, encrypte
d long ago by ancient magic. Only the worthy may unravel the secrets of the Arc
"Archronicus Page"
"To understand the origins of our customs of warfare, it is necessary to seek th
e wisdom of truly ancient texts. Scholars throughout time communicate across the
gulf of ages through the Archronicus."
// Last Hit Challenge

"Last Hits:"
"High Score:"
"Last Hit Streak:"
"Last Hit Rate:"
"Total Creeps:"
"Prepare Yourself"
"Enable Helper"
"Start Top"
"Start Middle"
"Start Bottom"

"world_map_questcompletepanel_01_title" "Unlocked Dota 2!"

"world_map_questcompletepanel_01_text" "You have unlocked the e
ntire Dota 2 experience by completing the first two tutorials. You can now play
regular matchmaking game modes or stay on the world map and continue your train
ing experience. Training is always available at any time if you want to continu
e to explore Dota. Additional training includes: <ul><li>Lane Tutorials</li><li
>Full Bot Matches</li><li>Limited Hero Matchmaking</li></ul>"
"world_map_questcompletepanel_01_closedialog" "CLOSE"
"Give Fe


"You ve received
an item! In Dota 2 you can earn items by playing online matches and finishing
training objectives.\n\nItems can be equipped on heroes to customize their appea
rance. You can view and equip items in your <b>Armory</b> by clicking on the <b
>store</b> tab."
// World map lore

"The Wai

ling Mountains"
"High in
the Wailing Mountains, the Aesthetes gather in reverie when the sacred wind blo
ws. At these times, the wheel-books sing of a great rift in the wholeness of ex
istencea disharmony sown from a single paradoxical thought conceived in the divin
e consciousness. The Wailing One could not think this thought and be one being,

and so the great unity was cloven. What had been conjoined was rent asunder, a
nd out of that great division the universe was born."
"The Rue
"Steel m
et sorcery in the war to claim the riches said to be buried beneath the rocky Ru
elands. Yet the victor was granted no celebration or solace for their costly ca
mpaign. As they mined into the earth they found only the treacherous graves of
ancient lava tubes. The rumors that sparked three kingdoms into bitter war had
yielded nothing, and the price paid was enough to topple them all."
"The Ble
eding Hills"
"For man
y centuries the Bleeding Hills have been known for their tarry blooda thick, visc
ous fluid which flows down from the uplands, gathering in slickened black ravine
s to accumulate in killing pools where the bones of many ancient beasts now resi
de. The slightest touch of flame will ignite these pools into an explosive blaz
//Hero Names

"Queen of Pain"
"Phantom Assassin"
"Witch Doctor"
"Vengeful Spirit"
"Crystal Maiden"
"Wraith King"
"Storm Spirit"
"Sand King"
"Shadow Fiend"
"Drow Ranger"
"Phantom Lancer"
"Shadow Shaman"


"Faceless Void"
"Death Prophet"
"Templar Assassin"
"Dragon Knight"
"Nature s Prophe


"Dark Seer"
"Night Stalker"
"Bounty Hunter"
"Ancient Apparition"
"Spirit Breaker"
"Outworld Devourer"
"Shadow Demon"
"Lone Druid"
"Chaos Knight"
"Treant Protecto


"Ogre Magi"
"Nyx Assassin"
"Naga Siren"
"Keeper of the Light"
"Troll Warlord"
"Centaur Warrunn





// Other Names
"Aegis of Champions"
"Lane Creep"
"Siege Engine"
"The Ancient"
"Necronomicon Warrior"
"Necronomicon Warrior"
"Necronomicon Warrior"
"Necronomicon Archer"
"Necronomicon Archer"
"Necronomicon Archer"
"Scout Hawk"
"Greater Hawk"
"Greater Boar"

"Skywrath Mage"
"Elder Titan"
"Legion Commander"
"Ember Spirit"
"Earth Spirit"
"Abyssal Underlord"

"Flying Courier"
"Forged Spirit"
"npc_dota_dark_troll_warlord_skeleton_warrior" "Skeleton Warrio
"Warlock Golem"
"Warlock Golem"
"Warlock Golem"
"Warlock Golem"
"Warlock Golem"
"Warlock Golem"
"Death Ward"
"Serpent Ward"
"Serpent Ward"
"Serpent Ward"
"Plague Ward"
"Plague Ward"
"Plague Ward"
"Plague Ward"
"Lesser Eidolon"
"Greater Eidolon"
"Dire Eidolon"
"Power Cog"
"Healing Ward"

"Nether Ward"
"Nether Ward"
"Nether Ward"
"Nether Ward"
"Lycan Wolf"
"Lycan Wolf"
"Lycan Wolf"
"Lycan Wolf"
"Spirit Bear"
"Spirit Bear"
"Spirit Bear"
"Spirit Bear"
"Undying Zombie"


"Observer Ward"
"Sentry Ward"


"Frozen Sigil"
"Frozen Sigil"
"Frozen Sigil"
"Frozen Sigil"


"Phoenix Sun"
"Land Mine"
"Stasis Trap"


"Spin Web"
"Melee Creep"

"Mega Me

lee Creep"
"Ranged Creep"

"Mega Ra

nged Creep"
"Siege Creep"
"Mega Siege Creep"
"Melee Creep"

"Mega Me

lee Creep"
"Ranged Creep"
nged Creep"
"Siege Creep"
"Mega Siege Creep"

"Mega Ra

// Neutral Creeps
"Kobold Soldier"


"Centaur Conqueror"
"Fell Spirit"



"Hellbear Smashe

"Mud Golem"
"Ogre Bruiser"
"Ogre Frostmage"
"Giant Wolf"
"Alpha Wolf"
"Wildwing Ripper"

"Satyr M

"Satyr Tormenter"
"Satyr Banisher"
"Ancient Stalker"
Primal Stalker"
"Ancient Rock Golem"
"Ancient Granite Golem"

"Ancient Drakken
"Ancient Drakken




"Ancient Black Drake"
"Ancient Black Dragon"
"Vhoul Assassin"
"Hill Troll"

"Dark Tr


"Hill Tr


"Hill Tr

oll Summoner"
oll Berserker"
oll Priest"
"Harpy Scout"
"Harpy Stormcrafter"
// Towns



"Melee Barracks"
"Melee Barracks"
"Melee Barracks"
"Melee Barracks"
"Melee Barracks"
"Melee Barracks"
"Ranged Barracks"




"Radiant s Ancient"
"Dire s Ancient"




"Healing Campfire"



// Shops

"ARCANE (%s1)"


"COMMON (%s1)"
"SUPPORT (%s1)"
"CASTER (%s1)"
"WEAPONS (%s1)"
"ARMOR (%s1)"


"PAGE 1 (%s1)"
"PAGE 2 (%s1)"








"PAGE 1"
"PAGE 2"



// Fullscreen shop













items that match your search:"
hat match your search:"
ound that match your search."

" %s1 of %s2
"Items t
"No items were f


"Save Su


"Save Bu

"Load Build"
"Edit Mode"
// Tags



"Attack Speed"

l Chance"



"Magic Damage Re





t Speed"






"Health Regen"
"Mana Re


"Block D




"Boost Health"
"Boost M


"Boost A


"Mana Po




"Boost Magic Dam

age Resistance"
ems to categorize"

"Hard it

"Stock: %s1"
"Restock in: %s1"
// ItemBuilds

"Test Item Build

"Starting Items"
g Items for Bear"
"Early Game"
"DOTA_Item_Build_Early_Game_Secondary" "Early Game for Bear"
"Core Items"
"DOTA_Item_Build_Core_Items_Secondary" "Core Items for Bear"
onal Items"
"Default Item Bu
"Save Failed"
"dota_item_build_save_failed_filename" "Invalid Filename"
"Build Saved"


"Battle Points"


"Default Device"
"Speaker Config"
"Sound Device"

// Inventory


"Items l
eft in the overflow will return to the stash."
lick shop items to set Quick Buy"
//"Drag shop items here to set Quick Buy
"Reliable Gold:
"Unreliable Gold
: %s1"
"Owned By: %s1"

"Show in Shop"
"Drop from Stash


"Move to Stash"
"Alert Allies"



// kills / deaths / assists
// last hits / denies

"K / D /
"LH / D"


"Owned By: %s1"

"Courier Deliver

// Scoreboard





"K / D / A"



"Lvl %s1 %s2"
"Picking a Hero"

















Mega Kill"

"shared by: %s1"

"shared by: %s1

and 1 other"
by: %s1 and %s2 others"
"Players are sha
ring items in the Shared Content tab."
"Mega Kill Announcers"
"HUD Skins"


"DOTA_Shared_Unit_Control_Disable_Help" "Disable Help"
Hero Level %s1"

"Used By:"
"Next Upgrade at



te Bonus Active"

"Drop Ra

"Attribute Bonus"
"Improves all attributes per point spent"
"Damage done by direct attacks."
"Glyph of Fortification"
"Grant your structures invincibility for 5 seconds. Refreshed if a first tier to
wer falls."
"Cooldown: %s1"
"Respawns your hero immediately, for a price."
// Courier Tooltip
"Courier Status"
"No couriers found"
"At Base"
// idle at the fountain, or work
ing with the stash
"Idle In the Field"
// idle somewhere out in the world
"On The Move"
// moving somewhere
"Returning to Base"
// move dest is the fountain
"Delivering Items to %s1"
// moving to a hero

"Dead\nRespawn in %s1"
"Backdoor Protection"
"Structure takes reduced damage, and quickly regenerates any damage taken while
no enemy creeps are nearby."
"Backdoor Protection"
"Structure takes reduced damage, and quickly regenerates any damage taken while
no enemy creeps are nearby."
"Return to Base"
"Returns the courier to base"
"Transfer Items"
"Transfer items to hero"
"Go To Secret Shop"
"Sends the courier to your team s secret shop"
"Return Items"
"Return items to stash"
"Summons a protective shield around the courier"
"Speed Burst"
"The courier gains a burst of speed for %duration% seconds"
"Retrieve Items"
"Retrieve items from stash"
"Mana Break"
t as damage."

"Mana burned per hit, a portion of which is deal

"Last Will"

"Damage dealt to unit that kills Necronomicon Wa

"True Sight"
"Reveals invisible units."
"Mana Burn"
"Burns targeted unit s mana."
"Archer Aura"
"Increases movement and attack speed of nearby units."
"Mana Break"
"Burns an opponent s mana on each attack. Mana Break deals 60%% of the mana bur
ned as damage to the target.\n\nMana Break is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does
not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers."
"A modified technique of the Turstarkuri monks peaceful ways is to turn magical
energies on their owner."
"Mana Burn is blocked by spell immunity."
"You can lifeleech the damage dealt by this skill with a Lifesteal aura."
"Short distance teleportation that allows Anti-Mage to move in and out of combat
"In his encounter with the Dead Gods, Anti-Mage learned the value of being elusi
"If you used Blink to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, you ll be t
eleported 4/5 of the maximum range instead."
"You can use Blink to dodge incoming projectiles."
"Spell Shield"
"Increases Anti-Mage s resistance to magic damage."
"Years of meditation and obsession with revenge have hardened Anti-Mage s skin a

gainst mystical opponents."

"Stacks multiplicatively with other spell resistance sources."
"Mana Void"
"For each point of mana missing by the target unit, damage is dealt to it and su
rrounding enemies. The main target is also mini-stunned."
"After bringing enemies to their knees, Anti-Mage punishes them for their use of
the arcane arts."
"The stun passes through spell immunity."
"Damage is calculated based on the primary target s mana, but applied to all ene
mies within the area of effect."
"The monks of Turstarkuri watched the rugged valleys below their mountain monast
ery as wave after wave of invaders swept through the lower kingdoms. Ascetic and
pragmatic, in their remote monastic eyrie they remained aloof from mundane stri
fe, wrapped in meditation that knew no gods or elements of magic. Then came the
Legion of the Dead God, crusaders with a sinister mandate to replace all local w
orship with their Unliving Lord s poisonous nihilosophy. From a landscape that h
ad known nothing but blood and battle for a thousand years, they tore the souls
and bones of countless fallen legions and pitched them against Turstarkuri. The
monastery stood scarcely a fortnight against the assault, and the few monks who
bothered to surface from their meditations believed the invaders were but demoni
c visions sent to distract them from meditation. They died where they sat on the
ir silken cushions. Only one youth survived--a pilgrim who had come as an acolyt
e, seeking wisdom, but had yet to be admitted to the monastery. He watched in ho
rror as the monks to whom he had served tea and nettles were first slaughtered,
then raised to join the ranks of the Dead God s priesthood. With nothing but a f
ew of Turstarkuri s prized dogmatic scrolls, he crept away to the comparative sa
fety of other lands, swearing to obliterate not only the Dead God s magic users-but to put an end to magic altogether. "
"Burn through your enemies mana!\n\nBlink in and out of the fray!\n\nProtect yo
urself with an anti-magic shield!"
"Shadow Strike"
"Hurls a poisoned dagger which deals large initial damage, and then deals damage
over time. The poisoned unit has its movement speed slowed for 15 seconds. An
instance of damage is dealt every 3 seconds."
"Akasha s envenomed dagger allows her to delight in the drawn out suffering of h
er victims."
"The affected unit slowly regains its original movement speed every second durin
g the duration."

"Units afflicted by Shadow Strike can be denied by their allies when their HP dr
ops below 25%% of their maximum health."
"Short distance teleportation that allows Queen of Pain to move in and out of co
"The Secret Queen lives up to her title, making her pain impossible to escape."
"If you used Blink to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, you ll be t
eleported 4/5 of the maximum range instead."
"You can use Blink to dodge incoming projectiles."
"Scream Of Pain"
"The Queen of Pain lets loose a piercing scream around her, damaging nearby enem
"The sultry voice of Akasha beckons her opponents while stealing their souls."
"Scream Of Pain will hit invisible units."
"Scream Of Pain cannot be disjointed."
"Sonic Wave"
"Creates a gigantic wave of sound in front of Queen of Pain, dealing heavy damag
e to all enemy units in its wake.\n\nUpgradable with Aghanim s Scepter."
"Her most exquisite of all of torments, Akasha s Sonic Wave puts her poor foes o
ut of their misery."
"Sonic Wave can hit units up to 1200 units away."
"Increases damage and decreases cooldown."
"The Ecclesiast-King of Elze nursed a desire for pain--forbidden pain. In a less

prominent political figure, such desires might be considered unwise, but in a m

onarch of his stature, to satisfy such thirsts would have threatened the virtue
of the Divine Throne itself. Therefore he turned to his dungeon full of demonolo
gists, promising freedom to whoever could summon a personal succubus of torment
and bind it entirely to his service. The creature who arrived, Akasha by name, v
isited upon him such exquisite torments that he named her his Secret Queen, and
he began to spend all his spare moments submitting to her clever torments--event
ually abdicating all his responsibilities in his pursuit of the painful pleasure
s that only she could bring. Queen of Pain could bring him to the brink of death
, but she was rune-bound to keep him alive. At last the King s neglect of state
brought on an uprising. He was dragged from his chamber and hurled from the Towe
r of Invocations, and at the moment of death, Queen of Pain was let loose into t
he world, freed from servitude--freed to visit her sufferings on anyone she deig
ned to notice."
"Hurl poison daggers!\n\nTeleport in and out of combat!\n\nUnleash a piercing wa
ve of sound that damages your enemies!"
"Dragon Slave"
"Lina channels the breath of a dragon, sending out a wave of fire that scorches
every enemy in its path."
"In the scorched barren of Misrule, Lina learned to manipulate the fiery breath
of the Desert Wyrm as a form of entertainment."
"Dragon Slave can hit units up to 1225 units away."
"Light Strike Array"
"Summons a column of flames that damages and stuns enemies."
"Lina s essence allows her to focus the sun s energies, causing air to combust a
t will."
"Light Strike Array will destroy trees in its area of effect."
_stun_duration" "STUN DURATION:"
"Fiery Soul"
"Grants bonus attack and movement speed each time Lina casts a spell. Stacks wit
h itself. Lasts 9 seconds."
"Dancing flames embody Lina s playful nature, bringing out her true blazing self
"Duration refreshes each time a new spell is cast."
"Using items does not trigger Fiery Soul."

"Laguna Blade"
"Fires off a bolt of lightning at a single enemy unit, dealing massive damage.\n
\nUpgradable with Aghanim s Scepter."
"The air around Lina becomes so intensely torrid that it scorches a foe that com
es too close with white-hot lightning."
"Laguna Blade has a 0.25 delay before the damage is applied after the spell is c
ast, allowing certain abilities to avoid the damage."
"Increases Laguna Blade s range, changes its damage type to Pure, and allows it
to slice through spell immunity."
"The sibling rivalries between Lina the Slayer, and her younger sister Rylai, th
e Crystal Maiden, were the stuff of legend in the temperate region where they sp
ent their quarrelsome childhoods together. Lina always had the advantage, howeve
r, for while Crystal was guileless and naive, Lina s fiery ardor was tempered by
cleverness and conniving. The exasperated parents of these incompatible offspri
ng went through half a dozen homesteads, losing one to fire, the next to ice, be
fore they realized life would be simpler if the children were separated. As the
oldest, Lina was sent far south to live with a patient aunt in the blazing Deser
t of Misrule, a climate that proved more than comfortable for the fiery Slayer.
Her arrival made quite an impression on the somnolent locals, and more than one
would-be suitor scorched his fingers or went away with singed eyebrows, his adva
nces spurned. Lina is proud and confident, and nothing can dampen her flame."
"Hurl fireballs with ease!\n\nUnleash a shockwave of dragons!\n\nScorch the eart
h with pillars of flame!\n\nFry your foe with bolts of blue fire!"
"Sacred Arrow"
"Fires an long-range arrow with deadly precision, which stuns and damages the fi
rst enemy unit it strikes. The stun duration ranges from 0.01 to %arrow_max_stun
% seconds, with bonus damage up to %arrow_bonus_damage% added, based on the dist
ance the arrow travels to its target."
"Lunar energies make the Princess of the Moon s arrows more deadly than most."
"For every 150 distance the arrow travels, the stun duration upon impact increas
es by 0.5 seconds, and the bonus damage added increases by 14."
"Sacred Arrow can hit invisible units."

"Moonlight Shadow"
"Turns Mirana and all allied heroes invisible. If a hero is revealed, invisibili
ty will restore after the fade delay as long as Moonlight Shadow s duration has
not expired. Silence will prevent revealed units from becomming invisible."
"Her tenure with Selemene allows Mirana to eclipse the ground, wrapping her alli
es in a cloak of shadows."
"Units affected will not auto attack enemies."
"Spell Immune allies will be affected."
"Mirana leaps forward into battle, empowering allied units with a ferocious roar
that grants bonus attack and movement speed. Speed bonus lasts 10 seconds."
"Both friend and foe alike recognize Mirana s iconic white beast in the heat of
"You can use Leap to dodge incoming projectiles."
"Calls down a wave of meteors to damage nearby enemy units. One random enemy uni
t in 175 range will take a second hit for 75%% of the damage."
"The Goddess breaks the strata to empower her Princess in the time of need."
"Starstorm is not blocked by Linken s Sphere."
"Starstorm cannot hit invisible units."
"Starstorm will choose a new target for the second star if the first died before
"Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mir
ana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated
herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. Known ever
since as Princess of the Moon, Mirana prowls the sacred Nightsilver Woods search
ing for any who would dare poach the sacred luminous lotus from the silvery pool
s of the Goddess s preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is pois
ed, proud and fearless, attuned to the phases of the moon and the wheeling of th
e greater constellations. Her bow, tipped with sharp shards of lunar ore, draws
on the moon s power to charge its arrows of light."

"Summon meteor strikes!\n\nStun your enemies with far-flying arrows!\n\nTake gre

at leaps on the back of your savage mount, Sagan!\n\nCloak your allies with invi
sibility for devastating sneak-attacks!"
"Launch into a maddened rage, becoming Spell Immune, 100% resistant magic damage
and gaining increased attack speed."
"The madness and brutality of N aix makes him a vicious and unrelenting foe in c
"Upon casting, many buffs and debuffs will be removed."
"Regenerates a portion of the attacked enemy s current HP and deals the same por
tion of damage per attack."
"After escaping from his cell in Devarque, N aix subsisted on flesh and bones of
those unfortunate to cross his path."
"Does not affect Roshan."
"Affects Spell Immune units."
"The heal is independent of the damage."
"Stacks additively with other sources of Lifesteal."
"Open Wounds"
"Lifestealer rends an enemy unit, slowing the victim s movespeed and allowing al
l allies to lifesteal on that unit. All damage dealt will steal life, including
damage from spells. The victim recovers movement speed over the duration."
"Fresh wounds and the scent of blood often draw out the scavengers to finish the
"Open Wounds slows over 8 different steps: 70% / 70% / 60% / 50% / 30% / 10% / 1
0% / 10%, with the slow decreasing one step per second."
"Stacks additively with other sources of Lifesteal."

"With this infestation, N aix consumes the life blood of the host, restoring him
back to full unholy power."
"Lifestealer infests the body of a target unit, lying dormant and undetectable i
nside. He can then explode from the host body, dealing damage to all nearby enem
y units. If the infested unit is an enemy or neutral creep, he will consume it a
nd gain health equal to the unit s current health. Does not work on enemy Heroe
"If the infested unit dies before Lifestealer consumes it, no health is gained."
"Lifestealer gains experience while under the effects of Infest."
"Lifestealer eats the host body from the inside out."
"Infesting a host"
"In the dungeons of Devarque, a vengeful wizard lay in shackles, plotting his es
cape. He shared his cell with a gibbering creature known as N aix, a thief curse
d by the Vile Council with longevity, so that its life-sentence for theft and co
zening might be as punishing as possible. Over the years, its chains had corrode
d, along with its sanity; N aix retained no memory of its former life and no lon
ger dreamt of escape. Seeing a perfect vessel for his plans, the wizard wove a s
pell of Infestation and cast his life-force into N aix s body, intending to comp
el N aix to sacrifice itself in a frenzy of violence while the mage returned to
his body and crept away unnoticed. Instead, the wizard found his mind caught in
a vortex of madness so powerful that it swept away his plans and shattered his w
ill. Jarred to consciousness by the sudden infusion of fresh life, N aix woke fr
om its nightmare of madness and obeyed the disembodied voice that filled its sku
ll, which had only the one thought: To escape. In that moment Lifestealer was bo
rn. The creature cast its mind into dungeon guards and soldiers, compelling them
to open locks and cut down their companions, opening an unobstructed path to fr
eedom while feeding on their lives. Lifestealer still wears the broken shackles
as a warning that none may hold him, but on the inside remains a prisoner. Two m
inds inhabit the single form--a nameless creature of malevolent cunning, and the
Master whose voice he pretends to obey."
"Sprouts a ring of trees around a unit, trapping it in place."
"Verdant overgrowth is a common ailment reported by Nature s Prophet s attackers
"Sprout can be cast on any unit, or the ground."
"Trees created by Sprout have the same interactions with abilities as regular tr

"Teleports to any point on the map."
"The Prophet keeps his sentinel over the forest, protecting it when in need."
"Teleport takes 3 seconds to cast."
"Mana and cooldown take effect when the cast is completed. Nature s Prophet wil
l not use any mana or waste the cooldown if the spell is interrupted while casti
"When the cast begins, an effect is created at the target location, which is vis
ible to allies and enemies."
"Nature s Call"
"Converts an area of trees into Treants. Treants have 550 hit points and deal 21
-23 damage."
"Verodicia bestowed the Prophet with the ability to summon the Treant Guard, a m
ythical sentient army of the wild."
"Nature s Call can only create as many treants as there are trees in the target
"Wrath of Nature"
"Damaging energy bounces around the map, striking enemies close to the cast poin
t that are in vision. Each enemy hit beyond the first adds damage.\n\nUpgradable
with Aghanim s Scepter."
"Nature s Prophet calls Verodicia s fury to strike down those who might ravage t
he wilderness."
"Wrath of Nature will not hit units out of vision."
"Can be cast through the minimap; the nearest valid target will be selected."
"Increases damage and bounces."
"When Verodicia, Goddess of the Woods, had finished filling in the green places,
having planted the coiled-up spirit in the seed, having lured the twining water
s from deep within the rock, having sworn the sun its full attention to the grow

ing things, she realized that her own time had reached its end, and like one of
the leaves whose fate she had imprinted in the seed, she would fall without seei
ng the fruiting of her dream. It pained her to leave the world bereft, for the s
prouts had not yet broken through the soil--and they would be tender and vulnera
ble to every sort of harm. She found in her seed pouch one last seed that she ha
d missed in the sowing. She spoke a single word into the seed and swallowed it a
s she fell. Her vast body decomposed throughout the long winter, becoming the hu
mus that would feed the seedlings in the spring. And on the morning of the verna
l equinox, before the rest of the forest had begun to wake, that last seed ripen
ed and burst in an instant. From it stepped Nature s Prophet, in full leaf, stro
ng and wise, possessing Verodicia s power to foresee where he would be needed mo
st in defense of the green places--and any who might be fortunate enough to call
him an ally."
"Trap your opponents in trees!\n\nTurn trees into fighting thickets of death!\n\
nDonkey gank with sneaky teleports from the trees!\n\nUnleash the wrath of natur
"Focus Fire"
"Windranger channels the wind, gaining maximum attack speed on the enemy unit or
structure, although with reduced damage, including damage from Unique Attack Mo
difiers and item effects. Lasts 20 seconds.\n\nUpgradable with Aghanim s Scepte
"Lyralei s ability to bombard opponents with a flurry of arrows is unparalleled
- even at the expense of accuracy."
"Can target buildings and Spell Immune units."
"Reduces cooldown, decreases damage reduction, and removes penalty from Unique A
ttack Modifiers and item effects."
"Windranger charges her bow for up to 1 second for a single powerful shot. The a
rrow deals damage to enemy units and destroys trees in its path. If the channeli
ng is cancelled early, the shot will still occur but deal less damage."
"During her early years of training, Lyralei learned to fire powerful arrows tha
t cleaved even trees to reach their targets."
"Powershot will destroy trees in its area of effect."
"Shackles the target to an enemy unit or tree in a line directly behind it. If
no unit or tree is present, the stun duration is reduced to 0.75."
"Windranger s variety of bow skills includes an arrow with thick ropes attached

to encumber any escaping target."

"This spell can shackle two enemies together, stunning them both."
"Can shackle the target to an enemy unit or tree at most 525/500 behind it."
"Shackleshot cannot be disjointed."
"Increases movement speed and adds evasion from all physical attacks, while slow
ing movement of nearby enemies."
"Lyralei enchants gusts of winds to fight incoming attacks."
"The slow will affect enemies with spell immunity."
"Activating Windrun will evade incoming projectiles."
"The western forests guard their secrets well. One of these is Lyralei, master a
rcher of the wood, and favored godchild of the wind. Known now as Windranger, L
yralei s family was killed in a storm on the night of her birth--their house blo
wn down by the gale, contents scattered to the winds. Only the newborn survived
among the debris field of death and destruction. In the quiet after the storm,
the wind itself took notice of the lucky infant crying in the grass. The wind pi
tied the child and so lifted her into the sky and deposited her on a doorstep in
a neighboring village. In the years that followed, the wind returned occasiona
lly to the child s life, watching from a distance while she honed her skills. N
ow, after many years of training, Windranger fires her arrows true to their targ
ets. She moves with blinding speed, as if hastened by a wind ever at her back.
With a flurry of arrows, she slaughters her enemies, having become, nearly, a f
orce of nature herself."
"Skewer your opponents with your piercing arrow!\n\nDevastate distant foes with
your power shot!\n\nMove like the wind, overtaking enemies with your blistering
attack speed!"
"Earth Spike"
"Rock spikes burst from the earth along a straight path. Enemy units are hurled
into the air, then are stunned and take damage when they fall."
"The Demon Witch exercises his demonic covenant, opening a fissure from hell."
"The spikes move at 1600 units per second."

"Transforms an enemy unit into a harmless beast, with all special abilities disa
"Lion is compelled to share his transfiguration, twisting the essence of those w
ho oppose him."
"Instantly destroys illusions."
"The target will have a base movement speed of 100, but buffs granting maximum m
ovement speed won t be disabled."
"Hex disables damage block and evasion."
"Mana Drain"
"CHANNELED - Absorbs the magical energies of a target enemy unit by taking mana
from it every second."
"Lesser magi are nothing more than a source of magical restoration for the Demon
"Destroys illusions after 0.25 seconds."
"Finger of Death"
"Rips at an enemy unit, trying to turn it inside-out. Deals massive damage.\n\nU
pgradable with Aghanim s Scepter."
"Lion s disfigured hand is also the source of his greatest power, capable of flo
oding victims with malefic force."
"Finger of Death has a 0.25 delay before the damage is applied after the spell i
s cast, allowing certain abilities to avoid the damage."
"Increases damage. Decreases cooldown. Adds AOE."

"Once a Grandmaster of the Demon Witch tradition of sorcery, Lion earned fame am
ong his brethren for fighting on the side of light and righteousness. But adulat
ion corrupts. With powers surpassed only by his ambition, the mage was seduced b
y a demon and turned to evil, trading his soul for prestige. After committing ho
rrible crimes that marred his soul, he was abandoned. The demon betrayed him, st
riking better deals with his enemies. Such was Lion s rage that he followed the
demon back to hell and slew it, ripping it limb from limb, taking its demonic ha
nd for his own. However, such demonoplasty comes at a cost. Lion was transfigure
d by the process, his body transformed into something unrecognizable. He rose fr
om hell, rage incarnate, slaying even those who had once called him master, and
laying waste to the lands where he had once been so adored. He survives now as t
he sole practitioner of the Demon Witch tradition, and those who present themsel
ves as acolytes or students are soon relieved of their mana and carried off by t
he faintest gust of wind."
"Summon shards of demonic stone that send enemies flying, then impale them as th
ey fall!\n\nTransform foes into frogs!\n\nDrain mana from those who oppose you!\
n\nTurn the dastards inside out with the touch of a finger!"
"Magic Missile"
"Fires a magic missile at an enemy unit, stunning and dealing damage."
"A simple Skywrath technique, the magic missile is Shendel s primary tool for ve
"Wave of Terror"
"Vengeful Spirit lets loose a wicked cry, weakening the armor of enemies and giv
ing vision of the path ahead."
"Shendel s haunting voice hints at her approaching vindication."
"Vengeance Aura"
"Vengeful Spirit s presence increases the physical damage of nearby friendly uni
ts. If Vengeful Spirit is slain, her killer will be possessed with a negative Ve
ngeance Aura, reducing the damage of her killer and its nearby allies until Veng
eful Spirit revives."
"Although they may not share her undying passion for revenge, allies do draw on
her fanaticism in combat."
"The bonus damage provided by the aura is based on base damage and primary attri

"Nether Swap"
"Instantaneously swaps positions with a target Hero, friend or enemy. Nether Sw
ap interrupts channeling abilities on the target.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Sce
"Martyrdom is a small price to pay for vengeance."
"Works on Spell Immune units."
"Trees near Vengeful Spirit and the target will be destroyed when the spell is c
"Channeling spells are interrupted by Nether Swap."
ldown_scepter" "SCEPTER COOLDOWN:"
"Decreases cooldown, and allows swapping of non-hero uni
"Even the most contented Skywrath is an ill-tempered creature, naturally incline
d to seek revenge for the slightest insult. But Vengeful Spirit is the essence o
f vengeance. Once a proud and savage Skywrath scion, Shendelzare was first in su
ccession for the Ghastly Eyrie until a sister s treachery robbed her of her birt
hright. Snared in an assassin s net, Shendelzare tore free only at the cost of h
er wings, limping away in the ultimate humiliation: On foot. With her wings brok
en, she knew the Skywrath would never accept her as ruler; and in the highest ro
ost of the Eyrie, inaccessible except by winged flight, her sister was untouchab
le. Unwilling to live as a flightless cripple, and desiring revenge far more tha
n earthly power, the fallen princess drove a bargain with the goddess Scree auk:
She surrendered her broken body for an imperishable form of spirit energy, driv
en by vengeance, capable of doing great damage in the material plane. She may sp
end eternity flightless, but she will have her revenge."
"Magic missiles! Launch them! Yes!\n\nLet loose a wicked war cry to terrorize
the enemy!\n\nSwap places with unwary foes--dragging them to their doom while ca
tapulting yourself into positions of power!"
"Paralyzing Cask"
"Launches a cask of paralyzing powder that ricochets between enemy units, stunni
ng and damaging those it hits."
"The Witch Doctor recycles the bones of fallen friends and foes, using the powde
r as part of his arsenal of charms and alchemy."
"Targets can be hit multiple times, as long as another unit is struck in between
the bounces."

"Voodoo Restoration"
"Witch Doctor focuses his magic to heal nearby a
llied units."
"Zharvakko s hocus pocus is not limited only to hexxing his opponents and is qui
te adept at curing ailments."
"Healing is done in 0.33 second intervals."
"Can heal Spell Immune units."
"Curses all enemy Heroes in an area, causing them to take damage every 4 seconds
, adding bonus damage for every 100 HP lost since the curse began."
"Certain voodoo magics can make an enemy regret engaging the Witch Doctor."
"Damage is based on the difference between the HP values currently and when Male
dict was cast."
"Death Ward"
"CHANNELED - Summons a deadly ward to attack enemy heroes. The Death Ward has a
ttack range of 700, and attacks every .22 seconds. Level 3 Death Ward bounces o
nce. Lasts 8 seconds.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Witch Doctor performs a ritualistic dance, one that haunts the dreams of those
who live to recount it."
"The Death Ward is invulnerable, and is only destroyed if Witch Doctor is interr
upted or its duration expires."
"The Death Ward can be controlled, and made to attack a specific target."
"Increases ward damage. Death Ward attack bounc
es 4 times."

"A wiry silhouette hitches forward--uneven of feature and limb, bizarre of gait,
relentlessly criss-crossing the battlefield in search of that vital weak point
where his talents can do most good, and most harm. Whether broken or mismade it
is not clear, but still, none can doubt the power carried in his twisted physiqu
e. A long staff thumps the earth as Zharvakko the Witch Doctor advances, deployi
ng a terrifying arsenal of fetishes, hexes and spells. It is a body of magical
knowledge learned and perfected over several lifetimes in the island highlands o
f Arktura, now wielded with precision accuracy against his enemies. Zharvakko ca
n be your best friend or your worst enemy--healing allies and laying waste to al
l who oppose him."
"Launch a cask of paralyzing powder that bounces between enemies!\n\nUse powerfu
l magic to heal your allies!\n\nLay damaging curses upon your foes and summon de
adly wards to do your bidding!"
"Split Earth"
"Splits the earth under enemies. Deals damage and stuns for a short duration."
"Twisting nature to his vile will, the shifting earth consumes those unlucky eno
ugh to cross Leshrac s path."
"Split Earth will destroy trees in its area of effect."
"There is a 0.35 second delay before the effect is applied."
"Diabolic Edict"
"Saturates the area around Leshrac with magical explosions that deal mixed damag
e to enemy units and structures. The fewer units available to attack, the more
damage those units will take. Lasts 8 seconds."
"Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything it t
"Damage is not reduced by damage block."
"The explosions will continue even if Leshrac is killed."
"Can damage buildings, Spell Immune units, and invisible units."
"Lightning Storm"
"Summons a lightning storm that blasts the target enemy unit, then jumps to near
by enemy units. Struck enemies are slowed by 75%% for 0.5 seconds."
"The Tormented Soul s mastery of the elements is evident in the massive storms t
hat strike down armies before him."

"The lightning searches in a 650 area."
"Pulse Nova"
"Creates waves of damaging energy around Leshrac, one per second, to damage near
by enemy units.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"If necessary, the Tormented Soul can manipulate space time itself, ravaging les
ser beings."
"Increases damage per second."
"Leshrac, Tormented Soul, is an entity torn from the heart of nature, a liminal
being that exists half in one plane of existence, half in another. His penetrati
ng intelligence is such that he can never ignore for a moment the agonizing horr
or at the heart of all creation. Once a great philosopher who sought the meaning
of existence, he plumbed the depths of nature with the haunted Chronoptic Cryst
als, and was forever altered by the hideous mysteries thereby revealed to him. N
ow the darkest depths of his enlightenment are illumined only by the fitful glar
e of his arrogance. Like other elemental characters, he is completely at one wit
h nature, but in his case it is a nature lurid and vile. He alone sees the evil
truth of reality, and has no use for those who believe the cosmos reserves a spe
cial reward for those who practice benevolence."
"Blade Fury"
"Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Juggernaut, rendering him immun
e to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Lasts 5 seconds."
"Yurnero s renowned katana techniques are feared by warriors and sorcerors alike
"This skill doesn t affect mechanical units."
"You can use items during Blade Fury."
"Juggernaut can still perform attacks while in Blade Fury. However, only units t
hat are not affected by Blade Fury, such as wards or structures, will take damag
e from these attacks."
"Deals a total of 400/500/600/700 damage."
"Healing Ward"
"Summons a Healing Ward that heals all nearby allied units, based on their max h

it points. The Healing Ward can move at 450 movement speed after being summoned
. Lasts 25 seconds."
"Of the rituals learned at the Isle of Masks, tending wounds with a bit of voodo
o magic has proven to be quite useful."
"The healing ward can be controlled."
"Multiple healing wards don t stack."
"Blade Dance"
"Gives Juggernaut a chance to deal double damage on each attack."
"The last remnant of his heritage s commitment to bladework, Yurnero ensures tha
t the style is remembered."
"Juggernaut leaps towards the target enemy unit with a damaging attack, and then
slashes other nearby enemy units, dealing between 200-225 damage per slash. Ju
ggernaut is invulnerable for the duration.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
" The fruits of discipline; with practice comes strength. "
"Interrupts channeling spells of the primary target."
"Can target Spell Immune units."
"Slashes happen on an interval of 0.4 seconds."
"Creeps are killed in one hit of omnislash."
"You can use items during Omnislash."
"Increases number of jumps and decreases cooldown."
"No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Yurnero the Juggernaut
. It is only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, Yurne
ro was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks--a punishment that saved his life.
The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He
alone remains to carry on the Isle s long Juggernaut tradition, one of ritual an
d swordplay. The last practitioner of the art, Yurnero s confidence and courage
are the result of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has n
ever stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his ex
pression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory

is a foregone conclusion. "

"Unleash a whirling bladestorm that carves through foes and renders you immune t
o magic attack!\n\nProtect your friends with a healing ward!\n\nSpin and jump in
a dance of death that slashes many enemies at once!"
"Meat Hook"
"Launches a bloody hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first
unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Pudge and dealing damage if it is
an enemy."
"The Butcher s hook is a symbolic nightmare, its curved blade a frightening remi
nder of his slaughterous intent."
"Interrupts channeling spells of the primary target if it s an enemy."
"Meat Hook hits invisible units."
"Meat Hook can go through trees, cliffs, buildings, and mechanical units."
"Meat Hook can drag friendly units, but they won t be damaged."
"A toxic cloud that deals intense damage and slows movement--harming not only en
emy units but Pudge himself."
"A foul odor precedes a toxic, choking gas, emanating from the Butcher s putrid,
ever-swelling mass."
"Using Rot doesn t interrupt channeling."
"Rot hits invisible units."
"If Pudge is silenced, he can t deactivate Rot if it s activated."
"Pudge can deny himself with this ability."
"Flesh Heap"
"Gives Pudge resistance to magic damage, as well as bonus strength that increase
s each time Pudge kills an enemy Hero or it dies in his vicinity. Flesh Heap is
retroactive, meaning it can gain charges before it is skilled, which then becom
e active."
"The Butcher gives new meaning to the words meat shield. "

"Stacks multiplicatively with other spell resistance sources."

"CHANNELED - Pudge chows down on an enemy unit, disabling it and dealing damage
over time. Lasts 3 seconds on Heroes, 6 seconds on creeps.\n\nUpgradable by Agha
nim s Scepter."
" When I m through with these vermin, they ll be fit for a pie! "
"Dismember will disable Spell Immune units, but not damage them."
"If a unit becomes invisible while Dismembered, it will still be under the effec
ts of Dismember."
"Adds a strength-based damage bonus, and heals Pudge equal to the damage dealt b
y Dismember."
"In the Fields of Endless Carnage, far to the south of Quoidge, a corpulent figu
re works tirelessly through the night--dismembering, disembowelling, piling up t
he limbs and viscera of the fallen that the battlefield might be clear by dawn.
In this cursed realm, nothing can decay or decompose; no corpse may ever return
to the earth from which it sprang, no matter how deep you dig the grave. Flocked
by carrion birds who need him to cut their meals into beak-sized chunks, Pudge
the Butcher hones his skills with blades that grow sharper the longer he uses th
em. Swish, swish, thunk. Flesh falls from the bone; tendons and ligaments part l
ike wet paper. And while he always had a taste for the butchery, over the ages,
Pudge has developed a taste for its byproduct as well. Starting with a gobbet of
muscle here, a sip of blood there...before long he was thrusting his jaws deep
into the toughest of torsos, like a dog gnawing at rags. Even those who are beyo
nd fearing the Reaper, fear the Butcher."
"Launch bloody meathooks at your enemies, reeling them in for the kill!\n\nYou l
l be resistant to magic thanks to a coating of gore!\n\nChoke and sicken all aro
und you with the vile rot from your suppurating flesh!"
"Weakens an enemy unit, reducing its physical damage. Lasts 20 seconds."
"Even the mightiest of warriors crumble before the terror of Atropos."
"Enfeeble cannot be purged."
"Brain Sap"

"Feasts on the vital energies of an enemy unit, dealing damage and gaining healt
h equal to the damage dealt."
"Atropos finds no greater pleasure than to harvest the fear he creates."
"Bane always receives the full amount of health, regardless of the amount of dam
age dealt."
"Puts the target enemy or friendly Hero to sleep and deals damage per second. S
leeping units are awakened when attacked, but the Nightmare passes to the attack
ing unit. The nightmared unit instantly wakes up if it takes damage."
"A stolen prowess from the goddess Nyctasha is to put his prey into forever slee
"Nightmare deals damage to allies and himself, so it can be used to deny heroes
or himself."
"Any source of damage except Nightmare will awaken the unit, but only physical a
ttacks cause the Nightmare to be transferred."
"In the first second of Nightmare, the unit is invulnerable."
"Bane can wake himself up from Nightmare."
"Nightmare End"
"Wakes you up from a nightmare."
"Fiend s Grip"
"CHANNELED - Grips an enemy unit, disabling it and causing heavy damage over tim
e, while stealing mana every second based on the unit s maximum mana.\n\nUpgrada
ble by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Victims of Atropos are frequently torn apart by vivid conjurations of their own
"Fiend s Grip will disable and drain mana from Spell Immune units, but not damag
e them."

"Increases damage per second, mana drain, and duration. If an enemy tries to att
ack Bane while he is channeling Fiend s Grip, they will instantly have Bane s cu
rrent level of Nightmare inflicted upon them."
"When the gods have nightmares, it is Bane Elemental who brings them. Also know
n as Atropos, Bane was born from the midnight terrors of the goddess Nyctasha.
A force of terror too powerful to be contained by sleep, he surfaced from her sl
umbers, fed upon her immortality, and stole his vaporous form from her inky bloo
d. He is the essence of fear. Mortals who hear his voice hear their darkest se
crets whispered in their ear. He calls to the hidden fear in every Hero s heart
. Wakefulness is no protection, for Bane s black blood, continuously dripping,
is a tar that traps his enemies in nightmare. In the presence of Bane, every He
ro remembers to fear the dark."
"Enfeeble your enemies with dark magic!\n\nFeast on the life energies of your fo
es!\n\nFill a target s slumber with nightmares!\n\nImmobilize victims with the v
icious squeeze of your Fiend s Grip!"
"Slams the ground with a mighty totem, creating an impassible ridge of stone whi
le stunning and damaging enemy units in a line."
"The Nishian totem splits the world to its core with tectonic force."
"Creeps will wait for Fissure to disappear. They will not attempt to walk around
"Fissure is not blocked by Linken s Sphere."
"Enchant Totem"
"Empowers Earthshaker s totem, causing it to deal extra damage on the next attac
"Raigor s gorilla strength can destroy mountains."
"Bonus damage is based on base damage and that given by primary attribute."
"Causes the earth to shake underfoot, adding additional damage and stuns to near
by enemy units when Earthshaker casts his abilities."
"The earth trembles beneath the mighty footsteps of Raigor."
"Using items does not trigger Aftershock."

"Echo Slam"
"Shockwaves travel through the ground, damaging enemy units. Each enemy hit cau
ses an echo to damage nearby units.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Tectonic plates crack, mountains fold, and foes are crushed by the Echo Slam."
"Will not damage ethereal units, such as those in Ghost Form."
"Units creating echoes also take damage from the wave they produced."
"Causes each initial hero hit to echo twice."
"Like a golem or gargoyle, Earthshaker was one with the earth but now walks free
ly upon it. Unlike those other entities, he created himself through an act of wi
ll, and serves no other master. In restless slumbers, encased in a deep seam of
stone, he became aware of the life drifting freely above him. He grew curious. D
uring a season of tremors, the peaks of Nishai shook themselves loose of avalanc
hes, shifting the course of rivers and turning shallow valleys into bottomless c
hasms. When the land finally ceased quaking, Earthshaker stepped from the settli
ng dust, tossing aside massive boulders as if throwing off a light blanket. He h
ad shaped himself in the image of a mortal beast, and named himself Raigor Stone
hoof. He bleeds now, and breathes, and therefore he can die. But his spirit is s
till that of the earth; he carries its power in the magical totem that never lea
ves him. And on the day he returns to dust, the earth will greet him as a prodig
al son."
"Slam your massive totem to the ground, transfiguring the landscape and shaking
enemies to their bones!\n\nSend shockwaves through stone and soil, smashing all
resistance.\n\nDivide enemy forces with walls of rock!"
"Sand King burrows into the ground and tunnels forward, damaging and stunning en
emy units above him as he resurfaces."
"Crixalis often lies in wait, burrowing under the surface to ambush his adversar
"Sand Storm"
"CHANNELED - Sand King creates a fearsome sandstorm that damages enemy units whi
le hiding him from vision. The invisibility remains for a short duration after
the sandstorm ends."

"Some say Crixalis is a mirage; his carapace appearing then vanishing between th
e whirling sands of the Scintillant Waste."
"Sand Storm can be used to dodge projectiles."
"Caustic Finale"
"Sand King s attacks inject a venom that causes enemy units to explode violently
upon death, spreading area damage.\n\nCaustic Finale is a Unique Attack Modifie
r, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifier."
"An injection from Crixalis makes one brittle and as dry as the arid wastes, sub
ject to implosive demise."
"Units afflicted with the debuff will explode even if Sand King did not deliver
the killing blow."
"The buff is not placed on allied units."
"CHANNELED - After channeling for 2 seconds, Sand King sends a disturbance into
the earth, causing it to shudder violently. All enemies caught within range will
take damage and become slowed. Each subsequent pulse increases the radius of da
mage dealt.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Many an explorer was lost to the quicksands of the Scintillant Waste."
"The pulses are centered on Sand King, not where he first casted the spell."
"The pulses have gradually inreasing radius: 275 / 325 / 375 / 425 / 475 / 525 /
575 / 650 / 675 / 700 ( 775 / 825 *)."
"Decreases cooldown and increases number of pulses."
"The sands of the Scintillant Waste are alive and sentient--the whole vast deser

t speaks to itself, thinking thoughts only such a vastness can conceive. But whe
n it needs must find a form to communicate with those of more limited scope, it
frees a fragment of itself, and fills a carapace of magic armor formed by the cu
nning Djinn of Qaldin. This essential identity calls itself Crixalis, meaning S
oul of the Sand, but others know it as Sand King. Sand King takes the form of
a huge arachnid, inspired by the Scintillant Waste s small but ubiquitous denize
ns; and this is a true outward expression of his ferocious nature. Guardian, war
rior, ambassador--Sand King is all of these things, inseparable from the endless
desert that gave him life."
"Burrow beneath the soil to ambush your enemies from below!\n\nSummon fearsome s
and storms to blind opposing forces!\n\nEnvenomate your foes as you snatch the e
arth from beneath their feet!"
"Shadow Fiend razes the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemy units in a
n area."
"Nevermore s trademark for harvesting souls."
"Shadow Fiend razes the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemy units in a
n area."
"Nevermore s trademark for harvesting souls."
"Shadow Fiend razes the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemy units in a
n area."
"Nevermore s trademark for harvesting souls."
"Shadow Fiend steals the soul from units he kills, gaining bonus damage. If the
killed unit is a hero, he gains 12 souls. On death, he releases half of them fr
om bondage."
"Harvested souls swirl in and out of the Abysm, empowering the Shadow Fiend to i
ncrease the size of his collection."
"Denies, neutral creeps, and buildings also provide bonus damage through Necroma
"Presence of the Dark Lord"

"Shadow Fiend s presence reduces the armor of nearby enemies."
"Even being near Nevermore eats away at one s soul."
"Stacks fully with other armor reduction abilities and aura."
"Requiem of Souls"
"Captured souls are used to deal massive damage, as well as slowing and reducing
the attack damage of nearby enemy units. Requiem of Souls creates one wave of d
amage for every 2 souls stored by Necromastery. The closest enemy units are hit
the hardest. Requiem of Souls has a 1.67 second cast time before it is activat
ed. Requiem of Souls is automatically cast when Shadow Fiend dies, independent
of its cooldown."
"The captured souls of those past slain are released to ravage their former alli
"One line is generated around Nevermore, 1 per 2 souls, for a maximum of 18 line
"The movement and attack damage reductions from Requiem of Souls go through spel
l immunity."
"It is said that Nevermore the Shadow Fiend has the soul of a poet, and in fact
he has thousands of them. Over the ages he has claimed the souls of poets, pries
ts, emperors, beggars, slaves, philosophers, criminals and (naturally) heroes; n
o sort of soul escapes him. What he does with them is unknown. No one has ever p
eered into the Abysm whence Nevermore reaches out like an eel from among astral
rocks. Does he devour them one after another? Does he mount them along the halls
of an eldritch temple, or pickle the souls in necromantic brine? Is he merely a
puppet, pushed through the dimensional rift by a demonic puppeteer? Such is his
evil, so intense his aura of darkness, that no rational mind may penetrate it.
Of course, if you really want to know where the stolen souls go, there s one sur
e way to find out: Add your soul to his collection. Or just wait for Nevermore."
"Cast a spell of desecration on your enemy s territories!\n\nEntrap the souls of
enemy fighters, then sic them on their former friends!\n\nSummon the Dark Lord
to fill your foes with a weakling s dread!"
"Storm Hammer"
"Sven unleashes his magical gauntlet that deals damage and stuns enemy units."
"The Rogue Knight s iron gauntlet, taken from the school of his father, strikes
his foes to their core."

"Great Cleave"
"Sven strikes with great force, cleaving all nearby enemy units with his attack.
"The Vigil Knights still seek to reclaim the stolen Outcast Blade from Sven, a w
eapon capable of cutting wide swaths through lesser warriors."
"Cleave damage is reduced by armor type but not by armor value."
"Cleave damage goes through spell immunity."
"The cleave damages a circular area in front of Sven."
"Sven s Warcry heartens his allies for battle, increasing their movement speed a
nd armor. Lasts 7 seconds."
"Calling a few lines from the Vigil Codex fortifies Sven s obedience to his rogu
e code. So poetic!"
"Fully stacks with other armor and speed granting abilities."
"God s Strength"
"Sven channels his rogue strength, granting bonus damage for 25 seconds.\n\nUpgr
adable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"With the strength that shattered the Sacred Helm, the Rogue Knight stands unopp
osed in melee combat."
"The bonus damage is based on base damage and the primary attribute of Sven."
"God s Strength grants bonus damage to allies in a 900 radius."
"Sven is the bastard son of a Vigil Knight, born of a Pallid Meranth, raised in
the Shadeshore Ruins. With his father executed for violating the Vigil Codex, a

nd his mother shunned by her wild race, Sven believes that honor is to be found
in no social order, but only in himself. After tending his mother through a lin
gering death, he offered himself as a novice to the Vigil Knights, never reveali
ng his identity. For thirteen years he studied in his father s school, masterin
g the rigid code that declared his existence an abomination. Then, on the day t
hat should have been his In-Swearing, he seized the Outcast Blade, shattered the
Sacred Helm, and burned the Codex in the Vigil s Holy Flame. He strode from Vi
gil Keep, forever solitary, following his private code to the last strict rune.
Still a knight, yes...but a Rogue Knight. He answers only to himself."
"Destroy enemies with a stunning storm bolt!\n\nStrike with such force that all
nearby enemies take damage!\n\nHearten your allies with a mighty warcry and brin
g down divinely-powered blows upon your enemies!"
"Stifling Dagger"
"Deals minor pure damage and slows the enemy uni
t s movement speed. Deals half damage to heroes."
"The first skill learned by the Sisters of the Veil often signals an incoming hi
"Phantom Strike"
"Teleports to a unit, friendly or enemy, and gra
nts bonus attack speed while attacking if it s an enemy unit."
"Mortred s silken veil is the last thing her unfortunate target sees."
attack_count" "MAX ATTACKS:"
"The Phantom Assassin blurs her body, causing some enemy attacks to miss and all
owing her to disappear from the enemy minimap when far from enemy heroes.\n\nSta
cks diminishingly with other sources of Evasion."
"Meditation allows a Veiled Sister to carefully anticipate her opponents in comb
"Coup de Grace"
"Phantom Assassin refines her combat abilities,
gaining a chance of delivering a devastating critical strike to enemy units. Sti
fling Dagger shares the same critical strike chance."

"A divine strike, Mortred honors her opponent by choosing them for death."
"Through a process of divination, children are selected for upbringing by the Si
sters of the Veil, an order that considers assassination a sacred part of the na
tural order. The Veiled Sisters identify targets through meditation and oracula
r utterances. They accept no contracts, and never seem to pursue targets for po
litical or mercenary reasons. Their killings bear no relation to any recognizabl
e agenda, and can seem to be completely random: A figure of great power is no m
ore likely to be eliminated than a peasant or a well digger. Whatever pattern th
e killings may contain, it is known only to them. They treat their victims as sa
crifices, and death at their hand is considered an honor. Raised with no identit
y except that of their order, any Phantom Assassin can take the place of any oth
er; their number is not known. Perhaps there are many, perhaps there are few. No
thing is known of what lies under the Phantom Veil. Except that this one, from t
ime to time, when none are near enough to hear, is known to stir her veils with
the forbidden whisper of her own name: Mortred."
"Wraithfire Blast"
"Wraith King sears an enemy unit with spectral fire, dealing damage and stunning
, then dealing damage over time and slowing the target."
"Ostarion calls on his damned lineage, laying waste to his opponents."
"Deals 80 / 160 / 230 / 300 total damage."
"Vampiric Aura"
"Nearby friendly units gain hit points based on their damage dealt when attackin
g enemy units."
"Wraith King s blade drains his enemy s essence to feed his aura."
"Stacks additively with other sources of Lifesteal."
"Mortal Strike"
"Wraith King passively gains a chance to deal bonus damage on an attack."
"One blow to crush a foe."

"Wraith King s members regroup after death, allowing him to resurrect when kille
d in battle. Upon death, enemy units in a %slow_radius% radius will be slowed."
"Conspirators against the Wraith King wonder why he never stays dead."
"Wraith King won t revive if he doesn t have enough mana."
"If Wraith King has an Aegis and Reincarnation off cooldown, Reincarnation will
trigger first."
"Revives with full HP and Mana."
"For untold years, King Ostarion built a kingdom from the remains of his enemies
. It was an obsessive s errand, done to pass the long eternities of a monarchy t
hat seemed fated never to end. He believed that as long as he built up the tower
s of his palace, he could not die. But eventually he learned that he had been de
luded... that bone itself could perish. Deeply mistrustful of flesh, he sought a
more permanent way of extending his reign, and at last settled on pursuit of wr
aith energy, a form of pure spirit given off by certain dark souls at death. Sho
uld he infuse himself with Wraith Essence, he thought he might create a body as
luminous and eternal as his ego. On the millennial solstice known as Wraith-Nigh
t, he submitted to a rite of transformation, compelling his subjects to harvest
enough souls to fuel his ambition for immortality. No one knows how many of his
champions died, for the only survivor who mattered was the Wraith King who rose
with the sun on the following morn. Now he rarely spends a moment on his glowing
throne--but strides out with sword drawn, demanding a fealty that extends far b
eyond death. "
"Blast enemies with wraithfire from your wraith-infused blade!\n\nExude a vampir
ic aura!\n\nStrike your enemies critically!\n\nReincarnate instantly, returned t
o full vigor, in order to punish anyone foolish enough to strike you down!"
"Frost Arrows"
"Adds a freezing effect to Drow s attacks, slowing enemy movement. Lasts %frost
_arrows_hero_duration_tooltip% seconds on Heroes, and %frost_arrows_creep_durati
on% seconds on creeps.\n\nFrost Arrows is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not
stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers."
"Ice-encased arrows pierce the silence, chilling their victims to the core."
"The slow duration is refreshed on successive casts."



"Stops all enemy units in a target area from casting spells."
"Traxex is rather fond of the tranquility of physical combat, calling on her Dro
w heritage to end the incantations of opposing magi."
"Doesn t stop usage of items."
"Releases a wave that silences and knocks back enemy units. Knockback distance i
s relative to how close they are to you."
"Traxex is rather fond of the tranquility of physical combat, calling on her Dro
w heritage to end the incantations of opposing magi."
"Precision Aura"
"Adds bonus damage to the physical attack of allied, ranged Hero units on the ma
p based on a percentage of Drow s agility. Affects creeps for 30 seconds when c
"Traxex time spent alone in the forests of her Drow home has allowed her to tea
ch other archers how to improve their bow skills."
"Drow s experiences in battle improve her accuracy and effectiveness in combat,
providing a passive bonus to Agility. Grants no bonus if there are enemy heroes
within a 400 AoE."
"The Drow Ranger is the epitome of archery prowess."
"Drow Ranger s given name is Traxex--a name well suited to the short, trollish,
rather repulsive Drow people. But Traxex herself is not a Drow. Her parents were
travelers in a caravan set upon by bandits, whose noisy slaughter of innocents
roused the ire of the quiet Drow people. After the battle settled, the Drow disc
overed a small girl-child hiding in the ruined wagons, and agreed she could not
be abandoned. Even as child, Traxex showed herself naturally adept at the arts t

hey prized: Stealth, silence, subtlety. In spirit, if not in physique, she might
have been a Drow changeling, returned to her proper home. But as she grew, she
towered above her family and came to think of herself as ugly. After all, her f
eatures were smooth and symmetrical, entirely devoid of warts and coarse whisker
s. Estranged from her adopted tribe, she withdrew to live alone in the woods. Lo
st travelers who find their way from the forest sometimes speak of an impossibly
beautiful Ranger who peered at them from deep among the trees, then vanished li
ke a dream before they could approach. Lithe and stealthy, icy hot, she moves li
ke mist in silence. That whispering you hear is her frozen arrows finding an ene
my s heart. "
"Stop your enemies cold with a stunning blast of ice!\n\nSilence your enemies so
they may cast no magic!\n\nIncrease the impact of allied attacks and gain incre
dible accuracy to strike your foes dead!"
"Morphling dissolves into liquid and surges forward, damaging enemy units in his
path. Morphling is invulnerable during Waveform."
"A torrential flood takes enemies by force."
"Adaptive Strike"
"Strikes an enemy unit with a blast of water, stunning the target while dealing
base damage plus additional damage based on Morphling s agility times a multipli
er. If Morphling s agility is 50%% higher than strength, the maximum damage and
the minimum stun is dealt. If his strength is 50%% higher than his agility, the
maximum stun and minimum damage are dealt."
"The Morphling calls upon his elements to crush his opponents with waves."
"Knocks the target back 100 - 300 units."
"Morph (Agility Gain)"
"Morphling shifts its form, pulling points from Strength and pouring them into A
gility. The process is reversible. Additional points in Morph increase the rate
of stat change. Passively grants bonus Agility."
"Shifting water makes it difficult to discern the nature of Morphling."
"Morph can be activated or deactivated while Morphling is disabled, but not whil
e silenced."
"Morph can t convert stats from items."

"Morph (Strength Gain)"
"Morphling shifts its form, pulling points from Agility and pouring them into St
rength. The process is reversible. Additional points in Morph increase the rate
of stat change. Passively grants bonus Strength."
"Shifting water makes it difficult to discern the nature of Morphling."
"Morph works while Morphling is disabled, but not when silenced."
"Morph can t convert stats from items."
"Morphling replicates any hero, friend or foe, dealing 50%% of the original Hero
s outgoing damage while taking 100%% of any incoming damage. At any time, Morp
hling can instantly take the position of the Replicate for 150 mana."
"Staring into Morphling produces a reflection that mimics the beholder."
"You can t target yourself with Replicate."
"Morph Replicate"
"Morphling switches into his replication, instantly taking its position."
"For dark eons the comet circled. Held in thrall to a distant sun, bound by grav
ity s inexorable pull, the massive ball of ice careened through the blackness be
tween worlds, made strange by its dark journey. On the eve of the ancient war of
the Vloy, it punched down through the sky and lit a glowing trail across the ni
ght, a sign both armies took for an omen. The frozen ball melted in a flash of b
oiling heat, as below two forces enjoined in battle across the border of a narro
w river. Thus freed from its icy stasis, the Morphling was born into conflict, a
n elemental power at one with the tides of the ocean, capricious and unconstrain
ed. He entered the fight, instinctively taking the form of the first general who

dared set foot across the water, and then struck him dead. As the motley warrio
rs clashed, he shifted from form to form throughout the battle, instantly absorb
ing the ways of these strange creatures--now a footsoldier, now an archer, now t
he cavalryman--until, by the time the last soldier fell, Morphling had played ev
ery part. The battle s end was his beginning."
"Transform into a wave of destruction!\n\nAdapt to battle conditions by changing
your abilities and strengths.\n\nSlam enemies with magical blasts of energy!\n\
nReplicate any hero, altering the face of the battle...and your own!"
"Drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage during which a unit deals, and takes, in
creased damage. Heroes affected by Bloodrage will be healed for 25%% of the max
health of any units they kill. Heroes affected by Bloodrage when killed will hea
l 25%% of their max health to their killer."
"Strygwyr shares his animalistic thirst for bloodshed."
"Bloodrage can be cast on enemy and allied units, as well as Bloodseeker himself
"Only amplifies for half values when when the damage dealer and the receiver are
over 2200 range apart."
"Blood Rite"
"Bloodseeker baptizes an area in sacred blood. After %delay_plus_castpoint_toolt
ip% seconds the ritual completes, causing any enemies caught in the area to take
damage and become silenced."
"The Flayed Twins are ever willing to aid those who spill blood upon the field o
f battle."
"Total time is a 2.6 second delay plus a 0.4 second cast time."
"Enables Bloodseeker to sense enemy Heroes whose health is below a certain perce
ntage wherever they are, giving him True Sight on that unit, increased movement
speed and increased damage. Bonuses stack per Hero."
"Strygwyr becomes frenzied when blood is spilled."
"Not triggered by Illusions."

"Causes an enemy unit s skin to rupture. If the unit moves, it takes a percentag
e of the distance traveled as damage. The damage is dealt through spell immunit
"When the Bloodseeker hunts you, injuries become fatalities."
"Cannot use Blink Dagger while ruptured."
"Strygwyr the Bloodseeker is a ritually sanctioned hunter, Hound of the Flayed T
wins, sent down from the mist-shrouded peaks of Xhacatocatl in search of blood.
The Flayed Ones require oceanic amounts of blood to keep them sated and placated
, and would soon drain their mountain empire of its populace if the priests of t
he high plateaus did not appease them. Strygwyr therefore goes out in search of
carnage. The vital energy of any blood he lets, flows immediately to the Twins t
hrough the sacred markings on his weapons and armor. Over the years, he has come
to embody the energy of a vicious hound; in battle he is savage as a jackal. Be
neath the Mask of the Bloodseeker, in the rush of bloody quenching, it is said t
hat you can sometime see the features of the Flayers taking direct possession of
their Hound."
"Prevent your foes from casting spells!\n\nBathe in the blood of your enemy, tak
ing their life force for your own!\n\nCatch the taste of a wounded foe s blood,
and close in swiftly for the kill!\n\nCause their hearts to rupture should they
"Berserker s Call"
"Axe taunts nearby enemy units, forcing them to attack him, while he gains bonus
armor during the duration."
"Affects units with spell immunity."
"Mogul Khan s warcry taunts opponents into engaging in an unconquerable battle w
ith the Axe."
"Battle Hunger"
"Enrages an enemy unit, causing it to be slowed and take damage over time until
it kills another unit or the duration ends. Axe gains movement speed for each un
it affected with Battle Hunger."

"Destroying buildings will also remove the debuff."
"Units affected by Battle Hunger cannot be denied."
"Ordinary heroes cannot withstand Mogul Khan s rage for battle, such that it inj
ures them until it is satisfied."
"Counter Helix"
"When attacked, Axe performs a helix counter attack, dealing damage to all nearb
y enemies."
"Counter Helix checks for triggering whenever an attack against Axe begins, not
when Axe is actually damaged by said attack."
"Axe is the only reinforcement this army needs."
"Culling Blade"
"Axe spots a weakness and strikes, instantly killing an enemy unit with low heal
th, or dealing moderate damage otherwise. When an enemy hero is killed with Cull
ing Blade, its cooldown is reset, and Axe and nearby allied units gain bonus mov
ement speed. \n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Mogul Khan is the embodiment of battle and fury, launching into a gruesome fata
lity against those who dare engage the Axe in combat."
"Decreases cooldown, increases kill threshold, and increases bonus movement spee
d duration."
"As a grunt in the Army of Red Mist, Mogul Khan set his sights on the rank of Re
d Mist General. In battle after battle he proved his worth through gory deed. Hi
s rise through the ranks was helped by the fact that he never hesitated to decap

itate a superior. Through the seven year Campaign of the Thousand Tarns, he dist
inguished himself in glorious carnage, his star of fame shining ever brighter, w
hile the number of comrades in arms steadily dwindled. On the night of ultimate
victory, Axe declared himself the new Red Mist General, and took on the ultimate
title of Axe. But his troops now numbered zero. Of course, many had died in b
attle, but a significant number had also fallen to Axe s blade. Needless to say,
most soldiers now shun his leadership. But this matters not a whit to Axe, who
knows that a one-man army is by far the best."
"Draw enemies to you in the heat of battle!\n\nAfflict enemies with a battle hun
ger that saps their strength and slows their movement until they kill an opposin
g unit.\n\nCull the weak from the strong and counter enemy fighters by dealing d
amage to all around you!"
"Spirit Lance"
"Casts a magical spirit lance on a target enemy unit that damages and slows, whi
le a Phantom is summoned to attack the unit."
"Azwraith s proficiency at spearing his family s meal of fish is proving quite u
seful in the battlefield."
"Nearby illusions will mimic the cast animation."
"Phantom Lancer briefly vanishes from the battlefield. After %delay% second, Pha
ntom Lancer and any of his nearby illusions reappear at a random position within
the targeted location, along with two additional doppelgangers. The two added d
oppelgangers have different properties: one takes normal damage and deals none,
while the other takes 600%% damage and deals 20%% damage."
"Dread Magus Vorn s death imbued the Phantom Lancer with the ability to bend and
fracture all spectrums of light."
"This ability can be used to dodge projectiles, and dispell debuffs."
"Trees near a reappearing unit will be destroyed."
"Phantom Lancer and his allies can see which illusion is the 100% damage illusio

"Phantom Rush"
"When targetting an enemy for an attack, Phantom Lancer quickly charges into ran
ge. Phantom Lancer s illusions also have this ability."
"Azwraith knows that on the field of battle, speed can mean everything."
"If the attack order is cancelled, the movement speed bonus is lost."
"Rush movement speed is 800."
"Phantom Lancer has a chance to fracture his presence, creating an illusion of h
imself. Illusions also have a chance to fracture further. Illusions created from
Phantom Lancer last for %illusion_duration% seconds, while illusions created fr
om other illusions last %illusion_from_illusion_duration% seconds."
"Each of Azwraith s lance attacks feels like two from a normal warrior; or three
; or four..."
"Illusions created by Juxtapose will attack the target that the ability was trig
gered upon."
"The remote village of Pole had no knowledge of the wars raging in the heart of
the kingdom. For them, the quiet of spear fishing, and a family meal were all th
at a full life required. Yet war came for them nonetheless. Joining the able-bod
ied conscripts as they filed passed their homes, the humble lancer Azwraith vowe
d to bring peace to his kingdom, and in so doing, his people. Placed with his ki
n in the vanguard of the final assault against the Dread Magus Vorn, the cost to
his fellows was absolute. As the charging force battled toward the fortress, Az
wraith alone among his kind remained standing, and he alone was able to infiltra
te the keep. Focused and infuriated by the slaughter of his brothers, Azwraith b
ested each of the wizard s deadly traps and conjured guardians. Soon the simple
fisherman arrived at Vorn s tower sanctum. The pair dueled through the night, pi
ke to staff, as chaos raged below, and with a deafening cry Azwraith pierced his
enemy. But the wizard did not simply expire; he exploded into uncountable shard
s of light, penetrating his killer with power. As the dust settled and the smoke
of combat began to clear, Azwraith found himself standing among a throng of his
kin. Each seemed to be dressed as he was, each seemed armed as he was, and he c
ould sense that each thought as he did. Aware that his allies were approaching,
he willed these phantoms to hide themselves, and one by one they began to vanish
into nothingness. As the soldiers came upon the sanctum, they found the warrior
that had bested the wizard. When they approached their champion, the lancer van

ished. The pikeman who had stood before them was no more than another phantom."
"Ability 1!\n\nAbility 2!\n\nFurther abilities!"
"Plasma Field"
"Releases a wave of energetic plasma that grows in power as it expands, but also
zaps on contraction, dealing damage to enemy units caught in its path. Damage i
ncreases with distance from Razor."
"The Lightning Revenant rules the Underscape with plasmatic power."
"Static Link"
"Creates a charged link between Razor and an enemy Hero, stealing damage from th
e target and giving it to Razor."
"Razor s polarity channels electricity into his being, draining the power of his
"The link is broken when either unit dies or the distance between them becomes g
reater than 700."
"Can target Spell Immune units."
"Unstable Current"
"Razor moves with increased speed, and any abilites targeted at him are instantl
y countered with a jolt of electricity which damages, slows, and purges buffs fr
om enemies."
"Attacking the Lightning Revenant is rewarded with shock therapy."
"Damage activates when the spell cast on Razor."
"Only activates if the caster is a hero unit."
"Eye of the Storm"
"A powerful lightning storm strikes out at enemy units with the lowest health, d
ealing damage and reducing their armor.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."

"Ride the lightning."

"Each blast targets the lowest health enemy unit within range."
"Causes faster strikes that can damage structure
s as well. When striking buildings, it will only target towers, barracks, and t
he Ancient."
"Among the emblematic powers that populate the Underscape, Razor the Lightning R
evenant is one of the most feared. With his whip of lightning, he patrols the Na
rrow Maze, that treacherous webwork of passages by which the souls of the dead a
re sorted according to their own innate intelligence, cunning and persistence. D
rifting above the Maze, Razor looks down on the baffled souls below, and deliver
s jolts of scalding electricity that both punish and quicken the souls as they d
ecide their own fates, hurrying on toward luminous exits or endlessly dark pits.
Razor is the eternal embodiment of a dominating power, abstract and almost clin
ical in his application of power. Yet he has a lordly air that suggests he takes
a sardonic satisfaction in his work."
"Electrocute your enemies with a ring of blazing plasma!\n\nCall lightning down
on their heads!\n\nDraw a beam of power from your foe, sapping their strength as
they try to escape!"
"Static Remnant"
"Creates an explosively charged image of Storm Spirit that lasts 12 seconds and
will detonate and deal damage if an enemy unit comes near it."
"Raijin Thunderkeg s duality allows him to admire himself in shocking fashion."
"Remnants take 1 second to materialize after the spell is cast."
"Remnants grant flying vision for their duration."
"The explosion actually hits units in a 260 radius, but will only be triggered i
n 235."
_damage_radius" "RADIUS:"
"Electric Vortex"
"A vortex that pulls an enemy unit to Storm Spirit s location, it also slows the
Storm Spirit by 50%% for 3 seconds."

"Raijin s thunderous, boisterous energy often draws others into an electrifying

"Casting a spell creates an electrical charge, which is released in a burst on h
is next attack, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies."
"Pow! Zip! Zap!"
"Using items doesn t trigger Overload."
"Ball Lightning"
"Storm Spirit becomes volatile electricity, charging across the battlefield unti
l he depletes his mana or reaches his target. The mana activation cost is 15+7%%
of his total mana pool, and the cost per 100 units traveled is %ball_lightning_
travel_cost_base%+0.75%% of his total mana pool. Damage is expressed in damage
per 100 units traveled."
"The Storm is coming in."
"Instant cast abilities can be used while traveling."
"This ability will destroy trees."
"Storm Spirit is invulnerable during Ball Lightning."
"Storm Spirit is literally a force of nature--the wild power of wind and weather
, bottled in human form. And a boisterous, jovial, irrepressible form it is! As
jolly as a favorite uncle, he injects every scene with crackling energy. But it
was not always thus, and there was tragedy in his creation. Generations ago, in
the plains beyond the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought a
nd famine. A simple elementalist, Thunderkeg by name, used a forbidden spell to
summon the spirit of the storm, asking for rain. Enraged at this mortal s presum
ption, the Storm Celestial known as Raijin lay waste to the land, scouring it ba
re with winds and flood. Thunderkeg was no match for the Celestial--at least unt
il he cast a suicidal spell that forged their fates into one: he captured the Ce
lestial in the cage of his own body. Trapped together, Thunderkeg s boundless go
od humor fused with Raijin s crazed energy, creating the jovial Raijin Thunderke
g, a Celestial who walks the world in physical form. "

"Plant deadly decoys that explode on contact!\n\nPull your foes into a vortex of
electricity.\n\nRicochet at lightning speed through a crowd of enemies, shockin
g as you go!"
"Crystal Nova"
"A burst of damaging frost slows enemy movement and attack rate in the targeted
"The air temperature around Rylai drops rapidly, chilling all around her to the
"Encases an enemy unit in ice, prohibiting movement and attack, while dealing %d
amage_per_second_tooltip% damage every half-second. Lasts 10 seconds on creeps l
evel 6 or lower."
"Rylai channels winds from the Blueheart Glacier, imprisoning attackers in thick
blocks of ice."
"Blink abilities cannot be used while under the affects of Frostbite."
"Arcane Aura"
"Gives additional mana regeneration to all frien
dly units on the map. This bonus is doubled on Crystal Maiden."
"Cold temperatures promote the essence of magic, causing Rylai s presence to all
ow spell usage in abundance."
"Stacks with other flat mana regeneration bonuses."
"The flat mana regeneration bonus is not considered for percentage mana regenera
tion increases."
"Freezing Field"
"CHANNELED - Surrounds Crystal Maiden with random icy explosions that slow enemi

es and deal massive damage. Lasts 7 seconds.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter

"Once the place of her exile, Icewrack has become an anchor for Rylai s frigid o
"The slow is applied on all enemies in the radius, even if they aren t hit by an
explosion (lasts 1 second)."
"Every 0.1 second an explosion occurs, for a total of 70 explosions."
"Increases damage and slow."
"Born in a temperate realm, raised with her fiery older sister Lina, Rylai the C
rystal Maiden soon found that her innate elemental affinity to ice created troub
le for all those around her. Wellsprings and mountain rivers froze in moments if
she stopped to rest nearby; ripening crops were bitten by frost, and fruiting o
rchards turned to mazes of ice and came crashing down, spoiled. When their exasp
erated parents packed Lina off to the equator, Rylai found herself banished to t
he cold northern realm of Icewrack, where she was taken in by an Ice Wizard who
had carved himself a hermitage at the crown of the Blueheart Glacier. After long
study, the wizard pronounced her ready for solitary practice and left her to ta
ke his place, descending into the glacier to hibernate for a thousand years. Her
mastery of the Frozen Arts has only deepened since that time, and now her skill
s are unmatched."
"Entrap your enemies in ice!\n\nStun them with a wave of frost while restoring m
ana to friendly units!\n\nCall down a crushing ice storm that slows your enemy s
retreat to a frozen crawl!"
"Summons a rising torrent that, after a short delay, hurls enemy units into the
sky, stunning, dealing damage and slowing movement speed."
"An ancestral rush of water explodes from the center of the world, called upon b
y the Admiral."
"The initial bubble effect is only visible to allies."
"Units tossed in the air will be stunned and still able to be attacked."

"Kunkka s legendary sword grants increased damage and cleaves a large area of ef
fect in front of him for a single strike."
"A lost Claddish soul inhabits Kunkka s trusty Tidebringer, empowering it to des
troy demons of the Cataract."
"Cleave damage is reduced by armor type but not by armor value."
"Cleave damage goes through spell immunity."
"Cooldown isn t activated on denies, so the damage bonus is maintained."
"X Marks the Spot"
"Targets a friendly or enemy Hero, marks their position with an X, and returns t
hem to it after several seconds. Kunkka can trigger the return at any time duri
ng the duration. Lasts twice as long on allied heroes."
"The Admiral s set of arcane abilities includes some that can be used for battle
as well as entertainment."
"If the target becomes Spell Immune after the cast, the target will not return t
o the X after the duration."
"Interrupts channeling spells."
"Returns the marked hero to the X."
"Summons a ghostship to cut a swath through battle, causing damage and stunning
enemy units as it crashes through. Allies touched by the ship are doused in Kunk
ka s Rum, receiving bonus movement speed and a delayed reaction to damage."
"The final ship of the Claddish Navy is nothing but a phantom, but it is all too
real to the enemies of the Admiral."

"Damage dealt after Rum wears off is non-lethal and can never kill a hero."
"Actual area of effect of ship s collision is larger than the boat itself."
"The boat has a movement speed of 650."
"As The Admiral of the mighty Claddish Navy, Kunkka was charged with protecting
the isles of his homeland when the demons of the Cataract made a concerted grab
at the lands of men. After years of small sorties, and increasingly bold and dev
astating attacks, the demon fleet flung all its carnivorous ships at the Trembli
ng Isle. Desperate, the Suicide-Mages of Cladd committed their ultimate rite, su
mmoning a host of ancestral spirits to protect the fleet. Against the demons, th
is was just barely enough to turn the tide. As Kunkka watched the demons take hi
s ships down one by one, he had the satisfaction of wearing away their fleet wit
h his ancestral magic. But at the battle s peak, something in the clash of demon
s, men and atavistic spirits must have stirred a fourth power that had been slum
bering in the depths. The waves rose up in towering spouts around the few remain
ing ships, and Maelrawn the Tentacular appeared amid the fray. His tendrils wove
among the ships, drawing demon and human craft together, churning the water and
wind into a raging chaos. What happened in the crucible of that storm, none may
truly say. The Cataract roars off into the void, deserted by its former denizen
s. Kunkka is now The Admiral of but one ship, a ghostly rig which endlessly repl
ays the final seconds of its destruction. Whether he died in that crash is anyon
e s guess. Not even Tidehunter, who summoned Maelrawn, knows for sure."
"Summon the power of the sea itself!\n\nDrown your enemies, and yank them back t
o a position of your choosing.\n\nCall down a ghost ship upon the heads of oppos
ing forces, driving them beneath its massive keel!"
"Fatal Bonds"
"Binds several enemy units together, causing %damage_share_percentage%%% of the
damage dealt to one of them to be felt by the others."
"An ancient incantation that links the vital energies of multiple lifeforms into
one collective body."
"Damage will not disable abilities or items like Blink Dagger which require play
er based damage."
"Shadow Word"

"Warlock whispers an incantation, healing a friendly unit or damaging an enemy u
nit over time."
"Demnok s arcane arts have a myriad of uses, allowing them to be powerful friend
ly enchantments or damaging curses."
"A hero affected by Shadow Word may be denied once it falls below 25% of its max
imum health."
"CHANNELED - A powerful slowing current that grows stronger as it s channelled.
Lasts up to 16 seconds, slowing enemies up to 84%%. Enemies are slowed for 3 se
conds after leaving the area or the spell ends."
"Demnok manipulates space-time, impairing entire armies."
"The slow increase is based on length of the channel, not the duration an enemy
was standing in the area."
"Chaotic Offering"
"Summons a Golem from the depths, stunning enemies for one second. The Golem liv
es 60 seconds, takes reduced damage from spells, has Permanent Immolation and Fl
aming Fists on attack.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Demnok unleashes the captive spirit in his Dreadwood staff, causing destruction
in enemy ranks."
"Spell Immune units will be stunned."
"This ability destroys trees in its area of effect."
"Calls 2 Golems with reduced stats and bounty."

"Flaming Fists"
"Grants a chance to deal extra damage to nearby units when attacking."
"Permanent Immolation"
"Burns the Golem s nearby enemy units, with damage per s
"As Chief Curator and Head of Acquisitions for the Arcane Archives of the Ultimy
r Academy, Demnok Lannik was tireless in his pursuit of lost, rare and forbidden
tomes. No cursed temple was so foreboding, no cavern path so treacherous, that
any concern for his own survival could dissuade him from entering if rumors hint
ed that some pamphlet of primordial lore might still survive in its depths. Howe
ver, so often did his investigations trigger the wrath of protector entities, th
at he finally found it necessary to master the arts of magic. He bent himself to
learning sorcery with the same thorough obsessiveness that marked his quest for
incunabula, becoming the most powerful Warlock of the Academy in less time than
most practitioners required to complete a course of undergraduate work. Almost
as an afterthought, he carved a staff of Dreadwood and summoned into it a captiv
e spirit from the Outer Hells. And anticipating the day when he will have recove
red every last lost spellbook, he has commenced writing his own Black Grimoire.
It will undoubtedly be instructive."
"Fatal Bonds!\n\nShadow Word!\n\nUpheaval!\n\nRain of Chaos!"
"Arc Lightning"
"Hurls a bolt of lightning that leaps through nearby enemy units."
"Arc Lightning is Zeus favorite spell to use against puny mortals."
"Lightning Bolt"
"Calls down a bolt of lightning to strike an enemy unit, causing damage and a mi
ni-stun. When cast, Lightning Bolt briefly provides unobstructed vision and True
Sight around the target in a 750 radius. Can be cast on the ground, affecting t
he closest enemy hero in %spread_aoe% range."
"A shocking punishment for rebellious heathen."
"You can interrupt channeling spells and items with this ability."
"Static Field"

"Zeus shocks all nearby enemy units whenever he casts a spell, causing damage pr
oportional to their current health."
"The air crackles with static when the Thundergod walks the world."
"The damage from Static Field is dealt before the damage from the used spell."
"Using items doesn t trigger Static Field."
"Does not require unit visibility to take effect."
"Thundergod s Wrath"
"Strikes all enemy heroes with a bolt of lightning, no matter where they may be.
Thundergod s Wrath also provides True Sight around each hero struck. If an en
emy hero is invisible, it takes no damage, but the True Sight is still created a
t that hero s location.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The Lord of Heaven smites all who oppose him, near or far."
"Increases damage."
"Lord of Heaven, father of gods, Zeus treats all the Heroes as if they are his r
ambunctious, rebellious children. After being caught unnumbered times in the mid
st of trysts with countless mortal women, his divine wife finally gave him an ul
timatum: If you love mortals so much, go and become one. If you can prove yours
elf faithful, then return to me as my immortal husband. Otherwise, go and die am
ong your creatures. Zeus found her logic (and her magic) irrefutable, and agree
d to her plan. He has been on his best behavior ever since, being somewhat fonde
r of immortality than he is of mortals. But to prove himself worthy of his etern
al spouse, he must continue to pursue victory on the field of battle."
"Your arc lightning leaps between enemy heroes, linking them in mutual agony!\n\
nSmite them singly with killing bolts!\n\nThey can run but they cannot hide from
the all-punishing power of Thundergod s Wrath!"
"Bombards an area with rocks, stunning and damaging enemy land units."
"Inanimate rock becomes animate when called by the Stone Giant."
"Deals damage over a 1 second duration."

"Grabs a random unit in a 275 radius around Tiny, friend or enemy, and launches
it at the target unit or rune to deal damage where they land. If the tossed uni
t is an enemy, it will take an extra 20%% damage. Toss does more damage as Tiny
s size increases."
"Tiny s gargantuan stature allows him to catapult even the sturdiest of warriors
"If a unit is hit by Avalanche then Tossed, it can be hit a second time by Avala
nche if it lands in the area of effect before Avalanche ends."
"You can toss allies, but they don t take damage."
"Toss deals 33% of its damage to buildings."
"Craggy Exterior"
"Causes damage to bounce back on Tiny s attackers. Enemies that attack Tiny fro
m within 300 units have a chance of being stunned."
"Melee warriors tend to find attacking the Stone Giant largely ineffective."
"The damage and stun occur at the start of an attack."
"Tiny gains craggy mass that increases his power at the cost of his attack speed
. Increases Tossed unit damage and improves movement speed.\n\nUpgradable by Agh
anim s Scepter."
"Watching a hill become a mountain is awe-inspiring - especially if the mountain
begins laying waste to adversaries."
"Cleave damage is reduced by armor type but not by armor value."
"Cleave damage goes through spell immunity."

"Allows Tiny to equip a tree, increasing his attack range, damage versus buildin
gs, and granting a cleave attack. Improves Tossed unit damage."
"Coming to life as a chunk of stone, Tiny s origins are a mystery on which he co
ntinually speculates. He is a Stone Giant now, but what did he used to be? A s
plinter broken from a Golem s heel? A shard swept from a gargoyle-sculptor s wo
rkshop? A fragment of the Oracular Visage of Garthos? A deep curiosity drives
him, and he travels the world tirelessly seeking his origins, his parentage, his
people. As he roams, he gathers weight and size; the forces that weather lesse
r rocks, instead cause Tiny to grow and ever grow."
"Bombard enemy units with stones!\n\nGrab the nearest fighting unit, friend or f
oe alike, and hurl it into the distance!\n\nStun attackers with your craggy exte
rior!\n\nGrow in size from a small fighter to an enormous mountain of a hero!"
"Illusory Orb"
"Puck launches magic orb that floats in a straight path, damaging enemy units al
ong the way. At any point, Puck may teleport to the orb s location using Etherea
l Jaunt."
"The playful Faerie Dragon delights in confusing others, vanishing and reappeari
ng where unexpected."
"The Illusory Orb grants flying vision around its location while it travels."
"Jaunting to the Orb will disjoint projectiles."
"Waning Rift"
"Puck releases a burst of faerie dust that deals damage and silences enemy units
"With a mischievous grin, Puck spreads its enchanted powder which disrupts magic
al flow."
"Phase Shift"
"Puck briefly shifts into another dimension where it is immune from harm."

"With a quip and flash, Puck returns to the alien dimension from whence it came.
"Puck retains collision size while under the effects of Phase Shift."
"Issuing any action will cancel Phase Shift."
"Puck is invulnerable during Phase Shift."
"Dream Coil"
"Creates a coil of volatile magic that latches onto enemy Heroes, stunning them
for .5 seconds and damaging them. If the enemy hero stretches the coil by movin
g too far away, it snaps, stunning and dealing additional damage.\n\nUpgradable
by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The Faerie Dragon sows confusion by forcing its enemies to vividly dream about
their own mortality."
"Increases damage from coil breaks, increases coil duration, coil break stun goe
s through spell immunity."
"Ethereal Jaunt"
"Teleports Puck to a flying Illusory Orb."
"While Puck seems at first glance a mischievous, childish character, this qualit
y masks an alien personality. The juvenile form of a Faerie Dragon, a creature t
hat lives for eons, Puck spends countless millennia in its childish form. So whi
le it is technically true that Puck is juvenile, it will continue to be so when
the cities of the present age have sloughed away into dust. Its motives are ther
efore inscrutable, and what appears to be play may in fact hide a darker purpose
. Its endless fondness for mischief is the true indicator of Puck s true nature.
"Discharge a magic orb that damages all in its path!\n\nSilence your enemies wit
h choking dust!\n\nPhase shift yourself out of existence and ensnare enemy fight
ers in the volatile coils of your imagination!"
"Poison Touch"

"Casts a poisonous spell on an enemy unit, graduallying slowing movement, and ca
using damage over time.\n<font color=\"#ffb2ff\">LEVEL 1</font> - Slows the targ
et by 33%% for 3 seconds.\n<font color=\"#ff99ff\">LEVEL 2</font> - Slows the ta
rget by 33%% for 2 seconds, then by 66%% for 1 second.\n<font color=\"#ff66ff\">
LEVEL 3</font> - Slows the target by 33%%, 66%%, and 100%%, for 1 second each.\n
<font color=\"#ff33ff\">LEVEL 4</font> - Slows the target by 33%% for 1 second,
then 66%% for 1 second, then stuns for 1 second."
"One of the few Dezun rites used for offensive purposes, the paralytic enchantme
nt often proves useful."
"The damage is not reduced by damage block abilities."
"Shallow Grave"
"An ally blessed with Shallow Grave, no matter how close to death, cannot die wh
ile under its protection."
"Only a seasoned acolyte of the Shadow can properly perform the rite of preventi
ng death."
"HP cannot go below 1 while under the effects of Shallow Grave, but Axe s Cullin
g Blade will still kill the hero."
"Shadow Wave"
"Shadow Wave heals several allies, which in turn cause damage equal to their hea
ling in a small area around them. Dazzle is always healed by Shadow Wave, and i
t does not count toward the number of targets."
"While it is a simplistic and routine rite among Shadow Priests, the Shadow Wave
is also the most critical for success."
"Prioritizes allied heroes over creeps."
"If enemies are near multiple allied units affected by Shadow Wave, they can tak
e multiple instances of damage."
"Applies a buff that increases the armor of allied heroes while decreasing the a
rmor of enemy heroes in the target area over time.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Sc
"His ethereal journey into the Nothl realm has allowed Dazzle to mend together t
he powers of light and dark, creating shifting waves of enchantments."

"Places a buff on units, so entering or leaving the area after the cast has no e
"Increases radius and armor per second."
"Each young acolyte to the Dezun order must complete a series of rites before be
coming a shadow priest. The final rite, the rite of shades, is a harrowing spiri
tual journey through the Nothl Realm, an unpredictable domain from which not all
visitants return. Of those who do, some return mad. Others return with strange
aptitudes. But all who go there are changed by their experiences. Driven by the
need for enlightenment, Dazzle was the youngest of his tribe ever to request th
e sacred ritual. At first the order refused him, saying he was too young. But Da
zzle was not to be dissuaded. Sensing something special in the headstrong young
acolyte, the elders relented. Dazzle drank down the sacred potion and sat by the
fire while the rest of his tribe danced through the night. In this ethereal dim
ension of the Nothl Realm, the properties of light and dark are inverted. Thus h
is brilliant healing light, beautiful to our eye, is actually a sinister kind of
evil; and the darkest deeds are done in a dazzling glow. The elders intuition
was prophetic: Dazzle returned to his people as a Shadow Priest like none seen b
efore, with the power to heal as well as to destroy. Now he uses his gift to cut
down his enemies and mend his friends."
"Battery Assault"
"Discharges high-powered shrapnel at random nearby enemy units, dealing minor ma
gical damage and ministun."
"Some of Rattletrap s contraptions don t quite work correctly, so detonating the
m proves useful as an offensive maneuver."
"Deals damage every 0.7 seconds."
"Remains active if Clockwerk is disabled."
"Total damage: 240/560/880/1200"
"Power Cogs"
"Forms a barrier of energized cogs around Clockwerk, trapping any units that are
near. Enemies outside the trap that touch a cog are knocked back, losing healt

h and mana. Once a cog has delivered a shock, it will power down. Cogs can be d
estroyed by enemy attacks, but Clockwerk can destroy them with just one."
"One of Clockwerk s inventions of which he is most proud is the power cog - thou
gh it is sometimes despised by his allies."
"Cogs can shock invisible units."
"Rocket Flare"
"Fires a global range flare that explodes over a given area, damaging enemies an
d providing vision for 10 seconds."
"What started as a festive display has become a useful scouting and bombardment
"Fires a grappling device rapidly at the target location. If the hook hits a un
it, Clockwerk launches himself into the target, stunning and dealing damage. An
y enemies Clockwerk collides with along the way are damaged and stunned.\n\nUpgr
adable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"A somewhat unwieldy device, the Hookshot sends the otherwise clunky Clockwerk a
rmor flying through the air."
"Hookshot will latch and take Clockwerk to allies, but not damage or disable the
"Hookshot s pull and stun pierce magic immunity. The damage does not."
"Decreases cooldown."
"Rattletrap descends from the same far-flung kindred as Sniper and Tinker, and l
ike many of the Keen Folk, has offset his diminutive stature through the applica
tion of gadgetry and wit. The son of the son of a clockmaker, Rattletrap was ma
ny years apprenticed to that trade before war rode down from the mountains and s
wept the plains villages free of such innocent vocations. \"Your new trade is b
attle,\" his dying father told him as the village of their ancestors lay in char
red and smoking ruins.
It is a poor tradesman who blames his tools, and Rattletrap was never one to mak
e excuses. After burying his father among the ruins of their village, he set ab
out to transform himself into the greatest tool of warfare that any world had ev
er seen. He vowed to never again be caught unprepared, instead using his talents

to assemble a suit of powered Clockwerk armor to make the knights of other land
s look like tin cans by comparison. Now Rattletrap is alive with devices, a sma
ll but deadly warrior whose skills at ambush and destruction have risen to nearautomated levels of efficiency. An artisan of death, his mechanizations make sh
ort work of the unwary, heralding a new dawn in this age of warfare. What time
is it? It s Clockwerk time!"
"Battery Assault\n\nPowers Cogs\n\nRocket Flare\n\nHookshot"
"Frost Blast"
"Blasts the target enemy unit with damaging frost, dealing area damage and slowi
ng movement and attack rates for 4 seconds. The primary target takes the most d
"Frost-mage Ethreain has not forgotten even the simplest of ice manipulation."
"Ice Armor"
"Creates a shield around the target friendly unit or building, which adds armor
and slows attacking units. Lasts 40 seconds."
"Originally crafted during his ambush for self-defense, the Lich is capable of e
nchanting others with a formidable defense of frost magic."
"If autocast is activated, Lich will cast this spell on nearby allies who are at
"Sacrifices a friendly creep and converts its current hit points into mana for L
ich. Grants XP to both enemies and allies."
"It was not unheard of Ethreain to make examples out of those who contested his
rule during his human life."
"Chain Frost"
"Releases an orb of frost that bounces up to 10 times, slowing and damaging enem
y units. The first target is mini-stunned.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."

"Almost universally considered the ultimate in frost magic, Ethreain s orb of fr
ozen death strikes fear into those who dare stand against him."
"The first target will be immediately interrupted. This stun goes through spell
"Chain Frost cannot be disjointed."
"Chain Frost has a movement speed of 675."
"Chain Frost s first target ministun is not blocked by spell immunity."
"Increases damage and casting range. Removes the limit on the number of times Ch
ain Frost can jump."
"In life, the frost-mage Ethreain (not yet a Lich) had used the threat of destru
ctive ice to enslave entire kingdoms. His subjects, aided by a few desperate mag
icians, eventually grew bold enough to ambush him. Armed with enough charmed rop
e to bind him forever, they tied the frost mage to adamant weights and dropped h
im in a pool known chiefly for being bottomless. It wasn t. He only fell for a y
ear or so before an outcrop snagged him. There he rested, dead but undecaying, u
ntil the geomancer Anhil thought to verify the legend of the supposedly bottomle
ss Black Pool. Anhil s plumbline snarled with the ropes that bound the drowned m
agician, and up he hauled an unexpected prize. Thinking that by rendering the de
ad undead, he could question the Lich about the properties of the pool, he remov
ed the bindings and commenced a simple rite of resurrection. Even the descendant
s of Ethreain s enemies were long forgotten by time, so there were none to warn
Anhil against imprudence. But he learned the error of his judgment almost immedi
ately, as Lich threw off the shackles and consumed him."
"Stun your enemies with a blast of damaging frost!\n\nCreate protective shields
of ice!\n\nSacrifice allied fighters, converting their life force to mana!\n\nUn
leash a jumping frost that careens between enemies seven times."
"Summons a gush of water to damage an enemy unit, reducing their movement speed
and armor. Lasts 4 seconds."
"During his championship of the Sunken Isles, Leviathan gained mastery over the
open sea."

"Kraken Shell"
"Creates a thick armor shell that reduces physical damage and removes negative b
uffs when damage received reaches a critical threshold.\n\nKraken Shell does not
stack with items that provide Damage Block."
"Claddish navymen tell tales of a mighty sea-faring beast that suffered spear an
d sword but continued to lay waste to the fleet."
"Only damage from player owned sources is counted towards buff removal."
"The counter will reset if no player owned damage is taken for 6 seconds."
"Kraken Shell removes most buffs, even if they are generally not purgable."
"Anchor Smash"
"Tidehunter swings his mighty anchor to damage nearby enemies and reduce their a
ttack damage."
"Stolen from one of Admiral Kunkka s flagships, Leviathan s heavy anchor proves
useful as a melee weapon."
"Anchor Smash works on all Ancient creeps except for Roshan."
"Slams the ground, causing tentacles to erupt in all directions, damaging and st
unning all nearby enemy units."
"Calling to the abyssal god Maelrawn has resulted in entire armadas being lost a
t sea."
"Ravage will hit invisible units."
"Ravage waves move outwards at a speed of 775."
"The Tidehunter known as Leviathan was once the champion of the Sunken Isles, bu
t his motives are as mysterious as those of his people. We all know the importan
ce of the Drylanders shipping lanes, how empires may rise and fall according to
who controls the open water. Far less is known of the submarine lanes, and how

the warring tribes of the Meranthic Diaspora have carved out habitations through
endless undersea skirmishes. In the fragile treaties between the Mer and Men, w
e can glimpse the extent of the drowned empires, but their politics appear compl
ex and opaque. It would seem that Leviathan tired of such petty strife, and set
off on his own, loyal only to his abyssal god, Maelrawn the Tentacular. He stalk
s the shallows now in search of men or meranths who stray into his path, and wit
h a particular loathing for Admiral Kunkka, who has long been his nemesis for re
asons lost in the deepest trenches of the sea."
"Summon the spirit of the tides!\n\nShield yourself from attacks with a kraken s
hell!\n\nSmash enemies with your mighty anchor and ravage them with powers unlea
shed from the abyssal deeps!"
"Ether Shock"
"Creates a cone of ethereal energy that strikes multiple enemy units."
"Originally used to open shows with the travelling con-man, Rhasta s lightning d
isplay shocks adversaries in more ways than one."
"Can hit secondary targets up to 1000 distance away."
"Transforms an enemy unit into a harmless creature, disabling their attacks and
"Rhasta often ended performances by turning himself into a chicken - now, the hu
miliation is shared."
"Instantly destroys illusions."
"The target will have a base movement speed of 100, but buffs granting maximum m
ovement speed won t be disabled."
"Hex disables damage block and evasion."
"CHANNELED - Magically binds an enemy unit so that it cannot move or attack, whi
le dealing damage over time."
"A self-defense incantation, Rhasta developed shackles after his master was slai
n in the Bleeding Hills."
"Mass Serpent Ward"
"Summons 10 serpent wards to attack enemy units
and structures. The wards are immune to magic, and have a small area of splash d
amage that increases per level.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."

"Snake charming was a big part of the Shadow Shaman s act; now Rhasta can empowe
r the snakes to do his bidding."
"Serpent Wards deal piercing type splash damage."
"Serpent Wards deal 100% damage in a 50/75/85 radius."
"Serpent Wards deal 40% damage in a 75/100/110 radius."
"Serpent Wards deal 20% damage in a 150/200/220 radius."
"Increases ward damage."
"Born in the Bleeding Hills, Rhasta was just a starving youngling when picked up
by a travelling con-man. For two pins of copper, the old con-man would tell yo
ur fortune. For three, he d castrate your pig, for five, he d circumcise your so
ns. For a good meal, he d don his shaman garb, read from his ancient books, and
lay a curse upon your enemies. His strange new youngling, part hill troll, part.
..something else, worked as assistant and lent an air of the exotic to the con-m
an s trade.
Always one step ahead of cheated customers, one town ahead of a pursuing patrona
ge, the two trekked across the blighted lands until one day the con-man realized
that the little youngling could actually do what he only pretended at. His ward
had a gift--a gift that customers valued. And so the youngling Rhasta was thrus
t before the crowds, and the trade-name Shadow Shaman was born. The two continue
d from town to town, conjuring for money as Shadow Shaman s reputation grew. Eve
ntually, the pair s duplicitous past caught up with them, and they were ambushed
by a mob of swindled ex-clients. The con-man was slain, and for the first time,
Rhasta used his powers for darkness, massacring the attackers. He buried his be
loved master, and now uses his powers to destroy any who would seek to do him ha
"Call forth a cone of devastating lightning!\n\nTransform your enemy into a lowl
y beast!\n\nShackle your enemies and overrun them with serpentine wards!"
"Smoke Screen"
"Throws down a smoke bomb, silencing and slowing enemy units in an area while ca
using them to miss on most attacks. Lasts 6 seconds."
"Since his escape during the night of his betrayal, Riki has valued the use of a
simple smoke screen to confuse his opponents."
"Doesn t prevent the use of active items."

"If Riki attacks from behind, bonus damage is applied based on his current agili
"The Stealth Assassin is not afraid to fight dirty, and specializes in attacking
his opponents from behind."
"Illusions of Riki will play Backstab animations, but not deal any bonus damage.
"Bonus damage from Backstab can t be evaded."
"Permanent Invisibility"
"Riki fades into the shadows, becoming invisible and gaining additional health r
egeneration. If Riki attacks an enemy or is silenced, Riki will become visible.
"Riki comes for you."
"Riki won t auto attack enemies while invisible."
"Silence disables this ability."
"Blink Strike"
"Teleports behind the target unit, striking for bonus damage if it is an enemy.
Blink Strike charges restore every %charge_restore_time% seconds."
"The Stealth Assassin s agile movement makes him impossible to escape."
"Riki s first attack after Blink Strike will be a backstab."
"Blink Strike s damage is dealt before the next attack."
"You can Blink Strike to allies, but no damage is dealt."
"Riki was born middle child to the great dynasty of Tahlin. With an older brothe
r groomed for the throne, and a younger brother coddled and kept, Riki, the smal
l middle son, seemed born for the art of invisibility. It was an art he cultiva
ted, and one which ultimately saved his life on the night that his people were b
etrayed and his family slaughtered. Of all the royal line, he alone escaped, sma
ll and agile, unassuming, using smoke as cover. He cut his way out of the royal

grounds, using the advantage of surprise, quietly slitting the throats of one en
emy warrior after another. Now free of his royal responsibilities, Riki uses his
talents in service to a new trade: Stealth Assassin. He silences his enemies, s
harpening his skills, hoping to one day take revenge on those who killed his fam
ily and robbed him of his birthright."
"Sow confusion with smoke bombs!\n\nTeleport to your advantage!\n\nFade to invis
ibility, and strike down unsuspecting victims from behind!"
"Focuses Enigma s power on a target, causing it to take damage and become repeat
edly stunned for multiple instances. An instance strikes every 2 seconds."
"Strange gravities pull at the core of those who would oppose you, holding them
in place."
"Demonic Conversion"
"Transforms a creep into three fragments of Enigma himself. These eidolons are
all under Enigma s control, and repeated successful attacks cause them to multip
ly. When this happens, the eidolons have their health restored."
"Enigma is capable of drawing aspects of himself from other dimensions - the res
ult is a trio of dark eidolons that hunt the corporeal plane."
"Converted enemy units will give gold bounty and experience."
"Midnight Pulse"
"Steeps an area in dark resonance, damaging enemy units based on their max HP."
"A section of the world slowly descends into the void."
"Damage goes through spell immunity."
"This ability destroys trees in its area."

"Black Hole"
"CHANNELED - Summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units. Enemies affecte
d by Black Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells. The closer units get to th
e center, the more damage is dealt.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The ground trembles as Enigma channels his ultimate vortex of destruction, a si
ngularity with the power to end worlds."
"Disables enemies through spell immunity."
"Adds current level of Midnight Pulse to Black Hole."
"Nothing is known of Enigma s background. There are only stories and legends, mo
st of them apocryphal, passed down through the ages. In truth, Enigma is a myste
ry for whom the only true biography is description: he is a universal force, a c
onsumer of worlds. He is a being of the void, at times corporeal, other times et
hereal. A beast between the planes.
There are stories that say he was once a great alchemist who tried to unlock the
secrets of the universe and was cursed for his arrogance. Other legends tell th
at he is an ancient being of strange gravity, the abyss personified--a twisted v
oice from out the original darkness, before the first light in the universe. And
there are older legends that say he is the first collapsed star, a black hole g
rown complicated and sentient--his motivations unknowable, his power inexorable,
a force of destruction unleashed upon existence itself."
"Focus your enigmatic hatred, bringing enemies to their knees--should they have
any!\n\nConvert enemy creeps into a tripled force that follows your command!\n\n
Lay waste to vast regions, steeping territory in strange magic!\n\nBend the natu
re of the universe itself, creating a black hole that sucks nearby enemies into
the blackest abyss!"
"Fires an intense energy beam, dealing damage and blinding the target for 3 seco
nds, causing it to miss all physical attacks. Its range is doubled with Aghanim
s Scepter."
"Boush perfected this rock cutting laser in his subterranean laboratory, never c
onsidering its combat utility."
"Heat-Seeking Missile"
"Launches a pair of rockets at the nearest visible enemy heroes within 2500 rang
e. The number of missile targets is doubled with Aghanim s Scepter."
"The last contraption Boush was able to save was a retrofitted rocket launcher w
ith a homing mechanism."

"March of the Machines"
"Enlists an army of robotic minions to destroy enemy units in an area around Tin
"Even though the laboratory has since been sealed off, the ability to radio in r
obotic drones is still in working order."
"Robots spawn at a rate of 24 per second."
"CHANNELED - Resets the cooldown on most of Tinker s items and abilities."
"A new battery here, another set of rockets there, Boush continually improves on
existing technology."
"Rearm works on all items except Black King Bar, Arcane Boots, Helm of the Domin
ator, Hand of Midas, Refresher Orb, Linken s Sphere, and Necronomicon."
"Doubles Laser cast range and Heat-Seeking missile count."
"Boush the Tinker s diminutive race is known for its intelligence, its cunning,
and its prickly relationship with magic. As a matter of pride, they survive by t
heir wits, and use only those powers of nature that may be unlocked through rati
onal methodologies. Even this forbearance has led to a great deal of trouble, as
Boush can attest. Once a key investigator of natural law, Boush the Tinker led
a vast intellectual investigation into the workings of nature, founding a subter
ranean laboratory in the rumored, mist-wreathed wastes of the Violet Plateau. Wh
ile scorning mages for the dangers they visit upon the world, Boush and his Tink
er associates haughtily wrenched open a portal to some realm beyond comprehensio
n and ushered in some nightmares of their own. A black mist rose from the cavern
ous interior of the Violet Plateau, shrouding it in permanent darkness from whic
h sounds of horror perpetually emanate. Boush escaped with only his wits and the
contraptions he carried, the sole Tinker to survive the Violet Plateau Incident
. "
"Blind enemies with intense beams of laser light!\n\nFire rockets at nearby figh
ters!\n\nRearm instantly and call down a horde of automatons on your foes!"
"Fires a ball of shrapnel that showers the target area in explosive pellets. Ene
mies are subject to damage and slowed movement. Reveals the targeted area."
"Kardel s modular rifle also fires incendiary rounds, useful for assaulting entr
enched locations."
"Damage is dealt 10 times, immediately at spell effect then every second."

"Deals 33% damage to buildings."
"Provides vision in the targeted area."
"Sniper increases his accuracy, giving him a chance to deal extra damage and bri
efly stop the movements of his enemies. Headshot procs cannot be evaded."
"Taking potshots at steepstalkers in his childhood has been thoroughly refined i
nto perfect leads on enemy combatants."
"Works on allied creeps."
"Take Aim"
"Extends the attack range of Sniper s rifle."
"Kardel always takes it upon himself to stay as far from harm as he can while st
ill performing his role - taking perfect aim."
"Sniper locks onto a target enemy unit, and after 1.7 seconds, fires a devastati
ng shot that deals damage at long range, and mini-stuns the target."
"In order to fulfill the prophecy and return to his home town, Kardel must make
another shot as perfect as the one on the day of his ancient test."
"Crosshair effect is only visible to allies."
"Invisibility doesn t disjoint the projectile."
"Interrupts channeling spell, including on Spell Immune units."
"Kardel Sharpeye was born deep in the mountains of Knollen where, since time imm
emorial, Keen Folk have survived by hunting the strange, cliff-dwelling steepsta
lkers above their village, shooting them from a distance and collecting the carc
asses where they fell. Sharpeye was among the best of these strange mountain kee
ns for whom projectile weapons are but another appendage, and to shoot is as nat
ural as to touch.
On his day of summoning, when he was to gain full standing in his village, Sharp
eye took the ancient test: a single shot from the valley floor to strike a beast
down from the cliffs. To miss was to be dishonored. With his entire village sta
nding vigil, Sharpeye took his shot. A steepstalker fell; the crowd cheered. Bu
t when the carcass was collected, the village grew silent, for the elders found
that the bullet had pierced its glittering central eye then fallen to be clenche

d in the steepstalker s mandibles. This ominous sign was the literal opening of
a dark prophecy, foretelling both greatness and exile for the gunman who made su
ch a shot. Sharpeye the Sniper was thus, by his own skill, condemned to make his
way apart from his people--and unwelcome back among them until he has fulfilled
the remainder of the prophecy by attaining legendary stature on a field of batt
"Pepper an area with explosive shrapnel!\n\nBlast enemies with incredible accura
cy!\n\nAssassinate your rivals from impossible distances!"
"Death Pulse"
"Necrophos releases a wave of death around him, dealing damage to enemy units an
d healing allied units."
"Combining his monk heritage with his newfound affinity for plague has a menacin
g result."
"Death Pulse can t be disjointed."
"Can heal Spell Immune units."
"Heartstopper Aura"
"Necrophos stills the hearts of his opponents, causing nearby enemy units to los
e a percentage of their max health over time."
"Those who come within a short distance of Necrophos can feel pestilence and pla
gue in the air."
"Damage won t disable items like Blink Dagger."
"Necrophos gains hp and mana regeneration for every unit he kills. Hero kills gr
ant 10x the regen bonus."
"Poor souls who succumb to Rotund jere s plagues are recycled for future use."
"Sadist is also triggered by denies."
"Stacks independently with itself."
"Reaper s Scythe"

"Stuns the target enemy hero, then deals damage based on how much life it is mis
sing. Heroes killed by Reaper s Scythe will have %respawn_constant% seconds adde
d to their respawn timer. Any kill under this effect is credited to Necrophos.\n
\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The amount of death and suffering in the air increases the power of Necrophos s
plague magic."
"Damage is dealt at the end of the stun."
"The stun goes through spell immunity, but not the damage."
"Increases damage per HP missing, decreases mana
cost for Level 1, and decreases cooldown for levels 1 and 2. Units killed by
Reaper s Scythe cannot buyback."
"In a time of great plague, an obscure monk of dark inclinations, one Rotund jer
e, found himself promoted to the rank of Cardinal by the swift death of all his
superiors. While others of the order went out to succor the ill, the newly ordai
ned cardinal secluded himself within the Cathedral of Rumusque, busily scheming
to acquire the property of dying nobles, promising them spiritual rewards if the
y signed over their terrestrial domains. As the plague receded to a few stubborn
pockets, his behavior came to the attention of the greater order, which found h
im guilty of heresy and sentenced him to serve in the plague ward, ensorcelled w
ith spells that would ensure him a slow and lingering illness. But they had not
counted on his natural immunity. Rotund jere caught the pox, but instead of dyin
g, found it feeding his power, transforming him into a veritable plague-mage, a
Pope of Pestilence. Proclaiming himself Necrophos, he travels the world, spreadi
ng plague wherever he goes, and growing in terrible power with every village his
pestilential presence obliterates."
"Unleash a wave of pestilence!\n\nCast an aura that stills your enemy s hearts!\
n\nSteal a bit of mana from every foe you fell!\n\nRejoice as weakened opponents
are mowed down before the Reaper s Scythe!"
"Slardar moves significantly faster, but takes bonus damage."
"As Slardar has made the transition from the Deeps, it has been necessary to use
his powerful tail for sprinting instead of swimming."
"Activating this skill doesn t interrupt channeling abilities."

"Slithereen Crush"
"Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units. After the stu
n, the affected units are slowed."
"A swift crush of might and water breaks even the toughest of defenses."
"Grants a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and stun an enemy. The dur
ation is doubled against creeps."
"Thieves of the wealth of the Deep Ones meet the brutality of the Slithereen Gua
rd in melee combat."
"Stun works on Spell Immune units."
"Does not stack with Skull Basher."
"Amplify Damage"
"Reduces enemy armor to amplify physical damage and provides True Sight of the t
argeted unit, revealing invisibility."
"Gives True Sight and shared vision of the target."
"Works on Spell Immune units."
"Slardar s lure-light reveals even the most hidden of opponents, as well as thei
r vulnerabilities."
"Slardar is a Slithereen, one of the Deep Ones, guardian of the great wealth of
sunken cities and the ancient riches buried there. In the lightless gulf of the
great ocean abysses, the Slithereen Guard carries his lure-light with him throug
h the secret treasure rooms. Subaqueous thieves (sent into the deeps by covetous

dryland sorcerers) are drawn in by its friendly glow, never to return. He is ut

terly loyal, and his taciturn nature hides deep knowledge of the most secret pla
ces of the sea. He rises to the shallows in spite of the pain caused him by brig
htness, to commit reconnaissance, to make sure no one is conspiring against the
depths, and sometimes in relentless pursuit of the rare few who manage to steal
off with an item from the Sunken Treasury. Because he has spent his whole life a
t great pressure, under tremendous weight of the sea, Slardar the Slithereen Gua
rd is a creature of great power."
"Rush to battle with a swish of your mighty tail!\n\nStun enemies with a crushin
g blow!\n\nCrush and bash!\n\nRender the quivering enemy s armor useless!"
"Wild Axes"
"Beastmaster sends his axes flying and calls them home again, slicing through en
emy units and trees along their path. Each axe can hit an enemy once."
"While learning to maneuver in nature alone, the Beastmaster also mastered the u
se of a pair of tomahawks, adept at cutting down trees as well as adversaries."
"This ability hits Spell Immune units."
"This ability destroys trees."
"Call of the Wild"
"Beastmaster calls a watchful Hawk. \n\nLevel 1: Summons a Scout Hawk.\nLevel 2:
Summons a Scout Hawk.\nLevel 3: Summons a Greater Hawk.\nLevel 4: Summons a Gre
ater Hawk."
"After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned t
o call to animals in times of need."
"The Greater Hawk has an Invisibility ability that becomes active after it hasn
t moved for 4 seconds."
"Call of the Wild"
"Beastmaster calls a powerful Boar. \n\n
Level 1: Not Available.\nLevel 2: Summons a Lesser Boar.\nLevel 3: Summons a Les
ser Boar.\nLevel 4: Summons a Greater Boar."
"After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned t
o call to animals in times of need."
"The Boar has a poisonous attack that slows movement by 20% and attack speed by
20 (35% and 35 for Greater Boar)."
"Inner Beast"
"Untaps the inner fury of allies, passively increasing their attack speed."

"Beastmaster s ability to incite the innate strength of animals was seen in the
mauling of the king of Slom."
"Primal Roar"
"Beastmaster lets loose a deafening roar that stuns, and shoves open, a path to
its target. All units in the path of the roar are damaged, while units shoved as
ide by the roar have their movement and attack speed slowed.\n\nUpgradable by Ag
hanim s Scepter."
"The Beastmaster has learned to channel his primal instincts into an animalistic
roar, causing devastation in the ranks of enemies."
"The stun will hit Spell Immune units. The damage will not."
"Reduces cooldown, and increases cast range."
"If motionless for 4 seconds, the Greater Hawk becomes invisible."
"Inflicts a poison that slows attack and movement speeds."
"Inflicts a poison that slows attack and movemen
t speeds."



"Karroch was born a child of the stocks. His mother died in childbirth; his fath
er, a farrier for the Last King of Slom, was trampled to death when he was five.
Afterward Karroch was indentured to the king s menagerie, where he grew up amon
g all the beasts of the royal court: lions, apes, fell-deer, and things less kno
wn, things barely believed in. When the lad was seven, an explorer brought in a
beast like none before seen. Dragged before the King in chains, the beast spoke,
though its mouth moved not. Its words: a plea for freedom. The King only laughe
d and ordered the beast perform for his amusement; and when it refused, struck i
t with the Mad Scepter and ordered it dragged to the stocks.
Over the coming months, the boy Karroch sneaked food and medicinal draughts to t
he wounded creature, but only managed to slow its deterioration. Wordlessly, the
beast spoke to the boy, and over time their bond strengthened until the boy fou
nd he could hold up his end of a conversation. He could, in fact, speak now to
all the creatures of the King s menagerie. On the night the beast died, a rage c
ame over the boy. He incited the animals of the court to rebel and threw open t
heir cages to set them amok on the palace grounds. The Last King was mauled in
the mayhem. In the chaos, one regal stag bowed to the boy who had freed him; and
with Beastmaster astride him, leapt the high walls of the estate, and escaped.
Now a man, Karroch the Beastmaster has not lost his ability to converse with wil
d creatures. He has grown into a warrior at one with nature s savagery."
"Hurl deadly boomerang axes!\n\nSummon the power of wild beasts to join you in b
attle!\n\nLet loose a stunning roar that tears through your assailants!"
"Venomous Gale"
"Launches a ball of venom in a line, poisoning enemy units so that they take bot
h initial damage and damage over time, as well as suffering slowed movement. Ve
nomous Gale deals damage every 3 seconds over its duration."
"A concoction of various stings, poisons, and toxins gathered from the jungles o
f Jidi Isle, victims surviving it are rare."
"Units afflicted by Venomous Gale can be denied when their HP drops below 25%."
"Duration damage is dealt every 3 seconds."
"Slow starts at 50%, and decreases as time passes."
"Poison Sting"
"Adds poison damage to Venomancer s normal attacks, slowing movement speed."
"The paralytic sting of the creature which caused his transformation now belongs
to the Venomancer."

"Poison Sting damage can be lethal."

"Damage from Poison Sting does not interrupt healing from items, nor does it act
ivate the cooldown on Blink Dagger."
"Plague Ward"
"Summons a plague ward to attack enemy units and structures. The ward is immune
to magic. Wards gain the Poison Sting level from Venomancer, dealing 50%% of the
full damage."
"A mixture of his old herbalist talents and newfound toxic mastery creates a liv
ing embodiment of plague."
"Poison Nova"
"A spreading ring of poison that does damage over time to enemy units around Ven
omancer. Poison Nova cannot deal lethal damage; targets will be left with at le
ast 1 health.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"In the Acid Jungles, creatures releasing noxious poison to their attackers is c
ommon; Venomancer spreads this plague beyond the Jidi Isle."
"Increases damage and duration, and decreases co
"In the Acid Jungles of Jidi Isle, poison runs in the veins and bubbles in the g
uts of every creature that scuttles, climbs or swoops between fluorescent vines
dripping with caustic sap. Yet even in this toxic menagerie, Venomancer is ackno
wledged as the most venomous. Ages ago, an Herbalist named Lesale crossed the Ba
y of Fradj by coracle, searching for potent essences that might be extracted fro
m bark and root, and found instead a nightmare transformation. Two leagues into
Jidi s jungle, Lesale encountered a reptile camouflaged as an epiphyte, which st
ung him as he mistakenly plucked it. In desperation, he used his partial knowled
ge of the jungle s herbal bounty, mixing the venom of the (swiftly throttled) re
ptile with the nectar of an armored orchid, to compound an antidote. In the mome

nts before a black paralysis claimed him completely, he injected himself by orch
id-thorn, and instantly fell into a coma. Seventeen years later, something stirr
ed in the spot where he had fallen, throwing off the years accumulation of humu
s: Venomancer. Lesale the Herbalist no longer--but Lesale the Deathbringer. His
mind was all but erased, and his flesh had been consumed and replaced by a new t
ype of matter--one fusing the venom of the reptile with the poisonous integument
of the orchid. Jidi s Acid Jungles knew a new master, one before whom even the
most vicious predators soon learned to bow or burrow for their lives. The lurid
isle proved too confining, and some human hunger deep in the heart of the Venoma
ncer drove Lesale out in search of new poisons--and new deaths to bring."
"Unleash a venomous gale upon opposing forces!\n\nSummon plague wards to attack
your enemies from a stationary position!\n\nDeploy a ring of caustic poison that
damages enemy units!"
"Time Walk"
"Rushes to a target location while slowing the movement and attack speed of all
enemies along its path for 3 seconds."
"Darkterror tears a hole in time, passing through Claszureme, and appearing back
in an instant."
"Faceless Void is invulnerable while using Time Walk."
"Faceless Void dodges damage by jumping backward in time, eluding both physical
and magical attacks.\n\nStacks diminishingly with other sources of Evasion."
"Darkterror sees what has yet to be seen."
"Abilities that grant True Strike don t work against Backtrack."
"Time Lock"
"Adds the chance for an attack to lock an enemy unit in time, stunning it and de
aling bonus damage."
"The strike of the Faceless Void lands with dimension shifting force."
"Stun works on Spell Immune units."
"Does not stack with Skull Basher."
"Deals twice as much damage if the unit is in Chronosphere."

"Creates a blister in spacetime, trapping all units caught in its sphere of infl
uence and causes you to move very quickly inside it. Only Faceless Void and any
units he controls are unaffected. Invisible units in the sphere will be reveal
ed.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"When a rift opens to Claszureme, all poor souls caught within will likely never
"Pauses all units and buildings, friendly or enemy, except those owned by Facele
ss Void."
"Faceless Void is never affected by Chronospheres with any owner."
"Reveals invisible units."
"Increases duration and decreases cooldown."
"Darkterror the Faceless Void is a visitor from Claszureme, a realm outside of t
ime. It remains a mystery why this being from another dimension believes the str
uggle for the Nemesis Stones is worth entering our physical plane, but apparentl
y an upset in the balance of power in this world has repercussions in adjacent d
imensions. Time means nothing to Darkterror, except as a way to thwart his foes
and aid his allies. His long-view of the cosmos has given him a remote, disconne
cted quality, although in battle he is quite capable of making it personal."
"Time Walk\n\nBacktrack\n\nTime Lock\n\nChronosphere"
"Crypt Swarm"
"Sends a swarm of winged beasts to savage enemy units in front of Death Prophet.
"Krobelus many trips to the grave gather a flock of the damned."
"Can hit units up to 1110 range away."
"Prevents enemy units in a target area from casting spells."
"Peering into the veil of her opponent s demise, Krobelus sees a silent future."
"Doesn t prevent usage of items."

"Increases the potency of Death Prophet s spells, while providing a passive move
ment speed boost. Reduces mana costs and cooldowns of Crypt Swarm and Silence,
and adds additional spirits to Exorcism."
"With each death, Krobelus adds necromantic power to her repertoire."
ldown_adjust" "COOLDOWN DECREASE:"
a_cost_adjust" "MANA COST DECREASE:"
"Unleashes evil spirits to drain the life of nearby enemy units and structures.
At the end of the spell s duration, Death Prophet is healed in proportion to the
damage dealt. Lasts 30 seconds."
"Over time, the banshee remnants of her previous lives return to haunt the prese
"Radius represents the area in which the spirits will acquire targets around Dea
th Prophet."
"Spirit damage isn t reduced by damage block abilities."
"Krobelus was a Death Prophet--which is one way of saying she told fortunes for
the wealthiest of those who wished to look beyond the veil. But after years of i
nquiring on behalf of others, she began to seek clues on her own fate. When deat
h refused to yield its secrets, she tried to buy them with her life. But the ult
imate price proved insufficient. Death disgorged her again and again, always hol
ding back its deepest mysteries. Her jealousy grew. Others could die for eternit
y--why not she? Why must she alone be cast back on the shores of life with such
tiresome regularity? Why was she not worthy of the one thing all other living cr
eatures took for granted? Still, she would not be discouraged. Each time she ret
urned from the grave, she brought a bit of death back with her. Wraiths followed
her like fragments of her shattered soul; her blood grew thin and ectoplasmic;
the feasting creatures of twilight took her for their kin.. She gave a little of
her life with every demise, and it began to seem as if her end was in sight. Wi
th her dedication to death redoubled, and no client other than herself, Krobelus
threw herself ever more fervently into death s abyss, intent on fulfilling the
one prophecy that eluded her: That someday the Death Prophet would return from d
eath no more."

"Crypt Swarm\n\nSilence\n\nWitchcraft\n\nExorcism"
"Nether Blast"
"An exploding pulse deals damage to enemies and structures in the area. Deals h
alf damage to structures."
"The Arts of Oblivion include a deafening blast of emerald flames from the Nethe
r Reaches."
"Damage is delayed by 0.9 seconds."
"A powerful banishing spell that slows a unit and renders it unable to attack or
be attacked. Afflicted units take extra magic damage."
"A now-mastered relic from his childhood, Pugna delights in banishing others int
o the Nether Realm, whether for good, evil, or simple enjoyment."
"Only magical and pure damage can affect a unit under the effects of Decrepify."
"Nether Ward"
"Pugna places a nether ward that fires mana flares at enemy heroes who dare to c
ast spells, while also causing them to lose mana. Nether Ward deals damage equa
l to the damage multiplier times the mana spent by the enemy hero. Lasts 30 sec
"While at the lamasery for the Arts of Oblivion, Pugna learned to dominate his c
lassmates with a simple ward charged with Nether magic."
"Nether Ward deals damage before the actual spell is cast, so if the caster dies
the spell will have no effect."
"Nether Ward can be decrepified."
"Nether Ward has 3 HP. Heroes can attack it for 1 damage, while non-hero units d
eal 0.25 damage."

"Life Drain"
"CHANNELED - When cast on an enemy, Pugna drains health from the target enemy un
it to heal himself. If Pugna has full HP, and the enemy target is a Hero, Life D
rain will restore mana instead.\n\nWhen cast on an ally, Pugna will drain his ow
n health into his ally.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Pugna has truly become more powerful than even the grandmaster of Oblivion."
"HP drained depends on the actual damage dealt."
"Illusions are destroyed on the first tick of damage."
"Increases drain per second, increases cast range and sets cooldown time to zero
"In the realm of Pugna s birth, near the vents of the Nether Reaches, there stoo
d a lamasery devoted to the Arts of Oblivion, which drew its power from the neth
er energies. The Grandmaster of the temple compound had himself passed into Obli
vion several years prior, leaving his academy without a leader. From the moment
of their master s death, the regents of the temple began rites of divination to
identify their master s reincarnation, and eventually all signs converged on the
immediate neighborhood. Several villages squatted in the shadow of the temple,
their alleys and plazas full of the laughter of squalling children. Pugna, a me
re thirteen months of age, was but one candidate among the local brats, and on t
he appointed day he was presented at the temple alongside two other promising to
ts. The lamas offered a jumble of worn relics to the children, treasured possess
ions of their former grandmaster. One boy reached for a porphyry wand that had b
elonged to the lama...and put it in his nostril. An impish girl pulled out an am
ulet that had also been the lama s, and immediately swallowed it. Pugna regarded
the other two coolly, gave a merry laugh, and blasted them with gouts of emeral
d flame, reducing them to ashes in an instant. He then snatched up the wand and
amulet, saying Mine! The regents hoisted the beaming Pugna on their shoulders,
wrapped him in their grandmaster s vestments, and rushed him to the throne befo
re his mood could change. Within five years, the temple itself was another pile
of ash, which pleased Pugna to no end."
"Nether Blast\n\nDecrepify\n\nNether Ward\n\nLife Drain"
"Manipulating her psionic veil, Lanaya bends nature s law to her will."
"Templar Assassin becomes highly elusive, avoiding damage and gaining a bonus to
her damage. The damage and avoidance effects are separate, and have a limited
number of instances."

"Damage as HP Removal bypasses Refraction (it won t reduce the charges)."

"Only instances of 5 or more damage will trigger Refraction."
"Lanaya is as elusive as her covenant with the Hidden Temple."
"Templar Assassin conceals herself, becoming invisible as long as she remains st
ill. If Meld s invisibility is broken by attacking an enemy, Lanaya will deal b
onus damage to the enemy and reduce their armor for %armor_reduction_duration_to
oltip% seconds."
"Meld is broken by any action other than staying in position."
"Meld s armor reduction does not work against towers."
"Psi Blades"
"Her blades pierce the skin as much as the mind, furthering her understanding of
the mystery that is reality."
"Templar Assassin s psi blades slice through the attacked unit, splitting and da
maging enemy units directly behind it, while gaining bonus attack range."
"Split damage hits invisible units."
"Attack effects like Unique Attack Modifiers and Bash will only be applied to th
e main target."
"Attacks against illusions will not split."
"Psionic Trap"
"Calling upon the reach of the Hidden Temple, none escape the eye of the Templar
"Templar Assassin places mystical traps that invisibly monitor enemy movement. W
hen sprung at her command, they exert a slowing influence of 30%% in the area. T
raps charge up to slow an additional 5%% every second, up to 50%%."
"Traps last indefinitely."

"They have invisibility that fades in over 2 seconds, spell immunity, and 100 HP
"Traps have 400/400 vision range and don t prevent neutral camps from spawning."
"Springs the nearest trap, slowing nearby enemies."
"Springs the trap, slowing nearby enemies."
"Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, came to her calling by a path of curious inquiry.
Possessed of a scientific bent, she spent her early years engaged in meticulous
study of nature s laws--peering into grimoires of magic and alchemy, recreating
experiments from charred fragments of the Violet Archives, and memorizing obser
vations of the Keen recordkeepers. Already quiet and secretive by nature, the di
fficulty of acquiring these objects further reinforced her skills of stealth. Ha
d she been less retiring, she might have become notorious among the guilds as a
thief-scholar. Instead her investigations led her into far more obscure corners.
As she devoted her furtive talents to unlocking the secrets of the universe, sh
e instead unlocked a secret door that exists in nature itself: the entryway to t
he most Hidden Temple. The intelligences that waited beyond that portal, proved
to be expecting her, and whatever mysteries they revealed in the moment of their
discovery was nothing compared to the answers they held out to Lanaya should sh
e continue in their service. She swore to protect the mysteries, but more to the
point, in service to the Hidden Temple she satisfies her endless craving for un
derstanding. In the eyes of each foe she expunges, a bit more of the mystery is
"npc_dota_hero_templar assassin_hype"
"Refraction\n\nMeld\n\nPsi Blades\n\nPsionic Trap"
"Poison Attack"
"Intensifies Viper s venom, adding an effect to his normal attack that slows att
ack and movement speed while dealing damage over time.\n\nPoison Attack is a Uni
que Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers."
"The Netherdrake s inborn toxic breath quickly drains the vitality of its afflic
"Successive casts don t increase slow or damage, but refresh the duration."

"Nethertoxin causes Viper s normal attack to deal bonus damage to units based on
how much health they are missing. The bonus damage doubles for each 20%% of he
alth missing from the target. Nethertoxin deals half damage to creeps and buil
"Poison from the Nether Reaches turns wounds into fatalities, and fatigue into d
"Corrosive Skin"
"Viper exudes an infectious toxin that damages and slows any enemy that damages
it in a %max_range_tooltip% radius. The acid exudate also increases Viper s resi
stance to magic."
"It is not unusual for sword and shield alike to corrode in the very hands of th
ose who attack the Netherdrake."
"Stacks multiplicatively with other magic damage resistance sources."
"Viper Strike"
"Viper slows the targeted enemy unit s movement and attack speed while also deal
ing poison damage over time. The slowing effect reduces over the duration of th
e poison.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Once used to slay his sadistic summoner, the most powerful of Netherdrake infec
tions spreads through the veins of those foolish enough to cross Viper."
"Slow works on spell immune units."
"Units afflicted by Viper Strike can be denied when their HP drops below 25%."

"Decreases mana cost and cooldown, and increases cast range."
"The malevolent familiar of a sadistic wizard who captured and hoped to tame him
, Viper was curiously glad to have been sprung from the sealed and unchanging su
bterranean Nether Reaches where his race had lived for millions of years, after
tectonic slippage had sealed off the Netherdrakes in luminous caverns. Viper spe
nt some time appearing to submit to the wizard s enchainments, hoping to learn w
hat he could of the dark magics the mage practiced. But he soon realized that fe
w spells were as deadly as the toxins that were his birthright. Exuding an acid
that swiftly ate away the bars of his cage, the Netherdrake slipped free of his
confines, spit poison in the old spellcaster s eyes, and soared out to let the w
orld know that it had a new master."
"Poison Attack\n\nNether Toxin\n\nCorrosive Skin\n\nViper Strike"

"Lucent Beam"
"Luna channels a concentrated beam of lunar energy at an enemy, stunning and dea
ling damage."
"Selemene smites those who encroach upon the Nightsilver Woods."
"Moon Glaive"
"Allows Luna s glaive to bounce to enemy units near the attacked unit. Each boun
ce deals less damage."
"Carefully sharpened, Luna s boomerang-like weapon cuts a wide swath through ene
my numbers."
"Lunar Blessing"
"The Goddess of the Moon smiles upon her kin."
"Grants bonus damage to nearby allied heroes, while blessing Luna with extra nig
ht vision."

"In times of great need, Selemene herself descends into the world, blocking out
the light and hope of the opposed."
"Calls an eclipse that follows Luna, striking units with her current level of Lu
cent Beam. A single target can only be hit a maximum number of times. Eclipse
turns day into night for 10 seconds.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Eclipse doesn t work if Luna doesn t have any points in Lucent Beam."
"Beams will stop if Luna is killed."
"Eclipse Lucent Beams do not stun."
"Will not hit invisible units."
"Increases beams, max hits per unit, and duration."
"How had she been reduced to this? She was once the Scourge of the Plains, a me
rciless leader of men and beasts, and able to sow terror wherever she dared. No
w she was far from her homeland, driven half mad from starvation and months of w
andering, her army long dead or worse. As she stood at the edge of an ancient f
orest, a pair of glowing eyes spied on from an elder branch. Something beautifu
l and deadly sought a meal in the wilting dusk. Without a sound, it turned and
left. Fury overtook her. Clutching a rust-eaten dagger, she charged after the
beast determined to reclaim even a shred of her past glory, but her quarry would
not be caught. Three times she cornered the creature among the rocks and trees
, and three times she pounced only to witness its fading shadow darting further
into the woods. Yet the full moon shone brightly, and the creature s trail was
easy to follow. Arriving in a clearing atop a high hill, the beast s massive fe
line form sat in the open, attentive and waiting. When the woman brandished her
dagger, the creature reared and roared and charged. Death, it seemed, had come
for her at long last in this strange place. She stood, calm and ready. A flas
h of movement, and the beast snatched the dagger from her hand before vanishing
into the forest. Stillness. Hooded figures approached. In reverent tones they
revealed that Selemene, Goddess of the Moon, had chosen her, had guided her, had
tested her. Unwittingly she had endured the sacred rites of the Dark Moon, warr
iors of the Nightsilver Woods.

She was offered a choice: join the Dark Moon and pledge herself to the service o
f Selemene, or leave and never return. She did not hesitate. Embracing her absol
ution, she renounced her bloody past, and took up a new mantle as Luna of the Da
rk Moon, the dreaded Moon Rider, ruthless and ever-loyal guardian of the Nightsi
lver Woods."
"Lucent Beam\n\nMoon Glaive\n\nLunar Blessing\n\nEclipse"
"Breathe Fire"
"Unleashes a breath of fire on enemy units in a line in front of Dragon Knight."
"Knight Davion s breath has become that of the mighty Eldwurm Slyrak, remembered
for burning numerous other knights to a crisp."
"Affects mechanical units."
"Hits units up to 900 away."
"Dragon Tail"
"Dragon Knight smites an enemy unit in melee range with his shield, stunning it
while dealing minor damage. When in Elder Dragon Form, the cast range increases
to 400."
"Davion s combination of dragon talents and knightly skills makes him a vicious
opponent in melee combat."
"Dragon Blood"
"The life blood of the Dragon improves health regeneration and strengthens armor
"Slyrak s blood still courses through Davion s veins, giving him twice the vital
ity of an ordinary knight."
"Elder Dragon Form"
"Dragon Knight takes the form of one of three po
werful elder dragons, increasing his damage, speed, and Dragon Tail s range, whi
le granting him new powers.\n<font color=\"#9acd32\">LEVEL 1 Green Dragon</font>
- Corrosive Breath: attacks deal 20 poison damage over 5 seconds. Works on stru
ctures.\n<font color=\"#ff0000\">LEVEL 2 Red Dragon</font> - Splash Attack: atta
cks damage all enemy units in a 250 radius, with Corrosive Breath added to the p
rimary target.\n<font color=\"#87ceeb\">LEVEL 3 Blue Dragon</font> - Frost Breat
h: slows movement speed by 30%% and attack speed by 20 of enemy units in Splash
Attack range for 3 seconds, with Corrosive Breath added to the primary target."
"The dormant dragon power springs forth from within Davion, combining the powers
of a legendary knight with a legendary Eldwurm."

"Corrosive Breath poison damage is non-lethal."

"Splash Attack deals 100/75/50% damage in a 100/200/250 radius. Splash damage do
es not affect buildings."
"Frost Breath stacks with Unique Attack Modifiers."
"After years on the trail of a legendary Eldwurm, the Knight Davion found himsel
f facing a disappointing foe: the dreaded Slyrak had grown ancient and frail, it
s wings tattered, its few remaining scales stricken with scale-rot, its fangs gr
ound to nubs, and its fire-gouts no more threatening than a pack of wet matchsti
cks. Seeing no honor to be gained in dragon-murder, Knight Davion prepared to tu
rn away and leave his old foe to die in peace. But a voice crept into his though
ts, and Slyrak gave a whispered plea that Davion might honor him with death in c
ombat. Davion agreed, and found himself rewarded beyond expectation for his act
of mercy: As he sank his blade in Slyrak s breast, the dragon pierced Davion s t
hroat with a talon. As their blood mingled, Slyrak sent his power out along the
Blood Route, sending all its strength and centuries of wisdom to the knight. Th
e dragon s death sealed their bond and Dragon Knight was born. The ancient power
slumbers in the Dragon Knight Davion, waking when he calls it. Or perhaps it is
the Dragon that calls the Knight..."
"Breathe Fire\n\nDragon Tail\n\nDragon Blood\n\nElder Dragon"

"Dark Seer creates a vacuum over the target area that sucks in enemy units, disr
upting them and dealing damage."
"Ish Kafel modifies the center of gravity to a place of his choosing."
"This ability interrupts channeling."
"Pulls units over 0.4 seconds before dealing damage."
"Doesn t pull invulnerable units."
"Trees near the center of the vacuum will be destroyed."
"Ion Shell"
"Surrounds the target unit with a bristling shield that damages enemy units in a
n area around it."

"The Dark Seer slices holes into the Land Behind the Wall, causing prismatic e
nergy to seep forth."
"Deals small amounts of damage in 0.1 intervals."
"Doesn t damage the target it is cast on."
"If cast on a unit that already has Ion Shell, the new Shell replaces the old on
"Charges a target friendly unit with power, giving it a brief burst of maximum m
ovement speed."
"Ish Kafel once used his speed of mind to navigate the maze between the walls."
"Units with Surge cannot be slowed unless the Surge effect is removed."
"Wall of Replica"
"Raises a wall of warping light that damages and creates replicas of any enemy h
ero who crosses it. Enemy replicas serve at the Dark Seer s will.\n\nUpgradable
by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The Dark Seer, while unable to return to his natural realm, can channel part of
the prismatic wall with powerful strength of mind, sowing confusion amongst ene
my ranks."
"Doesn t create illusions from other illusions, or Meepo clones."
"Creates a wall 1000 units long, perpendicular to the line between Dark Seer and
the target point."
"Increases the damage dealt by illusions."
"Fast when he needs to be, and a cunning strategist, Ish Kafel the Dark Seer req
uires no edged weapons to vanquish his enemies, relying instead on the strength
of his powerful mind. His talent lies in his ability to maneuver the fight to hi
s advantage. Hailing from a place he calls The Land behind the wall, Dark Seer

remains an outsider here--a warrior from a realm beyond the veil of this realit
Once a great general among his people, and a valiant defender of the god-king Da
mathryx, Dark Seer s army was wiped out by a much larger force in the final days
of the Great Boundaries War. Facing certain defeat, he made one last desperate
act: he led the enemy forces into the maze between the walls. At the last moment
, just before capture, he crossed over--then sealed the walls forever in an expl
osive release of dark energy. When the dust settled, he saw that he had saved hi
s people but found himself blinking at the sun of a different world, with no way
to return. Now he is committed to proving his worth as a military strategist,
and vows to show that he s the greatest tactician this strange new world has eve
r seen."
"Vacuum\n\nIon Shell\n\nSurge\n\nWall of Replica"
"Clinkz attacks with a barrage of arrows. Dramatically increases attack speed f
or a short time."
"It s hard to say whether the blur around the Bone Fletcher are from his flaming
heart or his speed with the quiver."
"Searing Arrows"
"Imbues Clinkz s arrows with fire for extra damage."
"Clinkz simply lights his arrows from his flaming essence for quite the destruct
ive effect."
"Searing Arrows deal damage to structures."
"The damage is directly added to Clinkz attack damage, as physical damage."
"Skeleton Walk"
"Clinkz moves invisibly through units until the moment he attacks or uses an abi
"With a burst of fire and puff of smoke, the Bone Fletcher was nowhere to be see
"Will not break most channeling of spells or items upon activation."
"Has a fadetime of 0.6 seconds."
"Death Pact"

"Clinkz consumes the target friendly or enemy creep, gaining a percent of its hi
tpoints as max health and damage."
"Sutherex bond of life and death has become a part of Clinkz, and his old bones
are refreshed with repetition of the pact on lesser beings."
"If the target is an enemy, Clinkz will gain the correct experience and gold."
"Increases Clinkz current and max HP."
"When the duration ends, max HP returns to normal, but current HP stays the same
"At the base of the Bleeding Hills stretches a thousand-league wood, a place cal
led The Hoven, where black pools gather the tarry blood of the uplands, and the
king-mage Sutherex sits in benevolent rule. Once a sworn protector of the Hoven
lands, Clinkz earned a reputation for his skill with a bow. In the three-hundred
th year of the king-mage, the demon Maraxiform rose from sixth hell to lay claim
to the forest. In response, the king-mage decreed an unbreakable spell: to any
who slew the demon would be granted Life Without End.
Unaware of the spell, Clinkz waded into battle, defending his lands against the
demon s fiery onslaught. Clinkz drove Maraxiform back to the gates of sixth-hell
itself, where on that fiery threshold the two locked in a mortal conflict. Grie
vously wounded, the demon let out a blast of hellfire as Clinkz loosed his final
arrow. The arrow struck the demon true as hellfire poured out across the land,
lighting the black pools and burning Clinkz alive at the instant of the demon s
death. Thus, the mage s spell took effect at the very moment of the archer s con
flagration, preserving him in this unholy state, leaving him a being of bones an
d rage, caught in the very act of dying, carrying hell s breath with him on his
journey into eternity."
"Shoot arrows with speed!\n\nShoot arrows with fire!\n\nSneak into position to f
ire arrows!\n\nEat a creep to get stronger and shoot better arrows!"
"Enchantress beguiles her enemies, slowing their attacks when she is attacked.
Lasts 4 seconds."
"After attacking Aiushtha, most opponents are overwhelmed with guilt having atta
cked such a natural beauty."
"All units who directly attack or cast spells on Enchantress will get slowed."
"The slow is applied on the attacking unit when the attack starts, not when dama
ge is applied."

"Enchantress charms an enemy, bringing it under her control (if a creep) or slow
ing it (if a hero)."
"A true steward of the forest, Aiushtha befriends all within it - from lowly tro
lls to powerful centaurs."
"Illusions can be converted."
"Nature s Attendants"
"A cloud of wisps heals Enchantress and any frie
ndly units nearby. Lasts 10 seconds."
"Whimsical spirits of the woods possess a healing power that is quite subtle, bu
t gains strength in numbers."
"Units with full HP will not be selected for the heal."
"Can heal units with spell immunity."
"Places an enchantment on each attack while activated, causing it to deal additi
onal damage based on how far away the target is. The farther the target, the gr
eater the damage dealt.\n\nImpetus is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not sta
ck with other Unique Attack Modifiers.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"While Aiushtha favors peaceful means, she is capable of a magical onslaught fro
m a distance, her spears gaining energy from the natural life around her."
"The damage is capped at 2500 distance."
"Distance to target is measured when the projectile hits."
"Increases attack range, and cast range of Impetus."
"Aiushtha appears to be an innocent, carefree creature of the woods, and while t
his is certainly true, it is hardly the sum of her story. She well understands t
he suffering of the natural world. She has wandered far, and fared through fores
ts bright and drear, in every clime and every season, gathering friends, sharing
news, bringing laughter and healing wherever she goes. For in worlds wracked by
war, forests are leveled for the building of ships and siege engines; and even
in places of peace, the woods are stripped for the building of homes, and as fue

l for countless hearths. Aiushtha hears the pleas of the small creatures, the fu
rtive folk who need green shade and a leafy canopy to thrive. She lends her ears
to those who have no other listeners. She carries their stories from the wood t
o the world, believing that her own good cheer is a kind of Enchantment, that ca
n itself fulfill the promise of a verdant future."
"Slow your attackers attacks!\n\nDominate creeps and slow heroes!\n\nSummon Wis
ps to heal your allies\n\nThrow spears that damage!"
"Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units."
"Priests of the Omniscience are adept at removing impurities from fellow warrior
"Creates a powerful divine ward that grants Spell Immunity and 100% resistance t
o Magic Damage from affecting a target unit."
"Repel acts the same as other sources of spell immuniy, except it can be purged.
"When faced with the pit of sacrifice, Purist s resilience to magic was tested a
nd affirmed."
"Degen Aura"
"Greatly degenerates the movement and attack capabilities of enemy units that st
ray too near, including Spell Immune enemies."
"The holy embodiment of Purist Thunderwrath is enough to weaken those of lesser
"Guardian Angel"
"Omniknight summons a Guardian Angel that grants immunity from physical damage.\
n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter"
"The All Seeing One casts down his protection over those that Purist calls frien
"Affects allies with spell immunity."
"Can be purged."


"Increases duration, radius becomes global and affects b

"Purist Thunderwrath was a hard-fighting, road-worn, deeply committed knight, sw
orn to the order in which he had grown up as squire to elder knights of great re
putation. He had spent his entire life in the service of the Omniscience, the Al
l Seeing One. Theirs was a holy struggle, and so embedded was he in his duty tha
t he never questioned it so long as he had the strength to fight and the impetuo
us valor that comes with youth. But over the long years of the crusade, as his e
lders passed away and were buried in sorry graves at the side of muddy tracks, a
s his bond-brothers fell in battle to uncouth creatures that refused to bow to t
he Omniscience, as his own squires were chewed away by ambush and plague and bad
water, he began to question the meaning of his vows--the meaning of the whole c
rusade. After deep meditation, he parted ways with his army and commenced a long
trek back to the cave-riddled cliffs of Emauracus, and there he set a challenge
to the priests of the Omniscience. No knight had ever questioned them before, a
nd they tried to throw him into the pit of sacrifice, but Purist would not be mo
ved. For as he faced them down, he began to glow with a holy light, and they saw
that the Omniscience had chosen to reveal Itself to him. The Elder Hierophant l
ed him on a journey of weeks down into the deepest chamber, the holy of holies,
where waited not some abstract concept of wisdom and insight, not some carved re
lic requiring an injection of imagination to believe in, but the old one itself.
It had not merely dwelt in those rocks for billions of aeons; no, It had create
d them. The Omniscience had formed the immense mineral shell of the planet aroun
d itself, as a defense against the numerous terrors of space. Thus the All Seein
g One claimed to have created the world, and given the other truths revealed to
Purist on that day, the knight had no reason to refute the story. Perhaps the Om
niscience is a liar, deep in its prison of stone, and not the world s creator at
all, but Omniknight never again questioned his faith. His campaign had meaning
at last. And there can be no question that the glorious powers that imbue him, a
nd give his companions such strength in battle, are real beyond any doubt."
"Inner Vitality"
"Unlocks the regenerative power of a friendly unit, with healing based upon its
primary attribute. If the target is below 40%% it will heal faster. Lasts 16 se
"While Huskar has little use for magic, this minor enchantment was learned from
the Dazzle and the Dezun priests, to be used in times of great injury."
"The HP percentage is checked every second and the regeneration adjusted accordi
"Can be cast on Spell Immune units."




"Burning Spear"
"Huskar sets his spears aflame, dealing damage over time with his regular attack
. Multiple attacks will stack additional damage. Each attack drains some of Hu
skar s health. Lasts 8 seconds."
"The Sacred Warrior ignites his weaponry after marking it with his own blood - c
ausing far greater pain than he himself feels."
"Burning Spears stacks additively when used multiple times on one target. There
is no cap."
"Huskar cannot kill himself with this skill."
"Berserker s Blood"
"Huskar s injuries feed his power, giving increased attack speed and magic damag
e resistance based on missing health."
"After losing his birthright, Huskar gained a lethality in physical combat that
is only heightened as his own blood is spilled."
"Maximum bonus (14 stacks) is achieved when Huskar has strictly less than 3% of
his maximum HP."
"Life Break"
"Huskar draws upon his health to break an enemy s life, leaping at a target with
in attack range to shatter a percentage of that hero s current health, and slowi
ng them. While leaping, Huskar is Spell Immune.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scep
"No matter the danger, Huskar thrusts himself into melees that only he can survi
"If Huskar is disabled during the charge or the target moves more than 1400 unit
s in 0.015 seconds, the charge stops."
"Slow works on Spell Immune units."
"Life Break cannot be disjointed."

"Increases damage dealt, reduces cooldown."
"Emerging from the throes of the sacred Nothl Realm, Huskar opened his eyes to s
ee the prodigal shadow priest Dazzle working a deep incantation over him. Agains
t the ancient rites of the Dezun Order, Huskar s spirit had been saved from eter
nity, but like all who encounter the Nothl he found himself irrevocably changed.
No longer at the mercy of a mortal body, his very lifeblood became a source of
incredible power; every drop spilled was returned tenfold with a fierce, burning
energy. However this newfound gift infuriated Huskar, for in his rescue from th
e Nothl, Dazzle had denied him a place among the gods. He had been denied his ow
n holy sacrifice. In time the elders of the order sought to expand their influen
ce and Huskar, they agreed, would be a formidable tool in their campaign. Yet be
coming a mere weapon for the order that denied him his birthright only upset him
further. As the first embers of war appeared on the horizon, he fled his ancest
ral home to find new allies, all the while seeking a cause worthy of unleashing
the power his total sacrifice could bring."
"Ability summaries"
"Creates a damaging void that slows an enemy unit and deals damage. Void also m
ini-stuns, interrupting channeling abilities. The slowing effect lasts longer at
"Balanar creates a vortex of infinite night, tearing opponents violently into th
e eternal darkness that once was."
"Crippling Fear"
"Night Stalker horrifies the target enemy Hero, causing it to miss attacks and b
ecome silenced. The effect lasts longer at night."
"A vision of the twisted maw of Balanar etches itself into the minds of the poor
souls unlucky enough to cross his path."
"Hunter in the Night"

"Night Stalker is in his element at night, attacking and
moving with great swiftness."
"The hunting prowess of Balanar improves as the night beckons."
vement_speed_pct_night" "%MOVE SPEED:"
"Night Stalker smothers the sun and summons instant darkness, so that he might u
se his powers at their fullest. While Darkness is in effect, enemy units and bui
ldings have their vision range reduced. When used at night, it extends night tim
e by Darkness duration.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"It is a humbling sight to see when the mightiest of warriors become afraid of t
he dark."
"Grants unobstructed vision in the night. The im
proved vision does not depend on using Darkness."
"Of the Night Stalker, there is no history, only stories. There are ancient tale
s woven into the lore of every race and every culture, of an impossible time bef
ore sunlight and daytime, when night reigned alone and the world was covered wit
h the creatures of darkness--creatures like Balanar the Night Stalker.
It is said that on the dawn of the First Day, all the night creatures perished.
All, that is, save one. Evil s embodiment, Night Stalker delights in his malevol
ence. He created the primal role of the Night Terror, the Boogeyman, and as long
as there have been younglings, his is the specter summoned to terrify them. Thi
s is a role he relishes; nor are these empty theatrics. He does indeed stalk the
unwary, the defenseless, those who have strayed beyond the lighted paths or den
ied the warnings of their communities. Night Stalker serves as living proof that
every child s worst true."
"Pull enemies into a damaging void of night!\n\nInstill fear in the hearts of th
e living!\n\nGain power in the black of night!\n\n"
"Spawn Spiderlings"
"Broodmother injects her young into an enemy unit, dealing damage. The spiderlin
gs will hatch if the target is killed while under this influence."
"Black Arachnia continues to raise her young, even amidst the field of combat.
The brood quickly learns how to support their mother."
"If the target is killed within 2 seconds of being hit with this skill, the Spid
erlings will spawn."
"Units killed by Spiderlings will then give birth to Spiderites, smaller and les
s powerful versions of the Spiderlings."

"Spin Web"
"Spins a large web that renders Broodmother invisible, grants a passive movement
speed increase, gives free movement, and boosts regeneration while in its vicin
ity. Spin Web charges restore every %charge_restore_time% seconds. If damage is
taken, free movement is disabled and the movement speed increase is halved for %
damage_time% seconds. Spin Web can be cast from anywhere as long as the new web
touches an existing web. Webs never expire, and can be manually destroyed. When
the maximum limit of webs is exceeded, the oldest web disappears."
"Weaving a bed of silken fibers, Arachnia s web both protects her and her offspr
ing, as well as giving advancing opponents a sense of forboding."
"Has a fade time of 2 seconds."
"Also affects Spiderling and Spiderites."
"If free movement is disabled, you will destroy nearby trees."
"Destroy Spin Web"
"Destroys the selected Spin Web."
"Incapacitating Bite"
"Broodmother s venom cripples enemy units, causi
ng her attacks to slow and giving the affected unit a chance to miss its attacks
.\n\nIncapacitating Bite is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with ot
her Unique Attack Modifiers."
"Paralytic toxins come from Black Arachnia s fangs, causing a slow and painful d
eath to those who intrude on her webs."
"The miss chance stacks with evasion and terrain dodge chance."
"Insatiable Hunger"
"A violent lust for vital fluids increases Broodmother s attack damage and gives
her a vampiric attack."

"While most of her prey is wrapped in silken cocoons and saved for her young, th
e Broodmother herself has a taste for wandering heroes."
"Fully stacks with other sources of lifesteal."
"Insatiable hunger can be removed by purge effects."
"Poison Sting"
"Poisons enemies on attack."
"Spawn Spiderite"
"Applies debuff on attack. If debuffed unit dies, a spiderite will spawn."
"For centuries, Black Arachnia the Broodmother lurked in the dark lava tubes ben
eath the smoldering caldera of Mount Pyrotheos, raising millions of spiderlings
in safety before sending them to find prey in the wide world above. In a later a
ge, the Vizier of Greed, Ptholopthales, erected his lodestone ziggurat on the sl
opes of the dead volcano, knowing that any looters who sought his magnetic wealt
h must survive the spider-haunted passages. After millennia of maternal peace, B
lack Arachnia found herself beset by a steady trickle of furfeet and cutpurses,
bold knights and noble youths--all of them delicious, certainly, and yet tending
to create a less than nurturing environment for her innocent offspring. Tiring
of the intrusions, she paid a visit to Ptholopthales; and when he proved unwilli
ng to discuss a compromise, she wrapped the Vizier in silk and set him aside to
be the centerpiece of a special birthday feast. Unfortunately, the absence of th
e Magnetic Ziggurat s master merely emboldened a new generation of intruders. Wh
en one of her newborns was trodden underfoot by a clumsy adventurer, she reached
the end of her silken rope. Broodmother headed for the surface, declaring her i
ntent to rid the world of each and every possible invader, down to the last Hero
if necessary, until she could ensure her nursery might once more be a safe and
wholesome environment for her precious spiderspawn."
"Shuriken Toss"

"Hurls a deadly shuriken at an enemy unit, dealing damage and mini-stunning the
target. The shuriken will bounce between any Tracked units who are within a %bo
unce_aoe% radius of each other."
"While the shuriken may be small, Gondar s precise aim can cause critical damage
"This spell interrupts channeling abilities."
"Bounty Hunter plans his next hit, passively adding a critical strike and maim t
o his next attack."
"Whispering an enchantment he learned from Soruq to his faithful blades, Gondar
targets vital tendons and joints to disable his opponents."
"Shadow Walk"
"Bounty Hunter becomes invisible and gains the ability to move through other uni
ts until he attacks or uses an ability. If he breaks the invisibility with an a
ttack, that attack will deal bonus damage."
"The court jesters present during King Goff s assassination can recount no other
image than a dancing shadow."
"Will not break most channeling of spells upon activation."
"The bonus damage is a separate instance, and isn t considered in Jinada s calcu
"Tracks an enemy hero, giving True Sight of it and grants a gain in movement spe
ed to allies near the hunted. If the target dies, Bounty Hunter and nearby heroe
s collect a bounty in gold."
"Using his elevated senses of sight and smell, Gondar s hits have quite a good c
hance of success."
"Bounty Hunter will get the bonus gold if the target dies while Track is active,
regardless of how it died."

"Gives True Sight as well as shared vision of the target."

"Track s effect is only visible to allies."
"The allies that are receiving the bonus speed from Track are the ones that will
receive the bonus gold."
"Bonus gold is reliable gold."
"When the hunted tell tales of Gondar the Bounty Hunter, none are sure of which
are true. In whispered tones they say he was abandoned as a kit, learning his sk
ill in tracking as a matter of simple survival. Others hear he was an orphan of
war, taken in by the great Soruq the Hunter to learn the master s skill with a b
lade as they plumbed the dark forests for big game. Still others believe he was
a lowly street urchin raised among a guild of cutpurses and thieves, trained in
the arts of stealth and misdirection. Around campfires in the wild countryside h
is quarry speaks the rumors of Gondar s work, growing ever more fearful: they sa
y it was he who tracked down the tyrant King Goff years after the mad regent wen
t into hiding, delivering his head and scepter as proof. That it was he who infi
ltrated the rebel camps at Highseat, finally bringing the legendary thief White
Cape to be judged for his crimes. And that it was he who ended the career of Sor
uq the Hunter, condemned as a criminal for killing the Prince s prized hellkite.
The tales of Gondar s incredible skill stretch on, with each daring feat more u
nbelievable than the last, each target more elusive. For the right price, the hu
nted know, anyone can be found. For the right price, even the mightiest may find
fear in the shadows."
"The Swarm"
"Weaver launches a swarm of 12 young Weavers that latch on any enemy unit in the
ir path, attacking and reducing armor until it is killed."
"Skitskurr opens a gap in the space time fabric, allowing young Weavers to slip
through and aid him in combat."
"When a beetle latches on a target, it will remain there until it is killed or t
he duration expires."
"Beetles are Spell Immune, but can be killed in 4 attacks from a hero, or 8 from
other units."
"Every 1.35 seconds, the beetle will attack its target, dealing damage and reduc
ing the target s armor by 1 until the beetle is killed or the duration expires."

"Beetles provide 321/321 sight, but will drop off their target if it becomes inv
"Weaver shifts out of visibility, gaining the ability to move at maximum speed t
hrough physical units--doing harm to any enemies it passes through."
"As the Weavers worked in the fabric of creation, small wormholes allowed them t
o slip through time to better work their craft."
"Can only damage the same unit once per cast."
"Geminate Attack"
"Allows Weaver to dispatch two swarms, attacking an enemy twice."
"Skitskurr s relationship with time is somewhat variable, causing his actions to
be witnessed - and felt - more than once."
"The second attack will never trigger attack effects such as bash or critical st
"Time Lapse"
"Weaver warps backward to whatever position it was in five seconds earlier--rega
ining the HP and mana from that time. No effect on cooldown, gold or experience.
"If Skitskurr does not deem the current reality of the world to fit his desires,
he simply crawls back in time to right what was wronged."
"Removes most negative buffs from Weaver."
"The fabric of creation needs constant care, lest it grow tattered; for when it
unravels, whole worlds come undone. It is the work of the Weavers to keep the fa
bric tight, to repair worn spots in the mesh of reality. They also defend from t
he things that gnaw and lay their eggs in frayed regions, whose young can quickl
y devour an entire universe if the Weavers let their attention lapse. Skitskurr
was a master Weaver, charged with keeping one small patch of creation tightly wo
ven and unfaded. But the job was not enough to satisfy. It nagged him that the o
riginal work of creation all lay in the past; the Loom had done its work and tra

velled on. He wanted to create rather than merely maintain--to weave worlds of h
is own devising. He began making small changes to his domain, but the thrill of
creation proved addictive, and his strokes became bolder, pulling against the p
attern that the Loom had woven. The guardians came, with their scissors, and Wea
ver s world was pared off, snipped from the cosmic tapestry, which they rewove w
ithout him in it. Skitskurr found himself alone, apart from his kind, a state th
at would have been torment for any other Weaver. But Skitskurr rejoiced, for now
he was free. Free to create for himself, to begin anew. The raw materials he ne
eded to weave a new reality were all around him. All he had to do was tear apart
this old world at the seams."
"Dual Breath"
"An icy blast followed by a wave of fire launches out in a path in front of Jaki
ro. The ice slows enemies, while the fire delivers damage over time."
"Pyrexae dragons have tremendously dangerous breath for each branch of the speci
es; combining them is unimaginable."
"Can hit units up to 1000 range away."
"Has a 0.3 second interval between each breath."
"Ice Path"
"Creates a path of ice that stuns and damages enemies that touch it."
"Jakiro s cunning right head calls upon its frozen heritage, glazing the earth w
ith blistering cold."
"It takes 0.5 seconds for the path to reach its full extent."
"Liquid Fire"
"Jakiro burns his enemies in an area of effect with fire added to his attack, wh

ile slowing their attacks.\n\nLiquid Fire is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does
not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers."
"The left maw of Jakiro opens, laying waste to any in its path."
"Works on both units and buildings."
"Jakiro exhales a wide line of lasting flames, which deals damage per second to
any enemy units caught in the fire.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Ice and fire combine to rip the battlefield to shreds with extreme temperatures
"Macropyre destroys trees in its path."
"Increases cast range, distance, duration, and damage."
"Even among magical beasts, a twin-headed dragon is a freak. Equal parts ice and
fire, cunning and rage, the creature known as Jakiro glides over charred and ic
e-bound battlefields, laying waste to any who would bear arms against it. Pyrexa
e dragon clutches always contain two fledglings. Famous for their viciousness ev
en from the first moments of life, newly hatched dragons of this species will tr
y to kill their sibling while still in the nest. Only the strongest survive. In
this way is the strength of the Pyrexae line ensured. By some accident of nature
, the freak Jakiro hatched from a single egg, combining in a single individual t
he full range of abilities found within the diverse Pyrexae species. Trapped wit
hin the armature of its monstrous body, the powers of ice and fire combine, and
now no enemy is safe."
"Sticky Napalm"
"Drenches an area in sticky oil, amplifying damage from Batrider s attacks and a
bilities and slowing the movement speed and turn rate of enemies in the area. A

dditional casts of Sticky Napalm continue to increase damage, up to 10 stacks.

The extra damage is halved against creeps."
"It s not uncommon to hear the Rider cackle while he increases the flammability
of his opponents."
"All damage from Batrider gets amplified, except for Radiance and Orb of Venom."
"Hurls an explosive cocktail that explodes when it reaches the target location,
knocking back and dealing damage to enemies in the area."
"A molotov cocktail is the weapon of choice for Batrider."
"Batrider takes to the skies, laying down a trail of flames from the air. The f
ire damages any enemies it touches, and destroys trees below Batrider. While fly
ing, Batrider gains unobstructed movement and vision."
"When an enemy escapes into the Yama Raskav Jungle, most would cut through the b
rush to find the fugitive. Batrider just chooses to destroy the jungle along wi
th his foes."
"During this the Batrider can fly above units, trees and impassable terrain."
"If duration ends when above impassable terrain, the Batrider can get stuck."
"The trail persists through Batrider s death."
"Flaming Lasso"
"Lassoes an enemy and drags them in Batrider s wake. Victims cannot be dragged
over impassable terrain. Dragged units cannot move, attack, or use abilities. T
eleporting or blinking will break the lasso."
"Few dare to ask to ride on the bat, as Batrider gives them free of charge."

"Killing the target or the Batrider will break the lasso before its expiration."
"If Batrider moves more than 400 units in 0.05 seconds the lasso breaks."
"Disable works on Spell Immune units."
"Batrider cannot attack while using Flaming Lasso."
"There is no such thing as harmony among the creatures of the Yama Raskav Jungle
. By bite, or claw, or pincer, or hoof, even the slightest sign of weakness mean
s a swift death. They say the Rider was just a lad cutting chaff in his family s
field when he was taken, swept up by a massive morde-bat looking for take-out.
But this boy had a better idea, and wriggled his way from his captor s grip, ont
o the beast s back, and hacked it down with his tools. Emerging from the bloody
wreckage and intoxicated by the thrill of flight, the boy realized he d found hi
s calling. The boy grew, and every summer he d return to his family s field, of
ten setting out into the bush seeking to reclaim that first thrill of facing dea
th in the form of jaws or a fatal fall. The years went on, but his fire only gre
w stronger. He studied the overgrowth, plunging deeper with each expedition, unt
il finally he found his way to the caves at the heart of hostility. They say the
Rider, on the eve of a scorching summer night, had nothing but a rope, a bottle
of liquid courage and a burning determination to feel the skies once more, when
he plunged inside..."
"Forces an enemy unit to move slower and take more damage from attacks and spell
"Although Chen s brand of animal enthrallment isn t quite strong enough to contr
ol the minds of enemy heroes, it still tests their resolve in combat."
"Test of Faith"
"Deals random damage to test an enemy unit s faith."
"Knights of the Fold possess a fanatical form of magic that is considered quite
unwieldy by most other users of arcane arts."
"Test of Faith"
"Teleports a friendly unit back to the base. Creeps are teleported instantly, H

eroes have a delay before teleporting."

delay" "HERO TP DELAY:"
"Holy Persuasion"
"Gives control of an enemy or neutral creep, and gives it bonus hit points.\n\nU
pgradable by Aghanim s Scepter, allowing Chen to persuade Ancient Creeps. The nu
mber of Ancient Creeps that can be persuaded is based on the level of Hand of Go
"Although they may not be knights, Chen incorporates beasts into the Fold in the
same way he himself was converted."
"You may only cast this ability on Ancient Creeps with Aghanim s Scepter."
"When persuading a new creep above your max unit count, the oldest persuaded uni
t will die."
"Hand of God"
"Fully regenerates any creeps under Chen s control and heals all allied heroes o
n the map.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Using the mental link with his thralls, Chen calls down restoration and well-be
ing to those who share his fanaticism."
"Heals Spell Immune units."
"Reduces cooldown for Hand of God. Holy Persuasion can target Ancient Creeps."
"Born in the godless Hazhadal Barrens, Chen came of age among the outlaw tribes
who eked out an existence in the shimmering heat of the desert. Using an ancien
t form of animal enthrallment, Chen s people husbanded the hardy desert locuthi,
a stunted species of burrowing dragon that melted desert sands into tubes of gl
ass where twice-a-year rains collected. Always on the edge of starvation and th
irst, fighting amongst their neighbors and each other, Chen s clan made the mist
ake, one fateful day, of ambushing the wrong caravan.
In the vicious battle that followed, Chen s clan was outmatched. The armored Kn
ights of the Fold made short work of the enthralled locuthi, who attacked and di
ed in waves. With their dragons dead, the tribesmen followed. Chen struggled, a
nd slashed, and clawed, and perished--or would have. Defeated, on his knees, he
faced his execution with humility, offering his neck to the blade. Moved by Chen
s obvious courage, the executioner halted his sword. Instead of the blade, Chen
was given a choice: death or conversion. Chen took to the faith with a ferocity
. He joined the Fold and earned his armor one bloody conversion at a time. Now,
with the fanaticism of a convert, and with his powers of animal enthrallment at
their peak, he seeks out unbelievers and introduces them to their final reward."

"Spectral Dagger"
"Spectre flings a dagger to draw a Shadow Path, dealing damage and slowing the m
ovement speed of any enemies along the trail. Units hit by the dagger also trail
a Shadow Path. While treading the path, Spectre phases through otherwise impass
able terrain."
"Mercurial s dagger eclipses the physical plane in shadow, a state in which mort
als cower, but spectres thrive."
"Slows Spell Immune units."
"There is a 2 second grace period after leaving the path where no collision is p
"Deals bonus pure damage when Spectre attacks an enemy hero who is alone."
"Often times, warriors find themselves alone with a vision of Mercurial - the fa
ted question is if it is the true Spectre."
"Damage is dealt before Spectre s attack."
"Spectre s illusions also have Desolate."
"Damage done to Spectre is reflected on her enemies, leaving her unharmed. The e
ffect lessens with distance."
"A daunting task lies before enemies of Mercurial - killing a shadow with blade
and magic."
"The reflected damage is not dealt to Spectre."
"Illusions don t get this ability."

"Creates a spectral nemesis to attack each enemy hero after a short delay. At an
y moment during the duration, Spectre can use Reality to take the place of a giv
en illusion.\n\nHaunt illusions are uncontrollable, take extra damage, and deal
less damage than Spectre herself. They move at 400 base movement speed and igno
re terrain."
"At the height of combat, Mercurial s physical manifestation shatters, and the s
hadowy pieces haunt those who still cling to life."
"Haunt illusions are uncontrollable, move at 400 base movement speed, and cannot
be disabled."
"There is a 1 second delay before illusions start attacking their target."
"Spectre physically possesses a chosen Haunt."
"The scattered shadows unite into the one true Spectre."
"Just as higher states of energy seek a lower level, the Spectre known as Mercur
ial is a being of intense and violent energy who finds herself irresistibly draw
n to scenes of strife as they unfold in the physical world. While her normal spe
ctral state transcends sensory limitations, each time she takes on a physical ma
nifestation, she is stricken by a loss of self--though not of purpose. In the cl
ash of combat, her identity shatters and reconfigures, and she begins to regain
awareness. She grasps that she is Mercurial the Spectre--and that all of her Hau
nts are but shadows of the one true Spectre. Focus comes in the struggle for sur
vival; her true mind reasserts itself; until in the final moments of victory or
defeat, she transcends matter and is restored once more to her eternal form."
"Consumes an enemy or neutral creep, acquiring any special abilities that it pos
"Lucifer s appetite and greed are never sated."
"Gives Doom the original bounty of the creep, along with the bonus gold."
"The amount of time it takes to Devour depends on the current HP of the unit."
"Doom can t Devour mechanical or ancient units."
"If you devour a creep without abilities, you ll keep the abilities you had prev

"Scorched Earth"
"Carpets the nearby earth in flames, damaging enemies while Doom gains bonus HP
regen and increased movement speed."
"The Fallen One spreads destruction in his wake, sparing none from the flame whi
ch sustains him."
"Scorched Earth follows Doom, centered on his location."
"Other units Doom controls also benefit from Scorched Earth."
"LVL? Death"
"Ignites an enemy hero s soul, dealing base damage and a mini-stun. If the targe
t hero s level is a multiple of the Hero Level Multiplier, or they are level 25,
they will be dealt additional damage equal to 20%% of their maximum health."
"Lucifer shares the fire branding bestowed upon him at the time of his exile."
"Interrupts channeling abilities."
"Inflicts a curse that prevents an enemy Hero from casting spells or using items
, while taking damage over time.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"When a name is tolled from the bell of Vashundol, doom is sure to follow."
"If a magic shield is present, such as the barrier from Pipe of Insight, Doom wi
ll damage the barrier first before moving on to the Hero."
"Units afflicted by Doom can be denied when their HP drops below 25%."
"Increases damage and duration. Allows Doom to disable most passive abilities a
nd removes positive buffs on cast. Duration will not count down if an enemy is
within 900 range of Doom. "

"He that burns and is not consumed, devours and is never sated, kills and is bey
ond all judgment--Lucifer brings doom to all who would stand against him. Bearin
g away souls on the tip of a fiery sword, he is the Fallen One, a once-favored g
eneral from the realm behind the light, cast out for the sin of defiance: he wou
ld not kneel.
Six times his name was tolled from the great bell of Vashundol. Six and sixty ti
mes his wings were branded, until only smoking stumps remained. Without wings, h
e slipped loose from the tethers that bound him within the light and he fell scr
eaming to earth. A crater in the desert, Paradise lost. Now he attacks without
mercy, without motive, the only living being able to move freely between the sev
en dark dominions. Lashed by inescapable needs, twisted by unimaginable talents,
Doom carries his own hell with him wherever he goes. Defiant to the last. Event
ually, the world will belong to Doom."
"Devour enemy creeps whole!\n\nScorch the battlefield in hellish flame!\n\nGambl
e with targets lives.\n\nInflict the devastating curse of doom upon enemy heroe
//Ancient Apparition
"Cold Feet"
"Places a frozen hex on an enemy unit that deals damage over time, but can be di
spelled by moving away from the initial cast point. If the enemy unit doesn t m
ove outside of the given range, it will be stunned and frozen in place after 4 s
"Kaldr s presence draws those around him into a frozen void, threatening to lock
them in an icy prison for eternity."
"Total possible damage: 150/200/250/300."
"Deals damage every 0.8 seconds."
"Ice Vortex"
"Creates a vortex of icy energy that slows movement speed and increases magic da
mage done in its range. Lasts 16 seconds."
"Frozen, caustic winds are at the whim of Kaldr, chilling the field of battle."
"Doesn t affect Spell Immune units."

"Chilling Touch"
"A frigid gust enchants allied heroes, granting them bon
us magical damage for a given number of physical attacks, while slowing their at
tack speed slightly. Ancient Apparition always receives the buff. Lasts 30 seco
"The Ancient Apparition s eternal knowledge brings a frigid enchantment to his a
"Extra damage is its own instance of damage."
"Only works against heroes and creeps."
"Ice Blast"
"Launches a tracer toward any location on the battlefield, which must be trigger
ed again to mark the area to be blasted by a damaging explosion of hail. The fur
ther the tracer travels, the larger the explosion will be. Enemies caught in the
explosion, or who touch the icy ball of hail as it travels, are Frostbitten, ta
king damage and prevented from regenerating or healing. If a Frostbitten unit s
health drops below a certain percentage, they will instantly shatter.\n\nUpgrada
ble by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Ice storms from ages past flow through Kaldr s frosty limbs, crashing into the
world and turning its inhabitants into monuments to his eternal power."
"The area of effect is 275 + 50*TimeTraveled, capped at 1000. The freeze area a
long the path is 275."
"Kill will be granted to the source of the damage that triggers the shatter."
"The instant kill doesn t work on illusions or Meepo clones."
"The HP Freeze prevents most kinds of healing, including the fountain."
"The Frostbitten debuff cannot be purged."
"Increases duration."

"Releases the ice blast early at its current location."
"Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is an image projected from outside time. He spri
ngs from the cold, infinite void that both predates the universe and awaits its
end. Kaldr is, Kaldr was, Kaldr shall be...and what we perceive, powerful as it
appears to us, is but the faintest faded echo of the true, eternal Kaldr. Some b
elieve that as the cosmos ages and approaches its final moments, the brightness
and power of Kaldr will also intensify--that the Ancient Apparition will grow yo
unger and stronger as eternity s end draws nigh. His grip of ice will bring all
matter to a stop, his image will cast a light too terrible to behold. An Apparit
ion no longer!"
"Freeze enemies!\n\nMake enemies more vulnerable to magic damage.\n\nEnchant you
r allies to do more damage.\n\nFrost nuke anywhere on the map!!"

"The very steps of a male ursine shake the ground as well as the resolve of oppo
sing warriors."
"Ursa slams the earth, causing a powerful shock to damage and slow all enemy uni
ts in a nearby area for 4 seconds."
"For a behemoth of his size, Ursa is deceptively nimble."
"Using his skill in combat, Ursa gains increased attack speed for a number of su
bsequent attacks."
"Overpower grants maximum increased attack speed."
"Overpower isn t removed by Black King Bar."
"Fury Swipes"
"In nature, the wounded rarely survive the attacks of hungry predators."
"Ursa s claws dig deeper wounds in the enemy, causing consecutive attacks to the
same enemy to deal more damage. If the same target is not attacked after 15 se
conds, the bonus damage is lost."

"Ulfsaar succumbs to his ancient spirit, becoming the most ferocious creature on
the battlefield."
"Ursa goes into a frenzy, gaining a percentage of his current health as bonus da
mage. Lasts 15 seconds."
"Ulfsaar the Warrior is the fiercest member of an ursine tribe, protective of hi
s land and his people. During the long winters, while the mothers sleep and nurs
e their cubs, the males patrol the lands above as tireless, vigilant defenders o
f their ancient ways. Hearing dim but growing rumors of a spreading evil, Ulfsaa
r headed out beyond the boundaries of his wild wooded homeland, intending to tra
ck down and destroy the threat at its source, before it could endanger his peopl
e. He is a proud creature with a bright strong spirit, utterly trustworthy, a st
aunch ally and defender."
"Stomp and slow everyone nearby.\n\nDo more damage the more you attack!\n\nDo mo
re damage based on your health.\n\nSolo Roshan at low levels!!"
"Rocket Barrage"
"Launches a salvo of rockets at nearby enemy units in a radius around the Gyroco
pter. Lasts 3 seconds."
"Aurel s new craft has an increased payload for rockets, enhancing their rapid-f
ire capabilities."
"Rocket Barrage can t hit units Gyrocopter has no vision over."
"Homing Missile"
"Fires a homing missile to seek the targeted enemy unit. The missile gains speed
over time, dealing damage and stunning when it impacts the target. Homing Miss
ile deals greater damage the further it has traveled. Enemy units can destroy t
he missile before it reaches its target."
"The biggest missile Aurel could possibly attach to his craft, The Bomb has caref
ully calculated aerodynamics and explosives for maximum impact."
"Towers do half damage to the missile."
"The crosshair effect is visible to allies only."
"Maximum damage is reached when the missile is 1500 units away."

"The missile will follow and hit invisible units."

"Flak Cannon"
"Gyrocopter s attacks hit all enemy units in an area around it for a limited num
ber of attacks. Only the main target of attacks will receive attack bonuses suc
h as Critical Strike. Lasts 15 seconds or until the attacks are used."
"This newly revamped Gyrocopter has attached enough armaments to assault in a 36
0 degree radius."
"Attack range for the primary attack is unchanged."
"Call Down"
"Call down an aerial missile strike on enemy units in a target area. Two missil
es arrive in succession, the first dealing major damage and major slow; the seco
nd dealing minor damage and minor slow.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
" Bombs Away! "
"The visual indicator is visible to allies only."
"The slow goes through spell immunity."
"Increases the damage of the second missile, and gives global cast range."
"After serving through a lifetime of wars, upheaval, riots, and revolutions, the
brass figured Aurel had seen enough. But in addition to a few trinkets and his
considerable pension, the erstwhile engineer left with something far more intere
sting: a long-forgotten, incomplete schematic for a Gyrocopter, the world s firs
t manned, non-magical flying device. Retiring to the tropical obscurity of the A
sh Archipelago with little else but time and money, he set to work building the
device. As the years wore on and the remains of failed prototypes began to pile
up, he began to wonder if mechanical flight was even possible. A decade and a da
y after his retirement, on a sunny afternoon with a southerly breeze, Aurel sat

in his latest attempt bristling with indignation and expectant failure. With a g
runt of effort he pulled the ignition cord and covered his head, waiting for the
inevitable explosion. However to his great surprise he began to lift and, follo
wing a few panicked adjustments, stabilize. Within an hour, he was ducking and w
eaving with the breeze, level with the gulls, and Aurel found himself filled wit
h the breathless wonder of flight. As dusk settled in he set a course back to hi
s workshop, but no sooner had he turned his craft when a cannonball tore through
his tailfin. Disentangling himself from the wreckage, he swam toward the neares
t piece of land in sight, and cursed to see the ship responsible for the cannonb
all collecting the debris. Days later, when Aurel returned to his workshop, he s
et to work on yet another gyrocopter, this one capable of carrying a much heavie
r, more dangerous payload."
"Charge of Darkness"
"Barathrum erupts from the darkness with unwieldy force."
"Spirit Breaker fixes his sight on an enemy unit and starts char
ging through all objects. All enemy units passed through and the targeted unit
will be hit by a Greater Bash. If the targeted unit dies, Spirit Breaker will c
hange his target to the nearest enemy unit to that location."
"Spirit Breaker passes through trees, cliffs, and units."
"The charge indicator is visible only to allies."
"Spirit Breaker gains shared vision of the target."
"Empowering Haste"
"Aspiring heroes gain speed and power from simply observing the Spirit Breaker s
dominance on the battle field."
"Causes Spirit Breaker to gain power with higher movemen
t speed. His presence increases the movement speed of nearby allied units. Can b
e cast to improve the movement speed bonus for %duration% seconds, however after
ward the passive bonus will be halved while the ability is on cooldown."
"Greater Bash"
"The signature strike of Barathrum s ghostly ball and chain."
"Gives a chance to stun and knockback an enemy unit on an attack, as well as gai
ning bonus movement speed after a bash occurs. Deals a percentage of movement sp

eed as damage."
"Does not stack with Skull Basher."
"Nether Strike"
"Barathrum temporarily returns to the realm from where he came, bringing with hi
m the retribution of both worlds."
"Spirit Breaker slips into the nether realm, reappearing next to his hapless vic
tim. Upon reappearing, a Greater Bash of the current level occurs and deals bonu
s damage.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Spirit Breaker appears behind the target to deliver the bash."
"Causes the Greater Bash to hit an area around the initial targe
t, decreases cooldown, and increases cast range."
"Barathrum the Spirit Breaker is a lordly and powerful being, a fierce and eleme
ntal intelligence which chose to plane-shift into the world of matter to take pa
rt in events with repercussions in the elemental realm that is his home. To that
end, he assembled a form that would serve him well, both in our world and out o
f it. His physical form borrows from the strengths of this world, blending featu
res both bovine and simian--horns, hooves and hands--as outward emblems of his i
nner qualities of strength, speed and cunning. He wears a ring in his nose, as a
reminder that he serves a hidden master, and that this world in which he works
is but a shadow of the real one."
"Bash people after charging!\n\nMove faster to bash more!\n\nBash!\n\nTeleport,
then bash!"
"Acid Spray"
"Sprays high-pressure acid across a target area. Enemy units who step across the
contaminated terrain take mixed damage per second and have their armor reduced.

"Using traditional Alchemy from the Darkbrew family, Razzil concocts an acid tha
t dissolves even the toughest metals."
"Unstable Concoction Throw"
"Throw it before it blows up!"
"A silver lining to the failure of turning a mountain into gold, this volatile s
olution has destructive potential."
"Unstable Concoction"
"Alchemist brews up an unstable concoction that he can throw at an enemy hero, t
o stun and deal damage in an area around the explosion. The longer the concoctio
n brews, the more damage it deals and the longer the stun. After 5 seconds, the
brew reaches its maximum damage and stun time. However, after 5.5 seconds, the c
oncoction will explode on Alchemist himself if not thrown."
"Alchemist can move and act normally while brewing."
"A timer above Alchemist s head will indicate the remaining brew time."
"You can deny yourself with this skill."
"Unstable Concoction cannot be disjointed."
"Once thrown, Unstable Concoction stops brewing."
"Greevil s Greed"
"Alchemist synthesizes additional gold from his enemies. With each kill, Alchemi
st earns base bonus gold and extra bonus gold. If Alchemist kills another unit w
hich yields gold within the next %duration% seconds, an additional instance of E
xtra Bonus Gold is added to the total. The maximum total bonus gold is %bonus_go
ld_cap% per kill."
"While it is not a mountain, Razzil has mastered the conversion of smaller compo
unds to line his pockets."


"Chemical Rage"
"Alchemist causes his Ogre to enter a chemically induced rage, reducing base att
ack cooldown and increasing movement speed and regeneration."
"The brew Razzil gave to the Ogre during their prison bust has become a useful p
otion in the midst of combat."
"Has a 0.35 second transformation time, which can be used to dodge projectiles a
nd stuns."
"The sacred science of Chymistry was a Darkbrew family tradition, but no Darkbre
w had ever shown the kind of creativity, ambition, and recklessness of young Raz
zil. However, when adulthood came calling he pushed aside the family trade to tr
y his hand at manufacturing gold through Alchemy. In an act of audacity befittin
g his reputation, Razzil announced he would transmute an entire mountain into go
ld. Following two decades of research and spending and preparation, he failed sp
ectacularly, quickly finding himself imprisoned for the widespread destruction h
is experiment wrought. Yet Razzil was never one to take a setback lightly, and s
ought escape to continue his research. When his new cellmate turned out to be a
fierce ogre, he found just the opportunity he needed. After convincing the ogre
not to eat him, Razzil set about carefully concocting a tincture for it to drink
, made from the moulds and mosses growing in the prison stone work. In a week s
time, it seemed ready. When the ogre drank the potion, it flew into an unstoppab
le berserker rage, destroying the cell bars and exploding through walls and guar
ds alike. They soon found themselves lost somewhere in the forest surrounding th
e city with a trail of wreckage in their wake and no signs of pursuit. In the t
onic s afterglow, the ogre seemed serene, happy, and even eager. Resolving to wo
rk together, the pair set off to collect the materials needed to attempt Razzil
s Alchemic transmutation once more."
"Allows manipulation of ice elements and grants a permanent strength bonus. Each
<font color= #7998b5 >Quas</font> instance provides increased health regenerati
"Invoker can only have 3 of any instance."

"Allows manipulation of storm elements and grants a permanent agility bonus. Eac
h <font color= #d671a9 >Wex</font> instance provides increased attack speed and
movement speed."
"Invoker can only have 3 of any instance."
"Allows manipulation of fire elements and grants a permanent intelligence bonus.
Each <font color= #cabe68 >Exort</font> instance provides increased attack dama
"Invoker can only have 3 of any instance."
"Combines the properties of the elements currently being manipulated, creating a
new spell at the Invoker s disposal. Click the help button to see the list of p
ossible spells.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"So begins a new age of knowledge."
"The arrangement of instances does not matter."
"Decreases cooldown and removes mana cost."
"Cold Snap"
"Invoker draws the heat from an enemy, chilling them to their very core for a du

ration based on the level of <font color= #7998b5 >Quas</font>. The enemy will t
ake damage and be briefly frozen. Further damage taken in this state will freeze
the enemy again, dealing bonus damage. The enemy can only be frozen so often, b
ut the freeze cooldown decreases based on the level of <font color= #7998b5 >Qua
"Sadron s Protracted Frisson."
"The freeze stun only triggers on damage greater than 10 after reductions."
"COLD SNAP DURATION (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"FREEZE DAMAGE (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):"
"FREEZE COOLDOWN (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):"
"Ghost Walk"
"Invoker manipulates the ice and electrical energies around him, rendering his b
ody invisible. The elemental imbalance created as a consequence slows nearby ene
mies based on the level of <font color= #7998b5 >Quas</font>, and slows Invoker
as well based on the level of <font color= #d671a9 >Wex</font>."
"Myrault s Hinder-Gast."
"The slow effect does not work on Spell Immune enemies."
"%SELF SPEED (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):\n"
"%ENEMY SLOW (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"Unleashes a fast moving tornado that picks up enemy units in its path, suspendi
ng them helplessly in the air shortly before allowing them to plummet to their d
oom. Travels further based on the level of <font color= #d671a9 >Wex</font>. Hol
ds enemies in the air for a duration based on the level of <font color= #7998b5
>Quas</font>. Deals base damage plus added damage based on levels in <font color
= #d671a9 >Wex</font>."
"Claws of Tornarus."
"Units are invulnerable while affected by Tornado, and the damage is dealt when
"TRAVEL DISTANCE (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):\n"
"LIFT TIME (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"ADDED DAMAGE (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):"

"Invoker builds up a charge of electromagnetic energy at a targeted location whi
ch automatically detonates after %delay% seconds. The detonation covers an area,
draining mana based on the level of <font color= #d671a9 >Wex</font>. Deals dam
age for each point of mana drained. If EMP drains mana from an enemy hero, Invo
ker gains 50%% of the mana drained."
"Endoleon s Malevolent Perturbation."
"Will not affect cycloned units (Tornado or Eul s Scepter of Divinity)."
"MAX MANA BURNED (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):\n"
"Invoker infuses an ally with an immense surge of energy, increasing their attac
k speed based on the level of <font color= #d671a9 >Wex</font> and their damage
based on the level of <font color= #cabe68 >Exort</font>."
"Gaster s Mandate of Impetuous Strife."
"BONUS ATTACK SPEED (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):\n"
"BONUS DAMAGE (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"Chaos Meteor"
"Invoker pulls a flaming meteor from space onto the targeted location. Upon land
ing, the meteor rolls forward, constantly dealing damage based on the level of <
font color= #cabe68 >Exort</font>, and rolling further based on the level of <fo
nt color= #d671a9 >Wex</font>. Units hit by the meteor will also be set on fire
for a short time, receiving additional damage based on the level of <font color=
#cabe68 >Exort</font>."
"Tarak s Descent of Fire."
"Deals main damage to enemy units under meteor every 0.5 seconds and burns enemi
es for smaller damage over 3 seconds."
"The meteor moves at a speed of 300."
"TRAVEL DISTANCE (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):\n"
"CONTACT DAMAGE (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"

"BURN DAMAGE PER SECOND (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"Sun Strike"
"Sends a catastrophic ray of fierce energy from the sun at any targeted location
, incinerating all enemies standing beneath it once it reaches the earth. Deals
damage based on the level of <font color= #cabe68 >Exort</font>, however this da
mage is spread evenly over all enemies hit."
"Harlek s Incantation of Incineration."
"Gives vision of the target area before the strike."
"Invoker gains experience with kills made from Sun Strike, even if made from out
side of experience range."
"DAMAGE (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"Forge Spirit"
"Invoker forges a spirit embodying the strength of fire and fortitude of ice. Da
mage, health, and armor are based on the level of <font color= #cabe68 >Exort</f
ont> while attack range, mana, and duration are based on the level of <font colo
r= #7998b5 >Quas</font>. The elemental s scorching attack is capable of melting
the armor of enemy heroes. If both <font color= #7998b5 >Quas</font> and <font c
olor= #cabe68 >Exort</font> are level 4 or higher, Invoker will create two spiri
ts instead of one."
"Culween s Most Cunning Fabrications."
"Casting this abiliy will replace currently summoned Forged Spirits."
"DAMAGE (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"HEALTH (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"ARMOR (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"ATTACK RANGE (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"MANA (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"DURATION (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"Melting Strike"
"Melts away the armor of heroes hit by the spirit s attack if the spirit has eno
ugh mana. Each successive hit increases the amount of armor melted."

"Ice Wall"
"Generates a wall of solid ice directly in front of Invoker for a duration based
on the level of <font color= #7998b5 >Quas</font>. The bitter cold emanating fr
om it greatly slows nearby enemies based on the level of <font color= #7998b5 >Q
uas</font> and deals damage each second based on the level of <font color= #cabe
68 >Exort</font>."
"Killing Wall of Koryx."
"The slow will still affect Spell Immune enemies if their spell immunity was cre
ated after being affected by Ice Wall."
"WALL DURATION (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"%MOVEMENT SLOW (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):\n"
"DAMAGE PER SECOND (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"Deafening Blast"
"Invoker unleashes a mighty sonic wave in front of him, dealing damage to any en
emy unit it collides with based on the level of <font color= #cabe68 >Exort</fon
t>. The sheer impact from the blast is enough to knock those enemy units back fo
r a duration based on the level of <font color= #7998b5 >Quas</font>, then disar
m their attacks for a duration based on the level of <font color= #d671a9 >Wex</
"Buluphont s Aureal Incapacitator."
"This skill interrupts channeling abilities."
"DAMAGE (<font color= #cabe68 >EXORT</font>):\n"
"KNOCKBACK DURATION (<font color= #7998b5 >QUAS</font>):
"DISARM DURATION (<font color= #d671a9 >WEX</font>):\n"
"In its earliest, and some would say most potent form, magic was primarily the a
rt of memory. It required no technology, no wands or appurtenances other than th
e mind of the magician. All the trappings of ritual were merely mnemonic devices
, meant to allow the practitioner to recall in rich detail the specific mental f
ormulae that unlocked a spell s power. The greatest mages in those days were the
ones blessed with the greatest memories, and yet so complex were the invocation
s that all wizards were forced to specialize. The most devoted might hope in a l
ifetime to have adequate recollection of three spells--four at most. Ordinary wi
zards were content to know two, and it was not uncommon for a village mage to kn
ow only one--with even that requiring him to consult grimoires as an aid against
forgetfulness on the rare occasions when he might be called to use it. But amon
g these early practitioners there was one exception, a genius of vast intellect
and prodigious memory who came to be known as the Invoker. In his youth, the pre
cocious wizard mastered not four, not five, not even seven incantations: He coul
d command no fewer than ten spells, and cast them instantly. Many more he learne

d but found useless, and would practice once then purge from his mind forever, t
o make room for more practical invocations. One such spell was the Sempiternal C
antrap--a longevity spell of such power that those who cast it in the world s fi
rst days are among us still (unless they have been crushed to atoms). Most of th
ese quasi-immortals live quietly, afraid to admit their secret: But Invoker is n
ot one to keep his gifts hidden. He is ancient, learned beyond all others, and h
is mind somehow still has space to contain an immense sense of his own worth...a
s well as the Invocations with which he amuses himself through the long slow twi
light of the world s dying days."
"Curse of the Silent"
"Nortrom s lack of incantations is less of a problem for him than it is for his
"Curses the target area, causing enemy Heroes to take damage and lose mana until
they cast a spell."
"Glaives of Wisdom"
"Although lacking in traditional incantations, Nortrom s pedigree of the Aeol Dr
ias gives him uncanny wisdom, which he applies to physical combat."
"Silencer enchants his glaives with his wisdom, dealing additional damage based
on his Intelligence. \n\nGlaives of Wisdom is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does
not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers. "
"Last Word"
"Nortrom ensures that spells uttered by his opponents will be their last."
"Enchants a target damaging and silencing them if they cast a spell. If the ench
antment expires the target will be disarmed in addition to being damaged and sil
"Channeling abilities will trigger this affect once the caster finishes its chan
"Global Silence"

"With a shock to the ground, all magic and sound pauses, and Nortrom fulfills hi
s prophecy."
"Silencer stops all sound, preventing enemy heroes and units on the map from cas
ting spells.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Increases duration, and applies the current level of Cu
rse of the Silent to all enemy Heroes."
"This skill works on invisible and Spell Immune units, but gaining spell immunit
y will remove its effect."
"Part of the seventh and final generation of a carefully designed pedigree, Nort
rom was bred by the ancient order of the Aeol Drias to be the greatest magic use
r the world had ever seen. He was the prophesied one, the culmination of two-hun
dred years of careful pairings, a war-mage who would bring glory to the order, a
nd destruction to their sworn enemies, The Knights of the Fold.
Raised with other young mages in a hidden cantonment among the hills of the Hazh
adal barrens, the order s preceptors waited for Nortrom s abilities to manifest.
While the other students honed their talents with fire, or ice, or incantatory
spells, Nortrom sat silent and talentless, unable to cast so much as a hex. As t
he day of final testing approached, he still hadn t found his magic. In disgust,
the preceptors berated him, while the children laughed. \"You are no mage,\" th
e head of the order declared. Still, Nortrom did not slink away. He entered the
day of testing and faced down the young mages who had mocked him. And then his p
receptors learned a valuable lesson: a lack of magic can be the greatest magic o
f all. Nortrom silenced the young mages one by one and defeated them in single c
ombat, until he alone stood as champion of the Aeol Drias, in fulfillment of the
//OUTWORLD Devourer
"Arcane Orb"
"Adds extra pure damage to Outworld Devourer s attacks, based on his remaining m
ana pool. Arcane Orb also does bonus damage to summoned units and illusions.\n\
nArcane Orb is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique At
tack Modifiers."
"Harbinger s outworldly knowledge allows it to tap into the ebb and flow of all
spiritual energy, infusing it into his being."
"The damage is calculated after the mana cost is spent."
"Astral Imprisonment"
"Places a target allied or enemy hero into an astral prison. Th
e hidden hero is invulnerable and disabled. When cast on an enemy Hero, Harbing
er temporarily steals intelligence from that hero."

"Locked away in the pocket between this world and the Ou
tworld, victims realize their infantile knowledge and mortality."
"If used on an ally, no intelligence is stolen."
"Imprisoned units are hidden and invulnerable."
"Imprisoned units can still be hit by Sanity s Eclipse."
al_duration" "STEAL DURATION:"
son_duration" "PRISON DURATION:"
"Essence Aura"
"Whenever nearby allied Heroes or Outworld Devourer itse
lf casts a spell, it gains a chance to restore a percentage of its mana pool. O
utworld Devourer also passively gains a bonus to its base mana pool. Several sk
ills with no cooldown and toggled spells cannot trigger Essence Aura."
"The crystals of the Outworld produce arcane power, and the Harbinger channels i
t into the world of mortals."
"Other than Arcane Orb, most skills without cooldowns cannot trigger Essence Aur
"Sanity s Eclipse"
"Deals damage to enemy Heroes in an area of effect based on the
difference between Harbinger and the affected Hero s intelligence. If the Hero t
akes less than the damage threshold, that Hero loses 75%% of its current mana.
Sanity s Eclipse can hit units trapped in Astral Imprisonment. If an enemy hero
has the same or higher Intelligence than Outworld Devourer, Sanity s Eclipse ha
s no effect.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"When an Outworld crystal ruptures, cataclysmic energies are released, and the r
everberations of this power are felt interdimensionally."

description""Increases damage multiplier, casting range and causes the ability t
o always trigger mana drain."
"One of a lordly and magisterial race, Harbinger prowls the edge of the Void, so
le surviving sentry of an outpost on the world at the rim of the abyss. From thi
s jagged crystalline Outworld, forever on guard, he has gazed for eternities int
o the heavens, alert for any stirring in the bottomless night beyond the stars.
Imprinted deep in the shining lattices of his intellect lies a resonant pattern
akin to prophecy, a dark music implying that eventually some evil will wake out
there, beyond the edges of creation, and turn its attention to our world. With h
is whole being focused on his vigil, Outworld Devourer paid little attention to
events closer in to the sun. But at last the clamor of the Ancients, and a sense
of growing threat from within as well as without, sent him winging sunward to v
isit the plains of war. Harbinger s place in our own prophecies is unambiguous:
he must be considered an omen of worse things to come. But his arrival in itself
is bad enough. "
// Lycan
"Summon Wolves"
"The very enchantment that twisted his being also summons canine familiars."
"Summons two wolves to fight for Lycan. Level 2-4 wolves have Critical Strike,
level 3-4 wolves have permanent invisibility, and level 4 wolves have 15 HP rege
"If wolves are summoned during the duration of Howl, they will receive the buff
until the end of its duration."
"Spirit Wolves have 80% magic damage resistance."
"Using this spell will replace currently active Spirit Wolves."
"Blood-curdling wolf cries signal to opponents that Banehallow is among them."
"Grants bonus damage to Lycan, all allied heroes and all units under their contr

"Feral Impulse"
"His animalistic symbiosis with canine kind gives Banehallow enhanced reflexes a
nd hunting capabilities."
"Increases the damage and attack speed of Lycan and all units under his control.
"Forever a slave to his lycanthropy, Banehallow has come to accept his curse, an
d embrace his own savagery."
"Lycan assumes his lupine form, granting him critical strikes and added vision a
t night. During Shapeshift, Lycan and all units under his control move at incre
ased speed and cannot be slowed."
"Hex doesn t remove Lycan s movement speed."
"Lycan has a smaller collision size in this state."
"Critical Strike"
"Gives a chance to deal bonus damage."
"Permanently invisible when not attacking."
"Banehallow was noble-born to the house of Ambry, the greatest of the landed cas
tes in the old kingdom of Slom. Before the Fall, as the King s wants grew strang
e, and his court grew crowded with sorcerers and charlatans, the house of Ambry
was the first to rise against the avarice of the throne. No longer willing to pa
y homage and fealty, they instead sent six-thousand swords into the capital, whe
re they were wiped out in the Massacre of the Apostates. And then came the teeth
behind the old truth: When you strike a king s neck, you had better take his he
ad. Enraged by the betrayal, the king exterminated the vast Ambry bloodline, spa
ring only the lord of the house and his youngest son, Banehallow. Before all the

royal court, with the disgraced lord chained to the ornate marble floor, the Ki
ng bade his magicians transform the boy into a wolf so that he might tear out hi
s own father s throat. \"Do this,\" the king said, \"so that Lord Ambry will und
erstand the bite of betrayal.\" Powerful magic was invoked, and the child was tr
ansformed. But though his body was changed, his spirit remained intact, and inst
ead of biting the exposed neck of his father, he attacked his handlers, tearing
them to pieces. A dozen of the King s knights perished under the wolf s teeth be
fore they managed to drive it off into the night. Lord Ambry laughed from his ch
ains even as the King ran him through with a sword. Now the heir to the lost hou
se of Ambry, Banehallow wanders the trail as the Lycan, part warrior, part wolf,
in search of justice for all that he lost."
"Summon Spirit Bear"
"Sylla s lifelong companion is symbiotic with his spirit and heart, coming to ai
d him in any time of need."
"Summons a powerful Spirit Bear companion that can equip items. If the bear mov
es 1100 distance away from the Lone Druid, it cannot attack. Lone Druid suffers
%backlash_damage%%% of his max health as backlash damage if the Spirit Bear die
s. As the bear increases in levels, it can learn the Return, Entangling Claws,
and Demolish abilities. Spirit Bear does not benefit from attributes. "
"Most spells interact with the Spirit Bear in the same way as they do with heroe
"You can t resummon the bear if it has taken damage in the past 3 seconds."
"Using Hand of Midas from Spirit Bear grants the earned XP to Lone Druid."
"Immediately teleports the Spirit Bear back to the Lone Druid. The Spirit Bear
cannot teleport if it has taken damage from a player unit in the last 3 seconds.
"Entangling Claws"
"Attacks have a chance to cause roots to burst from the
ground, immobilizing the attacked enemy unit, and dealing damage per second."
"Entangled units can t use Blink abilities, and are revealed if they are invisib



"Increases the power of the Spirit Bear, causing it to d
eal more damage to buildings and have additional spell resistance."
"Bears are not commonly seen as being agile creatures, but can actually move rat
her quickly, especially when enraged."
"Increases the attack and movement speed of Lone Druid and the Spirit Bear."
"Sylla studies and masters the arts of the lost Bear Clan, enhancing his attunem
ent with the wild."
"Increases the Lone Druid s synergy with his Spirit Bear and himself, upgrading
attributes and abilities."
"True Form"
"The mighty bear is the king of the forest, possessing the throne through raw po
"Lone Druid learns to morph himself into a raging bear, losing his ranged advant
age and some base movement speed, but gaining melee power as well as the Battle
Cry ability. He can morph freely between druid and bear form."
"You can dodge stuns during the 2 second duration of transforming."

"Druid Form"
"Return to Druid form."
"Battle Cry"
"When Syllabear cries in the forest, the reverberations are felt for a great dis
"Adds damage and armor to the Lone Druid and his Spirit
"Long before the first words of the first histories there rose the druidic Bear
Clan. Wise and just they were, and focused in their ways to seek an understandin
g of the natural order. The arch forces of nature saw this, and so sought the mo
st learned among them. Wise old Sylla, clan justiciar and seer, stepped forward
for his kin, and to him was given the Seed with these words: When all of the wo
rld has dimmed, when civilization has left these lands, when the world is slain
and wracked by the endless deserts at the end of ages, plant the Seed. As he gr
asped his trust, Sylla felt his years recede and his vitality returned. Vast kno
wledge burst into his mind. He found himself able to project his very will into
reality and, with some concentration, alter his own physical form as well. Yet s
ubtle whispers and cruel ears brought word of the Seed and its power to other pe
oples, and a terrible war crashed upon the Bear Clan. As his ancestral home burn
ed, Sylla took his burden and fled to the wild places. Ages passed, and time and
myth forgot the Bear Clan, forgot Sylla and the Seed, forgot wondrous civilizat
ions that rose and fell in Bear Clan s wake. For millenia Sylla has waited, wait
ed for word from his deities, waited for peace to come to the ever warring realm
s, waited in exile and in secret for the end of all things and for the conclusio
n of his sacred commitment, preparing himself always to face and destroy whateve
r would dare threaten his purpose."
"Thunder Clap"
"A slam of Mangix mighty keg starts the festivities."
"Slams the ground, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed and attack rate
of nearby enemy land units."

"Drunken Haze"
"The Order of the Oyo s solution to all problems - another round!"
"Drenches a small area in alcohol, causing their movement speed to be reduced, a
nd causing their attacks to have a chance to miss."
"Drunken Haze cannot be disjointed."
"Drunken Brawler"
"When Mangix won his title as the Brewmaster of the Order of Oyo, he also claime
d his place in the mastery of inebriation."
"Gives a chance to avoid attacks and to deal critical damage. Drunken Brawler wi
ll always trigger if you have not attacked, or have not been attacked, in the la
st several seconds.\n\nStacks diminishingly with other sources of Evasion."
"The guaranteed critical attack and guaranteed dodge chance are on separate time
"Primal Split"
"It isn t clear whether Mangix is consciously aware of his potent bond with natu
re, as it often occurs in the midst of a drunken stupor."
"Splits Brewmaster into elements, forming 3 specialized warriors, adept at survi
val. If any of them survive until the end of their summoned timer, the Brewmaste
r is reborn.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The Earth Element will carry all auras that the Brewmaster has, as well as True
"The Fire Element has phased movement."
"When the spell ends, Brewmaster will take the place of an element in this order
, assuming they are alive: Earth, Storm, Fire."

"Earth gains Thunder Clap, Storm gains Drunken Haze and
Fire gains Drunken Brawler."
"Resistant Skin"
"Protects against damaging damage."
"Hurl Boulder"
"Throws a boulder at a unit, doing damage and stunning it."
"Spell Immunity"
"Immune to spells."
"Provides a chance to do damage in a small radius."
"Dispel Magic"
"Damages summoned units in a small radius and purges most buffs or debuffs."
"Encloses a unit in a tornado, removing it from the battlefield."
"Wind Walk"

"Provides temporary invisibility. Bonus movement speed and attack damage when i
"Permanent Immolation"
"Burns nearby enemy units."
"Deep in the Wailing Mountains, in a valley beneath the Ruined City, the ancient
Order of the Oyo has for centuries practiced its rites of holy reverie, communi
ng with the spirit realm in grand festivals of drink. Born to a mother s flesh
by a Celestial father, the youth known as Mangix was the first to grow up with t
he talents of both lineages. He trained with the greatest aesthetes of the Orde
r, eventually earning, through diligent drunkenness, the right to challenge for
the title of Brewmaster, that appellation most honored among the contemplative m
alt-brewing sect.
As much drinking competition as mortal combat, Mangix for nine days drank and fo
ught the elder master. For nine nights they stumbled and whirled, chugged and s
truck, until at last the elder warrior collapsed into a drunken stupor, and a ne
w Brewmaster was named. Now the new, young Brewmaster calls upon the strength o
f his Oyo forebears to speed his staff. When using magic, it is to his spirit a
ncestors that he turns. Like all Brewmasters before him, he was sent out from h
is people with a single mission. He wanders the land, striving toward enlighten
ment through drink, searching for the answer to the ancient spiritual schism. H
oping to think the single thought that will unite the spirit and physical planes
"Banishes the targeted unit, removing it from play for the duration. Upon retur
ning, two illusions of the unit are created under Shadow Demon s control."
"The pain of deception comes not while it happens, but when it is revealed."
"Soul Catcher"

"Curses a random enemy in an area to take increased damage. Units under the eff
ect of Disruption can still be affected by Soul Catcher."
"Trying to resist the Shadow Demon s corruption is mostly a useless endeavor."
"Shadow Poison"
"Deals damage in a line, and afflicts enemy units with a poison effect. The pois
on deals 1/2/4/8/16 times the stack damage based on the number of stacks on the
target, up to 5 stacks. Additional stacks cause 50 damage each. This deferred d
amage is dealt when Shadow Poison s duration is expired, or the Release sub-abil
ity is used."
"The ever growing influence of the Shadow Demon can pollute the most valiant and
pure of heroes."
"Shadow Poison can affect units under Disruption."
"Shadow Poison Release"
"Releases the poison to do damage on all affected enemies. Units
under the effect of Disruption can still be affected by Shadow Poison."
"Demonic Purge"
"Purges the target enemy unit, removing positive buffs, and slowing the target f
or the duration. The unit slowly regains its speed until the end of the duratio
n, upon which damage is dealt. Units under the effect of Disruption can still b
e affected by Demonic Purge.\n\nUpgradable with Aghanim s Scepter."
"Once Shadow Demon no longer has any need for his collected cultist, he releases
it from its subservience - and its life."
"Demonic Purge will slow Spell Immune units."
time_tooltip_scepter" "SCEPTER CHARGE RESTORE TIME:"
"Cooldown is removed, replaced with 3 charges that replenish eve
ry 40 seconds."
"Among the sovereign Demons with explicit access to this world, Doom scarcely bo
thers with the affairs of Noninfernals and Lesser Spectral Consorts, while Shado
w Fiend passes through almost exclusively on collecting expeditions. The Shadow

Demon, however, has always taken a deep and abiding interest in the material pla
ne, as if sensing that mastery of this gritty dimensional nexus might be the key
to total domination of all realities. Summoned first by minor wizards, the Shad
ow Demon granted every wish and put on increasingly impressive displays of power
until he had the full attention of the greatest demonologists, and through them
the various lords, tyrants, autarchs and heirophants who depended on sorcery to
buttress their mundane power. So great was his deception that all his summoners
considered themselves the master and Shadow Demon the servant; meanwhile, he er
oded their identities and made their minds his own. In the end, most members of
the cult were hollow puppets, extensions of his evil will. What Shadow Demon s n
ext step would have been remains open to speculation, for around this time, Neve
rmore the Shadow Fiend bit into a particularly nasty-tasting soul and discovered
that it held nothing but a foul nougat of Shadow Demon s essence. Alerted that
a coup was underway, and that the ancient equilibrium of the Umbral Pact was abo
ut to be destabilized, Doom and Shadow Fiend briefly joined forces to destroy th
e burgeoning cult. Combining spells of incredible force, they undid Shadow Demon
s centuries of patient work, reducing his cult to smithereens--and all its memb
ers to a bloody splatter. Nothing remained except a tiny speck of demon shadow.
Immortal and irreducible, this mote of evil was enough to seed the Shadow Demon
s next scheme, and in fits and starts, over further centuries, he began to regro
up. Whatever that speck of shadow touched, it tainted, and its influence gradual
ly grew. A chaos of damaged parts pulled together, reknit, and combined to give
Shadow Demon a form even stronger than his former. He is all but complete now, a
nd his plan for infinite dominion lacks all of its former weaknesses. It would s
eem that such a being of pure malice and malevolence, a threat to all creation,
would be forever out of place in our world...yet Shadow Demon does not lack for
followers. "
"Chaos Bolt"
"Throws a mysterious bolt of energy at the target unit. It stuns for a random du
ration and deals random damage."
"Even Chaos Knight cannot predict this manifest of unholy energy."
"The stun duration and damage values dealt are inversely related."
"Reality Rift"
"Teleports you, any images you have and the target unit to a random point along
the line between the two of you. Gives you bonus attack damage for one attack."
"Armageddon rides between the planes, bringing Chaos Knight to his victim wherev
er he may hide."
"Chaos Knight and the target unit are made to face each other, and Chaos Knight
and his phantasms are issued an attack order against the target."

"Chaos Strike"
"Chaos Knight s mojo gives him a chance to deal bonus damage."
"Chaos Knight s unwieldy power bludgeons those who stand before him, crushing th
e thickest of armors."
"Summons several phantasmal copies of the Chaos Knight from alternate dimensions
. There is a 50%% chance an extra phantasm will be summoned. The phantasms deal
full damage, but take double damage."
"Drawing on his battles fought across many worlds and many times, phantasms of t
he Chaos Knight rise up to quell all who oppose him."
"Removes most negative buffs from Chaos Knight."
"Chaos Knight is invulnerable for 0.5 seconds when casting, allowing him to dodg
e stuns and damage."
"The veteran of countless battles on a thousand worlds, Chaos Knight hails from
a far upstream plane where the fundamental laws of the universe have found senti
ent expression. Of all the ancient Fundamentals, he is the oldest and most tire
less, endlessly searching out a being he knows only as \"The Light.\" Long ago
the Light ventured out from the progenitor realm, in defiance of the first coven
ant. Now Chaos Knight shifts from plane to plane, always on the hunt to extingu
ish the Light wherever he finds it. A thousand times he has snuffed out the sou
rce, and always he slides into another plane to continue his search anew.
Upon his steed Armageddon he rides, wading into battle with maniacal frenzy, dra
wing strength from the disorder of the universe. A physical manifestation of ch
aos itself, in times of need he calls upon other versions of himself from other
planes, and together these dark horsemen ride into battle, as unstoppable as any
force of nature. Only when the last Light of the world is scoured from existen
ce will the search be ended. Where rides the Chaos Knight, death soon follows."
"Blasts an enemy unit with a wave of fire, dealing damage and stunning the targe

"The Ogre Magi is easily amused, entertained for hours by playing with fire."
"When Multicast, Fireblast hits the same target each time with a 0.3 seconds int
"Mana cost is increased by 20 / 40 / 60 when learning Multi Cast."
"Unrefined Fireblast"
"Blasts an enemy unit with a wave of fire, dealing damage and stunning the targe
"The who-casts-spell-first argument between himself is solved simply by both c
asting at once."
"Drenches a target in volatile chemicals, causing it to burst into flames. The t
arget is in immense pain, taking damage and moving more slowly."
"Batter up!"
"Multicast makes this spell have an area of effect (150/300/450 based on Multica
st level)."
"Multicast makes this spell have 150 additional cast range for every Multicast l
"Multicast makes this spell have a chance to cast multiple times at random enemy
units with 1400 AoE."
"Incites a frenzy in a friendly unit, increasing its movement speed and attack s
" Running s not as fun as hitting... Not one bit fun. "
"When multicast, nearby allies will be selected randomly in an 575 area of effec
t to receive Bloodlust."
"Can affect siege units."
"Can be cast on Spell Immune allies."

"Enables the Ogre Magi to rapidly cast his spells, giving them greater potency.
Gives a chance to cast a spell multiple times in one cast. Increases Fireblast s
mana cost and decreases its cooldown, adds an area of effect to Ignite and redu
ces Bloodlust s cooldown and gives it a chance to cast on random allies around O
gre Magi.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Despite being largely incapacitated by his IQ, the Ogre Magi s success in battl
e is attributed to pure skill."
"Adds the Unrefined Fireblast ability."
"The ordinary ogre is the creature for whom the phrase As dumb as a bag of rock
hammers was coined. In his natural state, an ogre is supremely incapable of do
ing or deciding anything. Clothed in dirt, he sometimes finds himself accidental
ly draped in animal skins after eating lanekill. Not an especially social creatu
re, he is most often found affectionately consorting with the boulders or tree-s
tumps he has mistaken for kin (a factor that may explain the ogre s low rate of
reproduction). However, once every generation or so, the ogre race is blessed w
ith the birth of a two-headed Ogre Magi, who is immediately given the traditiona
l name of Aggron Stonebreak, the name of the first and perhaps only wise ogre in
their line s history. With two heads, Ogre Magi finds it possible to function a
t a level most other creatures manage with one. And while the Ogre Magi will win
no debates (even with itself), it is graced with a divine quality known as Dumb
Luck--a propensity for serendipitous strokes of fortune which have allowed the
ogre race to flourish in spite of enemies, harsh weather, and an inability to fe
ed itself. It s as if the Goddess of Luck, filled with pity for the sadly inept
species, has taken Ogre Magi under her wing. And who could blame her? Poor thin
"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_ogre_magi_bloodlust_description" "Movemen
t speed increased by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_BONUS_PERCENTAGE%%% and attac

"You are
on fire! Taking periodic damage and slowed by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_BON
"Nature s Guise"
"Causes the targeted unit to blend in with the forest, becoming invisible to ene
mies and gaining a movement speed bonus when near a tree. If the unit moves awa
y from a tree or the spell is cast on a unit with no nearby trees, Nature s Guis
e is lost. Treant Protector can cast spells and remain invisible under Nature s
"The Protectors don t often come into vision; their natural state being nestled
within their leafy brethren."
"If cast on a unit that isn t near a tree, it will lose the invisibility almost
"Nature s Guise checks in 1 second intervals for nearby trees, removing invisibi
lity if none are found."
"Leech Seed"
"Treant plants a life-sapping seed in an enemy unit, draining its health, while
simultaneously slowing it. The seed heals friendly units around it. Pulses 6 ti
"Rooftrellen nurtures the beings under his stewardship, sustained by the lifefor
ce of trespassers into his sacred ground."
"Living Armor"
"Infuses the target hero or structure with a protective coating which grants bon
us regeneration. Also blocks some damage from all sources . Dispels when a numbe
r of damage instances are taken."
"The roots and tendrils of the Treant Protectors are far-reaching, stimulating t
he growth and rejuvenation of all of nature."
"Can be cast through the minimap."

"Summons an overgrowth of vines and branches around Treant that prevent afflicte
d enemies from moving, blinking, going invisible, or attacking.\n\nUpgradable by
Aghanim s Scepter."
"Rooftrellen calls the ancestral spirit of nature, releasing its power through a
ll of his kin."
"Works on Spell Immune units, but if units gain spell immunity after the effect
starts, they ll break free."
"Being entangled by Overgrowth through enchanted trees from Eyes of the Forest d
oes damage. Being entangled by Overgrowth directly from Treant Protector does no
"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_treant_overgrowth_aghanim_description" "Ad
ds the Eyes in the Forest ability: allows Treant Protector to enchant trees to g
rant him vision in that location. If Overgrowth is cast, units within a 600 radi
us of a summoned tree will be entangled and damaged."
"Eyes In The Forest"
"Treant Protector enchants a tree, which grants him unobstructed vision in that
location. If Overgrowth is cast, units within a %overgrowth_aoe% radius of a sum
moned tree will be entangled and damaged."
"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_treant_eyes_in_the_forest_damage" "OVERGRO
"Being entangled by Overgrowth through enchanted trees from Eyes of the Forest d
oes damage. Being entangled by Overgrowth directly from Treant Protector does no
"If the enemy has True Sight, they will be able to see which trees are enchanted
"One can never be too certain who, or what, might need protecting."
"Far to the west, in the mountains beyond the Vale of Augury, lie the remains of
an ancient power, a fount of eldritch energy nestled deep in the high woods. It
is said that the things that grow here, grow strangely. To the forces of nature
this is a sacred place, made to stay hidden and unknown. Many are the traps and
dangers of this land. There are all-consuming grasses, crossbred fauna and poi
sonous flowers, but none are so fierce as the mighty Treant Protectors. These ag
eless, titanic beings, charged with keeping the peace in this dangerous land, en

sure that none within encroach without reason, and none without poach their secr
ets. For time untold they tended to their holy ground, uninterrupted, only dimly
aware of the changing world beyond. Yet inevitably the wider world grew aware o
f this untamed land, and with each passing winter the outsiders grew bolder. Soo
n they arrived with tools to cut and with flames to burn, and often the Treants
would ponder: who are these fragile, industrious creatures? What now had become
of the wild, green world? There came and went an age of questions and of doubts,
a thousand summers of long traditions set to scrutiny, while more and more the
outsiders died and fed their earth. When all that bloomed had finally finished t
heir say, curiosity had overcome caution. It was decided: a lone Protector would
be sent into the wider world, and instructed to wander until the glaciers arose
once more, to observe the changing land and its creatures, and to discover what
unknown dangers could threaten their sacred ground."
"Tosses a net at the target point, pinning down all enemy units. Earthbind prev
ents invisibility, blink, and interrupts channeling."
"Catching dinner in the Riftshadow Ruins can be quite the task."
"While preventing units from going invisible, Earthbind won t hit units that are
already invisible."
"Does not work on Spell Immune units or Roshan."
"Drawing mystical energies from the earth, a Meepo can teleport to another Meepo
or itself after channeling for 1.5 seconds, dealing damage in both the departur
e and arrival locations."
"Sometimes breaking one of the Riftshadow Crystals can be just the trick for get
ting yourself out of a bind. Or your other self."
"Can be cast through the minimap."
"Can teleport to Meepo illusions."
"Meepo enchants his weapon to deal damage per second, as well as slow the moveme
nt speed of the attacked unit. Geostrikes from multiple Meepos stack."
"Keeping your pack light and having few but versatile tools is the best bet for
"Slows Spell Immune units."

"Divided We Stand"
"Meepo summons an imperfect, semi-autonomous duplicate of himself, which can gai
n gold and experience as he does and shares his experience and abilities. Howeve
r, the clones cannot wield any items but the boots that Meepo himself wears. If
any of the clones die, they all die. Increases the speed at which you respawn.
\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Do I know you?"
"Clones can t use Arcane Boots or pick up runes."
"Adds an extra Meepo, and increases the shared attribute percentage."
"\"If you ask me, life is all about who you know and what you can find. When you
live up in the Riftshadow Ruins, just finding food can be tough. So you need to
cut corners, you need to scrounge, you need to know your strengths. Some of the
beasts up there can kill you, so you need a way to trap the weak and duck the s
trong. On the upside, the ruins have history, and history is worth a lot to some
people. There used to be a palace there, where they had all these dark rituals.
Bad stuff. If you survived the ceremony, they would shatter a crystal and split
your soul into pieces. They made great art though! Sculptures and such. Let me
tell you: sometimes you stumble onto some of those old carvings. Take a pack ful
l of those to town and sell them, then get yourself food for a few weeks. If luc
k is really on your side, you might find a Riftshadow crystal. Get it appraised
and start asking around. Someone always knows some crazy fool looking for this k
ind of thing. If all else fails, sell it to a Magus the next time one s in town.
They love that stuff. Still, whatever you do, be careful handling those crystal
s. You do not want one to go off on you. It really hurts.\""
"Invalid Poof target"
"Grave Chill"
"Visage drains the movement and attack speed of the targeted unit, gaining it fo
r itself."
"The warmth of the sun is never felt in the dark cold of the Narrow Maze."
"The two buffs can be removed separately by purge."
"The speed gained is independent of the speed lost on the target."

"Soul Assumption"
"Visage damages the targeted unit based on the number of soul charges. Visage g
ains a soul charge when damage taken by all heroes around him reaches the damage
"The collected souls of the dead reach out to bring another into their fold."
"Charges are only gained for damage greater than 2 and less than 3000 that is de
alt by a player or Roshan. Self-damage or Soul Assumption damage isn t counted.
"Soul Assumption cannot be disjointed."
"Gravekeeper s Cloak"
"Visage generates a layered barrier that protects him from physical and magical
attacks. If he receives damage from a player, one layer is removed, and takes t
ime to recover."
"Visage s tough scales share equal properties of ghost and stone, making it near
ly impervious to blade and magical assault."
"Each time Visage receives damage greater than 2 that was not self-inflicted and
was from a player owned source, a layer is removed."
"Summon Familiars"
"Conjures up two blind Familiars to fight for Visage. Familiars have high attac
k power, but each attack drains a charge of damage that recharges slowly over ti
me. Familiars possess the Stone Form ability, that allows them to turn into sto
ne, stunning enemies upon landing. While in Stone Form, Familiars are invulnera
ble, and rapidly regenerate their health and damage. Familiars grant high bount
y when killed.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Guardians of the Narrow Maze, Necro lic s Familiars stand watch over his domain
"Casting Summon Familiars will replace any existing Familiars."

"Each Familiar starts with 7 damage charges. Familiars are Spell Immune."
"Summons 3 familiars."
"Stone Form"
"After a short delay, the Familiar turns into stone and smashes
into the ground, stunning and damaging all targets in the area. The Familiar be
comes invulnerable, and will regain its damage charges and health very rapidly.
After 8 seconds, the Familiar will automatically leave Stone Form."
"Perched atop the entrance to the Narrow Maze sit the looming shapes of sneering
gargoyles, the paths into the hereafter forever in their gaze. Beasts and bird
s, men and monsters, all creatures that die and choose to travel beyond must som
eday pass beneath their sight. For an untethered spirit, the decision to journe
y through the veil of death is irrevocable. When chance comes, and by craft or
cunning some restless soul escapes their hells and heavens, it is the dreaded ga
rgoyle Visage, the bound form of the eternal spirit Necro lic, who is dispatched
to reclaim them. Ruthless and efficient, unhindered by the principles of death
and fatigue, Visage stalks its prey without mercy or end, willingly destroying
all which may give shelter to the fugitive essence. That which flaunts the laws
of the afterlife may never rest, for while it is true that the dead may be revi
ved, it is only a matter of time before Visage finds and returns them to their p
roper place."
"Undying saps the life from enemy Heroes in an area, dealing damage and stealing
Strength for the duration."
"The strength of the living is simply borrowed from the strength of the dead."
"The strength stolen stacks, but can t cause a hero to have strength below 1."
"The strength steal takes effect before the damage is dealt."

"Soul Rip"
"Redirects the flow of energy through a target friendly or enemy unit, healing o
r damaging it depending on how many units are near Undying. Each unit loses up
to 25 HP as part of the cost."
"Even his allied Heroes feel despair in Undying s presence."
"Can heal Tombstone, but can t heal or damage another buildings."
"Summons a tombstone at the target point. Zombies will frequently spawn next to
every enemy unit in the area around the Tombstone, and attack them. Zombies ha
ve the Deathlust ability, which causes their attacks to slow the target, and if
the target reaches below a certain amount of health, increases the attack and mo
vement speed of the zombie."
"Dirge calls on his fallen brothers to fight for the Dead God."
"Tombstone is Spell Immune, but can be healed by Soul Rip."
"Zombies and Tombstone are Spell Immune."
"If their initial target dies or goes out of vision, the Zombie will die."
"Slows enemy units on attack. If the attacked unit s health goe
s below the threshold, the zombie receives enhanced movement and attack speed."



"Flesh Golem"
"Undying transforms into a horrifying flesh golem that possesses a Plague Aura.
This aura slows all enemy units within 750 range and amplifies the damage they
take; the closer to Undying, the more damage and slow. When a plagued unit dies
, Undying is healed equal to a percentage of his own maximum health.\n\nUpgradab
le by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The flesh of the recently dead add to the power of Dirge s plague."
"Undying is healed when affected units die in range, regardless of who killed it
"Dying illusions don t trigger the heal."
"Plague Aura goes through spell immunity."
"Increases damage amplification and percent of HP healed."
"How long has it been since he lost his name? The torn ruin of his mind no longe
r knows.
Dimly he recalls armor and banners and grim-faced kin riding at his side. He rem
embers a battle: pain and fear as pale hands ripped him from his saddle. He reme
mbers terror as they threw him into the yawning pit of the Dead God alongside hi
s brothers, to hear the Dirge and be consumed into nothingness. In the darkness
below, time left them. Thought left them. Sanity left them. Hunger, however, did
not. They turned on each other with split fingernails and shattered teeth. Then
it came: distant at first, a fragile note at the edge of perception, joined by
another, then another, inescapable and unending. The chorus grew into a living w
all of sound pulsing in his mind until no other thought survived. With the Dirge
consuming him, he opened his arms to the Dead God and welcomed his obliteration
. Yet destruction was not what he d been chosen for. The Dead God demanded war.
In the belly of the great nothing, he was granted a new purpose: to spread the D
irge across the land, to rally the sleepless dead against the living. He was to
become the Undying, the herald of the Dead God, to rise and fall and rise again
whenever his body failed him. To trudge on through death unending, that the Dirg
e might never end."

"Rubick uses his telekinetic powers to lift the enemy into the air briefly and t
hen hurls them back at the ground. The unit lands on the ground with such force
that it stuns nearby enemies."
"Even the Grandest Magus may use his powers for enjoyment."
"While the target is in the air, Rubick may use a secondary ability to throw the
enemy in a targeted direction."
"When the unit lands, it isn t affected by the area of effect stun."
"The farthest you can throw an enemy is 375."
"Telekinesis Land"
"Chooses the location the target will land when Telekinesis finishes."
"Fade Bolt"
"Rubick creates a powerful stream of arcane energy that travels between enemy un
its, dealing damage and reducing their attack damage. Each jump deals less dama
"Rubick s favorite spell for dispatching would-be assassins is a rather simple c
"Null Field"
"Rubick s mastery of the arcane protects allied heroes against weaker magics, gr
anting them magic resistance."
"Not every magus can be a Grand Magus..."
"Stacks multiplicatively with other spell resistance sources."




"Spell Steal"
"Rubick studies the trace magical essence of one enemy hero, learning the secret
s of the last spell the hero cast. Rubick can use this spell as his own for seve
ral minutes or until he dies.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"...but even their lesser magics can be a source of much utility."
"Cannot steal item abilities."
"Decreases cooldown, increases cast range and upgrades the spell to the Scepter
"Any mage can cast a spell or two, and a few may even study long enough to becom
e a wizard, but only the most talented are allowed to be recognized as a Magus.
Yet as with any sorcerer s circle, a sense of community has never guaranteed com
petitive courtesy.
Already a renowned duelist and scholar of the grander world of sorcery, it had n
ever occurred to Rubick that he might perhaps be Magus material until he was in
the midst of his seventh assassination attempt. As he casually tossed the twelft
h of a string of would-be killers from a high balcony, it dawned on him how utte
rly unimaginative the attempts on his life had become. Where once the interrupti
on of a fingersnap or firehand might have put a cheerful spring in his step, it
had all become so very predictable. He craved greater competition. Therefore, do
nning his combat mask, he did what any wizard seeking to ascend the ranks would
do: he announced his intention to kill a Magus.
Rubick quickly discovered that to threaten one Magus is to threaten them all, an
d they fell upon him in force. Each antagonist s spell was an unstoppable torren
t of energy, and every attack a calculated killing blow. But very soon something
occurred that Rubick s foes found unexpected: their arts appeared to turn again
st them. Inside the magic maelstrom, Rubick chuckled, subtly reading and replica
ting the powers of one in order to cast it against another, sowing chaos among t
hose who had allied against him. Accusations of betrayal began to fly, and soon
the sorcerers turned one upon another without suspecting who was behind their un
When the battle finally drew to a close, all were singed and frozen, soaked and
cut and pierced. More than one lay dead by an ally s craft. Rubick stood apart,
sore but delighted in the week s festivities. None had the strength to argue whe
n he presented his petition of assumption to the Hidden Council, and the Insubst
antial Eleven agreed as one to grant him the title of Grand Magus."
"Thunder Strike"

"Repeatedly strikes the targeted unit with lightning. Each strike damages nearb
y enemy units in a small radius."
"Disruptor s charged coils occasionally overload, and a singed armor plate or tu
ft of fur is the enemy s result."
"Teleports the target hero back to where it was 4 seconds ago. Instantly kills
"Playing with electricity can have unexpected results."
"The travel time is a function of the distance the target will travel."
"Kinetic Field"
"After a short formation time, creates a circular barrier of kinetic energy that
enemies can t pass."
"The stryder is immune to the gale-force winds that will consume its adversaries
"Spell Immune units can travel through the field."
"Static Storm"
"Creates a damaging static storm that also silences all enemy units in the area
for the duration. The damage starts off weak, but increases in power over the d
uration.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"A summer squall in Druud is a hardship that only an Oglodi can survive."


"Silences Items and increases duration."

"High on the wind-ravaged steppes of Druud, a gifted young stormcrafter called D
isruptor was the first to unlock the secrets of the summer squalls. Constantly
under assault from both seasonal storms and encroachment from civilized kingdom
s to the South, the upland Oglodi have for centuries struggled to subsist atop t
he endless tablelands. They are the fractured remnant of a once-great civilizat
ion, a fallen tribe, their stormcraft strange and inscrutable, cobbled together
from scraps of lost knowledge which even they no longer fully understand. For t
hose on the high plain, weather has become a kind of religion, worshiped as both
the giver and taker of life. But the electrical storms that bring life-sustain
ing rains arrive at a cost, and many are the charred and smoking corpses left in
their wake.
Although small for his kind, Disruptor is fearless, and driven by an insatiable
curiosity. As a youth, while still unblooded and without a stryder, he explored
the ruins of the ancestral cities, searching through collapsed and long-molderi
ng libraries, rummaging through rusting manufactories. He took what he needed a
nd returned to his tribe. Adapting a coil of ancient design, he harnessed the p
ower of electrical differential and now calls down the thunder whenever he wishe
s. Part magic, part craftsmanship, his coils hold in their glowing plates the p
ower of life and death--a power wielded with precision against the landed castes
to the South, and any interlopers who cross into ancient Oglodi lands."
"Rock spikes burst from the earth along a straight path. Enemy units are hurled
into the air, then are stunned and take damage when they fall."
"All zealot scarabs possess intimate knowledge of underground pathways, using th
em to their advantage."
"The spikes move at 1600 units per second, over 700 range."
"Impale cannot be blocked by Linken s Sphere."
"Mana Burn"
"Destroys the target hero s mana equal to a multiplier of its Intelligence, and
deals damage equal to the mana burned."
"The tome in Ultimyr describes one scarab with the ability eat away at the mind
of lesser beings."
"Spiked Carapace"
"When activated, Spiked Carapace reflects and negates damage dealt to Nyx Assass
in (max once from each source), as well as stunning the source of the damage."
"While their carapace is relatively thin, it s guarded by a retractable field of

razor-sharp spikes."
"The damage is calculated after all reductions."
"Spiked Carapace will only trigger on damage from other player controlled units.
"Allows Nyx Assassin to become invisible and gain a speed bonus. If Nyx Assassi
n attacks to break the invisibility, massive bonus damage is dealt with the atta
"The scarab kills for the glory of his queen."
"Has a 0 second fadetime."
"If a spell is used to break the invisibility, or the invisibility expires, the
bonus damage is lost."
"Deep in the Archive of Ultimyr, shelved between scholarly treatises on dragon c
ladistics and books of untranslatable spells, there is an ancient tome of entomo
logical curiosities. Compiled by scholars, the book describes the telepathic ta
lents of the zealot scarab, a strange species of social insect with abilities un
ique to all the seven planes.
Unlike most grubs of his colony, Nyx Assassin did not arise from metamorphosis w
ith the plodding thoughts and blunted appendages common to the worker caste of h
is kind. For his was a special transformation, guided by the grace of Nyx. He w
as the chosen one, selected from the many and anointed with an extract of the qu
een goddess herself. Not all survive the dark blessing of the queen s chamber,
but he emerged with a penetrating mind, and dagger-like claws--his razor sharp m
andibles raking the air while his thoughts projected directly into the minds of
those around him. Of all zealot scarabs, he alone was selected for the highest
calling. After his metamorphosis, he was reborn, by grace of Nyx, with abilitie
s which shaped him for one thing and one thing only: to kill in the name of his
"Mirror Image"
"Creates three images of Naga Siren under her control."
"Slithice, while being strong in her own right, is notoriously hard to track dow
"Naga Siren is invulnerable for 0.3 seconds when casting, allowing her to dodge
stuns and damage."

"Upon casting, most effects are removed from Naga Siren."
"Interrupts the target and traps them in place, preventing movement or blinking.
"The only way to escape the onslaught of a Slithereen is to never oppose one in
the first place."
"Works on Spell Immune units."
"Becoming ethereal removes Ensnare."
"Rip Tide"
"The Naga Siren and her images hit all nearby units with a damaging wave of wate
r that lowers armor for 8 seconds."
"A torrent from the Deep Ones crushes the defenses of the Siren s enemies."
"Naga s illusions will also cast Rip Tide, but enemies in multiple areas of effe
ct will only be hit once."
"Song of the Siren"
"All enemies in range of the Naga Siren are put into a magical stasis where they
cannot act or be attacked. Using Song of the Siren again will end the duration
"Slithice s powerful voice enchants leagues of opponents, while calling her Slit
hereen kin in a time of need."
"Units affected by Song of the Siren are invulnerable and cannot take damage fro
m any source."
"Doesn t affect Spell Immune units."
"The area of the song follows Naga, so if she moves far enough away from affecte
d units, they will wake up."
"Song of the Siren Cancel"

ption" "Release enemy units from your song so they can be targeted again."
"Among the high-sworn of the Slithereen Guard there is a solemn vow oft repeated
before battle: No Slithereen may fail. In truth, these words are equal parts
oath and enforceable covenant, for those who fall short of their duty are banish
ed from the order. To fail is to be other than Slithereen.
Once most highly esteemed of her race, Slithice for many years commanded a batta
lion of her fellows, using her formidable voice as her greatest weapon. Powerfu
l, sinuous, serpentine, she led her deadly Guard in defense of the Deep Ones, an
d the great wealth of the sunken cities. But in the final battle of Crey, her f
orces were driven back by a marauding army of levianths intent on finding tribut
e for their god Maelrawn. After the long and bloody onslaught, as the bodies we
re cleared from the sunken halls, a single jeweled chalice was found missing fro
m the trove. Of her hundred Guard, only a handful survived, but their bravery a
nd sacrifice were of little consequence. What mattered was that treasure was ta
ken. Honor destroyed. And so Naga Siren was cast out. Banished to search for
the stolen chalice. Though she might add a hundred times her weight to the gold
en trove, she is doomed to live apart until that day she returns that which was
taken. For no amount of gold is equal in honor to the honor she lost."
"Channels a ball of light energy, building power the longer it s
channeled. Once released, the ball deals damage and gives vision in a line. T
he longer it is channeled, the more damage is dealt.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s
Scepter, allowing Illuminate to heal allies for 75%% of its damage values during
"Ezalor s hidden light reveals itself in marvelous fashion."
"Gives increasing vision over the channeling time."
"Damages mechanical units."
"Release Illuminate"
tion" "Release the channel early."
"Mana Leak"
"Weakens an enemy s magical essence, causing them to lose mana as they move. If
the enemy loses all of its mana, it will be stunned."
"Ezalor disrupts Primordial harmony, draining magical energy from those with poo
r constitution."
"If the target travels over 300 distance in less than 0.1 second (by using blink

skills, for example), Mana Leak will not decrease its mana for that distance."
ooltip" "CAST RANGE:"
"Chakra Magic"
"Restores mana to the target unit."
"In the same vein, Ezalor bestows his harmony among others."
"Spirit Form"
"Ezalor temporarily turns his body luminescent, gaining various
abilities. Illuminate is now channeled by a separate spirit, and gains the Blin
ding Light and Recall abilities.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"In a flash of light, Ezalor reveals his true nature."
"Permanent Spirit Form. During daytime, grants unobstructed visi
on, and Illuminate heals allies for 75% of its damage values."
"After a short delay, teleports the targeted friendly hero to your location. If
the targeted friendly hero takes player based damage during this time, the abil
ity is interrupted."
"Walk towards the light."
"If Keeper of the Light dies, the spell effect is interrupted."
"Recall will interrupt channeling spells."
"You can disable help to prevent Keeper from casting this spell on you."
"Can be cast through the minimap, choosing the nearest friendly hero."
"Blinding Light"
tion" "A blinding light flashes over the targeted area, knocking back and blin
ding the units in the area, causing them to miss attacks."
"The Primordial light turns the tides of battle in favor of Ezalor and his allie
"Causes knockback of 250 range over 0.4 seconds, centered on the middle of the t
arget area. Upon landing, units will destroy trees in a 150 radius."

"Does not interrupt channeling."

"Channels a ball of light energy, building power the lon
ger it s channeled. Once released, the ball deals damage and gives vision in a
line. The longer it is channeled, the more damage is dealt.\n\nUpgradable by Ag
hanim s Scepter, allowing Illuminate to heal allies for 75%% of its damage value
s during daytime."
"Ezalor s hidden light reveals itself in marvelo
us fashion."
"Gives increasing vision over the channeling tim
"Damages mechanical units."
"Release Illuminate"
"Release the channel early."
"Upon a pale horse he rides, this spark of endless suns, this Keeper of the Ligh
t. Ezalor long ago escaped the Fundamental plane, separating from the other anc
ient forces to which he was bound within the great Primordial harmony. He is a
power grown sentient in the dawn of the universe, and now rides forth in all pla
nes at once, one step ahead of pursuing chaos, bearing his gift with him at the
end of a radiant staff. His majestic truth lies hidden beneath the outward appe
arance of a slightly doddering old man who barely stays in the saddle. However,
when faced with the challenge of chaos, or the forces of darkness, his primordi
al light bursts forth, and his full power is revealed, transforming him once aga
in into a force to be reckoned with."

"Tethers Io to an allied unit, granting bonus movement speed to both. When Io re
stores health or mana, tethered units target gain 1.5x the amount. Any enemy uni
t that crosses the tether is slowed. The tether breaks when the allied unit move
s too far away, or Io cancels the tether."
"The benevolent touch of Io brings strength from between the planes."
"If you try to tether a unit that is 700 distance or further away from Io, he wi
ll latch on and pull himself closer to the tethered unit (to a distance of 300).
"The tethered unit will heal 50% faster."
"Break Tether"
"Break the link to the tethered unit."
"Summon five particle spirits that dance in a circle around Io. If a particle co
llides with an enemy hero, it explodes, damaging all enemy units in an area arou
nd it. Creeps take minor damage from touching a particle spirit, but do not cau
se them to explode. When its duration ends, any remaining Spirits explode."
"Io twists the particles of the universe with its unimaginable capabilities."
"Min/Max Range: 100/875."
"Spirits In"
"Calls the spirits closer to you. Can be toggled on and off."
"Spirits Out"
"Sends the spirits farther away from you. Can be toggled on and off."

"Drawing on the energy of matter from all worlds, Io begins the unravelling of t
"Io gains bonus attack speed and damage reduction, at the cost of draining a per
centage of its current health and mana per second. If Io is Tethered to an ally
, that unit also gains the bonuses."
"Io s tethered unit will also benefit from the attack speed and reduction, but o
nly Io pays the drain in HP and mana."
"Io is the embodiment of the mystery of the universe."
"Teleports Io and any tethered ally to any location. After the spell expires Io
and any tethered ally will return to their original location."
"Enemies receive a visual indicator in the world and on the minimap of the targe
t location during the cast delay."
"If Io is disabled during the cast delay, Relocate is cancelled."
"If an allied hero is Tethered, that hero will teleported along with you. You ca
n break the tether at any time to prevent that hero from teleporting with you."
"Io is everywhere, and in all things. Denounced by enemies as the great unmaker
, worshiped by scholars as the twinkling of a divine eye, this strange Wisp of l
ife-force occupies all planes at once, the merest fraction of its being crossing
into physical existence at any one moment.
Like the great twin riders Dark and Light, and yet another ancient traveler whos
e true history is lost to the ages, Io the Wisp is a Fundamental of the universe
, a force older than time, a wanderer from realms far beyond mortal understandin
g. Io is nothing less than the sum of all attractive and repulsive forces within
the material field, a sentient manifestation of the charge that bind existence
together. It is only in the controlled warping of these electrical waylines that
Io s presence can be experienced on the physical plane. A benevolent, cooperati
ve force, Io bonds its strange magnetism to others so that the power of allies m
ight be enhanced. Its motives inscrutable, its strength unimaginable, Io moves

through the physical plane, the perfect expression of the mysteries of the unive
"Dark Pact"
"After a short delay, Slark sacrifices some of his life blood, purging most nega
tive debuffs and dealing damage to enemy units around him and to himself. Slark
only takes 50%% of the damage."
"Slithereen are capable of quickly regrowing appendages, in case of critical inj
ury, to save their own lives."
"1.5 seconds after cast, a series of 10 pulses separated by 0.1 seconds deal the
"Each pulse also removes buffs from Slark."
"You can t kill yourself with this skill."
"The pulses stop if Slark dies."
"Slark leaps forward, grabbing the first hero he connects with. That unit takes
damage and is leashed to Slark, and can only move a limited distance away from
Slark s landing position."
"Time in the Dark Reef made Slark a dangerous assassin; aggressive and fearless.
"On cast, Slark leaps forward at a speed of 933.33, stopping when he latches ont
o an enemy hero or has traveled 700 distance."
"Spell Immune units cannot be leashed."
"Trees will be destroyed around Slark s landing location."
"Blinking or teleporting can break the leash."
"Essence Shift"

"Slark steals the life essence of enemy heroes with his attacks, draining each o
f their attributes and converting them to bonus Agility."
"With each strike at his adversaries, Slark s knowledge of their weaknesses impr
"Attributes cannot be dropped below 1."
"Essence Shifted stats are returned to normal on death. The stat return for Slar
k and for the affected hero are separate."
"Shadow Dance"
"When used, Slark hides himself in a cloud of shadows, becoming immune to detect
ion. Attacking, casting spells, and using items will not reveal Slark. Passivel
y, when not visible to the enemy team, Slark gains bonus movement speed and heal
th regeneration."
"The hidden Thirteenth is a slippery foe."
"If Slark is damaged by a neutral unit, the passive movement and health regenera
tion bonuses are lost for 2 seconds."
"The passive movement and health regeneration bonuses have a 0.5 second activati
on and deactivation delay."
"Little known to the inhabitants of the dry world, Dark Reef is a sunken prison
where the worst of the sea-bred are sent for crimes against their fellows. It is
a razor barbed warren full of murderous slithereen, treacherous Deep Ones, soci
opathic meranths. In this dim labyrinth, patrolled by eels and guarded by enormo
us anemones, only the vicious survive. Pitched into Dark Reef for crimes unknown
, Slark spent half a lifetime without kin or kindness, trusting no one, survivin
g through a combination of stealth and ruthlessness, keeping his thoughts and hi
s plans to himself. When the infamous Dark Reef Dozen plotted their ill-fated br
eakout, they kept their plans a perfect secret, murdering anyone who could have
put the pieces together--but somehow Slark discovered their scheme and made a pl
ace for himself in it. Ten of the Dozen died in the escape attempt, and two were
captured, hauled back to Dark Reef, then executed for the entertainment of thei
r fellow inmates. But Slark, the unsung thirteenth, used the commotion as cover
and slipped away, never to be caught. Now a furtive resident of the carnivorous
mangrove scrub that grips the southern reach of Shadeshore, Slark remains the on
ly successful escapee from Dark Reef."
"Split Shot"

"Medusa magically splits her shot into several arrows. These arrows deal a lower
percent of her normal damage.\n\nThe extra targets will not receive other attac
k effects (such as critical strike) and Unique Attack Modifiers."
"All who encounter the cursed Gorgon will feel her rage."
"Secondary targets will be the closest enemy units excluding the primary target.
"If illusions of Medusa are created while Split Shot is active, they will also h
ave this ability."
"Mystic Snake"
"A mystic snake made of energy jumps from target to target dealing damage and st
ealing mana. After it reaches its last target, it returns to Medusa to replenish
her with mana. The snake deals more damage and steals more mana per jump. Deals
Pure damage to units petrified by Stone Gaze."
"The Gorgon s curse is her greatest strength."
"Only units with mana will steal and increment the mana steal."
"Mystic Snake cannot be disjointed."
"Mana Shield"
"Creates a shield that absorbs %absorption_tooltip%%% of the incoming damage in
exchange for Medusa s mana."
"While Medusa was not gifted with eternal life upon birth, her curse bestowed he
r with impressive defensive powers."
"Absorbs damage before any damage reduction takes place, meaning that armor will
not reduce the amount of mana needed to absorb damage."
"Stone Gaze"
"Any enemy units looking at Medusa will have their movement and attack speed slo
wed. If 2 seconds of total time is accumulated looking at Medusa while Stone Ga
ze is active, that unit will turn to stone. Petrified units are stunned, have 1
00%% magic damage resistance, and take bonus physical damage. If the petrified

unit is an illusion, it is immediately killed."

"The beauty of Medusa is legendary."
"Affects Spell Immune units."
"Regardless of when a unit receives the Stone Gaze buff while the ability is act
ive on Medusa, it will still receive the full debuff duration."
"Beauty is power. This thought comforted Medusa--the youngest and loveliest of t
hree beautiful Gorgon sisters, born to a sea goddess--because she alone of the s
isters was mortal. It comforted her, that is, until the day masked assailants in
vaded the Gorgon realm and tore the two immortal sisters from their home, unmove
d by their beauty or by their tears. One of the invaders seized Medusa as well,
but then cast her aside with a disgusted look: This one has the mortal stink up
on her. We have no use for that which dies. Humiliated, enraged, Medusa fled to
the temple of her mother and cast herself before the goddess, crying, You deni
ed me eternal life--therefore I beg you, give me power! Power, so I can dedicate
what life I have to rescuing my sisters and avenging this injustice! After lon
g thought, the goddess granted her daughter s request, allowing Medusa to trade
her legendary beauty for a face and form of terrifying strength. Never for a mom
ent has Medusa regretted her choice. She understands that power is the only beau
ty worth possessing--for only power can change the world."
"Berserker s Rage"
"Allows the Warlord to use his throwing axes as melee weapons, gaining bonus dam
age, attack speed, movement speed, hitpoints, armor, and a chance to bash target
s on attack. Berserker s Rage also changes the functionality of Whirling Axes."
"Like his anger, Troll Warlord s supply of axes is infinite."
"The bash stun goes through spell immunity."
"Doesn t stack with Skull Basher."



"Whirling Axes (Ranged)"
tion" "Troll hurls a fistful of five axes in a cone shape over 900 range, slow
ing and damaging enemy units."
"Only axes fueled by hate whirl with such a deadly spin."
"Only available in ranged mode."
"Both abilities have independent cooldowns."
"Whirling Axes (Melee)"
"Troll hurls two axes around him in a close range area of effect, damagi
ng enemy units and causing them to miss some attacks."
"Keep your enemies close."
"Only available in melee mode."
"Both abilities have independent cooldowns."
"With each continuous blow on the same target, Troll gains increased attack spee
d. If Troll changes targets, the stacks drop to zero."
"If at first you don t succeed, strike, strike again."
"Battle Trance"
"Troll s presence on the battlefield increases the attack speed of himself and a
ll allied heroes. "
"An adrenaline rush of pure hatred quickens your blades."

"Doesn t work on illusions."
"It s an easy thing to offend a troll. A prickly and contentious race, trolls th
rive on argument and strife, missing no excuse to raise their voices in dispute.
Males grow to maturity in subterranean chambers beneath their matriarch s domic
ile, feeding and amusing themselves while contributing nothing. Often they stay
for years beyond the age of maturity, while the matriarch provides them with sus
tenance. When young trolls are finally pushed from their sub-chamber, they gathe
r with others of their kind, forming roving gangs of malcontents who complain lo
udly about all manner of vexation.
As much as trolls love to argue, imagine how rare it is for a troll to be driven
from his own kind for being too difficult to get along with. Such was Jah rakal
s fate, a monger troll from deep in the Hoven. So deluded was he, so bitter and
abrasive, that even other trolls found his company intolerable. After one parti
cularly vitriolic outburst in which he claimed the lion s share of loot from the
ir latest raid, his cohorts finally snapped. They turned on him, beat him with c
lubs, and drove him from the encampment. Enraged at his banishment, he returned
the next day, armed with steel, and slew them all, one by one. He then swore a b
lood oath: he would ever after be a fighting force unto himself. Now he roams th
e world as the Troll Warlord, bitter and angry, the Imperial high commander of a
n army of one."
"Hoof Stomp"
"Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy units."
"When the mighty hoof of the Warrunner touches soil, the tremors are felt far an
d wide."
"Double Edge"
"Centaur strikes a mighty blow at melee range, damaging both himself and a small
area around the target. Centaur cannot die from Double Edge."
"In the spurs of combat, Bradwarden s vicious strikes sometimes cause self-infli
cted collateral damage."
"Double Edge deals magic type damage to both the targets and himself."
"Centaur immediately counters every attack, damaging the attacker based on a per
centage of Centaur s strength."

"Bradwarden has no need to parry his opponent s attacks; his armor-like hide doe
s it for him."
"Return s damage is inflicted when the attacker begins their attack, not when th
eir attack is completed."
"Return deals damage to towers."
"Centaur leads all allies into a vicious charge causing them to move through uni
ts at max speed and slow enemy units they tread upon. Each enemy can be trampled
once and takes damage based on the Warrunner s strength."
"The great belt of Omexe, which labels Bradwarden as the greatest warrior of his
kind, incites his fellow gladiators to follow him into barbarous combat."
"Doesn t affect Spell Immune units."
"It s said that a centaur s road is paved with the corpses of the fallen. For t
he one called Warrunner, it has been a long road indeed. To outsiders, the four
-legged clans of Druud are often mistaken for simple, brutish creatures. Their
language has no written form; their culture lacks pictographic traditions, struc
tured music, formalized religion. For centaurs, combat is the perfect articulat
ion of thought, the highest expression of self. If killing is an art among cent
aurs, then Bradwarden the Warrunner is their greatest artist. He rose to domina
nce on the proving grounds of Omexe, an ancient arena where centaur clans have f
or millennia gathered to perform their gladiatorial rites. As his fame spread,
spectators came from far and wide to see the great centaur in action. Always th
e first to step into the arena, and the last to leave, he composes a masterpiece
in each guttering spray, each thrust of blood-slickened blade-length. It is th
e poetry of blood on steel, flung in complex patterns across the pale sands of t
he killing floor.
Warrunner defeated warrior after warrior, until the arena boomed with the cheeri
ng of his name, and he found himself alone, the uncontested champion of his kind
. The great belt of Omexe was bestowed, wrapped around his broad torso, but in
his victory, the death-artist found only emptiness. For what is a warrior witho
ut a challenge? The great centaur galloped out of Omexe that day with a new goa
l. To his people, Warrunner is the greatest warrior to ever step into the arena
. Now he has set out to prove he is the greatest fighter who has ever lived."

"Magnus sends out a wave of force, damaging enemy units in a line."

"Mt. Joerlak was a somewhat unstable mass, and Magnus has learned to channel its
"Gives an allied unit bonus damage and cleave on attack."
"With a deep bellow, Magnus displays his true power."
"The bonus damage is based only on base damage and damage from primary attribute
"Cleave damage is reduced by armor type but not by armor value."
"Cleave damage goes through spell immunity."
"Ranged units cannot Cleave."
"Magnus rushes forward, goring enemy units on his massive tusk. Heroes hit on t
he way will be dragged to the destination, then damaged and slowed."
"Magnoceros horns are valuable in direct proportion to their danger to prospecti
ve merchants."
"Doesn t affect Spell Immune units."
"Reverse Polarity"
"Magnus changes properties of matter, sucking all nearby enemies in front of him
and stunning them with a powerful slam and dealing damage."
"Magnus fights with the fury of the erupting Mt. Joerlak."
"Disable and pull work through spell immunity."

"The master-smiths of Mt. Joerlak agree on only a single point: that the horn of
a magnoceros is more precious than any alloy. And of all such horns, the larges
t and sharpest belongs to the beast they call Magnus. For half a generation, Mag
nus took easy sport goring hunters come to claim the treasures of his kin. Each
time he would return to his cave with hooves and horns stained red, until his Ma
triarch urged him and all their kin to seek refuge to the north beyond the shado
w of the mountain. But Magnus scoffed, having never failed to defend his people.
The magnoceroi would stay, he decided, for a magnoceros does not believe in cha
nce... nor does it ever change its mind. But when Mt. Joerlak erupted without wa
rning, and half his kin perished in the fire and ash, Magnus changed his mind af
ter all. The survivors pushed north, until they reached a blockade watched over
by a hundred hunters armed with bow and steel. Magnus expected no less. He led h
is fiercest brothers and sisters in a charge against their enemies, and fought w
ith a ferocity matched only by the fire-spewing mountain at his back. Meanwhile
the magnoceros elders, mothers, and calves vanished into the drifts. The mastersmiths are divided about what happened next. Some say Magnus reunited with his k
in, while others claim he suffered mortal injuries and expired alongside the bod
y of his Matriarch. Neither theory is correct. Magnus did vow to rejoin his kin.
..but only after seeking out those responsible for the eruption of Mt. Joerlak a
nd watching them die upon his horn, for a magnoceros does not believe in chance.

"Whirling Death"
"Timbersaw whirls extremely sharp edges, damaging enemies and destroying trees a
round him in an area. If an enemy hero is affected, it loses some of its primar
y attribute for a short duration. Whirling Death will deal Pure damage if a tre
e is cut down in the process."
"In the case that Rizzrack gets surrounded by the the vines and plants of his ni
ghtmares, he has an immediate chainsaw defense."
"Timber Chain"
"Timbersaw fires a chain that embeds itself in the first tree it hits, pulling h
im towards it. Any enemy in the path takes damage."
"You never know when you might need to escape from malevolent saplings."

"Reactive Armor"
"Each time Timbersaw is attacked, he gains increased health regen and armor."
"The saw-suit is equipped to react to the slightest touch with fortified defense
"Fires your main saw blade at the target location where it will spin in place, d
ealing damage in an area around it. Enemies caught in the saw blade will move m
ore slowly for every 5%% of health missing. The blade deals damage and cuts down
trees in its path when fired and retracted. While active the ability costs man
a, and you lose the ability to attack.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim s Scepter."
"The ultimate in anti-flora weaponry."
"The Chakram will return if Timbersaw runs out of mana or moves over 2000 distan
ce away."
"Grants a second Chakram."
"Return Chakram"
"Returns the Chakram to Timbersaw."
"Grants a second Chakram."
"Fires your main saw blade at the target location where it will spin in place, d
ealing damage in an area around it. Additionally, for each 5%% of health missin
g, enemies caught in the saw blade move more slowly. The blade deals damage and
cuts down trees in its path when fired and retracted. While active the ability
costs mana, and you lose the ability to attack."

"Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut!"
"The Chakram will return if Timbersaw runs out of mana or moves over 2000 distan
ce away."
"Return Chakram"
"Returns the Chakram to Timbersaw."
"Rizzrack could still hear the screams in his mind. He worked, frantically turn
ing wrenches, twisting screws, building and carving and forging. Sleep eluded h
im; he only built. Months had passed since he had shut himself in his uncle s w
orkshop, and his deliverance was nearly complete. He rubbed his back as his eye
s drifted shut, and saw a blanket of flowers floating on the placid waves of Aug
ury Bay before exploding into a cloud of pollen that silenced lives as it seized
the lungs. He woke with a choking start. For hours the rhythmic sound of a wh
etstone filled the shop as he sharpened a set of massive blades, his mind filled
with images of strangling vines garroting neighbors, enwrapping homes. The flo
oding of Augury Bay had been nothing compared to the violent horrors the waters
left to take root beyond the city walls. But the saw-suit would make him strong
and safe he thought, allowing himself this sliver of hope before the full might
of his fear crashed into his fading mind. Branches and bark and blood. When t
he city fell, Rizzrack fled trees that walked, and fought, and killed. Trees ha
d shattered the gates and swarmed into the city. Trees had crushed and thrashed
and stomped the last that Augury Bay could muster in defense, and stalked the f
ew fleeing refugees. In addled silence Rizzrack unspooled the thick chain from
the suit s arm, his hands quaking as he inspected each link and ran a trembling
finger along the claw attached at its end. The saw-suit was ready.
With his hand trembling he sparked the bladed machine to life. Terror drove him
, terror of what awaited him and of what he would have to face to have any hope
of calming his mind. As the saw-suit shuddered to life he knew he must face thi
s fear, and he knew he wouldn t like it one bit."
"Viscous Nasal Goo"
"Covers a target in snot, causing it to have reduced armor and movement speed.
Multiple casts stack and refresh the duration."
"Having caught a cold while stuck in the snow, Bristleback turns it to his advan
r_stack""%SLOW PER STACK:"

"Quill Spray"
"Sprays enemy units with quills dealing damage in an area of effect around Brist
leback. Deals bonus damage for every time a unit was hit by Quill Spray in the
last 14 seconds."
"An enforcer s honor can be a prickly thing. So can his quills."
"Quill Spray damage is not reduced by damage block abilities."
"Bristleback takes less damage if hit on the sides or rear. If Bristleback take
s 250 damage from the rear, he releases a Quill Spray of the current level."
"Turning his back to a fight might be just the thing."
"Bristleback s rear is considered to be within 70 degrees from the back."
"Bristleback s side is considered to be within 110 degrees from the back."
"Bristleback works himself up into a fury every time he casts a spell, increasin
g his movement speed and damage."
" Temper, temper, his mum always chided. But in a fight, a temper can come in
"Bristleback s illusions will receive the bonuses."
"Items will not trigger Warpath."

"Never one to turn his back on a fight, Rigwarl was known for battling the bigge
st, meanest scrappers he could get his hands on. Christened Bristleback by the d
runken crowds, he waded into backroom brawls in every road tavern between Slom a
nd Elze, until his exploits finally caught the eye of a barkeep in need of an en
forcer. For a bit of brew, Bristleback was hired to collect tabs, keep the peace
, and break the occasional leg or two (or five, in the case of one unfortunate w
After indulging in a night of merriment during which bodily harm was meted out i
n equal parts upon both delinquent patrons and his own liver, Bristleback finall
y met his match. \"Your tusks offend me, sir,\" he was heard to drunkenly slur t
o one particularly large fellow from the northern wastes whose bill had come due
. What followed was a fight for the ages. A dozen fighters jumped in. No stool w
as left unbroken, and in the end, the impossible happened: the tab went unpaid.
Over the weeks that followed, Bristleback s wounds healed, and his quills grew b
ack; but an enforcer s honor can be a prickly thing. He paid the tab from his ow
n coin, vowing to track down this northerner and extract redemption. And then he
did something he d never done before: he actually trained, and in so doing made
a startling discovery about himself. A smile peeled back from his teeth as he f
lexed his quills. Turning his back to a fight might be just the thing."
"Ice Shards"
"Tusk compresses shards of ice into a ball of frozen energy that damages all ene
mies it comes in contact with. When the ball reaches its target destination the
shards are released, creating a barrier that lasts for 5 seconds."
"In the frozen tundra near the Barrier, after the last sun of autumn has set, ic
e can form with alarming speed."
"Creates an impassable barrier."
"Tusk begins rolling into a snowball, automatically gathering allied Heroes with
in a %snowball_windup_radius% radius. Allies within a 400 radius can also be add
ed to the snowball by right-clicking on them. Once launched, any enemies caught
in the snowball s path will be stunned and take damage. Each allied Hero in the
snowball will add to its speed and damage."
"Tales are still told of the wild feat that ended the grand brawl at White Field
"The snowball destroys trees."
"The snowball travels at 150% of Tusk s movement speed."
"Doesn t carry illusions, but will carry Meepo clones and other units that Tusk

"Each Meepo clone added to the snowball will add its own bonus damage and speed.
"Allies can click on a snowball to add themselves to it."
"Launch Snowball"
"Launch the snowball toward the target."
"Into the great wide white!"
"The snowball destroys trees."
"The snowball travels at 175% of Tusk s movement speed."
"Doesn t carry illusions, but will carry Meepo clones and other units that Tusk
"Each Meepo clone added to the snowball will add its own bonus damage and speed.
"Frozen Sigil"
"Tusk summons a Frozen Sigil by calling upon the deepest cold of winter. The Sig
il creates a snowstorm which slows all enemy units within 600 range."
"The chill of home!"
"If no order is given, the Sigil will follow Tusk."
"The Sigil flies, has a 310 MS, 3/3/4/4 HP, 400/400 vision, and gives a 90/100/1
10/120 gold bounty."
"Works fully on Spell Immune units."
"Heroes deal 1 damage to the sigil, while non-hero units deal 0.25 damage."
"Walrus PUNCH!"
"Tusk prepares his mighty Walrus Punch; his next attack will do a critical strik

e and launch the victim into the air. The victim will be slowed upon landing and
take damage."
"It never matters who throws the first punch, only who throws the last."
"Walrus Punch cannot miss."
"Works fully on Spell Immune units."
"If Tusk doesn t land an attack during the buff duration, the bonus is lost."
"It had been a brawl to remember. There stood Ymir, the Tusk, the Terror from th
e Barrier, the Snowball from Cobalt, the only fighter to have bested the Bristle
d Bruiser in a fair fight, and now the last man standing in Wolfsden Tavern. Wha
t started as a simple bar bet of supremacy ended with four regulars, a blacksmit
h, and six of the Frost Brigade s best soldiers writhing against the shards and
splinters of almost every bottle, mug, and chair in the building. The Tusk boast
ed and toasted his victory as he emptied his brew.
No sooner had the defeated regained consciousness than the cries for double-or-n
othing rang out. The Tusk was pleased at the prospect, but none could think of a
bet bigger than the one he just conquered. Horrified at the damage to his taver
n and desperate to avoid another brawl, the barkeep had an idea. As skilled as h
e was, Ymir had never taken part in a real battle, never tested himself against
the indiscriminate death and chaos of war. He proposed a wager to the fighter: s
eek out the biggest battle he could find, survive, and win it for whichever side
he chose. The stakes? The next round of drinks."
"Arcane Bolt"
"Skywrath Mage launches a slow-moving bolt of arcane magic, dealing damage to an
enemy unit based on Skywrath Mage s intelligence."
"Within the Ghastly Eyrie s endless intrigue, only the clever and calm can hope
to survive."
"The projectile moves very slowly (500 ms), providing 325 vision around it. Upo
n impact, it will reveal the target area for 3.34 seconds."
"Arcane Bolt cannot be disjointed."
"Concussive Shot"
"Skywrath Mage sets off a long range shot that hits the closest hero within a lo
ng range. Upon impact, it deals damage and slows in an area of effect."

"Those who serve the court of the Ghastly Eyrie are ever locked in covert war. O
ne must always know where danger lurks nearest."
"Does not work when no heroes are in range or heroes are in fog."
"Damages creeps around the impact area."
"Provides 400 vision around the projectile, and reveals the target area for 3.34
seconds upon impact."
ed_pct" "%SLOW:"
"Ancient Seal"
"Skywrath Mage seals the targeted unit with an ancient rune, silencing it and ca
using it to take additional damage from spells."
"A holy incantation, whosoever finds themselves touched by Avilliva s sigil must
suffer in penitent silence."
"The magic damage resistance reduction doesn t affect creeps."
"Mystic Flare"
"Skywrath Mage uses his ultimate magical ability to conjure a precise and violen
t mystical field that lays waste to his adversaries. Deals massive damage distri
buted evenly among any Heroes in the area over %duration% seconds.\n\nUpgradable
by Aghanim s Scepter."
"Only the most practiced of Skywrath sorcerers could hope to shape the skies int
o such a storm."
"Mystic Flare only affects Heroes; it does not damage illusions or creep heroes.
"Reduces Cooldown."
"A highly placed mage in the court of the Ghastly Eyrie, Dragonus lives a troubl
ed existence. Sworn by birth to protect whoever sits within the Nest of Thorns,

he hates the current Skywrath queen with all his soul. As a youth, high-born, he
was a friend and companion to the eldest Skywrath princess, Shendelzare, first
in line for the Nest. He had loved her warmly and unshakably, but as his studies
took hold, his mind turned to arcane learning and the mastery of Skywrath sorce
Obsessed with matters aetherial, he missed the mundane signs of
courtly treachery that hinted at a plot against Shendelzare, and lost his chance
to foil it. When the court was shaken by a swift and violent coup, he emerged f
rom his studies to discover his oldest and dearest friend had been lost to him.
The Nest of Thorns now belonged to Shendelzare s ruthless younger sister, and Dr
agonus could do nothing. The magic of the Skywrath Mage serves only the sworn pr
otector of the Skywrath scion, so to act against the Nest would render him helpl
ess. He clings to his post, believing it to be the best hope of one day restorin
g his true love to her rightful place. Meanwhile, his secret is known only to th
e goddess Scree auk, whose magic it was transformed Shendelzare from a crippled
physical creature into an embodiment of pure vengeful energy.
While he dreams of restoring his beloved queen to the Ghastly Ey
rie, he dreams even more desperately of restoring Shendelzare herself to a fully
healed physical form. The duplicity of his role at court tortures him, for he i
s a noble and good-hearted creature; but the worst torture of all is imagining t
he hatred that Vengeful Spirit must hold in her heart for him."
"Mist Coil"
"Abaddon releases a coil of deathly mist that can damage an enemy unit or heal a
friendly unit at the cost of some of Abaddon s health."
"A mysterious vapor from the Font of Avernus now infuses the breath of Abaddon,
who releases it at will."
"Aphotic Shield"
"Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set
amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst an
d deal damage equal to the amount it could absorb to an area around it. Removes
certain types of negative buffs and stuns on cast."
"The powers of the black mist rise to absorb attacks like the black mist absorbs
"Curse of Avernus"
"Abaddon strikes an enemy with chilling curse on each attack, causing all units
who attack the slowed enemy to gain increased movement speed, along with faster
attack speed, for a limited time."
"The curse that slows an enemy, speeds an ally."

"Borrowed Time"
"When activated, all damage dealt to you will heal instead of harm. Most negativ
e buffs will also be removed. If the ability is not on cooldown, it will passive
ly activate if your hitpoints drop below %hp_threshold%.\n\nUpgradable by Aghani
m s Scepter."
"The most unnatural of all the gifts of the Font of Avernus, this power defies m
ortal understanding. What should hurt, instead heals; and what should kill give
s strength anew."
"Increases duration. While Borrowed Time is active, 35% of all damage taken by a
llied Heroes in a 900 radius will be redirected to you."
"The Font of Avernus is the source of a family s strength, a crack in primal sto
nes from which vapors of prophetic power have issued for generations. Each newbo
rn of the cavernous House Avernus is bathed in the black mist, and by this bapti
sm they are given an innate connection to the mystic energies of the land. They
grow up believing themselves fierce protectors of their lineal traditions, the c
ustoms of the realm--but what they really are protecting is the Font itself. And
the motives of the mist are unclear.
When the infant Abaddon was bathed in the Font, they say somethi
ng went awry. In the child s eyes there flared a light of comprehension that sta
rtled all present and set the sacerdotes to whispering. He was raised with every
expectation of following the path all scions of Avernus took--to train in war,
that in times of need he might lead the family s army in defense of the ancestra
l lands. But Abaddon was always one apart. Where others trained with weapons, he
bent himself to meditation in the presence of the mist. He drank deep from the
vapors that welled from the Font, learning to blend his spirit with the potency
that flowed from far beneath the House; he became a creature of the black mist.
There was bitterness within the House Avernus--elders and young
alike accusing him of neglecting his responsibilities. But all such accusations
stopped when Abaddon rode into battle, and they saw how the powers of the mist h
ad given him mastery over life and death beyond those of any lord the House had
ever known."
"Echo Stomp"

"Elder Titan and his Astral Spirit both stomp the ground, damaging and knocking
nearby enemy units unconscious around their locations. The Elder Titan stomp de
als physical damage, while the Spirit stomp deals magical damage."
"The force of creation still echoes in the stomp of the Titan."
"Echo Stomp"
"Elder Titan and his Astral Spirit both stomp the ground, damaging and knocking
nearby enemy units unconscious around their locations. The Elder Titan stomp de
als physical damage, while the Spirit stomp deals magical damage. Unconscious e
nemies will wake if they take damage."
"The force of creation still echoes in the stomp of the Titan."
"Astral Spirit"