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Full Paper Format for SIPTIK VII 2014

Zakirah Othman and 2Amran Muhammad

Font: Times
Size: 12pt

Title of paper
Font: Times
Size: 16pt
Style: Bold

School of Technology Management and Logistics, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Department of Science and Technology Studies, Faculty of Science, University Malaya
Email: ,

Font: Times
Size: 11pt
Style: Bold,

Font: Times
Size: 10pt
Style :Italic

Font: Times
Size: 10pt
Style :Italic

Font: Times
Size: 11pt
Style: Bold

Purpose ( )
Design/methodology/approach ( )
Findings ( )
Research limitations/implications ( )
Practical Implications ( )
Originality/value ( )
Keywords Not more than five keywords/phrases
must be provided
Paper Type Example: Research paper

Font: Times
Size: 10pt

Centered at top of the first page should be the

complete title of the manuscript. This is followed
by the abstracts under the heading ABSTRACT,
The text should be typed in single space, using a
font similar to the one used in this text (Times, 10
points). Paragraphs should be separated by single
spacing. Each manuscript should not exceed SIX
(6) PAGES including illustrations and tables. The
report must be submitted as WORD
documents only (doc/docx).

Important notes:
Your abstract should convey the importance of
your research in the structured abstract format as
shown above. The use of technical jargon and the
citing of references should be avoided.

2.1 Sections and Subsections



This guide provides details to assist authors in

preparing an article for publication in STML
symposium proceedings so that there is a
consistency among reports. These instructions
give guidance on layout, style, illustrations and
references and serve as a model for authors to
emulate. Please follow these specifications
closely as reports which do not meet the standards
laid down, will not be published.

Please avoid including headers, footers or page

numbers in your submission. These will be added
in the final publications.

The content of introduction consist a brief of your

background study, problem statement and


Manuscripts must be in English or Malay and
prepared on A4 size report (210mm X 297mm) in
two column-format with 2.5cm margins from top
and bottom, and 1.5cm from left and right,
leaving a gutter width of 0.5 between columns.

Sections and subsections should be numbered and

titled as 1.0, 2.0, etc. and 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1,
etc. Capital letters should be used for the section
titles. For subsections, the first letter of each word
shouldbeincapital letter and followed by small

You may insert methodology of your study.
Figures should be labeled with "Figure" and
tables with "Table" and should be numbered
sequentially, for example, Figure 1, Figure 2 and
so on (refer to Table 1 and Figure 1). The figure
numbers and titles should be placed below the
figures, and the table numbers and titles should be
placed on top of the tables. The first letter of the
title should be placed in the middle of the page
between the left and right margins. Tables,
illustrations and the corresponding text should be
placed on the same page as far as possible.
Otherwise they may be placed on the immediate
following page. Its size should be smaller than the
type area.

Table 1: Center table captions above the tables.

Learning (%)

Evaluation (%)



Font: Times
Size: 8-10 pt

The reference list should be arranged

alphabetically by the author's last name, followed
by the date and should be typed in single space
with justify alignment. In the case of multiple
listings by a single author, the earliest publication
appears first. When an author is listed both as a
single author and as a senior author with
coauthor(s), all of the single-author listings
precede the multiple-author listings, with the
latter arranged alphabetically by last name of
successive authors. Again, chronological order is
used for multiple reports by the same set of
authors. The lowercase letter used in the citation
to distinguish multiple reports by the same
author(s) in the same year should be displayed in
the reference list.

Figure 1: Description is placed right below the figure

You may insert findings of the project here.


You may insert your expectation of your study.
Font: Times
Size: 11pt
Style: Bold


Relevant publications accessible to the public
(i.e., articles in standard journals and open
symposium proceedings) should be cited.
References cited in the text should include the last
name of the author(s) and the year of publication,
for example (Bush, 1945) or (Salton & McGill,
1983). When the citation(s) includes three, four,
or five authors, cite all of the authors the first time
you refer to the work in your text. The next time
you use the work, mention only the first author
with the words et al., for example, Daniel et al.,
2005). For the work of more than five authors,
only the first author should be mentioned
followed by the words et al., for example,
(Foley et al., 1990). A trailing lower case letter
should distinguish multiple reports by the same
author(s) published during a single year, for
example (Winograd & Flores, 1987a). Multiple
citations in the same sentence should be enclosed
within brackets and separated by semicolons, for
example, (Halasz, 1988; VanRijsbergen, 1975).

Please refer APA guide.

Pressman, R. S. (2001).Software Engineering: A
Practitioner's Approach (5th ed.): McGrawHill.