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Ronnie Kinyanjui Wairimu

P.O. Box 30464 -0100 Nairobi
0716230622 / 0788309310

Relevant Engineering Skills
Ground and water engineering design
I can apply site investigation to real life geotechnical problems, designing shallow foundations and piles based on
Standard Penetration Tests, settlement calculations of pile foundations. I can also compute consolidation
I have knowledge of storm water design calculations. I can design drainage systems through the combination of the
energy equation, friction losses, open channel flow theories, hydrological principles, preliminary design calculations
using appropriate standards for calculations.

Geomechanics (MATLAB)
I developed a methodology to solve embedded walls following the free earth support method. An anchored sheet
pile was constructed to retain soil to a certain height. The cohesion of the soil, the angle of internal shearing
resistance and the bulk unit weight were considered. Tie rods were fixed to the embedded wall at a certain height.
Using MATLAB software, I was able to:

Display in a graph the distribution of effective vertical and horizontal stresses as a function of depth.
Display in a graph the residual moment and the anchored force as a function of the depth of the
Determine the accurate depth of penetration.
Determine the accurate force in the tie rod.

Engineering of Foundation design

I can demonstrate:

A knowledge and understanding of: Basic principles underlying bearing capacity and settlement of shallow
and deep (piled) foundations.
An ability to (thinking skills): Identify possible failure mechanisms and assess causes of excessive settlements
of foundations.
An ability to (practical skills): Design shallow (strip/pad) or deep (pile) foundation so that it has an adequate
margin of safety against collapse, distinguishing between ultimate (general or local shear failure) and
allowable bearing capacity. Predict the likely settlement of a simple shallow foundation during the working
life of the structure being supported, distinguishing between immediate and long-term settlement.

Structural Mechanics(STAAD PRO)

I am able to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the principles of structural stability theory, the
principles of limit state analysis of steel structures, elasto-plastic theory of bending of sections, the concepts of
redistribution in beams and framed structures.
I can:

Identify the various independent and combined mechanisms by which plastic structural collapse can occur.

Distinguish the axial and bending load carrying actions in framed structures.
Position loads on structures in order to obtain worst load case conditions.
Identify possible shapes leading to structural instability in simple beam/column structures.
Apply the theory of elasto-plastic bending to determine shapes factors for various sections.
Determine the load of continuous beam structures.
Use the kinematic approach to determine the limit load of framed structures (portal and gable).
Calculate the buckling load for simple beams and columns.

Superstructure design (steel and reinforced concrete design)

I have the skills required to develop design techniques for large scale steel and concrete structures and applications.
I have a knowledge and understanding of the basic design considerations for design of steelwork, reinforced
concrete structures, an understanding of buckling and the importance of restraint in steel structures, failure modes
of retaining walls and performance criteria of liquid retaining structures.

Conceptual design
I have the knowledge and understanding of: design considerations for design of steelwork, reinforced concrete
(liquid-retaining), foundations and drainage systems; the design process and the data required for design. I have
attained these skills:
Thinking skills: I can visualise structural form to identify problems, and disassemble a structure for element
design. I can make planning and design decisions by utilizing knowledge of steel, reinforced concrete,
geotechnics and fluids for design calculations by hand or commercial software.
Practical skills: I can use my knowledge of British Standards and Eurocode Standards to check or size
elements for final designs. I have an awareness or feel for expected sizes and a critical scrutiny of
calculations. Communication of design decisions by production of formal drawings using detailer software
Key Skills: I can work as a team member including working to deadlines. I have sufficient logistical skills to
work through a problem from scratch, by building up information from British Standards, Eurocode and
other sources. I can manage project time, learn software and effectively take notes.

2009-Jan 2014

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering with Honours

Swansea University in United Kingdom

KCSE: 2003-2006

Nairobi School -O level with Grade B+

KCPE: 2002

St Mary Academy with Grade A-

2013 May:

Certificate of Health and Hygiene in Swansea, United Kingdom

Construction Site Operative Card -CSCS Card in Swansea

Nov 2008

Institute of Advanced Technology

International computer driving licence

Other skills

Group Co-operation. Demonstrated during my degree throughout a group project. I contributed in designing a
pyramid shaped bridge that was meant to sustain a moving universal load (For example a train). The design was
not only aesthetically beautiful but also structurally viable.

Problem Solving. I manifested skills in risk optimization during my degree. I perfected the use of Palisade Risk
Optimizer add on for Microsoft Office Excel during a case study on how to reduce wastage and cost in a solder
manufacturing plant simultaneously.
Communication. I have sharpened my communication skills throughout my work experience and group work in
tasks during my degree course. I have perfected my report writing skills and I am able to deliver a detailed
engineering journal based on my research. I am able to use AutoCAD to create technical drawings that will be
understood by other civil engineers and construction personnel.

June 2014- Ongoing. Nairobi City County, Roads, Public Works and Transport, Structural Section.
Work Experience.
Tasks include;

Design and detailing of structural sections.

Transferring hard copies to soft copies of footbridge and culvert structural drawings using AutoCAD.
Site visit with a consultant in Huruma/ Mabatini slum area for an on-going construction of a four storey NGO
sponsored school that is currently at basement level and elevator construction.
Inspection under consultant Eng. Tikollo. of a church in Mathare that is at ground floor level of completion.
Learning how to develop a complete bill of quantities for a construction project.
Along with Eng. Lemaiyan, prepared presentation for on-going projects for the financial year 2013/ 2014 and
proposed projects for the financial year of 2014/2015.

March 2014, Lengai House, Wilson Airport.

Modification of a hangar door.

Worked as a supervisor engineer while attaining work experience.

I was involved in the design of a hangar door modification and I supervised the project which took
approximately 35 days.

Summer of 2011 Natco Foods Milton Keynes

Construction of a seed and grain processing plant

Ensuring the bucket elevators were fitted inside the casing protectors. An allowance was given to prevent
excessive vibration and cracking.
Construction site for the weighing of seed and grain.
Construction of inspection areas for sieve and dust vacuum separators.

Summer of 2010 Mondo Foods Winslow

Worked under a very tight schedule on general works

I, alongside with my team ensured that breakdown of machines would not cause delays by finding alternative
Increasing the efficiency of the carton pressing machine to reduce the costs of production.

Feb 2009 to June 2010 Part-time work Swansea

Stock control.
Human resource Management.
Supervising staff attendance.

Interests and hobbies

I enjoyed playing football and jogging long distances alongside fishing in the Swansea Marina

Dr Paolo Bertoncello, Project supervisor, Materials Research Centre, Swansea University , +44 (1792) 602408
Dr Kenny Rogers, Ground and Water Engineering Lecturer, Black and Veatch Engineer, Swansea
Dr Antonio J. Gil, Ing. C. C. y P., CAS, PhD, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Admission Tutor
Erasmus Mundus Coordinator, Civil and Computational Engineering Centre, College of Engineering
Swansea University, Swansea, SA2 8PP, Wales, UK, +44(0)1792602552

Sylvanus Tikollo, Stuctrural Engineer Nairobi City County, Roads, Transport and Public Works, , Structures
Section- 0722737128