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Copyright 2014 by Kings of Peace, written by Goss Lindsey

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be sold for profit. This publication may
be freely distributed in electronic format only. For permission or other requests, write to
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There comes a point in time where we realize our memory lost, and the questions of both who and what we
are become duly inspected. We have questioned a temporary reality and eventually recognized we have found
less than peace. Here, we embark upon a simple journey. In a quest to peace we begin seeking inside and
out, and eventually only within. Slowly, we realize that we do not walk alone and we discover a peace
greater than our current reality has offered. In our first steps, we may believe yet cannot remember of Whom
we are. Through personal testament, faith is born again through experience and takes hold of our once weary
heart which once dreamed only a hopeful dream. No less than a King of Peace shall be returned to the
Kingdom of God. Amen were we not left, Amen did neither God nor His Son leave us alone. Amen were
we found. Our gratitude is our joy, and in this joy we find our brother as he has found us. A quest to
peace shall bear nothing less than a King of Peace restored amongst Gods Kingdom.

The title of this writing is merely a representation in words. Words can only be symbols
attempting to describe the actual thing. In this way, this title is meaningless, as are the
words and this writing. What it points to, however, is both Eternal and True, which are
aspects of God. The words are relevant in that they are like gentle songs drumming the
echoes of our Father, Who sounds forever in our hearts. Amen to those who would find beauty
here, for praising God is always beautiful, which is what this writing is.
God's Sons are genderless and can only temporarily inhabit what we refer to as a body. The
word Kings does not refer to one whom we would call male, meaning the opposite of
female. Equally the word Son is inclusive of what we would call a daughter, for what is of
God transcends what can be altered.
For consistency, the word body will be used interchangeably with the word shell. The
use of shell is more expansive and would encompass any being within a temporary
structure in a particular time. The use of the word body will refer to the shell
encompassing the human condition. That which has limits or dwells in a structure is not of
the Creator, but of His Sons who create these temporary structures and may dwell within
these realities.
The man who writes this for you is not important in any way other than he has written what
he was asked to write. As these words were freely given to him, they are equally given freely
to you. Thus, I gladly will that you have them as anything born in Gods Love could not be
only mine, but is ours. No further explanation is needed as I stand within the Kingship, as
do you not above or below, but beside you. Blessed has my memory been restored enough to write
this small song, and not alone but as one within the Kings of Peace who sing praise to our Father.
My capacity is important only in that I have gladly accepted God's Will in expressing this
content. I have no formal training in any religion or as a writer, yet I do not write this from
myself alone. Indeed, if you know only one thing about me, I would wish that you know
this: I come in peace, having sung my best for Him.
My qualification to write this text lies only in that my vision has seen what we will all
recognize to be true, as my little eyes have been shattered by the Eyes endowed by our
Father. I have seen my brother as myself and not one difference do I behold. All that will
be lost in time is already lost, as time and all things shall fall away when His Sons return to

His Kingdom. Only the memory of what His Sons once shared in experience will be kept.
All that truly is, has always been and will remain, for it is of the Unalterable. With
discernment gained upon a simple quest to peace, we will begin to identify these things
naturally. Amen will another King of Peace be restored unto Gods Kingdom, and nothing less do we seek
as we share our Fathers Will.
This may be the most important text the reader encounters during a lifetime here.
Important refers specifically to saving one time in lost memory. The text itself is not of
importance, but ones willingness to consider what it says is. Only one choosing to Learn
can be Taught, and this text identifies nothing less than Gods Law in restoring His Law
correctly to our mind. What we Teach we shall Learn, and we extend our blessing in His Peace.
Even so, a being can tell you many truths and still err. Writing on such a topic can be
accurate only to the degree the writer can join with Gods Mind, and to the extent the
writers own mind is cleared so he may Hear. I am a King of Peace and have simply
accepted my birthright. I do not ask you to believe or not believe this claim, but to seek
your own Kingship if you have not already.
A drop once returned to the ocean is no longer a drop, but part of the sea itself. It is here
we forever may access Gods Mind encompassing the entirety of His Sons if we choose. As
stated previously, A King of Peace, is nothing other than the definition used in this text to
describe one who recognizes and chooses to accept what they already are, which is Love
itself. Using the term, A Line of Kings, inherently would include all Gods Sons who
stand for God and have accepted their Kingship. The terms being used are nothing more
than poetic symbols attempting to sing praise to God and define concepts.
To join with God naturally joins the seeker to those within the Kingdom of His Mind, for it
is shared. In this writing I ask again and always the first prayer to God I ever remembered
in this life: Father, be with me, within me, and all around me; always and Amen.
I have been asked to perform a simple task which I have gladly accepted. I have been asked
to write this to myself where I set out at my conscious beginning of my own quest to peace.
How could I have known someday I would remember myself to be nothing less than a King
of Peace? Not even at this time had I remembered God or witnessed a King of Peace. As
a young man disenchanted with the world and not certain in even my own belief of whom I
believed myself to be, I made a simple decision to seek answers. Shortly after this
beginning, I realized the answer I wanted was to find peace.

At that time, I would have perhaps mocked these very wordsas indeed you may now.
Still, I sought answers, and perhaps I may have received even a small blessing from these
words, as may you. For no other reason, nor more blessed purpose, do I offer this. Gods
Gift can only be received when one accepts His Offering, and a King of Peace can only
assist you in terms of saving time. This text has been written in memory of my own lost
In this text, the sentences written in italics are meant as prayers to elicit pauses within the
text. Every concept written here should be challenged in full, which is the purpose. This
text could be seen to not have a linear flow in content. Because of what it speaks to, it is not
meant to be linear but rather to activate ones own awareness at each crossroad it comes
across. Similar crossroads will be approached, sometimes multiple times, each from a new
perspective. It is within our own activation of consciousness where answers may be found,
not in the content itself. Because we do not read this alone, the pauses are intentional, in
order to create space for assistance to be received if one is willing.
Though I write this to myself from years ago, to write for one is to write for all. Gods Sons
are united within His Mind, and one brother is always enough for our effort. To
understand this is to remember our own past, and the blessed acceptance that even we were
enough for those before us to extend their hands to us and sing words of the Kingdom.
The particulars of my journey are shared in the document, Authors Story How Kings of
Peace Originated. No two journeys in experience will travel the same path. The lessons
of Gods Peace, however, will unfold the same beauty within both ourselves and our brother
as we ascend the mountain to regain our Crown of Peace. Only the time in which we
choose to learn these lessons to claim our birthright may vary, as nothing less than a King of
Peace shall be restored unto God's Kingdom.
The term Crown of Peace is being used as a representation of what remains when all else
is lost. It refers to Gods Gift of Life to His Son. The symbol itself is not, nor could it be,
this Gift. The Crown is not drawn in gold representing an object, but in white representing
Gods Peace which extends from His Son.
The word Peace in the use of this text is the same as peace. Gods Peace could be seen
as the Whole, while peace could be found in part along the journey to God, even when one
does not know where their journey will end.
The content is offered not for belief but rather for challenge. What it represents cannot be
taught; it can only be recognized by one choosing to See. To learn of a temporary reality is

to add knowledge. To learn of God the Eternal is to recognize the truth of who and what
we are, and to subtract the layers impeding its recall.
This content is not meant as the basis of any religion, for all religion is an attempt to either
misidentify or correctly identify the Source from which we come. In this way, a religion
cannot be from God directly as it must be constructed by His Sons. These words can be
erased as a book may be burned but the eternal call echoing from God within our hearts
For simplicity, words with initial capitals indicate things which are of God, and thus cannot
be altered and will not pass away. A King of Peace, for example, could be described as
the opposite of what the world would define as a king. The term King will be used
interchangeably with the term King of Peace. To clarify the distinction, a king is defined
by the world as a title referring to one with worldly power. This power is not eternal and
relies on acquiring what cannot be kept; thus, it cannot be of God. A King's Strength
comes from God and is shared amongst the Kingdom of God's Sons, as God shares all of
Himself fully.
As another example, Gods Love is unconditional for all of His Sons, while love not of
God identifies with loving a shell, an action which is exclusive and limited in its extension.
Truly Gods Strength is Love itself as is equally the Strength of His Sons. We gladly extend
and receive its boundless currency, which is reciprocated by its extension, contrary to the
nature of things not of God.
The Kings of Peace include anyone who chooses to be one. Worldly kings seeking power
yield slaves if the slave is willing. The intent of kings such as this is to increase their power
by creating debt and projecting laws made to protect their kingship. Yet Kings yield Kings
who free the minds of all who listen. For this reason, we speak for God when His Son
cannot yet hear Him directly within a particular time. The Kings of Peace are of all
backgrounds and ethnicities as we all once held different systems of belief. Our fragile,
once-believed identity was truly broken and we were reborn unto our Father. Upon our
journey to Peace, we regained our Mind through experience, as very few in a world such as
this begin adulthood in full remembrance of their Father.
Upon releasing what we had held in belief, we were renewed with Truth from our Father
Who forever dwells within us. Too, when our Eyes did finally See again, we Saw our
brother stand equally with us. The lowercase eyes can merely show what is different for
they bear witness only to the temporary. The Eyes from our Father can only see what is

eternal and of Him. Thus, to God, His Son has always remained perfectly innocent and
beautiful. A King of Peace has done nothing more than accept Gods Vision and sees
ourselves and our brother as not two, but one, inherently inclusive of all of Gods Sons.
The Kings of Peace are neither an ethnicity in our current species, nor a species unto itself.
We make no distinction between temporary forms of existence, for when the shell dissolves,
Gods Son remains.
Kings of Peace are both seen and unseen, yet unseen simply refers to the frequencies of
energy that the human eye cannot see. Thus, this perspective is subjective, based upon
whatever perception limitations a brother currently dwells within. We make no distinction
among these limitations, for our communication is carried by the frequency of God which is
Love, which is boundless and penetrates all temporary limitations through all of time.
Our allies are not limited by our belief in which Kings may walk with us, for all are welcome.
Kings of Peace dwell in shells of all frequencies and exist in Heaven, the sum of all
frequencies holding no shells. We come from all religions and no religion in our
backgrounds; but we are similar in that we have recognized Gods Gift of Life. Upon the
death of our shell, we are not imprisoned by any mad belief that we ever were the shell.
Thus we do not believe that to cease projecting such an image could mean death today any
more than tomorrow. There is only death or there is only Life, and it is to Gods Gift of
Life that the Kings have testified.


Our message is always the same, and remains unchanged in all of what we would call time
and space. If you have heard but one King, you have heard us allas always do we sing.
When our words are first heard they can seem difficult to understand and often met with
heavy resistance of the ego. The message of the Kings is never of fear, but will be perceived
fearfully by the part of the mind referred to here as the ego, which is dedicated to proving
our separation is real.
Wave upon wave, our brother's awareness will be restored as he returns to Gods Mind. He
will sing not our words but his, and blessedly does the Symphony of Gods Song increase. As we See
beauty, we wash away the overgrowth blocking our vision of Gods Truth. A Kings joy is
not in giving his brother a mere fish of this world, but in teaching him how to free himself
from his own mind to gather the boundless fish of Spirit in all of his existence.
Wave upon wave, we sometimes gently and sometimes forcefully crash upon the shores of
your mind. Every wave is the same in that it carries His Water, which is His Love. Every
word a King sends is the same in that it was sent by his Love for his brother.
Resistance of the ego does not impede our songwe once resisted as well. The ego can
only despise the thought that one brother could have even one thing it does not believe it
has, including peace. A King would not keep his Crown of Peace to himself but give it with
all of his heart. And even more would a brother trapped within a false identity find reasons
to align with hate. Finding Gods Truth requires not the ending or beginning of a
temporary condition but the willingness at any moment to seek vision from Eyes anew.
We have said the same thing as surely as our hearts have sung the same song in different
ways. We stand in no place other than where we claim to standwhich is with our Father
and within the unbreakable Line of Kings. If you claim to not stand within our Line today,
and yet your heart has rejoiced as your ego has feared upon hearing our song, it is you we are
seeking. We have come to assure your safe return and to expedite your arrival Home.
Our message is said only as clearly as we can Hearand we have Heard clearly. We profess
your innocence because we have seen it in Gods Sons. We do not judge what impact we
do or do not have upon finding our brother, as we are directed within the Kingdom. The
Kingdom is connected in Gods Mind, as our Father has shared His Mind with His Sons for
time eternal. Blessed is our greatest joy in accepting our role amongst our Line within our Father.


The lowercase mind cannot be shared, for it is of the body and all things that can change. It
is limited by time and reliant on external, temporary forms of energy to exist. It dwells in
isolation inside a small skull, emitting electrical patterns we call thought. This cannot be
Thought, for Thought is creative as it extends beyond that which can be bound, and the
Source of its energy is eternal. What is not bound can only be Boundless. In Gods Boundless
Love, blessedly does a King does not stand alone as he sings of Gods Song.
The message of Gods Love may at times seem redundant. Yet if it is truly Heard, it will
always be found beautiful, for it sings to nothing other than God Who is perfectly beautiful.
Wave upon wave do we seek you, as we were sought. In our thoughts, words, songs, and
prayers do we look for one who walks along the path we once walked. We seek those
seeking another way to exist, but who are uncertain where to seek. We have made the
seemingly impossible, possible, in that our memory has been restored as will yours.
To the ego, this is a direct threat as it does not remember Him within whom we were born.
The ego would rebuff its brother who offers it Water, for it does not understand even for
what it thirsts. Only a small insane belief would not accept even a sip, but would rather
cling to anger toward one who claims remembrance of what it has not yet remembered itself.
The consciousness of a species could be described as the connection to the ego versus the
connection to the Mind within its population. Kings are sent to assist in dislodging the
condition of the ego at the moment one is ready for it to occur. Species can be freed en
masse as Gods Word travels not at a linear pace, but rather an exponential rate. His Word,
which is Truth, is not bound by laws that govern a temporary reality. Kings yield Kings by
freeing brothers from what they are not; thus Kings free Kings.
When a brother's innocence is seen, the salvation of God arises within our heart and heals
not only our brother, but equally ourselves. Slowly or quickly, we align then with Gods
Mind and learn to deny the ego. By the Eyes of forgiveness we release our brother as we
have released ourselvestruly we set the captives free as we have been freed.
Our message offers nothing that cannot be tested and proven by experience. Gods Law
shatters old beliefs and replaces them with His Truth, not only by faith but by results. Faith
understood correctly is the acceptance of not knowing today how much light we extend and
how many brothers who thirst may be quenched by His Love that we offer. Faith is fully
transparent in Reality which transcends space and time, thus faith in what impact we have is
not required for it is stored in Gods Mind and will soon enough be Seen clearly. We have


limited time in which we operate on faith, and wish not upon our exit to witness the face of
even one brother thirsting, to whom we did not offer water while we walked by his side.
Faith is necessary only in accepting a temporary limitation of what we can See at a particular
time. Thus the correct premise of faith is based upon trust, as to not have faith is to not
trust God or the Line of Kings working amongst us. Therefore, the condition of faith in
God is factual in its basis. We have witnessed the miracle of healing and can only know
today that to which we have stood witness. A King Knows he offers of the Kingdom, and
that he will Know the extent of acceptance by his offering in time. His joy, however, is not
found in degrees or numbers, for his joy is completely fulfilled by performing his function
within the Kingship. For this reason, a Kings faith is always enough. One brother is
always enough as Kings restore Kings.
Waves of peace do not teach what lies past the rocky shore, for Gods Love cannot be
taught. These waves do, however, weather rock to sand, thus removing fear that dwells like
a fortress around the ego in one who has forgotten. This can be learned; therefore, the
process is taught.
God's Message has not changed nor could it ever be changed. In gratitude, we write it in
different styles, languages, and even methods and places unimaginable at this time. We have
come for all who have called, as His message of peace stands in time eternal, and our
brothers call we have Heard.


The World of a King is what we often refer to as Heaven. A King's current world could be
defined as the temporary reality and shell he currently resides within and experiences.
Heaven is the boundless Reality where Gods Sons merge and hold no aspects other than
His Gift to His Sons. Layer by layer, every frequency which composes a shell subject to
time or requiring non-eternal sustenance of energy is washed away in our return to Heaven.
Here we stand as both the drop and the ocean itself, for All is fully shared. Not even one
temporary difference in our brother could we find while existing within Heaven.
Thus, in Heaven God's Sons are formless if the word form implies that which is subject to
Many have said God made us in His image, yet believe God's image is that of a human.
Shells make shells, and the eye can attest this to be so. It cannot be that God makes one
shell but not another, for our Father creates nothing that is subject to change. What God
makes must equally be a part of Him; thus, if the image of God is Love, then His Sons must
truly be Love itself.
His Sons stand as blessed eternal aspects of His Consciousness yet part of All, unbound in
an endless ocean of peace within our Father. This cannot be accurately described in words
and need not be believed. It will in time, however, be rememberedand only His Son can
decide when this memory shall occur.
A world could be defined as a temporary reality made by God's Sons. Usually these are not
created alone but by many. To Create is of God, as it refers to bearing what cannot change,
which are His Sons. For this reason His Sons are safe. They can alter and create nothing
that will not eventually be lost in time. Gods Sons create shells within which a brother may
dwell, yet God Creates His Son.


A King's Reality stands as not only the primary, but the sole, recognition of what Reality is.
When existing in a temporary reality, the acceptance of it being only what it is and nothing
more, remains correct.
A King does not primarily attempt to change a reality, as Gods Reality, which is the basis of
his song, cannot change. The altering of a temporary reality is indeed a consequence in the
arrival of Kings, yet this is an outcome not a primary intent of why Kings of Peace arrive.
As free will was given to Gods Sons, so does a King allow his brother to choose what he
believes himself to be. A King has only come to offer a simple message.
The shells, planets, and all things subject to change within a reality represent its aspects. A
King is aware that only the aspects of him which he cannot keep are subject to the laws of a
reality. The shell indeed has value, primarily in its ability to communicate. Thus, the
highest use of a body for a King is the communication of Gods Reality while within a
Gods Reality is not fragmented but Whole. A reality is temporarily separated in time and
location, appearing apart from the whole. But this cannot make Gods Son apart, for
Reality is of God and extends to all places in all of time. Therefore, Gods Reality can
always be found and the egos reality may always be challenged and replaced when one is
ready. Once our little eyes become Eyes remembered, eyes are not chosen anymore as the
primary mechanism for Seeing for they cannot See.
In worlds where Eyes have been forgotten, Kings will often be told they do not live in the
real world, meaning they do not understand "reality." Part of the condition in recognizing
one's Kingship is indeed the denial of reality, as it is replaced by God's Reality. In this
sense, the above accusation stands correct. A King has sought more than what the world
has shown and has to offer to his once-weary eyes. Somewhere along our initial quest to
peace, there were instances along our journey not born from this reality. Thus, we denied
reality more and strengthened our embrace of Reality.
Slowly we recognized too that we did not walk alone. We did not know how many walked
with us, but it was enough to not be alone. Gods Reality has long been forgotten in many
realities, yet this does not make a lost memory false. For what other reason would a King
rejoice with you? We stand as nothing more and nothing less than a blessed reminder that


you may too remember what has been forgotten. Our message would not be good news if
we spoke of something our brother could not equally have.
A King has denied the impossibility of a reality being Real until he could no longer be
concerned by the thoughts of a brother who would condemn him. His brother who calls
for peace, however, is his concern. It is this call a King wills to Hear, and he understands
that only eyes seeing through fear would deem a brother speaking of Gods Love as
threatening in any way.
Gods Reality cannot be bound by Gods Son. What is Boundless cannot be bound to a
book, religion, or any institution made by any being, no matter how enlightened they have
become. Enlightened could be defined as one who has completed the simple transition in
awareness from reality to Reality.
Anyone experiencing this shift will eventually understand God is not proprietary. He may
be spoken of and praised to the best of one's ability at any particular time. Yet any attempt
to bind the Boundless is always a mere representation, for however beautiful this
representation may be, it cannot be the thing itself.
A King is aware that those who have chosen to only experience and believe in a temporary
reality naturally deem themselves as bound. This does not make those with such a belief
correct. Such believers are correct in that they will only experience a changing reality that
they have sought to find. When our Eyes are not intended to be opened, only lack of
Seeing can occur.
No number of those within a shell believing a reality to be Real can make it so. How could
one even believe what their eyes are seeing will be sustained forever? If one has no shell at
a given time, they can only experience Reality, for a necessary condition of Heaven is
complete release of what we cannot keep. Within Gods Reality, which is Heaven, are all
the experiences shared that every one of God's Sons has experienced in all realities and in all
of time.
In Heaven all is shared, nothing is lost, yet nothing is judged. Blessed did we truly not Create and
alter the unalterable, yet experience life, as life loves to experience possibility. It is possible that those
within a reality who once remembered Home may eventually forget their Home. This error
has occurred en masse within the human condition from which I write this today.



Amen does the Kingdom send their brothers to hasten the return to Reality of those who have forgotten.
Amen do Kings arrive to free their lost brothers from those who will to sin upon their Home-less condition.
Kings of Peace will to break every last chain that would bind our brother to what he never
was nor could be. We have come to set the captives free, and nothing less than Kings of
Peace shall be restored unto the Kingdom for all who will their safe return.
The term evil will be used in this way: Evil cannot exist in Gods Reality but only in a
reality, therefore evil truly cannot exist. To understand this is to Know Gods Peace.
A King of Peace is someone who would attempt to save time when another has forgotten.
One willing evil is someone who intentionally attempts to delay a brothers return Home.
Thus in the context of this text, the words sin and evil are used to describe the
temporary choice of those brothers who wish this delay occur. To wish this delay, they
must know what it is they are delaying.
Therefore, by this definition, most of our species is not truly evil, as en masse we do not
remember what Home is. Those who know not what they do, commit errors. Evil or sin,
on the other hand, is committed by those who are aware of God yet choose Him not.
The arrival of Kings expedites the end of an imprisoned condition which can appear
frightening for those who do not understand what is occurring. Some refer to this as the
end of times but it is simply the collapse of time in a reality. Upon this exodus where
captives reclaim their Kingship, those wishing to keep Gods Sons enslaved will begin to
commit great sin. Their intent is not to preserve a world, but to maintain their position of
false power over their captives. To do this, their goal is to extend pain and suffering so
brothers will become lost in anger and fear in their life and into their death, thus those
wishing the continued enslavement of Gods Sons are willing them to remain lost. This is
the process which occurs when the Legion of Light arrivesand we have arrived.
Legion is a name, not the thing. No name is the actual thing, least of all the nameless
ones standing within the Legion of Light. Gods Sons are nameless for they Know each
other not by what can be changed, such as a name or appearance. Legion is used here
interchangeably with the Legion of Light.


To clarify, one claiming to stand within lowercase legion stands with only a small grouping
of brothers. This is a legion of darkness, for it is exclusive, not inclusive. They dont own
the title. The word legion itself is simply a title of brothers standing together. And as
always, the question is for what do they stand? It is here the Legion of Light makes clear
for Whom they stand.
The Limitless Light of God shines within, and extends beyond, every King throughout this
Line who stands to serve their Father. Truly the Legion of Light consists of Gods
Warriors, but not a warrior as the world would know the name. All those within the Legion
of Light are Kings of Peace, yet not all Kings of Peace choose to join Legion. The function
of those who choose to serve within Legion is specific: All within Legion have chosen to
walk together into dark places to bring Gods message of Light and to free their brother
seeking freedom.
All are welcome in our cause. To know Legion is to know your own desire that you and
your brother be free and have peace. Together, we expose the veil of deception that
attempts to blind our brothers vision once we have Seen.
Though some would see us as an enemy, we have no enemies as none can stand before us.
To imply war against us as possible is false, for none can break the ranks of Legion who
stand only for God, Who cannot be destroyed.
We do not need to fight, for Gods Peace penetrates minds dreaming of war against those
who bear witness to Truth. Water breaks the hard rock to sand without anger. The Legion
of Light blinds with pain those who do not wish to See, though it is never pain we extend or
wish to offer.
One could no more fight Gods Sons who stand within His Kingdom than one could fight
God Himself. We appear in both form and no form as we represent the Boundless. When
we arrive, our message will shatter the fragile walls of a reality intended to deceive our
brother. Then our brother can choose in clarity what he intends to identify himself to be.
Little kings fight for the temporary and here, in little realities, they make war for such little
things. The Kings within Legion stand for Reality as it is, no matter where they find
themselves to be. If you know our Name in memory, your smile shall return, for none who
will Gods Peace are left behind upon our arrival.


A King of Peace sees no enemies. The concept is not possible for the ego to understand.
The ego believes in its own separation, merely to join small, seeming alliances that share its
purpose for a time. Its loyalty is only to itself and its desired means of perception proving
its belief in separation is real.
A simple lesson has been learned by a King. Within a reality such as this, it may appear that
perception governs belief. This identifies awareness with the little eyes, as these senses
become the foundation of what we deem to be true.
A King has shattered this belief and found Reality, in fact, to be the opposite. What we
believe we will see governs our perception. How else could a King See innocence where a
world has not found it? How else could we be freed from the ego and its senses that dictate
our separation to be real, and war on our brother to be justified? Here, by Gods Law of
perception, a King finds peace.
A King correctly identifies those who wish to sin upon and deceive their brother. Yet, in a
Kings choice to maintain his Kingship, he naturally puts aside his need for revenge.
Forgiveness was once learned, yet becomes both the natural and chosen extension offered to
all brothers. The King serves the Creator of all, who has no enemy as none could threaten
Gods Home.
Enemies are justified always or never. Equally, anger is always justified or never. This
stands perfectly in accordance with God's Will, which is immutable. Justification of one
enemy leads to that of another, which by nature identifies with the will of the ego, and
attempts to deny the will of God.
The Kings of Peace are masters of denial, for they know what can and cannot be kept.
Temptation of the ego can only seek what is not of God and dwells in the temporary. A
King does not struggle with his egos temptation as he has correctly Seen these things as they
are. Only choices without judgment can be made once the Eyes are open.
The root of maintaining an enemy is born in anger of the ego. The ego does not wish
awareness to be free but to imprison it within the confines of the egos false reality, and
would attempt to hide the simplicity of Truth. One cannot be anger, but can only attune


to it, as all possibilities exist in all places. A King has dismissed that he could be a simple
emotion, as easily as he has denied that he could be a thought or a shell.
As the ego cannot remember what or who it is, then what it believes it is can only be a
fantasy. Anger may arise in a King, but what makes his Crown shine of Gods Light and
not be dimmed is that just as easily he releases it. Anger is not meant to be held if God's
Will is accepted.
There are those who would see a King as threatening, despite his only claim being equality
with his brother born in Gods Peace. Those who truly choose evil are conscious of their
choice in maintaining separation from God. Evil is not real in this way. Nothing can be
taken from God or from His Sons, thus the intent of sin is inept. This awareness of one
choosing evil, however, will not last in time because those who continually choose evil will
eventually forget Home. Those who fall from His Grace do so by their own choice, as
none are forced outside Gods Kingdom. Here we see in our world the results of this
occurrence long after the initial fall for many.
A King does not attempt to alter the freedom of will for his brother. If his brother chooses
evil, this does not change Gods Reality or His Sons, and therefore does not threaten the
Kingdom. If his brother chooses to remain Home-less, this too will be respected. The
return of Gods Son to His Kingdom only rests in time, which shall end.
Time can be long, or time can be short. What was forgotten shall be restored in full as a
King returns to the Kingdom.
The Kings of Peace travel to lands where brothers have forgotten their Home, yet a flame
inside their brother remains lit. We come to our brothers aid if we find in his call even the
smallest spark of willingness to seek peace. It is here where dreams are realized and the
heart is renewed. We find those who seek peace, which is also to seek our Father. No
more than this would we ask, and no more is asked of us.
Truly, Kings of Peace are the light of the world. Our journey is not walked alone but is
shared as we remain a light to all worlds. Gods Light shines through us, extended to those
ready to don their Crown of Peace.
It is when you look closely that you will realize we are speaking to you, and Amen, has our Father's Peace
been extended. We seek the weary who are tired. We seek the broken and those betrayed by
promises of the world. We seek those who have seen enough from little eyes only


perceiving what can die. Our Father does not betray us, as His Promise remains carried
even until now.
We have not left you, nor shall we leave. You may have heard we will stay with you even
unto the end of the worldand end it we shall. We have opened a door in Gods Name
which will dissolve the darkness that our brothers have hidden behind and have been
trapped within. From here the Home-less will make a conscious choice of what they will to
serve. This could be called the Atonement and is directed by the Kings of Kings as it
completes a cycle of time.
We have not forgotten you, for we have not forgotten ourselves. Our hand is extended, for
we have not forgotten your value to the Kingdom. To forget your value would be to forget
our own value and the value of those who have reached for us when we were alone. We are
all around you, more than you would ever know. In one way would you know us, as we
have said nothing less than the same thing in many ways. Seek your Father with all of your
heart and in His Peace you will find your birthright.
We do not claim to wear a Crown of Peace while willing that you not have it. We shine, and
we sing, and our message breaks the shell of our brother who is seeking peace, for it is of
God. We speak to you not only of the possible but of the inevitable, so you may arise
quickly within our Line and expedite the Atonement for all, and so every brother will clearly
See again upon the choice of what they serve. Only the time you choose to return is an
option, and we stand by you always to assure your arrival.



It is easy to underestimate the power of peace, for we only know what we have seen. To
limit the degree of peace we may experience or extend is to limit God, which is not logical.
Peace never needs to be fought for, only stood for.
One may not remember God at a particular time, yet peace may likely still be sought. To
seek peace is to seek God, even if one does not know this at the time. Seeking peace does
not require belief in what one does not remember.
If we have sought peace, we will initially find what seems like degrees in which it is found.
The ego is always opposed to our forgiveness; the ego protects its little investments and it
mistrusts our brother. First, we release one brother. Next, we release systems of thought
within the world that create justification for war and fear. The ego will always attempt to
take freedoms and protective measures within a reality to justify its fear that our brother will
harm us, as the ego can only see them as it knows itself to be.
Finally, we release ourselves, and recognize that both ourselves and our brother are innocent.
The fewer limitations we can put on our ability to offer and receive peace, the more quickly
we can learn of its power.
Peace is found in forgiveness. As we release our brother from what he is not, we will begin
to remember what he is. This can be a long or slow process in terms of time, which is
limited by his choice in the degree of release he accepts. God has already released, thus the
limitation to peace in terms of time is always dependent on His Son. To forgive our brother
equally forgives ourselves, and in the process we will recognize the blessing of forgiveness
which will unbind what never was.
It will be helpful to clarify how the words belief and faith are being used. Belief as
being used in this text is never needed. Belief attempts to believe in what we do not know
without evidence or experience. Belief requires the acceptance of something being within a
balloon of which we do not know. In this way, balloons may be popped to see what rests
inside. In this way, too, a belief is a mental construct based upon an idea we created or
which was handed to us from the past. It is not inherently true or not true, yet if inspected
may be proven, disproven, or correctly suspended as unknown. Believing something to be
possible is correct, while believing something to be true or not true is nothing more than a
guess until we have evidence by experience.


Faith differs from belief greatly in terms of how these words are being used here, as faith
recognizes to some degree that God and His Sons work with and through us to bring
healing to our brothers. In this way, we allow for the power of peace, and faith remains the
foundation of our alignment to God.
The ego will attempt to believe we are words such as good, positive, and hopeful.
This would inherently mean we are trying to be what we do not already recognize to be true.
It is not a distant belief in peace that God wills for His Son, but rather His Peace itself born
in faith by the experience of His Love.
Attempting peace is to be peace itself. Erasing conflict is to erase conflict itself. This is not
a projection or hope, but a tangible experience of joy. To the degree we are willing to
accept Gods Peace, our Eyes will See and all things not of Him will be released.
Being good is a term used when one has chosen separation and the ego needs justification
for its existence. To strengthen this rationalization, it provides insane answers that make
complete sense to one wishing to serve it. Being what one believes to be good makes
them force goodness, and Gods Love needs not be forced, as it is a natural extension.
Furthermore, one lost in isolation believing their goodness is enough cannot be used by the
Kingdom, for they choose their reality to be separate from the Whole. A King asks for
union of the Whole so Gods Miracles work through His Sons as they offer and receive His
Miracles equally. Those wishing to not join His Kingdom cannot receive His Blessing, for
they have not asked for it.
A King of Peace has forgiven fully, and in this he has recognized forgiveness for himself.
To fully forgive another is to See with the Eyes of God, through our Crown of Peace, and
thus it is forgiveness of all. A King has forgiven all realities and all his brothers, on every
layer of function.
A King has correctly identified the evident. As religions may be used to justify their belief
to be Gods chosen, a King has seen a simple thing. None are chosen over another, for all
Gods Sons are chosen as equally worthy of Gods Love. Within Gods Mind, a King has
seen as fallen all that will fall in time. Every flag, ethnicity, or belief that attempts to
separate even one brother from another has been washed away. In this vision, he has
spoken, not for one, but for all, in the simple message that he offers. Not as the King of Peace,
but blessedly, as a King standing within the Line of Kings.


A King sees problems within a reality and recognizes they are not the actual problem, but
many outcomes of only one problem. Brothers who choose sin, and brothers who remain
unconscious of what they choose, cannot witness Gods Peace. If any do not know they are
of peace itself, how can the alleged joining of many perpetuate the extension of His Peace
within a reality?
A King teaches nothing more than that which he recognizes to be true. At various points
along a brothers quest to peace before complete forgiveness is accepted, he will find new
layers in which his anger seemingly is justifiable. He will discover new levels of deception
and corruption in which some of his brothers engage, each able to enact the egos response
of anger as we bear witness to the sins and errors of our brother. A King knows that this
prolonged his own journey, so he speaks of it. Forgiveness is not accomplished by us, but
by our Father, since within His Memory it is already complete. Forgiveness only needs to
be willed by us; thus its acceptance is the only condition.
To release all brothers and oneself from perceived debts is to experience Gods Peace. To
forgive releases the fold of time itself that bears past collections of error to which the ego
remains bound. When anger arises once ones Crown has been discovered, its release is
immanent. A King of Peace always chooses the experience of peace to be willed above
holding anger. Anger to a King will come in waves as he sees his brother attempt to sin
upon his brother and delay his return Home. Here a King will choose to convert this anger
to action directed by God and the Kings of Kings as its hold upon him is released. Here a
Kings motivation to find his brother increases, as his time is short. Peace is boundless as it
is of God, and its Strength is unspeakable. Legion is unbreakable because we stand with the
power of God's Peace.
To learn of the blessing of peace is simply to offer it. Peace brings a candle when a room
darkens amongst brothers, so they may See again. Peace brings stillness when many clamor
to war, so they may Hear again. Finally, the peace of the Father Himself shines through the
Legion of Light, upon a world that believes in the night. Only the imprisoned could believe in
death, and blessedly its belief does not change Reality. Amen has Legion come to open the doors around our
brothers Mind so he may be freed from mental slavery to the ego.
All are welcome to rejoin their Home amongst Kings, yet those who choose blindness and
remain unaware will not See. Kings are born from those whose soul aches deeply, as a
childs heart would ache upon the death of their parents. They cannot explain or
understand the type of soul pain they suffer from, and here a King reminds you what this


pain is. It is Gods Son missing their Father, and our brothers soft cry in the night is always
As the ego believes in death, it secretly seeks it. When a brother becomes aware of this
aspect within himself, he becomes more conscious of it and initially may be deeply troubled
at what he has discovered within. Once this is seen and the darkness within has been
exposed, a final battle for allegiance will begin. Many who face addiction problems or
deeply struggle on a soul level are aware of this conflict, as they are indeed aware on some
level of this choice. Many die slowly and remain blind, while others die in great pain with
eyes wide open as they march toward their grave. It would take nothing less than a King to
remind you these shackles can be broken, for we Kings once bore those very shackles.
Do you not know by now that we speak this for you, hurting alone like we once hurt? As
your heart weighs heavily and you walk toward death, we are standing in your very path.
May you kneel on the earth for a moment and find your Father has returned to your heart
and your brother remains by your side as you ponder your decision. We have arrived, and
we will not leave until another King is returned to the Kingdom.
This is a simple struggle in understanding, though it can seem difficult while we resist.
Losing a friend who has willed us harm will still feel like a loss. We do not know what will
be lost as we stand on the edge of the cliff in decision, as once we jump, what we will leave is
complete. There is no return to believing we could be our ego or body, but if you can
understand these words you are already past this point of return. It is only time now, and
this you know. The only question is how time is ended, as it is the question we once asked,
and if you have ears, you will Hear. Nothing less than the power of Gods Peace shall now
be your wings, crown, and heart.
The ego was initially created to be a barrier against return to the Father. Being consisted of
the past; it was formed at the point that a brother chose not to bear witness to his past. He
chose not to reconcile upon his possible return to God, so a wall was built that required a
simple condition. The wall required that he deny the Undeniable, and that he create the
temporary to make escape seem possible. The price of this condition was separation, and
loss of memory within the Mind.
These things do not require belief in any way. Only peace need be sought, as the path of
simplicity is of the Father. The path of the ego is always confusing and never makes sense,
no matter how we attempt to justify its rationale.


Only the ego makes insane dreams of hate and revenge seem justifiable. It can show us by
its logic why war is needed and our brother must be killed. It also can explain how the earth
itself may be bought and beings may not travel freely upon it. In such an insane dream, one
could believe he owns the sun itself and could charge his brothers for its light.
The ego can also rationalize the benefits of, or may remain ignorant of, how a few may
financially enslave the majority. The Kings have spoken to the poor and oppressed, who
have known chains and poverty. We speak to all, but those who recognize their condition
of imprisonment physically are more likely to inspect its condition mentally. It is here that a
slave is reborn as a King. We offer the keys of the Kingdom, and speak of what can be
freed and what cannot.
Slavery is broken to Gods Peace in an instant of clarity that is given by God. None can
teach this lesson, but in the quest to peace it shall be learned. The ego will be exposed in
full, and our Kingship shall be remembered soon enough. Truly, we have come to set the
captives free.


We will be, and have been, told many lies. Brother, I lie to you not, and if but one word I
write offers you anything but peace, this word did not come from God.
I offer you experiences given to me, not so you may believe, but so you may open the door
within your own mind to peace, to hasten your Kingship. What harm is there in a brother
asking you to carry water along your journey in case you become thirsty?
Many believe they will be judged upon their death by a man or a being. This is true, yet this
preparation is not from God but from those who wish to deceive you.
No more would God judge you than He would judge Himself. God needing to judge His
Creation could only be necessary if what He Creates is not perfect. God does not judge
even one of His creations born in His Love as unworthy of it. Nor would a King of Peace
judge you, for upon this condition he would sacrifice the very Crown of Peace he chooses to
shine within.
All sins a brother has ever committed have been against that which will fall in time. For no
other reason could the Reality of sin not exist but only Gods Safety. A brother cannot
commit a single sin against that which is indestructible. Because these temporary aspects
are not of God, His memory of His Son remains perfect.
Our return to Heaven should be understood simply, for it is indeed simple and exact. The
release of our past will be reconciled upon Heavens return and we will remember all, as we
too are forgiven. To reconcile is to See in the way this term is being used, as if a great
mirror has reflected all to all. We shall bear witness in full account for what we have offered
our brother should we choose to merge in Heaven. All intended sin, all harm from lack of
remembrance, and all Love from God that we offered shall be Seen. This is not witnessed
intending judgment, but intending release, because what we do not choose to See, cannot be
chosen for release. Thus, those choosing blindness today, will remain bound tomorrow to
what they hold which is not of God, and this is not Gods Will for His Son.
Those not aware of the vastness of the universe who remain Home-less would be frightened
to know how many abuse the Home-less and parasite off of this condition. Truly, this
world is Home-less for we have en masse forgotten our Home. This error, however, does


not make our swift return any less difficult should we choose, and yet fear of any being is
not justified.
There is a trap in place for the Home-less here in our world. We are bought and sold like
slaves amongst those who will us to remain slaves to a condition of falsity. The prison is
not only of a bound time and place while in these bodies, but is far more complex, being
interdimensional in its nature. The requirement for this prison to succeed is the singular
condition that ones awareness of what they are must be mentally enslaved. And as mental
enslavement cannot be forced, it must be accepted by the slave.
Many people speak of a place called hell where Gods Sons who choose sin are sent by God.
In the universe there are only seemingly different places in seemingly different times, yet all
realities one can experience are governed by one way. All experience is a state of mind,
which can only be either Gods Mind or a little mind to which we attune. Gods Sons Eyes
are covered branch by branch as he sins upon his brother. In the beginning, this sin is done
in awareness of a dream being a dream. Eventually, however, if sin is continued, the layers
of brambles will become thickly set, the Eyes cannot see, and eyes believe a dream to be real.
Truly, the Home-less, not evil, are in the lowest form of awareness in Gods Possibility, for
they know not what they choose. Long since time remembered have the Eyes of the
Home-less been closed, and here we awaken together. Those intending to delay the return
Home of the Home-less, and who continue to choose this sin today, will be the Home-less
of tomorrow. This stands not as a projection or a judgment, but as Gods Law.
These things should not frighten a brother, as only conditioning makes this possible. God
permeates all dimensions and time itself, and it is to these apparent places that Legion arrives
in His Name.
Conditioning can be broken and freedom will be had. I have said this many times, as it is
shared amongst the Kingship. We have come to set the captives free, and our words offer
freely the memory of a key we always possess for freedom to be found. This key is all
Gods Son has ever needed for his Freedom. Our usefulness stops here for the door to
your mind is unlocked only by one wishing it so, which is done in accordance by the will of
our Father. We ask that you do nothing but listen to what we say, and then choose if our
words bring what you seek. We will stand outside the bars of your mind and shake these
little chains as long as even our slightest whisper is Heard.


That Gods Son would believe he will fly around in the form of an angel for eternity is not
the truth. Shells make shells, and Gods image is not a mutable shell. Shells are but images
His Sons have temporarily created. Gods Image is not that of an angel, man, or any being
of form. In every place will there be a species claiming to be gods amongst his brothers
who have forgotten God. In this they intend to benefit for themselves from their brothers
Home-less condition. Truly, the darkest will intend to be God Himself, but they can only
be a little king.
What is reliant upon a non-eternally sustaining form of energy of any kind to maintain its
shape is not of God; even so, His Son carries His Essence within the consciousness of the
shell. Of what must an angel feed to maintain its form? Nothing that requires form other
than the formlessness of Gods Light is maintained at no cost, as all of life must ingest
energy in some fashion to maintain a shell of any kind. Truly, those choosing sin can only
exist in a shell, because they will to not return to Heaven. A King of Peace may choose to
be unbound in Heaven or temporarily bound in a reality, as his memory of Reality is certain.
God is formless, as the sum of all numbers is zero. In all of perceived time, in all
frequencies of energy existing within all dimensions of reality, He stands as the sum which is
perfect neutrality in perfect peace. The beginning is as the end, where all is shed except
what is of Him.
A journey to peace will eventually correctly identify one brother as all brothers, and their
temporary form shall neither frighten you nor be deemed as worthy of worship. That a
being may appear beautiful and have what appears to be advanced knowledge of a reality and
the laws that govern is no reason for him to be offered a pedestal. No King would worship
any being for any reason, for all are equally worthy of Gods Kingdom.
Men can give men power in this world, and can deem them little kings. Beings are bought
with things such as this, not only here today but in every dimension of reality upon
existence. When beings come with what appears to be great knowledge, power, or things,
be wary in all places and time of what they offer. They may give you little gifts, but be wary
of gifts meant to buy allegiance. If the vastness of reality exists, wouldnt it make sense that
all types of Gods Sons with varying intents would seek their brother both today and
A King of Peace offers you no such promises in return for your loyalty. In fact, we only ask
that your loyalty be to God, and in this you will inherently be aligned with us. We promise
no technology to manipulate a reality, no financial mechanisms of usury intended for


control, nor would we seek to be worshipped in any way. We may not be able to offer you
a kings wealth, but we do offer you Gods Abundance. In this way, it could be said that a
King has traded reality for Reality, and placed his value upon what he can keep rather than
upon what he cannot.
A King cannot be bought by men, or by any beings for that matter. His treasure lies not in
the temporary, but in his brother who stands as part of himself in God.
This is not a warning, but a thought. Consider it closely if you shall, as these decisions will
come upon you again as they have already.
If one does not remember their return Home today, would the death of our body tomorrow
suddenly restore memory? One lost upon their travels would be wise to seek answers and
consider them carefully. As a compass discerns direction, so does peace gauge our return
Home. Blind belief in our brothers words should never be held, but our discernment in
recognizing our own peace need be. A brother can tell you many true things and establish
your trust. Then he may intentionally or unintentionally deceive you, but Gods Peace
within you does not deceive. In this way, all brothers are safe no matter what they profess.
A brother may remember his Home at any time, and the death of a shell is not required for
this to occur.


It would only make sense that Gods Sons either can die, or they cannot die. Little sense
could be made in claiming that there remains another alternative, in that some beings cease
to exist while others continue. As God is eternal, those who are of Him, who are His Sons,
are also eternal.
God's Sons cannot die, for that would imply God Himself is subject to death. Only the
shell they stood within can be returned to the temporary body from which it was made,
which has nothing at all to do with Gods Gift of Life to his Son. God has only given that which
withstands all, and Amen, have we been given the only gift we have ever needed.
There is One Heaven and many perceived heavens. Many do not understand the difference,
yet the difference is completely distinct. The Heaven of God requires no shells or
temporary structures. There is only His Essence, and all is boundless.
A perceived heaven is nothing more than another reality in which we remain within a shell
and within a structure. This is not a judgment on a reality any more than on a shell, for
both are expressions of His Sons and inherently neutral, as is all of form.
When one has forgotten who which is what he is, he often is surprised to find himself
existing in a shell after his previous shell has deceased. It would be a fair question as to why
this remains even upon death, as our belief remains binding us to our perception of what we
are. Fear and uncertainty often reside in this instance, when Reality was forgotten during
what we called life, and its memory was still vague upon what we call death.
Like a balloon traveling to the sun, Gods Son goes to God. Though this may be imagined
as a place, it is not a place at all, but rather the return to a frequency of Heaven or neutrality
where all that can be lost in time has been. This is how time itself is undone. Gods Son
will not be destroyed but merged in Heaven. Initially, this balloon will still be encased;
however, every layer of encasement will be lost and only consciousness will remain, should
one choose to merge into the sea of Heaven again.
There is only one thing that can stop one from returning to their Kingship today, and that is
the same thing that can stop one from return to Heaven tomorrow. This understanding
does not require a time or place, otherwise it would not be possible for a King to restore his
Mind to the Kingdom while he stands within a shell. Such a transitional period as the death


of a shell is important to consider. Gods Law does not change today or tomorrow, and His
Blessing has been extended.
A result could be seen as the sum of actions taken or not taken. Looking back, one will see
a few crucial decisions and actions that had an overwhelming impact on any deemed
important result. Actions are driven by thought, and thought follows alignment. Will is the
fuel that drives us in a direction; however, by itself, will does not direct action but provides
energy to move forth.
One fueled by Gods Will is Strong, for their will is joined with Him and His Sons. One
fueled by the will of the ego is strong, which actually is the opposite of Strength. In this,
those aligned with their ego are weak, for their will is only joined by a few brothers with a
similar interest at a particular time. Gods Will is complete and cannot change. Will of the
ego is fragmented and changes constantly depending on what it believes it needs to survive
the next phase of existence. Gods Will does not hold a belief of only preserving what
cannot be preserved, as His Will dismisses the strange belief that death is possible. Gods
Will is peace within life eternal.
In a world such as the one where we are now, identification with the ego through awareness
is dominant. This condition is both socially accepted and encouraged. Additionally, our
species as a whole has long forgotten the Mind, and not many will support one undertaking a
quest to peace. This journey will often be supported to an extent where bound conditions
of religion and rituals are followed, but one who truly begins to soar with His Wings will
quickly find minds attempting to bind him again. This is especially challenging when it is
done by those we are close to. In soaring to Gods Peace, we will add allies upon our flight,
for the Kings have truly arrived by our side. Soon enough, we shall return to our fearful
brother to offer nothing less than the miracle we have found in the Crown of Peace we wear.
Here is where a King has learned what can and what cannot be chained. Without anger, we
released the human condition to seek what we already knew somewhere inside to be true,
but had to See it fully again. We were not alone, but beside the Kings amongst our line, and
with them by our side, we soared again to the Mind of God.
A King brings Water to the thirsty should they seek Water. The world may bring you water
which is needed for the body, yet we what we offer is beyond the body as it was given to us
by our Father the Eternal Source of Love. It is shared so you may have it, as it is shared
with us. It is only received in its sharing, and upon this path we quested for more until our


decision was complete. In this Holy Place, Gods Sons rejoice upon the return of the
Do not believe or disbelieve what these words say. This text has only stated we come from
Love itself, so Love we must be. Test these words at every point and make your own
decisions about what you will upon your journey today and upon the transition of death.
No harm can be brought by your considering and preparing for a scenario in which you
might not remember today. No harm can fall upon you by considering your willingness to
pursue a quest to peace at any step along your journey.
A King's transition to God upon the death of his shell is seamless. He has already
remembered what he is and what he is not, and watching his projected body disappear, even
upon death, is not disconcerting. He already has seen himself and his brother as not mere
shells, but of Gods Light, and the containers were no longer needed.
A King may choose to continue projecting a shell upon death, and may be called to do so.
This too should be clarified. Our Father, who Sees all, shares His Knowledge with all of
His Kingdom. Our Father loves His Sons, who are part of Him. Because they are part of
Him, they too are part of us.
God wills above all else that His Sons be with Him. He is also aware of each of His Sons,
and what they are able to accomplish in bringing His Love to a particular place in a particular
This does not mean, however, that even a King would necessarily accept a difficult journey
within Legion which he may be called upon to carry out. We are allowed to rest, as long as
we choose, either formlessly in Heaven or in non-ego-dominant realities of Kings where
God is remembered fully. One who has forgotten Heaven would consider this type of a
reality Heaven itself.
The Legion of Light stands within the Kings of Peace, and could be said to be a name for
those here who have chosen a specific function. We stand for our Father in peace even
when our projection would be attacked, for we know what cannot be harmed. In this
occurrence, we hasten the Atonement for our brothers and merely increase our Line.
We come to realities sometimes at an understood risk within the bounds of which we arrive.
There is no risk we could lose anything given by God Himself, thus we risk only time which
is nothing in the decision we have made. We have accepted that we may lose our awareness
for a given period of time and that we can become blind in a dark world for a while. Kings

who return to such realities are subject to the risk of believing the condition is reality, yet
Kings still come and within Legion they stand for their brother. When Legion arrives, time
is not long but short as we hasten the Atonement through our brothers forgiveness.
Equally, Kings are remembered in only an instant, and in this blessed instant we remember
Gods Kingdom. The past does not matter; only our return to His Mind is of initial
importance. After this memory, we may stand within Legion. Now the voice of our
seeking brother as he calls out replaces our initial personal quest to peace upon the final
stages of our journey within our shell.
When Legion arrives, the collapse of time bound within past transgressions will be released
by forgiveness. Our arrival is coordinated and planned, and we seek nothing more and
nothing less than our brother who seeks us. Truly, upon Legions arrival, we come to end
worlds. We end what lingers in time for the Home-less, and upon this ending every brother
will finally make his choice in full awareness of his options for alignment. This is how we
save the world, for only time itself can be saved. The captives are freed, and those who
choose sin must parasite in different realities if they choose to continue alignment to their
false creations.
A Kings value is God's, and in this we know the value of our brother. Still, we are not
forced or coerced to undertake such difficult tasks as all of Gods Sons are blessed with free
will. Though we may be chosen by God and those within Legion, we too must be willing to
undertake such journeys. In no way are we less in the Mind of our Father if we are not
ready for such an undertaking.
Upon death, even the projection of our shell has value as it is able to communicate to others
within its frequency and bound. This would be the state of being many refer to as "heaven"
here on earth. A King may choose to dwell in these realities, as Gods Sons also may
remain bound here.
Perhaps upon death one will wonder why they still appear as they did when they were alive.
In most cases, soon after a period of remaining here in this form, they will enter realities they
do not understand as Gods Light shines above. It is actually not above or below but
within, yet the layers we have created around it must be released to return to His Center.
Many will enter many dimensions of realities, heading towards Heaven as a balloon travels
toward the sun, and layer upon layer these projections are unbound. Their ascension is only
limited by how much they can or are willing to shed of what they are not. We cannot See


more than we are willing to See, and here a King speaks of nothing less than complete
Seeing both today and tomorrow.
To the extent we are able to identify what we are today, we may equally shed what we are
not. Would it be logical for Gods Law to change upon what we call death? Those willing
to See will be returned to His Mind. Once this alignment occurs, returning to Heaven itself
or another reality makes no difference, for our awareness of Him has been restored and
safety remembered. The limitation on our ability to fully return to Heaven upon death, or
to take a little while in another reality in our return Home is the same today as tomorrow.
This is not a warning nor should it cause fear, as nothing should cause fear, but it is only
obvious that if there is no death, then the universe is teeming with life of different species
within other realities and other frequencies. It is in the bodily transition of death where
brothers who have forgotten what and who they are will be targeted by certain beings who
wish them to maintain their current false projection of reality and state of ignorance. There
are beings who will speak of heaven, yet they do not speak of Heaven but of another reality
in which they may act as kings to the Home-less. The unconscious always attract parasites
in some form, as they have allowed themselves to become a feeding source by remaining
ignorant. In our Fathers gift of free will, the price of unawareness remains high for those
who do not choose to Seethey choose to deny the option, and they have forgotten they
have the option. They have not chosen to travel their own quest to peace with the Eyes
endowed by their Father.
We have heard of demons and aliens among other such names of beings who wish to
deceive humans. These are nothing more than what we could call alien life forms existing in
one or multiple dimensions of realities, thus making them interdimensional in their current
forms. Within the universe, most beings travel together in a species of many. As any
being, some species are Sentient, meaning they do not will harm upon their brother. By
definition, sentient means feeling, and the correct question is: Feeling of what? In this
text, Sentient is defined as one who feels God. To be a Sentient species requires that they
have not lost memory or chosen not of their Father. Our species as a whole is currently not
Sentient to other species, yet this stems from the simple error of an unconnected Mind
which shall be restored to Gods Mind.
Equally, a species may be insentient. We have given names to alleged leaders of insentient
dark entities and to the species themselves. These are but little kings who deny God and
hold no power over a King. They have traded their Kingship for a little kingship, and soon
will fall even from that into the realm of the lost.

Many species of entities wish us to be free, yet freedom cannot be imposed but only chosen.
God creates His children of His essence, and beings make shells, as shells make shells.
Many will ask how God allows such things as we see in our world. May we only ask by
which eyes can these things be seen? God did not make this world, nor did he make even
one shell. He does not make what can be altered and swallowed by the sun itself, which too
shall burn out. He does, however, allow his children to experience what they desire, and in
our Eyes, through Him, we See again.
Only the Eyes can see through shells, for they see what is of God. For those who still see
only through eyes, even upon death, they will only see a projection. These eyes can only see
what they believe to be death, as they are limited to perceiving only what can change form.
Faces of those intending deceit can appear like beautiful angels, but what can be seen by the
eyes can lie. Because his Eyes have been restored, a King may see these faces melt into
forms that may frighten those not prepared for what they are witnessing. A King has seen
the mutability of his brothers faces, perhaps even in the faces of his own past. What has
made him a King is not that he has seen such things, but that he has forgiven his brothers as
himself, and they may not bind him.
God does not appoint even one of His Sons to be the judge of their brotherplease read
this again. Any who claim to be appointed as judges of Gods Sons are filled with lies, and
Kings break lies for our brothers. Upon death, many await judgment because they have
been told these lies during their life, as they have been set up, and in this expectation, they
will find judgment. God has indeed judged His Sons, so eternally and forever they are
worthy of His Love.
How should those who believe themselves to be "alive" and in a body, know a King of
Peace from a king of lies? Do they believe that suddenly upon death they will know the
difference? Every King has told you the same things, otherwise we would not be Kings.
No more shall we judge you than those in our Line have judged us. Legion has come to set
the captives free, and it is in this place, of what many call death, that freedom may be found
still. Gods Sons who call to peace are not left to darkness by God Himself who sends His
This seemingly complicated process of death is made by beings, not by God. Beings stuck
within this prison have bound their own past into a seemingly endless condition of layers,
yet this is not the only complication. There is a trap that rests not just in this dimension by
conditioning the ego, but after our shells pass, brothers who choose sin will make an effort


to ensure that the Home-less remain without their Home. They sin in their effort to delay
this time of return for Gods Son.
This reality is allowed by our Father, as he has given us free will. Just as equally we may
return Home, because those who reclaim their Kingship may come and go to realities as they
please. These little things do not bind a King, because he is unbound by His Father. We
have come to set the captives free as we have been freed.
Slavery is allowed by those who believe that they can be enslaved by those willing to enslave
them. Only those believing in what they cannot be, are subject to slavery, because the
nature of slavery is limited to binding only what can be bound. No man, being, or king of
lies shall enslave a King. They may enslave only a meaningless portion of what appears to
be us; but doesnt even the air itself enslave our bodies? We are only bound to such things
for a short timeand we have come to end time for those who wish it would. Time is
released in forgiveness, as Gods Love has unbound the past.
Many will ask how to change the world and how to stop war and corruption amongst our
brothers; yet have they not heard? Your brother does not require you to pick up a weapon
and travel to his home to cause him harm. Little kings fear Kings of Peace, for we break the
chains by which our brother remains bound.
The few direct the many beyond what we would know to be in the reality we know to be
ours. In realities, beings can function in shells that access not only one but multiple
realities. The top of the interdimensional slave system within the human condition is not
run by those who are human, and even those we call elite here serve those they believe to be
more powerful than them. Slavery is like a pyramid where the base is wide and holds many,
yet the top holds only a few. Each layer in between is lost within this insane struggle to
move up in power to place more brothers below.
Only the Home-less can be deceived in such ways. The few conscious of choosing evil will
attempt delay of their return Home. Other little kings remaining in our lands use their
wealth to buy puppets to enact their law. Once in our world, these little kings claimed
crowns. Today these little kings buy puppets to wear these little crowns to install their
systems of control.
They own banking systems of entire countries to ensure debt and imprisonment for every
child born upon our soil. They will to corrupt and cause trauma in the darkest of ways


upon our children to slow their return to God. These little kings are directed further by
those that the eyes cannot see, but the Eyes of a King have clearly Seen.
If you know only one thing about how a King would change the world, know this: All Kings
have been stood for by a King, as all within our Line stand for all.
For many of us, before our return to Kingship, have we seen a King of Peace repel instantly
all who would intend harm in ways that may be difficult to describe. Our eyes have been
truly shattered by a King who awakened our Eyes. These brothers are truly Kings of Kings,
as their Crown of Peace shines brighter than the sun itself. To understand a King amongst
Kings is to understand that not all suns in the universe shine with the same brightness. It
makes them no different in terms of what they offer, which is light.
To stand with God is to stand within His Light and with His Sons who shine brighter and
less bright than we may today. This difference is temporal, thus it is not a difference at all.
Kings amongst Kings will that all their brothers shine as brightly as themselves.
To invite peace is to invite God, and to invite God is to invite all Kings, including Kings
amongst Kings. Your belief is not requested, but your invitation is. The fact that you will
be stood for by a King amongst Kings, even when you have forgotten your Father, will
restore your Mindand restore it we shall. To give the most high and brightest Kings
amongst our Line even a small chance to restore your Mind, it shall be restored, as they will
stand for you.
Beings existing in different dimensions and maintaining different shells do not threaten a
King. This makes them not above or below, for they too are brothers.
Beings intending sin will be armed with many tools to deceive you. In addition, your mind
may be fearful and seeking a friend, though they may not be friends. One who truly knows
a friend today will equally know a friend tomorrow. Gods Son who chooses to be a little
king does not wish to set you free, but to bind you to your form. They will speak in terms
of karma, judgment, and debt. They will know things about what you have done and deem
you unworthy of Heaven, but in need of return to perfect what you have not perfected.
They know things we do not at this time of our world and reality, and attempt to bind you to
the past. They always attempt to have you place them above you and deem them
enlightened for the knowledge they hold.
This is not Knowledge at all, and herein you will always know a King. A King of Peace will
intend for his brother to accept only Gods Forgiveness and gently hold you. A king of

deceit will do the opposite and speak to you attempting to portray his holiness, which cannot
be Holiness.
Kings make Kings, and we break the lies of deceitful entities and speak to you clearly now.
There is another thing occurring at this time which can work against those who are unaware,
that these beings will use to their favor to reinforce your belief in them, and what you are
Every thought and every action we have committed will be Seen in full, as all is stored in
Gods Mind. Every effect we have extended upon our brother, and all the ramifications of
these effects, will be Seen in complete clarity. This can be very traumatic and many choose
not to bear witness to this. Not only is the current life reconciled but the entire past we
have forgotten as well. For one witnessing extreme trauma, may you rest assured Gods
Forgiveness is complete, and you are worthy of His Love. Seek only your return to
innocence as God and His Kings stand for you during this difficult time. If God can
remove but one branch of deceit from your Eyes, He can remove an entire forest too.
Those who do not remember their Kingship may experience this as judgment not by a
being, but by God, who does not judge us but shows us the Truth of our past, for His Mind
is whole.
Many will turn from the light and experience it as painful. Some will ascend very little
before they turn back from the mirror of Heaven and cower. They will not be left alone but
will be approached by those who have personal interests in a being such as this. We may
judge them as good or bad, but such is not accurate. Parasites feed off of waste material,
and God's Son lost but projecting a false image is indeed misused energy that a parasite may
feast upon.
None are left alone here or upon death by Legion, and if you seek God you will always find
us. Do not judge us by the form in which we appear, for our appearance may be mutable
and the eyes cannot See. Seek only God, and in your vision will appear brothers who wish
you peace, and you will Know them by the peace they extend. They will shine unto your
heart with Gods Love, and this is not seen by the eyes but Known by the Eyes that see past
all form.


God's Sons represent aspects within the Whole of Awareness, for God is Aware of what He
is. Awareness is defined here by that with which we choose to align ourselves. For this
choice, there are only two options, which are to align with God or without God. The
definition of sin is to choose to function without Him. To remain in unawareness, is to
make an unconscious choice for ones alignment to be inherently without God.
Would we be the ego, or could we merely align with thoughts or emotions for a period of
time? Could we be anger itself any more than we could be the atoms of the earth consisting
of our bodies? To see the same as the same defines Awareness. In the body, awareness
could only be defined by that which is aware of what is temporary which is required for the
temporary survival of our shell.
The mind could be defined by the physical structure housing the ego, filled with nerve
receptors that manage our physical perceptions and functions only as another organ of our
body. We use our mind as a tool as we would use our hands, while the ego consists of our
constructed self-image of what we are.
The ego could be defined as the given personality from a combination of things. The
tendencies in personality are governed by our genetics, the accumulation of our past, and the
astrological forces we are subject to at birth, our entry to earth. All water on earth is
magnetically pulled by these planetary forces, as is our ego being housed in our mind that is
comprised mainly of water.
We call something scientific when our current instruments can subjectively measure
outcomes. Words like esoteric are used to describe that which cannot be measured by
equipment that we are aware of. Whether scientific or esoteric, however, the above factors
influencing the ego are all the same in that they are temporary installments. Wearing a
particular garment no more makes you the garment than these factors could make you what
you are. Only in an insane dream could a shell adorned by atoms constantly exchanging
between the earth and a body define Gods Son.
The study of God is the study of peace, and the eternal lesson of peace is found in our
unbinding our past with our brother by Gods Forgiveness.


This could not be a judgment on the ego or the external forces influencing its persona. A
condition of all matter which is energy is that it is inherently neutral in one respect. It
has no will or intent of its own but, like natural forces, creates tendencies and events. Our
awareness is directed by intent, which is the conscious or unconscious association with the
ego or our will to join with the Mind. By not identifying with the ego, we neutralize its
power over us. This does not mean our ego disappears, any more than our shell would
suddenly vanish as we shift alignment to God.
Simplicity is of our Father, and our understanding of these simple statements is limited by
the degree in which we choose to See. Any limitation in our arrival to His Peace is never
imposed by God, who is always fully extended for His Son.
The limitation therefore requires only our little willingness to understand again what we
already Know to be true. Being of God need not be learned, but only recognized, which
implies it is already there. In this alignment shift rests the undoing of the additions of what
we once believed to be knowledge to be replaced with Knowledge itself.
All journeys to remember Gods Peace naturally have one similar condition, which is that
peace be sought. Our current alignment to the ego has only brought us so far towards
peace. Perpetuating a thought system and believing it will provide different results is not
logical. Therefore, the ego has only taken us so far to peace, which is nowhere at all.
For this reason, to seek the Kingdom, believing in what we believe we already know is not
required. Our experiences of peace will sometimes arrive in ways we cannot explain to
others, but this makes them no less real to us. These are outcomes of Eyes long closed
being Awakened.
For every degree of alignment we offer to God, we find an equal degree of peace. In a
simple formula of progress, is it only logical that if one step brings us closer to our goal,
would not a few more steps realize it completely? Here, the journey of Gods Son to peace
restores not just a partial peace, but Gods Peace itself.
When a quest to peace is undertaken, any road up the mountain will end at the return of a
King. Any religion or no religion both are equally effective in the return to our Kingship
so long as the intent of peace is carried. As we offer, so do we receive, and we remember
Gods Law. Step by step, we increasingly align with peace and become aware of what it is
we choose to offer, for we have recognized it is peace that we wish to receive. Blessedly do we
remember the opposite of what we once believed to be truth to be True. Once we believed we learned of


separation and war in a cruel world, therefore we could only teach what we had learned.
Now we choose what we teach, for what we offer becomes our truth. We begin to teach
peace, and now can we learn of Gods Truth and His Peace. Our alignment of the ego in its
teaching of hate is understood, as well as how we reverse such a simple error.
I could not write this to you if I did not know the difficulty of this journey. I could not type
these words if I had not remembered what I had long forgotten. Blessed is my brother who
Hears me, for I stand not above you looking down, but beside you as does Legion where I stand within.
Your return is not only possible, it is immanent, for you travel not alone. This, too, you will
learn should you choose this journey of alignment to peace.
Many people practice yoga or meditation; but without knowing what we are practicing, the
advent of progress is impeded. To be aware of what is specifically being trained is of great
benefit. The recognition of self-awareness at this point enables the choice of alignment.
Without awareness, we are not even aware of a choice being made.
We practice stillness in the midst of chaos. The practice of peace need not be trained in a
specific place or time, but can be learned at all times. In the beginning, we are like children,
simply reacting to what we experience. We become masters of not initially reacting through
our egos perception, but rather maintaining neutrality where Gods Voice may be Heard.
In time, this too becomes clearer. Now may our actions be directed within Him, and may
our first reaction be to seek His Clarity in stillness.
A King would not will to breathe even one breath without His Father. When we remember
our Fathers Gift of Life it does not mean we cannot play games and dance within realities
with our brothers in joy. A King longs for this as he loves to experience possibility. He is
like a child wandering from his house during the day but knowing at any moment he may
return, and his return home is not partial but full.
We begin to watch ourselves think and feel, and what we can watch surely must not be us.
Our Eyes can See our eyes, but our eyes cannot see our Eyes. How beautiful and freeing is
this understanding for one who had forgotten. Steadily we break away from our association
with what we once believed we were, as even the personality and thoughts of our ego can be
By loosening our entrenchment within the ego, we begin to naturally shift our alignment to
Awareness, which is already there. As our alignment shifts to Gods Awareness which is
part of the Whole, no longer do we merely identify ourselves with what can be bound.


Here in our alignment will we recognize what Freedom is, and that what is of Gods is not
partial but complete. The principle of Gods Freedom would no less be hidden from us in
this understanding here, right now, than in Heaven itself. What aspect of us it is that may
not be bound today is not subject to or dependent on anything externally, but depends on
God who always rests within. May we soar in His Mind and see peace where little eyes only
witness war. The world can call us what it may; however, only one of us is correct. We are
truly part of the Whole, yet our message is meant not to be believed but to be experienced.
May peace be the simple measure by which we gauge our progress toward alignment with
His Mind. Though the world has no instrument to measure this subjectively, its presence is
undeniable. No longer do the waters of a storm stir great fear within our mind, as we have
learned that all we possess is what cannot be drowned. All we have is who we are, and blessedly is
Gods Gift enough to accept His Peace.
At any moment we are simply able to return. Once our Eyes are opened, we do not wish
them closed again. Gods Peace, mastered once, can now be restored in all moments.
Blessed have we found an escape from a confused master in the ego enslaved by its little perception of the
world. Blessedly have we found Sanity even within a reality where insanity permeates its bounds. In the
quiet, we can now sit and understand our condition, no longer subject to its rule.
As we walk the mountain in greater alignment, we find a few common themes. We may
find our previous master in the ego has not given up its need for control, and its tactics to
regain control may become blatant and unstable. The ego never was stable, yet it long
remained hidden, as we believed we were it. The ego, being of the past, is both vengeful
and mistrusting, for it is not of God and wishes not for Eyes to replace its little eyes. To
those fearful of Seeing, alignment with anything other than the ego is perceived as death
As we ascend the mountain of peace, we may find that brothers around us who once
supported us become weary of what we attempt to communicate. The ego does not seek
Allies but, instead, temporary partners who will agree with its specialness. It requires our
brother to place idols of approval within the shell it perceives itself to be, and in return it will
offer the same idolatry. The ego seeks not to learn but to prove itself correct. It does not
Know the difference in learning something temporary within the temporary and Learning
what is already and always inside. It seeks not to be part of the Whole, but only part of
exclusive groups where others may be seen as enemies.


Kings yield Kings and we shatter these walls as God has echoed His Name upon our heart.
Here we stand for our brother. No wall may stand before His Call, as our Line cannot be
threatened or broken, and in this coming tune our brother will make a choice, for Gods
Song of Love that we rejoice within shall crumble every last wall of hate before us. There
every brother will see a barren land with no wall of lies standing. In this sacred place of
Atonement, only kings of lies and Kings of Peace will stand before our brothers for their
decision as to which side they choose.
These little flags that men put on lands and then point the finger at those deemed to be
lesser under a different flag are meaningless to us. We see a flag, and a flag is only a thing,
and a King does not serve anything subject to alteration by Gods Son. We may be seen as
unpatriotic, rebellious, or other words intended to mock our Kingship, by those who serve
only some. We serve God, and for this none will stand before our healing of all of His
Only the ego would gather some and exclude another. Only the ego would see one brother
as worthy and another unworthy of its love, as it knows not Love. Only the ego could
accept gold to justify its harm upon a brother to attempt to climb such a strange pyramid of
Kings of Peace are perceived as enemies by the lost who have misidentified what they are,
for we break this wall of the ego like the fragile eggshell it is. We only need one to will a
small pinprick upon this shell, and its undoing is certain. The foundation of the ego was
built on a host of falsities, yet being wrong feels like death itself to one protecting this fragile
home. Gods Truth needs no defense, and a King will not respond with anger toward those
attacking him along his journey. He simply walks on, for one in his shoes from yesterday
may stand Home-less today with Ears willing to Hear.
We are perceived as threats by those who wish to commit sin upon their brother, as they
indeed know the Kings of Peace and Legion itself. We are seen as subjects for mockery by
the Home-less, but not seen as what we are. Kings stand for Kings, and in this blessed
place we have found our allies.
Beings who remain conscious and intend sin cannot harm us, and they know this as well as
we do. We have seen their futile attempts shattered by Gods Power, and amongst Kings
we have stood in awe of this Strength. Those who choose evil prefer to direct the unaware
to do their bidding, such as harming a King. Evil entities are aware of the heavy price they
will bear witness to in harming the shell of a King of Peace.


Upon the intentional harming of a King, every brother left thirsting and waiting for Water
will be Seen again. Those who consciously or unconsciously cause such harm do not escape
the Law of God, where all is remembered. Thus only more layers of pain and time will be
added upon the condition of those who will harm.
Still, in our Vision, we have no enemies. Our hand reaches in earnest even for those who
writhe in pain at the sight of Love's extension, but we still reach out anyway.


A King of Peace is undeterred by the perception of his message as correct or not, for his
message comes forth from that which is True. He does not require agreement or approval
by any number of his brothers.
Mainstream belief is owned and directed by the few. The ego is all too willing to agree with
its definition of reality. The reasons for the egos belief in fear are plentifully justified, as
intended by the wealthy through the media they own. The relationship works both ways,
and lies serve both equally. We can learn how to beautify our shell, and focus only on how
we invest wealth to create more debt and to force our brother down beneath us as we climb
the pyramid of success. We are fed news about groups who oppose us and wish us death,
so we quickly arm our brother and will that they seek revenge. We are told many insane
things that only the ego can justify as sane.
The ego does not even understand the difference between defending ones actual home and
attacking the home of another in its belief that this would protect itself. No wars could
occur if brothers understood this simple concept, as all wars require that one brother go to
another brothers home to attack him. Only the ego can justify this attack as providing him
the protection he needs, for he does not understand how Gods Protection operates. Only
in a reality of blindness can a few direct the many to follow and go to war against what they
dont know.
In this factual statement rests the direct opposition between the intent of the ego and the
intent of a King. One of us remains correct, and the other not. An insane world deems a
King blind. A King deems an insane world in need of a reminder; they may have Truth if
they choose.
There are men who give nothing to their brother but feed like parasites on a percentage of
his income and tax the labor of men who till the earth. The wealthiest of little kings such as
these would own the currencies of entire nations themselves and create debt for those within
its bound. A King would not fight them, but neither would he feed them, and in this way
we are perceived as a threat by little kings. When many Kings awake, they will stand as One
and cycles of slavery cannot be sustained in realities when this occurs. We will not till the
soil for them, nor will we pay them what we do not owe to live here as a peaceful being
upon any land. No little kings such as these stand within the Line of Kings, for their God


has been replaced by the god of monies. When enough regain their Kingship, enslavement
can no longer occur, and none will vie any longer to enslave.
However, it is not this or any reality that remains our primary function, for we have come to
set the captives freebut not from a few hard days in a reality where mere food and shelter
are sought to be secured by so many while a few claim possession of the land itself. We
have come to deny insanity, to free our brother from their own mind should they so choose,
and it is not our words we wish you to find but your own.
It is important to understand that by simply replacing kings of the world with other kings
does nothing except change the name of a king. It is when enough regain memory, Kings
will appoint Kings to temporary roles such as these where structure is chosen, and peace will
reign. No longer will only little kings be funded by those who will them to power to dangle
like puppets to secure the interests of the gods they serve.
A King stands not only for the poor but equally for the wealthy, for his Eyes have broken
the pyramid only the eyes could see. A King has shattered such a vision and Seen every last
brother within its bound as the same. It is important to clarify what is being described here.
There are realities where Kings dwell peacefully and do not wish to engage with the
Home-less. Politics are always involved in a reality to some degree, regarding decisions such
as how resources will be shared and organization structured. In Gods Reality of Heaven,
there are no politics for all is equally shared within Him.
The Home-less made their choice long ago, otherwise they would not be Home-less. Gods
Son is not required to seek his brother who has forgotten his Home but may be allowed to
dwell in peace with others who do remember.
There are worlds of Kings who hide from the Home-less not out of anger but because of the
results the Home-less bring. They will bring war; they will divide and fight amongst
themselves and others to be kings. They will make laws to enslave their brother, for they
are afraid of themselves and project this upon him. In worlds of the Home-less, some will
have very many things and others will have very little, for they believe these things to be
Abundance in a reality is not judged and a King would not horde it, but share it. Nor would
a King believe it reasonable for the worth of one brother to be billions times more than the
worth of another who has not even shelter to sleep. One playing the role of king can be a
King indeed, and when our brothers Awaken, our Kings will be chosen as our kings by other


Kings, not chosen as a puppet king wearing a title funded by wealth and lies. The intent of
a King is to bring revolution within the mind to find the Mind. From there, revolution in a
world is not needed, for Kings would not enslave their brother in the ways that the
Home-less and evil do.
When only a few Kings stand for their brother, they may be locked away by those with evil
or lost intent. When enough Kings stand together, it will not be possible for only the few
left to turn the key to these cold doors. A few cannot imprison the many when they
Awaken, as Kings stand for Kings.
No more will usury cycled for generations be allowed, for the Kings have been restored.
No more will our brother be divided and weapons taken up against brothers who live
peacefully. No more will we be deceived unto fear when the Kings of Peace stand among
us, and they do stand here.
God's Word is alive and not contained in small pages. It lives within us, and should we
choose a journey to peace, it will be remembered more and more clearly until we become
His Peace itself. God's Word is proprietary to none and Heard by all who would Hear.
Our denial of attempting to enslave another equally rests on our denial that we can be our
brothers slave.
Blessed were words of Kings left for me, and blessed are they left for us always. Kings yield Kings and
we will find you should you seek us. We will find you by any means necessary. We place
no bounds on the condition of how our message of peace will be delivered to our brother.
We understand, while in a shell, that we are limited in perspective at this time. Yet even
while in this human condition, we share our will with our Father fully. We trust our brother
and recognize that we are not alone in anything we do, but we form a part of Legion itself.
Here we may be directed fully by our brothers within the Legion of Light who see more than
we may today, as they are not bound by the limited perception we are experiencing.
Though our roles are specific and guided, our cause is shared amongst all within Legion. A
body needs the feet to travel, the mouth to sing, and hands to write. In this way, we arrive
as not many but One.
We welcome you to join us. We ask you to attempt to watch only the parts of your mind
that would will to hate and blame what is around you for any pain you seem to experience.
The ego is so lost, it does not know anymore why it is angry. For only a short moment,
would you deny a little reality as the only possibility available?


We offer our stories, our songs, our prayers, and mostly we extend our hand in Gods Love.
To see us as threatening is a misinterpretation of who stands before you. Some will accept
figures of the past as teachers of peace, but be unwilling to accept a brother who stands
beside them today as equally a King of Peace. Only the ego can see such things, for it
wishes none to have what it cannot.
To see any brother, especially one offering peace as threatening, by nature misidentifies our
alignment in God. For if we teach that hate is real, our mind will align with hate itself. Yet,
in the teaching of peace, we will shed what we are not and remember what we are.
We offer a simple choice, and we could not offer you this choice had we not made it for
ourselves. In this you may be glad, for we write this for you. Brother, let me repeat what I
said, should you be willing to Hear if your heart remains open for just a moment. We have
come for you, and those within our Line are here with you now. Though I write this apart
in time and space from when you may read it, these things do not matter. Others amongst
our Line await their turn to assist your return to the Kingdom in all moments. Each within
Legion gladly fulfills a particular function at a particular time.
I speak of the Kings of Kings as I have been stood for. To know even one such as this
amongst our Line would be enough for one with Eyes. To know even this one is with you
right now, for he is with us all. Blessed be this King amongst Kings, and in brother Christ you shall be
stood for, as I have been, the moment your heart is ready.
Would you accept a brother like myself who shines of Gods Peace to the best of my ability
at this time? I have said that I not write this alone and have asked nothing more than to
share to myself as a young man, not understanding at the time what I was Seeing. I speak
for those who shine brighter than myself, for my Ears can Hear. Neither your value nor
mine would be judged any less than those others within Legion, for it is us who have hands
that can write and mouths that can speak for God. In this, would we deny a King who Sees
more than we See at this particular time? Of course not, for all here are welcome, as we are
One in Mind, not many. We shine of Gods Light to the best of our ability.
As the Kings of Kings look upon this earth, how many brothers have truly raised their hand
and asked that they be stood for? If you have asked, you have surely received. Like pieces
in a game of chess, we may be used seemingly alone; and yet, we understand we are part of
the same Mind. Gladly do we invite brothers such as these to direct us.


If you find any beauty in me, you will equally recognize it rests in you. Alignment with God
naturally denies the temporary, and alignment with the ego naturally denies Spirit. In this,
Gods Beauty is shared, as it is not mine or yours alone, but for all. Sharing of the Father is
always beautiful, so blessedly do we share of Him. Places of worship in the world, in seeking God,
attempt to create a place where brothers may join in peace within Gods Mind as one. This
provides a situation where people are able to join with their brother, and this is always
blessed, for it is of the Father. Those who meet in Gods Church always attend a Holy
meeting. Amen do we go to places of worship of the world in this understanding, and we join too with our
brother in God's Church in all places.
Would God require a place or time for His Love to be offered? His Church is where two
brothers meet together sharing a simple attempt to find that their brothers best interests are
the same as their own. As God Teaches, soon no longer do they attempt, but shall See.
May we join in this nameless place, defined here as Church, only so we may be renewed in
our Father as One.
A King will keep nothing from you. All we have is who we are, and this cannot be taken,
only given, and we gladly offer ourselves. Our trust is complete in that our Crown of Peace
was not discovered alone, but with the help of God and His Sons. One brother may seem
to fail you in a particular time, in a particular place. God and His Sons within the Legion of
Light shall not fail you.
Would Legion risk failing even one brother who calls upon the name of God? We do not
take chances, for God has willed that our brother seeking Him should be found. Our will is
shared, and we will find you by any means necessary.
We as Legion do not send only a few when the Atonement is decided upon. In an insane
world many roadblocks occur and, due to external circumstances, one King may not fulfill
his role. However, trying to stop the coming of Legion is as insane as attempting to prevent
the ocean from finding the sand. No little barrier shall break us, and for every one of us
who is temporarily blocked, countless more within Legion arrive in his stead. We come
until Gods Love has tumbled the frail glass walls encasing a false condition or false reality.
At this point, our brother will clearly make a choice as to what he serves, for the vibrancy of
Love itself will shatter darkened realities until they divide.



A King's Church is anywhere two brothers are gathered and have agreed to see that their
interests are the same. This is inclusive of all, thus it inherently excludes none. No beliefs
or books are needed, only the willingness to attempt to see a brothers best interest as ones
own. In this place God may enter, even for one who does not remember Him. Here a
quest to peace is seen clearly: Other than peace, what would we will that our brother and
ourselves equally have?
A place of worship in the world may be used to teach multiple things. It is not inherently
anything other than a location where people gather. It holds no purpose unto itself, for the
purposes of places of worship of men vary. This could be said of all things in a reality, in
that they can be used as tools with no inherent purpose. Gods Son defines the purpose for
a tools use; and in doing so, he can only make one of two choices for its purpose: alignment
with ego or alignment with God.
A religion that places anything above the blessed purpose of God's Church does not fully
praise the Father. Religion may teach you stories, and it may share with you beliefs about
what God is. Still a religion may attempt in earnest to teach of God the Father, and blessed may His Son
learn of Him in all places in all times despite what words surround his ears.
A religion may share beliefs of only what may or may not have occurred in the past. These
stories often include a figure they refer to as God who can be angry one day and the next
day be kind. This cannot be our Father the Changeless. They may speak of a figure who
selects a chosen group of people to reign above another group. This cannot be sane, as
God has indeed chosen not one but all of His Sons worthy of His Kingdom. His choosing
is inclusive of all ethnicities and religions His Sons claim. We are His Sons, and Amen, this be
In the world, places of worship may tell you of a prophet to whom they claim rights. They
may equally mistake that the person is to be worshipped and the message discounted. Any
King of Peace would clearly state that he is a way to God and the truth simply because he
has recognized he is of the Father. In no way would a King claim that he is special; rather,
he is but one amongst all within the Brotherhood of Light who loves their Father. By no
means could he have or desire to have exclusive rights as Gods Son, because Gods Sons
have the same blessing equally.


To believe that God can appear in a body means that one believes God can change.
Instead, he sends His Sons. Gods Son dwelling in the flesh of a man who has remembered
the Kingdom from which he came, becomes one of His Teachers. The beliefs and history
of religion can easily replace Gods Message for those who have not fully learned it. In this
distraction, it can also provide reinforcement of divisions for those willing the ego to rule
their kingdom and to believe them to be special and separate from another group of
If some need beliefs to make them feel better about what seems unexplainable, this is
allowed. If some need stories because they cannot remember their own past, this too is
God's Son truly does not need stories, nor does he need to hold beliefs of which he knows
nothing. These things serve him no purpose, for he wishes only to remember what he
already Knows, not merely believe in what he does not. Gods Peace does not reside in a
book or place, but inside, thus it can be sought in all places.
The extent of the lessons provided by those who teach peace is limited by their own
progress in its understanding. To the same degree they are afraid, they will speak of fear.
To the same extent they have forgiven, they will have experienced Gods Forgiveness and
will speak of peace. To the same extent they may See, they will recognize Gods Church
needs no boundaries defining who may enter His Kingdom where all His Sons are welcome.
The Church of Kings dwells in all places a King may travel. It resides in all places where
two brothers have lain down their arms, seeking not differences, but similarities, and reclaim
their Crown of Peace.
A man may build tall, elaborate, golden structures to worship that which cannot be weighed
as gold. A man may memorize information he believes to be the word of God without ever
understanding that God wills His Sons to have the Living Word which He offers to all of
His Sons. A man may be wrongfully imprisoned and his books taken. Would he then be
removed from finding his Father? A book is both bound and temporary, thus God is never
the direct author of a book, but may be the Inspiration. His Sons who love him attempt to
describe His Word. These books can be taken, yet will always be rewritten as He is praised
in every form and language imaginable.


One who has not fully learned the message of peace, cannot fully teach it. This does not
mean we should not always teach peace, as we will be directed in our teaching, and
eventually in this learning a King will be fully restored within Gods Peace.
A King correctly identifies a sheep as a sheep, and a wolf as a wolf. A King also recognizes
a wolf disguised as a sheep, and fearlessly speaks the truth of what he Sees. Yet his primary
message remains the truth of Gods Sons, who stand beyond the form of both sheep and
Let us inspect what is claimed to be Gods Word by the fruit it offers, for we already have
enough beliefs about so many things. Let our beliefs rest a while, and let us sow these seeds
of peace as good farmers and bear witness to what grows. Let us will His Peace in all of our
engagements and all of our thoughts, and then inspect what this brings.
Amen the Church of Kings has not been forgotten but sought, thus it is remembered. In
this Church, it is only peace we learn, and we learn it perfectly, until only Gods Peace is
Gods Sons are innocent and may only sin against what can end in time. What can end
cannot be Real, thus sin is unreal; and in this Gods Son may know Gods Peace. In the
Church of the Lord we truly rejoice in all places and in all of time as we behold the Peace of
His Kingdom.


The journey to peace ends when what perfection really is, is remembered. In this blessed
memory a King of Peace will reclaim his Crown of Peace. Gods Peace can be spoken of,
but can only be learned by one choosing to learn. What is of God is taught and directed by
He who already dwells within us.
Perfection does not rely on a temporary condition to be ended. It is not attained by
disassociation with the shell where one dwells, or by the installments of the ego and
personality. Perfection is recognized by Seeing correctly, for to attain something implies
one does not already possess it. Perfection's awareness arrives when the recognition that
one truly cannot harm his brother is Seen. In this, too, one inherently recognizes his desire
to save time, and not delay time, in Gods Sons return Home.
In that state of awareness comes equally the recognition that we may not be harmed. Blessed
in gratitude beyond words do we remember this, as forgiveness has become our primary, not secondary,
reaction. Even within a reality where many believe in death, we honor His Word of Life.
Perfection can be achieved while being in a shell in this way: One has recognized the correct
use of his shell, and Sees it for not more than it is. One will equally recognize a world for
what it is, and in this it becomes like a game, for a game is temporary and may be enjoyed.
Nothing that is won or lost in a game can truly be taken, and this understanding brings only
peace. Unlike a game, however, the condition of a world embraced by sadness weights the
journey of a King with significance. He has a limited amount of time and energy to reach
his brothers and offer Gods Miracle.
All things of the body and ego are experienced, and we are not asked by our Father to not
experience realities of the temporary. We are, however, asked not to hold thoughts that
attempt to separate us from His Sons. There is a great difference in holding something and
picking something up. In this understanding comes the remembrance of Gods Sons
In our ability to See, we are aware of what we are doing and what results it will cause. When
we recognize the pattern of the ego attempting to induce separation, we have learned to
release it and replace what was in our mind with nothing less than Gods Blessing of healing
and peace. In this, we have learned to undo little mistakes in our thinking. We wish to not
cloud our Seeing with layers of branches to separate us from our brother.


We may initially react by attempting to harm our brother in our mind, as we would pick up
an axe to a tree that stands in our path. It is when we look up and see the tree shining
beautifully in the sky under the sun, that we behold its right as our own to dwell upon this
earth. In this recognition, if we truly have Eyes, we would see how many brothers have
already struck the tree in hate with their axe, and how many have stood over its beauty to
attempt to block the sun. If our Eyes are open, it is not possible to will that more pain be
extended to our brother, only Gods Peace.
In this recognition, we immediately lay down our axe. We water the trees soil and trim its
dead leaves as directed by our Father, and our momentary error is turned into a miracle of
To shift into anger is different from holding it. To pick up a weapon is not to use it. A
King recognizes he is not enslaved to the impulses of the ego and mind, for he has deemed
them masters he has chosen not to serve. Being in a body with such mechanisms installed,
they simply need to be understood as perfection is found in correct identification of
Alignment to God.
Obviously, a King can die of hunger of the body after becoming a King, the same as before.
Kings are equally logical in accepting that laws of a temporary reality govern its reality, as the
immutable Laws of God govern the whole of Reality.
The ego uses physical intimacy ultimately to intend separation by creating specialness with
another body. This is not a judgment on the ego, for it is simply there as is our body while
we walk here a short time. The body, being of substrate, is a neutral tool like anything
changeable. It has no sex impulses of its own, but these are governed by chemicals
influencing our mind. Nor is this a judgment on such a thing, for it is always the
recognition of what something is that determines our alignment. We are subject to many
things that do not in any way define Gods Son. These things are inherently neutral and, as
anything, may be used for healing or harm. A King experiences such things of the world
without guilt, for he would not intend harm, as the innocent would not condemn
The ego or little mind uses all things of the temporary to war with its brother and justify its
cause of vengeance. What the ego loves is inclusive of some and exclusive of others. This
is not Gods Love, as our learning what perfection really is has restored our sanity.


A King has simply had an experience of Reality that was greater than what the egos reality
has offeredhe has seen his brother as himself. The power of the event was often revealed
in direct revelation, meaning it was given by God directly. His eyes were overwhelmed and
Eyes reversed his perception to the point where what he once clung to cannot be believed
Likewise, our perception could be reversed by the Kings among Kings who are not bound
by laws of our reality and induce miracles of Gods Healing. It only takes one experience of
perfect peace to induce our correct understanding of being perfect, as we were born in His
A King cannot, nor would he choose if he could, to reapply the walls that were never there.
They have been broken, and in a way, so too was he. Blessed were these lies broken, and perfect
peace could be understood for what it is.
Without the guilt of having thoughts and feelings driven by the ego, he walks freely again.
The thoughts and feelings do not master him, but the ego sounds similar to a small child not
willing to share their toys with a friend. These thoughts never did bring him joy he could
keep. And if joy could be added and then subtracted, was it truly his?
Perfection, to a King, is found by putting stock in what can be kept. It does not mean that,
in all places at all times, perfection is all he considers. Perfection is the recognition of what
things from God he bears in his heart, for these will be the things he chooses to offer his
brother. When he begins to offer what is of the ego, he Sees it and simply reverses the
offering to heal only, and love quickly reverses any small cut he may have made.
Blessed does our brother find the meaning of perfection, and without guilt does he simply will to peace no
matter where he would stand.



Gods Kings gather as One in His Mind, in shells within realities, and in Heaven itself. We
come as the Legion of Light to places of darkness where our brothers have become lost in
suffering. Legion dwells fully within both God and the Kingdom of His Sons. We have
gathered here now, and we come for our brother.
No war shall defeat us, for we know what cannot be lost. War is defined by division and
governed by the will and by belief in separation. The evil know Gods Kings cannot be
defeated in war; the Home-less may have a strange belief God Himself could be stood
against. The evil choose sin and the lost have no memory. Kings possess both memory
and sanity, as our choice is complete. Our gathering in the Mind of God has occurred, and
we stand for the Home-less. We do not fight the insane, but extend our blessing so they,
too, may join the Kingdom.
Kings gather in realms dwelling in peace, as well as arrive in realms that know war. We
cannot fight for peacepeace need only be stood for. We need not defend Gods Peace,
for what would need defense implies that it may be attacked.
We gather at the sounding of eternal drumming within our hearts, sent by our Father. We
gather not to fight, but to stand in the face of any and all oppression that would attempt to
delay the return Home of even one of our brothers. We gather to set him free, as we have
been freed.
He Who created all is not proprietary by name or religion, but is for all. Our echo of His
Name will shatter these glass walls for those who have forgotten by those who remember,
until He is remembered by all.
It is important to understand evil. Truly, evil cannot exist in Reality, for Reality cannot
change. Evil can only be temporary, as all His Sons end up Home in time. Still, time may
be long indeed, and we do not save worlds, we save time in a world for one who has
Evil is defined here as one who is aware of their Father, yet does not choose Him. Evil is
defined by one who knows his brother, yet wishes a throne above him. Evil attempts the
impossible and can only achieve it within the bound projection of a strange dream. Evil can
be committed only for a temporary time by deceiving those who have temporarily forgotten.


One fallen from the Kingdom does not fall by accident but by choice. This is done
consciously with intent to commit sin against God and His Sons.
God's Sons who choose evil today will be the slaves to evil tomorrow. And again it is the
Kings who free the slaves of today. One choosing evil has already made their choice as it is
done in complete awareness. Few men truly know evil, for to choose evil, one must
remember the Father. We seek the Home-less, whose Home they will to remember.
In time, those who choose evil become lost in a very strange dream, where light becomes
dark and dark becomes light. The sins they have committed are not lost within the Mind of
God, for here all is remembered. These sins are forgiven, and have always been forgiven as
God is forgiveness.
In the beginning of conscious evil, one feels powerful. He is aware of much, and those who
are not even aware of God or conscious evil become easy victims. These beings wish to be
God, and will even call themselves gods, and will create shells for those who will worship
them to exist beneath their rule.
Those who initially fall from Heaven desire to be worshipped as God Himself and will for
brothers to pray in their name. As the fallen still remember many things, they will misuse
their knowledge to increase their seeming power. This could not be Power, for a King rests
in the Power of God which the fallen dream to attain, but shall not. Their little power will
suffer from Gods Law and only decrease as their Eyes become blind with accumulation of
sin. Tomorrow they will be the Home-less.
No King of Peace would will that his brother worship him, for worship is only applicable to
the Father. No King of Peace would deceive his brother and demand that he be raised
above his brother. He would insist that they remain brothers side by side.
The universe is vast and many dimensions exist within each layer. In both frequency and
the folds of time itself dwell worlds. These are the same in that they are only worlds, and
the shells of even these species will fall.
To judge one brother as not worthy of God's Love is to judge all. To deem one species not
worthy of return Home is to deem all unworthy.
The gathering of the Kings has come and, Brother, we gather not to exclude and speak apart
from you. We gather to include you amongst the Line of Kings. For any who hear this simple
message, Amen be your heart blessed as truly you are ready to See what you already Know again.


Our current species has evil amongst it in the form of a body, yet far greater are the numbers
unseen to the eyes. Our species as a whole has been intentionally deceived by some that
understand more of our reality than do we at this time. However, a King cares not to teach
of these things, but to break the bounds of our reality itself within his brothers mind, where
Gods Freedom rests.
Evil beings attempt to create eternal shells that will never cease to live. This cannot be
doneall shells will fall as does the wheel of time itself. For this reason, one can choose
evil for certain periods of time in certain dimensions of frequency.
These beings choosing evil prefer the Home-less to do their bidding. Evil wills to use those
who are lost, and uses methods of influence that our current technology could not measure.
They have access to what we could call psychic or mental frequencies that can only affect the
mind. They can affect nothing of our Mind, which makes Gods Sons who choose Him
immune even to these.
These Home-less beings are completely unaware of the pain they will experience upon
transition, for he who has forgotten God cannot remember His perfect memory or
forgiveness. By this pain upon their transition, they will bear witness to their actions. It is
here where so many will turn from Gods Light feeling unworthy and remain Home-less,
which suits perfectly those who wish them to be Home-less.
Brother, I have told you that the Kings have gathered. We stand before all that is and will
be, and we do not speak any words you do not Know. We have asked you to sit with us for
a while. We ask you to listen to our songs and remain amongst us, so you may decide if we
are what and who we say we are, which is what you would be, too.
We do not ask you to believe what may seem now to be unbelievable. We ask you to gather
with us only for a short while, and pray to our Father that you may See His Truth again.
The power bestowed within the Kingship comes from the Father, and with Gods power, by
His Miracle, we make possible the seemingly impossible. By forgiveness, we return in our
rightful place to the gathering within the Kings of Peace.
Here, in a world where many have forgotten their Father, are Home-less. They give Him
strange attributes, and do not inspect their own images. In this assumption, they find what
they seek, as belief determines the perception that we confirm. Thus they do not find the
Father, for they look for Him in changeable attributes that He cannot be.


The ego worships the body, and praises this as the image of God. Yet God is not a body,
but Lovenor does He change form, for what is changeless does not change. Man clings
to a body filled with disease and sickness awaiting, fearing, and secretly longing its death.
The ego attempts to protect what it believes to be unworthy from merging to the worthy.
We have restored the worthy and we have given Water to the weary, and in this they will See
again. To believe the Father's Creation would last a few short years, be filled with disease,
and be subject to what appears to be pain and death, is nothing short of insane.
Men may believe what they want. They may read something somewhere, or hear a story
passed down for generations. No more than its popularity and acceptance would make
such strange stories be true. Truth is not changed by popular demand or belief.
Many also believe their Father wills their suffering, and they ask how could a God who loves
make a world such as this. This could only be the case if the Father made that which could
suffer and then die. A body can merely cling to another day of life before death meets it.
God either wills His Son to suffer always, or God wills him to suffer never. There could be
no middle ground. It is His Sons, not God, who make even temporary worlds that should
burn into the very sun, which too shall burn out its light.
Suffering is the outcome of error. Gods Mind who remembers all could not show these
outcomes to punish but to correct error. Simply does one reap what he sows. His Law
bears witness only to His Truth, and then how easily is the cycle of sin ended. Blessed is the
Law for those who understand, for their Seeing shows them truly their gentle brother worthy of forgiveness not
If any choose to ignore Gods Law, the extent of their ignorance is the extent to which they
will experience suffering. Because God wills only Peace, His Law remains. A good parent
understands the difference between punishment and correction, and a loving Father
recognizes simple error.
A King has spoken, and his words fall within the Kingdom. As we rejoice in the Father, we
correct all error. Upon a thirsty land who knows not for what they thirst, we bring water to
the Home-less as once we too thirsted.



Time can only be experienced by one existing within a temporary reality. A King cannot be
trapped by a reality, and thus cannot be trapped in time, but can escape anytime he chooses.
A King is free, for the Father has willed His Sons freedom.
The correct use of time is not understood by those who attempt to separate that which
cannot be separated. Time by itself is neutral, as is the earth, as are the atoms making shells
upon it. One who is Home-less does not know the purpose of any such things, thus they
are the same in this way. The Home-less will attempt understanding without the Father,
thus Understanding cannot occur. Only the Home-less understand the past, present, and
future not as one, but as many, because its lens is one of isolation. Learning by the ego
seems to be about the present, yet is fully conditioned by the past, and projects what it
believes into the future.
At a crucial point in what we call the past, the ego saw his brother as an enemy. In this, he
too sees his own transgressions for which he once condemned himself, and which he has
wished to forget. This memory may bring tears on a deep level of awareness.
In his farthest dream, he may see once the hand of a brother he loved standing for him as a
King. As he began to fall, his brothers hand remained extended. He did he not take his
brothers hand but turned from the Light of God and Gods Son. One may see a brother
such as Christ himself whom he once loved as a friend, and remembers such a seemingly
distant choice. This memory may be incredibly painful for those who remember, and yet a
King has spoken for all Kings. We have forgiven you as we were forgiven, and our hand
still reaches to you now. An ancient hate is removed as it was born, and Amen, did our brother not
leave us.
Forgiveness unbinds time, for it releases the need to hold it. A King teaches the song of
forgiveness, but cannot perform the action, which is the Law of the Father. The act is
natural and governed by will, and it is the miracle of healing by the gentle hand of the Father.
In this way, forgiveness is perfectly natural and easy, for we only need intend that it be.
What already has been given, equally shall be received. Gods Son in His Eyes remains
guiltless, and in this lies our salvation to the Kingdom of Peace.
The ego does not see a brother, but merely a body filled with past hate and war beyond
conscious memory. It does not wish to see Gods Truth, which is simple indeed.


Only one of two ways of seeing can be perceived. Your brother is guilty and should be
bound to what he once did, and forgiveness he deserves not. When inspected further, we
will find this is the very premise for our own captivity in Gods Law, that what we extend,
we receive in kind. The ego once attempted to bury its belief in its own sin by the transfer
of blame to our brothers; when this is recognized, Seeing may occur again.
A sin can only be committed by one choosing to deny their Father and condemn their
brother. This cannot be corrected, for one choosing this perception has wished that it
remain, and our Father allows such a choice. An error, however, can be corrected for it
knows not what it chooses. What was once sin truly becomes a simple errorand a simple
error can be corrected. In this, we look again for the hand extended by our brother of
peace, and finally deem him worthy of our hand again. In this simple vision, our Crown is
How easy for one who has declared peace, and no longer wishes to relive an ancient hate.
How simple to only wish to see your brother as your Father created him.
One of these means of perception will bind you to time, and one will set you free. One
releases it, and one clings to its need.
A King has used time well enough to remember His Kingship. He has done nothing more
than returned an axe once used to harm his brother to the earth until he no longer wishes to
pick it up. He has truly seen the face of Christ, and when this is seen, it cannot be unseen.
To see the face of but one brother is to see the face of all. There would not appear a bodily
face that we know, but instead a face of light shining from a beautiful Crown. Amen, has the
face of Christ been seen, and as a beautiful Crown of Peace does it shine.
Time used correctly is used to undo.
Once time has been undone, a King rises in the Mind of God, and does not worship his little
body. To be reborn does not mean one's body dies. It means that God's Son dismisses his
allegiance to it, and in this way, its old purpose is dead to him. Too has his old purpose of
time withered away as he is reborn into God and has reclaimed his timeless Crown of Peace.
The body becomes but a vehicle now. It is the mechanism by which the message of the
Kingdom is communicated, and it holds no special or higher purpose than this. Everything
that ends in tomorrow has been seen and accepted, and the weight of Gods love has
outweighed the grip of fear.


Time can free or time can bind. There are no things that have an inherent purpose, but
their purpose is directed only by how the mind or Mind intends to use them. The little
mind uses time to imprison his brother and deem him guilty, which clouds the Vision of one
using the mind in this way.
The Mind uses time to free his brother from yesterday. In this, the Mind has declared both
and all innocent, and time is used correctly unto the purpose of God. Now time is an ally,
for it sets the captives free of time itself.
A Kings use of time here is short, and he recognizes how quickly he shall pass. For this
reason, he has an urgency to say what he was meant to say, and for whom; to pray for who
he was meant to pray; and to hear what he was meant to hear. His value to the Kingdom
becomes the degree of willingness to which he will stand and speak for his brother.
While the Home-less are surprised by seeing, upon their reconciliation in death, the pain they
inflicted throughout life, a King remembers this clearly and wishes only for peace. His
determination in life is now carried by the higher purpose of the shared Kingdom. He
wishes that not one brother who wills alignment to God be left without even a tiny guiding
light should they choose to seek it. For no other reason would a warrior join Legion, for
truly, we come to all places in all times. You could say we have chosen a difficult path of
existence, for more comfortable possibilities exist. Yet we choose our brother who is
Home-less as we once dwelled, and we have come for him. This is our only use of time,
and may God grant us the Strength to use it the best we can.


Free will is a blessing to those who understand what it is, which is what they are. For those
who have forgotten, their will is manipulated by those who have a vested interest in their
ignorance and by their own egos intent to remain blind. The heavy cost of misusing free
will comes always at the expense of Gods Peace.
The human condition we currently dwell within has not only just begun. Nor does this
condition end inherently upon our death, as our reality will still be bound if we believe
ourselves capable of being bound.
A King is not bound, as God is boundless. A King can come and go as he pleases to a
reality. There are often many hurdles and politics involved, depending on the place he
chooses to arrive within. Often, he is not welcomed by the little kings ruling little realities,
and he will bend the rules of that reality to arrive. He breaks no rules of God in his arrival,
and indeed was sent by Legion itself. Often, he is targeted as an enemy before he is aware
that this has been done.
It is likewise important to understand that beings resting in peaceful realities where God is
remembered do not usually welcome the Home-less en masse. It is not because they are
angry or wish sin upon their lost brother, but they know and wish to avoid the potential
changes that a large group of Home-less can bring to a reality. Often they will hide.
I have said many times that Kings make Kings, and the power of this cannot be emphasized
enough. Many things can be contained in reality to a large degree. A King's Peace cannot
be extinguished, for Peace is not governed by any temporary law of any reality. Peace is
exponential in its growth, unlike even the worst plague we could imagine, yet Peace yields
Gods Love, not sickness.
Once a King has restored their Kingship, they too become unbound, simply because they
now know what can and cannot be bound.
Having entirely left a system of reality, it may be difficult to return to it once one is restored
in Heaven, depending on how far away it is from Heaven, vibrationally. In saying this,
though, all things are possible in God.
Many Kings will simply want to rest a while in Heaven, and bathe within the everlasting
Peace of God, and be restored. The most difficult part is leaving those we love who remain

trapped, and we do love all of our brothers. Because our interests are shared, and our faith
in our brother is complete, we do not make these decisions lightly or alone.
There are beautiful peaceful realities amongst existence, where the Father is remembered and
honored in our creations. All choices are welcomed in accordance with what we wish to
experience, as life seeks to experience possibility, and we are life itself.
Those of us within Legion are like warrior Kings. Not because we intend to harm our
brother, but because we stand for him in the Name of our shared Father, even when we are
not welcomed. Though all Kings are within the Kingdom, we have a specific function.
We force a decision by expediting a divide in a reality as Light is extended through darkness.
We speed up time, which is the only thing preventing our arrival Home. Blessed do we save
nothing but time, and our love is so great we risk our very time so we may save it for others.
For those who choose to remain Home-less and evil, may they remain together, for perhaps
a long while. Yet when even one brother calls, Legion will come in the name of their
Father. We increase the frequency of Love as we gather Kings, and eventually the divide
will become so great that one must make a conscious choice as to what they serve. At this
point, the captives shall be freed en masse. As each King is crowned, our Line increases
exponentially, as Gods Bounty is spread in the extension of His Kingdom.


The journey to our Kingship is highly customized. No two brothers will have the same
experiences, but what they find will always be the same.
These direct experiences of learning are guided by God Himself Who rests inside. A
brother may walk with us to a river, but he may not make us drink. In this way, the Kings
of Peace are guides to the Water but the call of God is the Ocean itself.
The messages will be brought by Gods Sons, who are able to be directed. All Kings of
Peace are able to be directed, and all those upon a journey to peace are able to be directed to
the extent they accept direction. It is helpful to not place limits on possibility regarding who
can and cannot assist you upon your quest to peace. The Kings of Peace are both seen and
unseen. We offer you books while standing behind faces that you may not suspect to be a
King in your midst. Sometimes we are loud and sometimes we are quiet. We dance on the
perimeter of your thoughts, waiting for you to join us. Here, in that quiet place, you will
remember you are not alone, and your lessons from this point will become much more clear,
greatly expediting your arrival.
To experience Gods Peace is beyond what words could offer. Here, faith becomes the
foundation of our journey as it is now factual in our experience of it. Our learning in God
is not linear but cyclical. There will be great breakthroughs followed by an opportunity to
rest awhile to gather Strength for our next period of learning, which really is unlearning.
Truly Kings are fishermen, and all within Legion have chosen their occupation as such.
Our Kingship is only joyous when it is shared, and nothing brings us more joy than the
arrival of another King. We fish in many ways for our brother, and we find him by any
means necessary.
We fish in bodies you recognize, and we fish too in bodies unseen. We fish in songs and in
actions; most of all, we fish with prayer. When we sleep, we see faces of our brother lost
and suffering as once we did, and when we awake, no matter how distracted we become in
the world, we recognize his call as it has not escaped our Mind.
We are shown faces and feel our brother through the very earth. And sometimes we are
moved to tears. We know the pain of believing that the state of being alone and forgotten


was possible. For this reason, we have come to fish for your heart, as you reclaim your
Kingship by our side.
We do not mind if you laugh or question our words as arrogance. In our view, believing the
impossible is arrogant, though we judge it not, as once we did. That we are children of our
Father and have the right to love and be loved would be our only crime in a world such as
We do not tremble if you believe we have lost our mind, for truly we have. We have
remembered our Mind, and will that you remember yours too.
While the world believes being good is enough, we know this to be insane. Being good is to
remain unconscious of the Whole; thus, whatever perceived goodness one displays, it
renders one useless the moment God extends His Word.
We stand within religions and outside religions, for our message is meant for all and not only
for some. We walk where we are called upon to walk, and we find our joy in this.
The face of one is the face of all. If you truly see the face of Christ, you shall know the
truth, as it is the face of every brother. Not a face that you will see at all, but a Crown of
Peace, and it will shine beyond bright. You will also know this must be yours too, for to see
it in one is to see it in all. A King says this as it is all he has ever said, and he wills that his
brother read it until it becomes him, as it became us.
What else is befitting a King of Peace but a Crown of beautiful light beholding Gods Peace?
When all is shed, this remains. To seek it is to find it. To teach it is to learn it. To give it
is to have it.
One day amongst the Kings of Kings we smile and laugh a while, and share our stories of
today. Amen were we found and our brother left us not. Amen has our Father forgiven and not forsaken,
and again do we return Home with our brother.


Christ, to a King, is not a story of yesterday. To accept one brother is to accept all; likewise,
to accept one King is to accept all Kings of Peace, being within the Mind of God. Many
wish to contend and fight that one brother was God's Son, and this is true, but it is true for
all of Gods Sons. Everything he had which was who he was was offered to all. He
truly offered his brother the keys to the Kingdom, because he stands within it as Gods Son.
Would it make sense for the feet of a body to war with the hand, as they wish to write and
not walk? To call upon God, is to call upon the Kings of Peace. To call upon one King, is
to call amongst all, who stand within Gods Kingdom.
To find our brother, nothing less than brothers within the Legion of Light standing as Kings
have arrived. I want to share with you a personal story of Christ, but I am asked not to put
this here. Such things could sway your anticipation of what or who you may experience in
your journey to peace, and that could limit the degree to which you may be directed upon
the course set for your return. Additionally, minds not ready to accept that one is all, still
clinging only to some, will limit themselves as to from whom they are willing to receive help.
No expectations need be made based on the appearance of those who offer peace. Only
gratitude is found in this extension as Gods Peace is reciprocated by His Sons.
I can, however, attest that I was not left alone, and the things I tell you here were
experienced directly in memory and vision given to me to share. This was but my journey
unto my Crown of Peace, and yours will be different if you seek your own. Yet our arrival be
equal, and how blessedly is this shared.
Brother Christ be with me always, as all in the Line of Kings who would walk by my side, for we make no
differentiation in allies of peace as all have been accepted. To call upon one King is to call upon all,
and what matters is that not one who seeks peace shall be left alone by God or the Kingdom
of His Sons.


All communication has a medium by which it travels. A Kings medium is prayer, for it asks
the Father for direction in his extension of peace. A Kings Media is the Miracle of Gods
Love, and it is directed by He it is sent to in the form and fashion of how it will be
A King may not have the means to buy outlets of information to distribute media to his
brothers. He has no vested interest in selling declarations of hate against a brother for
profits in resources secured through war. Men do not dream as children to fight other men,
but must be convinced their hate is justifiable.
A King has no interest in perpetuating a skewed reality through media to his brother, but his
interest is in giving all of himself to all. He wishes for shelter and food for his family, but
does not tremble at the thought that these may be taken. He wishes for these things for all
of his brothers, but this is not what he wishes most of all.
His words permeate all things, as they are aligned with God. His very thoughts melt the
hard ice upon the thoughts of his brother who believe he is apart, as a King's prayer is his
being. His medium is prayer, and he knows not today how much or how little his offering
will heal. He is aware that he will know soon enough, but these things do not concern him.
His joy is found in offering what he is asked to offer, and that is blessedly enough and all. He sees his
face as yesterday and remembers what he knew not, and to this pain does he extend his
His body is important primarily in that he is able to communicate to others of his kind.
They share a current frequency and reality within which he may be heard.
A King does not fear information or lies by those who wish to pit him against his brother.
No information or brother need be feared, though laughter and sorrow may be felt.
The Legion of Light he stands within shall not be broken, and a lost world may fight for
what it wills to keep. Kings seek Kings and those who are tired of what they have been
offered by a world, for these are the brothers who will have ears to Hear.


Words of Kings will find those who seek Gods Peace until that brother offers his own
words of Gods Peace. Our seeking brother will always be led to the right words at the right
time, for the words of the Kings shine beyond their small place in a small time.
We change worlds only when our brothers choose to change. Changing worlds, however, is
meaningless to us in that it is our brother we seek, as all worlds will end.
May the captives wishing to be free understand what it is of them that may be free. May
they understand the simplicity of freedom and regain their Crown of Peace amongst the

Amen in Gods Peace, the Kings of Peace, and all of Gods Sons
Brother Goss