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Strategy Oman

You should base your assignment on a company of your choice within the Travel and
Tourism industry in Oman or the region.
The company may be one that operate in the following ares:
Hotel (consider a chain rather than individual hotel)
Adventure holidays
Family holidays
Travel agents
Conference and events

You should NOT study the airline industry as this is considered a separate industry
although it serves the travel and tourism sector.

1. Assignment title - Strategy evaluation

2. The task:
You will be asked to carry out a strategic analysis of a specific firm
You may research and prepare your analysis as a group
Group preparation. - this task is your research and is not graded. However without the
research you will not be able to successfully complete the individual task

An analysis of the business environment of the firm. You should consider the
main competitors and their competitive position; market details (value; share
etc.);current trends in the market; future trends in the market.

You should conduct an internal analysis of the firm giving details of its current
strategic position and tactics. You should also consider the resources and
capabilities of the firm and how they impact upon the success or otherwise of
the firm.

You should conduct an evaluation of the current strategy of the firm,

assessing its suitability against the industry developments (trends) and its
resources and capabilities

The Individual Report

Individual Report (2000 words). This submission only will be graded.

You must present an analysis and evaluation of the current strategy of the company.
You should make use of your previous analysis to critically analyse the current
strategy and to discuss whether or not the company should change its strategy and
You must identify the current strategy and bring evidence from your analysis of the
trends and capabilities discuss whether or not the current strategy should change
and why.
You must bring in (and reference) evidence from a variety of quality sources and
expert opinion to make your case.
You do not need to repeat all the analysis from your research but you should present
the key findings in your report.
You should not attempt to design a new strategy for the firm the aim is to assess
the future relevance of the strategy in the light of industry developments including an
assessment of the future usefulness and relevance of resources and capabilities.

3. This assignment is worth 40% of your unit grade

4. This assignment assesses your ability to critically analyse the external environment
of a firm and assess the impact of trends upon the firms strategy. It also assesses
your ability to critically evaluate the usefulness and relevance of a firms internal
resources and capabilities in the light of industry developments.
5. Information on how the task can be completed successfully is given in the
assessment criteria provided in the supplementary assessment grid (Excel)
6. Discussion boards will be opened three weeks prior to hand in.
7. Word limit is 2000-2200 words.
8. All work should be word processed and work must be your own.

9. Your assignment must be handed in via the Turnitin link on your BREO site
10. The deadline for submission is 4th December 2014
11. The projected date for the return of assessed work is within 15 working days of
12. Feedback will be provided via e-mail. This will consist of information about how you
met the grading criteria and feedback for future improvement.