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(An Oratorical Piece)

Dr. Jose P. Rizal, our national hero, once said, THE YOUTH ARE THE HOPE OF THE
The youth are the ones making realization of the dreams our forefathers had longed that is to serve the
community, the nation and the whole world for a better changing world, thus, producing more competitive
generation of Filipinos.
To our Highly Esteemed figures of the Department of Education, our distinguish and respectable
members of the panel of judges, the supportive and diligent coaches both from public and private institution,
dear teachers of this host school, fellow competitors, onlookers, friends, visitors, ladies and gentlemen, a
blessed and delightful morning to one and all.
I am so grateful and take my hat off to our dear, committed and dedicated teachers who walk patiently
and diligently on the journey of learning. These are, ladies and gentlemen, the sole reasons we contend today
focused on the flight of our beloved teachers bringing out the moral virtues they keep forever until they will be
out of their teaching-mission.
As a tribute, may I share to you this simple acrostic composition airing out the best in a teacher.
T- ime has proven their greatness and influence;
E- ndearing loco parentis, innate in them;
A- ttendance is sought after, absence is forgiven,
C- ommitment is what their task is clamoring.
H- over back strength, hurdle obstacles
E- mpowering energy ignites your aspirants
R- everberating deeds undoubtedly unleashed.
Let me start everything with these mind blowing questions:
What if we existed in this world without a TEACHER?
Without somebody who will teach us how to write, how to read, and how to calculate?
Will there be clear communication among us?
Moreover, will there be beautiful things to learn through the power of reading?
Will there be order or system in anything we do?
Will there be existence and production of numerous professions?...
Every speck of mans intellectual development lies in the frail hands of a down to earth teacher. It is in
his hardworking palms that the building of different professions stemmed, the fountain of wisdom and moral

trainings, the system of what is right and wrong, the values we act modestly that define our personality and
traits, and the image of a well-trained and educated being.
Consequently, these are all immortal investments of a diligent teacher where he could never be rich in
his teaching profession but the total development of the learner that speaks his greatness and richness.
Teaching is really a difficult profession for it ensures the frail mind development of the learners. A
teacher carries the moral values wherever he goes, for he fosters modest way of living in the community not
being taught in the four corners of the classroom. He even extends community services beyond compensation
for the community needs his utmost and inexpediency services.
In formal schooling, a teacher serves as the loco parentis of the innocent child, forging knowledge
which help develop intellectual capacity as well as harnessing technical know-how and bringing the learners in
a world of technology unleashing their ignorance that tends them to be globally competitive the moment they
finish their studies.
On the other hand, to achieve a quality-end result, all aspects of personality development of the learner
should not all be shouldered and entrusted to a sacrificing teacher, hence the family as the basic unit of the
society should on look and work hand in hand with the teacher, likewise, the community as well. Parents should
have an open-time stick communication with their children and the teacher to make sure that a learner really
studied hard, especially nowadays that media is utilized as a medium of instruction and the proliferation of the
misused of said technology.
The knowledge gained by any of us has ushered us from going nowhere to going somewhere, from
knowing nothing to almost knowing anything. Indeed, it is an intellectual journey from mere assimilation,
acquisition, and now, on its full application and implementation. What we are now is a full transformation of
what seems then a tabula-rasa. We allowed ourselves to be designed and molded by the greatest architects of
youth, the TEACHERS!
Teachers I now believe, are future tellers, they see what lies beforehand. Trainers, I know they are, for
they tap and develop learners to the fullest of their potentials.
YES! Teachers can handle almost everything. What cant a teacher do? He is the master of his own
craft, the director of his classroom, the servant to his masters, and the protector of the youth.
I dont believe the powers of magicians but I think they are. What seems to be tricky and confusing
becomes easy and relating.
Teachers multiple roles make them noble...
The greatest teachers were taught by the great ones. Aristotle by Plato, Copernicus by Einstein, Jose
Rizal by his own mother. You and I by our humble teachers.
Borrowing Isaac Newtons acknowledgement to his great teachers, he said, I am standing on the
shoulders of the Giants. We are all Isaac Newton. What makes us see whats far beyond the horizon is a
careful and patient endeavor of a committed teacher.
TEACHERS are the unspoken heroes! Let us all give thanks to our dear teachers for they invest
everything, for the next generations to come... MABUHAY ANG ATING MGA GURO! Good morning.