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Overview: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited

(ONGC) is Indias public sector company engaged in
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production,
having a market share of above 80 per cent. It is one of the
fast growing groups in the world and it is Indias flagship
exploration and production (E&P) company, accounting for
60% of total proved reserves in the country. It is a fully
integrated petroleum company, and operates along the
entire hydrocarbon value chain. A Fortune-Global 500
Company, it is not only the largest E&P Company in India
but also one of the most valuable companies in India.

ONGC has over 43 centres across India that are regularly using diverse range
of over 70000 IT equipment to enable exploration and production of fuel
(oil and gas). ONGC is always looking for service providers established in
the industry for technology transfer, absorption, and technical support. In
2010, ONGC partnered with CMC for comprehensive Maintenance Support
Services (MSS) and Facility Management Services (FMS) of its IT infrastructure at
various locations across India. CMC aimed to achieve optimum uptime of the
devices, equipment and networks for optimum utilisation of resources and
availability of applications to the end-users. It has an SLA of minimum 99 per
cent uptime where ONGC is operational 24 by 7. CMCs strengths in the areas of
infrastructure service support, all India presence, vendor management,
logistics, and availability of technical skilled and certified resources resulted in
this partnership with ONGC.

Business Challenge
ONGC support project is very huge. The operation centres are distributed
across the country at 43 different locations with a range of IT equipments,
servers, software etc. In the past, all the servers were not configured uniformly
and software/ EMS at each server were not customised in accordance with each
other. Any reports and data extracts were restricted to that particular server
location only and were not available in real-time. Hence, it became a very big
problem for the managers to access various data/ reports, and to generate any
reports centrally at a single place to monitor and control the entire support
operations. This lack of central monitoring, communication and follow
up by the site team resulted in SLA violations and NPDs (Non Performance
Deductions) by ONGC which hampered CMCs profits. Other than that
there was lack of quality asset control, undefined roles, repeated tasks and
unrecognised goals for IT Staff.

How we helped
CMC provided enterprise-wide comprehensive Maintenance Support
Services (MSS) and Facility Management Service (FMS) for ONGCs existing and
upcoming IT infrastructure at various locations across India. The support was
made available through an extended IT enabled Maintenance Services Chain
Management System (e-MSCM) including ITIL services support and delivery
processes, to ensure system availability of minimum 99 per cent. CMC initiated
a pilot project of measuring and improving quality of two services for ONGCs
internal customers with ITIL framework.
CMC provided support to the entire IT infrastructure of Local Area Network
and Wide Area Networks; networking equipment; serviced, PCs, printers,
UPS, other peripherals, operating system, office automation, software, UTP
cables, other related hardware and software, etc. It also provided service desks,

Case Study: Infrastructure management for ONGC


network management security, server management, desktop management,

domain management, antivirus management, training to new staff on current
systems, etc. It was involved in network changes, server changes, spare part
changes, vendor management, SLA management, resource management, etc.
CMC pioneered a SLA linked performance monitoring web based tool called
Monitor which helped in consolidating various near real-time data and
evaluating possible SLA violations with ONGC and the financial impact
it may generate for CMC. This helped to find out which SLA terms were
violated and how the situation could be improved or controlled in time.

MONITOR giving SLA violation and NPD details

CMC provides its expertise and experience while procuring IT

investments. As CMC has contacts with national and international OEMs, it is in
position to suggest ONGC the most cost effective and efficient IT investment

Benefits to the client

Service desk consolidation: CMC consolidated the efforts of service desk
with SLA linked performance monitoring web based tool. This tool provides
different dashboard views to monitor and control the Service desk operations,
financial impact of each and every call from different dimensions. There are
more than 15 different Non Performance Deductions due to different SLA
violations. This tool provides a consolidated impact analysis to control the

Case Study: Infrastructure management for ONGC


Standardisation, Speed and quality of operations: CMC standardised

the operations and processes and brought in quality and adherence to
timeline. After implementing ITIL, incident management, problem management,
configuration management, change and release management, etc. saw drastic
improvement in terms of speed and quality of operations. There was a marked
improvement in the overall performance in the service chain.
Configuration Management

Before ITIL

After ITIL

% of CIs with wrong attributes after checking



% of CIs which is written in configuration

management database in comparison with all 10
other which is not written


% of solved problems
proactively and reactively




solved 10

Pan India Service: CMC has a strong support facility across India. It provides
support services to the ONGC centres through length and breadth of the
Process compliance and user satisfaction: CMC was able to ensure process
compliance which also helped in reducing cost considerably with the help of
Monitor the SLA based monitoring tool. It enhanced user satisfaction with
close monitoring, reporting and control on the support functions. Service desk
is the single point of contact for all the IT support needs of ONGC.
Better technology: The customer benefited by the implementation of NAP
policy, WSUS server, upgradation of Trend Micro and AD server migration that
is very helpful in proper patch management, virus and antispyware detection,
security of the system, monitoring and access of internet resources if client
meets the ONGC policy. Fine tuning of application and system processes to the portal, continuous monitoring and fine tuning of system
and application parameters benefited the customer in terms of getting 99.9%
uptime of the applications.

Case Study: Infrastructure management for ONGC


Client testimonial
Good job done in respect to AD management and coordination for migration
to new servers and pilot NAP implementation. Keep it up.
Amal Krishna, Chief Engineer (E&T), Corporate Infocom Services, ONGC
I would like to appreciate and put on
record the expertise, sincerity, commitment and dedication of CMC team
members for their excellent services
during maintenance of computer hardware
and peripherals at Rajasthan Forward Base,
ONGC, Jodhpur. I would like to thank and
appreciate their customer focus approach
and necessary support. We expect the
same level of support in future as well.
PK Meena
SE (I), ONGC, Jodhpur

Case Study: Infrastructure management for ONGC

Excellent services during

maintenance of computer
hardware and peripherals

Customer focus approach

and necessary support


About CMC Limited

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