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Neelu Singla

#1920-21 Khaneka House, Birla Mill Road, The Mall, Bathinda, India
151005 Ph. +9916707825

Bachelor Of Technology| Computer Science & Engineering | July 07-May 11|
Eq. GPA: 81.82/100
Chandigarh Engineering College,
Major GPA: 85/100
Punjab Technical University.
Rank: Top 5% in Class
Relevant Course-work: Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Distributed computing and computational theory, Design and
Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networking, Data Structures, Computer Architecture.
Class XII|CBSE| Apr 06-Mar 07|
Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
Relevant Coursework: Programming in C, C++ and OOPS.
Class X|CBSE| Apr 04-Mar 05|
St. Josephs Convent School, Bathinda
Honours: Recognized among top 0.1% students in Science(All India Senior Secondary Examination)

Percentage: 75%

Percentage: 91.7%


Mobile Application Developer| Sirius Mobile Works Pvt. Limited| Gurgaon

Aug 13-Aug 14

Project Title: MyInterest

Description: A Mobile Application called MyInterest to showcase user preferred Category displays and puts forward the updated news
of that Categories in a tile pattern.
Technical details:

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Express.js, Jade.js

Database: MongoDB.

Others: ORM- Mongoose, Build: Phone-Gap.

Roles and Responsibilities

Implemented the home page or landing page for all users which depicts the tile view of each category, user is subscribed to, so that
user can click a tile and browse to the specific page of that category which has latest information for that category.

Designed and implemented the page for uploading video or file to be shared by all users where the user also has an option to share
the stuff with specific users only.

Performance testing of the application and did code tunings to improve the response time of the application.

Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the application to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the application.
Systems Engineer| Infosys Limited| Chennai
Project Title

:Logical Support Integration Environment(LSIE)


:A leading Air Plane Manufacturing Major(Boeing 787)


: Project executed for Boeing to enhance and digitize their Air craft Manual Distribution to customers.

Apr 12 - June 13

Technical Details Languages: Java, J2EE, and SQL.

Big-Data: Pig, MapReduce, HDFS.
Tools: Eclipse and Toad.
Project awards:

PRIMA Infosys Excellence award for Project execution

DREAM Award for Risk Management

Role and Responsibilities:
Implemented a parser to convert XML files to CSV files using XSD files which describe the schema of the XML files.

Loaded the converted CSV files into a Hadoop Cluster from intermediate boxes using UNIX scripts directly without moving data
into local gateway machines and wrote pig jobs that compress the loaded data into snappy compression format, which are also
triggered from the UNIX scripts.

Wrote map-reduce jobs to clean, validate and transform the data in CSV files based on specific manual requirements like Trim,
Null checks, duplicate detection, invalid records, filtering data based on conditions etc.

Wrote pig jobs to extract data based on specific manual requirement like filtering data based on specific columns or data in a
particular date range etc.

Wrote UNIX scripts that download this extracted data from Hadoop cluster and call a java jar that transform this downloaded data into

PDF format and push that data into an intermediate machine so that it is accessible to the concerned client.
Systems Engineer Intern| Infosys Limited| Mysore

Oct 11-Apr 12

Six month Hands on experience in Java, Object oriented programming, Data base management system, Operating systems.
Project: FLY FAST Courier Service.
Description: An Application which provides online tracking and delivery details of the shipment and manages all the associated tasks.
Technical details:

Language: Java.

Web: JavaScript, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Server Pages (JSP),
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Tools: IDE: Eclipse, Tomcat 7.0, Database: Oracle 11g.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Designed and implemented some modules of the project.

Integrated individual modules of the project.

Performed unit testing for my modules and integration testing after integrating the project.


Distributed Data Storage & Recovery System

Jan 11 to May11

This project is developed using the concepts of Java Programming. Fault tolerance and Replication factor take into consideration the checks
maintained by server on the Active data storage systems followed by copying of the data from clients to the data storage systems that
respond positively and then retrieving the same as and when demanded.

Library Automation System

Sept 08to Nov 08

The Library Automation System automates the basic library functions to simplify day to day operations in library which were otherwise
done manually on files. This application is developed in C++.Using this application basic library functions like issue book, return book, get
the list of available books, calculate fines etc. can be automated
Programming Languages: C, C++, C# and Java.
Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/Win7, Linux, Dos.
Server Programming: JSP, JSF.
Web Exposure: HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse Helios, TOAD.

Data Visualization: Node.js, Jade.js.
Big-Data: Hadoop, HDFS, Map Reduce.
Databases: MySQL, Oracle 11g, MongoDB.


70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Certified

Recognized as STAR Infoscion and attended training on Hadoop and Distributed Computing, OOPs.


Trainings at Coursera: Web Intelligence and Big Data (Gautam Shroff, IIT Delhi) , Algorithms: Design and Analysis (Tim Roughgarden,
Stanford University), Mathematics for Computer Science(Tom Leighton, Dr. Marten van Dijk, MITOpenCourseWare).


Member| Non-Profit Organizations| Bathinda

Served the Senior Citizen Home to help the aged and homeless.

Member of Sahara Jan Sewa and contributed to the unprivileged.

Jan13 till present

Volunteer| Infosys limited| Chennai

Member of Infosys Toastmasters Chennai, that helped me hone my leadership skills.

Sponsored a Child Education via Action Aid India(Bangalore)

May12 to Jan 13

Coordinator |Chandigarh Engineering College| Chandigarh

Dec 07- Aug 10

Coordinated placement activities-Member of a team chosen to visit recruitment cells and interact with leading HRs and managers
of esteemed organizations. Group effort increased the placement activity by appreciable amount.

Member of computer science club PHOENIX and helped organized seminars, computer science quizzes.

Student Representative of the cultural club and college fest Parivartan.

Volunteer |Delhi Public School R.K Puram| New Delhi

Connected with the mentally disabled, Autistic kids via Tamanna School.

Dec 05-Jan07

Passionate about Music, Writing short poems (one published in THE TRIBUNE" Saturday extra), tutoring young minds, Gymming.