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Press Release

December 2014
Oliver Wight announce first Asia Pacific Integrated Business
Planning conference
Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight, are pleased to announce their
exclusive conference, Integrated Business Planning for High Performance
Organisations, the first ever Integrated Business Planning (IBP) conference in
the Asia Pacific region. Leading organisations will meet to share their
experiences in implementing Integrated Business Planning (IBP) at the Crown
Conference Centre, Melbourne, on 24th-25th February 2015.
This event is an outstanding educational opportunity for industrys top executives to
learn how to take their IBP process to the next level. An unrivalled line up of
exceptional speakers, including Amanda Banfield, Managing Director at Mondelz
Australia and New Zealand, Graham Dugdale, Executive Director Commercial at
Simplot Australia and Ron Ireland, Principal at Oliver Wight Americas, the architect of
Walmarts CPFR forecasting and replenishment process. Each speaker will share
their experiences, lessons theyve learnt and the success theyve had.
Today, Integrated Business Planning sits at the heart of many organisations as the
management process that runs the entire business, says Mike Reed, Oliver Wight
Asia Pacific Managing Director. IBP allows companies to allocate resources to the
most productive activities and react swiftly to ever-changing market conditions, to
meet customer demand in the most efficient and profitable way.
On day two of the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to get up to speed
with the latest thought leadership on different aspects of IBP, by attending one or
more of the three unique Oliver Wight workshops, in addition to networking with other
IBP is becoming a key element in the retail sector by changing the scope of supplier
collaboration, explains Ron Ireland who will lead a workshop on Collaboration and
IBP. Successful IBP implementation is very much dependent on people and
behaviours, thus, education has a vital role to play. Before people can apply best
practice they need to understand what it is and the key lies in workshops, ongoing
coaching and cascade education.
To find out more, or book a place at the conference, visit here

Notes to editors
About Oliver Wight
At Oliver Wight, we believe sustainable business improvement can only be delivered by your own
people; so, unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to you. Pioneers of Sales and
Operations Planning and originators of the fundamentals behind supply chain planning, Oliver Wight
professionals are the acknowledged industry thought leaders for Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
Integrated Business Planning allows your senior executives to plan and manage the entire organisation
over a 24-month horizon, while Oliver Wights extended Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
ensures your supply chain is designed and structured to deliver best-in-class customer service with
minimal costs. Using the Oliver Wight Maturity Model to pursue our globally recognised Class A
standard for best practice will determine a tailored improvement journey for you to develop your
organisations processes, and reach and sustain excellent business performance. With a track record
of more than 40 years of helping some of the worlds best-known organisations, Oliver Wight will help
you define your companys vision for the future and deliver performance and financial results that last.

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