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I have learnt that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has
withdrawn the case against me. I am excited by this news, which I have
awaited ever since the day my name was announced to the world in connection
with the case. I am also deeply relieved by this decision, which is overdue by 6

I have repeatedly declared my innocence to the people of Kenya and the whole
world. I repeat this even now: as relates the incidents comprising the Kenyan
cases at the ICC, my conscience is absolutely clear.

It has always been my position that the Kenyan cases at the ICC were rushed
there without proper investigation or preparation, and sustained by a strong
interest to stigmatise accused persons. As an institution of the international
community, victims of serious crimes and people around the world had a right
to expect the Court to dispense justice with integrity and without undue
considerations. For the Prosecutor to sustain an obviously deficient case for so
long demonstrates beyond doubt the intensity of pressure exerted by improper
interests to pollute and undermine the philosophy of international justice.

There is no justice when human rights clubs and an international tribunal

conspire to betray victims of human rights abuses and persecute the innocent.
The tragedy of this travesty is beyond words.

The victims in this case will get no satisfaction from the ICC, owing to the
Prosecutors decision to compromise a quest for justice in favour of political
considerations. This is an incomparable tragedy. Just as the ICC failed me, it
has also failed the victims of the 2007-2008 post-election violence. They were
killed, maimed, displaced, dispossessed and utterly traumatized. I have been
victimized, libeled and senselessly profiled by the same defective process.

The Government of Kenya has sustained its efforts to restitute and reintegrate
the victims of the PEV as best as it can. Our justice system continues to
process the cases which have been instituted. I have supported these efforts

because ultimately, the victims must get justice. The world may have failed
them, but they will not be let down at home.

The Prosecutor opted to selectively pursue cases in a blatantly biased manner

that served vested interests and undermined justice. As a result, the Court has
had to pay a steep reputational price, which it will continue to face unless a
serious and systemic rethinking of the International Justice framework is

My brother and deputy, Hon. William Ruto, as well as Mr Joshua Sang continue
to face their accusers at the ICC with a clear conscience. With me, they have
been steadfast in declaring their innocence. I am confident that they will be
vindicated in due course. I stand with them, and will support them and pray
with them until that time. As my deputy and principal assistant, William Ruto is
an indispensable asset in my Government. I look forward to the day when we
shall not have the distraction of the trials, so that we can continue delivering
our transformational agenda to the people of Kenya.

I thank the people of Africa and all their leaders who, through the African
Union, demonstrated robust and unflinching support by word and deed, in the
true spirit of African brotherhood. Your solidarity has deeply touched and
inspired me. I urge you to continue supporting us as we give my Brother
William Ruto and his co-accused, Joshua Sang support and solidarity to confront
the last outstanding case.

Fellow Kenyans, I thank each and everyone of you for your support, prayers,
words of encouragement and best wishes. God has not let us down. God will
never let us down. As we promised, we have not, and shall never let the cases
sully our sovereignty, or get in the way of managing the affairs of our nation.

Thank you, and may God bless you.