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1-005009_Nast, Jamie - Learning to Learn With Mind Maps_25C2_25AE & Memory - Hea
dMan by Tony Buzan
2-Tony Buzan - Super Creativity
3-Tony Buzan-Use Your Head
4-Tony Buzan-Use Your Memory
5-47 MIN. mp3 lecture about mind mapping.
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Tony Buzan (1942 ) is an author and educational consultant.[1] He is a proponent o
f the techniques of Mind Mapping and mental literacy.
Buzan was born in London, is an alumnus of Kitsilano Secondary School, and recei
ved double Honours in psychology, English, mathematics and the General Sciences
from the University of British Columbia in 1964. He is probably best known for h
is book, Use Your Head, his promotion of mnemonic systems and his Mind Mapping t
echniques. He launched his own software program to support mind mapping called i
MindMap in December 2006. His website, Buzan World, cites trademarks on the phra
se 'Mind Maps' which he has registered in many countries.
Following his 1970s series for the BBC, many of his ideas have been set into his
series of five books: Use Your Memory, Master Your Memory, Use Your Head, The S
peed Reading Book and The Mind Map Book. He has since authored or co-authored ov
er 100 books.
Most of his teaching generally divides up into: general awareness of the extensi
ve capabilities and capacities of the brain and its functions, memory skills, re
ading skills, Mind Map note-taking and note-making, creativity, and how brain fu
nction can be improved over time into old age.
Buzan developed Mind Mapping whilst at university, out of the frustration that t
raditional notes took up so much time to create and review. He has argued that M
ind Maps are an efficient way to take notes from lectures or books. His brother
Barry Buzan, who co-wrote The Mind Map Book, suggested the technique could also
be used to capture notes from one's own creative ideas and is useful in business
As a popular psychology author, Tony Buzan has written on subjects relating to t
he brain, genius quotient (GQ), spiritual intelligence, memory, creativity and s
peed reading. He is the founder and President of the Brain Foundation (not to be
confused with various medical-related bodies with the same name) and also the B
rain Trust Charity, the World Memory Championships and the World Championships o
f the Brain. He was a co-founder of London's Mind Body Spirit festival as well a
s the Mind Sports Olympiad.
Tony's brother Barry is currently Professor of International Relations at the Lo
ndon School of Economics and uses Mind Maps to prepare both his lectures and his
many books on the subject
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