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Ko te Mana te Mea Nui Honour Above All

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Term 4 Issue Dec 4 th 2014
Kia Ora Everyone,

The end of the year is drawing very near though things are not
slowing down. We have had explorers week this week and the
children have been having a lot of fun these last few days. We have
some pretty good golfers and tennis players at school, and Miss Bs
mural is looking great! Thank you to all of the parents who have
helped out, especially today with Mrs King being sick.

Numbers for next year continue to build, we have had many enquires about enrolments from families
moving in. Please if you know of anyone who is moving in, tell them to give us a call we would
appreciate any heads up so we can sort classes as soon as possible. They do not have to enrol their
children next year but some notice would be good. The School Office will be open on Monday 26
and Tuesday 27, 10am - 2pm for enrolments, stationary, uniforms and tours of the school. School for
all students starts on Wednesday 28th January 2015.
Our search for our new teacher is progressing, with applications closing tomorrow, hopefully we find
our new person soon though if need be we will re-advertise to makes sure we get the right person for
our school and your kids. As soon as I know I will let you all know via the school website and
Facebook page. Classes for next year are as follows, though this may change as it is very
dependent on our new teacher and new enrolments (I just thought you might like to know the general
Mrs Bell - Year Seven and Eight;
Stacey - Year Five and Six;
New Teacher - Year Four;
Mrs Corbett, Mrs Donaldson, and Mrs King (Miss Webb) - A share junior space with Year One to
Three. (More information about this is below).
Mrs King will also be doing Reading Recovery Training so Mrs Wallace will be releasing her in the
Please remember this is not set in concrete as we dont know who our new teacher is or the numbers
of students until all enrolments are in.

Finally, a huge congratulations to all of our award winners from last weeks prize giving. We had
another fabulous turn out and support from our community. The list of recipients is in this newsletter.
Well thats all for now, have a great weekend.
Ka kite ano
To all parents of students in the Junior School.
The teaching team for the Junior School (Years 1 - 3) consists of Mrs Corbett, Mrs King, Mrs
Wallace and Mrs Donaldson. We will be starting with gender - based classes, with Mrs King & Mrs
Wallace home rooming the girls and Mrs Corbett, the boys. Core subjects will be taught by a single
teacher - Mrs K: reading, Mrs C: writing, Mrs D: Maths, Mrs W handwriting & spelling. Mrs K will be
undertaking Reading Recovery training. We will be kicking off 2015 with a term of Dr Seuss. If you
can get to a library or even use youtube, take the time over the holidays to experience as much Dr
Seuss as you can. There are also interactive games at (AND if you are
anywhere near a costume or op shop, keep your eye out for anything that can be worn in our Dress
Up As a Dr Seuss character party. Mrs King and Mrs Corbett have first dibs as Thing 1 and Thing 2
Maths begins with a study on position and direction, using language such as over, under, left, right,
quarter turn, half turn, transformed and translated. We will be learning to describe routes and follow
maps. Swimming will begin in Week 2 with the girls swimming Monday & Tuesday, and the
boys Thursday & Friday.
Thanks so much for all of your input and help throughout the year. We have appreciated your support
in making the year such a successful one. As always, keep going with the reading over the holidays
ever book counts, even if it has been read numerous times before.
Next Tuesday 9th December we are going to have a fun filled day and invite whanau to join us.
11am - Morning Tea at the school
11.30 - Walk to Pools
12.00 - Swim at pool
1pm - Out of the pools, walk to skate park. You are welcome to bring bikes but you must have a
1.15pm - Eat together
2pm - games back at school - PC parachute, SB rob the nest, WB seaweed, CK football, CD bat
down. 15 mins per class.
If it is wet it will be cancelled.

Dates to remember
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL NEXT THURSDAY 11th closing at 12.30pm.
2015 School Stationery
To make it easier for parents we can provide stationery packs at the beginning of the year for every
child at very low prices (even cheaper than the warehouse) We can put it on your school account.
If you do not want your child to be given the pack then please let Kerry know 3876860 (leave a
message) or email Packs range from $20 - $38

Prizegiving Results

Waiouru School Cups

Technology Award

Timothy Browne

S & M Vine Fairplay Cup

Junior - Year Four and Under
Intermediate - Year Five and Six
Senior - Year Seven and Eight

Junior - Jason Young

Intermediate - Cullen Cross
Senior - Makere Gregory

Wanganui Savings Bank Cup for

helpfulness and cheerfulness
Junior - Year Four and Under
Intermediate - Year Five and Six
Senior - Year Seven and Eight

Junior - Isabella Tweeddale

Intermediate - Kayla Jordan
Senior - Rejoyce Vitata

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Midget

Year Two and Three

Boy: Zinny Taumata-Niania-

Taputoro / Kory Rata
Girl: Mackenzie Cole

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Junior

Boy/Junior Girl
Year Four and Five

Kade Gates -Boy

Girl - Awatea Hepi

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup

Intermediate Boy/Intermediate Girl
Year Six and Seven

Boy:Cullen Cross
Girl:Olivia Foote

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Senior

Boy/Senior Girl
Year Eight

Boy: Carson Hepi

Girl: Makere Gregory

Waiouru Primary School Most Promising

Cross Country Runner - Running for the
love of it

Zinny Taumata-Niania-Taputoro

Harding Trophy For Excellence in

Computer Skills

Kenneth Long

Taonga for positive attitude towards Te
Reo and Tikanga Maori

Michella Kingi-Mareikura

Joe Pohatu Prize for Cultural Leadership

Carson Hepi

Waiouru Enviro cup


WPS House Shield


Waiouru School Academic Achievement

Cup for best overall academic student

Kenneth Long

Ruapehu / TAS College Scholarships

TAS - Dontaye Mihinui

Korowai holder (school leader)

Rejoyce Vitata

Academic Awards


Year One

Tanesia Burt

Year Two

Harry Alexander

Year Three

Mackenzie Cole

Year Four

Orton Long

Year Five

Sean Foote

Year Six

Mackenzie Hulena

Year Seven

Olivia Foote

Mana Class Certificates:
Most Improved: Cullen Cross
Love of Learning: Connor Halliday
Respect, Honour: John Bosman
Thunderbolt Class Certificates:
Class Certificates:
Most Improved: Ethan Reid
Love of Learning: Liz Vitata
Respect, Honour: Madison Cole
Kea Class Certificates:
Most Improved: Loneet Velaidan
Love of Learning: Jamie Taikoto
Respect, Honour: Andre Edmonds
Superheroes Class Certificates:
Most Improved: Miapou Tupouohomohema
Love of Learning: Caitlyn Hughes
Respect & Honour: Stuart Rose-Sinclair
Karaka Class Certificates:
Most Improved: Michaela Parker
Love of Learning: Tessa Wiseman
Respect & Honour: Ihaia Nathan