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164 THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR Amajg/e Brightly, in one Adim7/E, AE Words and Music by EDDIE POLA DE E769) Hat lf z Bm7/E ——Didim7/B, Bm9 and GEORGE WYLE Amajg/E DE fe fie Al ton Reenes Its the nf Bm7 ET Chm 165 with the kids jin - gle bell - ing and with those hol - i - day greet - ings and ‘There'll be — much mis - Ue - toe - ing and Fem? Bm7 AcE Didim7 To Coda tell - ing, “You as Its the meet - ings, when friends come to call, Is the glow - ing when loved ones are near. Its the Fém7 3 ant bre 2 Fan bm? 8 hap - pi - est 166 Bm7 m7 Fem7 DIA Bm7 Ey host - ing, marsh - mal - lows for Fmaj7 Dm toast - ing car - ol - ing a ae if Bm765) sto - ries and E7 fai Jong, tales of DS. al Coda