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The Inland Waterways and Ferries Training Centre (IWFTC) is an institution under
Human Resources Development Agency, Ministry of Communication in Indonesia.
It is located 30 km near Palembang in South Sumatra Province, precisely at
Perajin Village in Mariana District, Banyuasin Regency. The campus is on the bank
of Musi River and only about 60 nautical miles from Malacca Strait. The IWFTC is
the one and only training centre in the field of inland waterways and ferry transport
in Indonesia.
The IWFTC was established as a result of cooperation between the Government of
the Kingdom of Belgium and Government of the Republic of Indonesia as stated in
the FTA-170 project in Brussels, Belgium on December 20, 1979. This institution
began its activity in 1987. Since inland and waterways transport in Indonesia is
assumed as a part of land transportation, based on the Decree of the Minister of
Transportation No. 50 in 2008, officially IWFTC became the Institute of Education
and Training for Land Transportation Palembang (Balai Pendidikan dan Pelatihan
Transportasi Darat).


IWFTC so far carries out three kinds of academic program :
a. Short Course for ASEAN Countries
In order to upgrading the IWFTC, the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium
and Government of the Republic of Indonesia had another bilateral
cooperation programs signed in Jakarta on 7th of July 1997 by the Ambassador

of The Kingdom of Belgium and the Head of Training and Educational Agency
Ministry of Communication. It is stated that in the G-3/1106212 project, the
IWFTC in Palembang will be expanded into ASEAN Regional Training
Centre. That project itself is a continuance of the decision taken during the 3 rd
Meeting of The 26th ASEAN Standing Committee on 27 28 May 1993 in
Jakarta, which declared that the Palembang IWFTC is a regional training and
educational centre of excellence for Inland Waterways and Ferries for middle
level managers from the ASEAN member countries. In relation to that, four
pilot courses have been organized, which were attended by delegates from 9
ASEAN countries as follows:

Kind of Course
Course I : IWT and Ferry Port

18 delegates

5 - 25 July 2001

Management Course
Course II : IWT and Ferry Traffic

18 delegates

3 - 23 August 2001

Engineering and Safety Course

Course III : IWT and Ferry Infrastructure

18 delegates

4 - 21 February 2002

Management Course
Course IV : IWT and Ferry Development

18 delegates

4 - 21 March 2002

Plan Evaluation Course

In 2004, funded by the Japan General Exchange Fund (JAGEF) and the ASEAN
Secretariat, the IWFTC organized four courses for CMLV (Cambodia, Myanmar,
Lao PDR and Vietnam) countries as follows:

Kind of Course
1 Course I : IWT and Ferry Port

12 delegates

7 - 23 June 2004

Management Course
Course II : IWT and Ferry Traffic

15 delegates

7 - 21 July 2004

Engineering and Safety Course

Course III : IWT Operation and

16 delegates

13 - 25 March 2005

Management Course
Course IV : IWT Infrastructure

16 delegates

13 - 25 April 2005

Management Course
b. Short Course for National Scope
In order to upgrading the capacity of technical and managerial officers in
Indonesia in the field of inland waterways and ferry transport, the IWFTC has
proceeded many types of courses since 1985. Until now, the IWFTC has
trained about 3.500 participants from all provinces in Indonesia.
Some of courses are as follows :
a. Ferry Port Operation and Management Course
b. Inland Waterways Operation and Management Course
c. Inland Waterways Safety Officer Course
d. Inland Waterways Ship Certification Course
e. Other taylor-made course
c. Inland Waterways And Ferry Diploma Program
In order to create managerial officers in Indonesia, the IWFTC carries out a
diploma program in the field of inland waterways and ferry transport. The
cadets come from any provinces in Indonesia and they study theoritical and
practical knowledge for three years in the campus. Offcially, this diploma
program is under the Land Transportation High School (Sekolah Tinggi
Transportasi Darat). So far, IWFTC has graduated about 800 cadets. The
alumni work at various institutions such as Ministry of Communication
especially in Directorate of Inland Waterways and Ferry, Port Authority, Inland

Waterways and Ferry Company (PT ASDP), Regional Communication Office

(Dinas Perhubungan), Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda), Port
and Inland Waterways Transport Consultant and much more.


The IWFTC has some facilities in order to support the educational activities. Some
of them are as follows :
a. Representative classrooms
b. Students and Cadet Dormitory
c. Basic Safety Training Facilities
d. Multimedia Laboratory
e. Computer Laboratory
f. Hydraulic Laboratory
g. Machinary Laboratory
h. Electrical Laboratory
i. Training dredger and survey vessels
j. Library
k. Workshop
l. Equipments for Practical Survey
m. Generator Set and Water Treatment Unit
n. Kitchen and dining room
o. Mosque
p. Sports Facilities (Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Futsal, Swimming Pool)
q. Multipurpose hall of the General Meeting
r. Recreation space
s. Marching Band
t. Outbound equiment