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Gilbert D.

CTP-Ed.3 (Sat.10am-1pm)
Dr. Leonardo Tabaranza

I.1 Title: Factors that Determine Time Allotment
I.2 Objective: At the end of the report, the learners will be able to familiarize
themselves with the different factors that determine time allotment
(importance of subject, childs ability, grade level and average number of


Summary of Report
A. Importance of Subject
Determine the time allotment available for each subject is an essential
step in designing, not only because available time is finite, but because it
enables the teacher to determine the relative amount of time to be spent
on each subject.
Having too many subjects limit the extent to which the teachers and
the learners can focus on those basic skills critically important for good
performance and success in the later grade levels. Learning suggests
that greater emphasis should be given to reading and communication
skills and to understanding basic and mathematical and scientific
English s a subject concerned with the use of appropriate language in
oral and written communication in various contexts and demonstrates
proficiency in critical listening and reading while carrying out activities in
everyday life.
In Mathematics learners should demonstrate skills in computing
accurately, estimating, communicating, and thinking analytically and
creatively and solving problems in daily life using appropriate technology.
Science and Health must apply science concepts and principles
varied life situations and demonstrate scientific attitudes values in solving
day to day problems containing natural phenomena, the environment
health and sanitation, food production, and the use and conservation of
the resources.
Makabayan is the laboratory of life or an experimental learning areas
which consists of :Sibika at Kultura/Heograpiya,Kasaysayan at Sibika
(SK/HKS); Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP);
Musika,Sining,Edukasyon sa Pagpapalakas ng katawan
(MSEP).Makabayan as learning area shall feature a stronger integration
of competencies and values within and across its learning area
component and the tool learning areas.It shall use integrative teaching
approaches where appropriate and relevant for a more holistic learning.
B. Childs Ability
The ability to understand difficult concepts is based on the level of
maturation of the learner. The ability to recognize and understand ones
intelligence, self-motivation and social skills are some of the factors to

C. Grade level
Education Act of 1940 provides the legal basis for six-year
elementary course.
Age 3, 4, and 5 (Pre-school level)
Age 6 11 (Elementary Level)
Age 12 15 (Secondary Level)
Only shows that as early as 3 years old you send your child to school.
D. Average Number of school Days
RA 7797 stretched the school year from 200 220 days more or
Issues and concerns
1) Philippines is considered to have one of the shortest formal systems of
basic education because the curriculum in the Philippines education is over crowded
which limit the teachers and the learners basic skills that give good performance.
2) Some Filipino high school students are still not capable of f formal thought.
Studies indicate that many of our learners are not attaining functional literacy which
learners find difficult to meet the challenges passed by our rapidly changing world
especially in high school because many factors are involved family, environment and
study habit of the learners.


1) The objectives, structure and content of the 2002 Basic Education
Curriculum are in the compliance with the 1987 Constitution of the
Republic of the Philippines, the 1982 Education Act and the 2001
Governance of Basic Education Act that envision every learner to be
functionally literate equipped with the life skills, appreciative of the arts
and sports and provide quality basic education that is equitably
accessible to all and to lay the foundation of lifelong learning and service
for the common good.
2) Our educational system has changed rapidly. Our world is becoming
borderless to information commodities, financial investment, crime,
terrorism and ecological problems. I think its about time to increased time
for task to gain mastery of competencies and give greater emphasis on
the learning process and disciplinary modes of teaching.
References: The 2002 BEC, Curriculum Development: The Philippine
Experience, Curriculum Translation