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Q1) what is the objective of the experiment?

Ans 1: The objective of the experiment is to demonstrate the effect of conditioned stimulus on people
and how certain ethical issues have to be kept in consideration before doing such menacing
experiments. Watson wanted to extend Pavlovs experiment on human to understand whether the
same conclusion is deduced or indifferences arise.
Q2) Identify the independent and dependent variables?
Ans 2: the independent variables are the loud noise and white rate; the dependent variable is the
response of a child.
Q3) what are the different manipulations of the independent variable?
Ans 3: the manipulations deduced could be his stimulus generalization with ranynors fur coat and
Watson wearing a Santa Claus beard. So the white rat made little albert cry to other different white
things which, in any way, resembled to the independent variable.
Q4) Is it a quasi-experiment or an alternative experiment? Why?
Ans 4: it is an alternative experiment since the researcher focuses on determining the causality of the
research. The researcher wanted to find the variability of the conditioned response. Also, the researcher
has put independent variable to control and change the cause of the effect.
Q5) symbolically write down the experiment.
Ans 5: O1


O1= little albert before experimental treatment

X= exposure to experimental treatment
O2= little Albert after treatment
Q6) what is the test unit in this experiment?
Ans 6: little Albert
Q7) what can be the experimental confounds in this experiment?
Ans 7: little alberts age
Q8) is it a laboratory or a field experiment? Why?
Ans 8: its a laboratory experiment because there is a single test unit and the effects of all irrelevant
independent variables are kept to a minimum.

Q9) is it a within subject or between subjects design? Why?

Ans 9: since the experiment is not divided into groups or any sections, it is considered as within subject
design and there is a single subject who is tested upon by a controlled independent variable and the
effect is observed

Q10) comment on the external and internal validity of the experiment?

Ans 10: The experiment is deemed to be internally valid because there are very little confounds which
are to be incorporated or would affect the experiment. The change would be very marginal.
The experiment is externally invalid as what Watson suggested that little albert was a normal, healthy
baby but rather it was later found that the child suffered from hydrocephalus since birth. Watson
intentionally misrepresented the state of the child. So, the child was not an accurate representation of a
normal person. They were also criticized because there was no objectivity in the process and was
assessed on the subjective evaluations of both scientists.