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Solaris Notes


lists of components enabled

enable/disabled components
cpu (in OBP)
memory (bank of)


rsc config rsc adm

setenv input-device rsc

output-device rsc
.rsc status 1 (on) 0 (off) (client) software
To tip :-

tip -9600 /dev/term/a (b)

RSC Commands
userdel name
useradd name
userperm name c u a r
userpassword name (6+ characters)
reset rsc
E3x00, 4x00, 5x00, 6x00
To interleave all memory should be same size
Must have I/O in top slot (4x00)
E6x00 has 16 slots 1 I/O board & 2 CPUs/ 2Gb memory per board
4 types of devices CPU, Sysio, FFB, Psycho
FHC (fire hose controller) performs post on each board on boot
Firetruck (centre plane bus 256bits wide
256Mb maximum dimm of cpu/memory board
Bank 0 furthest away from slot
Clock speed E6000 (83mhz)
E6500 (90mhz)
Bottom 2 boards in E6500 used as disk boards
sunwisp@*,1000 ultra wide differential scsi
graphics card
sunswift card (feps)
sunswift card (hme)
A5x00 notes
Speed of FC 100Mb/s over a maximum distance of no grater than 10km
Maximum devices is 127

Lowest WWN is determined to be the master, not the disks, but is possible.
Hot plug (no intervention)
Hot swap (user intervention)
Configuration of IB

B0 (from rear)

Script to run to test volumes:While true

Mkfile 100m /path_to folder/file
Echo making file
Sleep 1
Rm /path_to folder/file
Echo deleting file
Solaris 9 part II
ufsrestore m
restores current directory on disk
stores to nvramrc
prstat p pid
Man k
alternate man pages
no. lastchg from Jan 1st 1970
ufsdump a
creates archive
browse backup tapes archive structure
patchrm B backout_dir
to remove a patch
pkgchk l *
info & install time
execute sysinit b4 init tries 2 acc console
at least 6 char (inc 1 alphanumeric)
change at least 3 char
groupadd o gid
gid to be duplicated
groupadd g gid o
manages packages not patches
GID 14
for adding users & admin tasks
tar options tarfilename file list
/var/sadm/install/contents software package map
updates /etc/path_to _inst
devfsadm I
driver name
format invoked
inquiry (format)
shows vendor, product & revision
ufsdump 0S /var
size of slice to backup
control tape device
who r
previous & current run level
data blocks associated
regular files, directories & sym links
prstat a
lists processes & users at same time
continiuosly prints
total usage
restricts output
for cdrom & floppy
starts cde process manager
boot a (L1 + a)
interactive mode

same as tar (backup utilty)
crontab files
ufsrestore options args file(s)
userdel r
removes home directory
config file for vold daemon
In vi
/word (to search for string)
n next
./ptree ( to see process tree of parent/child processes)
cp /usr/bin/ksh sos
su access
binary calculator
obase=16 (hex value)
Man 1 cmds
2 system calls
3 libs
4 file formats
5 macro
6 games/demos
7 special
8 not used
9 device drivers
man s 2 intro
/etc/inetd.conf (super daemon for services)
Useful command:Find / -mount ( not across file system) inum xxx
V480/880 notes

(V880) pci@6,700000=33Mhz slot (5v)

(V880) pci@6,600000=66Mhz slot (3.3v)
ok> .asr (maps error with configuration)
luxadm probe probes devices

On V480 to locate box (green led on front left)

./locator -n (on)
-f (off)
psrinfo (status of processors)
psradm n (online) I (lowercase) (disable interrupt) f (offline)
Solaris (decimal)
POST (decimal)

(except /etc/path_to _inst)

Loop a on FC-AL 21xxxx

Loop b on FC-AL 22xxxx
OBP 4.17.x will always set test-args in OBP (default is verbose)
Veritas 4.0
Evacuate disks
Vxdg init mydg disk1=c*t*d*.
Vxdg g mydg adddisk disk2=
Vxdg g mydg adddisk disk3=
Vxassist g mydg make vol1 20m layout=mirror-concat( other variables)
Option 7
Disk1, then disk2..
Creating Storage Pools
Vxdg init mydg disk01=c0t0d0
Vxdg g mydg adddisk disk02=c0t1d0.
Vxpool g mydg create(or make) mypool
dm=disk01,disk02 pooldefintion=raid5_volume
vxvoladm g mydg make myvol 100m
capability=Raid5Capabilty(nmaxcols=4 ((variable)) ) (4 data, 1 log, 1 parity)
vxpool printpooldefinitions raid5_volume
vxvoladm g mydg remove volume myvol
vxpool g mydg rmdisk mypool dm=disk01,disk02..
vxpool g mydg delete mypool
Iostat xnp

n-named mount points
luxadm probe
luxadm display
Mirror in Veritas as per SOP
Setenv diag-device rootdisk
Setenv boot-device rootdisk mirrdisk
Nvalias rootdisk. Path to root disk (full)
Nvalias mirrdisk ..path to mirrdisk (full)
Reset all then boot rootdisk or mirrdisk
Dont forget to..
create a file /etc/default/vxdg and put
to make 'sliced' the default format for vxdisksetup create /etc/default/vxdisk and put the following
in it..
Solaris System Administrator I
/etc/ host to IP resolution
find /var nouser nogroup
finds all files not owned
passwd f
forces passwd set at first login
traces system calls & signals
OS version
ufs & vxfs
only support acp
/etc/nsswitch.files > /etc/nsswitch.conf
name resolution
+ in /.rhost or $HOME
no password for root
Solaris 10 notes
Intel x86 this architecture has no concept of c0t0d0s0, this is relayed as c0d0s0 or

kdmconfig sets up keyboard, video in CDE

/dev/ (memory based)

/devices (hard disk/ln based)

du sh /filesystem

prtconf | grep v not


fc s -- -| 2>/dev/null

this invokes the previous command and suppresses stderr for both fc & previous command

to setup default route on a network

netstat rn

route delete default

route add default

netstat rn

disable stop a



svcs x lists services not working

-d processes waiting for dependents ( beneath tree structure)

-D dependent processes ( above tree)

-a all services ( which are enabled/disabled)

svcadm enable/disable service

-t temporary enabled/disabled

find /archivelogs -type f -xdev | xargs ls -sltr | sort -nr | more or | head -20