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Friends, Family and Lovers. I want to have people around me who can hug me, fuck me,
talk to me about stuff and generally just be around.
Social life should be integrated into vocation, religion, time, and should not be an
expense. So what can you do?
Go on picnics.
Go to the Movies.
Watch TV.
Invite people over for Dinner.
Invite people over for a Party.
Go to other peoples houses for Dinner.
Go to other peoples houses for Parties.
Go cycling with people.
Play sport with people.
Play Gigs.
Exhibit work.
Show films.
Call people up on the telephone.
Make movies with people.
Make music with people.
Draw people.
Draw with people.
Run companies with people.
Fuck people
Talk to people.
The above, done with variety and verve would certainly constitute a rich and varied
social life.
Going out with people should never be a spending exercise, no going to restaurants, no
going to cafs, no going clubbing. All those places can be gone to, but dont spend
money, just hang out with people.
Another thing is to try and balance things like the gender of the people you see, their
couple/single status, whether you just see one person or a group, etc.

I want to;
Paint This includes drawing, taking photographs, and all things visual and arty. I want
to draw at least one drawing per day from now on, in the hope that I discover my eye
and can go on to do Paintings etc.
Write This includes poems, songs, short stories, notes on other peoples pieces, novels,
scripts etc. I want to write one page of something good every day from now on, in the
hope that I can do a novel, or film script.
Music Practice guitar, sing, theres a piano here, maybe play a bit on that. I should
practice guitar at least three times a week!
Film This one might have to wait until a bit later, both because I want to get my visual
and word skills up to scratch, and because its much more expensive than the others.
Invent This one refers to stuff like social ikons, it also encompasses the idea of taking
inventions and working with them as an enterprise.
All these pursuits should be taken seriously, they should all eventually generate income
and they should all facilitate an enriching of my social life.
Read books
Watch Movies
Watch TV
See Art
Listen to Music
Interact with people
Internal Functions.
Ride a bike
Do Yoga
Do weights
Eat healthy

Space but also time
One way to break it down is to say that experience is movement takes place in spacetime
Project planning
Networking with people

Lifestyle should cost nothing, security should be what you put your money into, and time
should bne where your money is made, doing things you love.

Lifestyle, Time, Security are Affection, Vocation, Location are Socializing, Work, Home
So, theres the plan! Save some money, at the same time work up a plan, then at the
preordained hour, quit whatever job, live off the savings and try to make Ikons, and
Painting and Writing, and singing make some money, If you can get to where you are
making around 300 dollars per week from your own inventions and creative output then
you are surviving as an Artist, after that try to ramp up that income to secure a house.
OK, cool, so now I need an actual project plan, I have a solution, but I need actual steps,
how much money will it cost me? What exactly do I expect to get money for, and how
much? Who can help me in my quest and when, and in what ways?? What materials will
I really need, how much are they, when do I need them, what should I do with them??
My gut feeling is that I should try and give myself seed capital that would allow me to
live for six months, plus buy a few items, like maybe a microphone, some canvases, a
few items of clothing, etc so thats about 6,000 plus maybe 1000 so first estimate, I need
7,000 plus 6 months of free time, plus however much time it will take to get the initial
One of the very first steps I think is to quit smoking. This will save me money and
increase my general heath and alertness.
Other areas to work on in the mental sphere include; Memory, Language, and Mood.
Ill need a formal project plan and design spec, plus testing procedures and a budget.
I think a good way to do it is to build a website in the initial saving period, use it as my
management tool, have a wap component so I can update things through the mobile etc
Also, spend the saving period as the project planning period, as well as a time to meditate
on the goals and achieve focus.
So if the plan involves integrating my vocation with my security, what about the social
sphere? Can I integrate that? It seems fairly arbitrary to only socialize with people who
you wish to work with, or with people who increase your security, so Ill have to think
about that one some more.

So from here design the website. All content should be database driven, I think the
enviroment for the sake of ease of development should be win2k access2k A.S.P and
the .net framework.
Human Resources
Start looking into ways to maximize the saving of 7 grand, maybe a three month contract
at $60 per hour. That would do it quite comfortably Id guess.
So in addition to my website I need some tutorials on various topics, and a collection of
software to play with, a notebook maybe, and a real strategy of utilizing human resourses
to find me employment, but this would just be for the saving period, which starts on the
15th of May. So thats when I dont go out and shop like an idiot!

Some other options have been percolating in my bubbly brain head recently;
Living in the bush out of the back of a Ute.
Working and saving overseas, like in Dublin, New York, California, London, Toronto etc
Working part time from home
What was I thinking about before? I want something I can sense it.
Judy.. I remembered, it was the display handler rootsheh

There is no care factor, I am the lord of the dance arrrggghhhhh.


Qawaali: Farid Ayaz, Sabri Brothers

I saw Carolyn today, she said I was probably going to stay in balwyn for another week.
Oh great, I fucking hate this project, I dont know enough about spectra or cfml to do this
job, but then again maybe its just the wrong attitude. Or lack of energy
Need strategy, feedback,