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National Conference on Recent Innovations and

Advancements in Information Technology (RIAIT-14)

November 26-27, 2014
Department of Information Technology
Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri-185234

Important Dates
Paper Submission Deadline:-

October 20, 2014

Author Notification:-

October 30, 2014

Final Camera Ready Manuscripts
and Registration:-

November 07, 2014

Chief Patron
Prof I. A. Hamal
VC, BGSB University, Rajouri
Advisory Committee
Prof Gurpreet Singh Lehal

The National Conference on Recent Innovations and Advancements in Information
Technology (RIAIT) is being organized by
the Department of Information Technology, in collaboration with Department of
Computer Sciences, Baba Ghulam Shah
Badshah University, Rajouri, J&K India.
The focus will be on the topics that are of
contemporary interest to computer and computational scientists and engineers. The
thrust is on recent advances and innovations
in the field of Information Technology.
RIAIT-14 will bring together researchers
and practitioners from academia, industry
and government to deliberate upon the algorithmic, systemic, applied, social, and educational aspects of Information Technology.
The conference will be held in Rajouri which
is 150 Kms. from Jammu, the Winter Capital
of Jammu & Kashmir state.

Prof Devanand
Prof R. K. Singla
Prof Khurram Mustafa
Prof M. M. Sufyan Beg
Prof Vibhakar Mansotra

Prof S. M. K. Quadri
Prof Vinod Sharma
Dr. Suhel Mustajab
Dr. Rashid Ali
Dr. Abdul Wahid
Dr. Vishal Goyal
Dr. Mansaf Alam
Prof M. Asger
Dean, School of Mathematical Sciences
and Engineering
BGSB University, Rajouri

Organizing Secretary
Mr. Tasleem Arif
Head, Deptt of Information Technology
BGSB University, Rajouri
Contact:- +91 9419174250
Organizing Committee
Mr. Majid Bashir Malik (Co-convener)
Mr. Qamar Rayees Khan
Dr. Sanjay Jamwal
Mr. Ed Gowhar Hafiz Wani
Mr. Mohsin Nazir
Mr. Sani Asnain
Mr. Pardeep Sharma

Accepted papers shall be published as conference proceedings in the form of a book

only when presented during the conference
by the registered authors. Extended version
of the shortlisted papers shall be submitted
for publication in the following journals:
International Journal of Computer
Applications (IJCA)
ISSN: 0975-8887
International Journal of Advances
in Computing & Information
Technology (IJACIT)
ISSN: 2277-9140
International Journal of Enginee
ring & Advanced Technology
ISSN: 2249-8958

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Bio-informatics and Biomedical Engineering
Communication Systems
Computer Based Education
Embedded Systems
Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Multimedia & Virtual Reality
Computer Networks and Data Communication
Cryptography & Security
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Computing Practices & Applications
Database Systems, Data Mining and Information
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Digital Library
E-commerce and E-governance

Electronics, Information & Control Systems

High Performance Computing
Human Computer Interaction
Internet and Web Applications
ICT for Society
Knowledge Management and Knowledge Data
Natural Language Processing
Robotics and Automation
Software Engineering & CASE
Social Media and Cloud Computing
Soft Computing
Technology in Education
Theoretical Computer Science
Technology Management
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Ubiquitous Computing


(Authors: Proceedings in the form of CD)

Full Time Research Scholars & Students:

Rs. 2000/=
Rs. 1500/=
Rs. 750/=

(Non-Authors: Proceedings in the form of CD)

Rs. 1000/=
Rs. 750/=
Full Time Research Scholars & Students
Rs. 500/=
(Printed Proceedings shall be available on written request. Cost of printed proceedings is Rs. 1000/= plus Registration Charges)


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts based on original unpublished research as per the above mentioned schedule.
Papers limited to 6 single spaced, double column pages (A4) will be reviewed by experts and selected for presentation and
inclusion in the conference proceedings based on their clarity, originality, relevance and significance.
Interested authors may send their papers to with the subject RIAIT-14 and the title of the paper.
Registration form, acceptance letter and other details will be sent to the authors of the accepted papers that will be accepted
for presentation.
Conference updates will be available at our official Facebook page: