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Four-stroke gas engine

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of low and
medium speed engines. Our involvement with electrical power generators goes
back to 1904 when we supplied the first ever diesel generator sets to the Kiev Tram
Since those early days, MAN Diesel & Turbo has never lost its technological preeminence in the large engine field. Likewise, our engines have never relinquished
their status as the most efficient combustion engines available.
More than ever before, MAN Diesel & Turbos development focus is on the environmental performance of our engines. Using our unrivalled grasp of large engine
technology, we aim to make our engines progressively cleaner, more powerful and
more efficient.
With our absolute commitment to reducing emissions while increasing fuel effi
ciency and power density and our pro-active involvement in the emissions law
making process, we intend to be part of the global emissions solution.

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

A new class of large bore gas engine

Gas engines are claiming an increasing share of the market for electrical power

51/60G spark ignited gas engine; principle

generation thanks to their clean combustion, high efficiencies, comparatively low

carbon dioxide emissions and the attractive price of natural gas.
Modern and innovative

Cogeneration or combined cycle

With its newest gas engine, the 51/60G, MAN Diesel

In addition to using thermal energy recovered from

& Turbo is bringing the benefits of gas engines to

engine sources for heating or cooling in cogeneration

power and co-generation plants with electrical out-

or trigeneration applications, the exhaust heat of the

puts of 100 to 300 MW, a category previously domi-

51/60G engine can also be used to produce steam to

nated by gas turbines.

drive a steam turbine generator. As a result the overall output and efficiency of the power plant can be

Highest power density

increased without additional fuel costs.

The 51/60G is available in a v-engine version with 18

cylinders and an output of 18,900 kW. This output

Low emissions

1,050 per cylinder for 50 and 60 Hz power genera-

At a maximum of 500 mg/Nm3, dry @ 5% O2, the

tion gives the 51/60G best-in-class power density

51/60G achieves emissions of oxides of nitrogen

among gas engines.

(NOx) in compliance with Germanys TA Luft clean

Intake of air and gas

Compression of gas air mixture

Ignition by prechamber

air regulations and undercuts the limits currently pre-

Further major benefits of the 51/60G include


most powerful gas engine on the market

combustion of lean air/gas mixtures

and stable ratings in hot and high locations


scribed by the World Bank by a wide margin.

Precombustion chamber ignition

In order to secure an efficient and reliable ignition of

Advanced ignition technology

the 51/60G lean burn gas engine, a flushed precom-

Derived from the proven 48/60 diesel engine platform,

bustion chamber is used.

load response

the 51/60G uses a state-of-the-art ignition system in

gas admission pressures

combination with a scavenged prechamber guaran-

Due to its rich mixture compared with the main cham-

of maintenance

teeing the stable and reliable ignition of the lean air/

ber, the precombustion chamber is easy to ignite and

gas mixture, and producing low emissions.

offers an excellent ignition stability. Its high energy

density amplifies spark plug efficiency, allowing fast,
stable combustion of the lean mixture within the main
chamber despite the large dimensions of the cylinder.

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

Highest Quality, Highest Output

51/60G Technical Data


MAN Diesel & Turbo has all the major elements of engine technology in house.
All engine parts are designed and constructed with the aim of achieving the highest
reliability, ease of maintenance and longest possible TBOs*.
Engine frame


Rigid housing of single-cast monobloc construction,

Exhaust gas valves with propellers on the shaft for

strengthened by tie bolts running from the suspended

self-turning effect in the exhaust gas stream and seat-

main bearing through to the top edge of the engine

ing in armoured, water-cooled valve seats, resulting in

frame and from the cylinder head through to the inter-

low valve temperatures. The inlet valves are equipped

mediate bottom.

with Rotocap mechanical rotators.

Cylinder liner

Service-friendly design

Thick-walled design isolated from external deforma-

Hydraulic tools used for tightening and loosening cyl-

tion, resulting in optimum running conditions for the

inder head nuts; clamps with quick release fasteners


and/or clamp and plug connectors; generously sized

Four-stroke gas engine


Reference conditions according

ISO 3046-1: 2002

access covers; hydraulic tools for crankshaft bearings


Cylinder head

and big end bearings; sleeve spring vibration damper

Engine cycle: four-stroke

The stated consumption figures refer to:

Combustion chamber geometry optimised for com-

is practically maintenance-free.

Turbocharging system: constant pressure

n Ambient

Number of cylinders, V-engine: 18

n Relative

bustion of gas. In-cylinder spray atomisation delivers

a very good air-fuel ratio for optimum combustion.


n Ambient

air pressure:

1,000 mbar



air temperature: +25C (77F)

The 51/60G engine is equipped with the safety and

Bore: 510 mm

n Charge

Stepped piston

control system SaCoSone. SaCoSone guarantees reli-

Stroke: 600 mm

type, corresponding to 25C cooling water tempera-

Forged, dimensionally stable steel crown (with shaker

able engine operation with an optimum operation

Swept volume per cylinder: 122.6 dm3

ture before charge air cooler

cooling by using oil), made from high-grade materials

range between knocking and misfiring. All cylinders

with skirt in nodular graphite iron. Chromium ceramic

are regulated individually.

Cylinder output (MCR)

Specific gas consumption*, GenSet

at 514 rpm, 60 Hz: 1,050 kWm

Heat rate: 7,606 kJ/kWhel

at 500 rpm, 50 Hz: 1,050 kWm

Electrical efficiency: 47.3 %

coating of the first piston ring with highly resistant

ceramic particles in the ring surface, resulting in low


wear of ring and liner.

The 51/60G features single-stage engine cooling and

two-stage charge air cooling.

Connecting rod and bearing

air temperature: According



Nominal generator efficiency: 97.7 %

Cylinder cooling: Fresh water

Lube oil consumption (20% tolerance)

Charge air cooler (two-stage): Fresh water

18V51/60G: 9.0 kg/h

cap. Specially designed bearing shells in the connect-

Starting method

*ISO 3046-1 conditions; including attached pumps; MN > 80;

ing rod for increased reliability.

Compressed air

tolerance +5%; engine type specific reference charge air tempera-

Optimised marine head design to allow piston over-

*TBO = time between overhaul

haul without removal of the connecting rod bearing

ture before cylinder 43C; Lower calorific value of fuel gas 28.0

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine


MJ/ Nm (Nm corresponds to one cubic meter of gas at 0C and

NOx-emissions maximum 500mg/Nm dry @ 5% O2

1,013 bar); p.f 0.9;

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

Technical Data

Dimensions and Weights




Four-stroke engine V51/60G

GenSet output* (kWe)

Engine 51/60G

500 1/min, 50 Hz (kWe)

514 1/min, 60 Hz (kWe)

18V51/60G 18 cyl.



Mean piston speed

10.0 m/s

10.3 m/s

Mean effective pressure

20.6 bar

20.0 bar

Engine type

No. of cyl.

A (mm)

B* (mm)

C* (mm)

W (mm)

H (mm)

Dry mass* (t)








* Depending on alternator

* Nominal generator efficiency: 97.7%

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

World Class Service

Expert advice and assistance

MAN PrimeServ peace of mind for life

PowerManagement by MAN Diesel & Turbo

With more than 100 PrimeServ service stations and

Complementing the PrimeServ after-sales offering is

service partners worldwide and our growing network

the MAN PowerManagement concept.

of PrimeServ Academies, the MAN Diesel & Turbo

after-sales organisation is committed to maintaining

MAN PowerManagement packages provide integrated

the most efficient, accessible after-sales organisation

support solutions for all aspects of the running of a

in the business.

power or cogeneration plant. Individually negotiated

agreements can cover assistance with or delega-

PrimeServs aim is to provide:

tion of the management of all mechanical, electrical


and thermal equipment. In this way the power plant

OEM-standard service for the complete

life cycle of an installation

operator gains comprehensive access to the tech-


nology, experience, best practices and professional

and qualification of service personnel at

our PrimeServ Academies to maximize the avail-

resources of MAN Diesel & Turbo.

ability and viability of a plant


global availability of genuine, 100% quality-

In short: PowerManagement by MAN Diesel & Turbo

assured MAN Diesel & Turbo spare parts via local

allows you to benefit from our specialist expertise in

outlets or our 24 hour hotline.

running a power plant while you concentrate on your

own core business.

10 51/60G Four-stroke gas engine

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subsequent specific individual projects, the relevant data may be subject to
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