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“\ £4 vonamonar 1 ge}. helask | seit rains on | Vl! 80 and if I don’t Saskia pare live with my | 5 ay tonigh instead y friends 'y fonts 7 PML fail th Virweara | ittnatnew , Ei failthe | scutes | 7 « exam team plays white dress | playison | G08" | tanner ied if Hannah Peter will | if Tom and makes any | probably get | Andy don’t more mistakes | tickets arrive soon they won't if Josie we'll go sel get win the | doesn’t want |. : without her | — married match to come I won't have | if 1 can’t have she'll lose if Rachel doesn’t | to water the | party at my ar go to the cinema | plants parents’ house | er jo with Liam | . - _ If I see Katie, If the train’s late, If my aunt comes next If win £1 million, Wednesday, If it doesn’t snow next | _If you hear a noise in the night, If my friend doesn’t like the winter, .. If [have a baby, new car, If you don’t get home early, If you don’t work hard, 24 Conditional 2 ‘A Work in pairs and see how quickly you can match the parts of the sentences. 1 IfMark came on Wednesday, a _T wouldn’t accept such poor work. 2. Ifyou read a newspaper, b we wouldn't be able to drive home. 3 If that house was for sale, © [would take it for walks in the 4 IfThad a pet elephant, park. 5 Ifthe bank didn’t extend their @ aes pec o Me von loan, you'd know about the accident, 6 If it snowed now, 7 If Real Madrid lost another game, £ YOu'd be dead in minutes. ee § they'd have to sell the business. 9 Ifa mamba snake bit you, h you'd be weightless. 10 Ifyou were on the moon, jata puy ae j_ we could go to the theatre together. 8 — i o< : If I were rich, I'd live in a tent. i If I loved you, I'd go to China. If a lion escaped from the the receptionist wouldn't tell you. ZOO, cesesseeseessetsetsetetsetttnenneee | If your house fell down, sete | Sam would teach in Africa. If I broke my leg, fe Elisa would lose her job.