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Eric Y.

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A rigorous background in the medical and physical sciences, building foundational skills in critical analysis with
significant depth and breadth in scientific literature.

Significant research experience during undergraduate

program in medical and computational fields.

Bachelor of Science
Honours Physiology, Minor in Physics
The University of British Columbia
Numerous distinctions, most notably the prestigious
Faculty of Science Achievement Award, the first
ever Science Student Recognition Award, and the
opportunity to be the student speaker at my convocation ceremony on May 27th, 2013.
Four independant awards to fund undergraduate
research work awarded by the Genome Science and
Technology program, BC Clinical Genomics Network,
Child and Family Research Institute, and the UBC
Dean of Science Office, as well as travel grants.
Scholarships recognizing academic achievement in
the top 5% of students across campus.
MD PhD student - Bioinformatics
The Faculties of Medicine and Graduate Studies
The University of British Columbia

Undergraduate research with three labs

Dr. Marco Marra | Cancer Genomics + Bioinformatics
Dr. Jan Friedman | Medical Genetics + Bioinformatics
Dr. Alex Mackay | Medical Physics + Neuroscience
Current graduate project: pathway analysis of genomic
variation for personalized cancer therapeutics.
Supervised by Dr. Steven Jones | Bioinformatics
Co-author on two publications in international peer reviewed journals Nature and Human Mutation.
Frequent mutation of histone-modifying genes in...
Nature. 2011 Jul 27;476(7360):298-303.
Getting ready for the Human Phenome Project...
Hum Mutat. 2013 Apr;34(4):661-6.
Primary author publication currently in draft for submission to J Neurosci.
Oral presentations at major conferences

Awarded the UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship

(4YF), which covers tuition and provides a additional
$18,000 annual stipend, renewable up to four years.

2013 Annual Meeting of the International Society for

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Salt Lake City.
2012 Meeting of the Human Variome Project: Getting
ready for the human phenome project, San Francisco.


Undergraduate thesis for completion of Bachelor of

Science in Honours Physiology Degree, 2 April 2013.
Won the Physiology Prize for top undergraduate
thesis in my department.

Consistent history of leadership and involvement in

communities of work, study, and other interests.
Elected positions
Member at large | UBC AMS Education Committee
Chair, special projects committee | CITAC
VP Administration | UBC Medical Undergrad Society
VP Academic | The UBC Physics Society
Academic Coordinator | UBC BPP Club
Education and student/professional development
Co-organizer | Health Technology Forum: Vancouver
Musical director | The University Transition Program
Committee chair | Science Peer Academic Coaches
Orientations leader | UBC Orientations
Publications director | 2012 CUPC
Vice president | Safety and First Aid UBC
Service in medicine
Volunteer | VGH Palliative Care Unit
Volunteer | The Vancouver Hospice Society

renaissance man
Open-minded, dedicated, and a fast learner. Many
hobbies and skills outside of traditional schooling.
Languages: Python, LaTeX, linux shell scripting, R,
matlab, sql/sparql, perl, web development languages.
Visual design & publications
Piano & music composition
Poetry, playwriting & theatre

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