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Asian Architecture (ARC 2234 / ARC60403) Project 1: Case Study Paper

Topic & Issue Proposal (10%) Due Date: 30 Sept 2014

Prepare a two-page type-written proposal, including a concept mapping, a summary of the topic and/or
issue to be explored, some of the questions you hope to address, along with a title, and an annotated
bibliography of sources.
Student name and ID: Surayyn Selvan ( 0309819 )
Tutor: Ms. Shahrianne Mohd Shah

The Application of Building With Nature Strategies to Achieve

Sustainability in Belum Rainforest Resort

Research Question(s):
1. What are the architectural philosophies of building with nature?
2. What are the advantages of building with nature?
3. What are the elements of the context in Belum Rainforest Resort that affect the design of the
4. What are the strategies that were used by the Belum Rainforest Resort buildings design to
respond to the site context?
5. What were the strategies implemented by the Belum Rainforest Resort to reduce the negative
impacts on the site context?

Summary of the topic (300 words):

The integration of nature and architecture has become an essential aspect of architectural
design especially in this era of sustainability and eco-friendliness. In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright,
Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. In other words, designers should
build with nature not around it.
One of the visions of Pulau Banding is that the developments shall take into consideration the
conservation of the natural landscape of Pulau Banding and its surroundings. Belum Rainforest Resort
has developed several strategies to support this vision. For example, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the resort
adheres to the clustered typology, which allows for the building blocks to merge into the varying
landscapes of Pulau Banding without the need for major site excavations. Besides that, the design of
the building promotes the idea of openness which preventing the buildings structures from obstructing
the ever-growing vegetation on site. Finally, a more literal representation of building with nature in
Belum Rainforest Resort would be the use of natural materials such as Soma wood saplings, rammed
earth and bamboo. These materials were exploited in different ways, both aesthetically and structurally
throughout the resort, resulting in a different journey of experiences.
The implementation of these strategies in the Belum Rainforest Resort would minimize the
negative impacts the building has on the site. A thorough analysis of these methods based on various
architectural philosophies would accentuate the harmonious balance of the integration of nature and
architecture in Pulau Banding.

Annotated Bibliography
Graham, P. (2003). Building Ecology: First Principles for a Sustainable Built Environment. Oxford:
Blackwell Science Ltd.
This book provides a scientific view on how nature functions and how buildings merge with it and how it
would affects nature. It provides basic knowledge on making design decisions by using the principles of
ecologically sustainable building.
Brophy, V., & Lewis, J. (2011). A Green Vitruvius: Principles and Practice of Sustainable Architectural
Design (2nd ed.). Dublin: University College Dublin.
This book offers advice on the integration of sustainable practice into the design and construction
processes, which tackles the issues that should be considered during the design processes as well as
the strategies to be executed.