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Internship report

Competitive Market Analysis of Premier cement with Shah cement.
Submitted to:
Mr. Tanvir Ahmad (Internship Supervisor)
Submitted by :
Lutfor Rahman
ULAB School of Business
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Spring 2014

Letter of Transmittal
April 24, 2014
Mr. Tanvir Ahmad
Internship Supervisor
ULAB School of Business
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Subject : Submission of Internship Report

Dear Sir,
I have completed this as part of my internship program .The report has been complied as
per your requirements and those set by the host organization . It gives me the huge
pleasure to tell you that working on this internship report has give me a wide range of
The report is based on the knowledge ,experience and the skills that I have acquired
during my period of internship in Premier Cement Mills Ltd.

I am therefore submitting this report with the hope that it lives up to your satisfaction .
However I would be glad if you inform me with your thoughts and views regarding the
report. In addition, if you wish to enquire about any of the aspect of the report , I would
be glad to answer your question.
Lutfor Rahman
ULAB School of Business
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

First of all, I would like to thank the Almighty Allah for blessing me with with the
strength, ability and patience for successfully completing my internship and this report.
I would like to thank my faculty Advisor ,Mr. Tanvir Ahmad for giving me the
opportunity to work with him during my period of internship. I have been able to
assemble and complete this report in a comprehensive manner due to the guidance,
support and counseling that he has provide me with during this period. I have tried my
best to implement his helpful Suggestion while doing my report.
I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the help provided to me by
some personals of the company . My sincere thanks goes to Mr. Md Abdul Al Mamun
senior Executive of sales & marketing for giving me time busy schedule, providing me
with information that was required to complete the report, and for guiding me properly
throughout the period of my internship. I would also like to thank all the employees of
PMCL who has supported me and co-operated with me during my internship period.
Finally my sincere thanks goes to each and everyone who has helped and supported me
significantly stages during the period of my internship.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter one

1.1 Background
This report is on Competitive market analysis of Premier Cement with shah Cement in
Which I have to prepare to fulfill the requirement of BUS (Internship) course . the
task is supervised by the academic supervisor Mr. Tanvir Ahmad .I have been working
with Primer Cement Mills Ltd. For three months period (February -April) as a intern in
Sales & Marketing department. Here I have opportunity to learn work with practical
thing in job life as well as to gain on my respective industry about how a cement
company basically operating in Bangladesh.

1.2 Objective
To have a practical experience of job life.
To find out the relevance and application of theoretical knowledge in practical life.
To know about the real life scenarios and problems that occurs in a work place which
however cannot be understood properly by reading books and studying in classrooms.
To gain an in-depth knowledge about how a company (in this case a cement company)
Functions by utilizing its resources properly.
To gain knowledge about the cement industry of mangladesh.

1.3 Methodology
This report has been complete by taking information from different relevant sources.
Some account have been taken by observing with the company itself. However, this

report also consist of significant amount of data obtained from both primary and
secondary sources.

Secondary data :
For the secondary data, I have used the intranet of Premier Cement Mills Ltd which
mainly consist of the data and excel sheet of the company.
I have also taken information from various reports which were provided to me by
In addition, I have taken some information from the internet as well.

Primary data :
Practical work experience at the sales & marketing departments of PCML Ltd.

1.4 Limtation
While working the company, I faced some limitation in terms of having access to in
formation belonging to the company. As I worked there as an intern , I did not have
access to many documents which prevented me from including up a lot of information
details about certain topics of the report. Although I worked in field as sales & marketing
departments also work at the corporate office of PCML which provided me humor a
broader perspective of how the company works. Although I had this limitations, however
I have tried my level best to fulfill the objectives of this internship report properly.

Chapter two Overview of the company