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What I am most thankful for this

past year is this group of young

men and women who faithfully
serve God and love one another
well through all circumstances.
Chris, YA staff


IBC is a community that exists

because we believe Jesus Christ
transforms lives. We want to be fully
alive as followers of Jesus, and we
hope youll join us on this journey.

heart of our journey is the gospel of
Jesus. We trust Christ as our Savior
and find ourselves becoming more
like him as we deepen our relationship with him.

The way of following Jesus is not a

path we walk alone. The gospel story
draws us into a community of people
whose lives are being transformed
by Jesus.

Cough, cough*
Gobble, gobble!
Wade (his turkey-being-spared call)


of Jesus arent just saved, theyre also

sent. Believers become witnesses to
the grace of God as they take part in
his mission to rescue and redeem the
lost and broken.
For more about growing in Christ,
connecting in community, and joining the mission at IBC, please contact
2435 Kinwest Pkwy
Irving, TX 75063
(972) 560-4600
FACEBOOK irvingbible
TWITTER @ibcvoice

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IBC Young Adults came

together November 14 for
a Thanksgiving potluck
celebration. Home-cooked
chicken casserole, turkey,
mashed potatoes and
a few highlights. The evening
was complete with games
and laughter, including a
turkey calling contest. For
more about young adults at
IBC, visit

Wait, somebody made

Bacon Apple Pie?!
Said pretty much everyone

a letter from Chatter

Chatter is
Editor Julie Rhodes
Art Direction, Design & Goodness
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Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to
everlasting you are God. Psalm 90:2

Admin Extraordinaire
Victoria Andrews

God is the maker of all real worlds, and also the

re-maker of worlds. I think about Noah, who
stumbled about on the ark, pitched on the waves
of a new world; all he knew was God had shut the
door and everything from here on out would be
new from the terrain to his very lifestyle and
family dynamics to the reordered ecosystems of
nature. It must have been so beyond the reach of
his imagination. What could he do but trust?

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I think of Mary, too, with her world turned

violently into tidal wave chaos by the angel
Gabriel. What would her life be like once things
were set into motion? It must have been beyond
comprehension. Having a baby as a virgin?
Everything beyond that unfathomability must
have buzzed like white noise.
Both Noah and Mary must have mourned the
life and the loves they had loved. New worlds
mean saying goodbye to people and dreams and
old worlds.
There are times when I pray for a desired outcome,
for a desired new world, and at the very moment
the vision takes shape in my mind, theres a little
voice (probably common sense rather than God
himself ), which says, Now you KNOW it cant be
like that. What God is re-making here is beyond all
imagination. So if you can imagine it, it probably
wont be exactly like that. We are only apprentice

But there comes a point when all I can really say

is what Mary said, in her room in her town in her
time: I am the Lords servant. May everything you
have said about me come true (Luke 1:38).
Or follow Noahs lead, which was to do everything
just as God commanded him (Genesis 6:22).
And Mary and Noah werent the only ones.
When Peter stepped out of the boat to meet Jesus
walking on water, he had never participated in
a world where human beings could put physical
weight on the surface of liquid. That world didnt
exist for Peter until he trusted and obeyed.
When Abraham raised the knife to kill Isaac, his
beloved and promised son, he had never participated in a world where human beings were raised
from the dead and yet even this wild assumption
missed the mark. He couldnt see the real thing
until he trusted and obeyed.
Im tired of inventing my own dream worlds. I
want a world created and blessed by God. A real
one, even if I cant imagine it yet. Even if its not
how I pictured. Even if its in a barn instead of a
palace, a manger instead of a crib, a baby instead of
a conqueror.

But I try really hard to be helpful. I find myself

face-to-face with worlds of God, creations he has
established that are becoming desecrated, both
in my own private life and on the broad channels
of network news. I pray for God to remake these
worlds and hopefully not by violent flood or
social humiliation and I try to offer practical
suggestions. I drink tea and wait for an answer and
imagine little soothing scenarios. I force the issue;
wring my hands.









December 28 will be a family-friendly
service and Childrens Ministry will be
available for nursery only. Questions?

The book Brave New World derives
its title from Mirandas speech in
William Shakespeares The Tempest,
Act V, Scene I:

O wonder!
How many godly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people int.

Chatter | 3


Point of
No Return

A Christmas Devotion from Philippians 2

ears ago I took my boys to Six

Flags where they cajoled me
into riding The Titan. Towering
255 feet above the earth, this hightech rollercoaster features one of the
worlds mightiest drops at 85 miles an
hour. But the scariest moment for me
was right after we got in the train and
the restraints locked into place. Until
then, you could still step out and leave.
But not when the restraints came
down. That was the point of no return!
Often the greatest experiences in life
are scary; they entail risks and the fear
of the unknown. But risk is always the
price of achievement. Great achievement requires great commitment, and
great commitment requires passing
the point of no return. Christmas is
the greatest example of this in all
of history!
So Joseph also went up from the
town of Nazareth in Galilee to
Judea, to Bethlehem the town of

Chatter | 4

After he sings Past The Point of No Return

in Andrew Lloyd Webbers classic musical,
the Phantom of the Opera removes his mask
to reveal his deformed face.

David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child.
While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth
to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger,
because there was no room for them in the inn (Luke 2.4-7).
Once God was born a baby, there was no going back, no looking around and saying,
On second thought. So why did God create Christmas? Why was Christ willing to
pass this incredible point of no return?

to identify with us, god chose to become one of

us. jesus christ is the lord.

He existed in the form of God ... (Philippians 2:6a). The word existed here
describes what someone is in their essence, that part of them which cannot be
changed. For example, part of my being or existence is that Im Scots-Irish. My
grandfather served in the Irish navy and my dad came over the big water on the
Queen Mary. It doesnt matter how much pizza or canalone or enchiladas I eat, Ill
still have leprichan in my soul! Its the same with Jesus. His deity is an unchangeable part of who he is. As Paul later writes:
Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God. He existed before God made anything at all, and in fact, Christ himself is the Creator who made everything in
heaven and earth(Col. 1.15-16a).
Even though the Lord Jesus laid aside his glory and took on the form of a bondservant, he never ceased to be God. There was a time when Jesus was God, but not
man. But there was never a time when Jesus was man, but not God.

on that first christmas, god became a man.

although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing
to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being
made in the likeness of men (Philippians 2:6b-7).

The idea of God coming down to earth and relating to people is not unusual in
ancient religions. The Greek and Roman pantheons were full of self-centered,
impetuous, and impulsive gods who loved to come among men and wreak havoc.
Ancient mythology assumes that the gods come down. What makes Christianity absolutely unique is that our God not only came down, he bent down when he
came down. Thats the meaning of Christmas God, not in majesty, but in
a manger.
Dorothy Sayers puts it well:
For whatever reason God chose to make man as he is limited in suffering and
subject to sorrows and death he had the honesty and courage to take his own
medicine. Whatever game he is playing with his creation, he has kept his own
rules and played fair. He can exact nothing from man that he has not exacted
from himself. He has himself gone through the whole of human experience, from
the trivial irritations of family life, and the cramping restrictions of hard work
and lack of money, to the worst horrors of pain and humiliation, defeat, despair,
and death. When he was a man, he played the man. He was born in poverty, and
he died in disgrace and thought it well worth-while.
Why did God bend down to become a man? For us to ascend, God had to descend.

to redeem us, christ had to die for us.

he paid a price he did not owe.

And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled Himself by becoming

obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross (Philippians 2:8).

Six Flags Over Texas Titan is considered a hyper coaster because of its
continuous circuit and 200-foot drop.

This was no accident, but the plan of God from the very beginning. God would
become a sinless man who could rightfully die himself and thus make atonement
for sinful men.
Max Lucado writes,
The death of the Son of God was anything but an unexpected peril. No, it was
part of a plan. It was a calculated choice This is why the ropes used to tie his
hands and the soldiers used to lead Him to the cross were unnecessary. They
were incidental Had Jesus been forced to nail Himself to the cross, he would
have done it. For it was not the soldiers who killed him, nor the screams of the
mob: it was his devotion to us. So call it what you wish: an act of grace. A plan
of redemption. A martyrs sacrifice. But whatever you call it, dont call it an accident. It was anything but that (God Came Near).

he paid that price for love.

Why would Jesus endure the cross? We were worth it to him. As C.S. Lewis explains, God retrieved us from our spiritual darkness at great personal expense:
In the Christian story God descends to reascend one may think of a diver, first
reducing himself to nakedness, then glancing in mid-air, then gone with a splash,
vanished, rushing down through green and warm water into black and cold
water, down through increasing pressure into the death-like region of ooze and
slime and old decay; then up again, back to colour and light, his lungs almost
bursting, till suddenly he breaks surface again, holding in his hand the dripping,
precious thing that he went down to recover (C.S. Lewis, Miracles,
pp. 115-116).
What was the first Christmas? The biggest recovery operation the universe has
ever beheld. It was Jesus passing the point of no return by coming to die for us.

jesus didnt look back. neither should we.

Being born was Christs point of no return. Being born again and following him is
ours. Shouldnt we who love him back not also be willing to pass the point of no
return? Jesus didnt look back. Neither should we. Its time to ride The Titan! To
identify with us, God chose to become one of us. To redeem us, Christ had to die for
us. And it all started on Christmas when Christ passed the point of no return. Why
not let this Christmas be when you do the same for his glory?
Andy McQuitty is a fountain pen aficionado who prefers a vintage wide-barrel with
a 14K music or chisel medium (right-handed) nib.
As Senior Pastor, Dr. Andy McQuitty is a member of the Elder Board and Lead Team, and acts as the
spiritual leader for Irving Bible Church.

Christmas at IBC
IBC Band Christmas Party
December 11, 7 p.m., The Worship Center/Town Square
A night of story, music, and cheer. Bring your neighbors and join the IBC
family as we anticipate and celebrate the coming of the Savior. Following
the program, cozy up with some coffee and cookies in Town Square.
This event is free, but please bring laundry soap, dryer sheets, and/or
quarters for IBCs partner, Laundry Love.

Christmas Eve Services

December 24, 3:30 and 5:00 p.m, The Worship Center
IBC will celebrate the birth of Christ with two identical candlelight services. The services include special moments for children, including Pastor
Andy reading a Christmas storybook.

C.S. Lewis was born in Ireland in 1898

with the nickname Lucky Tweed
(source needed).

Chatter | 5


f you love the cover of this months Chatter, you can

thank artist Brady Black, a longtime IBCer and purveyor of Serious Creatures (,
an online illustration and print store featuring his
original artwork. Brady and his wife Amber have
just relocated to Beirut, Lebanon where they run Home
of Hope, a refuge for abandoned and abused children.
Chatter caught up with Brady to hear about his not-soserious creations, and the hopes he and Amber have for
changing the lives of orphans through art.
CHATTER You guys are maybe the coolest IBCers weve ever met. Can you give

us the shorthand version of your background and connection to IBC?

BRADY BLACK We unexpectedly found ourselves searching for a new church

family in early 2007. We knew God was leading us overseas, but the church
wed previously called home had their missions efforts focused elsewhere,
leaving us a bit adrift.

Wed actually already been involved in IBC by that time, and joining the family here was a natural fit. We immediately jumped in with Launch (an IBC
ministry focused on getting involved overseas) and then were finally launched
ourselves by IBC in August of 2009. We worked in Oman teaching English for
the next five years.
CHAT What inspired Serious Creatures?
BB Life in Oman was difficult for us, especially Amber. Its an odd thing, I sup-

pose, but lifes particulars there were a bad fit for her personality and make up,
and she ended up depressed for about 18 months. As happens with spouses,
life became difficult for me, too. I coped by turning to art.
Over time, people began asking to buy illustrations Id posted on Facebook.
Amber was coming out of the darkness at that time and was looking to do
something creative that helped her feel like herself. Shed already been writing some and updating her business knowledge to catch up with the internet
changes of the past 10 years, and when people began asking to buy prints, her
entrepreneurial nature hulked out a bit.
I wasnt for it, really. But I finally agreed that if she did all the business pieces,
that yes we could open an illustration shop. It turned out to be a surprisingly
great thing for us as it gave us a lot to talk about and connect over in an otherwise strained stretch of our marriage.
CHAT An internet business seems like a great fit for people working overseas
and trying to make ends meet
BB When the possibility of working with Home of Hope came about and we re-

alized Serious Creatures could potentially free us from a traditional paycheck

to serve the world in a more tangible way, we kicked it into high gear.

As our path unfolds, we are continually surprised how perfect this business is
for our life at Home of Hope. As a company, Serious Creatures aims to encourage whimsy and imagination and relationships. Which is exactly what the
kids we work with need. On the flip side, people who find us on Instagram (for
example), love the illustrations, and end up writing to ask how to get involved
in Home of Hope. How cool is that?

Chatter | 6

CHAT Tell us more about the kids youre working with in Beirut. Whats unique
about Home of Hope?
BB Some of our kids are Palestinian or Syrian refugees; others are Lebaneseborn. They arrive at the home after being picked up off the street (often for
selling flowers or trinkets) or being rescued from abusive situations.

Home of Hope provides shelter and safety for the kids; because these children
dont have legal papers (ie: refugees, orphans, or unknown parentage), they are
ineligible for government services like education and medical care. Home of
Hope also aims to educate, counsel, provide legal services, and share eternal hope.
In Lebanon, Home of Hope is unique because we are the only home that welcomes any child needing shelter, regardless of citizenship or religion. Consequently it makes consistent funding incredibly difficult. Groups in Lebanon
including Christians are extremely sectarian, and they only want to give
to charities that benefit their particular group. Which leaves a Christian home
that accepts Sunni and Shia kids out in the cold. Sometimes literally so.
CHAT Is it possible to sum up your long-term vision for Home of Hope?
BB Amber often says she hopes each child will have someone who sees
him or her. But with limited staff and limited funding, the kids can be just a
crowd. (Sometimes more of a zoo.) But Jesus looks into the eyes of each little
soul. We want the children to experience him in an earthly sense with people
who love them.

If youd like to know more about Brady and Ambers work with Home of Hope,
visit them on the Home of Hope Lebanon Facebook page or email Check out Serious Creatures at For more
fun, you can also find Serious Creatures on Facebook and Instagram.
Do your kids like to color? Download a free PDF of
the Chatter cover (in black-and-white line drawing)
See Wheres Chatter (back cover) for a pic of Brady with
some kiddos from Home of Hope, and a few very serious
Brady is
the new black.


Journey On: So that


Two years ago, IBC embarked on a campaign for financial freedom that would retire our $9 million mortgage
and provide ways to be even more impactful around our
community and world. Since that time, over 3,600 families have given generously towards this goal. And what
a two years its been. A journey of sacrifice and blessing,
trust and patience. Thank you for your partnership, IBC!
Once the $9 million is fully retired, IBC will have $1 million freed up in its yearly operating budget for further
ministry. And the goal is in sight. Were closing in every
month. This is the time to finish strong.
And finishing strong is to be celebrated. Big time. Were
hoping to burn the IBC mortgage in January as a symbol
of freedom for what God has in store in the coming years
at IBC. Because its not just about retiring debt. Its about
retiring debt so thatSo that we can do more. Be more.
So that we can take the next steps of ministry without
the burden of interest payments. So that we can continue to see lives transformed by Jesus.
There are many so that dreams already in the works
post-Journey On. The IBC leadership has dreams for
bolstering the capacities and ministry potential of our
own ministries, as well as those of our global and local
partners. We are also prayerfully considering significant
repurposing of our children and youth space at IBC.
Youll be hearing more about these so that dreams in
the coming months, but first things first. We hope youll
finish strong for JO and 2014.
Thank you for finishing well, and for taking this journey
with us.
Pete Hyndman, IBC Elder Board Chair
On behalf of The IBC Elder Board


Choosing a Life that Matters

Choosing a Life that Matters: A Study of Moses

by Jodie Niznik
Just like Moses, God has called each of us to an extraordinary
journey. Every day we get to make choices choices that will
lead us closer to the life God made for us or further from it.
Join us for this 12-week study as we learn from Moses how to
identify and follow Gods call.

The Olympic Games began in the

year 776 B.C., when Koroibos, a
cook from the nearby city of Elis,
won a 600-foot-long stadium race.

Date Tuesdays, January 13April 7

Time 9:3011:30 a.m. or 6:308:30 p.m.
Location The Comons, IBC
Cost $15 (includes workbook)
For more information and to register, visit
KidZone registration is also available (closes on January 5 at noon).

In 1980, the band Journey adopted the logo

of the scarab beetle. (Dont Stop Embalmin,
however, was ultimately rejected as a song title.)

Chatter | 7

A Special Delivery

urmat and Dina Eshaliev were excited about the

arrival of their second child, but found themselves
in a challenging situation when they heard the news
their baby girl, Abby, had Down syndrome. And while this
news might be unsettling for any of us, it was particularly so
for Nurmat and Dina who lived in Kyrgyzstan where children born with disabilities are often treated as outcasts and
shunned by society.

Although they were not prepared for this news, God had been
preparing them for years.
Nurmat is a native of Kyrgyzstan where he grew up Muslim
and Dina is originally from Kazakhstan. The two both came to
know Christ in college through Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) and it was through their work with
Cru where they met and married.
Nurmat has served with Cru for the past 12 years, Dina for the
past 20. As part of their work, they were involved in every aspect of ministering, not only to students, but to families as well.
When Abby was born our whole world changed, Dina explains.
Everything we had trained for, learned and believed came
into question.
In Kyrgyzstan, there is such a culture of shame and blame
when a family has a child with Down syndrome or any other
kind of disability, Nurmat adds. Many times these children
are institutionalized and abandoned.
In the Kyrgyzstan culture, people think the parents did something wrong or that it is a curse to have a child with a disability.
Shannon Miller, IBCs Special Needs Coordinator, likens this
philosophy back to the apostles in John 9:2 [Jesus] disciples
asked him, Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he
was born blind?

Chatter | 8

In many parts of the world, and even here, people forget what
Jesus response was: Neither this man nor his parents sinned,
said Jesus, but this happened so that the works of God might
be displayed in him (John 9:3).
Although Nurmat and Dina were distraught and questioning,
their journey had just begun. As they slowly began to accept
Abbys diagnosis and lean on God, their hearts would open and
a new ministry began for them both.
When Abby was a year old, we began meeting with two
other families, led by a missionary friend who was also a
Special Education teacher, Dina explains. From there, we
decided to launch the Parents Association for Children with
Down syndrome.
We knew there were other families in the same situation,
Dina adds, and once we started getting some publicity for our
association, people started to contact us.
In March of 2014, a family from Houston came to minister to
the special needs community in Kyrgyzstan. Coincidentally,
the Houston family also had a daughter named Abby who had
Down syndrome. A local newspaper picked up the story about
the two Abbys, and the response was overwhelming. In two
short years, what once started as a few families was now a
community of over 100 families.
It was good for us to talk with other families who were going
through the same thing we were, Dina says. Talking to
other parents helped us to be accepted and learn to accept,
Nurmat adds.
Earlier this year, Nurmat and Dina got an opportunity to come
to the states through a program affiliated with Christ for the
Nations, an interdenominational Christian Bible college. As
part of their program, they are learning how to start a Special
Needs ministry in Kyrgyzstan.

Kygyzstan is pronounced: KERGISS-STAN. It is the second-poorest

country in Central Asia.





As part of their process,

When I first met
they are reaching out to
Nurmat and Dina,
Dina, Abby, Arzykan (Nurmats mother), Daniel, and Nurmat
churches across the DFW
I was amazed at
area and IBC was recommended to them by
all they had been through and how passionate
the college.
they are about creating a ministry in their home
country, says Shannon. It makes sense that they
We visited many other churches, Dina explains,
would come to IBC. It is just part of our fabric to be
but when we came to IBC and met Shannon and
welcoming to all people locally and globally and
saw the Special Needs ministry, we were amazed.
knowing we will play a part in extending our minWe immediately felt comfortable and accepted,
istry far outside our walls is very exciting to me.
Nurmat adds.
Although coming to the U.S. was a great opportuThe Special Needs program at IBC is, well, pretty
nity for Nurmat and Dina, it has not been without
special! Shannon says she gets calls and inquiries
its challenges. They had to take their 7-year-old
from across the country inquiring about how IBC
son Daniel out of school and his environment and
manages their program.
change their entire way of life. Nurmats mother
also came to the states with them and it wasnt
We are very well known outside the walls of IBC,
until the day they were scheduled to leave Kyrgyzbut I never expected our program to have such farstan that her Visa was granted. Now theyre settled
reaching impact, Shannon says. The IBC Special
in and attend IBC on weekends.

In the Kyrgyzstan culture, people

think the parents did something
wrong or that it is a curse to have a
child with a disability.
Needs Ministry features a host of programs for
children, adults, and families, including weekly
Sonshine Pals for kids who need a little more
attention at church, Respite Care (a monthly night
out for parents of kids with special needs), weekly
support groups, and In His Image (a Bible study for
adults with special needs).

Dina and Nurmat are

grateful and excited
to be here and are
amazed by all they are
and experiencing.

Its hard for us to

imagine the huge
stigma Nurmat and
Dina faced, Shannon explains. Having a special
needs child is an emotional and financial hardship
on every family, no matter where they live. But add
to that the rejection that occurs in third-world
countries, coupled with a lack of awareness and
information, and it can really
be overwhelming.

Cru has a ministry presence in 191

countries, and makes a mean pair
of toothpick jeans.

But as Shannon reflects, she says meeting Nurmat

and Dina has been a blessing to her, too. They are
two of the most humble, kind-hearted people I
have ever met and they were willing to get outside
of themselves and rely on Gods power to use them
to do amazing things.
One of the hopes Nurmat and Dina have is to not
only start a special needs ministry in their community, but to also perhaps start a ranch one day
where Down syndrome families can live and work.
Because of the culture in Kyrgyzstan, many families have trouble finding work and worry about
how their child with Down syndrome will manage
when they become adults. A farming community
would offer a way of life that is sustainable for
these families and their children. There are several
of these communities in the U.S. and abroad.
The hope of Nurmat and Dina is that they will
return to Kyrgyzstan armed with the knowledge
and information they need to not only raise awareness but also to make life better for others. With
the help of her parents, Abbys life will truly reflect
Jesus words in John 9:3 the works of God will be
displayed through her.

Peggy Nortons favorite Christmas carol is Hark

the Herald Angels Sing. (Jason Foxs least favorite
carol is The Little Drummer Boy. See Idle Chatter,
pg. 17.)
Peggy is a communications professional at a global security company. She is also an IBC Small Group Leader.

In the U.S., Down syndrome occurs

in 1 out of every 691 babies born.

Chatter | 9





Advent Kickoff After each service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

3:30 & 5 p.m.

2435 Kinwest Kickoff

Join the IBC family for fun activities in Town Square.


See for more info.

Both Christmas Eve services are identical and

designed for the whole family. There will be special
moments in the service just for children. KidZone is
available for children three years old and younger


with prior registration at

Womens Bible Study Kickoff

See ad, pg. 7.

Womens Christmas Dinner

69 p.m. Town Square and
Worship Center


Join us for dinner and a concert by Meredith An-

Intergenerational Worship Services

drews. All raffle proceeds go to empower women in

Children are welcome in the service. Childrens Min-

Africa. Details at

istry will be available for nursery only (Children born

Newcomer Gathering 7 p.m.

September 2012 and after).

Small Groups Registration Closes


Register at


Partner Pines Begins

Marriage at IBC Kickoff

9 a.m. High School Room


FPU begins
See ad, pg. 16.

See ad below.

See ad, pg. 16.

Dont Waste Your Summer

Luncheon 12:30 p.m.
Learn more about student mission trips and Beach

Middle School Life on Life Kickoff

10:30 a.m. Student Ministries Area

Camp 2015. Visit

High School LifeGroups Kickoff

6:45 p.m. Student Ministries Area



High School Winter Retreat
February 13-15
Details at

Camp KidJam Registration

Open Now
A fun camp experience for current 2nd-5th graders,

IBC Band Christmas Party 7 p.m.

July 2225. Register at

You are invited to join us for a night of story, music,

and cheer. Visit

VBS Save the Date

See ad, pg. 15.

Young Adults The Alcove

Join us after the IBC Band Christmas Party for a
Christmas celebration. Cookies, hot chocolate,
music and games!

Single Parent Christmas Mall
9 a.m.12 p.m.
See ad, pg. 16.

Writers Workshop
10 a.m.12 p.m. West C
Join a community of people who are honing their
writing skills. Everyone is welcome, no experience is
necessary. Contact

Chatter | 10

Partner Pines

Join us this year as we bless our

partners, missionaries and global
family through Christmas giving.
On the 7th, we will have ornaments on each tree representing
a real need in an IBC partner organization. Please take one or more,
fulfill the need and then return
your gift on the following Sunday,

December 14. We will deliver the

gifts the following week.
Our Global Family will be represented as well. You can write cards
of encouragement to our missionaries on each of the two Sundays.



Groups on Sunday

9 a.m. The Alcove
The Tree
9 a.m. West D
20s & 30s, married & young families
10:45 a.m. West C
Couples & Families late 20s to 40s


Family Grace Group

Monday nights, 6:30 p.m. West A
For families/caregivers of those
with mental illness. Starts January 19. Contact Buzz Moody at
NAMI Family-to-Family Class
Mondays, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
West C/D
Starts January 12. Contact Joey at or Debra at

10:45 a.m. The Alcove
All Welcome

Stephen Ministry at IBC

One-on-one ministry for hurting
people. Contact stephenministry@ or call (972) 560-4636.

On Track
10:45 a.m. Conference Room
Single Parents

Spousal Abuse Recovery

Contact Kym at

10:45 a.m. West D
Singles in their 30s & 40s
Legacy Builders
6:45 p.m. West A
All Welcome


Infants Through 5th Grade

Wednesdays, 6:308:15 p.m.
The Zone
Activities, friends, and slime.
No registration required. Ends
December 10.


Events and Resources

The Table
Starts January 18
The Living Room
A place to explore Christianity.


Community Care

Abortion Recovery Counseling

Contact Kym at (972)560-4632 or
Recovery at IBC
Thursdays, 6:308:30 p.m.
West Wing Youth Lounge
A group for hurts, habits, and
Shelter from the Storm
Sexual abuse support group. or
(214) 725-0898
The Living Grace Group
Monday nights, 6:30 p.m.
West B, bi-weekly.
For those with mental illness. Starts
January 19. Contact Heath at

Community & Care

Respite Care
January 24
Small Group for Moms
Sundays, 10:45 a.m.12 p.m.
In His Image Bible Study
Sundays, 6:307:45 p.m

6 p.m. Town Square

Meals are $3 per person or $10

12/7 Pizza, breadsticks, salad bar
12/14 Fajita Madness, salad bar

Small Group for Parents

Wednesdays, 6:308:15 p.m.

12/21 All American burgers and

brats, salad bar

SonShine Pals and Room

Care during Sunday ministry.

12/28 No Meal! Happy

New Years!

Contact specialneeds@irvingbible.
org for more info.

If youd like to serve on a Sunday

night meal team, contact Pat
OReilly at (214) 289-6176 or


Growing Together
Pre-Marriage Mentoring


Community and Resources

First Watch
Fridays, 6:22 a.m. The Commons
Contact Jason at
First Watch Replay
Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m.
Training Center
First Watch Xtra
Wednesday, 6:30 a.m.
Training Center

Visit for

more info.

Middle/High School and College

Middle School Sundays

Life on Life Sundays
10:30 a.m.12:20 p.m.
Student Ministries area
High School Sundays
Life Groups Sundays, 6:458 p.m.
Student Ministries area

Cost is $3/meal or $10 max./

family. PB&J sandwiches are
also available.

IBC College Ministry

Sundays, 3:30 p.m.
The Commons Annex

12/3 Deluxe Burgers, chips,

baked beans, and salad

12/24 No Meal! Merry Christmas!


12/31 No Meal! Happy

New Years!

IBC Choir
Wednesdays, 78:30 p.m.
IBC Worship Center
Contact Crystal at

Changes to the menu may be made

depending on food cost, availability,
and Bob Downeys whim.

Wednesday Nights at IBC

Next Gen Choir

Wednesdays, 5:406:30 p.m.
Contact Crystal at
ESL: English as a Second Language
Wednesdays, 6:308:30 p.m.
AZ17, 18 and 19

Prayer Meeting
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
6:45-8 p.m. The Chapel

FREE Citizenship Class

Wednesdays, 6:308 p.m.
IBC Conference Room

Laundry Love
First Saturday of the month
9 a.m.12 p.m.

IBC Career Transition Ministry

Wednesdays, 6:308 p.m.


Community and Resources

Sit with us on Sunday!

9 a.m. service, lowest right-hand
section, Rows 5 & 6, facing the stage.

12/10 Pizza and salad

12/17 No Meal!


Local and Global

56:20 P.M.


If youd like to serve on a Wednesday night meal team, please email


JUNE 2225

Registration for VBS 2015 opens April 5. The

theme for this year is Everest where kids
(K5th grade) will learn to overcome obstacles
with Gods mighty power!
Wed love to have you as a volunteer. Let us know
youll be part of the team:

Dont Waste Your Summer Kickoff & Lunch

December 7, 12:30 p.m. in West A
Parents, bring your students (who are current 6-12
grade) to hear about all of the summer opportunities for
Summer 2015.
We will roll out plans for mission trips and summer camps
as well as discuss other areas of service such as VBS.
Need more info?


For six weeks starting in January, Men at IBC will study Romans chapter 8, the Apostle
Pauls most well known chapter in the New Testament. It is an opportunity to explore
our freedom found in Christ and the empowering work of the Spirit in our lives today.
Come learn what it means to live a life of liberty, victory, expectancy, and security.





What could the

people of God do for
the Kingdom if they
were completely

for kids in
single-parent families

Saturday, December 13
9 a.m. 12 p.m. in The Commons
An annual tradition, the IBC Christmas
Mall is an event where kids in single-parent
families prepare for Christmas! Kids enjoy
a fabulous breakfast, shop for their parents,
wrap gifts, decorate cards and cookies, and
make an unforgettable Christmas memory.
Everything is free.

Parents, please register your kids online at This event

is for children 5 years and older. Questions? Contact

Dont settle for

Were fine.

Whether your marriage is sinking, coasting along, or going

full-throttle, every marriage needs maintenance.
Marriage at IBC is a 10-week session that provides ideas and suggestions
for improving common points of conflict such as finances, communication, expectations, sex, time management and in-laws.
Marriage at IBC starts January 4, 9 a.m. in the High School Room
in the West Wing. Register at
Registration not required, but strongly encouraged as
space is limited.

FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY (FPU) is a 9-week program that

empowers you to make the right money decisions and experience
a total money makeover. Led by Dave Ramsey, FPU takes the head
knowledge from his books and radio show and turns it into real action. The course has been a life-changing experience for over 350,000
families already. FPU is for everyone from the financially secure to
the financially distressed.
SCHEDULE: Class begins March 18,
6:30 p.m. in West C

online at

COST: $89

INFORMATION: Contact with
questions. KidZone is available
with prior registration.

If you are in an existing IBC small

group, you can attend Marriage
at IBC together as a group. Keep
your group intact without interference, but with the benefit of
the marriage curriculum, extra
resources, speakers,
and more!



My Time, Talents & Skills

Mercy House Liaisons
Do you have a heart for single, pregnant women?
Then we have opportunities for you to use your
gifts and talents to support Mercy House, our partner who empowers pregnant women with hope,
help, and a future. Contact Tricia at tkinsman@

Whats the path to getting connected around

here anyway? Were glad you asked. Heres the
process for having your questions answered,
figuring out the IBC story, and, if youre feeling
ready, plugging in. In just five simple steps.

Senior Citizen Volunteers

Do you have a heart for senior citizens? MacArthur
Hills, a neighborhood senior living facility, is completed. Contact Tricia at if
youd like to serve.


Medical Professionals Needed

Our weekly medical clinic needs professional health
care providers (MD, PA, FNP) to provide treatment
for our patients. Volunteers serve on a rotating
basis and do not need to serve every week. Contact
Charles at


See that nice person handing out little cards before the
service starts? Yep, shes the one. Grab a worship folder
and find the page with blanks. Tell us a little about yourself
and let us know where youre coming from and how we
can engage with you. Somebody will reach out to you
this week.

Childrens Ministry Leaders

Each Sunday, IBC helps about 800 kids grow in
Christ and connect in community. We are in need of
people of all ages to invest in the next generation
of nursery, preschool, and elementary kids. We have
opportunities for all skill sets. Contact Melody at


So youre kicking the IBC tires? Good! Were so glad youre
here. The Newcomer Gathering is a great opportunity to
meet church leadership, learn what IBC is all about, and
connect with other newbies in a fun, relaxed environment.
Next Newcomer Gathering: January 2015

Safety Team
Do you have a desire to serve and protect others?
Contact Chris Rose at Please
include any credentials and relevant experience.
Mentor Kids in Single-Parent Families
Men and women are needed for gender-specific
mentoring of children from single parent families.
Contact Marsha at


Meal Team Volunteers

IBC makes meals available both Sunday and
Wednesday nights. These fun teams could use
some additional volunteers to serve together. For
Sundays contact
For Wednesdays, contact bdowney@irvingbible.

All right! Youre feeling the IBC vibe and want to see
where you might get involved. Propel is a 4-week class that
explores the IBC calling and culture, and how your unique
personality and passions fit in. Meet many of our pastors
and directors of ministries at IBC.
Next Propel: January 2015

My Resources


Laundry Soap and Dryer Sheets

Laundry Love is collecting laundry soap and dryer
sheets for their monthly events in Irving. Please
bring these to the Laundry Love box in the donation area by the Training Center. For more info visit or contact
Online Giving Option
If you would find it more convenient to donate to
the ministries of Irving Bible Church online, visit

Want to take a tangible step that demonstrates youre

right at home? Membership follows the Propel experience
and involves a two-week class where youll get the skinny
on IBCs core governing beliefs and operational policies,
plus the opportunity to share your own faith story.
Next Membership Meeting: February 2015


Youre firing on all cylinders but something is missing.
And that something is a someone, or a group of someones.
Enter IBC sermon-based small groups. Groups are made
up of 12 people or fewer and meet weekly in homes to
discuss Sundays message. IBC Small Groups are a place
to connect authentically with others.
Next Small Group Signup Deadline: December 7


(If you dont see them just yet, hold on. Theyll be available soon.)

Chatter | 14

Propel Fitness Water was released in

2002, Chatter isnt a big fan, he prefers
his water with a squeeze of lime.


n the words of the actually quite-hard-to-understand Charlie Brown

chorale, Christmastime is herecarols everywhere. And of all the carols
to be found decking the halls with Muzak, my least favorite is The Little
Drummer Boy. Because, seriously, who invited the kid with a snare to the
manger to drop some mad paradiddles for the formerly sleeping Christ
child? The donkey? Bah, humbug.

Sadly, The Little Drummer Boy did not prove fertile enough ground for 900
words of comedy pyrite. Which brings us to my second-least-favorite Yule tune,
The Twelve Days of Christmas. Its long, tedious, full of birds and allusions to
indentured servitude (to put it nicely), and irresistible to advertising jingle writers.
Also, weird. So, as I am wont, I shall now mansplain the meaning behind these odd,
Victorian gifts and posit suitable contemporary replacements for those keen on
keeping the dream alive. Whose dream? No idea.
A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE As children longing for a certain video game
system, my brother and I would sing, And a cartridge in an Atari. To punish our
hideous punnery, our mom put the Atari box in an even larger box with bricks
inside so we couldnt tell what it was. True story. Whats also true is that I havent a
clue as to why someone would give another person an annoying bird that reminds
you of the gift giver with every warble, cackle, eye-scratch and gift from above. A
friendlier version for todays retro-inspired Secret Santa: Set all your lovelys ringtones to The Partridge Family song I Think I Love You. Did I say Secret Santa?
I meant Secret Satan.
TWO TURTLE DOVES This is what passed for a double cheeseburger in the
early 1800s. Part bird, part turtle, all nasty. Refined palates, indeed. Do everyone
a favor and get your honeybunch a double-double from In-N-Out. If said honeybunch prefers tofu, eat it yourself. Better to give and receive back and whatnot.
THREE FRENCH HENS The French hen was originally scheduled to be in the
partridges slot. Unfortunately, when one French hen surrenders, two more invariably follow suit. There is, luckily, no direct modern analog to this gift. Therefore,
it is suggested that you go with two baguettes and a Blu-ray of Les Miserables
with all the Russell Crowe parts cut out. Nothing says love like risking a phone
to the face. And nothing says timely Christmas comedy like a nine-year-old
celebrity reference.
FOUR CALLING BIRDS Does your cherished one suffer bouts of insufferable
loneliness when your presences are not congruently aligned on the space-time
continuum so that even a Dr. Who marathon offers meager consolation? In ye oldenne dayes, such gloom was doomed with the arrival of a quartet of quail trained
to call your name nonstop and ask when you planned on starting a family because,
lets face it, youre not getting any younger. A suitable present-day replacement? A
Tracfone with four months worth of pre-paid calling cards. Love means never paying for data overages. Or data at all. Its in 1 Corinthians chapter 13. Near the part
about Ricardo Montalbans rich leather.
FIVE GOLD RINGS A reference to the ancient Five-Point-Palm ExplodingHeart-Technique, the five gold rings symbolized the power the recipient had over
the gift-givers Aorta of Love. While the symbology has been lost to those not
named Tarantino, gold rings remain a great gift from an investment standpoint
assuming everyone on AM talk radio is correct. Just make sure you keep the One
Ring to rule them all.

turn for proffering these be-poopifying ninnies, you were undoubtedly considered
the bees knees (which, by the by, were the fallback gift if you didnt have the coin
for five gold rings). A more contemporary test of devotion can be had by gifting
your besmitten a six-pack of Celine Dion CDs. Like the geese, it is Canadian, annoying [which is not redundant Ed.] and able to honk across five octaves. Happy
birthday, Jesus, indeed.
SEVEN SWANS-A-SWIMMING This final (PTL!) batch of birds graceful
and stately could be considered the anti-geese. But, in truth, swans are actually
nastier creatures, prone to stealing your lunch while gossiping about the neighbors nasal adjustment. The joy of this gift lies in the fact that theyre swimming.
Which means the giver has paid to have a pool installed. In contemporary terms,
its the equivalent of giving someone a Lexus with one of the giant novelty bows.
Which is quite the garish thing to do. My advice: A subscription to the Swanson TV
Dinner Salisbury Steak-of-the-Month Club. Say I care, not I had to.
EIGHT MAIDS-A-MILKING The maids naturally came with cows (Im assuming they werent milking cats). And the cows came with cow pies. Do your sweetums a solid and give the gift of barbecue. From Kansas City. Preferably Oklahoma
Joes. But I digress.
sure what the point was behind this Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and a Loser
Cousin conglomeration. Perhaps some sort of corset-and-ascot battle royale in
which the lone remaining lord gets poofed with wig powder. Did I say perhaps?
I meant probably for sure. In todays gift-o-sphere, try nine tweeners texting and
ten hipsters trying on skinny jeans. On second thought, unfriending the recipient
is easier.
ELEVEN PIPERS PIPING The only thing on this list that makes any sense.
God bless the pipes and all who compress the noble squeezebag. A good set of bagpipes will set you back more than a few haggisses full of gold (found at the end of
the stinkiest rainbow ever), so your only alternative is a used DVD of So I Married
an Axe Murderer from Craigslist. Or steal the set your weird Uncle Todd has in
his garage.
TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING Nothing says your love has conquered
my heart and annexed it like the British did Fiji in 1862 quite like a military drum
corps. Sadly, that was a failed annexation. Much like all attempts to pitch suitable
woo are destined to falter upon the alter of a dozen Tommy Lees. Nonetheless, if
you insist on enumerating twelve somethings doing something to declare your
yuletide besottedness, its hard to go wrong with a dozen masseuses masseusing.
Trade in the Celine CDs for some old school Enya and youll be like the British annexing Fiji in 1874. Ohhhh yeahhhh.
Now if youll excuse me, Im going to go hark some herald angels into sharing their nog.
Jason Fox cant believe he wrote an entire Christmas column without a single
mention of Burl Ives.
Jason writes from Omaha, Nebraska, where the natives think chili and cinnamon rolls pair nicely.

SIX GEESE-A-LAYING Sweet Moses, what was it with the Victorians and their
fowl? This half-dozen gaggle-o-goobers was actually a trick gift. If your beloved
didnt slap you with either a cease-and-desist order or a be-spiked gauntlet in re-

With over 6,680 performances,

Les Miserables is the third
longest-running Broadway show
in history. One day more, indeed.

In 1954, the Swanson

brothers coined the
phrase TV Dinner.

Chatter | 15

Chatter gets posey with artist Brady

Black, a few of his friends from Home
of Hope, and some serious creatures
in Beruit, Lebanon. See article pg. 6.

Chatteryou CAN take it with you. Send us

your Chatter photos on location, and you may
see yourself in an upcoming issue. Email us