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Adjectives -ED or -ING.



Is the book you are reading very ________________ ? (interested / interesting)

The new James Bond film is really ________________ . (thrilled / thrilling)

We were both ________________ that she hadnt heard the news. (surprised / surprising)

The images of the war were very ________________ . (depressed / depressing)

I nearly fell asleep in the cinema. The film was so ________________ . (bored / boring)

She had such good marks that she was very ________________ . (encouraged / encouraging)

Can you tell me where that ________________ noise comes from? (annoyed / annoying)

They were ________________ the weather wasnt good yesterday. (disappointed / disappointing)

My sister was ________________ by my old toys. (fascinated / fascinating)


When you are not in good spirits, it is ________________ to stay in bed all day. (tempted /tempting)


No one knew what would happen next. We were all ________________ . (intrigued / intriguing)


It was a very ________________ situation. (interested / interesting)


There's been some very ________________ news. (surprised / surprising)


His mother was ________________ by what she found under his bed. (disgusted / disgusting)


Their hamburgers are ________________ . (disgusted / disgusting)


Dad always arrives home from work very ________________ . (exhausted / exhausting)


He's always showing off. It's really ________________ . (annoyed / annoying)


I think Alex is one of the most ________________ people I've ever met. (annoyed / annoying)


I walked into this restaurant. Andy was there with a strange woman. He seemed really ________________ .

(embarrassed / embarrassing)

She kept talking about her problems all night. It was rather ________________ . (embarrassed / embarrassing)

Relative Pronouns (where, who, which)

They finally found the murderer, ________________ was hiding in a small village.
This dress is made of silk, ________________ is a very expensive and delicate material.
Everybody was talking about the robbery ________________ happened last week.
What is the name of the prison ________________ Nelson Mandela stayed?
Yesterday I met John and Mary, ________________ are my brother's friends.
We left our backpacks, ________________ were very heavy, in the youth hostel.
We arrived at a nice beach, ________________ we could swim and lie on the sun.
Have you seen the new advertisement ________________ was shown on TV last night?
La Albufera is a protected area of land ________________ you can see a lot of interesting wildlife.
We visited the church ________________ is in the middle of the square.
The security guard ________________ was working that night didn't see anything.
The patient, ________________ had a serious disease, was taken to hospital immediately.
They found the weapon ________________ was used in the crime.
We have lost the suitcase ________________ we put all our presents.
The police followed the criminals, ________________ ran away through the back door.
I know a person ________________ can speak seven languages.
Smithsfield is a small village ________________ people live a quiet life.
Ants are small insects ________________ live in big groups.
Someone stole my money belt, ________________ contained my wallet and all my documents.
The police interrogated the witness, ________________ gave them a lot of useful information.
The victim called the police, ________________ arrested the criminal immediately.

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