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Messege From: ino onbehalf of denis dekovie Sent: 5/22/2014 10:43:20 AM To. Andrea Fiz: TE Doni ou. iT Subject: Fd: MOONWALKER Sent trom my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: .avid Fhe Date: May 22, 2024 at 20:40:29 AM POT To: denis dekovic Subject: Re: MOONWALKER Hi Denis, | read your eMail right away, but since | am traveling | did not want to rush things. So here a quick one to tell you that | read this and it sounds very very exciting, Actually cannot believe you were involved in something potentially so amazing, it is incredible. | totaly agree with you that you need to be very careful on how something lke this will be launched, otherwise it quickly takes the wrong direction and the persona completely overshadows the product, which {does not seem to be the goal here. Let me think about this alittle longer, before giving you a more concrete opinion on this. What does your timeline with the project Iook lke? Greets, David (On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 10:03 PM, denis dekovic I wrote: Yo, Looks like you're traveling more then mel That must be cool and hard in the same time! ‘'dlike to share with youa very confidential project. Please keep this between us.i could be in hot waters for doing this. Reason for doing that s Id like to have your feedback on it and ‘maybe pick up your thoughts on how you think we should launch and position this. Let me start with the project. Back in 2008 Michael Jackson, a very good friend of mine, asked me to HEARN DECL EXHIBIT 14 Page 1 of 3 help him create a new brand for him. He knew | was obsessed with sneakers and thought that it would be interesting to create something togett We worked on it for over a year and created the brand MOONWALKER with a beautiful MW logo that when rotated at 180 degree angel reveals his initials Mu. ‘The idea was to create products inspired by his amazing career in showbiz but execute it in a very sophisticated way. Our rules were: 1. We will not create fan-wear products 2. We will not use the name MJ 3. He will be a mysterious presence behind the brand and it's soul With everything that happened the following year, at one point | abandoned the project, and lost the drive for making it happen without him, but one day his kids told me how excited he was about it and Insisted | should do it-and show the world the amazing creative Benius he was beyond the entertainment world. So here we are today, in the fina talks with some major investors ( ‘main one being Renzo Rosso from Diesel ) nd finalizing the deal with his estate. Looks like it might happen. We will start with footwear only. 2models. 2 price points. ‘Top 1.0008 > made in Italy / super exclusive (not for everyone } ‘Takedown 3505 > made in Italy /a bit more accessible, ‘The inspiration for the product are the dancers but we don't want to position the shoes as dance shoes! We believe that what MU represents in people's mind is far greater then just dance or music. He was entertainment. Ihave a 1000 questions for you... All dificult to answer without HEARN DECL EXHIBIT 14 Page 2 of 3 seeing the project. But imagine a talented group of people backed up by a big group like Diese! launching new brand inspired and created with the greatest entertainer ever and a very recognizable global brand. ‘Whatare your first thoughts? How would you launch this? How would you communicate this? | appreciate you taking the time to even read this, Fyou find time to actually give it some thoughts I'l be super grateful! Thanks mant bd. Sent from my iPhone {% HIGHSNOBIETY DAVID FISCHER | FOUNDER & PUBLISHER: TITEL MEDIA | HIGHSNOBIETY.cOM eoao HEARN DECL. EXHIBIT 14 Page 3 of 3 Message fom te ‘on behalfof Andrea Pizzolon Sent Sunnie 125054 M4 we: 2 ce cence ooo sti: MW Daun pen or esate Attachments: BP Estate Min.x6x Dave, As promised I'm sending you the scheme with expected turnovers and minimum guarantied royalties. | want to be very concise. If we are at this stage it is because Karen, Martin and you saw and liked the marketing plan and the products developed with MJ and approved by him. If we are at this stage it is because Bravado and the Estate were able to verify that our story/legacy with MJ is authentic, sincere and full of passion. If we are at this stage it is because our fantastic team kept this project confidential and was not looking for exposure by leaking any kind of information related to this. We are convinced that MW project will be very successful. We have the best design and marketing team in the industry and a top notch network if supporters ( retail, bloggers, influencers ). We have a team of investors that are from the fashion industry who are sharing our belief and love the project. HEARN DECL. EXHIBIT 15 Page 1 of § We know from the market survey that the sport/fashion market is growing and starving for new projects despite the economic recession. MW will hit the market in late 2015 and we think that the timing is fantastic for it. All conditions are there to make MW a solid and successful project and company. MW's products will be positioned in very high-end stores (i.e Dover Street Market, Colette etc) and will rely heavily on new technologies and new distribution channels ( innovative e-commerce) in order to communicate directly with the final consumers and involve them (i.e. via social media channels ) in the creation process of our products. As Michael always wanted, we must innovate. We are committed to doing so at all business levels. The numbers | have attached are based on few general assumptions: 1) 2015-2017 only footwear collection 2) Top of the line shoe (Stage) will be made in Italy and it will be retailed in limited quantities at $ 1000 3) 2018-2020 Apparel and Accessories collections will be gradually added to the assortment (always with high price point) 4) World-wide distribution (50% e-commerce and 50% retail) 5) Gender: 2015-2017 man and lady, from 2018 also children line HEARN DECL. EXHIBIT 15 Page 2 of 5 6) MWis a fashionable collection, it is not a fun-wear collection (Bravado is already the best in the world for this) We have separated the minimum guaranteed royalties from the royalty percentage proposed on net sales (which is going to bigger if sales are as expected). For the first 3 years we have proposed a royalty percentage equal to 12% on net sales. For the second 3 years we have proposed 8% because we'll not use the products developed for Michael but he will always be our inspiration and our guiding example. Dave, below you will find a short message from Denis. As you know he is now considered one of the top sport/fashion designers in the world, he is the one that worked closely with Michael, he is the one that will make MjJ's vision of building a successful brand and will lead us in delivering beautiful and innovative products. If we will make this dream reality it is also because of your precious suggestions and help. Again we are grateful for your help. One last note. We secretly spoke with the most influential blogger in sport/ fashion arena about our project... You got to see his reaction Have a nice weekend. Sincerely, Andrea Pizzolon HEARN DECL. EXHIBIT 18 Page 3 of 5 MI | trust you're aware of the Moonwalker project | developed with Michael in 2008/2009 and his and my passion for it. I trust you're aware of my dedication and loyalty to Michael and his legacy. This loyally will always guide me and the whole team in making the right choices. As you know Moonwalker was not envisioned to be a fanwear but a leading sportswear brand which products are of the highest quality. Inspired by and created with the greatest entertainer and the most amazing human being I'v ever met, Michael Jackson. 3 key words were guiding everything we were developing: INSPIRATION / IMAGINATION / INNOVATION. We will honor and respect that vision. With that being said; Moonwalker is closer then ever to becoming real. We can show the world the amazing creativity and genius of Michael beyond the entertainment industry. We can deliver a truly innovative and unique brand to the world. We can lead with the support of the our team of investors, our network. Let's write history together. HEARN DECL. EXHIBIT 15 Page 4 of 5 MOONWALKER: PROFIT & LOSS 2013-2018 ee le Total 2075-2018 JSELLING VARIABLE COSTS sash [CONTRIBUTION MARGIN 5,325,725) A687, 570 | 8,145,017 Netincome GRAIL HEARN DECL. EXHIBIT 16 Page 1 of 1